Batgirl: Blow-Up Doll Part 2 (no sex)
by MD James

In the cave underneath Wayne Manor, Batman had Batgirl on a medical table.
Her costume - what was left of it - was in shreds at the foot of the table.
The only thing she was wearing was her mask and blue panties. He wanted to
remove her mask, but he knew that it wouldn't be professional at this point.

The dark knight left Batgirl in the care of his assistant Alfred while he
turned to his computer. As he put figures in the terminal, his other hand
reached for the phone.

"Robin," he said into the receiver. "Listen carefully. Batgirl was...
injured... tonight. She's down here in the cave... No, she's still alive,
but in her... condition... I thought it best to bring her here. No, I
couldn't take her with a hospital. Not like this. Listen, a photographer
caught Batgirl as she was stricken and took some... compromising pictures
of her." The image of the photographer appeared on the main screen. "His
name is Sam Sleezeback. Goes by the name 'Shutterbug' for his obsession
for taking pictures. He usually works for 'Bad Girls' magazine and has a
loft at 1501 Cain Boulevard. I need you to get to him and get that film
before he has it developed! No, Robin. I need you out there. Contact me
when you have the film. No, don't return to the cave until I tell you it's
all clear to."

Batman put down the phone. Dick Grayson may be old enough to be considered
an adult, but he knew the young man wouldn't be able to handle Batgirl in
her current condition. Besides, if Sleezeback manages to get those pictures
developed and published, he will effectively destroy Batgirl's career

* * *

Sam Sleezeback held the roll of film in his hands. THE roll. The one that
will guarantee him big bucks. How many people would pay through the nose to
see pictures of Batgirl topless? How many publications would kill to see
Batgirl, the most prim of masked crimefighters, lying on the ground

Then he realized something... BATMAN saw him!

He'd never come across the Dark Knight before, but like everyone else he'd
heard the rumors. He'd heard what happens to people who cross the Batman.
Batman wasn't someone to ignore, especially when it concerned his friends.
Suddenly Sam began to consider himself a marked man.

"I've got to get this developed," he said to himself.

He knew one of those 1-hour shops was out of the question. He'd tried to get
pictures developed there once and ended up in the police station on trumped
up charges of child porn. And because of his affiliation with all the skin
magazines, he was barred from any contact with the professional photo
studios. Still, he needed to get to a darkroom... before Batman or one of
his people got to him first!

He picked up the phone. It was time to play hard ball!

A woman answered the other end. "Yes?"

"Selena, darlin! Sam Sleezeback here.."


"Selena, kitten..." he said reassuringly, "play nice now... I'm here to help

Selena was unconvinced. "The last time you said that I ended up naked in one
of your skin magazines!"

Sam smiled. That photo spread was worth a few thousand! "Well kitten, I
happen to come across something that will make up for all of that... with

"What do you mean?"

He fingered the roll of film in the canister. "Well darling, I have pictures
of a certain winged beauty that will make your memorable spread look like
finger paint!"

That got her attention. "You've got... pictures of... BATGIRL???"

Sam's devilish smile got wider. "That's right.. in all her glory, writhing on
the ground in heat like the slut she is."

Then he heard Selena Kyle laugh. "You have my condolences, Sam. When Batman
catches up with you..."

"But he won't, kitten. Because you won't let it happen!"

Selena laughed again. "You must be kidding! I don't have a death-wish!"

"No," he said, "but I have some more pictures of you. The ones I DIDN'T sell
to Bad Girls Magazine. The ones that will get your parole revoked... IF you
know what I mean."

There was silence for a minute. "What do you want?"

"Simple deal," he replied. "You do whatever it takes to make sure I get my
pictures developed, you get your pictures and the negatives. If I can't get
my pictures developed, Bad Girl will get another feature spread of Catwoman,
and you'll be back behind bars."

"RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR..." growled Selena. "You have a deal."

* * *

Bruce Wayne let his head slump on the computer console. After a couple of
hours of searching, there was still no answer to Batgirl's sudden breast
growth or her uncontrolled orgasms.

Alfred came up behind him. "Excuse me, sir, but I have a bit of news for

Bruce turned to face him. "Yes, Alfred?"

"It would appear that Batgirl's... um... breasts... are getting smaller
again. She has also not begun any more uncontrolled... uh... bouts, sir."

"A good sign," Bruce said as he returned to the computer. "Has she woken up

"Not yet," Alfred replied, "but I think I shall go upstairs and prepare
something for her troubles in the meanwhile. Perhaps some chicken soup. No
doubt she should have a parched throat by now."

Bruce put his mask back on and returned to the infirmary. Batgirl looked so
peaceful lying in the bed. And indeed, her breasts WERE starting to resume to
normal. They were already down to 38C, and from the looks of things, it
appeared she would return to her original features in another hour or two.

Then he noticed something around her neck. In all their concern to remove
Batgirl's torn outfit, he and Alfred didn't notice the small medallion on
a small silver chain. He carefully picked it up from her warm flesh and
examined it. The medallion had an image of Buddha on it, which was completely
uncharacteristic of Batgirl. She was no Buddhist. Then he noticed some
slippery material on the chain that glistened slightly on his glove.

Batgirl then stirred awake. "Uhh... Bat... Batman?"

"Yes," he said. "How are you feeling?"

A hand went up to ensure that indeed she was covered up. "I feel... weird...
and sore... and tired..." She looked down at her chest and the still-large
curves. "It wasn't a dream, was it?"

Batman shook his head. "No. I'm afraid not." He then motioned to the
medallion. "I want you to tell me everything about this medallion you..."

Batgirl then winced and cupped her breasts. "Oh god... not again...
UUNNGHHH!!! It's happening again!"

Batgirl's breasts started to swell again, filling out beyond her fingers, and
beyond the cover of the sheet preserving her modesty. And the odor of sex
once again filled the area as she moved her hands back to her wet crotch. She
began to pant as she masturbated herself to yet another climax.

Batman didn't want to hurt her again, but he also didn't want her to be
climaxing uncontrollably either. He reached for some ether and a cotton rag.
Putting the right amount on the rag, he then brought it to her mouth and
nose. The smell put her right to sleep again. Batgirl continued to moan and
thrash in her sleep and her breasts continued to grow, even though now only
slower than before.

He reached behind her and removed the medallion from around her neck, hoping
that it would help him find out what was happening to her.

* * *

Robin reached the publishing office of Bad Girl Magazine through the
skylight. The whole floor was a combination studio and office. Sets were
stored in the back, not unlike a small movie studio. Aside from the pictures
of naked women, nobody would even suspect the true nature of the magazine.
Robin, of course, knew otherwise.

The whole floor was dark, so he knew Sam Sleezeback wasn't there yet. The
publisher's office was at the end of the hall. It too was empty.

Robin moved in the dead of night to the answering machine. He pulled out a
small tape player and then popped out the cassette from the answering

"BEEP! Hey, Harry! Sam Sleezeback here. Listen, I've hit the
mother-fucking-load here! I've got film so HOT it's melting in my hands
as I speak! Call me now!"

"BEEP! Harry! Answer the fucking phone! It's Sam Sleezeback. I have some film
that will make Bad Girl sales go through the ROOF! We're talking BIGGER than
the Catwoman spread! BIGGER than Poison Ivy's spread! I mean it! I have it!
Call me so we can both get rich!"

"BEEP! HARRY! Sam Sleezeback. Listen, this stuff is hot! I mean radioactive
hot! I can't keep waiting for you, I've got to get this stuff developed!
Listen, I know a place where I can get this stuff developed. I'll call you
when I get there so we can talk about how much money we're going to make!"

Robin returned the cassette to the answering machine. Sleezeback couldn't get
hold of the publisher, which was a good sign. He placed one of the bat-bugs
on the phone line and headed back out. He knew it would only be a matter of
time before Sleezeback would call again from where ever he was getting the
film developed. With his call-tracer he'd know precisely where.

* * *

Batgirl awoke for the second time in the cave. She looked about for Batman,
but instead saw an older gentleman wearing a surgical mask in front of her.

"Good morning, young lady," Alfred said.

She started to sit up. "Who are you?" she asked.

"You may call me... Al," he said, trying to stifle his British accent. "I've
been asked to serve as the go-between for you and.. our mutual friend. He's
asked you not to refer to him by his name for the time being, since doing so
might aggravate your... condition."

Barbara looked down at her chest. Her breasts were still twice her normal bra
size, and she could detect a faint whiff of the wetness still evident in her
panties. "Does... he... know what's happening to me?"

"He.. has his suspicions. But he'd like to know some more about your
condition, and the medallion you were wearing."

She put her hand on her chest where her medallion once was. "My medallion!
OHH! Why didn't I think about it?"

"I assume, miss, that it's more than just an ordinary medallion?"

She turned down towards her cleavage, then back up at "Al." "Unless you call
THIS ordinary."

She told Alfred everything about her visit to Madame Vie, and how she got the
medallion she wore upon her neck. Alfred thanked her for the information,
then gave her some chicken soup.

In the adjacent part of the cave, Batman stood by the computer.

"Did you get everything sir?" Alfred said as he approached.

"Yes Alfred," Bruce said as he put down the headset. "The microphone you had
in your shirt pocket picked up everything. The question is, how helpful will
it be?"

The Wayne family servant removed his surgical mask from his face. "I assume
the test results of the medallion were inconclusive?"

The Caped Crusader held up the plastic bag containing the piece of jewelry.
"I've examined the substance that was coated on the chain. It appeared to be
some kind of slow-acting genetic enhancer. It's the kind WayneCorp's genetics
department has been working on as an alternative to steroids."

"It would appear to narrow things down, sir."

"But it doesn't," he replied. "WayneCorp's not the only one working on
this stuff. Lexcorp and STAR Labs are also developing this formula, or a
derivation of it. And it doesn't answer what's causing Batgirl's breasts
to grow in my presence."

"Then might I suggest a trip to the Carnival?"

* * *

It was nearly two in the morning. The sounds of the door pounding would wake
up even the dead.

Carl Peterson, freelance photographer, opened up the front door to see Sam
Sleezeback worm his way inside.

"HEY!" Carl said. "What are you..?"

"Need your lab," Sam said as he took off his coat. "Whatever pre-teen bitch
you're fucking, better get her out now, because this is some prime shit!"

Carl closed the door. "Look, I don't know why you're here, but I won't have
anything to do with you! You're poison and you know it!"

"I love you too asshole," he replied as he made his way to the dark room.
"I've got a hot roll here and I've GOT to get it developed."

"Try Quick Photo," Carl suggested. "If my editor found out I'm associated
with you..."

"Hey," Sam shot back pointing a finger at him, "if you don't help me, I'll
make sure your editor knows a whole lot MORE about you! Like when you used to
pop the cherries of 14-year olds who wanted to be models! In fact, I'll bet
you've got one in the sack now. Probably doesn't even know you're screwing
her in more ways than one! Now get off the fucking pulpit and give me a hand
with this!"

Carl sighed and began to set up the dark room, making sure the door to his
bedroom was closed first. No need for Sam to see what was sharing his bed

Sam, meanwhile, reached for the phone and dialed the number for Bad Girls
Magazine. "Hey! I'm here at a friend's place getting the film developed. You
can reach me at 555-9955. Better answer real fucking quick, or I'm taking
this stuff to Saints and Sluts! You want the big bucks from this, you get off
your ass and call me! I can't keep this stuff for long, you know."

* * *

Robin smiled as he heard the sound of Sleezeback hanging up the phone. The
bug worked perfectly. He flipped the receiver over and verified that the call
was from "555-9955." He then plugged in the receiver to the comlink with the
Bat Cave to get the address of one Carl Peterson, 903 Wilson Court Street.

"Gotcha!" he said as he headed for the Bat-cycle.

* * *

The carnival had been closed for two hours. In the background, restless
animals sounded off their frustrations at being poked and prodded by children
while being soothed by their weary caretakers. Mechanics finished their
maintenance checks of the rides before calling it a night.

Batman moved through the shadows with ease, undetected by all except a few
animals. Workers and guards would be only inches away from him, yet never
notice his presence. He stealthily made his way to the tent of Madame Vie.

The interior of the tent was dimly lit. The smell of incense was still in the
air. So was the faint and strange odor from the candles. Batman scraped a few
shavings from the candle wax and put them into a specimen container for
future examination.

In the back of the room, he found a makeup table complete with more small
medallions like the one Batgirl was given. And a jar that didn't look like
cold cream. He scraped a sample from the unmarked jar and put that in a
specimen container.

"So," came a voice from behind him, "you are here."

From the mirror at the table, Batman could see a 50-ish woman in black
standing behind him. She appeared not to carry any weapons or any other
objects in her hands.

"You knew I'd be coming?" he asked.

Madame Vie smiled. "Of course! A woman with a dark heart, yearning to be with
a man whose heart is even darker.. who else would that be?"

Batman turned around to face her. "This woman wouldn't happen to have red
hair, would she?"

Madame Vie smiled. "You wouldn't be here if it were anyone else, would you?"

Batman approached her, trying to be as intimidating as possible. "This woman
is in a lot of pain because of her visit to you. You're going to tell me what
you did to her to cause her pain!"

Madame Vie didn't flinch, nor give any sign of being intimidated. "I have
done nothing to her that her heart's desire did not wish," she replied. "I
have prayed to Jaka and Jaka has agreed to make her desires come true."

"There's no such being as Jaka!" Batman said as he grabbed her arms. "It's a
hoax! The images on those medallions is of Buddha! Now WHAT - DID - YOU -
DO - TO - HER?"

"I have done nothing," she said, "but to fulfill her heart's desire. She
sought answers. I have given her the answers and the means to make her
desires come true."

"HOW?" he snarled.

"By enhancing her talents," she said with a smile. Then her leg brushed
outside Batman's. "The talents all men and women have."

Batman felt the stirring in his loins as her leg brushed up against his. He
felt the blood rush to his groin, and his cock start to harden.

"The candles!" he realized. "Some kind of aphrodisiac!"

Madame Vie smiled. "To men, it is. But to women, it's something more... it
enhances their desires.. magnifies them."

Batman broke his grip on the woman and backed away, carefully making sure his
cloak covered the raging hard-on he had. "The antidote!" he said through
clenched teeth.

"There is no antidote," she said with a laugh. "Except one... Do I have
to explain that to you?"

Batman backed away. "There's an antidote somewhere," he said as menacingly as
possible under the circumstances. "And when I find it, I'll be back for you!"

Madame Vie laughed as he merged with the shadows.

Continued In Part 3


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