Batman: Batgirl Blow-Up Doll Part 4 (MF)
by MD James

Batman approached Batgirl as she slept on the examination table. She was much
younger than him.. she just turned twenty-one a couple of weeks ago. Yet the
feelings he had for her defied his dark nature.

For many years, Bruce Wayne found himself attracted to Barbara. There was a
beauty that she often hid behind ugly glasses and bulky clothes. The beauty
that came out when she became Batgirl. He first attributed his infatuation to
the wishful fantasies of a man in his thirties. He knew that Dick was in love
with her, and he didn't want anything to happen that would cast a shadow on
that possible romance. After all they were both around the same age.

But now he couldn't put his feelings aside. What he needed to do to cure
Barbara would bring those feelings in the open. Feelings that he now knows
she shares.

He put a gloved hand to her cheek. "Batgirl..."

Batgirl opened her eyes. She didn't expect to see Batman standing in front of

"But... I..." she stammered. "I thought that..."

"Barbara," he said softly as he undid the fasteners of her mask and slid it
off her.

"Wha...?" She started to protest, then felt the rush of sensations as her
breasts began to grow again. "I... thought..."

"There is a cure," Batman said evenly. "But it's... not a conventional one...
I didn't want you to go into this without your consent first..."

Barbara knew what he meant. He needed to fuck her, to satisfy her heart's
desire, in order for her to be cured. She pulled back the covers and began
tearing at her cum-soaked panties.

"Do it!" she said between her teeth, bracing for another uncontrollable

Batman stepped back, and pulled the cowl over his head. Barbara panted as she
realized that the man standing before her, the one she loved all these years,
was Bruce Wayne! The sounds of her panting echoed in the cave as he quickly
removed the rest of his outfit, so that the two of them were naked.

Barbara's breasts had already grown to a size 48 when he got on the table
above her, his ten-inch cock standing erect at her.

"Put... it... in!!" she moaned. "Fuck... the... fore... play... I'm...
UUNGGHH... wet enough... as is!"

Bruce dropped to his knees and prepared to enter her wet pussy. But instead
of acting immediately, he paused. ‘This is Jim's stepdaughter,' he told
himself. ‘You can't just ram your cock into her like some cheap whore!'

Barbara saw his hesitation and reached out past her growing mammaries to
bring him inside her. A shock of pleasure hit her, then a wave of pain as
his cock tore through her hymen.

She screamed as her virginity was lost. The sound reverberated through the
stalactites and startled the bats that were sleeping. Softer screeches could
be heard amidst the flapping of bat-wings.

"I'm... sorry..." Bruce said as he started to pump his rod into her.

"OHHH!" she screamed. "Yes!... Fuck me Bruce... PLEASE!"

Barbara's breasts were once again the size of volleyballs, yet softer than
pillows. He could feel her soft nipples pressing against his chest as he
continued to fuck her. Their once pink color grew faint as her breasts
continued to grow. He was wondering how long before they would be so huge
that sex would be impossible. The thought of that made him pump even faster.

Beneath him, Barbara Gordon was a woman possessed. She tried to clutch to
his ass cheeks to bring him all the way inside her, but the sheer size of
her mammaries prevented her from reaching anything of him. She could only
grab hold of her tits and ride him as she was brought from one rapid climax
to the next. The intensity of her uncontrollable orgasms, and the sensation
of the huge cock inside her virgin pussy made it hard to even speak. Instead,
she vocalized her pleasures in grunts and screams.

Beads of sweat poured down Bruce's brow. He was a trained fighter, skilled
in various forms of meditation and concentration of chi energy from the best
martial arts teachers in the world. He learned from the best Yogis from India
to control his energies, which enabled him to be the best fighter as well as
the best lover possible. There wasn't a woman in the world he hadn't fucked
where he had lost control. Yet with Barbara he had no control whatsoever...
all of his teachings were gone! The primal sounds of her pleasure... the heat
of their contact, the sounds of his balls slapping against the outside of her
pussy... He was no longer Batman, the cold and unemotional knight of justice.
He was no longer Bruce Wayne, the suave millionaire playboy. Right then,
right there, he was just a man. A man with needs and desires. And Barbara...
she was just a woman... with her own needs and desires... It was like a fuse
was lit inside of him, and it was going to...


The sound of him at the threshold of his climax echoed through the stone
walls. She matched his cries of pleasure as she could feel his cock explode
into her.

Exhausted, Bruce collapsed on top of Barbara's cushion-like breasts. Then he
realized something.

"Barbara," he said in a whisper.

Barbara weakly opened her eyes.

"Your breasts..." he said.

Then her eyes widened. They weren't growing anymore! Nor was she feeling
incredibly horny anymore!

"It worked!" she said in a croaked voice.

They both laughed at the news. It did work. But she was still so... big!

"Now what?" she said. "I can't go out with tits like this! Everyone will know
that Batgirl and Barbara are the same person! Christ, I even put Wonder Woman
to shame!"

"I dunno," Bruce said as he played around with one of her faint nipples, "I
think the Princess still has you beat by an inch or two."

"YOU!" She cried out as she managed to slap his arm. "I think I know what to
do with you..."

Then she felt himself getting hard again. Oh yes, he knew as well!

* * *

Dick Grayson cried out as he climaxed for the fifth time.

"MMMMMMM!" mumbled Selena Kyle as she sucked his cock dry.

She marveled at her skills. The touch was something she had learned of when
she was walking the streets. Stimulate a certain nerve that went from a
man's rear to his balls, and it would stimulate him. It would seem to be a
sure-fire solution to impotence, but she learned quickly it was a hollow
hard-on. The drive would be there, but less and less sperm each time it was
used. Some men even said it was painful after the third time. And she brought
Robin to his fifth climax!

The Boy Wonder wasn't in any mood to complain. He was too exhausted to do
anything. They had fucked in every position he though imaginable for the
first three times. After the fourth time he wasn't able to do anything except
lay there on the rooftop while she sucked and fucked him.

Finally, he had passed out. The fifth time was just too much and too soon for
him. Selena got up from her hands and knees.

"FUCK!" she exclaimed. "That boy made ME sore! I guess Mister Vibrator will
be all alone tonight." Then she saw the light as it started to break along
the horizon. It was close to dawn!

"Shit!" she exclaimed as she began to collect Robin's clothes and move him
off the rooftop. People would be waking up soon, and she didn't want to leave
another scandal in her wake!

* * *

Downstairs in the loft, Sam Sleezeback was in seventh heaven. In his hands
were the first prints of his roll. The pictures that showed Batgirl grabbing
her tits in a look of shock and orgasmic pleasure in front of the caped

"YEAH!!!" he yelled. "I've done it! Do you hear me? I've DONE it! I am going

Carl Peterson came running out of the darkroom. "Shut the fuck up!" he said
softly. "You'll wake up the neighbors!"

Sam waved it off. "Agh! Listen, I've got to get ‘em to that asshole of an
editor at Bad Girls, but when I'm done I'll buy you some champagne!"

Carl handed him the rest of the prints. "NO! Look, you've already done enough
damage to me already! Here are the prints. The negatives should be dry now...
I'll go get them and then..."

"And then what, gentlemen?"

The sound came from the bedroom. Carl turned in horror. It wasn't the young
would-be model. Instead, it was an older brunette wearing a trenchcoat and
holding a bullwhip.

Sam smiled. "Selena, kitten! I take it you did your job well?"

Selena smiled devilishly. "I did my job. You did have a guest, but I took
good care of him. He will be in no position to hurt you."

Sam laughed. "Just great! Listen kitten, I don't have the pictures with me
now, but I promise..."

She waved her clawed glove at him. "Oh I understand purrrrfectly. But I
figured since I was here that I'd get a peek of what I was protecting. After
all, it was my ass on the line.. in more ways than one!"

Sam started to protest, but before he could, she snatched the proofs from
him. She studied the pictures carefully. "My, my.. such camera work... It
certainly brought out Batgirl in all of her glory! Did you know her breasts
were growing?"

"That's what I said," noted Carl. "That wasn't a distortion! See? Her tits
WERE getting bigger!"

"All I know," Sam said, "is that those tits will net me a SHITLOAD of money!"

"I don't think so!" Selena said.

Then she tossed a small pellet into the darkroom. Instantly the room filled
with a white smoke.

"What the...?" Carl said as he raced into the room.

Sam was incensed. "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU... ARGGGAG!"

Selena had grabbed him by the throat, the talons of her clawed gloves digging
into the sides of his neck near the jugular. "I promised that Batman and his
people wouldn't get to you," she said with a sneer. "I never said that I

"You bitch!" Carl said as he stormed out of the room. "You ruined my..." Then
he saw what she was doing. "Oh shit!"

She turned to face the professional photographer. "I know what you've done,"
she said with a sneer. "I've sent that girl away. And if I EVER hear you're
preying on young girls again, I'll tear your balls off and mount them on my
mantle! You'll WISH Batman caught you!"

She turned back to face Sleezeback, who was starting to turn blue. "The same
goes double for you!" Then she shoved him away and headed back towards the
fire escape in the bedroom.

Sleezeback landed back against the kitchen counter. He coughed as he tried
to breathe again. "You've... *cough* ... just made... feature... *cough* ...
*cough*... bitch!"

She laughed as she headed to the fire escape. He'll find out for himself,
she thought. When she followed Robin to Sleezeback's loft, she broke in and
destroyed all the incriminating pictures he had of her. He couldn't hurt her

* * *

Robin awoke in the stairwell next to the rooftop door. He groggily stood up
and adjusted his outfit, assuming Catwoman had hurriedly dressed him. The
belt was off slightly, and the claps on his crimson tunic were off by one.
It was when he was fixing the tunic that he noticed that a collection of
pictures and a letter fell out. He picked them up from the floor and read
the letter.

"These are all the pictures Sleezeback had that are still intact. I've
already destroyed the negatives. Batgirl's rep is safe. You can thank me
tonight. You know where to find me! - CW."

He looked at the pictures. Three were of Batgirl, clutching her chest, and
then of her topless. The last picture, though, was a professional shot of
Selena Kyle, naked. It was signed "Last night was the best, lover! - Selena"

Dick Grayson smiled as he put the pictures back into his tunic and began
figuring out how far it was to the safehouse.

* * *

As morning broke, Alfred returned down to the cave. He left Bruce and Miss
Gordon sleeping on the examination table. Her breasts were already down to a
more manageable size, which was, no doubt, a relief to all parties involved.

The manservant picked up the Batman outfit off the floor and reminded himself
to bring down some terry-cloth robes for them, then to find something that
she could wear, since her Batgirl costume was destroyed beyond repair.

He looked at the sleeping couple. The two lay in a spoon position, with her
between his arms, and his hands firmly on her breasts.

"Sleep well Master Bruce," he said softly. "And you too Miss Gordon."

In the days to come, there were some subtle changes to the Batman Family.
Barbara never got her breasts back to their original size. But since she wore
baggy clothes anyways, nobody ever knew she now had to wear D-cup bras. And
her appearances as Batgirl were all the more memorable. Of course, Alfred had
to make some alterations to her costumes, including adding some built-in cups
to accommodate her sensitive nipples. But by then she had already started to
move into Wayne Manor.

Dick Grayson had transferred to New York University, and it wasn't long
before Robin made his appearance there. The former ward of Bruce Wayne
was often seen in daylight in the company of an older brunette woman.
Coincidentally, the number of cat burglaries in New York started to rise.


Madame Vie smiled as she watched the carnival leave town. The carnival would
be heading to Metropolis, but she wasn't ready to leave yet. Instead, she
headed to the old and abandoned Gotham Amusement Park. Inside dilapidated
haunted house, she made her way into the back room and slipped out of her
black clothes.

Vie smiled as she removed her bra and then slid into the green bodysuit. "It
went perfectly," she said out loud. "The chemicals affected Barbara Gordon
exactly the way you predicted. But I don't know why we..."

"WHY?" came a voice from the darkness. "Why NOT? You saw the results. Batman
and Robin are split further than Marla and the Donald! Bat-babe is his new
partner now. After all these years, I've finally found Bat-boy's weakness.."

The man came out of the shadows to reveal his emerald green hair, his
pasty-faced complexion, and bright red lips framing his trademarked grin.

"...and the punchline is he'll NEVER KNOW that the man behind it all is
little ol' Joker!"

"Vie" sighed before applying the tropical oils that restored her
younger-looking face, and then pulled off the wig that concealed her own
red locks. "Vie" was once again Pamela Isley, botanist and environmental

"Don't forget my part," she said as she finished putting on her leafy outfit.
"Without me you'd still be in the Asylum!"

"Of course, my dear Poison Ivy," he said as he placed a white hand on her
bare shoulder. "Your performance was superb. For someone who would rather
hang around plants than animals, you were able to fool even Batsy!"

Ivy began to shudder as she could feel the familiar tingling between her
legs. Then the top of her outfit fell over as her breasts began to grow out
of them.

"And now," Joker said as he reached for the zipper of his pants, "it's time
for your regular antidote!"



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