The following is a work of erotic fiction and includes scenes of sexual
activity. It includes characters that are copyrighted by DC Comics. This
story is intended for the non-commercial enjoyment of fans and should be
considered a parody. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit
will be made from the distribution of this story.

Batman: Birds Of A Feather (MF)
by Ann Douglas ([email protected])

"Damn," the colorfully garbed crimefighter said under his breath as he
spotted a solitary figure walking along the edge of Kane Reservoir. "How is
it that no matter how hard you try to get the message out, there's always
someone who doesn't get it? Or worse, just assumes that it applies to
everyone but them?"

The message, in this case, was that there was a homicidal maniac running
loose on the streets of Gotham. Or more specifically, the woods of Middletown
Park and that it wasn't safe to be out alone there after dark. Not only was
it well after dark, to the tune of an hour after midnight, but the young
woman in the scope of his binoculars was about as alone and oblivious to her
surroundings as she could be.

"She's actually wearing a Walkman," the hero in red, green and golden yellow
said as he adjusted his focus. "How stupid can one person be?"

This was the third night a small army of police had spent patrolling the
hundred and fifty-year-old park, certain that the killer would try and strike
again before the passing of the new moon. Three young women had died during
the last such phase, two more under this one, the last being an undercover
police officer. With eight hundred and forty-three acres of park land in the
urban oasis, it was impossible to check behind every tree and rock. The best
they could do was seal off the park and hope that one of the legion in blue
might get lucky.

Including the hero in the search for this lunatic wasn't something that
Harvey Bullock, the detective heading the task force, had been enthusiastic
about. In the end, however, he'd been overruled by the Commissioner's office.
The loss of his decoy officer the night before hit him hard. The last thing
he wanted to deal with was some glory-grabbing vigilante. Officer Ricardo had
only been out of the sight of her partner for a few moments, but that short
span had been enough for the butcher to turn a beautiful, vibrant young woman
into a mass of bloody meat that caused even the most veteran officer to
become ill.

"How can Bullock expect to find this madman if he can't even keep people out
of the area?" the dark haired adventurer pondered as he realized that he'd
have to give up his surveillance and get that girl out of here for her own

As Robin lowered his high-powered night glasses, his well-disciplined mind
automatically filed away all the details he'd noticed during his brief
observation. She was quite pretty, he thought, bordering on being a natural

She was about his height, five nine or ten, and somewhere in the vicinity of
a hundred and twenty pounds. A well-developed athletic build made him suspect
she played sports or spent part of her week at the gym. He also couldn't help
but note that she was also quite braless. Long black hair stretched down her
back, reaching past a tight fitting yellow blouse to a blue skirt shorter
than most women would have the nerve to wear.

"Nice legs," he added to his evaluation as he dropped his lenses back into
his utility belt and reached for the silken cord he had previously positioned
to facilitate a quick exit from his perch. "Why can't I meet a girl like that
when I'm not wearing the mask?"

Leaping into the night air, he heard the voice of his absent mentor reminding
him that this was hardly the time to be worrying about his social life. Or
the fact that the mask, and the life that went with it, were usually a major
impediment in that direction. Still, there had been a few times when the
reverse had also been true. The memories of those times couldn't help but
flash through his mind for the few seconds it took for him to drop to the

Images which, pleasant as they might have been, instantly faded as his feet
hit the ground and his thoughts returned to the task at hand. A task that, in
a further blink of an eye, shifted from mere annoyance to abject horror.

"Oh God, no!" the nineteen-year-old gasped as he saw a tall, shadowy form
appear, seemingly out of nowhere, less than thirty feet behind the girl. A
figure that he would bet all that he owned had not been there two seconds
before. That determination became academic as mask-covered eyes spotted a
large knife sparkling in the moonlight.

Robin's heart pounded as he surged forward, running as fast as his
well-developed legs could carry him. Automatically he calculated his rate of
advancement against the shrinking distance between the girl and the knife.
Even before he was halfway there, he already knew the race was one he
couldn't win.

"Stop!" Robin yelled at the top of his lungs, hoping that the outburst might
gain him the few precious seconds he needed.

The dark killer didn't even pause. The sounds of music in her headphones,
audible even at this distance, made his intended victim ignorant of death's
approach behind her. Unaware, that was, until a massive hand grabbed her
shoulder and spun the dark haired woman around. A look of surprise, then
terror filled her face as she recognized the grim reaper in the form of a
razor-edged blade reaching for her.

"No!!!" Robin screamed as he helplessly watched the knife slash across her
chest, ripping apart her blouse and the flesh beneath it.

She was still falling to the ground when Robin slammed into her killer,
bringing to bear all the power of his muscled hundred and seventy-five pound
form. An impact that had absolutely no effect on the still shadow-shrouded
figure, except to cause him to casually swing his empty hand outward with
such force as to knock the Teen Wonder ten feet back. Robin's body hit the
ground hard, the impact almost enough to knock him out. Only a determined
strength of will and the certainty that, if he lost consciousness now, he
would never regain it, kept him going.

Dismissing the battered hero, the killer turned his attention back to his
grisly task. Ignoring the ringing in his head, Robin forced himself to his
feet, drawing a batarang and a handful of glass pellets from his belt as he
moved. There was still a chance that he could save the girl if he could get
her to medical attention. A slim chance, but one he had to take no matter
the risk.

"This guy can't be human," Robin thought as he again rushed forward to the
attack. It was a theory that he'd considered several times in the last few
hours as he waited, keeping in mind that the police had failed to track the
murderer down, despite their overwhelming numerical superiority.

With the certain knowledge that he himself might be dead in a minute, Robin
reached back to let loose with the mixture of gas and explosive projectiles
in his hand. Halfway into the throw, the impossible happened. A sequence of
events so unexpected, that for the first time since he'd put on the mask,
the hero totally froze.

If the man who'd tossed him like a rag doll wasn't human, then that
assessment had to now also apply to his intended victim. It was the killer's
turn to exhibit a visage of fear as, rather than having her life's blood
spilling out on the dirt covered ground, the dark haired girl leapt to her
feet and grabbed her attacker by the throat. Her movements flowed with a
speed almost too fast to be seen.

Then, in a further display of vitality and strength, she lifted him off the
ground and held him, one handed, high in the air. A sight so unbelievable as
to cause the crimefighter to be totally oblivious to the display of bare
breasts that had been exposed by the slash of the knife now lying on the
grass. At least not beyond the fact that while her blouse might be ripped
clear across, the supple flesh beneath it was totally unmarked.

"Please...don'" the now not-so invincible slasher gasped in
slow, pain filled words.

"Don't hurt you?" the girl said in disbelief as she flexed the fingers of her
hand, applying just a little more pressure to her grip. "You butchered all of
those poor girls and you have the nerve to ask for mercy? If justice had any
meaning, I'd rip your head off right now and save the mockery of a trial."

That argument, was one that Robin remembered having with his mentor many
times over the years. If there was one thing Batman was passionate about
above all else, it was his personal concept of justice. The law, or what
those in high-priced suits said was the law these days, was sometimes a
secondary consideration. Still, in all the years since Bruce Wayne had put
on cape and cowl, he had never gone over the line and taken a human, or
inhuman, life. Not even in those cases where it could easily have been
argued society as a whole would be much better off if he had. Robin had
followed that belief, but found himself wondering if he had just met
someone who didn't.

"But, my cousin constantly tells me that it's not my place to play judge,
jury and executioner, no matter the temptation," she said as she relaxed her
grip and let him fall, gasping onto the dirt.

Taking a few steps closer, Robin now got his first good look at the New Moon
Slasher, as the newspapers had christened him. He was almost so totally
ordinary as to be improbable as the man who'd put an entire city on the edge
of fear. That he was a meta-human was pretty much a certainty, but whatever
drove him to use his paranormal abilities to kill was something for the
psychologists to figure out.

"I'm not sure these will hold him," Robin said as he produced a pair of cuffs
from his utility belt, remembering the strength of the blow that had almost
laid him low.

Without saying a word, the tall young woman glanced around the area and
spotted a small pile of building supplies. Stepping over to them, she
returned with a thin metal pole about six feet long. To Robin's amazement,
but no longer his disbelief, she snapped it in two and twisted one piece
into a set of restraints about the Slasher's wrists, and then the other
around his ankles. He wasn't going anywhere.

The sound of fast approaching sirens broke the stillness of the night,
reminding Robin that he had hit the emergency button on his belt radio,
sending a signal to the task force when he had first spotted the killer.
The GCPD would be here in another minute or two to take him into custody.
Be it to jail or a mental hospital was something for the law to decide.

"You might want to change," Robin suggested as, with a noncommittal look, he
referred to the current state of her blouse. "If you don't have something
else to put on, I'd be glad to lend you my cape."

"Thank you," she replied, with a smile that seemed to light up the dark
night, "but I have something else to change into."

Picking up the small knapsack she had dropped when the slasher had grabbed
her, the dark haired woman stepped over to the tool shed where she had gotten
the metal pole and disappeared behind it. The thought that she was now
totally nude occupied Robin's attention for the next minute until a trio of
police cars pulled up behind him.

"Congratulations, Robin," Harvey Bullock said as his men quickly lifted up
their suspect and ushered him off to a waiting police wagon. "I'm going to be
totally honest and say I never imagined you had a chance in hell of actually
getting him."

"I'm sorry to say," the teenager said to the portly, unshaven detective,
"that I'm not the one that got him. It seems that I wasn't the only one with
an interest in this case."

"Then who...?" the Detective started to ask.

"Someone a lot stronger than me," the Teen Wonder interrupted. "Unless you
think I've suddenly taken to bending steel bars in my bare hands," he added
in reference to the improvised restraints on their killer.

Before the perplexed Detective could ask a further question, the subject of
their discussion reappeared from behind the tool shed. Her appearance
answered all of their questions, and Robin felt like an ass for not realizing
it before.

Long straight blonde hair now replaced the black, flowing across a bright red
cape. A tight form fitting blue top replaced that tattered yellow that she
had gone to replace, along with a red skirt and matching red boots. Resting
across the breasts that Robin had gotten a quick look at earlier, sat an
irregular red and yellow pentagon with a stylized "S" in it.

"Supergirl!" both men said almost in unison.

"I think you'll need this, officer," the Girl of Steel said as she carefully
picked up the murder's weapon from where it had fallen in the grass and
handed it to the officer.

"Thank you," he replied as he just as carefully produced an evidence bag and
dropped the knife in it.

"I'm only sorry that I hadn't heard about this before this morning,"
Supergirl said, belittling the Mayor's Office's initial reluctance to
publicize a possible serial killer. "All of those girls that he killed."

"Well, we...err..." Bullock replied, knowing that he had nothing with which
to respond, especially since he hadn't agreed with the political decision

"I guess I'd better get going then," Supergirl said, knowing that if she
stayed she might very well say something not quite consistent with the public
image that her cousin, Superman, had worked to create for her.

"We're going to need some kind of report downtown," the Detective said,
falling back on proper police procedure to hide his discomfort. "For when
they bring him before the judge in the morning."

Supergirl gave him a hard look, one that Robin recognized as asking, did he
actually think this murdering bastard was ever even going to come to trial?

"I'll take care of that," Robin said, thinking that he was certainly more
used to filling out forms than someone who regularly changed the course of
mighty rivers, as the old saying went.

"Well then," Bullock concluded, "I'll meet you back at headquarters." he said
to Robin, after which Bullock expressed how honored he was to meet Supergirl.

Both costumed heroes waited until Bullock got in his car and drove away
before saying anything. Robin took the time to really take a good look at
Supergirl, and would've been astonished to know that she was doing the same.

If he had thought she was good looking as a brunette, his conclusion jumped
to absolutely stunning as a blonde. A body that would seem more suited for a
gymnast or runner concealed the fact that she could juggle two-ton boulders.
Looking back at him were the deepest blue eyes he had ever imagined. Despite
the circle of larger than life figures with whom he sometimes had the
opportunity to travel, Robin suddenly felt like a high school nerd trying to
impress the head cheerleader.

Supergirl took a moment to take in the young man who had rushed to her aid.
Lacking her own invulnerability, she thought, that took real courage,
especially after having been tossed for a loop by the meta-human strength of
the slasher. The Maid of Might couldn't help but be impressed. He was a few
years younger than her, and pretty cute, she decided, behind that mask. Not
a bad body either, she added, even if the yellow cape, red tunic and green
undershirt, briefs and boots seemed more suited for a young teenager than a
full grown man.

"I hope you didn't get hurt when he hit you?" Supergirl asked, her concern

"Nah, just a few bumps and bruises," Robin said as he tried to smile. "It
takes more than a little knock on the head to put me out."

"Well, no concussion at least," Supergirl said a moment later as a strange
look filled her eyes.

"What?" Robin replied, having seen the distant stare, then realized, "Oh
yeah, X-ray vision."

"That took real courage," the Girl of Steel complimented, "If I didn't have
my powers, I don't know if I could do something like that."

"But you're Supergirl, you save the world."

"Sometimes, saving the world isn't as important as saving a single life,"
Supergirl said.

The realization that the moment was past and it was time to say goodbye gave
Robin a sudden courage of another kind. Before Supergirl could leave, he
asked her one more thing.

"You think that maybe, if you find yourself on this side of the country
again, we might go for coffee or something?" he asked, feeling he sounded
like an idiot the moment he'd let the words out.

Supergirl paused for a moment, then said, "Sure, why not."

With that, she lifted herself into the air, pivoting as she rose until she
was hovering a few dozen feet above the Teen Wonder.

"By the way, nice legs." She smiled before again turning in mid-air and
speeding off into the distance.

Watching her fade away in the darkness, Robin realized that it hadn't been
his legs that had such a strong, visible reaction to the Kryptonian. A
reaction that, even partially concealed by the protective cup in his shorts,
was one that she couldn't have helped take notice of. Thankfully it hadn't
been the one she commented on.

Even so, it was a good half-hour before his motorcycle followed the road back
out to the city streets.

* * *

"Eat lead and die, Bird Boy!" Boss Tripper, the leader of the car theft ring
called out as he opened fire with his machine pistol, sending a stream of
deadly projectiles across the chop shop.

With reflexes well befitting the son of the Flying Graysons, Robin dropped to
the floor, out of harm's way. Two of the shooter's henchmen weren't so lucky,
however, and went down in the hail of bullets. Loyalty among thieves was
indeed a fallacy.

"And how did you spend the summer vacation, Dick?" the Teen Wonder imagined
one of his classmates asking upon his return to the Hudson U campus come the
Fall, even as he took advantage of the ring leader's lack of fire discipline
and bolted for better cover while Tripper changed the gun's now empty

School was indeed out for the summer, and while many of his classmates
imagined the ward of a billionaire traveling the world on his vacation, Dick
Grayson had instead returned to the streets of Gotham to assist Batman in the
never-ending fight to keep those streets safe. And that included detouring
from his trip to Police HQ to the sounds of gunshots, to find another police
raid in progress. A raid he had decided to lend a hand to as well.

Robin reached the safety of a steel column just as Boss Tripper opened fire
again. Bullets ricocheted all about him as he reached into his utility belt
for a small but powerful smoke pellet to cover his next move. The glass
capsule exploded into a dozen pieces against the car Tripper was using as
cover, filling the air with a dense cloud of darkness.

Following the layout of the garage he had already memorized with a glance,
Robin raced toward Tripper. He leapt up onto the hood of another car and
bounded up into the air, grabbing an overhanging chain-link winch. From
there it was an easy swing up on to the second floor railing that led to
the gang leader's office and observation post.

The cloud of smoke quickly dissipated, and Tripper strained his eyes trying
to spot the Teen Wonder through it. He followed his gaze with an outstretched
gun hand, his finger resting on the trigger in case he should spot the yellow
caped hero. A flapping motion of yellow cloth to his right caught his
attention and he pulled the trigger, sending an arc of rapid death in that

The burst of gunfire echoed off the walls, until it faded away to be replaced
with silence. The last vestiges of smoke also dissolved, giving him a good
look at what he'd hit. Weapon still in hand, Tripper stepped out into the

"What the fu..." he started to say when he realized that the brightly colored
cape draped across the boxes of auto parts was empty.

It was a thought he never had the chance to finish as a now capeless Robin
dropped down from the overhead railing behind him. Without the advantage of
the automatic weapon, the outcome was a forgone conclusion. The overweight,
middle-aged crime boss was bat-cuffed and on his knees when the GCPD, which
had been pinned down at the front of the building, caught up to him a few
minutes later.

* * *

"I heard about bagging the Slasher over in the park, great work," Detective
Renee Montoya, clad in a black sweater and jeans, said to Robin as she
stepped from out of the small crowd of uniformed officers. "First that, and
now Boss Tripper. What are you trying to do, clean up the city before your
partner gets back from the Police Conference in New York?"

"Just keeping busy," Robin grinned as he reattached his cape.

"Busy he says," the dark haired Hispanic woman laughed as she looked again at
the young adventurer.

A look that Robin shared as he smiled back at the beautiful woman. Almost ten
years older than he was, she was in just as good shape. Better, he mentally
corrected himself, when you took in all the curves in the right places.

"Feel like a cup of coffee?" Robin asked as they reached her unmarked car.

The brown eyed Detective had a sneaking suspicion that it wasn't just coffee
that the Teen Wonder was looking for. She'd seen the expression in his eyes
too many times to mistake it for anything else. Renee couldn't have felt more
complimented if it had been Batman himself who had asked the question. But
even if it had been the Caped Crusader, the answer would've been the same.

"I'm sorry, but I have somewhere I need to be in a little while," she lied,
figuring it was an ambiguous enough reply as not to elicit further comment.

"Okay," Robin shrugged, thinking at least he tried.

"I could probably use that cup of coffee," another female voice said,
seemingly out of the thin air.

Renee reacted on reflex, her hand darting to the .44 magnum she wore in a
vest holster. Her eyes darted right and left, seeing no one who could've said
those words.

Robin on the other hand, just lifted his eyes upward into the early morning
sky. He had immediately recognized the voice, having heard it only a few
hours before.

A red caped form set down in front of the two Gothamites, bringing a broad
smile to Robin and a gasp from Renee. Supergirl smiled back at the two of
them, used to both reactions from people.

"I'm not interrupting anything, am I?" the Maid of Might asked, having heard
their conversation as she flew overhead.

"No, we were just wrapping things up here," Robin quickly answered, almost
totally forgetting the police officer standing next to him.

Renee knew she should've felt insulted, but couldn't fault the dark haired
teen. Not much younger than she was, the blonde haired heroine had to be the
most impressive woman she had ever seen in her life. What she wouldn't have
given for the Girl of Steel to look at her the way she was now looking at the
Teen Wonder.

"Detective, I was supposed to meet Bullock downtown to fill out a report,"
Robin said as he remembered Montoya was there.

"So now it's Detective," Renee wanted to laugh, but instead simply said.
"I'll take care of it."


"If you want to take your bike, I'll just follow you from the air," Supergirl

"Okay," Robin agreed, the look on his face suggesting that he would've
followed any suggestion she made right now. "I'll try not to go too fast so
I don't lose you."

The 'are you kidding' look that Supergirl gave him made him feel a little
stupid. Like a girl who could count the craters on the moon was going to lose
him in a little late night traffic.

Hopping onto the high-powered cycle, Robin gunned the engine to life and
roared down the street, leaving the two women behind. It suddenly occurred
to him that, dressed as they were, where was he going to take Supergirl for

"It was nice meeting you, Detective," Supergirl said to Montoya as she
extended her hand, the warmth and softness of which caused the hardened
police officer to feel weak in her knees as well as moist between her legs.

The brief press of flesh ended much too soon, and with a casual wave,
Supergirl again took flight. This time, she didn't look back.

"Madre Dios," Renee whispered as she watched the blonde beauty disappear in
the distance, "eso es una mujer."

Already almost a half dozen blocks away, the Girl of Steel smiled as her
super-sensitive hearing caught the Detective's remark. Renne Montoya hadn't
been the only one who'd been impressed, she thought as she recalled the
fragrance of the Hispanic woman's natural perfume. But that, the Kryptonian
mused, was a thought for another night.

* * *

After riding down a mile of empty streets and closed eateries, Robin finally
settled on a small out of the way diner called Roscoe's down by the docks. In
the early hours of the morning, it was all but empty, and the owner owed
Batman a favor or three. It was common knowledge among the low life that
frequented the area that the last two thieves who'd been foolish enough to
rob the place had become an item of interest on the Caped Crusader's radar
and residents of the Gotham City Tombs less than eight hours after that.

"I hope you don't mind the place," Robin said as they settled into a back
booth, away from the windows and any prying eyes that might pass outside of

"No, it's lovely," Supergirl grinned as she looked around the run down
establishment, thinking that only two weeks ago she'd had tea at the White

They spent a few minutes exchanging small talk, seeing what each actually
knew about the other. The real people beneath the costumes, and not the
public personas that the tabloids wrote about. Robin was surprised to
discover that the Girl of Steel was nothing like her more famous cousin
whom he had met on several occasions. If Superman was sometimes referred
to as the world's biggest boy scout, she would never be mistaken for the
female version.

Robin, on the other hand, came across exactly as the Kryptonian had imaged
him. A bright, cute young man with a great love of adventure. It remained to
be seen how far that spirit might go.

"I wonder where the waitress is," Robin said after they had been waiting more
than ten minutes. "It's not like this place is overflowing with business at
this time of night."

Curious, the Girl of Steel turned her head in the direction of the bathroom
to which the owner, after seeing them to their table, had indicated the
waitress had gone. A flash of her X-ray vision brought a wicked smile to
Supergirl's face.

In the bathroom, the waitress, a stocky woman in her forties in a curly
haired red wig, was certainly taking care of business. Just not the business
that the phone booth sized room had been intended for. Down on her knees in
the small space between the commode and the sink, the large breasted woman
was busy performing oral sex on the diner's nineteen-year-old busboy. Her
blouse was open and her bra pulled down, giving the teenager easy access to
her mammoth mounds. Supergirl watched for a few seconds as the busboy's cock
slid in and out of the older woman's mouth. From the expression on the young
man's face, it was obvious he was quite enjoying the experience.

"Roscoe said she'd be coming right out," the worried Teen Wonder said, taking
the look of amusement on his guest's face as a negative comment on his choice
of locales.

"Oh I'm sure someone will be coming soon enough," Supergirl grinned.

Sure enough, the bathroom door opened a minute later and the waitress emerged
from within. She took a moment to check her appearance and straighten out her
white and black uniform, quickly closing a middle button that she'd missed.
Checking the mirror on the opposite wall, she took care to check the area
around her mouth for anything else she might have missed.

"Daisy, customers in the back booth," Roscoe called out from behind the front
counter. "They've been waiting almost fifteen minutes!"

"Well let them wait," she called back, "I was taking a break."

Roscoe was tempted to say something about her having been on break half the
night, but then thought better of it. Still, if he wasn't fucking her on the
side, one of these days she was going to find her fat ass out in the street.
If he'd waited a few more seconds before turning his attention back to
tomorrow's racing form and saw the busboy sneaking out of the bathroom behind
her, that day might be a lot sooner than either of them thought.

Daisy waited until Manuel made it back into the kitchen before heading
towards the back booth. Concentrating on getting her order pad out of her
apron, she didn't notice who was in the booth until she was just about on
top of it.

"What the fuck?" she exclaimed when she saw the colorfully costumed couple
sitting there.

"We're coming from a costume party," Robin quickly offered, thinking it was
a good excuse to explain their dress.

"And we thought it might be kind of fun to wear the costumes home and ... you
know," Supergirl added.

"Yeah, right," Daisy replied, thinking that it took all kinds.

"We'll have two coffees," Robin said.

"Do you have any pumpkin pie?" Supergirl asked. "I love pumpkin pie."

"I think we might have some left," Daisy said as she looked to Robin to see
if he wanted anything else.

Taking his silence as a no, she slid her pad back into her apron and headed
back up to the counter. She had only gone a few steps when Supergirl called
out not to forget the whipped cream on that.

"What can I say?" the Maid of Might smiled, turning back to Robin. "We had
nothing like that back on Argo City."

"Supergirl, I ..."



"My name is Kara."

"Dick," Robin said after a moment's hesitation. "Or Richard if you prefer."

"I think you're more like a Dick," Kara decided, "I mean you seem more like
a relaxed kind of guy, not really a ..."

"That's okay, I've been getting that all my life," Dick smiled, "but that's
the name I was born with, so."

"Well, you have to remember that English isn't my native language, so
sometimes I say things the wrong way," Kara said to make him feel better,
ignoring the fact that not only did she speak perfect English, but twenty-six
other Earth languages.

"Here you go," Daisy interrupted as she reappeared with the two coffees and
an enormous slice of pie, the latter of which was covered high with whipped

Silence filled the table for the short bit of time it took Kara to devour the
large piece of pie. Most women her age worried about everything they ate,
afraid that they'd put on a few extra pounds. Thanks to her unique solar
powered metabolism, the Kryptonian could clean out the kitchens of a dozen
restaurants and not gain an ounce.

"That was really good," she said as she finished the last bite.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," Robin said with a measure of amazement as he
stirred some sugar into his coffee and took a taste.

"I guess you're wondering why I came back," the blue dressed woman said as
she took a sip of her own drink.

"It did cross my mind."

"Well, I'm not sure exactly how to say it," Kara grinned.

"Why do I find that hard to believe," Dick smiled as he brought his cup to
his lips again. "Just say what's ever on your mind."

"You know, I was watching this cute show about Demon Hunters the other
night," Kara said, seemingly going off on a tangent, "and one of the
characters remarked how fighting evil always made her hungry and horny.
Do you ever get that feeling?"

The question caught the Teen Wonder so totally off guard that he almost
choked on the coffee, the cup slipping from his gloved hand and falling to
the floor. Only Kara's lighting fast reflexes allowed her to catch it before
it shattered. Then, just as quickly, she placed it back on the table in front
of him.

"Should I take that as a yes?" the blonde girl smiled.

"You could say that," Dick said, trying to regain his composure as he
realized that the semi-erection he'd had half the night just went full staff.

"Great, why don't we go then."

"Go?" Dick repeated.

"Well, we've already eaten," Kara laughed.

The dark haired teen's mouth opened, but no words came out. He was totally
speechless. Even for someone who previously had sexual encounters with the
likes of Catwoman and Batgirl, an offer of the same from a woman even more
famous was somewhat of a shock.

"I'll take that as a yes as well," she smiled. "What do you say we get out of
here and go some place a little more private."

Robin's fingers fumbled as he quickly produced a few bills from his utility
belt, leaving them on the table to pay their tab. With the Teen Wonder in
tow, the Maid of Might headed for the door.

Kara passed Daisy on the way and, overhearing an under the breath comment
about weirdoes in costumes, The Kryptonian paused just long enough to leave
the waitress with a parting comment, motioning at the same time for Dick to
go ahead.

Daisy gave the costumed woman a 'what's your problem' look, striking a
superior pose as she did.

"I just wanted to tell you that you missed a spot," Kara said with a smile,
rubbing away a too-small-to-be-seen spot of white on the older woman's chin.

Daisy turned pale at the thought that she had indeed left behind evidence of
her bathroom escapades, and that Roscoe might have seen it as well. The
younger blonde then just turned away and with a spring in her step, followed
Robin out the door to the still empty street.

* * *

"Where to?" Robin asked, a look of anticipation on his face as he waited on
his cycle.

"Hmmm," Supergirl pondered as she walked over to the curb, thinking that she
hardly needed her vision skills to take note of the Teen Wonder's heightened
arousal. "What say this time I take the lead and you follow me."

The costumed detective wondered for a moment how she expected him to follow
her. After all, it wasn't as if he could watch her in the sky and keep his
eyes on the road. The answer quickly came in an impressive, yet casual,
display of strength as Kara lifted both Robin and the motorcycle he sat on
into the air with a single hand.

"Hold on tight," Supergirl warned him as, with equal ease, she carried both
high into the night sky, continuing upward until Robin could see just about
the entire city spread out beneath them.

"Wow!" the Gotham native could only say as he looked down.

Of course he'd seen the city from the air before, from planes, helicopters
and even a few times from a hang glider, but none compared to this. The rush
of wind against his face was exhilarating, echoing the thrill felt swinging
among the rooftops and magnifying it a dozen fold.

"Where are we going?" Robin called out as he watched the last of the city
recede behind them, to be replaced by endless miles of tree covered hills.

Supergirl answered with a silent smile as she glanced upward in response to
his cry. He was going to have to wait until they got where they were going to
find out. After all, why spoil the surprise?

With one hand keeping a firm grip on the side of the cycle, Supergirl swung
upward and into the passenger seat. She locked her legs under the footrests
to keep them airborne, then released her hand. Her movements were so sudden
that the Teen Wonder didn't realize she was now behind him until she reached
around and wrapped her arms around his waist. Leaning forward, she pressed
her pert breasts into the small of his back.

"Mmmmmm," Kara purred into his ear before kissing it, caressing the inner
canal with her tongue.

With no need to actually pay attention to where they were going, Robin let
his mask fall away, at least figuratively, and once again become Dick
Grayson. Enjoying the feel of Kara's body against his, he took in the vast
area of stars that, now that they were away from the lights of the city,
dotted the night sky. One of those distant pinpoints of light, he knew, was
the sun beneath which Kara had been born.

It also occurred to him that, to an onlooker on the ground or perhaps on a
passing plane, the two of them resembled a scene out of a favorite childhood
film. As much as he had enjoyed the title character of that film, Dick had to
say the company of this E.T. was definitely more desirable.

Twenty minutes and a few hundred miles down the coast later, Robin felt the
orientation of their makeshift airship change as they began to lose altitude.
He glanced back over his shoulder, to be met by a reassuring smile from Kara
who directed his attention instead to their destination, now coming into

To his surprise, it was far from the technologically advanced hideaway he had
envisioned for the Girl of Steel. After all, Batman had the Bat-Cave, filled
with the best equipment Wayne Enterprises could buy, and he had heard stories
of the wonders of Superman's Fortress of Solitude. It only stood to reason,
he thought, for Supergirl to have something similar. Was he ever wrong.

Standing a hundred and eighty feet tall and resting on a small island barely
fifty acres wide, the nineteenth century lighthouse looked just about every
bit of it's hundred and fifty years. Two miles offshore, it had long ago been
converted to automation, but had been leased to the visitor from Krypton for
the proverbial dollar a year by a grateful government after she had rescued a
damaged nuclear submarine last year.

"You live here?" Dick asked as she set them down in front of the long sealed


"No, not really," the Teen Wonder replied, not realizing that his pulse rate
told more than his words. "It's just not what I expected."

"Well," Kara said as she climbed off the back of the bike and glanced out
onto the dark horizon, "when you grow up under a bubble covered rock in the
middle of space, breathing recycled air and never able to really find more
than a few moment's solitude, you tend to develop a strong appreciation for
wide open places."

"I guess I never thought of it that way," Dick said as he climbed off his
cycle, remembering what he knew of Supergirl's public history.

"Another thing you learn," she added as she moved closer to him, "is that
there's no guarantee that tomorrow is ever going to come. You have to live
every day as if it's your last, and take what happiness you can."

With that she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. A kiss that quite
literately curled the toes in his little green boots. There was a passion in
her lips born of lost hopes, of lives ended much too young, and the need to
live her life to the fullest for those friends she'd left behind when Argo
City died.

A second kiss preceded an even more passionate third, making Dick feel
lightheaded, as if he was floating on air. Opening his eyes, he abruptly
realized that was exactly what he was doing. Cradled in Kara's arms, the
Teen Wonder rose the height of the towering structure until the two of
them came to rest on the small rail encased balcony.

"It never occurred to me to ask them for the key to the front door," Kara
grinned as she released her grip around his waist.

Opening one of the large oversized glass panels, the Maid of Might led Dick
inside the lighthouse and then down a narrow spiraling metal staircase to a
large circular room on the ground level.

The onetime living quarters had long ago been stripped of its original
furnishings, but the Gothamite could see where Kara had made a concerted
effort to redecorate. It resembled a Spartan college dormitory more than
anything else. A small metal framed bed, an old dresser and closet, and a
half dozen bookcases filled with tomes on an assortment of subjects.

Also scattered around the room where several maritime relics that Dick knew
had to be worth a small fortune. Noting his interest, Kara casually mentioned
that the majority of them had come from shipwrecks that she'd explored up and
down the coast. For a woman who had never seen an ocean until she'd landed on
Earth, the world beneath the waves held a certain fascination.

But as fascinating as the endless seas were, and as much as he might want, at
any other time, to examine the old artifacts, neither was enough to hold his
interest at the moment. Not when there was a more priceless treasure to

Stepping close behind the red caped blonde, Dick closed his arms around her
waist, pulling her even closer. Kara tilted her head back to meet his, their
lips and tongues interlocking for the first of another round of kisses. She
turned in his arms, embracing him with equal ardor.

Even as they kissed, Kara's hands reached up and undid the hooks that held
his yellow cloak in place, letting it fall from his shoulders. Dick took the
moment to rid himself of his gloves, then slid one hand up her bare leg,
pushing up her skirt until the palm of one hand rested against her ass while
the other rested in the small of her back. The nineteen-year-old was
surprised and pleased to discover that Supergirl didn't wear panties under
her costume.

Dick kissed Kara again, even as he continued to fondle the cheeks of her ass.
Returning the kiss, Kara undid the clasp of her own cape, dropping it next to
his. Robin brought his free hand to her chest, cupping the underside of her
costume-covered breast. Her nipples were already pressed hard against the
thin but indestructible material, demonstrating that the Girl of Steel didn't
bother with a bra either.

Bringing both hands to Kara's waist, Dick undid her belt and took hold of
the bottom of her blouse. Pulling it up and over her head, he exposed the
magnificent chest he had a moonlit glimpse of a few hours before. While not
overly large, Supergirl's mounds were perfectly proportioned to her body.
The almost perfect spheres, capped by bright pink nipples, were in no way
the result of her more than human condition, Dick reminded himself as he
took another long moment to just admire them. As he well knew, Kara had
grown to maturity under the influence of Krypton's sun. Just another
perfectly normal girl back in Argo City. Normal perhaps, he thought, but
still extraordinary.

Unable to resist any longer, Dick lowered his mouth to her closest mound. He
kissed the supple flesh, not even thinking about the inconsistency that skin
that could deflect high-powered bullets could also be so soft to the touch.
His tongue washed over her stiff nipple, playing with it for a few seconds
before taking it deep in his mouth.

"That feels nice," Kara moaned as she placed her hand against the back of
Dick's head and ran her fingers through his black hair.

Dick continued to caress her nipple and the surrounding flesh, the warmth
and wetness of his mouth sending a pleasing feeling through her body. He
continued his talented ministrations, even as he massaged her other breast.
Without missing a beat, he switched breasts and added to the fires filling
her chest.

Back and forth he moved, licking, tickling, giving gentle love bites, using
all the skills his mouth and hands had learned over the last few years. All
the while, his ears filled with a gentle purring issuing from the Kara's
lips. A gentle moan that continued to cry out for more.

And more was exactly what both had in mind as they moved to the nearby bed.
Dick dropped down on the outer edge of the mattress, with Kara practically
landing in his lap. They picked up just where they left off as Dick's hand
slipped between Kara's legs, brushing against her tightly trimmed blonde

Dexterous fingers probed, then penetrated the moist mound, seeking out the
core of her sexual desire. As they made contact, the theory that Kryptonian
and human physiology were virtually identical, despite the former's status
as a living solar battery, was proven true. Kara responded like any Earth
woman as Dick found her clitoris and rubbed it gently.

"Blessed Rao, that feels good!" Kara cried out as a jolt of erotic energy
flashed across her powerful frame.

Dick continued to play an erotic symphony across her breasts and clitoris,
duplicating that surge of delight again and again. The last surviving
daughter of Krypton might be impervious to most harm, but she was certainly
receptive to pleasure.

His tongue again sought out the soft bounty of her mounds, adding even more
to the flames caressing her sexual core. Flames that were quickly blossoming
into a conflagration. One that soon bordered on an explosive discharge.

The Teen Wonder hardly needed to be trained by the world's greatest detective
to spot the signs of the Kryptonian's approaching orgasm. Her eyes closed
tightly, even as her breaths grew labored and a thin sheen of sweat formed
across the valley of her breasts. When it finally arrived, it did so with a
subtlety that was as unexpected as it was satisfying.

"Oh, I so needed that," Kara smiled almost a long minute later as the tremors
that had momentarily gripped her faded.

A smile Dick shared. Having brought one of the most powerful women on the
planet to climax was definitely an ego boost. What was to follow was even
more so.

Rising to her feet, Kara reached down to the still costumed hero and quickly
undid the laces that held together his red tunic. It only took a few moments
to come undone, followed in half that time by the green undershirt beneath.

Dropping lower, Kara kissed him softly, first on his lips, then on his chest,
and finally on each of his areola. Her tongue tickled his small nipples to a
stiff hardness, pulling them between her lips as she kissed his chest once

Even as she dropped down to her knees, Kara guided Dick back to his feet. Her
hands slid down his chest, coming to rest on the sides of his briefs. Nearing
the prize, her fingers closed on the bulge in the green material. Slipping
two fingers under the waistband, she easily removed the protective cup

"I don't think you'll be needing this," the Girl of Steel grinned as she
tossed the Kevlar shield away.

Her fingers instantly returned to the swelling in his briefs, the size of
which had hardly changed with the removal of its protective cover. One
extended finger ran up and down the length of his manhood, tracing an outline
of its dimensions.

From there her hands moved to each side, and in one quick motion, pulled his
briefs down around his ankles. Released from the last of its restrictions,
Dick's cock snapped to attention, coming to rest only inches from Kara's

Kara reached out and slowly ran her hands up and down the length of Dick's
erection. Hands that could transform coal to diamond exhibited an incredible
gentleness as they caressed the most fragile part of the Teen Wonder.

The Girl of Steel leaned forward to draw him deep into her mouth, cupping his
balls with the palm of her hand. Pulling back, she swirled a nimble tongue
around the head of his cock, tickling the sensitive flesh before taking his
full length once more. Back and forth she moved, her lips rubbing against the
base of his member with the same care that they had its tip.

"Holy blowjob!" the onetime punster heard himself say, feeling a little silly
for letting a childhood habit reassert itself at such a moment.

If Kara had been bothered by the frivolous remark, it didn't show as she took
him all the way to the back of her throat. The tremendous surge of delight
that raced across Dick's body put the comment far from his own mind as well.
Two seconds later, it was already forgotten.

"Oh yeah!" Dick moaned loudly as the blonde haired heroine again ran her
tongue up and down his length, her fingers softly massaging his balls.

Kara shifted first one hand, then the other, placing each on the cheeks of
his ass. Taking a steady grip on the firm flesh, she pulled him closer,
pressing his cock deeper into her mouth.

Quickening her pace, Kara swallowed his cock again, washing it with her
tongue and lips. The pressure deep within the nineteen-year-old built
rapidly, quickly reaching a point where the last measure of clarity in
his brain told him that he would soon lose control.

A situation that seemed to excite the young woman kneeling before him even
more. The head of his cock hit the back of her mouth one more time, and Kara
could taste his soon to be released climax.

Dick moaned even louder as he moved his hips in time to the movement of
Kara's head, the pleasing pressure continuing to build until it was deep in
the danger zone. There was nowhere else for it to go and with two more
thrusts into her eager mouth, every aspect of the teenager's body exploded.

"Aaaaaaaaaaa!" Dick cried out as a final spark shot through him and he was no
longer able to hold back. His cock exploded as it sent repeated bursts of
whiteness deep into Kara's mouth.

The Maid of Tomorrow had so problem handling the onslaught. She drank deep of
his youthful elixir as quickly as his body could produce it, not stopping her
powerful ministrations until she was sure the spent hero had no more left to

"Mmmmmmm," Kara softly purred as she let his now shrinking cock slip from her
mouth and lifted herself back to her full height. "Top that, Daisy," she
thought as she took Dick in her arms once more and kissed him.

* * *

"Now that was fun," Kara said as they broke their embrace.

"Oh yeah," Dick agreed, out of breath and feeling a little unsteady on his

"I guess we need to take a little breather before we start again," Kara said
as she glanced down at the Teen Wonder's deflated manhood. "Hopefully not too
long of a breather." she added as her own body still cried out for attention.
Dick just nodded his head as he also glanced down between his legs. He
couldn't remember the last time he'd felt so drained and hoped that he would
recover in short order. What would Supergirl think of him if he couldn't go
another round?

Any doubt that the Teen Wonder might've had about his ability to re-energize
his erection wasn't shared by the Kryptonian. Not every man could be J'Onn
J'Onzz, she reminded herself as she thought of the night she had spent with
the Martian Manhunter and his marvelous ability to climax numerous times and
still keep his cock rock hard. No, as great a shape as Robin was in, all he
needed was a little time.

"Would you like something to drink?" she asked. "I have both soda and wine."

"Soda would be fine," Dick replied, thinking that alcohol was the last thing
he needed right now.

"Soda it is," the naked heroine smiled as she walked over to a wooden box on
the far side of the room and took out two room temperature cans of Coke.

Holding the two cans in an outstretched palm, Kara held them high and, after
taking a deep breath, let out a cold blast of air from deep in her lungs. It
only lasted a few seconds, but left the outsides of the cans covered with a
rapidly melting layer of frost. The insides, Dick realized, were undoubtedly
also now quite chilled.

"So much for needing a refrigerator," he thought as he took the cold can. "Or
a stove either." he mentally added as he also he considered the practical
uses of heat vision.

"Mmmm, this is another thing I love about this planet," Kara said as she took
a drink of the frosty beverage. "It's amazing that despite our more advanced
technology, no one on Krypton ever came up with anything like this."

"I guess we Earth people do have our moments," Dick said, also savoring the
cold drink.

"That you do," Kara smiled as she noticed an already increasing firmness
between Dick's legs.

Still, not wanting to rush anything since they had plenty of time until dawn,
Kara suggested that they sit a while and chat. With a privacy they didn't
have before, the possible topics of conversation were certainly more
interesting. Sodas in hand, each of them took a seat on the edge of the bed.

As they chatted, Dick was surprised to discover how open and unabashed Kara
was as far as discussing her own sexuality. Back on Krypton, and by extension
on Argo City, an active sex life was considered perfectly normal and
certainly nothing to be ashamed of. If one preferred not to be monogamous, no
one thought any more of it than those who did. This also included same sex
relationships, which the dark haired teen was surprised to discover, were
also considered quite common on her Homeworld.

"Have you ever?" he started to asked, his more conventional upbringing making
the question feel a little awkward.

"Been with another woman?" Kara asked for him, seeing his difficulty with the

"Er.. yes."

"Of course," she replied as calmly as if she'd been asked if she liked pizza,
"both back on Argo and also here on Earth. In fact, my very first time was
with my best girlfriend in school."

"Wow," the Teen Wonder thought as that image flashed through his head,
confirming that he was sometimes just as normal as the guys who didn't spent
their spare time in tights swinging from the rooftops.

Dick knew that Bruce, in his playboy role, had more than once escorted two
women at a time to social functions. Women who a younger Boy Wonder had
sometimes spotted leaving Wayne Manor early the next morning. The
billionaire's sexual exploits were the stuff of the Gotham paper's social
columns and many of his own youthful fantasies.

Not that he hadn't scored a few impressive notches on his own bedpost in the
last few years. Not every teenage sidekick managed to lose his virginity to
a sex goddess like the Catwoman. Or have a brief partnership, both in and out
of bed, with someone as impressive as Barbara "Batgirl" Gordon. To say
nothing of the amazing night he was having right now.

"Have you ever been with another man?" Kara asked.

"No, I haven't," Dick replied, discounting his one oral experience with a man
as involuntery since he was tied up at the time. There were, however, the
many offers he'd had from his fellow Teen Titan, Roy Harper. Offers which he
sometimes wondered he might've been missing something by always turning down.

Thinking of the Titans made him also think of Donna Troy, who the world knew
as Wonder Girl. Several times he tried to score with the adopted Amazon
beauty, only to discover that she had no interest in men whatsoever. Not
exactly an earth-shaking surprise, he later concluded, since she'd grown up
on an island totally inhabited by women. Of course she'd prefer other girls,
he'd reasoned.

"Have you ever met Wonder Girl?" he asked out of curiosity.

"Are you really asking if I've met her or if I've slept with her?"

The flash of embarrassment on his face confirmed the latter. Supergirl didn't
seem to mind though.

"The answer to both is no," Kara smiled. "Wonder Woman asked me out a few
times, but I turned her down."

"Why?" he asked, thinking that if a woman was going to sleep with another
woman, Princess Diana had to be real high on the wish list.

"I just felt funny about it at the time," Kara replied as she drained the
last of her soda, "seeing as she had just broken off a sexual relationship
with cousin, Kal."

"Wait a second," Dick interrupted excitedly. "Are you saying that Wonder
Woman and Superman were ..."

"Only for a month or so," Kara answered, "but still, they went at it two,
sometimes three times a week."

"Double wow," the surprised teen exclaimed softly. "So much for that theory
about growing up on an island of women."

"What theory?"

"It doesn't matter," he replied, brushing the matter aside.

"Well I know what does matter," the Girl of Steel grinned as she reached down
between Dick's legs and took hold of a quite recovered cock that had already
passed beyond semi-hardness.

Sure enough, the brief respite, coupled with the enticing nature of their
discussion had indeed restored the teenager's vitality. A smile filled both
their faces at the realization that the bell for round two had just rang.

* * *

They kissed again as Dick pressed Kara down onto the bed, his hand now moving
between her legs to lightly stroke the patch of blonde hair. Their mouths
interlocked as his fingers pressed harder, working their way inside her to
find that despite their intermission, she was still quite wet.

After one more kiss, the dark haired teen slipped off the side of the bed,
braced himself on the floor and lifted his cock to replace his fingers. Kara
responded by shifting her body to give him a better vantage, going so far as
floating a half-foot over the mattress so that he could stand fully upright
as he entered her.

With one hand still on his cock, and the other on Kara's left thigh, Dick
pressed forward and slipped his hard cock past her outer walls. A surge of
passion passed between both of them as the warm, wet walls of her womanhood
closed around him.

"Oh God!" Dick exclaimed under his breath as he began to, slowly at first,
but then with an increased tempo, slide in and out of the Girl of Steel.

Kara reached down and placed a hand on each of Dick's legs, stroking the
flesh as he moved even faster. Her body responded quickly to the repeated
penetrations, resonating ripples of delight spreading to every part of her

"Fuck me!" she called out as she pressed her body forward to meet his thrust.
"Fuck me as hard as you can."

Dick quickly complied with her request as he slammed into her with all the
force he could. After all, what harm could his human body do to her
indestructible form? Back and forth they rocked, Kara continuing to float in
mid-air. Dick took hold of each of her legs and lifted them high, giving him
even more room to press inside of her.

Sweat ran down their backs as the fires building within the Kryptonian raged.
Normally, the Maid of Might could lift several tons without even feeling
winded, but in this case, her own body's reaction to stimulation was taking
its toll. It was a wonderfully pleasing experience to say the least.

After a few more minutes, Kara cried out for him to step back for a second
and while he did, she pivoted so that he could now enter her from behind.
Still supported by no more than the emptiness of air, she arched her body
with her bottom held high and open.

Dick took hold of her legs and shoved his cock back into her. With all the
speed and power he could summon, he repeated that action over and over. Each
time sending waves of joy racing through her. Waves that then rebounded upon
themselves and increased in strength.

From the reaction of her body, exemplified by that part of it wrapped around
his cock, the Teen Wonder knew Kara was close to an orgasm. Close, but at the
same time, oh so far. The problem was that while she might have endless
energy, the long day and night's exertions were beginning to show.

Kara could feel the slight reduction in his efforts and immediately knew
that he was beginning to tire. Rather than feel disappointed, she merely
recognized that it was her turn to take up the challenge.

Slipping off his cock, she told Dick to lay down on the bed. Once he did,
Kara climbed on top of him and lowered herself onto his cock. As she had
done before, Kara began to slowly move up and down on his manhood, rapidly
building up a steady rhythm.

As much as she liked to be ridden hard to orgasm, the girl from the stars had
other interesting techniques in her repertoire. Such as a little trick that
would get the two of them off just as enjoyably.

Rather than increase her envelopment of his cock and taking him as deep
inside as possible, Kara began to slow down her pelvic thrusts. Reducing
them in fact until only the uppermost tip of Dick's cock was inside of her.
Lifting herself off the bed, she became practically weightless, floating
just above his body as the walls of her inner sanctum massaged his flesh.
The contact between their bodies dwindled until all that remained was those
few inches.

Yet, the pleasure in that contact far outweighed that length. The most
sensitive spots on both their bodies, it was the point of contact from which
all pleasures originated. Everything else was superfluous. It was a position
that many had tried over the years, only to find it impossible or having to
settled for a limited variation. To achieve the full effect, one would have
to be in a gravity free environment, or be able to fly.

Those technical details, however, were the furthest thing from either lovers'
mind. Their thoughts were dominated instead by the reverberating echoes of
bliss crashing back and forth between their joined forms. Echoes that erupted
into a single soul-shattering explosion that carried the children of two
worlds beyond the gates of Arcadia.

A journey that was as brief as it was intense, but one that the memory of
which was to be savored for the longest of times.

* * *

"Now that," Kara smiled as she floated over a totally exhausted Teen Wonder,
"was even better."

Dropping the few inches that separated them, the Girl of Steel slipped into
the arms of her Earth born lover. Dick wrapped his tired arms around her,
holding her tight as their lips met in one final, brief kiss. He hardly had
the energy to manage more than that as his eyes closed and sleep overtook
him. A sleep of the truly contented.

The light of the morning sun was just appearing on the horizon, reminding the
solar-charged Kryptonian that it would only take a few minutes to replace all
the reserves that her powerful orgasm has sapped from her. Still, she made no
effort to take advantage of that fact. For the moment, she felt content to
lay in a lover's arms and just be Kara and not the heroine the world called


(c) Ann Douglas 2004


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