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Batman: Master Batcomputer Part 1 (F-mast,mc)
by C. King ([email protected])

Aphrodite was an Elder spirit of sex and love, much like the Elder spirits of evil and darkness that had been talk about during the earliest period of time. However, she was able to move more freely through the realms of worlds. Effecting the worlds she visited as she wished. Mainly be creating great stories of lust and love. Soon she was drifting through a world, looking for some fun.

Aphrodite took the form of an extremely beautiful woman. Yet as beauty was constantly in flux, she too changed in form. Today she took the form that looked like an American love goddess of the 1950's silver screen, dressed in a form fitting white dress and white pumps.

Aphrodite looked at the man standing before a computer, dressed completely in black. In suit that looked like a certain flying mammal. 'Hmmm. I see in him that he has had little time for love or lust. He has even blocked out those feelings while he focused on the mixture of justice and revenge.' She thought as she looked at him. 'Yet he is worth of the gift of desires that might have come his way if only he had the tools and the desire to use them. Surely, there is something that I can do that would help him. But what?'

Aphrodite used her great powers to remember all sources of info to deal with the powers she had in her sphere. Looking at the computer she remembered the great tales writing by a write skilled in the arts that she tried to spread to the world. J.R. Parz. 'A version of the Master PC, modified by my own great powers might give him the tools, but not the desire for the mission. Yet I dare not try to eliminate the mission that had made him worth and helped out others in this world. Saving it even.'

'I'll just have to grant him the urges to use this gift for both his desire and his mission. Perhaps more of a willingness to use it for love and to use it in any other circumstances only in great need. To give him a responsibility to go with the power. I should also supervise it from time to time to see if the power is used in the best manner. But to work I must go.' She then set to work with the spells and devices that she needed to use to set things into motion. A change in the Batman's mind, subtly but surely.

Then she sent the e-mail that would hold the program...

Bruce Wayne, was checking his e-mail when he discovered an E-mail with an attachment called "Gencom.exe". Deciding to try it, he virus checked it and found it uninfected. The loaded up the program. They found it to be a game like program with a CGI of a subject. I called itself "The Gencom" and that he was the master's representative. He decided to enter his name.

Bruce frowned as it showed a window full of information all about him, including his secret identities. It had a full physical, mental and sexual make up of himself. Including injuries that he had suffered the night before. This was proving more interesting than one might have thought. It knew too much about him. He also noticed that it allowed for changes. Deciding to test it out with something simple, he changed his hair colour to red. He felt his scalp tingle and he looked into a mirror that he had handy. He was now a red head. Changing it back, he thought of the possibilities that he could use this program for.

'I should resist changing myself, unless I need to. I'm use to myself the way I am and it might throw me off my game.' He thought, to himself. 'Plus I might avoid meta powers for now. Just in case it backfires.'

'But this might be useful in helping out others. With this machine, I could turn criminals into lawful individuals. But who?' Thought Bruce. Perhaps one who he had shared some romantic feelings for. Something he felt like looking into for some reason. But he knew that he could help this woman as she wasn't as bad as the rest of the Gotham criminals. Selina Kylie, Catwoman. She was the best cat burglar in the world, but she tried to avoid doing harm to those she steals from...unless they deserve it.

Bruce used the PC that he had been working on in the Batcave to access her mental files to see what made her want to steal in the first place. He scanned the mental files only to find them linked to the sexual files as well. Apparently, not only did Selina steal for the profit, but for the sexual thrill of excitement. Excitement that she got from the thrill of stealing and the thrill of the chase. This got Bruce to thinking. 'If I change the thrill from theft to something else, she might not steal anything. But what could be as exciting as committing a crime?' He looked it over and it came to him. He knew people in his business that got a thrill out of fighting crime. 'That's what I can do to replace it. And it would be giving myself some much needed help.'

So he set to work on the mental files and the sexual files that held Selina's desires for theft. He altered her thrill of the chase so that it was the excitement of chasing others. He kept the sexual desire that she felt from these activities. Then he added something more. With a bare conscious thought he add ::Selina will feel sexual desire for Batman and his secret identity. So will try to get his attention for possible intimate relations.

Meanwhile, at that time...

Seline Kylie was getting dressed to go out into the night as he other self. As Catwoman. Her mind was clear, she was going to steal the latest display at Ashley's of Gotham. A collection of rare cat eye opals. Her nude form walked from the shower. She turned to her crime committing costume on the bed. She but on her black silk panties and bra. Her undergarments hugged her generous curves. It made her feel sexy when on the chase to have the silk caress her skin. The mix of the silk and costume with being chased were stimulating as much or more than the stimulation of stealing.

She then moved to place her second skin on her body. Her black catsuit was as dark as midnight. It was made of a flexible, breathable plastic with added to the sex appeal that she used in her in adventures. She thought of the chase and chasing down those who had crossed her. It added to the thrill. Now as she placed her cowl on she thought of the fun she would have hunting her prey and bringing them to justice. As she felt the tightness of the costume, she felt herself tingle in her pussy and nipple areas. She knew that she was going out to fight crime and it made her horny.

That brought up thoughts of Batman. He was a fellow crime fighter, a handsome man from the appearance. Selina felt some major attraction to him and she felt that he had some major attraction to her too. The chases that they had were always fun and exciting for her. The thought of him made her tingle all over. As she slowly slipped on her high heeled boots, she wondered at the true identity of the mysterious man in black. Who could he be? Was he as sexy out of costume as he was in costume? He just had to be.

Selina thought about seducing Batman and learning his true identity. That could be fun. She slipped on her gloves. To do that she had to find him and the best way to do that was to hunt for criminals that they both preyed upon. Full in costume, with a quick caress of her body, Catwoman went on the prowl.

In the Batcave...

Bruce quickly used the PC to alter things so that Selina wouldn't get in trouble with the police. He change it so that she had a neutral image. Neither criminal, nor crime fighter. To both the public and the police. But for each major act of crime or crime fighting, it would shift the image to the corresponding image. Either corrupting or purifying her image. Bruce knew that this computer program could be used against him. So he wrote new safety protocols that would prevent anyone from using the PC without his permission. Then he placed a protection around himself that would prevent other copies of the program from effecting him.

Bruce then thought about what else he could do. He could fix the problems of criminals in Gotham like he had Catwoman. Turn her life from a world of theft and crime to a better life. The life of a heroine. He thought of others who could take that plunge into the world of heroes rather than the world of villainy.

Strangely, the people in his mind for this new life were the female villainesses. Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Talia Head. Each one beautiful as Catwoman in their own way. Each one just as dangerous, if not deadly. He imagined having them fight at his side, in their tight sexy costumes. His mind dwelt on their form and bodies for a minute or two before his mind started to shift. It didn't occur to him that this was abnormal behavior for him.

Then he thought of the heroines that had worked with him before. Huntress, Zatanna, Black Canary, Wonder Woman. There had always been sexual tension between some of them. Either with him working as their mentors and having them look up to him or working side by side with them over time.

He thought of the teacher relationship that he had with Batgirl and Huntress. Working in a position of power over their open minds and nubile bodies. Having them absorb what he told them and taking it to heart. He was having naughty thoughts about his students.

Then there was his working relationships. Hell, he worked with Wonder Woman. A woman that was the symbol of female empowerment and yet their sexiness. She had a killer body, with bountiful breasts. Her ass was as tight as a fine tuned violin. And legs that when on forever. She had to be the object of desire for most men. And Bruce had been close enough to develop a close connection with this woman.

And she was just one of the women that he worked with. But she was a major part of things. Moving carefully, creating a macro that would prevent people from finding out that things were wrong, he began to alter Wonder Woman.

Meanwhile, in the Watchtower...

Diana was relaxing in the tower, after her period of monitor watching. Getting freshen up after the long period of work. Taking a bath in bubbles. Soon her mind began to drift to her hero friends, lingering to the images of the female heroes. The thoughts turned sexual as she thought of their hot bodies and the possibilities they could bring in love making. Images of the flexible body of the Black Canary, the strong toned body of Barda or the athletic body of the Huntress came flooding into her mind.

As her thoughts turned to the Huntress, the image of her mentor came to her mind. Batman! 'Bruce does have the hot, tight body that all of his years of training had brought him. Perfect abs, firm butt, and strong muscles for a human. Plus there's all of those skills that he picked up over the years of his training.' Diana thought as her hands started to move to her breasts and her cunt. What had been washing motions slowly turned into erotic caressing.

She remembered the feelings that she had for him. Feelings they tried to explore in dates. Only to have them interrupted by their duties. Duties, they however, shared in common. In the end those interruptions had caused their relationship to turn into one of close friendship. But now, Diana had her doubts.

"Maybe I shouldn't have let him go. Maybe I should have tried a little harder... harder... harder." Diana said to herself, as he skilled hands hit the nerve that was causing a change in her attitude. She was building to a strong sexual crest.

"Maybe I should move... move... MOVE... to Gotham. Help out... out...OUT... there. Oh... GODDDDESSSSS!!!!" Diana screamed out as she came.

Warmer fluids started to flow into the bath as Diana rested contently. "Perhaps Bruce could give me a place to live in Gotham... until I find out a place for me to live there."

Back at the cave...

Bruce finished his work at increasing Diana's desire for him and urging her to come to Gotham for crime fighting. But he had to make sure that the crime in the city she had been living in didn't grow out of control. So he altered the major villain element from the city with a urge to come to Gotham as well.

'With the added help from Diana and Seline, I should be able to cover it.' Batman thought. But his mind also shifted to the other possibility. 'Of course, I could also more to my team.' He turned to the possibilities of heroines and villainesses. The choices came up and he smiled. 'I have two brunettes after me now. Perhaps I could use more colour in my life. Perhaps a redhead.' He set to work programming.

In a lower section of town...

Poison Ivy stood alone, trying to think about what to do next. She had a mission to return the world into the hands of Mother Earth. The plant kingdom had to be protected. Plus there was the fact that she wanted to get the attention of the Batman.

'He's the one man that has been able to resist my powers of seduction, to fight my kiss. That fact is the reason I must try to have him, that which I can't have.' Pamela Isley thought as she tried to think of a plan. 'But he seems almost immune to my pheromones.'

She sat down on the broken down couch, in a old shirt and shorts. Thinking. "My mission is to... fight crime and help nature. To stop those that would mock justice and find a way to bring the natural world to light." Pamela thought, her thoughts then turning to Batman. Her fellow fighter of crime. An ally in the night. A man that she wanted to get close to, very close to.

'I would do anything to be his lover. To get close to his inner circle. Even if I have to share him with my friend and partner, Catwoman.' Memories of her team ups with Seline Kyle, the Catwoman filled her mind. 'Nightshade and Catwoman. The gals of Crime-busting.' Her hands moved lower as she thought of the possible lesbian action she could have with her friend. In front of the man she wanted as a partner and a lover.

But she knew that she had a duty to do first. Moving to the closet, she dressed in her green leafy costume. 'I have crimes to fight...and a man to find. Perhaps on this night I might get lucky on both fronts." She leaped from the window, into the night.

In the Batcave...

Bruce was happy at the changes that he had made, even if it was a major one. He did to Ivy what he had done to Catwoman. He had even given her a name that still evoked her powers, yet spoke of his hand.

He had three lovers on hand, for possible induction into his live and world. With more possible when he wanted. But he didn't want to be the only one to benefit from this boon. He had those that were linked to him that could also gain a bonus from his luck.

Images of Dick Grayson, Nightwing, being greeted by the women that he had desired. Starfire, Barbara "Oracle" Gordan, and even Donna "Troia" Troy. A little love-fest that man could use after all of the disasters in his life. A payment for his aid and his friendship.

Also there was Tim "Robin" Drake. He was a sidekick, friend and son figure in his life. As Dick had been. How could he leave him out of the loop. He thought of those that were in his life. Cassie "Wonder Girl" Sandsmark and Cissie "Arrowed" King-Jones. Perhaps even more if he looked it up.

Love and sex that he could bring to his closest friends. He had the means, opportunities and motive to do so. He could help clear the streets of crime and bring hope to the world. Peace to his soul. Plus he might enrich his life with love and sex as well.

Everything was hanging from his next move. Whatever that might be.

"So, Bruce, what is it that you want to do next?"


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