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Batman: Master Batcomputer Part 2 (MF,latex,costumes)
by C. King ([email protected])

Bruce was taking his time making the choice of what it was he wanted to do with the Gencom. He knew he wanted to take a peak with the abilities of the Gencom on the women he had just changed, he made the choice to go out on patrol like always and run into the new Catwoman and Nightshade.

However, he wanted to make sure the program was kept safe from the wrong hands using it against Bruce and those like him. His mind was clear, "I have to set up a specialized password which would keep the Gencom from being used by anyone else, without my consent. Fortunately, most of the Batcomputer's systems are secure. I just have to set up a new password for activating the program and a separate password for access to my file or those I have changed."

'I also have to fix up the ability to use this program so I can have access to it no matter where I go. Most of my equipment should interface with the computer with ease, and most of the secure lines linked to places like the Watchtower would also be safe to use. The Batwave in my utility belt should allow hook up no matter where I go. So I should have access to it no matter the trouble.' Bruce had the problems of security and utility maxed out for his benefit.

'So the only problem would be someone taking it out of my hands when I was using it. There is one tool left to use, the Gencom it's self. I can create a template, which would cause anyone within range of a computer system with the Gencom on it to ignore the tool. With the key exception of myself or someone I make able to make the changes.' The idea of letting those closest to him to use the program while under his watchful eye entered his mindscape.

Once making sure his precautions had been made, he dressed in his suit of advance fibers. Specially designed by his own corporations for possible use in lightweight yet durable bulletproof vest, it gave him body armor and flexibility. It also had the ability to cling to his well-defined body and show off his muscles.

Soon he had left the Batcave by use of the Batmoblie, with his new toy feeding the locations of the two new heroines he had created in the downtown Gotham area. He was trying to figure out by the location of the women, which one he would check up on with first. If the program had succeed like he had expected, he would allow the women to get in contact with him using a Batwave he would be giving them. If not, well he would just have to send them to Arkham or jail once again.

Checking the map, he learned Nightshade was at the end of town closest to stately Wayne Manor. He could run into her before he would run into Catwoman. Curious about how the former Poison Ivy had changed in becoming the new heroine. Knowing he could use the Gencom to check in on Selina's activities using the history option, he moved to intersect with Pamela.

Elsewhere, in Gotham...

Nightshade was ready to stop crime in a city famed for it's criminal element. She was dressed in her crime-fighting outfit; a costume composed of natural leaves groomed for their ability to hug her body as clothing. The leaves were dark green with slivers of silvery blue, framing her curves with both a natural yet somewhat fey looks. It also seemed to have the look of a PVC or leather outfit with the bright shine coming from the plant matter. Pamela knew one of her greatest weapons was her sexuality, even if she was primarily thinking of having only one man share her bed. However, the leaves had the same strength as armor made from hardened leather while having more flexibility.

The leaves on her breasts and covering her pussy were slightly larger then the tinier leaves holding them in place. The breast leaves were shaped so the show off a plunging neckline and reveal just the most upper portion of her heavenly sphere. A large leaf held close to her abs, revealing a soft six pack with hinted at health yet sensuality. The costume had no sleeves and behind her was a scooped back. The leaf covering her pussy resembled a swimsuit bottom, without moving to a thong. Still it did bring focus to her feminine body type at the same time.

Add to this her gloves and boots, which were made from similar leaves. They had a deeper color to them, with a green so close to black it was hard to tell the difference. The silvery blue in the leaves turned into a deeper navy shade. The gloves stretched the length of her arms till they reached just under her elbow. On the tips of the gloves was a unique addition of deep red tips which mimicked the look of painted fingers nails, while also hinted at her plant like nature.

Her boots were ankle high pixie boots with the addition of a medium size heel, an inch or two in length. This was also done to increase her sexuality by the way she walked. Of course, the criminals she faced didn't know she had practice in running in the highest heels so as to minimize any trouble the tips provided.

Between her costume and her boots was a pair of personalized pantyhose connected to the costume by hidden means. The pantyhose had a lighter, almost pale green color with a few lines of deeper green on it, lines which resembled creeping vines crawling up or down her legs. The vines were not extremely thick in design, yet were enough to hint at a living plant on her legs.

On those vines were tiny green leaves in the same mold as the ones on her costume. It was different from her costume as it had the occational red flowering shape on the fabric. It seemed to be a design on the panties like any other more common panties, with the exception of colors. These panties were made of biologically created vines where could have been weaved together into thread.

The final use of plants on her body, was her hair. Her bright reddish orange locks were held in place by a careful weaving of the same vine thread into braids. The braids kept her hair out of her face if she had to fight against a criminal, while keeping a botanical elemental aspect to her appearance. Tiny flowers were blooming from specialized seeds on the thread, with shades selected to highlight her bright red hair. Deep reds and bright yellows were the chosen highlights.

All and all she was a sexualized dryad in appearance, which would put most of the common criminals off guard. It would likely have no effect on the major criminals of the Batman would have faced; yet she had other tips to use against them. For hidden in her costume were small pockets, holding the specialized seeds and chemicals she could use against the more dangerous foes.

Ready for a night of fighting crime, she went out looking for the first offender to face justice. Leaping from rooftop to rooftop with great easy, even with the heels on her boots. Soon she discovered the very thing she was looking for. A young woman was faced with a couple of brutish thugs, with what looked have started off as a mugging. However, since the two of them seemed to have her purse already, it seems to have turned into something a lot more ugly. An attempt to rape the attractive young woman. The two men started to loom closer to the female, who retreated, in the only direction she could. Back towards a dead end alley.

Having seen enough and personally offended by the type of crime about to be committed, she leapt down to the alley. With the aid of a fire escape, she landed softly between the two men and the woman. Looking at the men, she said with a sly half smile, "I think the lady has had enough and doesn't want to play. However, I'm willing to play a few 'games' with you."

"Damn, it's that Nightshade bitch! They say she's connected to the Bat! Let's get out of here!" said one of the punks, fear clear in his voice as he looked at the women in green. Pamela could also swear she could smell the scent of urine on the wind as she saw the original man stagger back to the front of the alley. However, it seemed that his friend didn't have any of the fear of shown in the first man's face. He instead began to smile as he looked at the woman before him.

"Don't know why you're afraid of some ho for. All I see is some slut in my way, who seems like more fun then the other bitch. Once we teacher who wears the pants in the family. So take the pornwear off now, babe!" called out the second man as he moved forward to where Nightshade was. A blade slide into his hand to make him armed and dangerous. Of course, Pamela was not as unarmed as she looked like.

She was smiling as he moved into the range of her throwing arm. Using plants and seeds as weapons had causes her to work on her throwing skills with both arms for occations just like this one. So the second jerk was surprised when she seemed to throw nothing at him, before getting a ghastly grin at the thought of his new victim loosing her mind. He hadn't noticed the seeds she had thrown dig through the asphalt and sink into the grown.

He lunged towards her only to stop inches from her as if he was being held back. His head turned back to see what it was which was holding him, his face filling with fear for the first time as he saw the reason. A giant vine of some type had grown out from the stony ground and had slowly wrapped itself around his chest like a harness. The plant then lifted him up from the ground and was drawing him to the place where it had taken root, lifting him at least a story in the air. Beside him was his more terrified friend who had now lost control of his bowls as well as his bladder. Crimson lips smirked at the fate of the two would be rapist as they hovered in the air like rotten fruit on a tree.

Pamela turned and helped up the woman who had been mugged by the dim twosome. She then spoke to the woman, "This vine will hold them like iron bars until the police come along and cut them free. I do suggest you call the police on them as soon as possible."

With this Nightshade leaped into the night and headed for the rooftops, only to be stopped in the middle of her ninth rooftop by the solitary figure of the Batman. He was taking in the sight of her and she couldn't help but shiver internally. The thought of the man she desired undressing her with his eyes was making her horny, even after dealing with the bottom of the manhood barrel. She moved closer to him as she made sure to shake what god had given her with each footstep.

"The Batman, urban legend of the Gotham underworld. What have I done to get the attention of the crime-fighter, nothing naughty I hope?" she said as she flirted with the hero of the dark city. When she finished moving she was just inches from him, a place where she could easily reach out and kiss him if she wanted to.

"I've been keeping an eye on you, seeing the good that you do Pamela. I was thinking of working together with you, closely together with you. This means I will have to be able to share my secrets with you, something not in my nature most of the time. Given your behavior I think you can be trusted with them." said the Batman as he moved his hands up to his face and pulled back the cowl for just a minute. It was soon back in place, but it had given her enough time to identify who it was underneath the mask.

It was like being a Christmas present in July as well as an engagement ring on Valentine's day; a rare treat made all the more special due to its rarity. She now knew that Bruce Wayne was the Batman. Which was so perfect given the fact Bruce Wayne was one of the few billionaires who tried to keep green in it's technology. He donated to charities which helped heal the wounds man made on Mother Nature. It was also the chance to see how far she could take the flirting with the hunky hero, even if she has to share the man with other woman. Not a problem as she was attracted to both sexes, especially those with superhumanly attractive human beings.

"So how close would we be working together? I'm a woman who needs a lot of attention, just to let you know ahead of time. Working with me, however, can be a rewarding experience. If you want to take the risk of letting me get close to you." said Isley as she gave him a smile which had on side of her mouth quirk up for a moment.

"I work with all of my partners in very close quarters, given them all the personal attention they need to perform their duties. I do train them hard and punish them if they ever step out of line. Getting jealous on any time I might spend on another partner or one of my colleagues will be punish to the fullest extend. Everything must be my way if you want to work with me in my city, I'm a control freak if you haven't figured it out by now." said the deep voiced agent of justice as he leaned his face closer to the dryad heroine. She could tell he could smell her perfume and she could sense his own manly musk.

"Even when you loose control?" she asked before she acted on her instinct and inner desires. Like a snap of a venus fly trap, she sprung into action and moved to place her lips to the dark knight. Arms then wrapped around the two heroes like clinging ivy, with Nightshade's arms around Batman's neck and the Dark Knights around cling to the small of her back. Their bodies moved close to each other as mutant plant clothing touched advance science armor. As he warming pussy pressed against the armor crouch of the Batman, she could feel the faint sensation of a bulge being held back. Feeling this she ground her own private area against it for even the slim chance of teasing the batcock.

"I believe it's time for me to take control of this situation before it gets out of control. Its time for action instead of words, in my opinion." spoke the Batman as he stepped away from the emerald enchantress and started to remove the armor covering his bottom torso, revealing quite the iron rod which had taken this moment to stand perpendicular to his body. It looked like he was ready to play a game she had been wait for, waiting for the long period of time which had passed since she had seen him.

Nightshade smiled as she used the trick she had built into her planet-based clothing to slide of the leaves which had been covering each breast and her pussy. Making a sort of reverse bra and panties deal where everything except her personal areas were covered by clothing. She moved his hands to her breasts and each nipple to encourage him rub the sensitive nubs of her bosom.

Batman only smiled as he moved to place himself against her in a passionate embrace. She knew he was going to make love to her and introduce her to his team in this unique manner. Without uttering a word, they began to kiss again as they rub against each other's body with fire in their veins. Batman was using a unique kissing technique which involved the use of his tongue in her mouth in a way which mimicked a penis in intercourse. Like a cock it went in and out of the mouth as they kissed, yet at the same time it was used to caress the tongue as well as the mouth and even her teeth. He used the same tongue to encourage her tongue into his mouth, as if to entice her to return the favor he was giving her.

It seemed that they were rushed in the moment, yet it could have been expected since they were exposed here as well as the passion they were feeling towards each other. In the world of criminal and crime-fighter, anything could happen at any moment. Which meant that to have sex in an open place would be risking the fact they could be attack by someone like the Joker or be spotted by someone like the press which could cause problems. This added a need for speed for the act of sex, so which was why the two of them were making the most of the time they had with each other.

One of his hands had been guided to her breast and massaging the flesh to cause her to feel pleasure, while another hand was moving to her ass for the same reason. Their crouches rubbed together without inserting the prick of the Dark Knight into her flowerpot. They were trying for the little foreplay they could get in the moment they had with each other. Her hands had made it to the tighten six pack he had for a belly or the steel ass he held behind him. They kept trying to build each other up before they could come from an orgasmic experience. Time was always on their minds as they thought of what could happen if they were not alert. Yet she could feel him place something down a pocket of her costume while he was playing with her body, which made her wonder what it was he was doing as well.

Finally Batman pulled himself back for a moment before he moved his hips in a precise manner, aiming his rocket to enter Isley airspace so to speak. With a sixth sense she didn't expect him to have, he managed to aim the log to the right spot and slide it into her own planting soil. She could feel the energy which flowed between them as they were connected in this most intimate of ways. Yet she couldn't speak at that moment as he touched her in was which struck her mute, unable to say anything coherent. All she could do was moan and sigh as he effected her body like a skilled professional. She knew the only reward she could give him was to use the same professionalism he had given her back to him.

Which was why she began to focus on the muscles of her pussy, hoping the practice she had used against her home-grown vibrators would have allowed her to tone those internal muscles. It was one of the main reasons she had performed those genetic experiments on zucchini, to modify them for those special uses she wanted. Those and the bananas, the carrots and several other long hard plant matter.

Still this was different from the hardened fruits and vegetables she had used in the past since this was a meaty organ. Plants had a cell wall to keep them in a constant solid state, while animal matter didn't have that adaptation. So to keep it hard until she was done with it was all up to the uses of her own pussy tone. First thing she did was to use the outer lips to hold down on the cock like a kink in the hose. Then muscles at the base of the cock and at the end with the tip moved counter to each other as they worked their way to the middle of the batprick. This was all meant for the mission to keep him as hard as possible till the moment she could get the first of her orgasms out and then she could use the same cunt skills to give her man an orgasm in exchange. This was only the beginning of their sexual combative skills. Soon the real fun would start!


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