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Batman: Master Batcomputer Part 3
by C. King ([email protected])

The vibrations moved from the ends of the cock, tip and base, to the middle with a rippling motion. This was done with exact control of Nightshade's, formerly Poison Ivy's, pussy muscles. This was something Batman wonder if it was a cause of his alterations with the Gencom or if it was a previous trained skill. The fact his cock was getting a milking was something to concentrate on just as much as his surroundings, Batman had made sure nothing would interrupt him during this unless it was a friendly interruption. As always he had a bit of a plan going on, even if things could get out of hand by degrees.

It was taking all of the training he gained by studying the Eastern martial arts and occult philosophy to control his body with his mind, enforcing his mental will over the limits of his body. Now he had to develop a path to use to cause Nightshade to cum first, which had him looking at the erotic zones on the human body. Even as a plant-animalhybrid, Nightshade had a human anatomy to use. Fingers moved to the nipples of the right breast and the slit which was between their bodies, which made things a little difficult. Gloved hands were looking for the sensitive nerves which would be holding the pleasure controls for his female partner.

He used the skills he had developed for safe-cracking in use for sexual functions, looking for the slightest movement of the woman's body so he could detect her enjoyment ordisdain for his actions. He started by twisting the right nipple with slight circular movement with a finger while avoiding causing too much pain. The other hand was on her clit as he circled it in the same motion with the moment of both fingers acting as one. His other fingers near the clit her now playing with the tender touch senses around the pussy. Cock size had less to do with female pleasure then knowing where the female body felt good, which were almost entirely around the outside of the pussy.

Nightshade shivered with delight as he reached the right places on her body which interrupted the movement of internal muscles of the female redhead. He had to use a sudden shock to see if she could be brought over the edge, something to super charge her erotic desires. So he moved in and passionately kissed her with lips open to hers, with tongue playing over her own for a few minutes before he pulled back a little with his teeth tugging gently at her pout lips.

Then his lips moved to the nook of her neck, where shoulder meet the neck and had the nerves. This was a ticklish area of the human body which meant it could provide pain, but with the right touch and care it could bring about the exact reverse of said pain. Batman knew the special way to use his touch to bring out this charge of the human body and do with a shocking surprise of speed. Which was done like a dive off a cliff, causing a jerk with Nightshade's body. His cock felt each and every muscle of the woman's vagina clamp down on his cock in a tight squeeze, as wetness flowed over the same organ and out of the sides of the hole provided.

This was the release of Pam's orgasm and she took a few moment to release a moan of joy, before she switched up her body again to milk the object in her body. Instead of tightening everything up to keep him from releasing or for her to control his reactions, it moved to a one way flow from base to tip. Bruce just allowed himself to partly relax enough for his balls to build the pressure to the right level before he allowed himself shoot his load into the former villain.

As they both began a post-sex rest for the few moments they had, they heard a voice from the darkness say, "Looks like a strawberry tart with some rich cream in the centre of it. A little extreme for my tastes, but I am looking for a rich desert. Also I'm not the type to pass up some free cream for the taking."

They pulled back with a slimy mix of fluids connecting them for a short period before it dripped off, and looked to the source of thefamiliar voice. Batman knew who it was instantly as he had partly planned this. The former Poison Ivy had been the closest of two villains he had changed, but they were not all that far apart and he had made sure that Selina could have followed them to this point. So when Catwoman walked out into the night with her high heel boots clicking off the cement of the roof, they notice ... they also both noticed her hips causing her body to shake in an lovely manner. Selina was also a master of sex appeal and stealth, knowing how to move in those heels without making noise and then walking in them to create a noise a man would like to hear from a sexy woman.

Tight black leather covered her from neck to boot without an apparent line of any sewing, taking shape in the form of an expected catsuit for the feline femme. Matching black boots were tight high in length and held a high four inch heel, with her elbow length gloves covering her whole arms and hands with the required claws on the tips of the fingers. Her mask covered her whole head except for her mouth and chin in black leather like the rest of her outfit, with sew on cat ears and huge goggles to cover her eyes in tinted feline yellow. On her hip was her weapon, a long bullwhip. Not a cat o' nine tails as they would need nine tips to the whip, but one could always see it as a cat tail whipping back and forth in that room full of rocking chairs.

"The question for me is should I try for the cream-filled strawberry tart or go straight for the cream as any other cat would do?" asked Catwoman as she looked back and forth between Nightshade as well as Batman.

"Personally, I would love to retain my creamy filling as you say it. I might be willing to 'give' up my 'tart', if I was to get a second dose of cream. It all depends on the milkman about how much cream he is willing to give to the lonely woman on this block." said Nightshade as she tried to expand thefavourable text the other woman was using.

"Let's say I know a lot of things including how to make a lot of 'cream' in a short period of time. Still I think it should be the lady's choice on what kind of desert they want to have, you just might want to keep an eye on the time as Gotham has a habit of not staying quiet for long," not exact true as Batman had made sure to make this night as quiet as possible.

Which meant that none of the regular psychos from Arkham were out on the town to night, just the common criminals who had developed a health fear of the shadows and the unknown. As well as all things bat shaped while in the city of Gotham, just as others fear things like flying humans in other cities. Of course other dangers were not unlikely in the world they lived in.

"Tell you what, I'll have my little tart and then the two of us can go somewhere we can have some cream together in safety. Maybe even after some joint patrolling around the city of Gotham a few times. So I'll just have my little strawberry treat..." said the feline woman as she almost purred out the words.

Nightshade smiled as she moved to lay down on the cold concrete and exposed her treat to the world, as well as one special woman. Catwoman fell to her hands and knees as she crawled her way to the other woman so Selina's head was soon above Pam's honey pot. Bruce just moved into a position in a crouch to observe the situation, even with his pants caught down.

As this begun, Selina made a great impression of a cat licking up cream from a bowl. Her tongue tip daintily dipped into the other woman's vagina and lapped up the wetness inside Nightshade. She also took this moment to lap up the wet spots around the cunt as well, while she made a smirk at a moment and asked Batman, "Would you like me to clean you up with a tongue bath as well?"

"Maybe later at the Batcave. I'll be taking the two of you to it afterwards since Nightshade has become one of my partners. There I will be discussing how I might want to co-ordinate our activities with each other." he told them, but he was getting the picture the two of them were not listening to him that closely. They were more interested in drinking up their cream or experiencing the accidental pleasure of the said drinking. Bruce was able to tell that Selina was talented with her tongue, which he had experienced in their brief cat and flying mouse games. He had just never seen the tongue of the feline femme used in such a sexual manner, making him wonder what it would be like to be used on his own pleasure points.

Catwoman didn't answer at the moment as she continued to lap at the fluid filled channel which took her focus. While this happened, Nightshade was starting to thrash her hips forward and back. This was a signal the woman was getting closer and closer to a second orgasm of the night, this time provided by a woman instead of a man. Selina merely continued to use her skilled mouth to bring the other woman to the cliff of desire before pushing her off into the sea of the little death. Batman had to admit he was getting a little erect at the moment from the sight of the two woman together, taking all of his self control to avoid losing himself to his own base instincts.

A sharp cry was the first major signal the orgasm had arrived, with a following shiver and falling of the body softly to the cement. Catwoman brought her head up and turned to look at Batman with her mouth covered with milky white slime on her face, which was wiped away by the woman's tongue in slow careful licks. Especially with her lips being coated with the fluid and then circled by her pink appendage. The she said smoothly, "I think there was a promise of more cream?"

Much Later in the Night...

Batman had returned to the Batcave after a night of patrolling with the former Poison Ivy and Catwoman, after a hasty clean up after the break from the crime fighting world. Currently he was back at the computer while the two woman tried to freshen up in the manor above, likely looking for a way to continue what they had started in the city hours before. Either that or resting up to have the energy to have another round of sex. Bruce had learnt years ago how to marshal his energy for when he needed it, but even he would need rest soon.

'Yet there are a few things I want to look at before I surrender to Eros or Hypnos, like the previous changes I have made to Wonder Woman. Seems like she's been getting frisky with herself while thinking of me and other females we have both worked with. I just wonder where I am going to get the time to experience her ... passions.

If I am going to get into more women of both heroic and villainous intentions, I think the development of some major macros will be needed. First is the basic mental macro I developed earlier to cause people to ignore anything strange. Second should be the female mental macro... '

::To feel love and sexual desire for Batman as well as Bruce Wayne. To attempt to get his attention for possible intimate relations:: ::To gain a desire to move themselves to Gotham City for permanent resistance:: ::To gain a sexual desire/attraction to attractive women secondary to their sexual desire/attraction to Batman and Bruce Wayne:: ::A desire to fight crime and protect the innocent of any location they were in:: ::Any women affected by this macro will not mind being effected by the Gencom when they discover it and will in fact enjoy all alterations from the Gencom::

The next step was the duplication of the Female Mental Macro (FMM) twice with minor corrections, one for Nightwing and another for Robin, so Dick and Tim could reap the benefits. These macros became FMMB, FMMN and FMMR ... for Batman, Nightwing and Robin.

He began to look up the profiles and files of different woman who have come into contact with himself and his wards. The simple part was looking up the profiles of Dick, Tim and himself for the records of romantic women and/or females they worked with. He created passwords and bookmarks for the most obvious of the women involved.

'Dick had almost married Starfire and Barbara Gordan before the 'Life' dragged him away from that happiness. He has also experience the closest one can come to rape with Tarantula, but since she is connected to the worse moment of his life, I'm leaving her out. He also had one night stands with Huntress as well as a metahuman named Cheyenne Freemount who was a female Nightwing for a while.

Tim has had a long term relationship with Spoiler and limited ones with Lynx and Wonder Girl. He has caught the female eyes of his Young Justice teammates Arrowette and Secret from time to time, but I am not sure I want to add Greta to a life of danger without her powers or ruin her dreams of a normal life. Deathstroke's daughter Ravager even offered her body to Robin at one point, but she's also another person I question to bring into the fold.

Dick might also be a fit for Donna Troy to complete the aspect of the Amazon connection building between ourselves. Supergirl might also be a match for Robin if I help her gain control of her superhuman strength to avoid damaging humans in the throws of passion.

I already have Catwoman and Nightshade, the former Poison Ivy. Wonder Woman is waiting for me as we speak. Might also want to take on Harley just to bring back her friendship with Nightshade, and also save a soul brutalized by the Joker. Talia is someone who is going to have be involved in the long run and Zatanna as well given her feelings for me. The main reason I avoided Zee is because of the 'Life', but with this computer it might be more manageable then before. I have a few others to look into as well, but I have to work on other things.' thought Bruce as he moved to prepare these women for an instant adjustment. He also worked on a macro for Dick and Tim to make them more accepting to the new situation, including multiple women throwing themselves at the young men.

He also wanted to work with the heroes of the world to advance their reach and power, which is why he avoided some beauties like Black Canary or Lois Lane-Kent. Those relationships would be enhanced by his reach if he could help any way he could to save the part of a hero's life which kept them sane.

He also worked on some kind of defencive knowledge macro for the purpose of giving those he cared about the skills to survive the most dangerous of all of the dangers life could throw at them. Things like combat skills or tactical skills, ability to apply their skill sets to the greatest advantage with whatever bonuses they would need to use it to the peak effectiveness. He took time to build this new macro as he wanted as detailed as possible with very little faults. The ironic thing was he wanted a macro which could be applied to multiple people, and yet specific to each person which it would be applied. Like how Dick's combat style made use of his acrobatic skills from his time in the circus.

The Macro was the 'Life Macro' given the fact it would help those affected the ability to live in the world he lives in.

::Will either learn and/or develop their own combat arts to best defend themselves and defeat their enemies:: ::Will be a master of their chosen skills as well as have any skills which would add to the effectiveness of their abilities when combating crime and protecting the innocent:: ::Will be able to co-ordinate all of their abilities and skills to best work as a team in defeating crime and protecting the innocent:: ::Will be able to train their bodies into their peak physical condition with females maintaining a high level of sexual appeal. After first applying this, all will train to the point they reach this peak as soon as possible:: ::Will be able to train their minds into their peak mental condition, as well as training into spiritual balance as well. After first applying this, all will train to the point they reach this peak as soon as possible:: ::If they have superpowers or any other metahuman abilities, they will train these abilities to their peak performance level. After first applying this, all will train to the point they reach this peak as soon as possible::

Batman began to use this as a base of the LM or Life Macro, looking for ways to add elements to different people when he would need it. So best to add to the life expectancy of the people in his life who would have to deal with the monsters and devils who lived in Gotham or would be attracted to Gotham with the new heroes.

'Another possibility is the recruitment of villains or slipping said villains into a normal life by wishing away their problems. I would like more proof of the effectiveness of this program before I try anything major like it, or at least see the effects on certain troubled souls like Iv ... Nightshade or even Harley.

Harley might even be a tougher nut to crack given her own personal history with the most dangerous of all of my foes. Building something stable within her mind would require more work and careful study to make sure there is no backsliding, Joker seems to have a way of overcoming her good judgement and this causes most of the problem in Ms. Quinn's life.

Another good question is if I make her mind, do I keep her in the clown outfit or switch her to something more in line with my own identity. Most around me take an aspect of a flying animal or an aspect of the night or darkness. This might have to address before I do anything, even if I just get one good session with the Doctor in her clown outfit. Just toexercise control over the chaos which the Joker brings.'

Bruce took a moment to think things over and decided to stick with female heroes for the next little bit with the enlistment of Wonder Woman to his city. He was also take this moment to add the new FMMB to all the women he had effected before to override some of the commands he had given earlier as well as add Zatanna to the list of those effected by the macro. This would take him the next little while to take care of and would give him time to figure out what he was going to do with Harley.

So Bruce had a series of events to plan for. Plan one would be the integration of Catwoman and Nightshade into his life. Plan two of the addition of a love life for Nightwing, a duplicate of plan two as the third plan with Nightwing replaced by Robin. Plan four is the integration of Wonder Woman into his life with plan five being similar with Zatanna in the key role. Plan six would be the integration of Harley Quinn. Plan seven would involve Talia.

Not all of them would be followed in numerical order, but all would be needed to be planned in some manner. Good thing he had the ability to make multiple plans and adapt when they plans went into action. For now, time to have alittle Bruce time ... with Pamela and Selina.

Note: Any suggestion for Batman's future harem? Any new identities for Harley or ways our female clown can keep her mask on?


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