The following is a work of erotic fiction and includes scenes of sexual
activity. It includes characters that are copyrighted by DC Comics. This
story is intended for the non-commercial enjoyment of fans and should be
considered a parody . No copyright infringement is intended and no profit
will be made from the distribution of this story.

Batman: Robin On Patrol (mF)
by Ann Douglas ([email protected])

A brightly lit full moon hung in the night sky as the shadowy figuremoved
across the low rooftops. A sudden flash of light reflected from an
approaching car illuminated the figure for a moment, before he vanished once
again in a blur of yellow and red. A distant clock tower began the long chime
that would end in eleven.

"Looks like its time to call it a night." The dark-haired youth said to
himself as he pushed forward a green glove on his hand and checked the time
on the watch beneath.

It had been an uneventful patrol, Gotham City had been quiet all week. Good
thing too, since Batman had been out on the west coast the last four days
tracking down a gang of gun runners.

"Other guys get to spend Saturday night dating beautiful girls and maybe
getting laid." Robin thought to himself as he looked up at the lover's moon.
"Me, I get to run around the city in green shorts looking for bad guys to

With a shrug of his shoulders, the brightly clad adventurer removed a thin
silken cord from his utility belt and attached it to a collapsible batarang
from another chamber. With a well practiced motion, he hurled the batarang
into the air, listening for a satisfying click as it locked onto a nearby

The rush of the wind filled his ears as he took hold of the cord and leapt
into the darkness. For a normal sixteen-year-old, swinging across the
rooftops would be a terrifying experience. But to the son of the Flying
Graysons, it was like a walk in the park.

Minutes and miles passed quickly as the Boy Wonder neared the water's edge
that defined the borough of Brookline. Off in the distance, across the River,
he could see the rising towers of Gotham City. It wasn't often that he or
Batman patrolled the outer boroughs, but it didn't hurt to show a presence
one in a while. Three or four nights of genuine Batman and Robin sightings
were good enough for a month of false ones. And the negative effort on the
crime rate that they brought.

Passing over a long row of brownstones that filled the waterfront area known
as Gotham Heights, Robin noted that he was only a few minutes away from the
deserted pier where he had parked the Batmobile.

"I should really just head for the car and get myself home." Robin said to
himself as he dropped down to a high rooftop. "But this is just too an
opportunity to pass up."

Turning his attention to the top floor of the four story building across the
street, a smile came to his lips. He knew Batman would never approve, viewing
what he was doing as a violation of the public trust. But if Dick Grayson was
giving up what little social life he had to patrol the city, he was entitled
to a little fun. After all, even though Bruce spent most nights out as
Batman, it was a rare night when he stayed home and didn't wake up the next
day with one beauty or another in his bed. There were certain advantages to
being a millionaire playboy.

The corner walls of the uppermost apartment that Robin now watched had been
replaced with gigantic windows. Giving the occupant a wide panorama of the
city lights. The building was the highest on the block, but by climbing to
the top of the water tower to his vantage point, Robin could see right in.

As he had done for the last three nights, Robin waited for the tenant of the
apartment. Her name, he had looked up on the Batcomputer's tie in with the
city directory, was Jessica Taylor and she was twenty-four-years-old. She had
been born right here in Brookline and had moved to Gotham Heights two years
ago after graduating from the City University. She was currently employed as
a research assistant at the firm of Dawson, Majors, and Wilson.

Checking his watch, Robin noted it was 11:35. If she was going to show, she
would've done so by now. With a great deal of pleasure, the green, red and
yellow clad youngster had watched Jessica do her evening workout. Not only
was she beautiful, athletic and incredibly built - Jessica did her workout
in the nude.

"Well, I guess tonight's a no show." Robin mused as he made ready to lower
himself down to the roof. "It was fun while it lasted."

His green booted foot had just hit the first rung of the ladder when the
lights of the apartment flashed on. Quickly retracing his steps, Robin
returned to his observation post.

Sure enough, Jessica had entered the corner room which had been turned into a
cross between a gym and a dance studio. Turning on her stereo, she began to
start her warm-ups. After about five minutes of leg stretches and such, the
tall woman went into a more active routine.

Watching her lithe form go through her paces, the teenager could feel a
hardness filling his bikini briefs. It had been a long time since Dick
Grayson had received any sexual relief other than that provided by his own
hand. In fact, in the nine months since he had lost his cherry while captured
by the Catwoman, he'd only had sex twice.

The problem being, his persona as Robin was so public, it left little time
for him to really develop one as Dick Grayson. What with night patrol and
spending countless hours studying the latest crime fighting methods, in
addition to his school work.

Prior to donning the mantle of Batman, Bruce Wayne had spent years gaining
the skills he would need. From what Bruce had told him, his guardian had
spent his "fun years" buried in the library, the lab and the gym. While he
shared Bruce's desire to fight crime, to pay criminals back for the murder
of his own parents. Dick wasn't sure he wanted to do it at the expense of
never having a real life.

Using his pair of powerful binoculars, Robin could see Jessica as if he
was standing a few feet away. She stood 5'9" and weighed about 125 lbs.
Long brown hair ran down her back to a point just above the crack of her
ass. And what a beautiful ass it was. In fact, the only thing the junior
crimefighter thought was more beautiful than that ass was those two
perfectly round breasts that now bounced as Jessica rocked to the music
blasting out of her speakers. What totally set Jessica apart from the
other women he had met was the creamy brown color of her skin. There were
only four black girls in his high school and Dick had hardly said a dozen
words to any of them. Yet he was sure than none of them looked anywhere
as good as Jessica.

In truth, she was only the third girl he had seen totally naked. The first
of course had been Selina Kyle, the Catwoman. Robin had lost track of the
nights he had masturbated to the memory of her near perfect body and how
she had given it to him in exchange for his virginity.

Robin grinned at his depiction of Selina's body as being near perfect. At
the time, he was convinced that Catwoman was the embodiment of female
perfection. A definite cut above his previous standard masturbation fantasy
Batgirl. Of course he'd never had the opportunity to see what Batgirl looked
like under those purple tights.

Three months ago, Dick had found a new standard of perfection. One which
he knew would never be exceeded. He'd spent a few weeks over the summer
organizing a new group called The Teen Titans. It was composed of the junior
sidekicks of various Superheroes. If nothing else, Robin had thought, it
would give him the chance to hang out with some people his own age without
having to worry about letting his secret identity slip.

Aside from himself, the other members had been Wally West, known as Kid
Flash. Roy Harper, the partner of Green Arrow, who went under the name
Speedy. But it was the fourth member of the quartet that immediately drew
Dick's full interest.

Wonder Girl, aka Donna Troy, was the adopted younger sister of Wonder Woman.
Taken to Paradise Island as a toddler and raised as an Amazon, she possessed
many of the same powers as Wonder Woman. Including the ability, Dick
concluded, to have every male in sight fall in immediate and total lust over

By the time the two week training period was over, Dick knew he had the best
chance of the three to get together with her. Wally West was a total idiot
and despite being the only guy there with an actual superpower, acted like
he just came off the farm.

In the beginning, Roy looked to be real competition. Not only was he handsome
and almost as athletic as Dick, he had a really killer charm. In addition,
Donna had a really keen interest in archery and spent many hours taking
lessons from the red and yellow clad archer. It wasn't until the night that
Roy had expressed a desire to be more than just fellow crimefighters to him
that Robin realized that Speedy not only wasn't winning the contest for
Donna's attention, he wasn't even in the race.

Despite his razor sharp intellect and the years he'd spent sharpening his
detective skills under Batman, what Dick also failed to realize was that
neither was he. The point was suddenly driven home one afternoon when he
was using the large shower room to clean up after a rather exhaustive
training session. Standing naked in the shower, he almost had heart failure
when Donna stepped into the room, as nude as a newborn.

Despite the dampening effects of the shower, the Boy Wonder's cock began to
instantly grow hard. He just couldn't help himself. Donna was like a statue
of Diana come to life. She stood five'6" and weighed about 130 lbs. There
wasn't an once of fat on her body, every inch of it was pure muscle. As she
arched her head back to run the water through her short black hair, Dick was
presented with the most incredibly set of breasts he had ever seen. And that
was based on over a hundred issues of Playboy he'd had hidden in his room
back home. 36c and firm as foam rubber. They were capped by large nipples
surrounded by two inch dark pink areolas.

By now his cock had grown to it's full seven-inch length and was so hard it
hurt. Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined it would be this
easy. That she would come after him.

"She must have a lot of sexual experience," Robin thought as he tried to
watch her and at the same time try to be indifferent. "The way she just
walked in here and acted like it was the most natural thing in the world."

The ache in Robin's loins grew in intensity as he watched Donna soap up
her breasts. With careless abandon, she ran her nimble fingers across her
nipples, rubbing the soapy film around and around the large circles. At
that moment, Dick wanted nothing more than to grab his cock and bring
himself some relief. But he had to admit that he was too nervous to even

Sliding her hands down the length of her tanned body, Donna converged on the
sparse patch of pubic hair between her legs. She rubbed the bar of soap up
and down, bringing a soft sigh to her lips.

It was almost as if she had forgotten Dick's presence. He on the other hand
could in no way ignore hers. Robin was certain that if he so much as touched
his cock, he would explode instantly and cover the tile wall with his seed.

Donna finally took note of Dick's erection and simply said. "That must be
very uncomfortable, maybe you should do something about it."

With that she finished her shower and simply walked out. Leaving an opened
mouthed Robin to simply stare in befuddlement at the bounce of her ass as
she walked away.

The next arrival in the shower was Roy Harper and Dick quickly covered his
now fading erection with his towel. The last thing he wanted right now was
for Roy to think it was for him. Although later that night, in the empty
confines of his bedroom, Dick was forced to admit to himself that a blowjob
at the moment, regardless of the provider would've felt real nice. He
could've closed his eyes and imagined it was Donna instead of Roy.

What Robin later embarrassingly learned was that not only did Donna not view
the shared shower as a prelude to sexual intimacy, she had no sexual interest
in men at all. The shower had merely been two warriors cleaning up. That the
seventeen-year-old had no interest in the male of the species should've come
as no surprise since she grew up on an island inhabited only by women. In the
Amazon culture, lesbianism had been the norm and a heterosexual relationship
would've been looked upon as an aberration.

Such had been Robin's luck with women.

"Guess it's time to head home and jerk off." Robin said as he replaced the
tiny binoculars back into his utility belt.

Robin had reached the ladder when he saw a sudden motion at the wide window
across the way. Quickly raising himself back upward, he could see Jessica
struggling with a dark shadowy figure. Then the lights in her apartment
abruptly went out.

"Holy assault!" The Boy Wonder exclaimed as he grabbed the sides of the
ladder and slid down to the roof.

Like the well trained machine Batman had trained him to be, Robin quickly
seized control of the situation. It would take too long to get to the street
and back up the stairs to the fourth floor. Pulling a small projectile from
a back compartment of his utility belt, he attached it to the end of his
long silk cord. Continuing the motion, he fired the projectile across the
street where it embedded into the brick wall. He tested the strength of the
attachment, then clipped the other end to the base of the water tower.
Finally he threw a metal baton over the now taunt line and taking a firm
grip on the baton, jumped off the roof.

He was across the street in seconds, landing on the ledge beneath the
windows. The back window to her apartment was open wide and he quickly
entered. Thankfully he would have the element of surprise on his side.

Stealthily, the yellow caped youth moved through the darkened rooms. His ears
straining for the slightest sounds. He paused at the entrance to Jessica's
exercise room. Form a plan of action before you jump in was Batman's first
rule. Inexplicably, there were no sounds of a struggle, only a fearful
silence. Her assailant couldn't have disappeared no soon. A cold touched his
heart as the thought that he was too late entered his mind.

His body tensed and his fists clenched for action, Robin carefully entered
the dark room. He could make out the outline of the room from the moonlight
of the overhead skylight, but couldn't sense any motion. He took another
step, then a second, moving his head from side.

"Jessica?" He asked in a low voice.

Robin was startled as the powerful overhead lights came back on. Reacting
instinctively, he crouched into a fighting stance. His eyes and body darted
from side to side in a quick motion that took in a full 360 degrees. But
there was no one there.

Rising out of his combat position, the Boy Wonder stood up and looked around
again. This time more slowly. A sudden blur of motion to his right sent him
leaping to the opposite side of the room and again into a defensive posture.

To his disbelief, the figure he had seen was now sprawled on the floor. It
was a crude dummy made up of a shirt and pants stuffed with paper.

"Bravo..." called out a feminine voice, followed by the sound of clapping.
"My hero to the rescue."

With that, Jessica stepped out from behind a wide heavy drape.

"Excuse me?" Robin asked.

"I said, my hero to the rescue." Jessica repeated as she stepped out into
the center of the room. Coming to a stop a foot in front of Robin.

Jessica was now wrapped in a red satin waist length robe. Robin was very
aware of the nearness of her body. The scent of her perfume, mixed in with
the sweat of her workout. The blueness of her wide eyes that he couldn't
have appreciated though the impersonal lenses of his glasses.

"I was under the impression that you were in need of assistance." Robin said
in his most official tone.

"And what ever gave you that impression, love?" Jessica countered.

"I...I was passing by on patrol when I saw what appeared to be a struggle."
Robin continued. "It seems I was in error."

"No shit, Sherlock!" Jessica laughed as she turned from Robin and looked out
the window.

Robin stood there in an awkward silence. His eyes however were riveted on the
outline of Jessica's ass through the thin material of her robe.

"You know, I never really realized what a grand view you could have into this
apartment from the water tower across the street." Jessica said.

"I beg your pardon?" Robin asked.

"The view from the water tower." Jessica continued. "I hope you got a real
good show during my workout. A lot more fun than spending the night in front
of the tube, I'll bet."

"Excuse me, but like I said I was on patrol and thought I saw someone in need
of help." Robin repeated. "I was wrong and I apologize. If you'll excuse me,
I'll be going."

Jessica laughed, causing the Boy Wonder to stop after taking a few steps
toward the door.

"That story might be believable except for two little things." Jessica said.
"I spotted you on the tower two nights ago. One of my old loves gave me a
telescope to watch the river as a gift, it?s in the bedroom by the way. I
just happened to look into it to see a yacht go upriver. Imagine my surprise
when I look across the way and found a peeping Robin."

"Oh Shit," Thought Robin as a cold chill ran down his back. "When word of
this gets out, Batman is going to kill me for sure. Fucking Catwoman was one
thing. No one ever knew about it. But spying on a law-abiding citizen. He
might even make me give up being Robin altogether."

"The other point was that when you barged in here to rescue me from my
attacker," Jessica continued as she jerked her head in the direction of the
dummy on the floor. "You called out my name. I can hardly believe that you
stopped long enough to get it off the mailbox."

Robin was sweating now. Would she call the police. What would Commissioner
Gordon do when the local cops called his office and said they had arrested
Robin as a peeping tom. And if arrested, could he keep his identity secret?
If Robin were unmasked, so would be Batman. It wouldn't be hard for even a
five-year-old could make that connection.

Jessica had walked up to Robin and now stood only a few inches away from him.
She could see the worry in his eyes and the small bead of sweat running down
past his ear. She would let him stew for a few more moments.

"But to be honest, if it were anyone else, I probably would've called the
cops the first night." The tall brunette confided as she again turned and
walked away. "But I figured with all the good you and Batman had done for
this city, I could cut you a little slack."

"Where is this going?" Thought Robin.

"But then you came back a second night!" She suddenly exclaimed, spinning
around as she did.

"Look, I apologize..." Robin began, speaking for the first time since Jessica
had begun her monologue.

"Apologize?...You'll do a lot more than apologize baby!" Jessica thundered as
she retraced her steps back to Robin.

"What did she want? Money?" Robin thought as he stepped back, shaken by her
sudden movement. It was obvious that she had thought this out. For the first
time, fear filled his mind rather than embarrassment. What if she was a nut

"All I really had to do of course, was slide over the drapes and deprive you
of your little entertainment." Continued the woman, her voice now becoming
lower and calmer. "But I had to admit that after thinking about it, I was
kind of turned on by the idea."

"What was she talking about?" Robin repeated, now calculating the chances of
his making a break for the window and getting out of here. Once he was safely
away, he could always deny the story. Hopefully she would just be looked at
as one of those kooks who called the networks, always claiming to know a
secret about a celebrity.

"In fact, after thinking about it a while, I found that I was really turned
on by it. I mean I got really hot knowing you were out there." Jessica said
as she finally came to a conclusion. "So I decided that if you came back a
third time, I'd make sure you got to do more than watch. After all, how many
girls get to fuck a Superhero?"

Robin suddenly felt light headed. He couldn't have heard her right. Did she
said she wanted to fuck him?

"I mean its not like I'm ever going to meet Superman or anyone like that. And
you are kind of cute, I have to admit. So what do you do say?"

The Boy Wonder couldn't find his voice. Intellectually, he knew he should
haul his ass out of there as fast as he could. He was already in deep enough
trouble as it was. Yet despite his adult responsibilities, he was physically
and in most ways mentally a sixteen-year-old boy. The rising hardness in his
now too-tight briefs pushed him in another direction.

Jessica was unable to fathom why he hadn't answered already. After all, here
she was, an unquestionable attractive and desirable young woman at the peak
of her sexual energy. Without a second thought, she could call to mind a
dozen men who wanted to share her bed. Then a possible answer came to her.

"You're not gay are you?" She blurted out. "I mean I've always heard stories
about you and Batman. But then if you are, why were you watching me every

"No, I'm not gay!" Robin quickly replied.

"Well then?" Jessica repeated.

To give added emphasis to her question, Jessica pulled open the sash of her
robe and let it fall to the hard wood floor. Giving Robin a full view of her
naked body.

Inches away from the breasts he had only seen from a distance, Robin's eyes
immediately fixed on them. On the small dark brown nipples at the epicenter
of her soft mounds. True, they were nothing compared to Donna's, but then
again, Donna had never actually offered hers to him.

Dropping his gaze downward, the Boy Wonder smiled at the sign of Jessica's
carefully trimmed pussy. Her dark pubic hair had been crafted into the shape
of a heart. Another detail he had missed though the binoculars.

"Well, what's it going to be, Mr. Superhero?" Jessica asked.

Robin quickly looked up into her eyes. He could hear Bruce's voice telling
him that he had a responsibility to maintain a high moral character. He even
remembered the night he had said it. Just before he went out on a date with
Silver St. John. An incredible platinum blonde who'd undoubtedly fucked his
brains out since he was so wasted the next day that he couldn't even go on
patrol. So much for the fine moral example

Pressing forward, the sixteen-year-old buried his face between Jessica's
chocolate breasts and began moving his head from side to side, covering the
soft flesh with kisses.

"Bout time," Jessica said as she brought her hands up to the back of his head
and directed his eager mouth to her nipples. "I was beginning to think I'd
have to frig myself all alone after all."

The Boy Wonder's eager tongue began to run circles around Jessica's nipples,
pausing to tickle the tips every now and then. Then like a baby, he took each
nipple in his mouth and began to suck enthusiastically.

The tall woman purred with pleasure as she closed her eyes and savored the
pleasing wet touch. Somewhere along the line, the young man had had a good
teacher. She let him continue for another ten minutes, then pushed him back
and undid the clasp of his cape. Once undone, she pulled it free and tossed
it the length of the room. Robin reached up and was about to undo the laces
of his tunic but Jessica gently stayed his hand.

"No," She said softly. "Let me."

One by one, the laces came undone until the red garment opened and Jessica
slid it down his arms. With another powerful fling it was sent flying in the
opposite direction as the cape.

Sliding her long slender fingers under his green T-shirt, Jessica rolled it
upward and over his head. Following the now familiar pattern, it soared off
in a third direction, landing on the love seat.

Pausing to run her fingers over Robin's well developed and nearly hairless
chest. She smiled as she rubbed her fingers across his aureoles, playing with
his own erect nipples. Unable to resist the impulse, she kissed each of them
in turn, running her tongue over each one in slow motion.

"You must work out a lot." She quipped. "You're so yummy." She added with a
brighter smile.

Again running her fingers down his chest, she continued down across his
washboard stomach and slid then under the waistband of his bright green
briefs. Taking hold of his jockstrap, she was pleasingly surprise by the
package within.

"How old are you anyway?" Jessica asked as she rubbed the enlarged organ with
both hands.

"Sixteen." Robin stammered out, absorbed in the feel of her fingers against
his cock.

"Sixteen..." Jessica repeated, a slight quiver in her voice. She had never
been with a boy this young. Even when she had been that age, her boyfriend
had been almost eighteen.

Pulling his cock and ball sack up and out of his jock and brief, Jessica let
it flop free in the open air. Looking down she was impressed by its full and
thick seven-inches.

"Well at least part of you is man-sized." She noted.

Now it was Robin's turn to just close his eyes and get lost in the sensation
as Jessica slowly ran her fingers up and down the length of his boycock and
down under his balls. Soon the rest of his costume was on the floor and she
just kicked them away.

Still playing with his cock, the Brookline girl eased Robin backward until
his ass was resting against the edge of the couch. She reached up and slipped
her fingers under the broad black material of his mask. She pulled it upward
for just a fraction of an inch when the now nude adventurer grabbed her hands
in a motion almost too quick to be seen.

"No," he said softly. "The mask stays."

"All right love," Jessica pouted. "Actually it's kind of kinky this way. A
real mystery fuck." She added as she again stroked his cock.

Robin's blue eyes popped open when the soft touch of her hands was suddenly
replaced by the soft and wet touch of her mouth. Red full lips slid up and
down his member, causing it to grow to its hardest yet. Her tongue would slip
up and over the crown of his cock, then run down the underside. Then she
would take him whole again. With carefully manipulation of her head, she was
able to take the entire length inside her zealous mouth.

"Holy Blowjob!" Dick thought as the wet touch of her talented tongue extended
down to his balls.

All the while her skillful mouth played with Robin's cock, Jessica's hands
had slid behind him and ran across his firm ass. She ran one finger against
his pucker hole, applying a little pressure, causing it to open just a
little. Tight as it was, she knew that the stories of Batman buggering the
Boy Wonder were no more than stories.

After another five minutes, Jessica could feel his cock muscles tense up. It
would only be a few moments until he exploded. For a moment she considered
using a tick taught her by an older lover to prevent him from cuming too
soon. Then just as quickly discarded it. A boy this young would have no
problem coming more than once.

The first discharge of hot whiteness impacted against the back of her throat
as she pushed her head forward, taking him as deep as she could. By the time
she slid back, a second burst followed the first and she opened her mouth to
let it fill her. By now she was pumping his cock with her hand and was
rewarded with third, fourth and finally a fifth eruption.

As good as the milky seed had tasted, it was the loud roar that issued from
Robin's lips that really turned her on. It was obvious that he had really
enjoyed it.

She ran her lips up and down the now semi-erect cock one last time, licking
up the small puddle of cum at the mushroom shaped head. Then, ran her tongue
over her soft lips, wiping them clean as well. Then, she swallowed it all.

"Mmmmmm." Jessica purred as the last drop of whiteness disappeared beneath
her tongue.

She pulled Robin's young body close to her and kissed him hard on the lips.
Her tongue slid into his mouth, bringing with it the taste of his own seed.

The Boy Wonder returned the kiss, his own tongue pressing against Jessica's.
The taste of his own orgasm was familiar to him. He had tasted it a few times
after masturbating.

"Still hard I see," Jessica laughed as she cupped his cock and balls with her
chestnut hued hand. "I guess what they say about the resiliency of youth is

With a tender gentleness, she ran her long slender fingers up and down the
length of Robin's cock.

"Let's move somewhere more comfortable." the tall woman said as she grabbed
hold of the boy's cock and let him through the apartment by it.

Stepping over the scattered red and green of his costume, Robin found himself
in a rather large blue bedroom. At first, the Boy Wonder was puzzled by the
absence of a bed. Then he saw the large sunken pit in the center of the room.
At the bottom of the pit was a gigantic round mattress, covered with dark
blue silk sheets and large plush pillows. He had never seen anything like it
before. Shifting his gaze upward, he grinned as the sight of the mirrored

Unlike the small and cheap one by one foot tiles he had one seen in a
whorehouse the Batman and he had raided to catch a drug dealer, this mirror
was real and full-sized. He could see the points where it had been bolted
into the ceiling.

"You like?" Jessica asked, a bright smile on her face.

"Definitely." The Boy Wonder beamed.

With that, Jessica playfully gave him a shove that sent him into the pit.
The softness of the mattress and cushions beneath him caused him to bounce
lightly. Robin used the bounce to spin around and land on his back. Laughing
softly, he grinned up at his paramour.

Jessica pressed against a small wall switch, bringing the wall mounted track
lights to a low dim. Soon the room was flooded by moonlight that passed
through the twin skylights. The soft radiance danced across Jessica's
mahogany skin as she ran her fingers across her breasts, cupping them and
pulling them upward. They were just large enough for her to be able to reach
out with her tongue and tickle the edge of her nipples.

Then, in slow sensual movements, she glided her hands down across her ribs to
her hips. Parting the heart shaped entrance to her womanhood, she slipped two
fingers inside. With lazy exaggerated motions, she moved them in and out,
thrusting her hips forward to meet them. A third finger joined the other two
and a soft moan began to match the gyrations.

Stretched out atop the fluffy cushions, Robin began to stroke his cock as
he watch the erotic tease. It wasn't long before a shiny film covered her
fingers, highlighted in the lunar spotlight.

Removing her fingers, the sepia skinned woman stretched out her hand and ran
her tongue up and down the length of each one. Then she took her index finger
totally into her mouth and sucked it as if it was a tiny penis.

"Mmmmmm...tasty." Jessica remarked as she removed her finger. "Would you like
a taste?"

The captivated super-hero nodded ascent.

"Don't worry, you'll get a lot more than a taste." Came her reply.

Dropping to her knees, Jessica slid into the cavity. She pulled herself up
and over the Boy Wonder's nude form. She paused as her breasts rubbed against
his hard boycock and spent a few moments massaging it with them. Then she
continued upward, lifting herself off him until her chocolate mounds were
only an inch from his mouth.

More than willing to partake of her offering, Robin reached out with his
tongue and guided the dark aureole into his mouth. Unlike the first time in
the living room, he was now gentle and caring. The soft nipples grew in size
and hardness under his wet caress. The Boy Wonder had to stifle a laugh as
the sudden image of himself as a young boy stuffing his mouth with Hershey
kisses came to mind.

Using only one hand to keep her balance, Jessica cupped the breast crushed
against the light skinned boy and pressed it harder, forcing more of it into
his eager mouth. Her eyes closed as she took a few minutes just to enjoy the

The ache between her thighs forced Jessica to reluctantly remove her nipples
from the reach of Robin's mouth as she shifted her position and now replaced
them with her moist pussy. She braced herself against the carpeted floor
above the pit and pressed down with her sex.

Jessica would've been amazed that this was only Dick's second experience with
pleasing a woman orally. But being the trooper Batman had taught him to be,
he had learned his lessons well. Carefully, he ran his tongue up and down the
length of her pussy, paying careful attention to the dark pink protrusion at
the top. The return of Jessica's quiet moans told him he was on the right
track. As he put more and more energy into his effort, the moans began to
change in intensity.

"Yes, oh yes!" Jessica panted as she rubbed her mound against the boy's face
even harder. "Use that tongue..fuck me with your tongue!"

The Boy Wonder's mouth soon filled with the fruit of his labors as Jessica's
hot sex began to gush with lubricating juices. He was surprised to find it
was even more delightful than Selina's. Selina Kyle having been the Catwoman
and his only other experience with oral love.

"Oh baby, I can't wait any longer!" Jessica called out as she pulled off his
mouth and jumped downward, positioning her now saturated cunt against his
waiting boyhood.

With ease she lowered herself onto him, swallowing him entirely. The sudden
warmth and slippery pressure engulfing his cock brought a loud moan from the
Boy Wonder. The tight feeling vanished a moment later as Jessica rose and
released his hardness. Then she dropped and took him within her once more.

Dick began to buck, trying to match the rhyme of the older woman's movement.
Instead, he found himself pressed down against the pillows by Jessica's hand.

"Just lay there and enjoy it" She whispered as she slid up and down his now
slippery pole. "Let me take care of it."

The incredible sensations emanating from his groin caused him to not even
considering arguing with the woman. He was willing to agree to anything, as
long as she didn't stop. If she wanted to fuck him, then he was more than
happy to just lay there and enjoy it.

And there was no mistake about that, Jessica was fucking him. She was the one
in control, the female superior position being her favorite. Her breath was
coming in short gasps as she rose and fell upon the boy beneath her. The
energy of their recurrent collisions filled both their bodies, causing rapid
heartbeats and a river of sweat to run down each of them.

It wasn't long before the boy beneath her ceased to exist for Jessica. All
that mattered was the hardness within her. She felt a small tinge of regret
that she hadn't been his first, she could tell that much. Still, the
excitement of actually fucking a Superhero made up for it.

Time ceased to have meaning as they became lost in a whirlpool of passion.
Jessica drove herself harder and harder, pushing herself to the summit of a
raging volcano. Her pulse raced as she could almost feel the heat of the

Jessica was abruptly and forcibly reminded of the youth and inexperience of
the boy beneath her as she felt his body began to stiffen and slow, his
breaths coming in even shallower pauses. He was about to cum and she wasn't

It was too late to try and hold him back, of that much she was sure. What she
needed was to leap forward to her summit in a single bold jump.

Without any time to really think about it, Jessica pulled herself up even
higher on her last lunge and pulled his highly lubed cock from within her.
She shifted a little and pressed Robin's cockhead tight against her pucker
hole. She pressed down hard, spreading her hole and taking the mushroom
shaped head inside her.

"Fuck Me!" She suddenly screamed into the Boy Wonder's ears. "Fuck my ass!"

So lost in his euphoric daze that he really didn't even understand the words
that ripped through his ear drums, Robin nevertheless obeyed them. With all
the strength he could muster, he drove his cock up inside Jessica's ass.

Even covered with globs of lubricant, the sudden entry of Robin's cock into
Jessica's virgin asshole sent a twin burst of pain and ecstasy ripping across
her body. An energy that not only sent her hurdling that last leap to the
summit but over and into the fiery crater beyond.

The unbearable tightness around his cock sent Robin over the edge a well.
Every fiber of his being seemed to drain out of his body and into her ass
in the form of repeated spurts of boycum. Even after he was drained of the
milky fluid, he continued to pump his depleted cock in and out of Jessica.
Pausing only after she finally released her own powerful grip on his
shoulders and let exhaustion over take her body.

She fell on top of him, her blue eyes closed, her head nestled against his
hairless chest. So complete had been her collapse that his cock was still
within her. Even in it's depleted state, the tightness of her ass held him
like a vise.

Robin's own energy reserves were in no better shape and dropped his head
back. He couldn't remember the last time he had felt so drained. Not even
Selina had left him like this. Deep down, he was sure that not even Donna
would've been this amazing.

"I don't know about you, my masked lover." Jessica said in a tired voice as
she slowly opened her eyes. "But I'm so fucking tired I could just stay here
and sleep for a week."

Jessica lifted her head just a little and kissed his chest. It was a small
kiss, more reflex than anything else.

"You can stay to the morning, if you like." She added as she snuggled up
against him.

Robin looked down at the beauty laying against him. Instinctively he knew
that her asking him to stay till morning had been a more intimate act than
anything that had preceded it. It was a very tempting idea. But one that
he had to decline.

The memory of Batman finding him in Catwoman's Lair, strapped to a table, his
uniform in tatters and dried cum on his face and groin, came unbidden to his
mind. There was always the possibility that Bruce would get back early and
come looking for him. He was already two hours past the time he told Alfred
he would be home. If he called now it would only raise too many questions as
to why he was late.

"I can't stay." He said reluctantly. "I have to leave."

"Too bad." Was Jessica's short reply, genuine disappointment in her voice.
"But I understand."

She rolled off him and fell back on the pillows next to her.

"I hope you don't mind my not seeing you out." She said in a quiet tone. "But
I don't think I can even get up."

"I'll take that as a compliment." Robin said as he rose to his feet."

"You should." Came the barely audible reply.

Stepping out of the pit, Robin turned to say something else. To his surprise,
Jessica was already fast asleep.

The Boy Wonder looked down at the beautiful woman who had given him such an
experience. He wanted to leave her something, but what?

Then it suddenly came to him. Robin reached up and slipped off his face mask.
He held it in his hand for a moment. It was just a piece of black cloth, in
fact he had two spares in his utility belt. Yet it meant a great deal to him.
Perhaps it would mean something to her.

Letting it drop, he watched as it landed on the sleeping woman's left breast.

It only took another fifteen minutes for the Boy Wonder to wash up and
recover the pieces of his costume. As he clipped the buckle of his utility
belt, it activated the micro-radio inside. A silent vibration told him that
Alfred had activated the emergency signal when he hadn't checked in on time.

He pressed a small stud on the underside of the buckle and the vibration
stopped. The automated signal told Alfred back in the Batcave that he was ok
and would check in shortly.

Exiting the apartment the same way he had entered, Robin made his way to the
roof. He paused at the skylights and looked down again at his sleeping lover.
A smile filled his face as he noted that she was now holding his mask in a
tightly clenched hand.

The last thought to fill his mind as he hurled his batarang into the night
air was that he would be sure that his next solo patrol brought him back over
Gotham Heights.


(c) Ann Douglas 1996


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