WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, comics, companies, writers etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Starring: Black Canary (DC comics)

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral, FF.

The Mass Tarr's Harem: Part 6
A comic book/super-heroine erotic story
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

In another dimension, on a planet far removed and isolated from any other inside of lavish place of shining stone atop a mountain with clouds rolling just feet below the peak... Inside of a central chamber with a lavish, gem-furnished golden throne as the centrepiece...

"MMMM... It's always... Ahhhhh... So good to see my beautiful women... Mmmmm... Enjoying one another's company..." The muscular, handsome and hung stud known as Mass Tarr moaned his approval for two reasons while he sat on that throne of rule.

The first, was the sights he was witnessing just in front of his seat. One one pairing, it was blonde on stunning blonde action as The Invisible Woman was engaging in some already long running lesbian fun with Gwen Stacy. On her hands and knees, Stacy groaned out as she rocked back and forth, pushing back on the long fake cock belonging to the strap-on that Invisible Woman was wearing. Woman in turn was stiffly pumping that member in and out of the soaking wet hole, the slickness matching the sweat over both her MILF frame and the curvy form of the former model she was deeply stuffing over and over again.

Just beside them, two gorgeous red-heads were going at it in a steamy sixty-nine. The Black Widow and Mary Jane Watson were both face deep into one another's snatch, muffled moans being heard as they munched away like they were having their final meal. Both their mouths and chins were dripping with juices, the result of quite a few orgasms from feverish tongue work. Add into the fact they still even now groped away at any body part they could of the other to increase the pleasure? It's no wonder they were rocking against each other in a sinful puddle of sweat and juices.

The second reason? As he watched this go on, Mass Tarr himself was being serviced by two hungry, eager mouths and tongues. On his left side, Power Girl was licking and lapping away at his saliva-dripping shaft as she focused on servicing his thickness along with swirling around his base to brush against his balls. Meanwhile from the right, Harley Quinn was making her pigtail-styled hair sway as she slurped loudly onto his cock. Bobbing away on the top part and that fat crown, she groaned against his manhood as she sucked firmly and steadily to make that spit drip down as it seeps past her full lips. Either of these women alone would easily make a normal man blow his load within seconds, so for one to survive an oral assault from both of them? It's obvious how sexually superior this stud from another dimension really is.

"MMMMM!! Mmmm yes... Just a little more now... MMMM..." Mass Tarr says, one hand running through Power Girl's blonde hair with the other is on the back of Quinn's bobbing head. Hearing the warning, Harley lifts away with a gasp, grinning up as starts to swirl her tongue right around the crown of his mighty, long cock. She's soon joined by the other woman, so both their tongues are working against his bell-end with quick flicks and licks. They make sure to put on a show for the hunk who had turned them into very willing, sex-craving Harem babes, moaning out when they tongues brush against one another or their cheeks meet as the double team his length.

Using a hand on their shoulders, he gently pushes them back enough so he can stand up from the throne. Knowing their place, the two quickly shift down to their knees in front of him. Staring up with open mouths and extended tongues, they expectantly wait for what's to cum from him. A few strokes and a groan later, he gives them just that. The first thick blast of spunk splashes down across Power Girl's mouth, a couple more shots soon following before he switches target. No favouritism here as he evenly gives Harley Quinn an ample amount of his jizz into that oral hole and over her tongue. He makes sure to give both beauties an almost overflowing past their lips amount of seed, along with a little splash across their mouths and chins for good measure. As soon as he let go of his member, he could only smirk as he watched both women close their mouths. With hungry gulps, all that cum was swallowed down, finished off with satisfied gasps as they showed their master what good, well trained and willing sluts for him and his cock they were.

"Very good! A more than fine warm-up before I venture out!" Mass Tarr says with proud approval as he looks down at them both.

"You go fuck her good Mass Tarr!" Power Girl says with a grin.

"Yeah Mistah Mass Tarr!" Harley nods energetically. "Whoever that lucky chick is, go give her a real good screwing!"

"Oh, I intend to!" Mass Tarr laughs. "After all, what kind of a man would I be if I didn't do to her, what I do to you all every "day" that we're all here!" He adds.

He's quite right to mention "day" in loose terms. It did seem that in this place and palace of his, wherever that might be, time does seem to rather... Seemingly not exist at all...

* * *

"A little too quiet..." Remarked Black Canary, as she stepped cautiously into the dirty and dimly lit back alley-way off the main Gotham City streets.

Blonde and stunningly curvaceous, she was also a respected and feared crime fighter with superior acrobatic ability and martial arts skills. Along with being possessor of the infamous Canary Cry that is a weapon all on its own, able to defeat opponents and structures with a single intense scream. She was dressed what some might refer to as her "classic" attire. Black heeled boots and fishnet tights covering her legs. A black bodysuit with a mix of a corset in the upper portion both showed off her nicely rounded ass and pushed up and out her already large breasts with deep cleavage. All topped off with a black long sleeved open jacket and gloves on her hands.

She'd been tipped off about a drugs operation by a low-level gang. It seemed like small time, something that the regular Police Department would surely be able to solve themselves. However, with recent... Events in her life with some of her fellow crime fighters, particularly the males, she needed something to take her mind off of things. Dispensing a little justice ought to do the trick, so she thought anyway.

She was therefore unprepared when she walked into the yard from the alley-way and saw a couple of unexpected sights. One of which caused her jaw to drop, and not for preparing a Canary Cry either. All across the area was smashed up boxes, an overturned on its side truck, and several burst open baggies of suspect white powder and pills all over the ground. Oh, and at least a dozen or so completely knocked out thugs.

What her attention was really drawn on was a completely naked, muscular and very well hung man who certainly was not from around here. From her experiences working with Team Arrow and the Birds of Prey, she could already tell he wasn't from this planet from that rippling skin, if from this dimension at all.

"Forgive the mess here Black Canary..." Mass Tarr apologised with a smile as he locked eyes with her. "I arrived earlier than I had planned to here... And these lowly criminals just would not just turn and leave." He explained as he stars to approach her.

"You... You busted this whole drugs operation?" Canary questioned, although now her attention, and her eyes, were more on this stud and onto that huge, fat to match cock hanging between his legs. That thing looked like it was already starting to get hard! She didn't even question how she knew exactly who she was, so stunned by his extremely difficult to look away from body.

"Is that what it was? Didn't seem like a very good one!" He states with a laugh, stopping beside her as he took a moment to look approvingly over her. "But enough about those pieces of scum. Let's talk about the real reason why I'm here, shall we?"

"And..." She starts to say, pausing as she takes a far longer than she should look over that hardening piece of man meat. "And what might that be?"

"Forgive me, I didn't even introduce myself!" He says, rather casually placing an arm around her gorgeous waist to pull her close to him. "My name is Mass Tarr... And I'm here... To have sex with you."

* * *

Moments later, back in the dirty alley-way a distance from the yard, but still out enough in the open of the air, Mass Tarr is kneeling down in front of Black Canary as he moves one of her legs over to drape across his shoulder. Shifting his head in, he uses his hands to pull apart her body suit to the side, causing her to gasp in surprise as he carries out his bold intentions. Seeing the fishnet tights covering her crotch, his other hand reaches in and easily tears a hole clean into that sexy covering. He takes a moment to admire her shaved pussy before leaning in, and starting to get down to business with a long smooch applied onto those lower lips.

"Ooooooooh shit!! M-Mass Tarr..." Canary gasps, feeling his lips pressing against her sex as he starts to kiss over her. His superior strength easily keeps her leg held over his broad shoulder, and her whole body pinned against the alley wall. "Ahhhhhh... That's... Oh!! Mmmmm..." She stares down, that stunning frame already squirming from his touch on her clearly sensitive lower lips. Yet, she's finding herself unable to move against him or even try to push him off as he works his mouth across her snatch. Slowly, she bites down on her bottom lip in an attempt to silence the groans starting to come out of her usually reserved for battle cries mouth. It was obvious already that his sinful intentions were coming true, and it was already looking like it wasn't exactly any bad thing for her to let him do.

Already seeing the questioning of his motives the in stunning blonde fading quickly, the mysterious but handsome stud from another dimension pounces on the super-heroine but not with any physical attack. He starts to slide his tongue out, running it across her outer folds and is rewarded with a clear but short moan escaping from the woman he's face deep between the legs of. He doesn't stop there, making her groan again as he works that tongue around the outside. He teases briefly towards the clit when he reaches the top, but soon changing course to move directly down all the way along the slit. All the while, one hand stays keeping that fishnet tights-covered leg over him, the other still on the waist to keep her in place for that perfect, pussy eating position.

"Mmmmm... Fuck... Guess... Mmmmm... Guess you're a guy who keeps... Mmmm... Keeps his word, huh?" She comments between her groans. The increase of pace caused by his tongue being introduced hasn't only cranked up the pleasure she's getting. It's silenced the objections as she doesn't appear to even be thinking about starting a fight against this hung man eating her out.
"Ahhhh... You... You seem to know... Mmmmm! What you're doing down there, I'll... Ahhhhh... I'll give you that..." She adds, her eyes locked down on the man she's only just met, but is already willingly letting munch away on her tasty snatch. While still fully clothed herself, her pussy is starting to form juices as his tongue flicks away at her folds to work all across, around, and over her to further indicate his skill in this stimulating to say the least act.

Mass Tarr doesn't respond, and with his mouth so preoccupied with the pussy of one of the Birds Of Prey he likely wouldn't have been heard bar muffled sounds. He does take a brief moment to smirk into her twat as he glances upward, seeing a building lust in her piercing eyes in response. That's more than enough encouragement for him, along with her moans, to continue with this more than ample warming up. Placing his lips onto those already slick folds, he starts pushing his tongue forward right into her snatch, causing the beauty taking this to instantly moan out from the touch. There's plenty more to come as he probes around her in a slow, steady, and savouring fashion to really work over and sample her snatch. His free hand now is moving across her other tights-covered leg, the other keeping that leg held up for that access into her pussy via the hole he'd ripped in the leggings.

"Mmmmm!! Shit... Fuck!! Where'd... Uhhhh!! Where'd you learn to eat... Mmmmm... Fucking pussy like that?" The crime fighter asks the rhetorical question, not caring if he even replies as she stares down, gritting her teeth as this stud has his wicked way with her wet snatch. If her moans weren't already the proof she was giving in to this sin even more than before, the way her shapely hips are slightly rocking towards his hungry mouth make it completely clear. "Ahhhhh... Mmmmm fuck... Oh yeah... Mmmmm... Ok, you've... Ahhhhh... You've proved... Mmmmm... A fucking point buddy..." She admits, one of her hands now down off from the wall she's against, resting it on the top of his head to further show that clear approval of his oral skills. The other gloved hand is up to brush her hair away from her gorgeous face, wanting a clear view of the stud who still hasn't come up for proper air yet since starting to dine away on her lower lips. From the way she's once again biting down on her own full lips, she wouldn't object if he carried on eating her out for a while longer.

"Mmmmmphhh..." The hunk who calls himself Mass Tarr smirks again, his mouth shining from her juices as he moves back from her snatch. "You know see what my intentions are." He says, moving her leg off from his shoulder so he can stand up.

"No shit... You've got some real balls to just be so blunt about this all too..." Canary says, looking him over with still that desire in her eyes. That "warm up" has obviously done the trick to her. "Guess you're not planning on just leaving it at that, are you?" She says teasingly, arching an eyebrow as she moves off the wall.

"Of course not! That is, if I may have your permission?" He asks, smiling again at her eagerness to him and his advances now.

"Well I ain't going anywhere like this in a hurry..." She motions down to the rip in her tights and the bottom of her attire still pulled to the side, exposing her snatch. "So go ahead Mass Tarr... Let's see what you can really do."

"It will be my pleasure!" The inter-dimensional stud says. He reaches in, holding her by her toned waist before using that great strength to easily lift her all the way up and off the ground, causing her to gasp at the commanding move. Using that rip in her fishnets, he access her pussy again but now with his large, thick cock. A brief tease of a rub of the bell-end against her, before he properly pushes up into her to make them both groan out. He can't help but smirk, however not just due to her moan being noticeably louder than his own. She's already reacting to his penetration, her gloved hands gripping his boulder-like shoulders and her legs trying to wrap around his muscular frame even before she's fully brought down onto his cock. He soon helps in that regard, gripping the thighs to get her legs locked onto him before moving back to her midsection for the perfect support.

"OH FUCK!! Ahhhhhh... That's... Mmmmm!! Oh fuck that's big!!" The blonde bombshell gasps out, feeling her tight snatch being made to stretch and accommodate this vast invasion. There's little time to do that as this stud is already starting to thrust his cock firmly up into her snatch, easily making her moan with wide eyes. It's the surest sign yet that she's never taken a cock of anything like this big size before in her life. "It's huge!! You're... Mmmm!! Fuck!! Filling me up already!!" She rather shamelessly, especially for how early into the real action they're getting into, admits as she moans out. Her eyes are still wide, in a mix of lust for this irresistible and well equipped hunk and awe at the size, and feeling, of his cock as it slides smoothly and firmly in and out of the folds he'd been licking away at minutes before.

"Mmmmm... Quite wonderful to know!" He smiles, and quite rightly with one of the most beautiful but deadly heroines on the planet mounted on his pumping cock. He has a fantastic view, able to look right down and see her large breasts just contained in that corset-like top of her bodysuit. That's serving also to remind them both of her still fully clothed state as she's getting taken completely off the ground. Only her clothing at her crotch has been pulled to the side, then the rip in her infamous fishnet tights allowing the access to that wet and tight hole. "Ahhhhhh... But I'm afraid... Mmmmmm... I'm not even fully inside of you yet, Black Canary!" He announces with a groan as he's certainly enjoying her snatch if his own moans are any indication. He looks up, getting a sight to remember in itself from the look of half shock, half desire she's giving him upon hearing this news. Indeed, right now just about half of his thick length is currently up inside her love tunnel when he thrusts up. Soon he's pulling out a few inches so he can repeat the motion, gradually looking to stuff more of himself into the woman who has been an ally to Green Arrow and Batman amongst others in her crime fighting career.

"Th-there's more?? MMMM... Oh... Oh fuck!! Mmmmm!!" She moans, her stunning, curved and still clothed body being made to jolt roughly on his pistoning shaft each time he feeds his man-meat up into her damp twat. Her tunnel might be snug and slick, but from the way he's able to fit even more of his huge rod into her shows she's built to take a fucking like this. Even if from her groans she's never quite experienced something like this before. "Ahhhhhh... Then what... MMMM... What the fuck are you waiting for?? MMMM..." She sinfully demands, tossing her long blonde hair back before gritting her teeth as she stares right at the hunk she's wrapped around as he thrusts away into her pussy. "Uhhhhh... Get that... MMMMM... Get that fucking thing in me!!" She's able to add, the feeling of having her pussy so filled up making her lust-drunk and craving more, causing her to look even more unlike the super-heroine she actually is. Especially considering she's so happily getting screwed by this still relative stranger she barely knows, but has completely offered up her gorgeous body to.

"Mmmmm!! Gladly!" He wisely, as would any red blooded man getting this opportunity, accepts her dirty request. Gripping those fishnet covered-thighs firmly, he puts a little extra force behind his thrusting motion, easily sending his shaft slamming up into her slick shaft. Instantly the beauty being made to bounce in response to each of his pumps as she's impaled on his rod moans out, her head tilting back in a wild, erotic display. His grip however makes sure she's going nowhere aside from up and down on his pumping pole as he drives that big dick upward. Even contained in her straining now top, her large tits are bouncing in time with the motion her frame is being made to do as she jolts upward each time that fuck-meat plunges into her pussy from underneath.

"MMMMM FUCK!! Oh yeah!! UHHHHH... MMMMM shit!!" While her mouth usually is feared for her infamous Canary Cry, hearing these delightful moans of pleasure are a sound even better than the singing she's also been known to do. She keeps her legs and arms around the chiselled out of stone frame of this other-worldly stud she's so easily given into, allowing him to ravage her snatch already with thrust after thrust of his big cock. "AHHHHH... Oh fuck!! MMMM... You... Ahhhhhh... Could teach a couple... Uhhhhh!! Former lovers of mine... Mmmmm!! A thing or two about... Having a good time..." She grins as she looks back at him, a brief lick of the teeth that shows this fuck is one she's been long needing, but seemingly not able to get from any other man. Along with both of their moans, the sound of skin meeting skin is starting to ring out around the alley-way as his shaft works in deeper and deeper still into her pussy. She's still nice and tight down there, confirming how she's never had a cock the size of his before. Yet thanks to the wetness (started off by his pussy eating what already feels like an hour ago to her) allows for a smooth and firm motion to keep them both groaning away without any shame at all.

"Mmmmmm... A woman like you... Deserves only the best!" Mass Tarr states with an honest, handsome smile. He brings his pumps to a stop for a moment, just enjoying the feeling of her tightness all around his member as he keeps her held on his cock.

"Glad someone... Mmmm!! Finally sees that..." She says with a somewhat bitter tone. A shot at the previous lovers she'd mentioned before perhaps. "But you know what I also... Mmmmm... Also deserve? That big cock, driving into me from behind..." She says with a far from subtle tone, accompanied by a big, seductive smile.

"A most wonderful idea!" He agrees. Using that strength he again all too easily raises her up and off from his cock completely to make them both groan.

The beauty who has been aligned with the Birds of Prey and Team Arrow offers no resistance as she moved into position on the dirty ground of the alley they've been screwing in. She doesn't even take off the black jacket of her costume to leave her still as fully clothed as she'd been when this all started. Tossing her blonde hair back, she sticks out her juicy, covered by the bodysuit and fishnet tights backside as she's placed into the classic doggy style position. Looking over her shoulder at the hunk she's so willingly let experience her and her stunning body, she watches as he kneels down behind her. A moan escapes her just from feeling his bell-end against her folds. Then a deep groan as he pushes forward, and naughtily she immediately pushes herself right back against him to make sure that cock goes in nice and deep into her wet, needy but still tight pussy.

"Ahhhhh! Mmmmm... Wonderful indeed..." The hunk on an inter-dimensional and interplanetary quest for the most beautiful women sighs in delight as he pushes his dick deeply into her snatch. This time he doesn't stop, aiding by her motion against his thrust, until his muscular frame connects with her curvaceous body. Once in, he takes a hold of her with hands on her bodysuit-covered waist for a firm grip. "Then, as you demand Black Canary..." He smirks before he starts to rock his powerful hips back and forth, slipping his cock into her snatch at a steady, quick and forceful enough pace. Not only does it soon get them both moaning out, but that smacking sound as they connect off of one another is sounding out again. It all adds up to a filthy, dirty display made all the more sinful by the out in the open location for this sex they are both now so eagerly taking part in.

"AHHHHHH... MMMMM!! Fuck!! Fuck YES!! MMMM..." The talented martial arts fighter is showing off some skills of a far different physical sort while she moans out. Her gloved hands and tights-covered knees rest firmly on the ground to keep herself up perfectly in the doggy style position. It also allows her to sharply push her booty back to meet every incoming thrust she takes from behind. That in turn makes sure he's stuffing her deep, making her gasp and groan as she handles more cock into her tight, wet twat than she even though she'd ever be able to take before. "UHHHH!! Fucking... MMMMM!! Big fucking cock!! MMMM... Tearing my... AHHHHH... Fucking pussy apart!!" She shamelessly moans out her delight while expertly rocking back and forth in time with those powerful thrusts. Still gazing back over her shoulder at the stud she's barely met but is allowing to fuck her, the lust is obvious all across her gorgeous facial features. Not to mention the intense stare in her eyes, or the fact that drops of sweat are starting to roll down her cheeks as she's taking it from behind.

"MMMM... Yes! Take it! Ahhhhh... As you know you deserve!" Mass Tarr says, moaning his encouragement out as he watches the stunning crime fighter shifting back against his thrusts. His words show his intentions of just giving her the kind of top notch action she and that fully curved body truly deserve, but she has never yet experienced. It's more than just a bonus to him that her still snug but now very wet pussy is also giving him plenty of red hot pleasure with every pump he gets to give her. "Ahhhhh... You feel... MMMM! Truly fantastic! Mmmmmm..." He states the obvious as he keeps his shaft sliding smoothly in and out of her folds at this stiff pace. His eyes switch between two tempting enough on their own sights. Either down to watch his thick length vanishing into her twat each time he drives in balls deep into her love tunnel. Or instead up to lock eyes with the crime fighter as she stares back in desire, her mouth open with loud moans pouring out.

"UHHHHH!! Yes!! MMMMM... Fucking... UHHHHH!! FUCK ME!! MMMMM!!" Her loud cries of sinful joy are a total contrast to the usual rehabilitating screams she's infamous for. She's still fully clothed, with only the lower part of her attire pulled to the side so her moist to say the least pussy can be deeply accessed. Even so, her knees through her tights along with her gloves are dirty from the alley-way ground she's been down on in order to take it from behind like this. "H-harder!! MMMM!! FUCK... Fucking wreck me!! MMMMM!! Slam that... BIG... FUCKING!! COCK... Into my fucking pussy!!" She demands, even as his continuing stiff thrusts are giving her exactly that. With a sex-craving side to her unlocked, that even she didn't know she had, it's still not enough to take his dick balls deep into her pussy. For a super-heroine like her, it will take much more despite this being a pace alone that would have sent a normal women long over the edge well before now.

"Mmmmm! I will... Ahhhhhh! Gladly do so!!" He grins, but opts to pull out of her pussy with a groan.

"You'd better get that thing back in me..." Canary glares back with lust as she watches him. Similar to before, she doesn't resist one bit when he scoops her off the ground.

Just smirking at her, he gets the horny blonde into position as he moves her up against a bare brick wall in the alley they've been fucking in. Instinct kicking in, she all too eagerly parts her fishnet tights-covered legs apart, sticking her shapely backside out for good measure. Her arms also spread wide as she rests against the wall to bend over for her now, other-worldly lover. All that's left is for her to watch, licking her lips as she gazes over that big cock as he steps up behind and pushes himself back in. Not just with a thrust, but a hard balls deep pump that slams all of his fat inches into her with a single, commanding motion that no ordinary woman could possibly manage to take.

"AHHHH FUCK!! AHHHHH!! OH FUCK... MMMMM FUCK!!" The crime fighting beauty moans out loudly and lustfully, already finding her head hanging down from the pleasure flowing through her. As she's getting taken as she'd demanded to be, her body is being made to roughly jolt back and forth towards the wall she's leaning against. Her large tits bounce away, looking like ready to burst from her form-fitting attire that's starting to stick against her skin from the sweat forming over her. "UHHHHH!! OH SHIT... MMMMM FUCK... FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUCKKK MEEEEEE AHHHHH!!" She almost squeals her begging cries, her pussy now getting dripping wet around the shaft that, along with the hunk behind her, have so easily dominated her and made her cock-drunk from almost the first moment they met. His superior pounding skill have only increased that to a near slutty level she never knew existed in her. From the look of pleasure all over her face, she clearly hopes it never leaves her any time soon.

"MMMM!! Still so tight... So wet!! AHHHHH..." The dimension travelling stud moans himself as sweat starts to appear over his naked, muscular frame. A contrast along to the still completely clothed body of the beauty he's stuffing his huge cock into again and again with powerful, quick pumps. Once again, it's not just their moans of delight, but the slap of skin meeting skin as his crotch connects off of her tights-covered thighs and her snatch exposed by her bodysuit being pulled to the side. "Yes Black Canary!! MMMMM!! Take it! Feel it! Ahhhhhh... As you should... MMMM... Should be taken..." He adds, revelling in the sinful state the woman who has been a part of the Birds of Prey is now in. It's clear why he approves from the moans he's also letting out each time he either gives a thrust or pulls a few inches out of her box in order to slam back in to the hilt again and swiftly again.

"UHHHHH!! YESSSSSSS!! AHHHHHH... FUCKING FUCK ME!! U-USE ME!! MMMMM!!" She gasps out, panting almost for air as sweat drips down to the ground from off her nose from the intensity of the fucking she's taking. Not just those fluids, but juices from her snatch are also seeping out from her already well fucked and soaking wet snatch to trickle down her thighs. Not to mention dripping from off that very rod creating such powerful lust from the talented acrobat and martial arts fighter. "AHHHHH... OH FUCK!! I'M GONNA... YES!! FUCKING CUM... AHHHHH... ALL OVER THIS... MMMMM... BIG FUCKING DICK AHHHHHH!!" The busty blonde is just able to moan out, looking back with a look on that pretty face that shows she can't even believe she's going to get a clearly long awaited orgasm. As the hunk behind her keeps up the near relentless pace, she's not going to be let down - unlike seemingly she's been done in the past by others if her words are any indication.

"FUCK... FUCK!! FUCK FUUUUUUUCKKKK AHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!" Her eyes are glazed over, staring at the muscular form of that stud from another dimension. All she can do is just moan out and try and keep her body up against the wall as she cums hard all over his massive, thrusting cock. Her body roughly jolts as he keeps slamming into her, ensuring she feels every intense moment of the most powerful orgasm of her life. "AHHHHH!! MMMMM FUUUUUUCK... MMMMM!! MMMM SHHHIIIIITTTT... AHHHHHH..." She gasps as she rides out all that hot and heavy pleasure. Same time, her juices are making an erotic squelching sound from the vast amount her snatch is letting lose all over that pumping pole. By the time she's reaching the tail-end of her, she's exhausted and almost slumped against the bare bricks of the wall. Thankfully the still rock hard hunk behind her easily keeps her up in place with his grip alone, allowing him to thrust into her a few more times to enjoy that tightness as well as final few shameless moans.

"MMMM... Truly exquisite..." Mass Tarr comments with a sigh, pulling his coated in juices rod out of her well fucked to say the least hole.

"Ahhhhhh... Holy fuck!! You're... You're amazing..." Black Canary admits as she's helped off from the wall. In her exhausted state she's easily moved to down on her knees on that dirty alley ground. The next thing she sees is that big cock pointing right at her face, a sight alone that makes her lick her lips. "You're still hard..." She says with awe. Already, she reaches up a hand, but seeing the grime over it opts instead to just lean her head in, capturing his cock within her mouth to make them both groan out.

"MMMM... I was about to request... AHHHHH!! That you perhaps could solve that problem..." He moans with a smile, watching as despite how tired she is from her sexual peak, the lust burning within the crime fighter is giving her all the energy she needs. Her blonde haired head starts to bob along that now very familiar size as she sucks him off. The motion alone more than enough, and not just to make him groan in joy. Her large tits, still contained in the top of her clothing, are even jiggling delightfully as she slurps on his thickness. "MMMM... Ahhhhh yes Black Canary... MMMM... I can see... You'll soon take care of that..." He states the obvious, staring down to watch that stunning, sweat-coated face pushing down impressively far onto his man-meat before sharply raising back up to the repeat the motion. It's also telling in more ways than one that she's showing no issues with the taste of her own pussy from off of his cock. Her sucks are cleaning off her juices as she drinks them down, and replaces with the just as soothing feeling of her own saliva all over his length.

"Mmmmphh!! Mmmmm... Mmmmphh mmmm mmmphhh..." The groans of the super-heroine bounce off the tool she's taking back and forth between her full, pouty lips. She's infamously known for using her mouth to take out opponents with powerful force with the signature Canary Cry. From the smooth and swift way she's sucking off this thick cock, it's clear her mouth has other talents too from the expert way she's servicing this hunk and making him moan. "Mmmm!! Mmmmphhh hmmmmmm... Mmmmmphhh..." Her eyes are still burning with clear lust, even after her powerful orgasm from minutes before. She's craving something else now from him, looking to see what kind of a load those big, heavy balls of him have for her. Her hands keep busy, either resting on his strong thighs or reaching up to brush her long blonde hair away from her face. The force she's putting behind her bobs mean those locks fall out of place more than a few times. Not to mention the strands already stuck to her face from all the sweat that's formed on her.

"AHHHHH... MMMMM YES... Prepare... AHHHHH... Prepare yourself Black Canary!" The stud from another dimension let alone planet warns as he groans deeply. His desirable and muscular body now covered in sweat similar to hers, but the toll for him of keeping up the kind of pace to properly fuck her is more visible from his complete lack of clothing. Regardless, he's getting to fully enjoy the feeling of her oral hole, a payback from how this all started off when he'd dined on her snatch. As his fat rod starts to pulse between her clearly experienced lips, he can only moan and watch her sucking away on his member as if they'd been lovers for years. Instead of the over hour that they'd actually known one another for, and almost all of that time had been spent enjoying shameless, wild sex in this back alley.

With a last deep grunt, Mass Tarr starts to unload up into the mouth of Black Canary, making her instantly gag with wide, stunned eyes from the massive first blast of spunk she takes. The seed spills out from her lips as she tries to swallow it down, but the second burst soon follows that leaves her almost choking and forcing her to pull off from his dick completely. Such was the power of the bursts that it appears a trickle of cum is even dripping down from her nostril. While she focuses on swallowing down the loads in her mouth, he takes over the job of emptying himself. Stroking his dick, he sends more thick ropes of jizz down across her pretty face, making her groan as she stays nice and still to take a facial. Showing his superior sexual ability again, he's sending out a massive load that would be more expected to come from a group of men rather than just the one. It leaves her cheeks, nose, lips and chin dripping with so much cum that it's falling down to collect on the tops of her breasts and leave a mess on her bodysuit and trademark jacket too. By the time he's finally spent, her whole face has been left a cum-covered, sexy mess. Along with leaving some shots staining through her blonde hair at the sides of her features and above the forehead for an image not even a well paid porn production could pull off.

"Mmmmm... Holy shit..." Black Canary says with a gasp as she draws in long needed air now. "Fuck! That was a fucking rainfall of cum!" She grins, carefully wiping away spunk so she can look up, and showing still a strong enough desire in her eyes even after all of that. "Have you not fucked in a whole year or something??"

"What can I say?" Mass Tarr says with a proud laugh. "The best is always brought out in me when I'm with a beautiful woman like yourself."

"So, I'm not your only woman?" She reasons from his words, smirking as she shakily gets up to her feet. "If she sees me with all your damn spunk dripping off me, you're going to be in trouble..." She assumes, before she boldly reaches forward, brushing the back of her gloved hand against his dick.

"Not quite so, Black Canary..." He says with a smile and a shake of the head. "However, if you wish to meet the others in my life, that can certainly be arranged... In a very instant sense."

He makes that promise a reality in the next moment, with the whisper of an ancient, other-worldly spell. In the blink of an eye, both he and his latest "claim" have vanished from both this world and the dimension completely in a flash of light. All that was left behind was the knocked out thugs in the warehouse at the end of the alley-way, and a mystery of a sudden disappearance of a super-heroine.

While she would no long be using her battle cry, Black Canary would most certainly be screaming out again and again now.

* * *

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