Dino Crisis/Final Fantasy 8/Resident Evil/Suikoden 3/Tomb Raider/X-Play:
Video Games For Christmas (FFFFFF,BDSM,mc,magic,celeb)
by Hamster

Morgan Webb awoke Christmas morning with a yawn. After stretching and
groggily standing, she went to her bathroom and brushed her teeth. She
then put on some camouflage sweat shorts and a t-shirt. She made her
way downstairs and nearly feinted. She hadnít had a tree the night
before. Now she had one! And there was a wrapped box under it.

Morgan approached the box and removed the card then opened it and read it.

Dear Morgan,
I'm a huge fan. I watch X-Play all the time. You are so hot
that I masturbate constantly whenever I think of you. I
brought you a very special magic present it's a video game
system that lets you materialize any video game character
you like, completely under your control. Have fun.


This has gotta be bullshit, Morgan thought. She unwrapped the present and
found a video game system inside. She hurried over to her TV and set it up.
Amazingly it was a 5 CD changer. The instructions said that she could conjure
and control upto 5 characters at a time. She placed 5 video games in the game
system and flicked it on. The first game was Tomb Raider. A character select
prompt appeared and there was only one character to choose. Lara Croft.
Morgan highlighted her and hit the 'X' button.

There was a brilliant flash of light and Lara was now standing in front of
her in her shiny aqua shirt and leather shorts.

"What the hell!" Lara said as she pulled her uzis.

"Stop put the guns down!!!" Morgan said in a hurry.

To her own great surprise she put her guns away.

"Hey what's going on?" Lara demanded.

"Ummm shut up and stand still." Morgan said.

To her own total surprise, instead of beating the crap out of Morgan, Lara

"Awesome!" Morgan said.

Morgan materialized Chris Lightfellow from Suikoden 3 and then immobilized
her as well. She closely admired both women and their outstanding physiques.

"Hmm 3 more." Murmured to herself. She quickly materialized Jill Valentine
from Resident Evil games, Quistis from Final Fantasy 8, and Rena from Dino
Crisis. "This is the best present ever."

Morgan approached the hot red-haired Asian woman first. Morgan reached up and
grabbed Rena's tits a bit roughly squeezing them through her tight, shiny
black leather. Rena glared at her wide-eyed and angry. Morgan ignored her and
continued to use her tits as stress relievers.

"Hmm, you got a nice rack Rena." Morgan said. Morgan turned than to Lara.
"Take your top off, Lara. I want to compare."

Lara found herself removing her skin-tight shirt and exposing a tiny bra that
was struggling desperately to keep her impressive cleavage in check. Morgan
stepped up and ripped off the other woman's bra letting Lara's lovely boobs
spring free.

"Nice, I like 'em" Morgan said cheerfully.

She bent her head down and began sucking on a hard nipple. As she did so
she massaged the free breast. Her fingers dug into the firm flesh and she
wondered what she could have done to deserve such a great present. She
then approached Jill Valentine. She put her hand on the back of Jill's
thigh and slid it up her skirt to her ass. Morgan gave the ass a nice

"Lara. I want you to stand tall and straight with your chest thrust forward
and your hands behind your back." Morgan waited for the woman to comply.
"Good. Now, Quistis, get a good look at Lara's luscious hooters. See how
juicy they are? I want you to take that whip of yours and make them dance."

Quistis was already pissed. As she drew her whip she had no thoughts of
showing mercy or restraint on behalf of her fellow captive. Instead she was
planning to take out all of her aggression on the helpless breasts of Lara
Croft. She reached back and her whip cracked through the air lashing against
Lara's boobs. Sure enough Lara's boobs danced and jiggled and Lara screamed
as they where criss-crossed by bright red whip marks. Morgan watched the
whole thing as she held Jill and Rena close, fondling their bodies. Lara was
screaming while one hard crack of the whip followed another over and over
mercilessly. Finally as Quistis arm began to tire Morgan ordered her to stop.
Both Lara and her tormentor where panting hard. Morgan stepped up o Lara and
amused herself by licking and sucking on her tits. Morgan then backed off
and looked at her love slaves.

"You may all begin disrobing." Morgan said.

The whole lot of them began to resentfully strip off their clothing.
Fortunately is the case of Chris, she was wearing her easy to remove travel
outfit as opposed to her armor. Morgan stared at this set of boobs and that
and closely examined each lovely pussy. She was impressed by the fact that
Rena's pussy hair was dyed red to match the hair on her head. She stood up
and went to each woman and whispered a set of instructions in each woman's

Lara laid down on her back on the floor. Jill Valentine stood over her on all
fours with her knees on either side of her hips. Her hands where clutching
her large firm boobs and massaging them between her fingers. Rena stood in
front of Jill with her legs slightly spread. Quistis was behind her with her
strap-on placed at the ready near Jill's cunt. Morgan sat on the couch in a
great position to see the whole show. Her legs were spread and Chris was
kneeling in front of her with her face in Morgan's cunt.

"You may begin." Morgan announced.

Chris began to lick lightly at Morgan's pussy. Likewise Jill's tongue began
to lash at lovely cunt framed by Rena's red hair. Under Jill Lara was delving
into her own pussy with a pair of fingers as Jill massaged her tits. Quistis
lined up her dildo with Jill's sweet pussy and sent it plunging in. Rena
began to moan very loudly with pleasure as Jill's tongue lashed at her more
frantically with every stroke of Quistis' dildo. This sexual dominos
continued for several minutes each woman performing lesbian sex as if it was
her whole reason for being born. Jill could feel the monstrous dildo moving
in and out of her. Rena grabbed the back of the other woman's head and shoved
her face deeper into her cunt. As Jill leaned into the Rena's cunt she placed
more weight on Lara's poor abused boobs. Lara merely whimpered as she fucked
herself. Morgan watched the whole spectacle as she had her pussy licked by
the lovely white-haired Chris. This orgy continued for several minutes each
woman a panting, moaning, mass of sweaty burning love. Finally one at a time
each woman began to feel her orgasm mounting and began to cry out with it's
release. Soon the woman collapsed atop each other as they came. Morgan who
was last to cum let out what sounded like a long purr.

"Mmmm you've all done very well." She said.

She stepped over to the game system. Morgan surveyed her love slaves one last

"Time for you guys to go home." Morgan announced. She began dematerializing
the girls until she got to Jill. "YOU get to spend the rest of the day with

Jill had no idea what it would mean being Morgan's favorite. But she knew the
other woman wasn't done playing with her magic video game system, not by a
long shot.

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