Gen 13: Infernal Seductions Part 1 (MMF,voy,exhib,ncon,demon)
by PJ

Caitlin, Roxy, and Sarah emerged from the air terminal into the bright, hot, New Mexico daylight. Sarah smiled with pleasure as she spread out her dusky arms, relishing the feel of the burning sun on her skin.

"Ugh! This is worse than South America!" complained Roxy as she waved ineffectually at her sweating face.

"At least we're free now," replied Caitlin as she shaded her green eyes with her right hand, searching the sweltering drive for a taxi.

"Some freedom. Mr. Lynch is dead; Grunge and Bobby are toast, and the House is a pile of toothpicks," muttered Roxy darkly.

"And all because you had to go out scoping for guys," retorted Sarah.

"Hey! Don't blame this shit on me! It was that Ivana bitch who screwed with my head," spat Roxy in self-defense.

"Who would have thought there was a brain to wash in that vacuum head of yours," smiled Sarah maliciously.

"You want a piece of me? Miss "I'm helpless! Please save me," mocked Roxy.

"That's it! You little cunt!" snarled Sarah as she drew back her right hand in a fist.

"Will you two stop? I see a taxi," said Caitlin as she waved her hand for attention, her large breasts jiggling with each of her short hops.

Sarah and Roxy glared at each other venomously as the yellow taxi drove up beside the trio.

"You need a ride?" asked the scruffy cabby as he stared at Caitlin's full tits.

"Yes. Please take us into town," replied Cat before she opened the back door and slid inside, followed by Sarah and Rox.

The cabby grinned cheerfully as he snuck a look at the three beautiful young women from his rear view mirror, then slid the cab into a light stream of traffic. Caitlin gazed vacantly at the skyline of Deming while Roxy fluttered the front of her black bodysuit.

"This thing's like an oven," whined Rox as sweat drenched her skintight costume.

"You should have changed into something cooler," replied Sarah as she lounged back in jean shorts, a thin white cut-off, and a black lace bra that barely hung by one strap.

"Yeah," retorted Roxy as she glanced at Sarah in disgust. "Why don't you just put on that black teddy and stockings that you wore when we were captured by that little pervert kid."

"At least I didn't follow him around like a love-sick puppy," spat Sarah sharply.

The argument wore on, Caitlin oblivious to the noise as she remembered her last moments with John Lynch, how he finally made love to her, held her, caressed her naked skin with his strong hands. Cat's pussy began to grow wet as she blushed faintly, her eyes glazed as she stared out into the bright landscape. The cab entered Deming proper, halting when it reached the local Holiday Inn. Caitlin paid the cabby from her credstick, then walked towards the hotel, trailed by her two sulking friends. Cat rented three single bed rooms, then handed out the plastic keycards.

"I'm going to take a long shower then get some sleep. You two do whatever you want, just try to stay out of trouble, okay?"

"Sure, Cat," grinned Roxy innocently. "I'm going into town to buy some new clothes."

"Want some help scrubbing your front, Cat?" inquired Sarah with a wicked grin.

"Scrub your own front," retorted Caitlin before she spun away for her room.

"I wonder what slid up Cat's butt," asked Sarah thoughtfully.

"Your finger?" replied Roxy sarcastically.

"Get out of here," shot back Sarah as she swayed to her own bedroom.

"Bitch," mumbled Roxy while she exited the hotel, then began walking towards the downtown shop district. The afternoon passed slowly as the sunlight beat against Roxanne, making her bleary-eyed with fatigue as rivers of sweat clung to her clothing, framing every contour of her petite, shapely physique. Roxy finally found a woman's clothing shop, staggering inside and gasping with relief as the air-conditioning washed over her.

"May I help you, Miss?" inquired a tall blonde woman as she glanced disdainfully at Roxanne's soiled garb.

"Yeah, I want something cool to wear in this inferno," panted Roxy as she brushed sweat-slick pink bangs away from her large eyes.

"We have a wide selection of garments that are very comfortable in this hot weather," replied the saleswoman as she ushered Roxy towards the racks of clothing deeper within the shop.

Roxanne left the store an hour later wearing tight red short shorts, a latex red bikini top, and stiletto-heeled kneeboots. A black collar completed the outfit, a round choke-ring dangling against her sternum. Roxy finished applying a thick coat of black lipstick to her sensuous lips, then smacked her mouth shut to smooth out the application. Men in passing cars hooted at Roxy as she strode down the street carrying two bags of additional clothing, they asked for blowjobs or requested that she bend down so they could admire her tight ass. Roxy smiled at the foolish men, blowing them kisses or occasionally cupping one of her small breasts. As the sun descended below the horizon, Roxy stopped at a bar, crossing her bare legs over a stool until an admiring man bought her a
beer. Roxy played the patrons of the bar like a pro, flirting with them, dancing lewdly with a guy when he asked, drinking beer after beer until her head was pleasantly fuzzy.

Caitlin lay upon her bed, her shoulder-length red hair still damp from her shower as she stared up into the ceiling and cried silently. A soft knock stirred Cat from her revelry, forcing her to don a towel around her torso as she walked to the door and pulled it open.

"Hi. I thought we could talk for a while, I'm not very sleepy," said Sarah as she smiled softly.

"Okay, just don't try to hit on me, I'm not in the mood tonight," replied Caitlin as she moved away from the door, allowing the attractive indian to enter.

"What's wrong, Cat?" asked Sarah as she sat next to Caitlin on the bed. "You've been out of it since we left South America."

"I'm just tired. Tired of running all the time, tired of being captured and experimented on like a lab rat," said Caitlin quietly as she stared down at the carpet.

"It'll be alright, we're home now, in the US. We've got plenty of credits thanks to Mr. Lynch, we'll get by," soothed Sarah as she wrapped her left arm around Caitlin's bare shoulders.

"God, Sarah. I miss him, I miss him so much," sobbed Caitlin as she leaned against Sarah, tears pouring hotly from her eyes as she allowed her grief to overwhelm her.

"I know, I miss Mr. Lynch too," whispered Sarah into Cat's ear as she nuzzled the girl's red hair.

"It's different for me, I loved him. I loved him more than anything," groaned Caitlin while her eyes burned with pain.

Sarah didn't reply, she just held Cat, lending the girl strength until her tears stopped and her sobs faded away. As Caitlin looked up to smile gratefully at Sarah, the window to the bedroom shattered, disgorging two lithe women dressed in short, black shifts and wielding shining blades.

"Ah, no, not the Coda again," sighed Sarah as she stood up, lightning flaring along her fingers.

"Surrender or endure pain, your choice," declared the slim, blonde Coda as she pointed her sword at Caitlin.

Caitlin said nothing, but leapt forward, grabbing the brunette Coda's arm and slamming her into a wall. As the blonde moved to attack Cat, Sarah unleashed her lightning, engulfing the amazon and propelling her out through the shattered window. The brunette Coda kicked Caitlin in the face, then punched her in the belly. The force of the blow forced Cat to bend forward, where the Coda slammed her joined fists into Cat's chin. Caitlin hurled backwards, falling onto the carpet and laying stunned as the Coda retrieved her blade, then brandished it before Sarah.

"You're out of your league, little girl," said Sarah smugly as she launched more lightning at the Coda swordswoman. The female jumped over the lightning bolt, then hurled down into Sarah's chest, sending the indian flying into the opposite wall. Leaning against the wall with her head buzzing, Sarah was too slow when the Coda rapid- punched her in the face and stomach, forcing her to the floor where she lay unconscious. The blonde Coda staggered back into the room, her skin smoking from Sarah's assault.

"Prepare them while I call the transport," ordered the golden-maned Coda as she reached into her belt for her commlink.

* * *

Roxy giggled uncontrollably as a beer-reeking man slid his hand up her thigh, his eyes locked upon the cleavage of her small top. The short girl pushed the groping bar patron away, then staggered to her feet, her legs shaking as she bent down to pick up her bags. Stumbling ungracefully across the liquor-stained floor, Roxy left the smoke-filled bar, then leaned weakly against the outer wall of the building, allowing the cool desert air to wash over her slim body. Catching her breath, Roxanne staggered down the sidewalk towards the hotel, her mind fuzzy with liquor and tobacco. Walking unsteadily, Roxy stopped when she heard noises coming from a nearby alley. Standing near the lip of the alleyway, Rox peered into the dimly-lit gloom, discovering two men around a lovely,
red-haired woman.

"Kneel down and suck on it, whore," shouted one tall man as he pushed the redhead to her knees while he unzipped his jeans.

"Please, I thought we were going to a club," pleaded the woman as she looked up imploringly at the tall man.

"Naw, bitch, I just said that to get you interested. You're going to fuck me and my friend here, or we cut your throat and leave you with the rest of the garbage," laughed the man before he slapped the woman across the face, then yanked painfully on her long hair, making her wince before he pushed his cock into her mouth. The shorter man knelt behind the woman, raising up her short, black dress, then pulling down her g-string panties. The woman moaned in protest as the short man fondled her round ass, running his hands across her smooth buttocks, then probing her crack with three long fingers. The tall man held two tufts of the redhead's hair, pulling on them like reins as he thrust his cock deeper into the crying woman's mouth. The female groaned loudly as she was forced to take her date's rod into her throat, her red, painted lips
caressing the engorged fuckpole as it slid obscenely in and out of her orifice. The short man bent down low to press his face into the pretty woman's ass, extending his tongue over her pussy, licking her labia and clit until they glistened with saliva and honey.

Roxy panted softly, her eyes wide with fascination as she watched the woman being ravished by the two strong men. She lowered her bags to the ground, freeing her right hand so she could slide it into her tight shorts and fondle her moist cunt.

The tall man removed his cock long enough to rub it lewdly across the kneeling woman's nose and lips, a trickle of pre-cum staining her cheeks and chin as the man rammed his tool back into her throat, filling her mouth with slick, throbbing meat. The short man pulled away from the redhead's ass, his mouth dripping with her fluids as he raised up her buttocks, then freed his own cock, rubbing it against her cunt before shoving it inside. The woman moaned loudly, her grey eyes wide with terror and loathing as she felt the short man thrust his rod into her belly, her vagina closing around the shaft like a ravenous vice. Both men thrust out their crotches erotically, invading the kneeling woman's mouth and pussy again and again. Roxy leaned against the mouth of the alley, her legs weak as she rubbed her cunt energetically, sliding two slim fingers into her soaking slit.

Lost in ecstasy, no one noticed when the redhead's eyes began to glow with a hot, red light. The woman growled huskily as she sucked wantonly on the tall man's cock, her lips curling into a smile before she bit down, severing the man's prick like a pair of scissors. The tall man howled in agony as he clutched his bleeding crotch. The short man gaped in shock, his cock still inside the woman's cunt as she turned around and pushed him away. The short man smacked into a wall of the alley, sliding in a daze to the ground as the redhead stood up slowly, then stretched out her arms. Flesh tore wetly as two reptilian wings sprouted from the woman's back, extending to fill the width of the alley. Fangs extruded from the female's jaw, while two delicate, spiraling horns shot out from the top of her head. A red, pointed tail slid out of the nearly-naked woman's ass, lashing out to wrap around the neck of the stunned, short man. Roxy stared in dumb amazement as the succubus grabbed the tall man by his shirt, then crushed her red lips against his mouth.

The man struggled vainly in the succubus' unbreakable grip as she sucked the life from his body, the flesh growing wilted and blue with death as the woman feasted on his life force. When the man's body was a wrinkled husk, the seductively beautiful succubus tossed him away like an empty paper cup, then pulled the sobbing short man towards her with her agile tail.

"Please, don't kill me!" begged the short man pathetically. "He made me do it. He said you liked it rough."

"Oh, I do, lover," replied the succubus with a lustful smile. "It makes me so horny!"

The small man began to scream before the woman covered his open mouth with her own. The man struggled like a caught fish, his limbs quivering and chaotic as the succubus drained his life, savored it as a rich wine. When the second man was dead, the woman dropped him to the ground, then looked up to see Roxy staring at her, the girl's eyes wide and frightened like a doe's.

"Ah, the Gen-active girl. My master is looking for you," grinned the succubus as she locked gazes with Roxanne, the woman's eyes red-black, beguiling, entrancing.


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