Gen 13: Infernal Seductions Part 4 (MFf,ncon,demon)
by PJ

"So all you remember are a few hazy memories about living in a land called Faerun?" asked Roxy.

"Yes, although I recognize this world you call Earth too. It feels like I've been here before, I recognize and can speak your language, I know about the technology you use, and I remember names and faces of people who live here. It's very confusing," replied Muerte as he shook his head with frustration.

"I bet. I don't know too many wizards who cast spells in the USA," said Roxanne.

Before the conversation could continue, the cell door opened, allowing the succubus, Xanna, to enter and approach the apprehensive young girl.

"Master Asmodeus requests your presence," smiled Xanna as she unshackled Roxy, then slammed her against the rock wall. "Did you enjoy watching those two men rape me?"

"," stuttered Roxy as she watched the fanged woman fearfully.

"You're lying," replied Xanna. "I could sense your arousal as those guys rammed their cocks into me. I could smell your juices as you stroked your cunt and masturbated near the alley mouth. You liked it."

Roxy lowered her head, her cheeks burning with embarrassment as she remembered the sexual scene she had stumbled upon.

"That's okay, I enjoyed it too. I like rough sex," whispered Xanna before she leaned forward and licked Roxy's lips. Roxanne turned her head away, sputtering as she tried to get rid of the woman's spit on her lips. Giggling evilly, Xanna handcuffed Roxy's hands behind her back, then pushed her outside, where a second blonde-haired succubus waited as a guard. The two hell-spawn pushed Roxy ahead of them down a long corridor, then up several flights of spiraling stairs before they reached an open doorway. Roxy was uncuffed and shoved inside, then left alone as Xanna closed the room's doors, leaving her completely alone in darkness. The rune on Roxy's forehead provided no helpful light, it glimmered weakly until a shaft of eye-searing white light impaled the girl within it. Roxy
crouched in fear, closing her eyes to slits as the hot beam assaulted her vision.

"And now I finally get to Roxanne, the youngest of the team," said Asmodeus as he emerged from the shadows, wielding a scepter made of solid ruby. "I wonder what your wish is?"

"Like I'm telling you," sniffed Roxy as she watched the devil lord warily.

"Oh, you will, with a little persuasion," smiled Asmodeus coldly before he gently touched Roxy's arm with the tip of the scepter. Roxy screamed in agony as the skin touched by the ruby rod flared with intense pain. Asmodeus maintained his cruel smile while he touched several spots along her bare back, each point a needle of white-hot pain. Roxy cried pitifully, tears rolling down her cheeks as she fell to the floor and rolled up into a quivering ball.

"The pain was sharp, wasn't it?" whispered the devil as he circled the shaft of light. "It felt like your skin was melting, didn't it? This is the secret desire in your heart, you want to be hurt and abused like the time you were under Ivana's control. You enjoyed it when she activated the brain implant, it freed the darkness that lay slumbering in your heart. You liked insulting your friends and playing the slut, letting those simple guards gang-bang you and use your body like a cheap fuck toy. I will hurt you if that is your wish, I will degrade and make you wriggle with exquisite agony, I do it for you."

"Please...don't" begged Roxy as she looked up with wide eyes at the looming devil lord.

Asmodeus snarled savagely, baring his dripping fangs as the muscles beneath his royal blue robes wriggled and bulged. Before Roxy's horrified eyes, the devil lord's flesh burst and split open, unleashing a bundle of slimy tentacles that shot forward towards the prone girl. Roxanne screamed as slick limbs wrapped around her ankles, thighs and arms, sliding obscenely across her flesh as they tore off her red bikini top and crotch-hugging shorts. A tentacle slid inside the choke-ring of her collar, pulling her head forward towards a waiting phallic limb. The glistening member snaked close to Roxy's face, nuzzling her cheeks and
lips, then pushing inside her warm mouth. Roxy moaned as the tentacle slid deep into her throat, its skin oozing a viscous slime that she was forced to swallow in order to breathe. Tentacles entered her small anus and crowded into her cunt, two then three members filling her vagina until it felt like it would burst apart. The tentacles slithering around her arms and legs pulled her into the air, positioning her crotch before Asmodeus so he could lean forward and suck loudly on her dripping pussy. The devil slid his tongue around the folds of Roxy's labia as a huge phallic limb pumped in and out of her small slit, blood sliding down her thighs from the tearing of the previous probes into her belly.

"You feel violated right now, don't you Roxanne?" hissed Asmodeus while he fingered the naked girl's snatch, stimulating her clit until it was hard and throbbing. "You like feeling dirty and whorish, don't you?"

"Yesss," groaned Roxy around the shaft of a tentacle as it slid back and forth between her black-painted lips.

"I thought so," nodded Asmodeus while he wrapped a member around her neck, the phallic-head bobbing in front of Roxy's face as its body tightened around her throat. Roxy sucked in lungfuls of the cock's heady aroma, her head foggy with lust and uncontrolled arousal as the devil lowered her tentacle-wrapped body to his crotch level, then impaled her sticky cunt with his large, pulsing penis. Roxy shouted with a mixture of ecstasy and pain as the pole rammed into her vagina, spreading the pink flesh of her womb to its limits as it filled her stomach with engorged, slick meat. Roxanne's body shook like a limp doll while she sucked lewdly upon the tentacle in her mouth, her lips caressing the shaft of the limb, her tongue licking up and down its wet skin as she tasted its overpowering maleness. Tendrils wrapped around Roxy's small breasts, squeezing them painfully, pulling urgently on them as suckers fastened on the nipples and
coated them in saliva.

Xanna watched jealously as the new girl was ravished by Asmodeus. The succubus sat against a nearby wall, then spread out her legs. She pulled her black, leather shorts to her ankles, then began rubbing her cunt forcefully, caressing her throbbing labia until it glistened with her juices. Noticing his slave masturbating in a corner, Asmodeus sent two tentacles slithering to the prone succubus. Xanna accepted them gratefully, pulling one limb into her wanton mouth while she positioned the other tendril against her red-furred slit. Asmodeus thrust his tentacles inside Xanna's mouth and pussy, filling her orifices with
pulsing meat as he continued his cunt fucking with Roxy. The moans of both girls filled the large audience hall as Asmodeus' lust overwhelmed them, their naked bodies mere playthings to the tall devil lord. Roxy orgasmed in wave after wave, her body stained with sweat and ichor as the tentacles around her body fondled her and spewed warm cum across her pale skin. The tendril in Roxy's mouth slid out, gushing a stream of purple semen that splashed across her face and breasts. Asmodeus roared with his own climax, his cries shaking the entire fortress as he released a river of his seed into Roxy's warm belly. The devil lowered the panting Roxanne to the cold, stone floor, then retracted his snaking limbs back into his humanoid body.

Xanna held on to the two tentacles around her. She lay on her hands and knees, shoving one limb into her round ass while she rubbed the moist head of another between the heaving mounds of her tits. Growling with irritation at Xanna's presumption, Asmodeus strode forward with his scepter, then slid it slowly across the succubus' ass, making her scream in agony as she released the tentacles and crawled out of range.

"When I'm finished, you're finished," snarled Asmodeus angrily.

"Yes, master! Forgive me! I just wanted you inside me!" sobbed Xanna while she rubbed her throbbing buttocks softly.

"Any woman would," replied Asmodeus arrogantly before he spun away from the kneeling succubus and returned to his immense throne.

"Bring the servitors in! Prepare the chamber for my welcoming party!" commanded Asmodeus as Xanna retrieved Roxy's unconscious body and left the room quickly.

* * *

The landing zone was chaotic with activity as John Lynch directed the deployment of soldiers and gear. CEO Santiago had granted Lynch access to all of Aztechnology's assets, allowing John a great deal of flexibility in the formation of his retrieval unit. Four stealth gun ships sat nearby, their rotary blades whizzing in the air as crack commando troops piled inside. John's own assault craft waited on the pad, a VTOL aircraft with the latest weaponry and defensive systems, plus a spacious crew bay and storage compartments. Ivana Baiul marched towards Lynch, her neck encased in a bulky metal collar. She wore sunglasses and a tight, black bodysuit adorned with pouches and holsters for her many guns and knives.

"Are you through wasting time?" shouted Ivana over the roar of the chopper blades.

"You won't think this is wasting time when demons and who knows what else fly up and start lobbing fireballs at us," retorted Lynch acidly while he continued to monitor the progress of his team.

"You worry too much, you always did," said Ivana scornfully as she unholstered an autopistol and checked the clip. "You screw up in this op, I'll have your balls for breakfast, I don't care what Santiago says."

"You should. He brought you back from the dead, he can send you right back," warned Lynch before he left Ivana behind and walked towards his waiting aircraft. Ivana stared at Lynch's back, spitting at his heels before she moved towards one of the waiting gun ships.


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