Gen 13: Infernal Seductions Part 5 (MF,Mf,demon)
by PJ

Deep within the core of Asmodeus' mountain fortress, rock music roared within a huge, stadium-sized chamber. Thousands of devils and their slaves gyrated to the blood-pounding rhythms created by a band of incubus musicians. Beer, wine, and an assortment of harder liquors flowed freely while devils had their human bitches tattooed and body-pierced for their amusement. Asmodeus sat upon a raised stone dais in the center of the immense room, he rested on a long leather couch which was flanked on both sides by similar couches. To the right, Roxy lay stretched out as one succubus sucked on her pussy while she licked the labia of a succubus above her. On the left-hand couch, Sarah lay naked as one horned devil rammed his forehead horn into her dripping cunt. A second horned devil slid his elongated, slimy tongue into Sarah's willing mouth, exploring her throat lewdly while she fondled her ripe breasts in the throes of lust.

"Great party, isn't it, slut?" asked Asmodeus as he gazed down at his newest sex slave. Caitlin moaned in agreement as she ran her lips up and down the devil lord's hard cock, her tongue caressing the engorged shaft. Asmodeus slid his clawed hands into Caitlin's thick, red hair, rubbing her skull as she took his tool into her mouth and thrust it deeply into her tight throat.

"Ummm, you are a horny bitch," grinned Asmodeus before he began pumping his crotch against Caitlin's beautiful face.

* * *

Phillipe de Muerte sat limply in his bonds, his cell dark and quiet except for the occasional drip of water from the walls. The wizard drooped his chin upon his thin chest, all hope gone after the young girl named Roxy was taken by the succubus, Xanna. The mage was oblivious as the iron door to his cell was opened, releasing a painful shaft of light into the room as Xanna swayed seductively into the small room.

"Enjoying your stay, wizard?" smiled Xanna cruelly.

"Can't say much for the accommodations, or the staff," retorted Muerte with a sarcastic grin.

"You won't be grinning for long," replied Xanna as she bared her sharp fangs, then leaned forward to unshackle the mage's wrists.

"You're letting me go?" asked Muerte in disbelief.

"Of course not, fool," snarled Xanna. "I'm just freeing your limbs so I can devour you more easily."

"Really?" smirked Muerte as he eyed the open door longingly.

"Yes," said Xanna before she grabbed Muerte by the shoulders and slammed him hard against the stone wall. The tall mage wheezed for air as he slid to the floor, while the succubus slid off her black leather shorts and bra.

"I'm going to suck you dry," promised Xanna as she straddled Muerte's crotch, tilting his head up so she could kiss him on the mouth. The wizard groaned in protest as he felt his life force sucked away by the demonic female. Xanna broke the embrace, licking Muerte's neck and shoulders while she pulled off his black robes and slid her clawed hands over his flat chest.

"I promise you'll enjoy this, lover," whispered Xanna huskily as she leaned down to suck on Muerte's small nipples. The mage moaned as the succubus bit his hard nobs, her fangs scratching his delicate flesh, drawing small trails of blood against his pale skin. Xanna kissed Muerte again, her tongue thrusting into his slack mouth, caressing his inner jaw and throat. Muerte wrapped his arms around the naked woman's torso, his hands moving across her smooth back, then entangling in her long, red hair. Xanna could feel Muerte's cock harden under her crotch, the head nestling against her moist pussy as it grew longer with arousal. Reaching between her lithe legs, Xanna grabbed Muerte's throbbing cock, then guided it into her quivering slit. Muerte gasped in ecstasy as Xanna's cunt
clenched around his pole, sucking it deep into her warm belly. Xanna bit her lower lip as she began pumping up and down with her body, her weight driving Muerte's shaft far into her tight vagina. The wizard groaned with each slide of Xanna's pussy, he reached forward to cup and fondle the succubus' full tits as she rode his cock like a horny cowgirl. Xanna pressed her hands over Muerte's, pushing the man's fingers into her soft, milky flesh as she humped his pulsing fuck pole. The couple rammed against each other for a score of minutes, their naked bodies drenched in love sweat while Xanna pumped her cunt against the prone mage's tool.

As orgasm drew closer, Muerte closed his eyes, using the tidal wave of sexual release to focus his will and tap into the magic within himself. When Xanna screamed from her own powerful climax, Muerte released his power, shooting cum and magic into the succubus' shuddering cunt. Xanna's eyes widened in alarm as she felt the magic explode within her body, her blood boiling with agony until she fell smoking to the hard floor. Muerte pulled himself away from under the unconscious woman, then staggered to his feet, his breath coming in great, loud gasps. He clothed himself with his black robes, then he peeked outside into the brightly-lit hallway, insuring the way was clear before he began searching for an exit.

* * *

The orgy of sex and dancing continued, several girls falling unconscious from exhaustion and pain as the devils caroused with abandon. Caitlin lay at Asmodeus' feet, drinking lustily from a bottle of liquor, allowing the warm liquid to pour down her large, heaving breasts. She stood up, then leaned forward, making her tits hang invitingly until the devil lord began sucking the liquor from her warm, sweet flesh. Caitlin giggled like a whore, wrapping her arms around Asmodeus' neck and mashing her tits into her master's face. Asmodeus sucked hungrily on her mounds, sliding his mouth and tongue around her bosoms, then nursing on her generous, pink nipples. Caitlin gasped with pleasure, biting her thickly-painted lips as she surrendered her body to her lord. Asmodeus slid his right hand between Caitlin's thighs, rubbing her wet pussy forcefully until the girl's legs trembled. The devil lord pushed Caitlin away, then turned her naked body around so her round, firm ass lay before him. He forced Cat to sit down on his crotch, his long, bone-hard cock punching up her pink vagina. Caitlin gasped through clenched lips, her hands balled into fists upon her knees as she allowed her dense weight to pull her down upon the devil's erect member. Asmodeus seized Caitlin's round hips, then began humping her pussy, his cock an irresistible ram that hammered into her moist womb. Several devils near the dais stopped cavorting to admire the show above them. They grabbed their aroused cocks and masturbated before their emperor as he fucked Caitlin before the eyes
of thousands. Caitlin didn't care, she was lost in a frenzy of lust that filled her mind like a thick, coiling fog. By surrendering to Asmodeus' dream, the young woman had lost her inhibitions, her conscience, her soul. Caitlin was now a sex toy, a puppet of flesh for Asmodeus to use and then discard.

Asmodeus released a tentacle from his robes, the dripping limb wrapped around Caitlin's bare neck, then slid obscenely into her open, gasping mouth. Caitlin welcomed the snake-like tendril into her throat, her moist, red lips caressing the tentacle like a lover.

Asmodeus slid his claws up Caitlin's bare, flat stomach, scratching her pale skin until he grasped her ripe, bobbing tits. Caitlin pressed her hands against her kneecaps as she pumped her ass against the devil lord's cock. Asmodeus pulled Caitlin's naked body against his stomach, his claws roving freely across her breasts and belly as he rammed his pole deep into her clenching fuck tunnel. Cat sucked hungrily upon the tentacle pulsing within her mouth, her tongue licking the limb's underside while her lips lavished lustful affection on its slimy skin. Caitlin's cunt lips trembled as they wrapped around the devil's tool. The pink, tender flesh was dripping with her juices and the male's ichor until they flowed like small rivers down the girl's firm, bare thighs.

"I...I'm going to cum!" moaned Caitlin as she lay against Asmodeus' strong chest.

"Give in to your passion, let your honey gush freely," whispered the devil hotly into Caitlin's ear.

Caitlin groaned loudly with ecstasy, her naked skin slick with her sweat as she felt the muscles of her pussy throb with approaching climax. Asmodeus thrust his cock even more violently into Cat's slit, the head of his member pounding against the inner wall of the nude girl's womb until a spray of purple semen flooded Caitlin's small belly. The tentacle wriggling in Caitlin's mouth pulled backwards, spitting sticky cum across her sensuous face and tits. Cat licked the dripping cream from her lips and chin, then bent forward to suck wantonly on the quivering tentacle, devouring the jism that dropped from its small orifice.

Asmodeus pushed Caitlin to the floor, then slapped her hard across the face when she looked up worshipfully into his darkly handsome visage. Undeterred, Cat embraced the devil's leg, rubbing her cum-stained cheek against his robed body. Asmodeus patted Caitlin's head like she was a loyal dog, then he grabbed a goblet of rich wine as he watched Sarah on her hands and knees, a barbed devil fucking her mouth while he wrapped a sharply barbed tail around her neck that bit deeply into her tanned flesh. A bone devil knelt against Sarah's ass, thrusting his cock into her pussy with ramming his hardened tail into her tight ass hole. Asmodeus drank deeply from his cup, inhaling the thick, cloying scents of sweating bodies and female juices.

* * *

John Lynch sat within the confining cockpit of the Nighthawk, a blood-red lamp providing the only light as he monitored displays and watched the progress of his team.

"We're almost at the New Mexico border," whispered an attack chopper pilot from John's comm link.

"Activate stealth fields, maintain radio silence," replied Lynch. The aircraft and four gun ships ghosted over the US/Aztlan border, flying swiftly northwest into New Mexico. Lynch went over his ship's systems, raising its state-of-the-art shields and arming its missiles and plasma cannons.

"Hang on, girls, I'm coming," muttered John as the Nighthawk rocketed towards the imposing mountain fortress of Asmodeus.


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