Gen 13: Infernal Seductions Part 6 (MMMf, demon)
by PJ

The devil lord watched avidly as Caitlin lay prone on her back, ravaged by three large horn devils. One winged beast knelt above her head, sliding his long tail in and out of her open mouth. A second devil positioned himself between Cat's outspread legs, shoving his huge cock into her ichor-stained pussy. A third horn devil knelt at the naked girl's side, sucking lewdly on one of her large, tempting breasts. Roxy and Sarah sprawled senselessly upon the cum-soaked cushions of the leather couches positioned on Asmodeus' dais. Small Imps slithered around the unconscious girls' bodies, poking and fondling their sweaty, bare flesh.

Caitlin moaned as the horn devil near her head pushed his tail deep into her throat, making her gag for air as the member forced her lips painfully wide open. The devil between Cat's legs grasped her kneecaps as he thrust his cock into her belly, the shaft throbbing and dripping with green goo as it slid within her tight, pink vagina. Caitlin's tits were marred with bite marks as the horn devil at her side sucked voraciously on her bosom flesh, gnawing her hard nipples until they bled.

Asmodeus gazed down from his couch, his handsome face bearing a cruel smile as he relished Caitlin's uncontrolled arousal and pain. Suddenly, the devil lord cocked his head to the side, his pointed ears detecting a low roar growing closer with each second. Frowning in thought, Asmodeus gasped as the entire chamber shook, rock shards falling from the ceiling as the surface of the mountain sustained a powerful impact.

"Guards! To your posts!" roared Asmodeus as he shot up from his couch, his ruby scepter grasped tightly in hand while he watched the horn devils leave Caitlin's naked body and fly up into holes drilled into the rock. The devil lord stood in the middle of the three ravished young women, his eyes burning with fury as he sensed the battle raging outside.

* * *

John Lynch fired another missile salvo, unleashing six small rockets that sped forward from wing launchers and smashed into the mountain rock, tearing great chunks of stone into the air. The Nighthawk ascended above the shattering mountain, the sleek craft followed by two horn devils and a succubus who fired fireballs from her clawed hands. John activated the rear machine gun as the aircraft's shields absorbed the blast of the fireballs. A stream of tracer fire sliced into the pursuing devils, ripping the horn devils to shreds but merely wounding the succubus. The she-devil screeched with pain and anger, then invoked
Darkness around the Nighthawk. John's cockpit window was black as pitch, but he still had use of his instruments and scanners. Lynch turned the plane in a tight arc, then fired its forward guns, spewing bolts of plasma that punched gaping, fatal holes into the succubus' alluring body.

The attack copters hovered near the surface of the mountain, releasing squadrons of mercenaries that poured rifle fire into the advancing devil horde. Ivana slid down a rope, firing an auto pistol into a barbed devil until he fell limply to the ground. Ivana's team landed around her, unleashing rifle bursts into a patrol of barbed devils emerging from a narrow cleft in the rock. Before the beasts died, one devil pointed his claw, summoning a pillar of fire that immolated a helpless soldier. Ivana popped two rounds into the devil's skull, then lead her squad into the dark, confining slash within the stone.

John set the Nighthawk hovering near the summit of the mountain fortress, then dumped a string of bombs near its peak. Explosions littered the area as stone collapsed and fell down into an immense chamber. Lynch lowered a stout rope, then slid down into the stadium-sized room, shooting two bone devils that charged toward him. John scanned the area with his sharp eyes, then discovered his lovely wards lying comatose upon a raised dais. The tall man raced up the steps of the dais, eyeing the muscular humanoid standing quietly amongst the
girls. Asmodeus turned quickly, unleashing two lightning bolts that punched into John's chest. Lynch groaned as he fell back, but he still squeezed the trigger of his auto-rifle, releasing a stream of bullets into the devil lord's stomach. Asmodeus grunted as his robes and blue flesh were ripped apart, then he waited patiently as his tough skin began to regenerate. Lynch bounced off a dozen steps, then halted his fall and staggered to his feet. He panted softly for air, raising his left arm and activating a hidden laser that nestled within his cybernetic limb. The beam weapon sprang out, then fired, shooting a thick beam of ruby energy that impaled Asmodeus' chest and gushed out of his back. The devil lord staggered, then began laughing, his mocking voice grating John's ears as he gritted his teeth in frustration.

"What does it take to kill you?" shouted John vehemently.

"More than you have, little man," snarled Asmodeus before he aimed his scepter at Lynch, unleashing a torrent of molten fire that dripped onto the steps of the dais and melted the rock like hot caramel. John jumped over the fire strike, landing to the left of his prior position. Unable to think of another strategy, Lynch resumed firing his rifle, tearing flesh from the devil lord's arms and torso, flesh that grew back as soon as it became damaged. Asmodeus retorted with attacks from his scepter, spewing acid, frost, and a salvo of fireballs that destroyed large portions of the chamber, but failed to connect with the agile human.

Caitlin stirred weakly, her brain and crotch on fire as she moaned softly. The beautiful young woman blinked her large, green eyes, then stared in shock as she imagined Lynch fighting Lord Asmodeus. Shaking her head energetically, Caitlin smiled brightly when she discovered that she was not hallucinating, John was alive. The tall girl staggered to her feet, then began to approach the growling devil lord. Asmodeus detected Caitlin's movement, but ignored the naked girl.

"Stay out of this wench. Your former lover will be nothing but a memory when I'm through with him," smiled Asmodeus coldly.

"Caitlin! Get Sarah and Roxy, then run! Escape while I keep this monster busy!" shouted Lynch as he hurtled another stream of fire.

Caitlin frowned in thought, her mind fogged with lingering lust and confusion. Setting her lush lips with determination, Caitlin grabbed Asmodeus' arms and pressed them into his back, the glowing ruby scepter falling from his grasp to the floor.

* * *

Muerte cast another Cone of Frost, paralyzing two barbed devils that had discovered him. Walking quickly past the two guards that were now trapped in a prison of ice, the wizard found a shaft that led out into the open air. Muerte brought the words of the Fly spell into his thoughts, preparing to escape this infernal prison and glide to freedom. The mage halted his incantation just before it left his lips, his brow creased in thought as he remembered a girl from another world, a girl he had tried to protect but failed. Guilt attacked Muerte's thoughts while he recalled Roxy being taken away by the demon-bitch, Xanna. Standing tall, the wizard abandoned the escape shaft and began walking deeper into the fortress, his mind scanning for a trace of Roxy's essence.

* * *

Asmodeus struggled within Caitlin's grip, his supernatural strength negated by Cat's gen-power. John rushed forward, his laser arm glowing with power until he stood before the writhing devil lord.

"Duck!" ordered Lynch as he placed the barrel of his laser weapon in front of Asmodeus' blue forehead. Caitlin crouched down low as the laser fired, the ruby beam bursting Asmodeus' head like a ripe melon. Cat quickly disengaged from the spasming body as it fell back wetly to the floor, its limbs jerking while purple blood oozed from the shattered skull. Caitlin wrapped her arms around her bare stomach, her breath sharp and labored as she watched the dying devil with loathing. Turning her eyes away from Asmodeus' corpse, Caitlin stared at her mentor and former lover, sobs slowly building within her chest. John smiled gently, then moved forward to hug Cat affectionately. Caitlin wrapped her arms
desperately around Lynch's waist, her grip so tight he grunted in pain before she hastily loosened her hold. The redhead cried passionately, her tears moistening John's shoulder as he crooned softly into her ear and rubbed her back. Caitlin's sobs grew fainter, then she backed her head away from John's shoulder, crushing his surprised lips with her own as she eagerly kissed her returned lover.

"I see that your enthusiasm is undiminished," laughed John as he reluctantly broke away from Caitlin, then escaped her tight embrace.

"I thought that you were dead, we all did," sniffled Caitlin while she wiped drying tears from her pale cheeks.

"I was dead, but Aztechnology brought me back," replied John gravely.

"How?" inquired Caitlin curiously.

"I'll explain later. We need to get the other two girls and evac out of here," said John before he began walking towards an unconscious Sarah.

"I didn't say you could leave," gurgled Asmodeus as his face finished regenerating, blood staining his lips and chin.

"This is ridiculous," said Lynch to the ceiling as he brought his laser arm to bear on the devil. Before John could fire his weapon, Asmodeus' right arm shot forward, grabbing Lynch's elbow, then twisting the cyber-limb until it snapped. John screamed in pain as he was pushed roughly to the floor, cradling his broken limb. Caitlin snarled as she attacked, punching Asmodeus several times in the face and torso. The devil grunted as the girl snapped his head back and sent his body plunging to the rubble-strewn ground below. Caitlin stood at the edge of the dais, her fists clenched as she watched the robed devil rise smoothly to his
feet and glare balefully at her.

"You could have been my concubine, a favored slave that I would have cherished for centuries. Our children could have ruled the whole of creation, but you are too stubborn, too mortal," said Asmodeus sadly.

"I have the man I love, you can go to Hell," spat Caitlin.

"You first," grinned the devil as he pointed a long, clawed finger at Cat, the digit glowing with blue-black light before a beam of darkness shot upwards, aimed at the attractive girl's heart. A sphere of golden light appeared around Caitlin and Lynch, a sphere that absorbed the lethal Finger of Death before it could harm Cat. Asmodeus turned to face Muerte, who stood smiling smugly from a doorway.

"Greetings, Lord Asmodeus. Time for you to check out," said the wizard before he began a series of ornate gestures that inscribed glowing runes into the air. Asmodeus roared with fury, summoning his ruby scepter to his clawed hand as he charged the casting mage. Raising the scepter above his horned head, the devil lord screamed when a cloud of glittering mist gushed from Muerte's hands and engulfed the evil being. Asmodeus' shouts grew fainter as his corporeal body faded, then disappeared into nothingness. Muerte ran up the dais and knelt beside Roxy, cradling her alluring face until she moaned softly and opened her bleary eyes.

"I think we can go now," smiled Lynch as Caitlin moved next to him and slid an arm around his waist. Muerte helped Roxy to her feet, then held her lightly while she regained her senses and looked around in confusion.

"What happened?" asked the short girl. "The last thing I remember is shopping in town."

"I'll tell you later, Rox. Can you fly us all up to the airplane?" asked Caitlin as she pointed towards the hovering Nighthawk high above them.

"Yeah, sure," agreed Roxy before she squinted her eyes and concentrated her power. Everyone slowly rose into the air, no one noticing as the glittering mist boiled darkly, expanding to fill the entire chamber.

"Uhh, we have a problem," said Muerte as he indicated the growing cloud of mist below them.

"What's that shit?" asked Roxy in alarm.

"Asmodeus must have control of the Gate from his side, he's trying to widen the portal," replied the mage nervously.

"Hurry, Roxy!" urged Caitlin.

The companions ascended to the Nighthawk's hatch, then quickly took seats while John jumped into the cockpit and brought the ship's engines to life, blasting away from the ruined mountain as black fog vomited from the audience hall's cavity. Tendrils of shadow shot forward, wrapping around the Nighthawk and pulling it back to the ruined fortress. Lynch punched the plane's jets to maximum, the strain shaking the hull as the aircraft was drawn relentlessly back to the gaping mountain hole.

"Can't you do anything?" shouted Roxy at Muerte.

"No! Asmodeus is too strong!" retorted the mage before the Nighthawk spun out of control and rushed into the pulsing maw of the Gate.

The Nighthawk flew serenely over an endless plain of red dust, the auto-pilot controlling the craft as its passengers slumped limply in their seats. Lynch woke up first, gazing around the cockpit sleepily, then focusing his eyes on the controls and the view outside. Within a few minutes, everyone was awake and staring out of the craft's windows.

"What is this place?" asked Roxy as she watched waves of red sand slide under her.

"We're in Hades, the domain of Asmodeus," moaned Muerte as he collapsed back into his chair, pressing his face into his open palms.

"Great, we're in Hell, literally," observed Sarah as red sunlight cast shadows over her sharp features.

"It'll be okay. Mr. Lynch will find a way home," said Caitlin optimistically.

"Sure," muttered Roxy before she slumped next to Muerte, her arm wrapping around his.

The Nighthawk flew for days, no sign of civilization ever appeared by sight or by instruments. The craft was well-stocked with supplies, but Lynch rationed everything since there was no telling when they would find more food or water. Roxy attached herself to Muerte, they seemed to have a strange bond that comforted them both during the crisis. Sarah kept to herself, sitting alone and hugging her arms around herself as she stared at the endless dunes of sand. Caitlin sat with Lynch in the cockpit, talking, smiling, sometimes touching when no one else would see.

One morning, Caitlin awoke with a start, her face contorted with pain as she unbuckled her seatbelt and stumbled desperately towards the bathroom. John snorted awake, then looked back as he listened to Caitlin vomit into the toilet. Putting the ship on auto-pilot, John rushed to Caitlin's side, rubbing her back until she stopped spewing, then handing her a towel to clean her fouled mouth and chin. Roxy slept heedlessly against Muerte, the wizard's arm around her shoulders protectively. Sarah slept alone in one of the front passenger seats, her peaceful face turned towards an unobscured side window of the craft.

"How do you feel?" asked John softly.

"Sick. My stomach's churning," whispered Caitlin weakly.

Lynch led Caitlin into the plane's small infirmary, then ordered the room's computer to scan Cat. When the diagnosis flashed onto the monitor, John gasped loudly, his eyes wide with shock.

"What is it?" asked Caitlin fearfully.

"You''re pregnant!" said John in stunned disbelief.

"Is it yours?" inquired Cat, her lips trembling in terror.

"No. According to the genetic-scan, the baby is demonic," replied John before he looked up at Caitlin helplessly.

Caitlin drew her long legs up against her stomach, hugging them tightly as she sobbed quietly in despair.

The End


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