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Helpful hints about the story, you can skip this if you want, but it just
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I'm very unfamiliar with The DC Comic Universe, being more of a Marvel Comics
fan. However, another author who enjoyed my Marvel stories suggested I try my
hand at a JLA one and gave me the seed of an idea which kept me awake nights
until I decided to write it. This author sent me a huge amount of information
on DC characters and personalities, for which I would like to extend my
heartfelt thanks, without him, this story would not have been possible.
Everything that is right about the characters, the continuity and the
personalities is because of him, any mistakes are my own fault, and I

This story takes place after The Cataclysm in The Bat-Books, but with a
difference. In this Universe, Washington agreed to help rebuild Gotham, which
wasn't as badly damaged as it was in regular DC Continuity, and Gotham City
is still part of The U.S.A. WonderWoman is still lecturing at The Gateway
City Museum of Cultural Antiquities, not living in that weirdo WonderDome
thingee of hers, Aquaman still has a trident on his hand and Poison Ivy
doesn't have green skin.

I was unable to find out if Metropolis and Gotham were in the same time zone,
so I just assumed they were. I also put Gotham time on The JLA Watchtower on
The Moon, let's call it a Global Standard Time, or GST.

Oh yeah, and here's the story!

Justice League Of America: Dark Angel Part 1 (no sex)
by Dimitri Maximoff

With a protesting screech of iron tearing against stone, a framework of light
appeared, revealing a doorway unseen in the darkness for millennia.

"Shhh," gasping a low, panicky voice,"Not so loudly."

"Door's heavy," grunted a deep, stupid sounding voice,"And it feels like it's
joined to the stone somehow."

"Just... just not so loud, all right," muttered the panicky voice, it's voice
a hushed whisper, it's fear palpable,"We don't want Him to hear."

With a final, quick groan the door was pushed open enough for the two beings
to push their way through.

One was large, nearly eight feet tall and several feet across. It's shoulders
were hunched up and it's muscular arms so long that it's knuckles dragged
along the ground as it walked. It'd head was mercifully shrouded in darkness,
it's malformed and distorted features would make the strongest man blanch.

The other was smaller and leaner, with a swollen belly. Its's arms were also
long, it's long, slender fingers coming down to it's ankles. Standing just
over five feet tall, it had two horns sloping back from it's head. It's face
was highlighted for a moment, revealing a lean, impish face currently twisted
with a mixture of panicky fear, hope and longing. A long, forked tongue
slipped out and nervously slid around it's mouth and long, tapered nose.

"Where?" asked the larger.

"Shhh, Dargoban," snapped the smaller,"Can't you sense the malignance in
here, it makes our abode seem tame by comparison."

"Don't smell anything, Scintar," muttered Dargoban, sniffing noisily,"And I
mean nothing, there is nothing here at all, no vermin, no bugs, no food,

"At the end of this corridor," muttered Scintar, wincing at Dargoban's loud
voice but not bothering to repeat it's warning to be quiet,"Is another door
that can only be opened from the outside, and inside that door, He awaits."

"Who is he," muttered Dargoban,"You told me that we could finally take this
damned place over, that there was a guy in here who could help us, but who is

"He is our master's former protege," returned Scintar as the two demons made
their way down the black corridor,"You weren't around at the time, but I was,
still a youngling but smart enough to keep my eyes open. Our master used to
take him everywhere, teaching him everything. But when his protege tried to
pull off a coup and failed, our master realized just how dangerous he had
become and locked him away deep in here."

"And he's still here?"

"There is no other way out, there are three doors, which can only be opened
by certain chants, and can only be opened from the outside. And there is no
demon alive who knows the chants... at least no demon our master knows off."

Dargoban chuckled.


"Exactly," laughed Scintar,"Here we are."

They were not at the end of the corridor, there was no sign of any door, but
Dargoban did not doubt that Scintar was right.

"Quiet now," Scintar said, and began to chant.

* * *

He gazed into the bowl, chuckling as three young rich kids blackened their
souls, chasing down a young waitress on a rainy night. They were high on
drugs and horny, a dangerous combination.

"Go on, sheep," he chuckled,"It never fails to amuse me when the mortals do
all my work for me, I just need to keep the doors open, and they pour their
way in."

Suddenly his eyes narrowed slightly and the image in the bowl shifted,
twisted and turned black.

"What is this?" he muttered,"I feel a disturbance..."

Suddenly his eye's widened.


* * *

The chants complete, Scintar dropped to it's knees. With a weary wave of it's
hands, it motioned to Dargoban to open the door.

Now thin cracks were apparent in the stone, marking the outline of the door
that had been hidden until now. Darboban's hands grasped at the stone and
began to pull.

Down the far end of the corridor, the half open door exploded open, chunks of
stone flying down the corridor.

Dargoban hesitated, it's twisted face turning to see the red light spilling
down the corridor, preceding the black, shadowy figure racing towards him.

"IT'S HIM!" cried Dargoban in terror.

"The door!" wheezed Scintar,"Open the door!"

Dargoban, lent strength by his fear, ripped the door out of the stone and
flung it at the approaching figure.

"FOOOOLLLLLLSSS!!!" screamed Lord Neron, his eye's ablaze with unholy fury,
teeth clenched in a mixture of anger and fear.

"HELP US!" commanded Scintar, raising his voice and yelling into the darkened
confines of the cell before him,"We released you, help us!"

Neron arrived between them, clasped their heads in his hands and gripped down

Scintar and Dargoban squealed in agony, smoke burning from their heads, with
a roar Neron flung them forward into the cell, the fire that was catching all
over their bodies illuminated the cell in it's entirety.

Neron's eyes widened in shock and disbelief, not believing what he was

Apart from Scintar and Dargoban's blubbering, burning forms, the cell was
completely, totally empty.

And it looked like it had been that way for millennia.

Gotham City - June 1st, 1999.

"Sarge! Look!" cried one of the Officers, pointing to the sky.

"What is that?" asked one bystander, shading his eyes from the glare of the
setting sun,"A bird, a plane?"

Somebody smacked him on the back of the head.

"Schmuck, it's Superman."

The Man Of Tomorrow landed easily on one foot, his face impassive, his entire
body seeming to ripple with his incredible powers.

"Ahhh, Mr. Superman?" asked The Sergeant hesitantly, a little unsure of the
etiquette involved when talking to a Superhero.

"Sergeant?" asked Superman,"I heard there was a situation here, that someone
was demanding to see me?"

"How did you hear that, we've only talked about it over secure radio bands in

"I know," replied Superman,"I overheard them while flying about Metropolis."

The Sergeant shook his head, as if to clear it, and then asked The Man Of
Steel to follow him.

Over by the police van where they were currently running things from for this
situation, Commissioner Gordon was waiting.

"Superman," he said gruffly,"We would have preferred not to bring you in on

"We?" asked Superman.

"We," repeated a new voice, and two white slits appeared in the dark alley
beside the alleyway.

"Batman," said Superman with a slight nod of his head,"I didn't hear you."

"I know," replied Batman simply, staying back in the shadows.

"The problem we have here is unfortunately a familiar one, The Joker has
taken hostages inside the Bank, and we can't take the chance of going in
after him, the situation is just too unpredictable."

"And he's demanding to see me?" asked Superman,"Is this to do with what
happened last time?"

Batman nodded, leaving Gordon mystified. He didn't know about The Jokers
attempt to drive Superman mad with guilt by trying to have The Man Of Steel
murder him not so long ago.

"Let me go in," said Superman,"Whatever he has planned, I think I can handle

"Never think like that when you're dealing with The Joker," warned
Batman,"Let me handle this."

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" screeched a voice over a loud set of speakers
set up near the front of the Bank,"I SEE YOU SUPES! COME IN! COME IN! COME

"Dammit,' muttered Gordon,"He knows you're hear."

"SUPES!" screamed the maniacs voice,"If you're not in here by the time I
count to three, a hostage dies! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

"Don't play his games," warned Batman.


"I don't have any choice," growled Superman.


"Don't do it Su..." Batman stopped.

"THR... " the voice cut off.

Superman was no longer standing in front of them.

* * *

"THR... " started The Joker, then stopped as Superman appeared in the room,
zooming to a stop the moment he saw the hostages were still safe, at least
relatively so.

Joker's grin spread even wider than before,"You came! I'm touched, Supes!" he
wiped an imaginary tear from his eye.

"Joker, let these people go," warned Superman.

"LET... MY PEOPLE... GOOOOO!!!!" Joker sang loudly, his hand to his heart.

"I'm serious," growled Superman.

Suddenly, although his fixed smile remained, Joker's demeanor changed, more

"So am I, Supes," he whispered, his eyes dark and unreadable, his smile
mocking,"So am I."

He touched something on his belt and Superman heard a whirring noise from
above the mad villain.

A cone of light seemed to surround him, glowing with a green nimbus.

"What?" asked Superman, confused.

In answer, Joker pulled a gun from behind his back and pressed it against his

"Joker, what are...?"

"Kryptonite, Supes," chuckled Joker,"I'm going to pull this trigger now, and
blow my poor addled brains all over the back of this wall. The hostages will
suffer post-traumatic shock and be in therapy for the rest of their
meaningless lives, and while I'll be dead and the world will become a better
place because of it, but all of their suffering and my death will be on you,
because you didn't act, because you might have been hurt."

"Joker, don't act crazy..."

"HA!" laughed Joker,"That's like you not being Super!" his face took on a
demonic cast,"It's not so easy to be perfect when your own ass is on the
line, is it, Supes!"

He pulled the trigger.

* * *


"SHIT!" growled Gordon,"WE'RE GOING IN!!!!"

* * *

Superman pushed the switch on Joker's belt, turning off the Kryptonite field.
Almost distractedly he crushed the bullet which he had caught in his fingers.

"What happened?" asked Batman, who'd followed Superman almost instantly, but
only reached the room a second after the gun had fired.

"I WON!!!!" screamed Joker, cackling wildly,"BATS! I BEAT HIM!! I BEAT

"Sure you did, Joker," Superman muttered, taking the cuffs offered to him by
Batman and manacling the Clown Prince Of Crime,"Sure you did."

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" screamed Joker as Police entered the room and began to
pull him away. Outside men from Arkham Asylum would be waiting to
straitjacket him and take him away to the Institution for the Criminally
Insane People with Extraordinary Abilities,"I WON! I WON!! I WON!!! I

"I don't like it," muttered Batman darkly,"What did he do?"

"He surrounded himself with a thin force screen of Kryptonite and tried to
shoot himself. I moved through it at Superspeed, all I felt was a momentary
twinge of pain, and stopped the bullet before it could penetrate his skin."

"How close was the gun to his skin?" asked Batman.

"Pressing into it," replied Superman with a small smile on his face.

"Faster than a speeding bullet," Batman replied, the barest hint of a smirk
on his face. As more police officers came into the room he settled back into
the shadows, officially he was a wanted man, and although most of the police
officers would ignore him, some - like Harvey Bullock - would make a point of
trying to arrest him.

"I don't like it," The Dark Knight muttered,"It shouldn't have been as easy
as it was."

"Relax," said Superman with a smile,"Sometimes things work out just fine."

Batman just frowned.

Maxi-Drive Enterprises - June 3rd, 1999.

Dave Simkins sighed.

Here it was, 3 in the morning, and he was walking around in a fucking lab
filled with shit which he didn't have the first clue how to work.

"This is my fucking life," he muttered.

His job was one of the most boring in the world, he sat watching bad t.v for
an hour, then walked about the labs, the offices and corridors, making sure
nothing was amiss - which it never was - and then went and watched another
hour of shitty t.v.

Then he went home, tried to get a few hours of sleep then got up and watched
bad afternoon television, then listened to his wife complain all evening
about how bad HER fucking job was before he left to go to work for another

He just couldn't understand how his life could have fallen apart like this.
He'd been High School Quarterback! Him and his wife had been King & Queen of
the Prom! They'd been voted cutest couple! He'd been popular, funny and liked
by everyone.

Maybe he should have spent more time studying?

"Nah!" he chuckled,"And be like those losers who hung out in the Library and
played Chess, scheah right! I ain't no loser!"

Of course, one of those 'losers' now ran Maxi-Drive Enterprises and employed
him, not that he'd actually met Dave since he'd started, nor was ever likely

So, for what seemed like the millionth time, Dave wondered down the
corridors, rather non-chalantly checking the well-lighted rooms.

For fun, he decided to change his routine, and instead of turning left at a
fork in the corridors and checking the offices, then coming back to the labs,
he went right to check the labs first.

And found Catwoman.

The sexy burglar was in the first lab, her back to him, bent over the central
workstation, trying to extricate whatever was placed there without setting
off the alarms hooked up to all the workbenches, which could only be turned
off with the proper access code. Dave had codes to get into the labs, but not
at the workstations, which made sense because it basically made Industrial
Espionage impossible.

His first instinct was to yell out, something heroic that would strike fear
into the heart of the most hardened criminal, but he quickly stopped himself.
This chick had gone one on one with Batman before and managed to escape, and
even in his prime he would have been wary about trying to catch her in a fair

But now he had the advantage of surprise.

He moved forward quietly, and when within what he judged to be about his
range, leaped forward to tackle her.

As he jumped, all he could think about was his name in the papers the next
day, about the huge bonus his boss would get him. Hell, it might be enough
for him to justify a loan to start his own Security business! He could train
people to do the boring shit for him while he lived in the lap of luxury.

He was also thinking that the sexy villainess had a great ass.

Then he was crashing into the workstation.

Faster than his eye had been able to follow, she leaped high into the air,
one leg bent, the other extended out straight. With an easy, catlike grace
she'd backflipped over him and landed completely silently on one foot behind

With a groan, Dave shook his head to clear it, then struggled up onto all

"Whe... where da fuck did that bitch go?" he muttered.

"Rrraoow!!!! Such language!" chided a voice behind him.

He whipped around, his eyes widening when he took in the sight of the
dangerous villainess in front of him.

She was incredible, a woman with a body than an Olympic Athlete would be
jealous of. There didn't seem to be an inch of fat on her, unless you counted
her large, firm breasts of course. She was tall, wearing a skintight purple
jumpsuit with long black gloves and thigh high black boots. She wore a cowl
similar to Batman's, which covered the top of her head but showed her nose
and mouth. Large eyeholes showed off her expressive eyes and long, curly
black hair that ran out from under the cowl to below her shoulders, tapering
down to the small of her
back. She was holding something behind her, but Dave hadn't seen her holding
anything when he'd come across her.

"Ahh fuck," Dave muttered, rubbing his nose,"Freeze, you're under arrest."

Catwoman stared at him from wide eyes for a moment, then threw back her head
and burst out laughing.

"What the fuck are you laughing at, bitch?"

Something cracked in the air, a millimeter or so from his face.

"What the fuck!?!" he cried out loud, recoiling.

Now he could see what she'd been holding behind her back, a large, very
dangerous looking bullwhip.

Where the fuck had it come from? he wondered to himself.

"Bitch? You called me a bitch?" she said, a dangerous looking smile on her

His eyes narrowed, ignoring whatever feminist bullshit she was about to start
spinning, judging the distance between them. He figured he could launch
himself at her and catch her before she could bring the bullwhip up again, it
looked fucking heavy.

He braced himself to move, and the bullwhip snapped in front of his face

"Naughty, naughty," she admonished him with a grin, then actually wagged her
finger at him,"Didn't your Mommy teach you it was bad to try and beat up

"What the fuck!?!" he snapped,"What's your fucking problem? You could put out
my fucking eye with thing!"

"That's the point, Einstein," Catwoman chuckled,"Now be a good little bitch
and move into the corner of the lab and keep your mouth shut."

"HEY! I ain't a bitch!" he yelled, outraged and being referred to with such
disrespect, didn't she know he'd once scored three touchdowns in a game to
take them to the Inter-School Finals?!!

"Oh, I see," she said with a grin,"So it's all right for you to call me a
bitch, but not for me to call you one?"

"I'm a man! I'm not a fucking bitch!"

Her eyes glinted with something, anger? insanity? maybe humor?

"Oh, I think that's just what you are," she said, and her arm moved in a blur
of speed, cracking the bullwhip again.

"AHH SHIT!!!!" Dave cried, his arm suddenly going limp. He pulled his left
hand up and grabbed at his shoulder,"Ahh fuck, what'd you do?"

"I gave you a dead arm, Davey," she said with a grin,"You probably gave one
to about a hundred nerds back when you were the big man at
High School."

"How do you know about that?" he cried out,"And how'd you know my old

"Oh fuck," Catwoman chuckled, shaking her head,"I knew because you guys are
all alike, and I just called you Davey because your name tag says David."

"I think my arm is broken?" whimpered Dave, his right arm swinging uselessly
beside him.

"Wimp," she muttered, and cracked the bullwhip again, making it crack just an
inch or so from his face. This time he recoiled fearfully.

"So," she said conversationally,"What are you?"



"What are you, Davey?" she asked, seeing the look of terror on his face as he
imagined what the Bullwhip could do to his face. He stared defiantly at her
for a second, then gulped fearfully as she tensed her arm.

"A... bi..." he stopped, then shook his head.


"AHHH! A BITCH! I'm a bitch!" he cried, remembering the stinging pain in his
now numb arm.

"Damn straight," she laughed,"And what do bitches do?"


"What do bitches do, Davey?"

"They.. they do whatever they're told?"

"That's right, bitch, and you're going to do what I tell you, understand?"
asked Catwoman.

"Yes," Davey replied numbly, feeling both humiliated and angered at being
embarrassed like this.

"Then take off your clothes."

"WHAT!" he cried in disbelief.

The bullwhip cracked so close to his face this time that he almost pissed
himself, he was so scared.

"Take your clothes off, Davey-Bitch," Catwoman said with a grin,"I staked
this place out for over a month, got your routine down pat, and then you go
and choose tonight to change it. I deserve a little something for having my
valuable time wasted."

Dave just stood and stared at her, but when her arm flexed to use the whip,
he quickly began fumbling with his belt.

"Good bitch," laughed Catwoman.

* * *

Outside the complex, a dark figure stood staring at the lighted floor of the
building. There had not been any sound of alarms, and if any silent ones had
been triggered, the police would have arrived by now.

"This delay can only mean one thing," he muttered to himself.


End Part 01 Of 25.


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