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Justice League Of America: Dark Angel Part 2 (MF,F-mast,F-dom)
by Dimitri Maximoff

Dave stood miserably, his clothes laying heaped on the floor, all he wore
were his boxers... and worst of all, they had hearts onthem.

"Hehe, it's almost like one of those cartoons," Catwoman chuckled, then
became serious again,"But take them off too,Bitchy-Boy."

With a half-stifled sob, Dave pulled down his boxers.

"Not bad," murmured Catwoman, eying his genitals critically,"At least you
have the equipment, although I bet you never bothered to learn how to use it

She dropped the bullwhip to her side and moved forward.

Dave took his opportunity and swung at her with his good arm, and Catwoman
easily dodged it and slammed her palm up hard into his armpit.

With a cry, Dave recoiled, his right arm now hanging loosely at his side. He
stumbled over his clothes and fell hard onto his ass, crying out with a
surprised, girlish cry.

Catwoman followed him to the floor, leaping against his chest, forcing him
onto his back. He lay pinned to the floor, unable to lift himself up with two
numb arms, his days of being able to leap to his feet without his arms
assisting were long behind him.

Catwoman scooted back slightly, and now her ass was pressing into his crotch.
With a grin she began to rub up and down over his lap, her magnificent
asscheeks sliding over and over him, causing his traitorous dick to begin to

"Hey, what are you doing!" cried Dave.

"Getting you ready," replied Catwoman, a smug smile on her beautiful face,"I
need attention, and since you're nothing but a bitch anyway, I'll fuck you
and be done with it."

"No!" he cried,"I'm married!"

Catwoman actually laughed at him,"You're married? Let me guess, High School
Sweethearts, right?"

Dave didn't answer, but he looked shocked. Catwoman seemed to know everything
about him, how? The fact that his was a sad story repeated a billion times
over had never occurred to him.

"Like you've never fucked some drunk bimbo after partying at a bar while your
wife was at home anyway," muttered Catwoman, and continued stroking her ass
over his cock, which was now almost fully erect and straining up against the
sheer, pink material which covered her pussy.

Again Dave marveled at her knowledge of him. Sure he'd fucked a few chicks
since getting married, but that had been different, they'd come on to him,
and hell, he'd been drunk, a guy couldn't be blamed for going along with a
girl when he was drunk, could he. But this was different, he wasn't the
instigator, he wasn't the one in charge.

"That's about enough, I think," Catwoman said with a smile, and reached down
and grabbed at her skin tight costume around the waist. With a mighty tug and
a ripping noise, the costume was torn away, exposing her flat waist. She
lifted her ass slightly and pulled the tight costume down past her hips and
thighs, revealing her vagina to him. She had only a small, rectangular patch
of pubic hair over her pink cuntlips, which were completely shaven.

- Damn, not like Maria's at all, - Dave thought. He'd broached the subject of
shaving or at least trimming with her before, and she'd shot him down

"All of those women in those magazines have airbrushing," Maria had snapped
at him,"If I shave I'll get a rash, and I'll have to shave every day to keep
from getting an itchy regrowth, just to please you... I don't think so!"

Catwoman now grabbed the ripped edges of her costume just below the breasts,
and pulled it up over her large tits. Dave stifled a gasp as he found himself
staring at two of the most perfect tits he'd ever seen. They were large,
round and firm, with not an inch of sag to them, with small, pink nipples
poking out and up.

"Like what you see, Davey?" she asked him, seeing his eyes leering at her
breasts. She cupped the underside of her tits and gave them a couple of

"Please don't do this," he whispered, even as a dirty little part of him
rejoiced at what was about to happen.

Catwoman stared down at his straining cock, which was pointing up at a 45
degree angle directly between them.

"Don't bother fighting it, Davey, you know you want it," she giggled,"How
many times did you say that to some poor girl in High School, I wonder?"

"No, don't do it!" he cried as she grabbed his cock and pulled it back to
just beneath the entrance to her cunt.

- Yes! Do it! - cried the voice in his head, louder now, not caring about
Maria, his loving, angelic wife, just wanting sex, sex, sex!

And then she did, lowering herself down onto his member, his cock parting her
tight cuntlips and pushing the strong muscles aside, filling her up with his

"Ahhhh," he moaned, a sound Catwoman wasn't sure was in pleasure or despair.

"Feels good," she whispered sultrily,"If you ever learned how to use this
thing right, you and your wife would probably be much happier."

She continued to press herself down, down, down on his cock, her cunt slowly
been filled with inch after inch of his meat. Finally she hit bottom, her
cunt pressing against the base of his cock, his pubic hair tickling her cunt,
making her giggle.

Dave couldn't believe her tightness, it reminded him of his first time with
Maria, back in High School when he'd gotten her into the back of his old
Packard (which still sat in his garage) and eagerly fucked her virgin pussy
with everything he'd had, cumming in a little under four minutes (which
nowadays was about average for him). Her cunt was tight, wet and hot,
grasping onto his cock and sucking back on it everytime Catwoman lifted her
ass back up. Her hands roamed all over her breasts, and Dave found himself
longing to sit up and take the large orbs of tit flesh in his hands, squeeze
them and knead them, suck on the small, erect nipples. His arms were
beginning to gain a little feeling back, a tingling which he barely noticed
with her cunt clasping tightly to his cock, but he figured that she wouldn't
let him take any initiative anyway.

- I'll just have to sit back and bear with it, - he thought, already changing
his mind's position from unwilling to tolerance, while his inner subconscious
reveled in getting to fuck the hot villainess.

He actually let out a low groan of pleasure as he felt her cuntlips spreading
open and Catwoman's vaginal opening before his cock. He realized what he'd
done and tried to suppress any more noises by tightly closing his mouth, but
moans continued to come up from his throat, heard even through his tightly
compressed lips.

Catwoman laughed happily as she felt the married man's cock sliding up into
her tight cunt. Her juices were flowing steadily, lubricating the way for his
admittedly above average cock to press up into her pussy. She rotated and
ground her hips as she moved up and down, getting his cock to press right up
against her eager snatch, pumping up and down, getting every last inch deep
inside of her.

"That's right, bitch, you're my toy, my tool, my fucking human dildo," she
laughed,"You're here to get me off, bitch!"

He heard her derogatory comments but didn't care anymore, all he could think
about was how good her cunt felt around his cock. All thoughts of his wife
had faded, all thoughts of his job, or of what she had been attempting to
steal. All he cared about was that he was fucking Catwoman! Or rather, she
was fucking him, but that didn't matter, the end result was the same.

Dave just couldn't believe hot nice and hot and tight Catwoman's cunt was
around his cock, and everytime she began to pull herself up from the base of
his cock he felt momentary fear that she was going to keep pulling off, but
of course she didn't, she was enjoying this too much to stop, and when only
his cockhead was left inside her tight little pussy, she'd plunge back down,
her ass slapping against his thighs, her cunt spreading open and taking all
of his meat deep inside.

She slammed up and down on top of him, plunging her cunt up and down, shoving
her hips back and forth, grinding hard against his lap. She shifted the angle
of her plunges, so that his cock raked along her clit when it crammed its way
back into her eager snatch, causing hot vibes of pleasure to race throughout
her sexy body.

She kneaded her breasts roughly in her hands, moaning and groaning happily as
she twisted her nipples between her fingers, sending flaming lancets of
pleasure throughout her entire nervous system.

Dave lay completely still, not taking any active part whatsoever in the sex.
He did this for two reasons, the first was so that it wouldn't appear like he
was into this (despite the loud groans coming from his throat and the look of
lust filled pleasure on his face) and also so that she wouldn't realize he
was enjoying it and stop, because right now there was nothing he wanted more
than to shoot his load deep up into the hot, sexy villainess' cunt.

Her pink, juiced up cuntlips clung to his cock as she lifted herself up, and
pushed back in when she sunk back down onto his meat, grinding her cunt hard
against his lap.

Catwoman threw her head back as far as she could, her eyes squeezing shut,
and she let out a heartfelt cry of pure and absolute ecstasy. She slammed her
hips forward and back as she fucked him, her magnificently rounded ass
tensing and clenching as her cuntlips clamped and choked his cock, making it
rasp along her cuntwalls as she lifted up and down, up and down.

She fucked him harder and harder, finding it difficult because her cunt was
gripping to his dick with a life of it's own, refusing to release the hot,
hard meat of the man that she was effectively raping.

"OOOOH YES!!" Catwoman screamed, releasing one of her breasts and slamming
her hand against her clitoris, grinding her erect lovebutton hard, feeling a
massive orgasm approaching. Her beautiful face was contorted in desire, one
hand squeezing her tit while the other rubbed and twisted along her clit. She
rammed her hips up and down, pushing forward and back, her sweaty, athletic
body shuddered and jerked about as she fucked the security guard.

Her cunt squeezed down on his cock harder than ever before, making the
friction of their fucking even greater, which in turn created even more
pleasure. Catwoman squealed out a high pitched squeal of utter, total and
complete satisfaction.

"YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!" she squealed, and orgasmed hard, her juices exploded
out from around his cock in small sprays. His dick was crammed so deep up her
cunt that her juices were almost trapped in her cunt, only able to spray out
in tiny, spurting streams. She ground her ass down on his hips, writhing
about on him as she came, her body jerking and flailing, crying out a long,
shuddery cry of sated passion.

Finally she wound down from her orgasm, and slowly fell forward onto his
chest, a wide, lazy smile on her face. Her huge breasts squashed against his
chest, her long hair rubbing into the groove of his neck, her ass was thrust
up slightly but her cunt remained wrapped around his dick.

- I'm so close, - Dave thought with a moan, he'd only been moments from
orgasm when she'd stopped humping up and down on him and fell forward onto
his chest, - But I can't say anything. -

She looked up at him and smiled smugly.

"Like that, bitch?"

"I'm not a bitch," he muttered hoarsely, his voice uneven, actually cracking
as he said the word bitch.

"Sure you're not," she giggled, and kissed him lightly on the lips, then
lifted herself slowly, languorously off of him. Her cunt released his cock
reluctantly, sliding out with a wet, sluicing noise.

She stood up and turned around, not even bothering to tie him down, so
disdainful she was of any danger he might pose. And indeed, he stayed down,
having accepted that he couldn't stop her no matter how vulnerable she

She bent over by the workstation, fumbling through something, she pulled it
out to get better access and he saw that it was a small, black bag.

"Aha," she laughed, pulling out what looked like a spraycan, colored pink.

With wide eyes, Dave watched as she sprayed it on over her breasts, waist and
thighs. When she'd sprayed a copious amount on, she pulled the remains of her
costume up over her hips and down over her breasts, and pressed the edges
both together against the wet, pink spray on her skin.

"It's a type of latex," Catwoman explained with a grin, seeing Dave's wide
eyes,"Quick drying, spray on and very adhesive to materials, but not to skin.
It'll serve as a makeshift costume until I get back home."

She pulled her hands from the torn edges of her costume, which now looked
like bumps in her overall skintight gear. Up close it wouldn't stand up to
inspection, but it seemed likely that not many people would get a chance to
walk up to her and look her over up close and personal.

"Now, one last thing," she muttered, and walked back over to the workstation,
where a small sphere was set into tough metal locks which would only be
released by the proper access code. For the first time, he noticed that the
Alpha-Numeric pad had been pulled aside, somehow bypassing the inset security
alarms, and she'd been crossing wires when he'd entered and discovered her.

She manipulated the wires and with a loud 'CLICK!' the metal locks released
the sphere.

"Excellent," she laughed, gingerly removing it as she checked for pressure
locks, of which there were none.

She put the sphere into the bag, which she scooped up and slung over her
shoulder, then walked over to Dave.

She picked up the Bullwhip, leaned down and kissed him lightly on the

"Goodbye, bitch, now you know what's it like to be your wife everytime you
can get it up long enough to roll on top of her, maybe you'll be a little
more thoughtful in future."

She turned and left, and Dave remained lying on his back for quite some time

* * *

Catwoman swung through the loft's skylight and landed gracefully, quickly
surveying the room from the floor, as she'd already done from the skylight,
to check for any ambushes or traps.

"You have the sphere?" asked a voice.

"Rrraooow!" she hissed, whirling about and finding herself facing a tall,
lean figure swathed in shadows,"You make me sound like a clumsy elephant!"

"Never think of yourself as an elephant," said the figure, reaching out and
sliding a finger over her chin,"You are a graceful, beautiful..."

Catwoman pulled away with a slightly contemptuous grin on her face,"Watch it,
buddy, this cat has claws."

The dark figure said nothing, but she seemed to sense that he was smiling at

"Of course," he said finally,"The sphere?"

"The amulet?"

He held up one hand, dangling by a golden chain was a small, round amulet
made of gold, with a small, red ruby inset.

She held up the sphere.

They exchanged simultaneously, neither taking their eyes of the other.

"Excellent," he said,"I knew I could rely on you."

"Purrrfect," she purred, holding up the amulet,"I got the better end of this

"If you say so, my dear," chuckled the dark figure,"If you say so."

Metropolis, 4th June - 1999.

The bar was quiet, most of the low number of occupants watching a football
game on the t.v set in the corner of the room.

Dinah Laurel Lance - The Black Canary - sighed to herself as she
lackadaisically stirred her drink with her finger.

What was she doing here? she wondered to herself, what had she been thinking?

She'd been sitting at home, watching so called Prime Time Television, and
decided to go out and have some fun.

And so, instead of hanging around at home and being miserable she was hanging
out in a shitty bar being miserable.

She'd thought about going out dancing, but changed her mind, the music at
clubs was too loud, you had to constantly keep an eye on your drink to make
sure it wasn't spiked with E or something worse, and you were inevitably hit
on by some loser who couldn't take no for an answer and would end up ruining
your night.

And that was just a normal club, considering that today the latest trend was
to dance in the ruins of some of the big buildings brought down by the recent
Earthquake, where DeeJay's and lights had been set up with traveling bars and
bouncers going along for the ride. It was hardly her scene.

So she went to a bar to enjoy good conversation and listen to some good
music, an idea she'd picked up watching Ally McBeal, and now here she was, in
a quiet, moody bar with nothing to do.

"Excuse me," said a voice next to her, she turned around and found herself
facing a tall, lean man. He was dressed in dark clothes but had a smile on
his face and a sparkle in his eyes which seemed to indicate a good natured
attitude,"Is this seat taken?"

"No," she said with a slight smile,"Go ahead, take it."

He sat down next to her and ordered a bourbon and coke.

"Night on the town?" he asked her.

"Kind of," she replied,"Listen, I'm not going to be great for conversation
tonight, maybe you'd enjoy yourself more watching the game."

She waved her arm at the four men over in the corner of the bar, chatting
noisily about what the Quarterback should have done at the last play.

"Hmmm, sitting quietly or sitting with 4 drunk ex-high school football stars,
I wonder what I'd prefer?" he said with a small smile.

She chuckled.

"I know, I probably wouldn't be good conversation myself," he said,"I came
out because I didn't want to sit at home alone, so now here I am, out on the
town and alone."

She chuckled again,"At least I'm not the only one," she replied.

"Thank goodness for that," he said,"There are two of us, then."

"Two people, all alone," she returned,"How sad is that?"

He laughed with her.

"Ah well, let's be alone together, it's only half as boring."

He took a sip of his drink and she chuckled again, and she took the
opportunity to look him over, simply for the hell of it.

He looked like he was fit, but not one of those muscle-bound idiots who lived
only to look good. He was lean but well proportioned, with short dark hair
slicked back naturally, which indicated he cared about his appearance but
wasn't obsessive about it. His face had a good natured look to it despite his
sharp features, which on anyone else would probably make him look dark and
disturbing. He did have that quality to some extent, but it was offset by the
sparkling good humor evident in his eyes. All in all he was attractive,
although nothing special, he certainly wasn't a movie star by any means.

"Hi," she said, as he put his drink back down, offering her hand to him,"I'm

"Hi," he replied, taking her offered hand and shaking it lightly, not trying
to prove anything by squeezing or shaking vigorously,"I'm Dominic."

* * *

Diana Prince - WonderWoman - slept.

For some time now she'd been lecturing at the Gateway City Museum of Cultural
Antiquities, something she did as Diana Prince when she wasn't on one of the
progressively more dangerous missions The JLA had been facing since

Recently she'd found herself becoming increasingly more tired with both The
JLA and her lectures. Not a physical exhaustion, but more a mental and
emotional one. Her lectures were all carbon copies of the previous ones she'd
given, because she spent so much time rushing to prevent disaster after
disaster on either this planet or one of the practically infinite other
planets in the Universe she didn't have time to prepare new lectures anymore.
And the friendly camaraderie that had existed between The JLA had become
strained as of late, with Superman and Batman's 'friendly' testing of each
other becoming more serious, Aquaman's constantly irritable moods, Green
Lantern's annoying naivette, sexual harassment from an Angel of all people
and, to top it off, one of the newest recruits to The JLA - Big Barda - was
constantly spoiling for a fight with her.

Things were becoming more trouble than they were worth, and she felt like
there was no longer any 'Diana time'.

Now she lay sleeping, relaxing for the first time in what seemed like
forever, just zoning out.

She dreamed, something she also rarely did, finding herself in a strangely
relaxing void where she seemed to be completely alone, floating in a void of
nothingness, no up, no down, no left or right, there was just nothing, just

Blessed peace, she was removed from the worlds problems and fears, she was
alone. There would be no emergency JLA alarm going off, no beeper buzzing
incessantly for her, no phone calls or Jehovah's Witnesses calling at the

She realized that she was naked, but was strangely unconcerned by her nudity.
Here it didn't seem to matter, in fact she would have probably found clothes
constrictive, she decided, and would have removed them anyway.

She floated up onto her back and lay in perfect relaxation, feeling her
breasts fall to the sides of her chest, no longer held in place by the tight
breastplate of her costume. Her breasts were large and firm, with no sag to
them at all, but with her muscles relaxed they had simply dropped to the
sides, actually putting a very slight pressure on her breasts which she
actually found quite pleasant.

She let her legs spread slightly, relaxing her thighs and calves, feeling a
light, cool breeze swell up and pass over her body, caressing her flesh and
raising a cool shiver over her body. She smiled, she felt so good.

Her long, black hair was hanging down beneath her into the void, and with a
languorous movement of her arms she reached behind her neck and lifted her
hair up. Her smile widened as she slid her clean, smooth hair over her face,
it felt so good, sending a pleasant shiver throughout her face and chest. She
slowly slid her long, raven hair down over her breasts, rubbing it against
her erect nipples and letting out a low, happy moan.

She left her hair on her firm breasts, and reached up with her hands to cup
the large tits in each small - but powerful - hands. Her eyes were lazily
peering down at her breasts, liking the look of her mammaries, marveling at
her own size.

- I never really realized how sexy I was, - she thought, and giggled at
thinking such a silly thought.

Ever since leaving the Island of Themyscira, sent by her mother - The Queen
Hippolyta - to be an Ambassador to the World of Man, she had denied herself
anything but the most Spartan existence. It hadn't been a conscious choice,
it was just that she had been more compelled by her duty to bring peace to
Earth than to lead any kind of fun lifestyle of her own. Unlike many
Superheroes, her secret identity was an invented alter-ego, she was
WonderWoman, and when she needed to go around undisguised, she used Diana
Prince as a convenient disguise.

But she'd sacrificed so much for so long now, that she was beginning to feel
like maybe it wasn't so much that she just enjoy herself, if only for a

She felt so relaxed, like her muscles could just drop off right now, they
were so loose. A good vibe was running through her body, a vibe which she
didn't recognize as sexual arousal, because she didn't usually feel it. The
only time she'd really been highly sexually aroused by a man was after her
first meeting with Superman, and the next time they'd met The Man Of Steel
had given her a passionate kiss which she still sometimes remembered fondly.
They'd decided stupidly that it was more important that they keep their
relationship strictly business, working together to fight crime and save the

She laughed lightly as her fingers traced small circles around her nipples,
running it over her hair onto the skin, then reversing and running over her
titflesh again before lightly flicking her nipple with her finger. She let
out a slight moan and her legs parted a little more, a lightly, glistening
sheen apparent on her vaginal lips.

She recognized the feeling now as something akin to what she felt when she
shaved her pubic hair. She did it purely out of necessity, she did wear a
very skimpy costume she had to admit, and she shaved her vaginal lips purely
to avoid any possibly embarrassments with panty lines.

She wouldn't have minded changing the costume to something less revealing
when she'd first arrived in the World Of Men, but the costume was the one
presented to her after defeating the other Amazons in the battle to decide
the Ambassador to Man's World, the one set aside for WonderWoman and it was
compulsory for her to wear it. And she'd grown fond of it, when she'd been
forbidden to wear it for a time after her sister Artemis defeated her in
battle, she'd felt almost naked without it and after getting it back had felt
like she was being reunited by an old friend.

As it sometimes did while sitting home on those rare nights she wasn't out
adventuring, her vagina became more prominent in her mind, she was far more
aware of it. She felt a strange longing for something, but didn't know what
it was.

She was familiar with sex, of course, she knew the ins and outs - she giggled
to herself at the pun - of sexual intercourse, and knew that what she was
longing for wasn't that, but something else.

Alas, if she'd just asked a female friend or happened to see a porn movie she
would know what she needed, but she didn't know anyone she trusted enough to
ask about something so personal.

This time, the feeling grew more insistent in her crotch, not fading over
time as it always had before. She sensed that there was something she could
do to quell the burning flame that seemed to be pulsing through her vagina,
something basic she was overlooking, but she couldn't think what it might be.

She began to moan louder and louder as the sensation built and built and
built within her crotch, seeming to center just above the opening to her
vaginal passage, in a small bump which always seemed to vibrate and react the
hardest when she shaved herself.

Sometimes when she shaved, the vibrations ran through her lips and the little
button like object and seemed to strike a chord in her nerves, because her
body would jump and jerk, and she'd feel a strange sensation ride through her
body. As she shaved for longer and longer she'd hit the nerve more often and
jerk around more, pressure seeming to build up in her lap until it would
finally burst and she'd feel an intense feeling of satisfaction for some
reason. The feelings were more muted when she shaved with a blade rather than
an electric razor, but she was sure the pressure she was putting on whatever
nerve was in her crotch couldn't be healthy for her, and so she used the
electric razor only once a month or so. She also tended to marvel at the
wonders of the body, which seemed to provide it's own lubrication for
shaving, as was evident from copious amounts of liquids which flowed from her
vaginal passage everytime she hit the nerve for the final time, leaving her
breathless and feeling strangely relaxed.

But now she was feeling something akin to what she felt when she shaved, but
without benefit of razor or blade. She could feel a muscle in her thigh
twitching, and her breathing was getting heavier. Suddenly, rubbing her hair
and fingers against her breasts, which had seemed such an innocent, fun
thing, took on a different slant. She began to feel a strange, stretching
feeling in her nipples, as they strained up, pointing right up, extended to
the limits of their reach. Her skin seemed suddenly hyper-sensitive, her
crotch crying out for something she didn't know how to give.

"Uhhh," she moaned, gripping her lower lip in her teeth, her eyes squeezing
shut, her hands squeezing shut on her large breasts.

Her eyes shot wide open as she felt an intense wave of pleasure charge
through her body as she squeezed her breasts. Her nipples felt hot and
sensitive against her skin, her vaginas strident cry had become somewhat
muted for a few moments.

She squeezed her breasts experimentally again and felt another wave of
pleasure, not as intense but still incredibly arousing. But after the initial
muting of her vaginas throbbing desire, it returned seemingly louder than

"UH!" she cried out,"What do you want? I don't know what to give you!"

Even though she was crying out in desperation, she could swear she heard an
answer, probably from her own subconscious.

- Sate me! Fill me! I need! - her vagina seemed to cry.

End Part 02 Of 25.


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