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Justice League Of America: Dark Angel Part 3 (F-mast)
by Dimitri Maximoff

Wonder Woman rolled her head to the side, her body no longer relaxed but
tense and wanting, crying out for something. Her arms dropped to her sides,
fists clenched, balling her toes and flinging her head back, her hair
flinging out wildly. Her fists unclenched and she clawed at her sides,
pressing her fingers against her hips, tugging at her legs and waist, moving
her hands all around her crotch, but never actually touching it.

"AH HERA!" she cried, "I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!"

Her legs spread out wide, her cunt on fire, and in a last ditch effort to
quench the flame, she grabbed at her vagina with both hands, clutching at the
hot cunt mound with her fingers.

And exploded with an orgasm.

Her eyes rolled back in her head and she let out an intense scream on
animalistic ecstasy at the totally unexpected release. Her crotch ground up
into her hand and her legs flung wide, her breasts squashed together between
her arms, rubbing against each other.

She felt intensely aware of her entire body, every cell, every pore and inch
of skin. But her main focus was on her crotch, where wave after wave of
sexual passion was being released, her hips bouncing and flailing, her
clitoris grinding against her palms, which were sweaty and hot. Never had she
felt such intense satisfaction, she felt free, felt released, as if with this
explosion of... something, she wasn't sure what, that all the pent up
tensions and anger and repression had been released simply by grabbing her

"Cunt," she whispered as her screams of passion ended, "Cuntcuntcunt."

She'd heard the word before, knew that it was a crude other word for vagina.
But she'd never thought it of herself before, she'd never though of herself
as having a cunt, or even tits, just a vagina and breasts, if she thought of
it at all.

She felt dirty and sexy and beautiful all at the same time, like she'd
discovered a secret no one else had ever known before. As she lay floating in
the strange void of her dreamscape, her hands buried between her thighs,
clasping her cuntcuntcunt and her breasts squashed up against themselves.

She smiled, a smug, sated smile and strangely enough for a dream, fell back
to sleep, her cuntjuices floating away into the void.

* * *

The scientist watched the levels on the monitor change slowly, indicating the
occupant of the tube had fallen into a deeper form of sleep.

"Just like he said it would," the scientist muttered to himself, sipping at
his coffee , "His subliminal conditioning broke her precisely when he said it

He shook his head in admiration and turned to look at the row of sleeping
tubes, over twenty lined up along the wall, only four were currently in use.

And one of the four occupants was Wonder Woman, floating naked in green
liquid, a oxygen mask over her mouth and nose.

Arkham Asylum - 5th June, 1999.

The Joker sat in his cell, laughing, laughing, laughing and laughing, as he
had done so endlessly since arriving 4 days ago. He even laughed in his

"SHUT UP!!!!" screamed Killer Croc, slamming his huge fists against the
specially reinforced, transparent screen , "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FREAKING

The only answer was more laughter.

"Croc!" yelled a guard, stopping by the cell , "Keep it down."

"ME!?!" cried Killer Croc incredulously, "YOU TELLING ME TO SHUT UP!"

"Relax, I'll shut the clown up," replied the guard - Gareth Jenkins, a
humorless, middle aged bully who enjoyed his position of power in the Asylum.

He moved over to The Jokers cell.

"Joker, shut up," he snapped.

The white faced lunatic whirled about, a huge grin on his face as he leered
at Jenkins, and then he started laughing again.

"Warned ya, Jokey," chuckled Jenkins, and flicked a switch next to the cell.

The floor, fitted with a special electric grid, fired a low level electric
charge which jolted Joker's body straight up, making him scream out in pain
as for several seconds electricity coursed through his body.

The electric grid was designed to quiet rioting or uncontrollable prisoners.
The guards were only to use it as a last resort, but Jenkins felt justified
considering the almost constant torture Joker had been inflicting on his
fellow inmates.

Jenkins stopped the flow of electricity to the grid, leaving the Joker to
collapse onto all fours, choking and gasping for air.

He turned to stare at Jenkins, his eyes narrowed slightly, his infamous smile
faded... and then his eyes grew wide and his grin wider, and he began to
laugh again, louder than before.

"FUCK!!!!" screamed Croc, echoed by most of the other prisoners in that
block, designed to hold the worst of the worst.

Jenkins swore, turned, and headed back to his workstation to log in his

And alone amongst all the screaming prisoners, Poison Ivy sat on her bare
knees, staring thoughtfully at cell wall next to her - where The Joker was
held - through half lowered lashes.

And smiled.

9:37 AM.

Kyle stretched his body full length, giving out a happy, contented yawn.

And bumped his fist into somebody's side.

"MMMMPH!" grumbled a female voice.

Kyle froze, paralyzed for an instant because he didn't know who he was lying
in bed with, and then relaxed as he remembered.

He'd had a busy year, what with traveling to the 853rd Century and
single-handedly (with a little help from The JLA) stopping Solaris - a
creature with the power of a Sun - accidentally going back in time and
bringing his predecessor - Hal Jordan - back with him, then heading off
into space in a disastrous attempt to reform The Green Lantern Corps before
returning to Earth and falling back into the arms of his girlfriend, daughter
of the original Green Lantern - Alan Scott - and a Green Lantern in her own
right, Jenny-Lynn Hayden, also known as Jade.

She been living with him already as a matter of convenience, and had really
settled in during his absence. When he came back it had just become a matter
of convenience that they continue to live together, and so far he was
enjoying 'welcome home sex' too much to realize he'd made a commitment and
was involved in a mature relationship, the next step being marriage, kids,
commitment and all that good junk.

But he was also getting some every night, so he tended to ignore that kind of

"Sorry, babe," he murmured, rubbing his eyes sleepily , "Not used to sharing
a bed, you know."

"No problem, honey," murmured the voice of the woman next to him, the voice
of someone most definitely not his girlfriend.

He twisted about in his bed, sitting bolt upright and pulling back

"Relax, Kyle," chuckled the woman lying in bed next to him, an incredibly
beautiful woman with long, blue-black hair spilling down her back, a woman he
didn't know.

"I don't bite," she smiled seductively and leaned forward towards him, moving
her hands slightly and allowing the sheet draped over her chest to drop down,
revealing her large, firm breasts to him , "Unless you want me to."

"Oh geez," muttered Kyle , "To think I used to dream about this kind of

* * *

The Flash, Big Barda and Plastic Man entered Kyle's apartment, all three
using their talents to hide their presence. Wally simply moved at superspeed,
Big Barda's motherbox kept her 'shielded' so that she was very hard to see
and Plastic Man could disguise himself as anything, although he tended
towards extravagance and outrageousness whenever he could.

- Oh great, three of the most together members of The League are the only
ones to answer my call - Kyle thought with a groan.

Wally West - The Flash - was immature, brash, quick to lose focus and tended
not to take things too seriously if he didn't have to. He flowed from moments
of great maturity and leadership to childish practical jokes and
competitiveness with Kyle, who had taken his place as the fresh new kid on
the team.

Big Barda, one of the so-called 'New Gods Of Apokolips', was a warrior,
brash, confrontational and undiplomatic. She'd been getting in WonderWoman's
face since joining The JLA, trying to assert her dominance over the Amazon.

Plastic Man was.... well he was Plastic Man.

"So what's the problem here, Kyle?" asked Wally, as he spoke, Plastic Man
extended his neck into Kyle's doorway and spotted the naked woman in the
Green Lantern's bed, pulling back before she saw him.

"Geez, man, so you lost your virginity, you don't have to call the team in,"
joked Plastic Man.

"Cut the jokes," muttered Kyle, more serious than usual , "And call me Green
Lantern or GL at least, this is serious.... besides, nothing happened between

"Premature ejaculation," Plastic Man whispered conspiratally into Big Barda's
ear. The Warrior-Woman swatted irritably at him, but he'd already pulled his
extended neck back to just above his shoulders and was smiling cheekily.

"Kyle, come back to bed," called the woman from the bedroom, "Tell your
friends to come back tomorrow."

"You want us back tomorrow, loverboy?" chuckled Wally, then suddenly took on
a more serious look , "I know that voice."

"You do?" asked Kyle hopefully , "Is she the type to do stuff to guys
girlfriends, when Jade wasn't here this morning the first thing I did was
check the fridge."

"It depends," muttered The Flash thoughtfully , "We better get hold of Batman
or J'onn, we'll need one of them to figure this whole thing out."

"Why, what is going on?" asked Barda, cutting straight to the point as usual
, "Is this woman a killer or a warrior?"

"Both," replied Flash , "Her name is Carol Ferris, and she used to be Star

Gotham City - 10:17 AM.

"Come on, quickly man," whispered Todd, sitting in his van and nervously
waiting for his friends to load up the van.

"Calm down," laughed Kurt, pushing the heavy t.v he was carrying to the back
of the van , "No one comes around here, it's one of the areas marked for
total demolition and reconstruction."

Since the massive earthquake which had shattered Gotham City, several
residential and business areas had been so severely damaged that they'd been
marked for total wipeout, to be torn down and rebuilt stronger than before.

And since these areas were deserted by Police Order, many groups of looters
had risked life and limb to get in and grab those possessions and items of
value left behind which were still in good enough order to sell for money.

"I don't like it, is all," muttered Todd , "The Bat's been going overtime
since the Government agreed to help rebuild, he's everywhere, stopping

"He ain't everywhere," snorted Tony, another of the gang of four, each only a
couple of years out of High School and already living up to the expectations
of many of their teachers , "He's just one guy, he just made a lot of high
profile captures to try and scare us, besides, he only comes out at night,
he's a bat, ain't he!"

Tony and Kurt laughed and Todd chuckled slightly, until the hood of the van
thumped and the vehicle shifted and bounced slightly as a sudden weight
dropped onto the bonnet.

"Wha..." started Todd, seeing a pair of slim, toned legs encased in tough
looking, dark purple boots on the hood of his van.

He thrust his head out of the window to take a look at the rest of the woman,
and got a hard boot to the face, slamming the back of his head against the
windowframe, breaking his nose and knocking him out.

"What the FUCK!" cried Kurt, the biggest and most heavyset of the four, and
dropped the stereo he was carrying , "Who the fuck are you?"

The woman dressed in skin-tight purple and black didn't answer him, she just
leaped up high above him, flipping gracefully in the air above then, making
Tony and Kurt crane their heads up to watch her silhouette against the sun.

"Whoa," muttered Tony , "Who does she think she is?"

She landed behind them and they twisted about, keeping a respectful distance
despite their cavalier, unfearful manner. They got their first clear look at
the woman.

She wore a black, skin tight bodysuit from neck to toes, a purple 'V' running
down across her breasts and over and under her crotch, riding up underneath
to up between her buttocks. She had a purple cape which came down to her
ankles and wore knee high purple boots which were tied about the knees - the
edges poking out on either side - and purple gloves to her elbows, tied
firmly to her arms by straps of the same shade of purple around her wrists
and below her elbows.

A purple belt was cinched tight around her waist with a large golden buckle
containing a batlike symbol in the middle. The belt had pouches sitting on
both hips, probably containing all kinds of little gadgets and tricks.

She wore an eyemask, seemingly struck to her face and leaving her nose,
mouth, ears and forehead exposed. She had shoulder-length, dark purple hair
and wore a golden crucifix around her neck.

"I know this bitch," chuckled Kurt , "She's called Huntress, she thinks she's

"We should teach her a lesson," chuckled Tony , "Make her sorry for what she
did to poor Toddy."

The two men approached her slowly, menacingly, and fast as lightning Huntress
launched herself forward, grabbed Tony by one arm and pulled it hard forward,
at the same time pressing the palm of her other hand hard against his chest
and applying forward leverage with her legs. The result was a sickening
scrunching noise as Tony's arm was dislocated, something that could be fixed
relatively easy and would leave no real permanent damage, but hurt like hell
and looked even worse.

She danced backwards as Kurt swung at her, keeping easily out of his reach, a
small, grim smile darting across her beautiful lips as the increasingly
frustrated thug continued to come tantalizingly close to hitting her.

"FUCK!!!!" screamed Tony, clutching his dangling arm and staring at it in
shock , "YOU BITCH, YOU TORE MY ARM OFF!!!!" he then proceeded to faint, as
the appearance of his arm proved to be too much for his mind to handle.

Kurt threw another angry punch at Huntress, and this time she simply stepped
aside and tripped him, making him lose his center of balance entirely and
come down hard on his face.

"GUFF!" he cried, and remained down for a few seconds before struggling to
his feet. He shook his head to clear the cobwebs, then scooped up a large
piece of wood lying on one of the piles of shifted debris moved by rescue
workers when looking for survivors of the Quake.

"Okay you little bitch," he grunted , "Now I'll show you what a real man can

She lifted her hand and motioned for him to come with her finger, that same
little smirk on her face.

"Smug little BITCH!" roared Kurt and came forward, swinging wildly.

She stepped into the swing, smashed her palm hard into his elbow, hitting the
nerve there and making his hand open involuntarily, dropping the wood. She
brought another palm hard up into his face, forcing his head back too sharply
than was good for him. Pain lanced through his entire face and he staggered
back, but didn't go down.

"Tough one," she murmured to herself, then smashed one purple booted foot
hard into his face, knocking him off his feet and onto his ass. He sat there
with a stupid look on his now bloody face, then fell backwards and lay still,
breathing deeply and evenly.

Huntress allowed her smile to increase slightly, and she dusted off her

"BITCHHHH!!!!" screamed a voice and she was dodging behind the van even as
bullets fired from the wreck of the house where the looters had been going
about their work.

She inwardly cursed herself for not casing out the area a little before
leaping in, she'd missed this fourth person, and maybe more inside.

She dropped to the ground and looked under the van, seeing a pair of feet
encased in leather motorcycle boots with a complicated series of straps
hesitantly make their way out into the open.

When the fourth looter didn't see her anywhere, he rushed towards the van,
probably to check around the back and see if she was there. She rose to her
feet and grabbed the van's backdoor, which turned on the hinge right back
against the side of the van.

As she heard the steadily increasing crunch of his boots get closer, she
swung the door hard back around, smashing it into the man's face.

"FUCK!" he cried.

She pulled the door back then slammed it back forward, then back and then
forward again.

She came around the side of the door and found herself facing a James Dean
wannabe, although he probably thought of himself more as a Luke Perry type,
dressed in leathers and chains with slicked back hair and terrible acne. His
nose was beginning to bleed and his eyes were scrunched tight, lying on the
ground was the gun he'd fired at her with, he'd dropped it the moment she
first hit him with the van door.

"Scumbucket!" she snapped at him, grabbing him by the back of the head and
pulling it back. She slammed the van door shut and then slammed his head
forward through the glass , "These are peoples things! Their possessions!"

She pulled him out and raised one clenched fist, then saw his broken,
battered face and stopped, dropping her fist hesitantly. One more punch could
have killed him, she could have murdered someone for stealing a t.v.

Recently Batman had been trying to curb her more vicious tendencies and bring
her more to his way of crime fighting, doing what was necessary to bring the
bad guys in but not step over the line and become judge, jury and
executioner. If she'd killed this scum, she could have ruined herself and any
chance she'd have to learn under the greatest detective, martial artist and
crime fighter the world had ever known.

She let the unknown fourth looter drop to the ground and walked around to the
front of the van, where Todd still sat with his head against the window.

She scooped up the cell phone (everyone had them nowadays) and dialed 911.

"Hello, four people were trying to loot a house," she said to the operator ,
"They seem to have hurt themselves, please send police and an ambulance."

She left the phone on and threw it into Todd's lap, where the operator would
be able to get a trace for the police to lock onto. She then reached down
past the steering wheel and pulled the keys out, throwing them away into the

"Now," she said , "I'll...."

And a small arrow thumped into the van next to her head.

10:30 AM.

"She is Carol Ferris, as far as I can determine," said J'onn J'onnz - The
Martian Manhunter - to the other four JLA'ers , "Or at least, she believes
she is."

"What do you mean?" asked Flash , "Is she someone else?"

"What I am saying," said J'onn , "Is that someone can be made to believe they
are someone else and pass even telepathic probing, whether that is the case
here or not, I do not know, but she believes she is Carol Ferris, she has all
of Carol's memories, but she also has other memories, memories of meeting and
falling in love with our Green Lantern, her memories include several events
of Green Lantern's life which she should not be aware of, including our
recent trip to the 853rd Century."

"So what, is she from an alternate dimension or some kind of 2nd Earth or
something?" asked Green Lantern.

"Huh," chuckled Flash , "Some kind of Earth 2, yeah right, buddy."

The others stared at him momentarily, then went back to their conversation.

"For now I can suggest nothing else," said J'onn , "Star Labs in Metropolis
might be able to scan her for signs of dimensional energy patterns, but The
JLA can offer no help right now."

"J'onn," said Carol, entering the living room, holding a tray filled with
mugs of tea and coffee , "Will you stay for drinks? I made you a tea, I know
how you like it."

"No thank you Carol, I am leaving," said J'onn , "But thank you for the

"Okay," muttered Kyle , "That's it, lady, we're going to Star Labs."

"When will you be back, honey?" Carol asked.


"Before you and Ms. Barda get back?"

Kyle sighed , "No, you and me, me and you, you and I, we and us, we're going
to Star Labs."

"Why?" she asked.

He grabbed her by the wrist and with a flash of green light they
flew out the window.

The others stood around in the living room, feeling
uncomfortable in a strangers apartment.

The door opened and Jenny-Lynn Hayden stepped through the door,
holding two bags of groceries.

"Well okay," she said , "We've been living together less than a year and
already he's bringing people home from work without telling me."

* * *

Huntress didn't hesitate, she lifted her arms above her head, pulled herself
quickly up and back flipped over the roof of the van, coming down on the
other side of the vehicle.

She landed on all fours, bracing herself with her arms, already thinking of
her next move.

She hadn't seen the attack coming, but from the impact and angle of the arrow
knew roughly where her opponent was. She also thought the short, stubby arrow
had been more of a warning, and that if her unseen assailant had wanted to,
she could have split her head open.

- So he's trying to get a message across, what is it? is he trying to scare
me, warn me I'm on his turf? -

She reached up and opened the other van door, sliding up into the passenger
seat, closing the door silently behind her. She figured that if worst came to
worst she could hotwire the van and drive away faster than her opponent could

"Step out of the van!" yelled a voice, an unmistakably female voice.

She stayed still, wondering if her opponent, who was a woman by the sounds of
things, was bluffing or knew she was in the van.

"If you think I can't blow that thing up in less than a second, you're in for
a big surprise."

Huntress went for the element of surprise, and pushed the drivers side door
open, diving out and rolling along the ground, hoping to come up in the
general area where she'd sensed her opponents voice and catch her off guard.

But when she rolled across the ground, she found a small voice
transmitter/receiver lying on the ground.

"Wha...?" she started, and was kicked hard in the back of the head, making
her fall forward. She tucked into a roll and sprang up onto her toes, eyes
darting up and catching only a glimpse of purple boots raising above the
periphery of her vision.

She twisted about and rolled away, her opponent landing easily on her toes
right where Huntress had been.

"What the hell," gasped Huntress, finally seeing her opponent revealed.

It was like looking into a mirror, albeit a slightly warped one. Her opponent
had long blue/black hair running down to the middle of her back. She was
wearing the standard 'bathing suit' costume favored by most superheroines, it
was light purple and left the outer and inner curves of her breasts exposed,
dark blue straps started just beneath her breasts, spreading up and out over
her chest, shoulders and over her back where it formed a cape which ran down
to her calves.

Two smaller inner strips of darker purple run over her breasts under the
cape, moving down to a point under her belt buckle, then spreading out again
over her crotch. Her boots were dark purple and thigh high, with a gold,
metal trim on her right calf. Her dark purple gloves ran up to halfway over
her biceps.

She wore a almost exact duplicate of the eye mask Huntress was wearing, but
with long horns coming up over her hair, most of her forehead was covered, as
were some of her cheeks, but in general her nose, ears and mouth, forehead
and cheeks were exposed, as well as much of the skin around her eyes.

She wore a yellow belt with a golden buckle that had a bat-like symbol almost
exactly like Huntress', with smaller pouches and a rope on her right hip and
a large pouch on her left thigh. She held a small golden crossbow, pointed
directly at Huntress, an arrow set into it. It was the same type as Huntress'
own crossbow, which she was wishing she had on her right now.

"Who are you?" she asked her assailant.

"I could ask you the same question," replied Huntress angrily, "You wanna put
down that crossbow?"

The woman lifted the crossbow a little higher and put a little more tension
on the trigger.

"I don't like repeating myself," she said , "Who are you?"

"If you think I'm going to tell you my secret identity, you can forget it,"
spat Huntress , "Huntress is all you'll get from me."

"That's what I thought," grumbled her opponent , "Listen lady, Gotham's only
big enough for one Huntress, and it's a dangerous job, not for amateurs."

"Amateurs? You want to be Huntress? Why not pick another identity if you want
to throw yourself into the superhero game?"

Her opponent seemed almost confused.

"Game? Another name? You don't seem to understand darling, I AM The Huntress,
and I don't take too kindly to people copying me."

"You're The Huntress?" asked The Huntress, herself confused , "Look, not that
the name really matters as much as the deeds, but I'm The Huntress, the name
is taken, you can't just show up and decide to be Huntress and for me to just
up and leave."

"You're getting close to trying my patience too far, imposter," replied the
other so-called Huntress , "Now stand up!"

Huntress stood up, just waiting for an opening, a chance to get at her
namesake. They were currently standing about 30 feet apart, and Huntress knew
that she could probably get to her opponent before she pulled the trigger of
the arrow, but only probably. Anything less than 21 feet would be a cinch,
since the fastest human reaction would still be too slow to stop her, but she
also had an idea that her opponent was keeping the distance for just that
reason, and that once the arrow fired, Huntress' own reactions - as fast as
they were - wouldn't be fast enough to dodge it.

"Okay," said her captor , "Take your costume off."

Huntress just stood where she was, positive that she hadn't heard what she'd
just heard.

"TAKE IT OFF!" snapped the other Huntress again.

"What? You want me to take my costume off?"

"It's a rip-off of my costume," said her captor , "And you don't deserve to
wear it, you have to earn it, not just make up a cheap knock off, now take it

Lying on the ground a few feet from her, Kurt let out a loud groan and the
other Huntress shifted her eyes just the slightest fraction, and Huntress
dived behind one of the piles of shifted debris and rubble.

The arrow hit the pile a second later, but by then Huntress was already
moving, knowing how good her opponent was now and wanting to make tracks, get
to an area she knew well, make the advantage hers.

And the other Huntress was already following.

Gotham City - 11:00 AM.

Dinah tried to keep herself calm, tried not to let herself get excited.

"It's just a movie and a coffee afterwards," she said to herself, trying to
keep the smile from her face and spring from her steps , "It's not like it's
a date or anything."

She'd broken up with Oliver Queen, aka The Green Arrow, and done it with some
finality, but she'd always somehow expected in the back of her head that
they'd get back together, as they'd always done. But then he had died, and
she'd realized he would never be back, never come back into her life and make
her feel loved.

For so long she'd been miserable, she'd stopped even attempting to socialize
until she'd teamed up with Oracle as one part of The Birds Of Prey.

She pulled on a tight pair of jeans and wondered if they were maybe too
tight, then laughed.

For the first time in a very, very long time, she had a date!

End Part 03 Of 25.


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