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Justice League Of America: Dark Angel Part 4 (FF)
by Dimitri Maximoff

Gotham City - 11:04 AM.

To avoid injury to the public, she'd picked another abandoned area of Gotham
marked for demolition. This was one of the business districts, and she'd been
through it since the earthquake, picking out the weak spots.

Confident that she could turn the tables on her so-called namesake, Huntress
made her way to the tallest building, waiting on top of it, several different
escape routes already picked out.

Soon her opponent came scrambling up over the lip of the building, moving
quickly and gracefully, with no sign of breathlessness. She was certainly
more than just acrobatic, it looked as if she'd worked on all aspects of
fitness, as Huntress herself had done after being pulled from underneath the
bodies of dead relatives and vowing to stop crime in a different way than
she'd envisioned as a child, not as a Lawyer but as a Huntress.

"Last chance," said her opponent,"Take the costume off."

"What is it with you, some kind of weird sexual thing?" asked Huntress,
hoping to get a rise from her capable opponent and cause her to make a

"In case you hadn't noticed," replied the other Huntress,"I'm a woman."

- Cool as a cucumber, - Huntress noted.

The second Huntress lifted her crossbow again, but this time Huntress was
prepared, and flicked a small stone at her opponent, striking her wrist and
causing her to drop the crossbow. She reached for it but Huntress was already
diving forward, she'd positioned herself 21 feet from her opponent.

The other woman kicked the crossbow away and somersaulted sideways, easily
moving out of range of Huntress' attacks. The dark lady of the night came
after her, swinging and chopping with dangerous martial arts moves which
would incapacitate on contact.

But her opponent easily dodged, stepping almost effortlessly aside, dodging
Huntress' blows as easily as The Huntress had dodged Kurt's clumsy swings

- She moves like Batman! - thought Huntress in shock, and felt a momentary
panic that the Dark Knight had been training someone else to take her place
and had sent her to get rid of her. She instantly dismissed the thought,
Batman wasn't the type to play that kind of underhanded trick, he was a
straight shooter.

Reaching into a pouch at her side, the 2nd Huntress pulled out what looked
like a purple batarang and slashed it easily along Huntress' shoulder,
cutting away the black material but leaving the skin untouched.

"Wha!" cried Huntress and moved back, but her opponent followed her with an
almost inhuman speed and made several more swipes, easily cutting through the
tough material of Huntress' costume.

Her top peeled away over her breasts, exposing the black sports bra beneath.

"You sick..." she started, then turned and ran, breaking for her first exit
point. She dived straight over the ledge of the 40 story building, hoping
that her opponent would never follow such a psychotic move.

But she did, diving right after the fleeing Huntress and firing her own cable
in exactly the same direction as Huntress was shooting hers.

- She can't know my escape routes! - Huntress thought with a panic, then put
aside such thoughts and swung through the broken window of the thirtieth
floor of the building.

She hit the ground running and charged forward across the still stable parts
of floor in what used to be one of the biggest software manufacturers in
Gotham City. Her opponent landed through the window but this time hesitated,
then followed more slowly, feeling out her steps for weak points in the

- HA! - thought Huntress, - She's not perfect, she doesn't know everything! -

She moved down the corridor and slid through into one of the offices, sliding
through the huge hole in the floor and gripping onto the exposed rafter in
the roof of the floor below. Although the drop was only a couple of feet, she
moved by her hands across the rafter, coming to a point where the roof above
her was still fairly solid due to a large chunk of wood propping it in place.
She'd cased this out while fighting several flying supervillians in the
aftermath of the Earthquake, when Gotham had been a hell on Earth, finding
traps to use again the bad guys.

Listening carefully, she sensed more than heard the vibrations of her
opponent above, and when she was in the right place, Huntress smacked the
chunk of wood aside, removing all support from the floor.

The 2nd Huntress fell through the floor, a look of almost stupid surprise on
her face as she saw her opponents triumphant face, then she hit the floor and
continued through it, crashing into the floor below with a loud crash.

Huntress swung down onto the floor, then moved quickly through the hole made
by her opponent's falling body and landed next to her namesake.

Before she could get up, Huntress smashed her fist into her face, knocking
her back.

She dropped down on top of her and held her down, feeling the adrenaline
pumping through her body. This was a problem of hers, she tended to have
trouble getting the adrenaline flow to her body to stop when a case was over.

"So you're The Huntress, huh?" she asked, staring down at her angry, but
helpless, opponent's face,"Well you just got your ass handed to you on a
stick by, guess who, The Huntress!"

"It's my costume!" growled her former captor, now captive,"Take it off, it's

Her voice was becoming raspy, hoarser as if she truly felt that the costume
was hers.

"You already wrecked mine, you freak!" snapped Huntress, staring down at her
own visible cleavage in the black sports bra,"I guess one good turn deserves

She ripped the cape's buckle away, then grabbed the inner lines of the
triangle running down over her breasts and tore it away, she wore no bra

"Horny little bitch!" she laughed, squirming her hips slightly, feeling
slightly... uncomfortable, between her legs,"No bra, huh?"

"Sicko!" snapped the 2nd Huntress, struggling underneath The Huntress.

"Just a little tit for tat, or tits for tat I guess you'd say," laughed
Huntress, she leaned down so that she would say next had extra emphasis, and
her own breasts pressed against her namesakes, it felt strangely... good,"I'm
the only Huntress in this town, darling."

The 2nd Huntress headbutted her, hard, making her jerk back in shock. Before
she knew it she was being rolled over, and now the other Huntress was on top
of her.

"Huh? Wha?" she moaned, unsure how this chain of events had occured.

Her Sports Bra was ripped open, exposing her breasts, and the other Huntress
began cutting away her uniform with the batarang like object, cutting her
uniform into small scraps that fell away from her.

"ITS...MY...COSTUME!!!" roared the woman, filled with indignant fury.

And to Huntress' shock, she felt a growing warmness between her legs and a
growing stiffness in her nipples. Could she be possibly enjoying this? Or was
it just a leftover response of her high adrenaline levels, which had left her
in a highly excited state, couple with close physical proximity to another
flesh and blood human being.

"You filthy degenerate!" cried the other Huntress as she tore away the purple
crotch lining and found it to be dripping wet,"You're enjoying this!"

But her own breath was coming faster and faster now, her breasts rising and
falling, she was running her crotch up and down Huntress' legs much more than
she had to.

"Look at you," snapped the 2nd Huntress, and reached down with a finger and
slid it through her shaven vaginal lips.

Huntress bit her lower lip down hard and tried not to let the shock of
pleasure running through her body be too apparent, but the huge building
pressure in her lap was too much and suddenly she exploded, orgasming
completely unexpectedly.

The 2nd Huntress stared in wide eyed shock as the woman beneath her came, her
hips bucking up and down. Juices running out over her cunt lips and pooled
down between her asscheeks.

"You... uh... you sick little.." moaned the other Huntress, her eyes closing
as she felt little hot flushes buzz through her body. Why was she feeling
like this, this was strange, how could another woman turn her on.

She came as well, darkening the crotch of her costume as her juices flowed
out from her vagina. She stared in shock at her treacherous lap, then stared
down with wide, lust-filled eyes at her namesake, who looked back at her with
equal desire.

All thoughts of identity, battle or superiority vanished in a sudden lustful
haze of desire, and the two women locked together, kissing passionately.

Their breasts pressed firmly against each other and the two women rubbed
their bodies against each other, the 2nd Huntress rubbing her cunt against
Huntress' stomach.

The second Huntress broke away suddenly and pushed Huntress down onto her
back. Before the first Huntress could react, her namesake began to lick and
kiss her way up her body, running her tongue up her long, firm legs, letting
her slightly smaller, firm breasts slide up along Huntress' abdomen, belly,
her own breasts. She knelt over the woman she claimed had stolen her codename
and pressed her breasts against hers, rubbing them back and forth, then from
side to side, the firm but malleable tit-flesh rolling and mashing together
against each other, making both women moan loudly in pleasure.

Neither had ever had sex with another woman before, although The Huntress
knew of it and had considered it before.

They kissed again, and when the second Huntress pulled away she moaned out,
almost in a last ditch effort to prove herself,"I'm The Huntress."

"Fine," moaned Huntress, all other considerations forgotten in her
desire,"Just call me Helena."

The 2nd Huntress stared at her suspiciously for a second, then her loins
seemed to spike with even more pleasure and they kissed again, Huntress and

She slid down again, grasping Helena's tits in her hands and squeezing them
up with more passion than before. She opened her mouth wide and sucked one
nipple into her mouth, sucking and licking at it in a way no man had ever
done to her. She chewed and sucked, nibbling on the erect nipple as Helena
moaned and writhed about on the dusty, unstable ground, which was creaking
and moaning.

Her breasts felt so hot, so hard that she was felt like they were going to
explode, her nipples stinging with hot, intense pleasure as the woman who had
taken her name sucked at her nipples and felt up her breasts.

The Huntress mashed Helena's fat breasts together, biting and chewing on
first one, then another, her fingers clinging tightly to the soft, olive-
skinned flesh.

The woman rubbed and ground her body against Helena's, rolling her breasts
into Helena's lower chest and upper belly, sliding her right leg over and
between Helena's thighs, rubbing it up and down against her gushing cunt.

Helena moaned and breathed heavily as her body became more and more aroused.
How she had gone from fighting this strange woman to fucking her was beyond
her, but she didn't care, she was enjoying herself too much.

Huntress pulled back from the woman beneath her, sitting herself down between
Helena's outstretched legs and taking some time to catch her breath, then she
leaned forward and peered closely at the other woman's open cunt, looking
closely for the first time at another woman's vagina.

She lightly caressed the heroine's trembling thighs, doing everything that
she herself enjoyed while masturbating, then slid her thumbs into the soft,
shaven, tight pussy cleft and gently peeled the women's lips open. She pulled
it wider and wider, making Helena moan loudly as more and more of her cunt
opened like a flower, showing more and more of the glistening pink-flesh

Huntress licked her lips with a hunger she'd never had before, then leaned in
and let her tongue slid up and down the pink flesh. She had had her own pussy
eaten out a time or two before, and concentrated on those bits she'd enjoyed,
trying to be a bit more subtle and delicate than the broad, eager strokes of
the man who'd introduced her to oral sex.

She pressed her tongue against the other woman's hole and wriggled it up into
the tight, spasming hole of Helena's snatch. She twisted and moved her head
around over her unexpected lover's fuck hole, scooping out hot, juicy fuck-
cream, slurping up the warm cunt juice from the sexy heroine's cunt.

She pumped her tongue up and down in Helena's cunt, the heroine moaned and
humping up against the other superheroines mouth. Helena slid her hands down
into the woman's black hair and pushed her down instinctively, pushing her
hips up at the same time to get more tongue up into her fuck hole.

Helena let out a gasp of pleasure as her namesake's tongue suddenly ran up
over her clit, then deftly back down. She felt the tongue running skillfully
over her hot, erect little love button, felt her lips closing around it and
sucking on her clit for all she was worth.

The intense lust driving up from her cunt drove her wild, and she slammed her
cunt up harder and harder against The Huntress' face, which was now coated in
hot cunt juices. The feeling grew and grew, centered in her cunt but running
through her whole body, it seemed like a towering wave of all-encompassing
orgasmic pleasure, and when it finally crashed down over her it seemed to
wipe out her entire body.

She cried out in temporarily sated passion, her back arching and ass bouncing
off the creaking, dusty floor as her cunt shot out stream after stream of hot
pussy juices.

Huntress' tongue seemed trapped in the crushing cunt lips of Helena, and in
desperation she reached up with her finger and slid them up into the other
woman's orgasming cunt, which drove her even further over the edge. Huntress
took the cue and began to quickly pump three fingers in and out, making the
sweaty, jerking and excited woman beneath her scream out in climactic

She finally calmed down enough so that her body was only giving little
involuntary jerks and her chest was rising and falling high and low, trying
to get her breath back, her cunt spasming around Huntress' fingers.

The heroine smiled and slid herself back up Helena's body, causing a stream
of shocked pleasure to buzz through her sensitive body. She pressed her
breasts against Helena's and stared down into the other woman's face, who
looked up both wearily and warily until Huntress smiled and slid a hand below
her namesake's head and lifted it up, kissing her with a lovers passion.

Her lips slid softly over Helena's as her tongue probed against her lips,
sliding inside the beautiful heroine's mouth, their lips mashing together.

Helena responded instantly, their lips caressing each other in a warm, loving
touch. The Huntress gently stroked down Helena's side, moving over her flank,
her hips, up over her waist and gently across her breasts.

They hugged each other close, and rolled over, so that now Helena was on top
of The Huntress, looking down into her face.

"Who are you?" she whispered, "Really?"

"The Huntress," replied The Huntress, "Is your name really Helena?"

"Yes," replied Helena, although after her orgasm she was wondering if perhaps
she shouldn't have revealed that little bit of information.

"Funny," laughed The Huntress, for reasons all her own, then she forget about
the conversation and kissed Helena again, only this time the other woman was
in the dominant position.

When they broke the kiss, Huntress lay breathlessly on her back and watched
as Helena moved herself down the heroine's body and took the nipple of her
breast into her mouth. She sucked lightly on it, inexperienced but
enthusiastic and with the knowledge only a woman could have.

The woman who had temporarily given up her codename to this stranger suck and
licked on this new Huntress' nipples, squeezing her firm, milky white breasts
together. She teasingly pinched the stiff nipples, making the heroine gasp
out in pleasure, then pulled them up and then let them snap back. She chewed
and nibbled softly on the white mam-meat, gnawing at the sensitive flesh of
the heroines breasts, making her moan and writhe beneath her.

With a loud, feverish moan of desire, The Huntress grabbed Helena's hand and
shoved it between her own legs with a desperation born of mad desire, she
pushed Helena's hand up and down until the Italian-American got the idea and
began working her hand between the heroines legs more naturally, working the
sweaty, sexy heroine into a later.

"Oh!" she cried out, "Oh yes! Ohhh!!!!!"

Helena rubbed her fingers along The Huntress' cunt mound, sliding her fingers
between the other woman's legs, making her entire body jerk and twitch like
she was a marionette. The heroic young woman was already approaching orgasm,
and her jerking, shaking body held Helena's attention with rapt fascination.
She couldn't look away, and the site of the other woman getting so turned on
was once again making her more and more aroused, ready for an orgasm of her
own. She quickly slid her spare hand, which had been massaging the other
woman's breasts, between her own legs and started pumping and fucking her
fingers into her own soppy cunt.

Helena was somewhat inexperienced, but she knew what she liked when she
masturbated, and tried to mimic those motions her, stroking her fingers
quickly through the cunt slit, pressing her knuckles and digits into the
heroine's clit, rubbing it, masturbating another woman and driving them both
to orgasm.

The Huntress cried out with passion fulfilled, her juices flooding out over
Helena's hands, her clit grinding hard up into the palm of her lovers hands,
then finally dropping down.

"You came already?" Helena moaned, still jacking herself off, a little less
prone to cumming so soon after her first orgasm.

"Yes," moaned The Huntress, a sexy sight in only boots and her mask, "So

She ran her hands up over her body, caressing her own breasts and sides,
sliding her hands up Helena's body and sending tingles of sexual passion
throughout them both.

Helena grinned at her lover, and lowered herself down so her mouth was
breathing softly on The Huntress' flat belly. Then she lightly tongued at the
other woman's belly button, then eased herself lower still, her eyes gazing
directly into the parted, glistening slit of the young woman.

She pried the cunt lips even further over, staring in fascination at the
revealed pink flesh, feeling her own pussy get hotter and tighter around the
squirming fingers of her other hand.

She began to run her tongue up and down over the pink flesh, at first gently,
but in her excitement becoming more and more frenzied, sucking and kissing at
the erect clitoris, pushing her tongue between the shaven cunt lips. The
fingers that had held The Huntress' cunt lips open now slid their way between
them, squeezing into the tightly clasping fuck hole of the beautiful woman,
first one, then two, then three before she began to saw them in and out as
she sucked greedily on the hot woman's clitoris.

The Huntress whine and whimpered in pleasure, grinding her ass into the
shifting, groaning floor, bucking her hips up and down as she once again
became exciting. Helena's only reaction was to double her efforts, slurping,
licking and sucking on her unexpected lover's clitoris and fucking her
fingers in and out of both theirs gushing cunts.

Her own pussy was screaming for something more than the three fingers
currently jamming their way in and out of her, so with her skilled, athletic
grace, Helena Bertinelli swung her way around, planting her own pussy above
The Huntress' without missing a stroke of her tongue over the other woman's
love button.

She grinned happily as The Huntress gripped onto her firm little ass-cheeks
and began to lick at her snatch. She responded in kind, licking at her
lover's pussy, greedily sucking at the flowing juices, making animalistic
grunts and moans of pleasure.

She rubbed her face into The Huntress' pussy, even in her own mind calling
the stranger that now. She pressed against the pink folds of flesh with her
chin, pushing her nose into the opening as her lips buzzed and vibrated
against her lover's clit and cunt lips, driving the other woman wild with
passion. She jammed her tongue hard up into the tight little fuck-hole,
tasting another woman's juices for the first time and loving it.

The Huntress had her face buried up into Helena's steaming cunt and was doing
her best to keep up with the other woman. They both came at roughly the same
time, in her case, Helena's juices flowed straight down her throat, while
Helena eagerly gobbled up all of the Huntress' flowing cunt-cream that she

Their bodies, honed by years of hard training and exercise, finally began to
tire, and soon even their great passion was sated. Helena lay in an exhausted
heap on top of The Huntress, her face buried in the other woman's cunt, her
own pussy pressing against the heroine's chin.

Finally, she managed to roll off and make her way up so that she was face to
face with her lover. They rolled into each others arms and softly stroked
each others bodies, sending post orgasmic thrills through the others body as
they gently kissed, tasting each others juices on their lips.

"Excellent," said the man standing in the shadows, directly over a hole in
the ground. He held a strange metallic sphere in his hand which a certain Cat
Burglar would have found very familiar, except for the glowing pink rod
sitting in a hole at it's apex.

He didn't seem to be heard by either of the two identically named heroines,
or they did not react to him in any case.

"A perfect field run," he chuckled, and his face settled back into the
shadows, eventually disappearing from view entirely... he was gone.

"WHAT..." started Helena, shock coming onto her face as she stared directly
into the eyes of the other woman, only inches from her own.

"...THE FUCK!" finished The Huntress, and then the two women were scrambling
away from each other.

"SICK BITCH!" screamed The Huntress, and launched a furious attack at Helena
which she barely dodged in time. In these close quarters her opponent
couldn't dance away as easily - plus she was still physically exhausted - and
Helena managed to close with her naked opponent, dropping her to the floor.

The Huntress rolled away with an experts ease, making Helena wonder once more
where she had come from, and how she had gotten so good, although not so good
as to avoid Helena raking her across the back as she rolled away, breaking
the skin and drawing blood.

"I don't know what kind of perverted mind ray you used on me..." growled the
2nd Huntress, "But..."

"ME!" cried The Huntress, thinking of herself in that way again, and thinking
of this other woman as an imposter,"You must have done something to me, I'm
not a lesbian!"

"I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT A LESBIAN IS!" screamed the other Huntress.

"Then why are you so sure what I was talking about!" retorted The Huntress

The 2nd Huntress stared at her with unreadable eyes, then scooped up tattered
pieces of her costume.

"Where do you think you're going?" asked The Huntress, picking up what was
left of her costume. When she looked up, her opponent was gone.

"Hmmm," muttered Helena Bertinelli,"Just like Batman."

She examined some of the blood and skin under her fingernails and smiled,
then fished a small communicator out of one of the pouches on her belt.

"Oracle? I need you to do a DNA scan for me..."

Gotham City - 6:15 PM.

"Dinah," said Dominic with a smile, standing up.

She was oddly touched by the courtesy, especially since they were in a plain
cafe and were both dressed casually (although she'd agonized for hours over
what to wear). She smiled at him and felt a moments panic that he would
either try to kiss her or, worse yet, not try to. Her panic faded moments
later when he gave her a light peck on the cheek and then motioned for her to

"The movie starts in about half an hour," he said, "Would you like to get
something to eat?"

"I'm fine," she replied, not wanting to tell him that she had such terrible
nervous butterflies that she wouldn't be able to keep anything down.

"Cool," he said,"I'm not hungry either."

They sat silently for a few moments, which was strangely enough not
uncomfortable, then both tried to speak at the same time, they stopped,
laughed, and then she told him to go ahead.

"I was going to say," he said,"That since you insisted on buying your own
ticket and we're not eating, this is going to be a very cheap date."

She giggled.

"Marry me," he said with a smile, and they both laughed.

Metropolis - Star Labs - 7:00 PM.

"Well, she's not a clone, she's not an alien, as far as I can tell, she is a
healthy young human female," said Professor Hamilton to Kyle.

"What's this all about, Kyle?" Carol asked, standing in the middle of several
roving energy screens which were mapping her DNA and checking for any
inconsistencies that would reveal any non-human origins. She was dressed in a
hospital gowl with nothing else on, and was getting cold in the cool confines
of the laboratory.

"Uhhh, I'm not sure," Kyle replied, scratching the back of his head. He
turned back to Professor Hamilton,"Maybe she's from one of them, uh,
alternate dimensions?"

Professor Hamilton chuckled,"You've been watching a bit too much Star Trek,
Kyle, because outside of that and comic books, there has never been any
definitive proof discovered proving the existence of alternate dimensions."

"Well, you want to explain why a woman who I never met before and has strong
links to my predecessor showed up in my bed this morning with memories of a
long-term relationship with me?" asked Kyle.

"Waking up with a strange women who claims to have a relationship?" mused
Hamilton,"When I was young, that happened to me a time or three."

One of his Assistants chuckled dutifully, while Kyle remained unimpressed.

"Kyle," moaned Carol,"Can't we... ow!"

She clutched at her stomach, a look of pain crossing her face.

"Professor," murmured the Assistant,"Her DNA is... it's shifting."

"What?" asked Hamilton,"That shouldn't be happening."

"Kyle!" cried Carol,"It hurts!"

"This is remarkable," muttered Hamilton,"Her DNA seems to be mutating, the
double helix breaking up and re-linking in a different pattern."

"Well don't just stand ther admiring it, do something!" cried Kyle.

Carol's face suddenly shot up, her eyes wide and blazing with a strange
purple light. Before their eyes, her nightgown was blown away in little
scraps by a blinding purple light, and the three men were knocked back onto
their asses.

Kyle sat up almost immediately, looking straight ahead to see if Carol was
still there or had somehow spontaneously combusted, which, he had to admit,
would make his life a little easier.

"No such luck," he muttered when he saw what had happened to Carol.

The woman before him still had the same face and the same long, blue-black
hair, but now she wore a conical headpiece which covered her forehead,
running down the side of her face to large circular locks on either side of
her face attaching the headpiece to the neckpiece of her costume. The
nightgown had been replaced by a metal breastplate which ran down to a
bikini-like bottom, leaving all of her long, toned legs exposed. Her metal
breastplate was encircled by a belt of white metal with a four ended star set
as the buckle.

Purple boots made of metal ran up to her thighs, where they ended in folded-
down hoops of purple metal, her full-length purple gloves ran right up to her
shoulders with large elbow guards and large, folded down hoops of purple
metal at the top of her gloves, similar to those on her boots.

Her headpiece contained a large purple gem, this was the so-called 'star
sapphire' which gives her her powers, and right now it smoked with a
dangerous looking purple light.

The headpiece was a purplish-pink in color, as was the breastplate, while the
boots and gloves were a darker purple.

End Part 04 Of 25.


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