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Justice League Of America: Dark Angel Part 5 (no sex)
by Dimitri Maximoff

Kyle's eye - as a commercial artist - took that all in within a second, then
he was dodging a dangerous blast of purple light which smashed into the
ground where he'd been a second earlier.

"Hey! Carol! Carol, chill!" cried Kyle, holding up his arms.

"CAROL!?!" screamed Star Sapphire, her face contorted in disgust at the
mention of her alter-ego, "I AM NOT CAROL FERRIS! SHE IS A WEAKLING!"

"O-kay," replied Kyle, noting with satisfaction that Professor Hamilton and
his Assistant were crawling out of the lab quickly, he'd hoped to buy them
some time.

"Where is Jordan!" screeched Star Sapphire, who obviously didn't share her
other half's belief that she and Kyle were an item.

"Long gone, lady," replied Kyle, approaching slowly, both his hands held out
carefully in front of him, "How about you? I thought you were long gone too?
Something to do with some guy called Predator...?"

He dodged another blast of powerful purple light, leaving another smoking
hole in the linoleum floor of the laboratory. So far he hadn't used his ring,
he was hoping to resolve the situation without resorting to violence.

"Don't speak his name, whelp!" screeched Star Sapphire, seemingly enraged at
the mention of her 'male' version, who had impregnated her, then been
destroyed (along with Star Sapphire evidently) by Neron, Lord Of The

"I'm just looking for a little clarification here is all," returned Kyle, "I
know people tend to not stay dead in our field, but isn't this a little

"I didn't come here to deal with second-stringers," growled Star Sapphire,
"Now get Jordan here NOW!!"

"That's it," muttered Kyle, dodging yet another energy blast, "She shows up
in my bed, ruins my whole day, then insults me! I don't have to take this!"

She fired another blast at him, and this time he raised a simple green shield
of energy in front of him, designed to absorb the energy and fire it back at
her feet, giving her a taste of her own medicine.

And the bolt passed straight through his energy shield, hit him in his face,
and knocked him to the ground, unconscious.

"Pathetic," muttered Star Sapphire, she walked over to him and grabbed him by
the hair. Another huge purple flash of light enveloped the room, and when it
cleared, the lab was empty.

Gotham City - 9:30 PM.

"Man that was cool!" laughed Dominic, coming out of the movie with Dinah
hanging of his arm, laughing and totally uncaring about how close she was
being to him.

"Ratata!" she cried, mimicking the whispered sound that had played everytime
the villain had appeared during the movie.

"Great movie," he said as they left the theatre, "Pity about the name."

"I kind of like it," she said with a grin, not even thinking about how close
she was holding him, she felt relaxed with him, even after only knowing him
for two days, "The Phantom Menace, something kind of scary about it."

"Phantom Menace," Dominic mused to himself, a faraway look coming into his
eyes, "I suppose so, you never know where the bad guys are going to come from

And he smiled.

JLA WatchTower - The Moon - 10:00 PM.

"Well, I'd hoped for a better turnout than this," Superman said, making a
weak joke and knowing it before he even finished speaking. Humor had never
been his strong point.

Following the reports from Star Labs of the return of Star Sapphire and the
consequent disappearance of her and Green Lantern, The Man Of Steel had
called an emergency meeting of The JLA.

And only six members had shown up.

Superman stared at the other five JLA'ers, The Flash, Big Barda, Plastic Man,
Steel and, floating over the table in the form of a giant, holographic head,

Green Lantern was missing, and the reason for the meeting, Aquaman had
expressed regret but said that his own problems were too pressing at the
moment. Martian Manhunter had also informed them that he was unable to
attend, while Zauriel had said he would be there and just not shown up.

Big Barda had excused Orion, saying only that he was 'busy' and could not
attend, Oracle had answered for Huntress, saying that she was unavailable due
to an important investigation of her own.

Strangest of all, neither Batman or WonderWoman had answered the call.

"What do we know about Carol Ferris, Oracle?" asked Superman, deciding to
proceed with the meeting.

"Carol Ferris once ran Ferris Aircraft," replied Oracle, "She was the
employer and sometimes girlfriend of Hal Jordan, who was Green Lantern before
our current member.

She was turned into Star Sapphire by the Zamarons - a race of warrior women -
and was able to transform into this villain by use of a sapphire which gave
her the ability to fly and project energy blasts, much like those used
extensively by Green Lantern at the time. When the Zamarons left our
dimension, Star Sapphire went over the edge and attempted to kill Hal,
unfortunately she couldn't locate him, and so killed Katma Tui, another Green
Lantern and the wife of one John Stewart, who was acting in a back-up role to
Hal Jordan at the time. Eventually, the Green Lantern Corps managed to
restore Carol Ferris' personality, but her Star Sapphire persona still
emerged from time to time.

The curious thing is that, while Star Sapphire retained all of Carol Ferris'
memories - and actually came to despise her alter-ego - Ms. Ferris herself
had no memory of her activities as Star Sapphire. This made for an
interesting relationship between her and Hal Jordan, as Ms. Ferris was more
interested in Green Lantern than in Hal Jordan, and didn't know they were one
and the same, while Star Sapphire knew that Hal was Green Lantern and
despised them both, and also knew that Hal loved Carol, even though Carol

"My head hurts," muttered Plastic Man, making his head throb appropriately.

"It gets better," muttered The Flash.

"Carol Ferris was later to discover his secret identity, as well as her own,"
continued Oracle, "Which was when a 'male' version of Carol appeared on the
scene, named Predator. He managed to make Star Sapphire pregnant, then
somehow Carol and Star Sapphire were split apart, co-existing together. When
the baby was born, it was captured by Neron and Star Sapphire and Predator
were seemingly destroyed, while Carol was still around and seemingly freed
from her dual existence."

"And this was on Bold And The Beautiful when?" asked Plastic Man, looking

Steel frowned, "This is serious, a teammate is missing."

"Steel is right," said Superman, "Somehow Carol appeared in Green Lantern's
bed this morning, passed a telepathic test from Martian Manhunter, was taken
to Star Labs and passed numerous testing that proved she was Carol Ferris and
no longer under the influence of the Star Sapphire, then changed into Star
Sapphire and somehow overpowered Green Lantern and whisked him away."

"Okay," said Plastic Man, "What do we do about it?"

Superman paused, and found himself wondering the same thing. He'd called the
meeting more as a reaction, wanting to get the JLA together, thinking that
once all together they could work out a strategy to find Kyle... but half the
JLA were missing, The Flash the only 'original' member from the recently
reformed team present.

Lately he'd found it difficult to concentrate, for the last three days, since
getting back from Gotham where he'd stopped The Joker from killing himself,
he felt a little below par. At first he'd dismissed it as a slight
psycho-somatic reaction to his momentary exposure to kryptonite, but it
hadn't gone away.

"Supes?" asked The Flash, "Any ideas?"

"I... I..." started Superman, then stopped, his eyes growing wide as he felt
a growing tingling in his nose, a seeming culmination of the overall
graininess he'd been feeling for the last three days.

"Superman?" asked Steel, concerned that his hero was somehow in trouble.

"What's..." started Superman, "What's goi...?"

The tingling in his nose was almost unbearable now, he couldn't take it, he
could feel the pressure building, knew that something was going to break,
going to break any second now...

"AH-CHOO!!!!" he sneezed, knocking the other four JLA'ers out of their chairs
and to the ground, while Oracle looked on, slightly bemused.

"Wow, he even sneezes super," chuckled The Flash, getting back to his feet.

"Such power!" remarked Big Barda, admiration burning fiercely in her eyes,
"Never have I been taken from my feet so easily."

"That is just too gross," muttered Plastic Man, checking for any super-snot
that might have gotten on his costume, wondering how much he could get for it
on the open market.

"You okay, man?" asked Steel, concerned.

"Yes," replied Superman, his eyes a little wide, then breaking into a smile,
"In fact I feel quite good, better than I have in a couple of days."

"A good sneeze is always relieving," replied The Flash, "But a little warning
next time, okay?"

"Sorry, I'm not too experienced at sneezing," replied Superman with a slight
smile. He felt remarkable, his entire body seemed to feel a little looser,
his head a little lighter.

"Listen," said The Flash, "We have detailed accounts of Star Sapphire and
Green Lantern both, if Oracle can upload the appropriate information to me, I
can use the Watchtower scanners to check the entire planet for their energy
signatures... if they're on the planet, I'll find them."

"No problem here," said Oracle, "I certainly can't match your speed."

"Well... good," said Superman with a smile, "Just contact us the moment you
find anything, and we'll get together to help Kyle out."

As The Flash sped out of the Meeting Room to the Monitor Room, Superman
stared around the table, a slightly bemused look on his face.

"Um, meeting adjourned, just keep your communicators close by in case The
Flash comes up with anything."

He turned and left the room almost as fast as Wally had, heading for a
teleporter so he could get back to Metropolis.

"In your experience," Steel said to Plastic Man and Big Barda, "Is Superman
usually so... eccentric?"

"What does it matter?" muttered Big Barda, "He has decided on a course of
action, it has been taken, there is no more to be said, " she stood up and
left the Meeting Room.

Oracle had already cut her link to the Meeting Room, leaving Steel and
Plastic Man alone.

"So you think Supes is eccentric, huh?" asked Plastic Man, having formed a
triangle with his body and swinging his head by the neck on the inside of the

"Not so much anymore, no," replied Steel, and followed Big Barda out of the

Gotham City - 11:00 PM.

Dinah stepped into Dominic's apartment with slight trepidation, wondering if
she was doing the wrong thing.

They'd meant to have a cup of coffee or two, and ended up sitting in the cafe
over an hour, neither of them touching their coffee, just chatting, talking,
laughing. Leaving, he'd asked her if she'd like to come up to his place for
coffee, and she'd agreed, thinking more along the lines that they hadn't had
any coffee in the cafe.

In the elevator, which was one of the old style 'pull-down' doors that she
loved, she had suddenly thought that he might be expecting sex, rather than

This was what she hated about dating, it had always plagued her in college,
where her inexperience had led to her early marriage at the age of 18 to her
fellow student, Craig Windrow, and their subsequent divorce after only 9
months. Then she'd become involved in a very long on-off relationship with
Oliver Queen - The Green Arrow - and not had to worry about such things as
'coffee' and other such uncomfortable situations.

"How do you take your coffee?" he asked her, stepping past her and moving
with the ease and comfort that came from the familiarity with his
surroundings, "Milk no sugar?"

"Ye... yeah," she replied, and thoughts of coffee, sex and Oliver faded from
her mind as she took in his apartment.

"This... this place is magnificent!" she gasped.

"Why thank you," replied Dominic, moving into the kitchen, "I can assure you
that I would never have brought you here if it wasn't for Mrs. Cunningham."

"Mrs Cunningham?" she asked, feeling a sudden surge of hate towards this slut

"My cleaner," he replied, "The old dear is pushing seventy and refuses to
retire, thank goodness, since she's so damned good at her job."

Then he disappeared into the kitchen.

- That slut Cunningham? - she thought to herself, bemused at being so
territorial about a man she'd just met.

The apartment was a wooden board loft furnished with large, expensive looking
rugs both on the floor and the walls. A large, brick fireplace was set into
the far wall with several logs heaped onto it, while the couch and chairs
were comfortable looking and plush. The heads of several animals were mounted
above the fireplace, over an equal number of mounted guns.

In the corner was a huge, widescreen television and a set of speakers were
set up around the couch to give surround sound. Along one wall on the side of
the apartment was a large bookcase, crammed fill with books.

Overall the apartment looked more like a large hunting lodge than an
apartment, but somehow retained a homey, rustic feel.

"You're a hunter?" she called out, moving into the center of the living room.

"Oh no," he laughed from the kitchen, "My father was, I inherited this place
from him. I can't stand hunting myself, I find it barbaric, but they belonged
to the old man, I can hardly throw them out, and it really wouldn't do the
animals any good."

She smiled, she wasn't a big fan of hunting either, she'd hardly considered
tracking down a defenseless animal with a gun a sport. Oliver may have been
an archer and a playboy, but he'd...

She stopped herself short, Oliver again, her thoughts always came back to

"Coffee is served," said Dominic, entering the room holding a tray with two
mugs on it. His smile faded slightly when he saw her, picking up on her mood.

"Dinah, is something wrong?" he asked her.

"No, no... I," her eyes fell to the ground, and then she collapsed backwards
onto the couch.

Dominic slid onto the couch next to her, pushing the coffee hurriedly and
uncaredly onto the glass coffee table. Even in her sudden fit of depression,
she felt a moment of pleasure that he cared more about how she felt than an
obviously expensive coffee table and even more expensive rug underneath.

"What is it, what's the matter?" he asked, sliding an arm around her

"I shouldn't bother you with this," she sniffed, wiping an emerging tear from
her eye, "I'm terrible, you don't want to hear about my problems."

"You think I'm going to throw you out on the street, Dinah?" he asked her,
smiling, "Talk, you'll be surprised how much better you'll feel afterwards."

"I know this was our first date, and only the second time we've even met, but
I just started thinking about relationships and emotional commitments and..."
she stopped, sniffing again, "I guess what I'm trying to say is I bring a lot
of baggage to a relationship."

"Dinah, everybody does," Dominic said with a smile, and wiped one of the
hated tears which were emerging unbidden from her eyes, "Even people who've
never gone out with anyone before bring baggage into a relationship with
them, it's why we're human."

"I was involved with a man for a long time," she said, feeling a warm feeling
of rightness at the feel of Dominic's arms around her shoulders, at the
tenderness with which he'd wiped a tear from her eyes, "It was on again and
off again, but I always knew in the back of my mind that we'd end up together
again, even after I ended it with him for the last time, " she hesitated,
hating that she had to be careful about what she said in order to protect her
secret identity, "Then he died, and I realized that that was it, he wouldn't
be back, I wouldn't wake up next to him anymore or argue with him over the
phone or break up with him or make up with him."

"I understand, Dinah," he said, "I've never lost a girlfriend, but I did lose
my sister a few years ago, she died in a fire, and the last time I'd talked
with her had been on the phone, and I'd been quite brusque with her you know.
I wish that I'd been able to talk with her one last time, clear the air, but
it never came out you know."

She nodded, wondering what she was doing, was she subconsciously trying to
sabotage this relationship before it even got off the ground?

She must have been, because what she said next was the type of thing that
would make 99.9% of all men draw back and avoid all physical contact

"And a couple of years ago now, I was involved with some unpleasant people
and... I was raped."

- WHY! - her mind screamed at her, - Now he'll think you're damaged goods! -

She never talked about her rape, even though she knew that she should, that
it would be therapeutic. Her rapist was dead, she dealt with it with Oliver
and tried to put it behind her, yet now she'd ripped the scab off the wound
and brought it all back out.

And Dominic chuckled.

She stiffened slightly in his arms, but he just held her tighter, without
making her feel stifled.

"And you think that makes you less appealing? maybe that it was your fault?"
he said, smiling sadly down at her, "Believe me, I know what it's like."

"How could you, you couldn't," she whispered, but looked up at him, unable to
hide the hope that somehow this man would make it all better.

"I do know," he said, "Because it happened to me, years and years ago, I was
raped back at the Boy's School I went to by a very, very sick man. For years
I blamed myself for it, didn't talk, lived in denial, and I was miserable.
But over the years I confronted it, I dealt with it and I realized that I
could put it behind me, that it didn't have to dictate who I was."

He lifted her chin up with one finger and kissed her lightly on the lips.

"I don't want to belittle what you've been through, Dinah, but I want you to
realize that it's not extraordinary, that you can get over it and that things
do get better."

She was staring up at him in rapt wonder, her eyes locked with his. They
seemed to have hidden depths, they were almost hypnotic, and she was drawn
further and further into them.

He kissed her again, and this time she returned it.

* * *

"Good meeting?" Lois asked as Clark walked into the bedroom.

Her husband seemed to hesitate momentarily before a wide smile split his face
and he answered.

"Yes, it was actually, we got some things resolved."

Lois peered up from the bed where she sat, making some last minute changes to
the article she would be handing in tomorrow, about corruption in the U.S
Senate. It was a story that had been written about millions of times before,
but with some of the little pertinent facts that she'd picked up here and
there, she felt the article might cause quite a stir.

"Are you all right, Clark?" she asked him.

"Yes, haven't felt this good in days actually," he replied, loosening his
tie. He had changed into suit and tie after stepping out the teleporter, then
made his way back to the apartment he shared with his wife, Lois Lane, or
Lois Lane-Kent when he wanted to annoy her.

He slid into bed beside her and leaned over to look at the screen off the
laptop that was, appropriately enough, on her lap.

"Hey! No peeking!" she laughed, covering up the article with her hand.

"Come on, give me the scoop!" he chuckled.

"Get your own ideas, Smallville," she chuckled, then closed the file and set
the laptop aside, "That's enough for the night, anyway."

"The night is just beginning," he growled at her with a smile, she laughed,
then squealed as he lifted her up easily with one arm and placed her onto his

"Clark I... CLARK!" she cried, smiling, as she felt herself being lifted by
something that wasn't his arms.

"What can I say," he chuckled, "You bring out the animal in me."

* * *

Dominic lowered Dinah to the bed silently, and she let him, feeling no need
to assert herself, letting him dominate in his gentle, tender fashion.

He slid a hand up her side, inadvertently sliding up her shirt as he did so,
as he leaned over her and kissed her again. She felt his hand running along
her flank, and his fingers glided carefully along the side of her breast,
over the thin material of her bra.

His every touch, his every move seemed to send a wild erotic sensation
through her. But it was tender, she felt no need to sit on his lap and bounce
up and down on top of him, or to spread her legs wide and screech like a
banshee as he jackhammered into her. All she wanted to do was lie there and
be loved by him, to feel his touch and be safe in his arms.

She lifted her arms above her head in a lazy, sensual way which was more
erotic than any stripper could ever hope to mimic, allowing him to lift up
her top over her breasts. Still encased in their bra, her breasts were pushed
up close together, making them look bigger than they were. She wasn't a huge
double D like so many of her counterparts in the superhero industry seemed to
be, but had good sized C-Cup breasts which were more than a handful. Dominic
certainly seemed to have no complaints, as he broke their kiss and looked
momentarily down over her body, then back to her face.

"You're so beautiful," he said, and stroked aside a lock of her bleached
blond hair, "So very beautiful."

As they kissed again, his hand came up and cupped one breast, but he didn't
maul it or roughly grab it, but instead gently traced over the material
covering her nipples, moving around and over them, sending a muted thrill of
pleasure through her chest.

His other hand had been combed through her hair, holding the back of her
head, but now it slowly slid down past her neck, her other breast, her side
and hip. His hand slid over the denim material covering her thigh and pressed
between her legs, and even though she still wore her jeans, they were so
tight and his hand so skilled that she could almost feel each individual
stroke and twist of his fingers.

- He's so sensitive, - she thought happily as they kissed, their tongues
intertwined, one hand cupping her breast, the other between her legs. His
touch was compelling, made her aroused, but wasn't insistent, she knew that
anytime she told him to stop, he would.

And she didn't want him to.

They'd met twice, gone out once on a date that was more a friendly night out,
and then she'd revealed her innermost feelings to him and was now lying on
his bed, getting willingly felt up and prepared to have sex with him.

End Part 05 Of 25.


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