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Justice League Of America: Dark Angel Part 7 (no sex)
by Dimitri Maximoff

The Joker lay on his bed, sleeping, letting out the occasional chuckle which would then turn into a loud, hooting laugh. This brought cries from the other prisoners, yelling for him to shut up, but he did not hear, and eventually his laughter would trail off.

The floor of the cell was a white grating made up of thousands of tiny little holes, this conducted the electric field used to bring unruly prisoners into line, it was also used to conduct delousing fluids and gas dangerous prisoners that had to be moved. No human, even those of them with meta-human abilities, could get through the grate to escape, even Clayface - who was kept in another kind of cell altogether - would only be able to move from one cell to another.

No human.

Slowly, as if unsure of it's way, a small, green tendril made it's way through one of the small squares, twisting this way and that until it was facing the direction of The Joker's sleeping back. As if this was a signal, more and more of the tendrils shot up through the squares, growing up higher and higher.

"What the fuck is that?" muttered Killer Croc from his cell, which was across from The Joker's. He looked over to his side, where he had an angled view of the cell next to The Joker's, which contained Poison Ivy.

The sexy redhead was kneeling on the ground, she had removed the glove on one hand and pressed it against the white squares of the floor. Her eyes were closed as if in concentration, but she seemed to sense Croc's gaze. Her eyes opened slightly and she turned to look at him, bringing her gloved hand up, lifting a finger to her ruby-red lips and smiling.

Croc's grin widened, and he sat back, looking forward to the show.

The green tendrils had lifted high up now, on an equal level with The Joker's back. They began to bend and twist their ways towards him, their intent obvious, to strangle the life from the Clown Prince Of Crime.

And the Joker suddenly began to giggle.

Ivy's eyes opened wide, while Croc leaned forward further on his bunk, eager to see what happened next.

One of the Joker's arms lifted straight up, and he was clutching something in his gloved hand. His giggles became louder as Croc realized he was holding what looked to be a jagged, broken piece of the wall.

"ZAP!" cried The Joker, and a sudden buzz filled his cell, the familiar sound of electricity crackling across the floor.

The tendrils shot up straight, not damaged by the electricity but shocked into attention.

"ARRRGHHHH!!" screamed Ivy, and Croc's eyes shot over to her cell, where electricity was suddenly coursing through the floor she knelt on, hit by feedback that The Joker had somehow triggered.

Croc heard doors whir open and guards rush in, alerted by the monitor guards and the alarms that would have gone off the moment the electricity grid was activated by an unauthorized person.

"SHIT!" cried guard Jenkins, skidding to a halt in front of the troublemaker's cells. He stared in shock at the various green tendrils standing to attention in The Joker's cell, which the madman seemed to unaware of. Next to that cell, Poison Ivy was thrashing about on the floor of her cell, getting hit by wave after wave of electricity, coming seemingly from nowhere.

He'd been on night shift now for six months, starting at midnight each night and working till 10 in the morning, making good money but seeing nothing but the darker side of life, which was in turn making him a more miserable person.

"What the fuck is going on?" cried the next guard to arrive, Barry Atkinson, who was young and working the night shift to get himself through Community College, "Turn it off!"

Jenkins pushed the panic switch repeatedly, which was supposed to shut down the whole grid, but nothing happened.

Jenkins was shoved out of the way by Atkinson, who seemed to think that if he pushed the panic switch, it would work.

Inside his cell, The Joker sat up and spun about on his bunk, planting his feet on the ground. On the wall beside him a large chunk of wall had somehow been ripped out, and the exposed wires played around with to take control of the electricity grid.

"YOU!" growled Jenkins, pointing his nightstick menacingly at The Joker, who was chuckling evilly, his eyes narrowing to dark slits.

"Shut it off!" screamed Atkinson, slamming his fist against the reinforced glass screen, "Shut it off you fucking freak!"

The electricity grid was designed to give progressively higher shocks to bring the occupant of the cell into line, but The Joker was sending an unbroken feed into Ivy's cell, getting higher and higher, approaching lethal levels.

Jenkins thrust past the younger guard with a grim look on his face and flicked the electric switch on the panel besides The Joker's cell.

"Give the freak a taste of his own medicine," growled Jenkins, a grim look of satisfaction on his face.

But nothing happened.

"HAHAHAHAHA!" cried The Joker, cackling madly.

"DAMMIT!" growled Jenkins, realizing Joker had bypassed the electric grid to his cell, causing any feedback to run into Ivy's cell. He shoved a key into the control panel, twisting it and opening the screen in front of The Joker's cell.

He and Atkinson rushed in, meaning to beat Joker down and cut the wires sending the electricity to Ivy's cell.

But The Joker had been waiting just for this, and twisted a wire in the wall, allowing electricity to flow freely back into his cell.

Jenkins and Atkinson screamed as their bodies were jolted with a hard shock of electricity, and charged flailing into the tendrils still running up into the cell from Ivy's. The tendrils reacted to the two guards, grabbing onto them, choking and squeezing their twitching bodies.

Joker cackled out loud again and shut off the electricity, leaving the guards to be crushed to death by the plants, while he leaped off the bed (which had been shifted to a different circuit and afforded him protection) and rushed past them, stopping momentarily to grab the keys from Jenkins (he received a small static shock, which caused him to laugh even louder) and then he was out.

"WHAT YA GONNA DO!?!" demanded Croc, slamming his huge fists against the glass screen, which shook but was none the worse for the blow.

The Joker turned and stared at Killer Croc, his grin even wider than before, his eyes dancing with a mad glee that actually made the huge criminal step back.

The Joker's attention was diverted by the sounds of approaching boots, more and more guards arriving, probably with tasers or neural cripplers which no amount of ingenuity could get past.

"What am I going to do, Croc?" he chuckled, "Why, I'm going to emancipate you all."

"HEY!" cried Croc, covering his groin with his huge hands and backing off even further.

The Joker sighed, shaking his head, then moved to the head of the corridor and inserted Jenkin's masterkey to the front panel. He twisted it and the glass screen in front of each cell lifted instantaneously.

The guards burst in, and at the same time some of the worst, most dangerous criminals in Gotham City burst from their cells.

"RAHHHHH!" screamed Croc, charging right into the guards, ignoring the tasers pressing against his thick skin. Many of the other prisoners quickly rushed to help him, knowing that past him lay freedom.

The Joker sauntered over to Poison Ivy's cell, his grin smug and self-satisfied as he looked down on his would-be assassin.

When he'd switched on the electricity in his cell, it had stopped the flow to hers, and now she lay in the fetal position, clutching her knees to her breasts and moaning lightly.

"Oh Ivy," sighed Joker, rolling his eyes, "Didums get hurt? Haha haha!"

He knelt down and grabbed her by the chin, pulling her face up to within inches of his own. His eyes darkened and his grin became more malevolent as he growled, "What next, Ives? What did the big man want you to do after killing me?"

She moaned incoherently and he slapped her hard across the face, making her cry out as her sensitized skin trebled the actual pain the slap had given.

"TELL ME!" he growled, "Or I can make things very, very painful for you, understand?"

"Ca... cat," moaned Ivy.

"Cat? What, did Dommy want you to pick up a kitty from the pet store?" he chuckled, low in his throat, a dark, gurgling noise, then he shook her as he yelled, "SPEAK UP!!"


The Joker stared at her through narrowed eyes, then suddenly they lightened and his smile became bright, gleeful, "Well that's all I wanted to know, Ives!" he laughed and pulled her hard against him, licking her face and making her moan in despair.

"Thanks for the memories, kiddo!" he chuckled and let her drop to the ground, then turned and rushed down the corridor in the opposite direction of the battling guards and prisoners.

6th June, 1999 - Gotham City - 1.45AM.

Selena Kyle - Catwoman - lay on her couch, wearing nothing but the amulet she'd traded the sphere stolen from Maxi-Drive Enterprises.

The small red ruby sent into the round gold disk sat between her large, firm breasts, it was cool against her skin, and didn't seem to warm at all, but the coolness was pleasing to her, sending the occasional thrill running down her waist and into her crotch. Her nipples were erect and she could feel them straining, it was incredibly erotic and she let a low moan escape her beautiful, pouting lips.

She leaned back, stretching her arms and legs languorously, stretching full length and smiling happily as her head leaned back, loving the feel of the cool chain around her slender neck and large, round breasts.

She opened her eyes and looked up above her, finding herself staring at two light glowing, white eye slits contained in a dark shadow that was blacker than black against the flickering light coming from the fireplace.

She smiled, a lazy, incredibly sensual smile.

"Bats, don't you ever knock?"

"Catwoman," Batman grunted, "We have to get out of here, now."

"Hmmm," she chuckled, running her hands down over her breasts and flat stomach, cupping her inner thighs and spreading her long, sexy legs slightly, "Not the reaction most men would have."

If The Dark Knight was moved by her nudity he didn't show it, he spoke in a warning tone of voice, pressed by a quiet urgency that would normally have gotten through to her that he meant business, "The Joker set off a riot at Arkham Asylum just over an hour ago and somehow escaped. Somebody wants you, Selena, and they were going to send Poison Ivy to get you, but now he's coming instead."

"Somebody wants me?" she purred, "I know someone that can have me."

She reached up and grabbed his arms, attempting to pull him down towards her, but he easily resisted.

"We don't have time for this," he growled, "This is linked to something bigger, I think somebody is planning something big and is trying to get The JLA out of the way, you acted as a reserve member for us once, your life could be in danger."

She squirmed about slightly on the couch, liking the feel of her buttocks squeezing against each other, "Lighten up, Bats, why don't you slip into something a little more comfortable, like me?"

"Selena, this isn't like you," Batman hissed, "You didn't even react when you found me standing right above you, you didn't even hear me coming."

"So," she chuckled, trailing a finger over one nipple and moaning happily, "You're good."

"Not that good that I could get to within an inch of you," he said, "You're being affected by something, maybe that amulet you're wearing?"

She finally reacted, twisting up into a sitting position and clutching the amulet in her hand, her eyes flaring up with a pure hatred that surprised Batman slightly.

"MINE!" she hissed, "It's mine!"

"Selena," Batman replied, holding up his arms to show he wasn't threatening her, "Where did you get the amulet?"

She pulled back on the couch, drawing up her knees in an unconscious effort to put as much between Batman and the amulet as she possibly could.

"IT'S MINE!" she screeched at him, "I traded for it fair and square!"

"Who did you trade with, Selena?" Batman asked, his eyes narrowing almost imperceptibly.

"I don't know," she replied, looking suddenly confused, "He sent me a picture of the amulet and I knew it was mine, straight away, and all he wanted for it was a stupid sphere."

"What sphere?" asked Batman, his voice betraying a urgency that was very much unlike him, "Did you get it from Maxi-Drive?"

She stared at him suspiciously, clutching the amulet in her hand and gaining security and confidence from it, "Yes, but I don't have it anymore, I gave the stupid thing to him in exchange for the amulet."

A knock came at the door, Batman's head twisted to the side.

"We have to go now," he whispered harshly, "Selena, you're in terrible danger!"

The knock came again, more insistent now.

"No," Selena replied, her eyes suddenly becoming wide and taking on a faraway look, "I have to answer the door."

She stood up and walked past him, heading for the door without bothering to cover up her nudity.

Batman cursed under his breath and moved quickly, silently forward, grabbing Catwoman first around her mouth, then her waist.

She squealed and kicked as he pulled her back towards the large french doors, fighting not to get out of his grasp, but reaching out with an almost fervent desperation for the door.

"Pizza!" yelled the person behind the door, but Batman didn't believe it for a second, he knew exactly who was behind that door, and he wasn't carrying any pizza.

A gunshot fired, and seconds later the door to the apartment was kicked in.

"I SAID PIZZA!" screamed The Joker, cackling madly, gripping two machine guns in his hands, "WHERE'S MY TIP!"

He began firing as Batman twisted around, protecting Catwoman with his body, his cape would deflect any bullets that hit it, although Joker hadn't seemed to have seen them yet, he was just firing randomly at anything.

"BATS!" he squealed suddenly, spotting the flowing cape as The Dark Knight Detective rushed for the windows, "Now it's a party!"

Batman heard something hit the ground, heard the door slamming as Joker left the apartment. He knew even before the second thump that The Joker had tossed a grenade into the apartment.

He barreled through the french doors, the glass fragments smashing harmlessly over his batsuit, leaped easily onto the wire supports running over the verandah, squatting his legs and leaped blindly into the night.

A second later the explosion ripped through the apartment, a fireball bursting through the smashed glass doors, furniture and all of her collected assortments destroyed in a second.

Far below, on the ground, well over 50 cats paused in the alley they had collected in, stared up at the explosion - reflected in their eyes - and then, as if sensing their mistress (who had rather unceremoniously ushered them out earlier in the evening) hadn't been inside, they went back to sniffing and pawing playfully at each other, having already forgotten the explosion.

Batman landed roughly on the adjacent building, having had to fire his grappling line without judging his arc of descent or the effect Catwoman's added weight would have on him. He managed to protect her from the shock of the landing, but a second later they were rolling over and he found himself lying on top of her.

"Heh," she chuckled, and he realized with a shock she was half asleep, despite what had just happened, "Hell of a thing to do... just to get on top of me."

"Selena, Selena?" he asked, concerned as she drifted off to sleep. She was somewhat of an adrenaline junkie, getting almost high off danger when it occured, getting some kind of secret thrill she didn't bother to hide. The fact that she was falling asleep was just more evidence that something was wrong.

Standing up, he lifted her over his shoulder, trying not to think too much about how good her nude body had felt beneath him even through his tough batsuit. He was uncomfortably aware of how close his hand was to her bare buttocks, that she was completely, totally nude, but he ignored it as he quickly made his way down the fire escape, in a rush to get to the Batmobile before The Joker found out they hadn't been in the apartment when it blew.

He had to get to The Watchtower, and soon.

JLA Watchtower - 6th June - 2:37 AM.

Batman carried Catwoman's unconscious body - covered now in a blanket he'd grabbed from Alfred before hopping into the teleporter in the Batcave - through the Hall Of Justice, on his way to the Medical Lab. As he passed the Armory, he paused and looked up at the roof.

"Get down from there," he muttered.

The ceiling bent somewhat, then flowed down into a puddle at Batman's feet, which quickly sprang back up to a figure identical to Batman, only his batsuit was a bright red.

"How'd you know it was me?" Plastic Man asked.

"I don't have time for this," muttered Batman, "But a good hint is that, unless a psychedelic painter was in here during my absence, the Watchtower doesn't have bright red ceilings."

"Always picking at the little things," muttered Plastic Man, taking on his own form again, "Whose the hotty?"

"Catwoman," replied Batman, "Come with me."

He began to make his way towards the Medical Lab, Plastic Man in tow, hopping up and down excitedly and asking questions.

"Catwoman, eh? Where's her mask? What happened to you? Do I smell smoke? You crazy kids been toking up? Huh? Huh? Huh?"

Batman stopped at the door to The Med-Lab, shifted Catwoman's weight to one arm, then turned around and grabbed Plastic Man by the lips.

"Listen," he growled, "This is very, very serious, so I'm only going to say it once."

"Oui, Michelle of ze Resistance!" replied Plastic Man through muffled lips, taking on the appearance of a French Policeman.

"Someone's out to get The JLA," said Batman, ignoring Plastic Man's antics, "I need to use The Monitor Womb and get in contact with some people, and I. do. not. want. anything to happen to Catwoman here, understand?"

"Yawohl, Mein Fuhrer!" cried Plastic Man, saluting sharply and becoming a Gestapo Officer, albeit a very brightly colored one.

"Just guard her," sighed Batman, and walked into the Med-Lab.

He placed her down in a bed gently and covered her with more blankets before removing the amulet from around her neck. She frowned, not liking the removal of the amulet even when unconscious, but then settled back into a deeper sleep.

Batman moved to a communications terminal and opened the link to Steel's Laboratory, where you could rely on finding him most nights, he slept very little.

"Steel here," came back the reply.

"This is Batman, I need to met you in the Research Lab," replied The Dark Knight, "I have something you might be interested in."

He stared closely at the amulet in his hand, barely hearing Steel's confirmation.

* * *

Catwoman seemed to be floating in nothingness, drifting silently in a red void where nothing existed but herself.

"Selena," whispered a voice, coming from everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

"Whose there?" she asked, and her voice was languorous, sleepy, which was just the way she felt. She had never felt so relaxed in her life, and she was generally a very laid back person.

"Tell me about your darkest desires," whispered the voice, not answering her question, "Tell me your secret shame, tell me what you want more than anything."

Strangely enough, she felt that here she could speak of her desires, and that it seemed oddly appropriate. After all, when you got down to it, it all came down to your desires and fantasies, sensation was all there really was to life.

"I want him, my Dark Knight," she murmured happily, her eyes half closed, her voice low and sexy, "I want Batman."

"I know," said a voice beside her, and she realized that Batman was there, next to her, and that, too, seemed right.

"Bats," she laughed happily, rolling right around, loving the feel of her long, curly black hair running over her face and neck, "I love you."

"I love you," Batman said, then said no more.

"What do you want?" asked the everywhere/nowhere voice again.

"Batman," she said, cocking one eye lazily as she spread her arms and legs out to the sides and thrilled at the feeling of stretching, so much like a cat, "I already said that."

"No," whispered the voice, "What do you want, what have you always wanted?"

"Jewels, gems, bright shiny things," she chuckled, cupping her hair in her hands and running them up over her breasts, her neck, her cheeks, "To curl up in front of a fire and be held, to have him with me always."

The more she said, the better she felt, and the more she wanted to say. Words began to come unbidden, as Batman stood stoically beside her, unmoving, unspeaking.

"I want to cuddle up to a giant cat, I want to dance naked in the rain and make love to a woman, I want to rub myself in oil and squirm about on the sun baked concrete, I want to eat a pound of chocolate and get taken up the ass, I want the dark man, the mystery man, the one we all dream about but can never have.... I WANT!"

"Then don't deny yourself," whispered the everywhere/nowhere voice, "What's the point in dreaming and fantasizing and wanting, when you can have? When you can just let it happen and enjoy yourself! Why do you deny your desires?"

"Why?" she asked, confused herself. Why should she deny herself, she'd always been someone who saw something she liked and took it, but she realized now she'd never followed through on the full potential of this lifestyle. She'd always loved cats, loved their freedom, their carefree lifestyle, living one day to the next, and she'd tried to emulate them... but she was just a pathetic human imitation. If she truly wanted to be Catwoman, she had to be less like a woman and more like a cat.

"Yes," laughed the voice, "You know the secret, life's too short, enjoy it while you're here and damn the consquences!!"

"YES!" she laughed, sitting up and grabbing Batman around his neck.

"Now," said the voice, "Take what you wa...."

She lay for some time before realizing that there was something against her back, that she was lying on an object.

What had happened? Had she been dreaming? Or had that been real?

She opened her eyes and looked up, she was in a clean, sterile looking environment, but it looked too hi-tech and futuristic to be a hospital.

Then she remembered her brief 'unofficial' tour of The Watchtower back when she'd helped The JLA defeat Prometheus. She was in The Medical Lab, Batman must have brought her here.

She felt a moment of panic when she realized the amulet wasn't resting in it's comfortable place between her breasts, but then calmed herself. It would be somewhere in the area, and it was hers, as was anything else she wanted.

"If I want it," she murmured to herself, "Take it."

Right now what she really wanted was sex, despite all she'd been through in the last hour, her thoughts were still on how she'd felt lying on her couch, the amulet cold against her skin, her nipples erect and her legs spread, wanting something between her legs, something hot and real.

These thoughts didn't bother her, this was the new her, the new Selena Kyle. If she wanted something, she'd take it, if she was hungry, she'd eat and if she was horny, well if she was horny then she'd fuck.

The doors to the Med-Lab opened and for some reason she lowered her head and closed her eyes, pretending to still be asleep. Raising her lids slightly, she saw that it was Plastic Man, entering the room to check on her.

He stayed in the doorway, just craning his head around by his elongated neck to check she was all right.

Selena suppressed a smile and decided to play with the worlds strangest superhero a bit. Keeping her eyes closed enough so that she could see but he would think she was asleep, she let out a low grunt and kicked her sheets away, exposing her nude body.

She saw him perform a double take a cartoon character would have been proud of, then glance about as if to check to see if the other members of The JLA would be standing there, looking at him with shocked disapproval. When he saw that wasn't the case, he shuffled his way into the Med-Lab, letting the door close behind him.

His eyes roamed over her naked body, her long, sexy legs slightly spread, exposing her pink, shaven cunt lips and the small, light rectangle of black pubic hair. He licked his lips and again his eyes darted from side to side, checking to see if he was being watched, then he inched his way closer and closer towards her bed. His eyes ran up over her flat, toned waist to her large, perfect tits with their small, pink nipples straining up towards the ceiling. They were lolling slightly to the side due to their own weight, but still held up high on her chest due to a natural firmness usually only found in a good boob job.

Her long, curly black hair ran down the sides of her face and over her neck and shoulders, framing her beautiful face, her delicious looking ruby-red lips, small nose and large eyes, which were currently closed as she slept peacefully... or so he thought.

"Ahhh man," he whispered slightly, his cock erect in his pants. Like any man, when he got aroused his cock got hard, and while he could adjust the length, shape and size of his penis like any other man, when it got erect he couldn't make it go flaccid until the blood had flowed away.

He moved closer to her naked body, standing only a couple of feet away now, his neck craned out well over a foot. His hand absently rubbed his crotch and he licked his lips, letting a low moan escape his lips.

"Like what you see?" she asked.

"ARGH!" cried Plastic Man, leaping back slightly.

"Relax," chuckled Catwoman, opening her eyes and smiling at him.

"Uh!" he cried, "I was... I heard a noise!"

She laughed, "Calm down, I don't mind."

"No, you don't understand," he stammered, looking nervously about again, expecting Batman to burst in any second now and beat the living shit out of him, "I wasn't looking...."

"Why not?" she asked, spreading her legs apart a little further, "Aren't I attractive?"

"No! uh, yes!" he cried, "But I wasn't perving on you or anything, I heard a noise, and I came in to check and...."

She spread her legs, slid her hand down her waist and cupped her cunt mound, sliding a finger up into her pussy.

End Part 07 of 25.


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