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Justice League Of America: Dark Angel Part 8 (MF,anal)
by Dimitri Maximoff

"Huh," he said, breaking off what he'd been saying.

"Are you horny, Plastic Man?" she asked him, "Don't bother lying, I can see that log you've got stashed in your pants."

His eyes slid of her vagina momentarily to look down at his own crotch, then his eyes shot back up to her. He struggled to keep his eyes on her face, but she kept sliding and cycling her hand over her crotch, playing with herself.

"I'm horny," she moaned, "And Batman has a stick so far up his ass he'll never get around to helping me resolve that little problem."

"Uhhh, yeah?"

"What I'm saying," she moaned, pressing another finger between her bald cunt lips and stroking it in and out with the other, both digits glistening with her juices, "Is that I want to get fucked, and you're here."

"You want me to fuck you, because Batman has a stick up his ass, yeah, I get it," muttered Plastic Man, not believing even now that a woman as incredibly beautiful as Catwoman would ever let him touch her.

"Heh," she chuckled, "Speaking of which."

She twisted around onto her stomach and pushed her beautiful, firm, rounded ass up towards him, spreading her legs wide. She slid her fingers out of her cunt and ran them up her crack, pressing the lubed up digits against the small, pink rosebud of her anus.

"Oh, whoa."

"You ever fuck a girl up the ass, Plastic Man?" she asked him, smiling. Her other hand gripped onto one breast, squeezing the firm tit-flesh and moaning happily as her finger slowly slid it's way into her asshole.

"Are... are you serious?" asked Plastic Man, "You really want to.... uh, make love?"

"No," moaned Catwoman as one finger slid up into her ass, "I want you to fuck me, and fuck me hard."

"You want me to..."

She stopped and looked over her shoulder.

"For fucks sake, does a girl have to beg? Get you're stupid fucking costume off, get over her and fuck me! All right, do you get it yet?"

"Hey, chill, chill!" muttered Plastic Man, "A guys got to be careful in these PC conscious nineties, you know."

"Then all hail the millennium," muttered Selena, "Maybe then we just get down to bumping hips."

"I gotta admit," he said, pulling off his tight red costume, bulking up his body somewhat to impress Catwoman, "I've always had a thing for you, maybe it's the bullwhip, or maybe just the skin tight clothes, but I've dreamt about this for years."

"Most people like my tits," she laughed, feeling up one of the breasts as she said it, rubbing her nipple between the knuckles of her fingers, "Others my ass, you can have it all."

"Oh yeah, this is like one of those fan-fics," Plastic Man grinned, rubbing his hands together as he stepped out of his clothes. He moved up onto the bed, getting up onto his knees, a few feet from the naked woman.

"Fan-fics, what the hell are you talking about now?" she asked, pressing her finger fully inside of her asshole while the hand that had been feeling up her breast had gone back to her cunt, rubbing her clitoris and spreading her cunt lips apart.

"On the Internet, guys write stories about celebrities and superheroes having sex, you know. Some people even write about comic book characters, but I prefer the real thing."

"There are lots of these stories?" moaned Catwoman, finger-fucking her cunt and ass, "Are they any good?"

"Some are," replied Plastic Man, moving up behind her and placing his hands hesitantly on her hips, "Others are pretty crap, others are about fetishes like feet and urinating and stuff. But some are really, really good, great ideas... I read one once where the whole JLA fuck Wonder Woman and it turns out Circe is behind it, and in the end Superman fucks Circe and when he cums he blows her out the window.... man, that was a classic."

"Yeah, okay," chuckled Catwoman, "But you think you might stop talking about fucking and start doing it?"

"Yeah, yeah!" said Plastic Man, who had been enjoying talking about his secret life on the Internet so much that he'd almost forgotten about the incredibly sexy supervillianess on all fours in front of him, finger-fucking her own cunt and asshole. He grabbed his cock and guided it towards her cunt, and she eagerly spread her cunt lips for him, moaning happily when she felt his cock head press against the entrance to her hot, juicy fuck hole.

And then he paused.

"What?" she cried.

"Hey Cats," Plastic Man said with a grin, "Let me try something I read in this erotic fan-fic once, it was a pretty good story by some loser called Dimitri."

"Meoow, whatever rubberman, just do it!" she said, tired of waiting, wanting to get him inside of her.

"That's Plastic Man."

"Raoow, who cares?"

He decided not to argue with the very hot supervillianess who wanted him to fuck her, and closed his eyes, concentrating on pulling a trick he'd only done once, experimentally, after reading the story he'd just mentioned to Catwoman - The Herald Of something or other.

Catwoman's eyes widened as she felt something too big to be a finger but too small to be a cock press against her asshole, while his cock head was still sitting at the entrance of her cunt.

"What the....?"

"Hehe," chuckled Plastic Man, "Just call me Mr. Fantastic, Cats."

With a start she realized that he effectively split his penis in two, making a smaller cock come up off the top of his dick and press against her asshole. His ability to stretch his entire bodies molecular structure allowing him to maintain the size of his cock while splitting off a smaller one.

"Rrraoow!" laughed Catwoman, "I might just keep you around, Mr. Plastic."

"That's Pl... ah, who give a shit!" laughed Plastic Man, then grabbed tightly to her hip s and, pushing forward, slid his cock into her cunt.

"RRRAAOOOWW!!" she howled, causing his heart to jump, thinking he'd hurt her until she cried out almost immediately, "YES!"

"Just wait, baby," he chuckled, all confidence now that he could feel the delicious, enveloping warmth of her tight, eager cunt around his cock. He shifted his hips again, pressing the tip of the smaller cock splitting off from the base of his shaft against the pink, puckered entrance to Catwoman's rectum.

"YES!" growled Selena, "Do it, fuck me! Fuck my cunt and my ass at the same time! Whatever I want, I TAKE!"

"Yeah, whatever," chuckled Plastic Man, a smug grin on his face. Now he was in charge, he was the man and he meant to enjoy this, the realization of his greatest fantasy.

He pressed forward, his cocks pressing slowly forward past the tight, clasping muscles of her cunt and asshole. The larger shaft thrust forward, inch after inch of his cock driving single-mindedly into the soft, clinging pink folds of the sexy supervillianesse's cunt. He thrust, feeling Selena grind her hot, rounded ass back against him, moaning in pleasure as she felt his two cocks pressing against each other through the thin wall between her asshole and pussy. He was filling her ass and cunt right up, filling her totally, driving her mad with desire as she grasped her new philosophy by the horns.

"OH YES, YES!!!!" Selena screamed, her long, toned legs lifting and stretching, rising off the ground. She was athletic enough to do it, and aroused enough to actually enjoy the fatigue that would quickly grow in her sexy legs, but Plastic Man helped out by grabbing her thighs and holding her up, pushing his hips forward at the same time at a shifted angle, driving her wild with desire as Plastic man ground his way into her pussy and her butt at the same time.

"Yeah! YES!!" Plastic Man cried out, feeling her tight cunt sucking on his cock, her asshole gripping on the extension of his penis. He looked down her back, she had her face buried in the pillow of the bed, twisted to the side, her face contorted in pleasure. Her massive breasts were squashed against the sheets and her ass thrust up high into the air, her legs stretched right out, toes pointing directly at the far wall as he fucked her cunt and ass.

He moaned happily, echoed by her, as his pubic hair pressed against her beautiful ass and his balls rested against her clit, feeling the steaming heat that seemed to throb up from her juicy, shaven cunt lips.

Then, almost regretfully, he began pulling back, feeling her hot cunt and ass gripping down tight on his cocks, pulling back on him as he withdrew. When only the heads of his penis' remained inside her fuck hole and back-channel, he steadied her in place with his legs, then pushed forward, this time fucking right in to the hilt with slightly more ease.

He rested for a second, loving the feel of her cunt and asshole clasping greedily on his split cock, then pulled back, then thrust forward, back and forward, back and forward, a little faster each time, until the unlikely hero was pounding hard against her ass, fucking into her cunt and butt hole, slamming it to her, making her moan and cry out in passion as he gritted his teeth and concentrated on fucking the hot, sexy villainess with everything he had.

"Uh! Uh! Uh! Yes!" she cried, "Do it! Fuck me! FUCK ME!!"

His only answer was to continue ramming his blood-engorged members against her gripping, gushing pussy and her tight, vise-like asshole.

- I'm fucking Catwoman! - Plastic Man's mind cried crazily, - I'm actually fucking CATWOMAN! -

And he was loving it, rocking her body back and forward again and again as he fucked into her squeezing asshole and sucking, grasping pussy.

Selena was also loving it, living only for the moment, the sensation. She thrust her hips back, banging against his own, crying out obscenities and nonsensical words, feeling an orgasm building deep inside of her already.

He was so deep inside her ass, all of his cock meat crammed inside her tight little butt, so much further than she'd ever pressed her anal probes, filling her up so much more pleasurably.

She cried out in ecstasy as the leaner part of his cock slammed in, then pulled out of her tightly clenched anus, even as the thicker engorged part of his prick slammed in and out of her cunt.

She had seized the moment! She had found Plastic Man, hadn't bothered flirting around with him, just spread her legs and demanded that he fuck her. Perhaps if she'd done that when she'd first met Batman, they wouldn't have spent so long dancing around the issue and just got it on.

And now her poor, lust-crazed mind was associating going with her greatest desires with this new, highly arousing form of sex. From now on she would have to be more like she'd always acted, taking what she wanted and enjoying today without bothering about the consequences of tomorrow.

"Oooooh shit, YESSS!!!!!" she screamed as she suddenly came, her juices slamming against his cock as they tried to escape her cunt, which was currently crammed full with almost ten inches of hot, hard dick. As he pulled back from her now even tighter snatch, the hot juices flowed around his dick and out of her cunt, flooding over his thighs and the smooth sheets of the bed.

"Oh fuck!" cried Plastic Man, his eyes crossing as he felt the hot contractions of her cunt and involuntary squeezing of her ass. He slammed forward, ground his hips against her ass cheeks, then shot his load deep into her gushing snatch and gripping butt hole.

He exhaled sharply, then fell forward, bending over her beautiful ass and resting on her back. He released her legs, letting them drop to the ground. Even now, after cumming, he was still incredibly aroused by her and slid his now free hands under her body, grabbing her giant, hot breasts in his hand and squeezing them gently, feeling the hard, erect nipples between his fingers.

"Oooh yeah," Catwoman moaned, smiling as she looked back over her shoulder at him through half-closed eyes, "Plastic Fantastic."

He grinned at her, their faces only a few inches apart, and then his eyes grew wide behind his ridiculous glasses as she rolled over and he almost fell of the bed.

"What're you....?" he started, but then she held a finger up to her lips, beckoning to him with a finger on the other hand.

"Come here," she chuckled, lying back on the bed, grabbing her breasts in her hands and lightly massaging them, feeling up her sensitive nipples.

He got up and straddled her naked body, his knees on either side of her thighs, his two cocks sliding back together to form one again.

"I want to be a porn-star," she giggled at him from lowered lashes.

"Wha?" he cried, looking about for hidden cameras.

"Relax," she laughed, "Not really, I just want to be dirty! You understand?"

"No," he responded truthfully.

"Slide that big dick of yours up between my tits," she moaned, throwing her head back as her fingers slid over her nipples, "And I'll titty-fuck you until you cum... all over my face!"

Plastic Man's cock visibly twitched and his face slowly dawned with happy comprehension.

"Oh, you are so the girl for me," he grinned.

"For now, hot stuff," she replied absently, "Now slide that dick down here!"

Rather than knee-walk his way up to her, he just extended his penis so that it slid over her parted, glistening cunt lips, up over her waist and then between her breasts. His cock was hard ten inches down from the knob, then became a resilient, spongy tube of flesh which ran down over her flat stomach and between her legs, resting against the steaming heat of her cunt lips.

"That's right," she said, smiling, and grabbed her breasts firmly by the sides, pressing them up against each other, Plastic Man's cock caught happily in-between.

"Oh yeah," he groaned happily, despite having cum already only a few minutes earlier, he felt like he could blow his load again any second now. He moved his hands down and placed them over hers, letting her move them as she massaged and kneaded her breasts against his cock.

Catwoman stared down her chest, excited at what she saw. Plastic Man was on his knees between her spread legs, his cock shoving between her massive breasts, his cock head moving up between her tits as he humped back and forth, pressing up tantalizing close to her mouth, then pulling back and disappearing inside the cavern formed between her breasts before popping back out again.

Leaning her head forward, she stuck out her tongue and licked at his cock head every time it thrust forward.

"Oooooooh, yes!" moaned Plastic Man happily, almost as turned on by the sight of his cock between her tits and her mouth slipping out to lick it as the feeling of tit-fucking Catwoman.

He leaned his upper body forward and forced his hips forward between her breasts, remaining in place momentarily, giving her more time to slide her tongue over his penis, before pulling back between her breasts, which she was kneading and pressing against his cock.

"Ahhh man!" cried Plastic Man, throwing his head back and crying out as for the second time in five minutes, he came.

His cock spurted out cum, shooting from the eye of his penis and hitting her top lip, then again into the bridge of her nose and then her cheek.

He pulled back and gripped his cock in hand, jerking it off and firing several more shots over her large, firm breasts.

Catwoman laughed happily, feeling so dirty and sexy at the same time, loving the way she'd made this man cum twice so quickly, getting a heady sense of power from it.

"Ooooh," groaned Plastic Man, his entire body going limp and falling to the side. His lower body remained where it was, kneeling between her thighs, but his stomach elongated out and he fell onto the ground beside the bed, stretched out almost ten feet.

"Purrrfect," she purred happily, wiping some cum of her cheek and sucking the finger between her lips.

This was just the beginning.

2:45 AM - Twenty minutes earlier.

"You wanted to see me, Batman?" asked Steel, entering the Research Lab situated above the Medical Lab, "Holy! What's the deal with that amulet?"

"You tell me," said Batman, holding the amulet by the gold chain so that it dangled down, "What do you see?"

"There's a bizarre energy signature coming off of it," replied Steel - encased in an technologically superior suit of armor, he was The JLA's technical expert and sometime leader of 'the B Team' - staring at the amulet, "I've never seen anything like it."

"What kind of energy signature?" asked Batman, "Can you define it, even loosely?"

"At best... I guess you could describe it as some kind of quasi radio-transmission, crazy as that sounds."

"Imhmmm," nodded Batman, as if this didn't surprise him at all, "Operating on what frequency?"

"Ahhh it's... oh geez."

"What is it?"

"It's operating on the 7hz frequency, that's the frequency that human...."

"That human brainwave patterns operate on, I know," finished Batman, "Steel, I need you to examine this, find out as much as you can about it... and avoid any tactile contact with the actual amulet as much as possible."

"Okay, I don't even want to touch it with my gauntlets on," replied Steel, taking the amulet from Batman with a pair of tongs, "Is there a time limit on this, or do you want me to keep looking at it until I can't find anything new?"

"Keep looking," replied Batman, "I'll contact you from time to time."

"Where are you going?" asked Steel, already considering several experiments that he could run.

"To see The Flash," muttered Batman, heading towards the lifts, "I need to work fast, and I can't think of anyone better suited to the job."

He left, and Steel turned back to the amulet.

"Hmmf," he muttered in disgust, "Mind control, and it's an ugly ass piece of junk as well."

2:55 AM - Monitor Womb.

"Bats, what's the good word?" asked The Flash, sitting up high amongst uncountable numbers of floating monitors, using all of them seemingly at the same time.

"What are you doing?" asked Batman, looking up as The Flash blurred from monitor to monitor.

"Looking for Green Lantern, haven't you heard what happened?"

"He's gone missing, yes," replied Batman, "But that's only one part of the greater picture, I need your help."

Almost instantaneously, The Flash was in front of The Dark Knight, a quizzical look on his face.

"Bats, what's going on? What could be more important than finding a missing teammate?"

"Remember when the Martians attacked?" asked Batman, "When the entire world was against us, we were fighting alone against people as strong as Superman with more powers."


"Or when the rogue Angels jeopardized the entire planet in an effort to get to Zauriel, in case he revealed what he knew of their plan to take over Heaven?"

"Yeah, what is it, Batman?"

"Do you remember when you and Green Lantern were sent forward to a future where Darkseid ruled the planet and most of us were dead?"

"YES! For fucks sake, get to the point!"

"Patience," replied Batman, "Do you remember how we were sent forward 853 centuries to fight a Sun while back here the entire planet was infected with a killer disease."


"This situation is more dangerous," said Batman, "And we've already wasted enough time discussing it, I. need. your. help."

Flash sighed, then nodded.

"What do you want me to do?"

"I need you to do a scan, focusing entirely on residual trace energies over all spectrums in or around Arkham Asylum."

"What? Has this got something to do with The Joker escaping a few hours ago?"

As The Flash, he was able to run every monitor in the Womb while at the same time keeping track of news services from all around the world, in case anything related to Green Lantern had come up. He'd heard about the escape and the subsequent riot which had only been subdued after calling in huge numbers of reinforcements from local Law Enforcement.

"Yes, The Joker was the only link to whoever is behind what is going on, and I believe that link was supposed to be broken earlier tonight, but The Joker turned the tables on his would-be assassin and escaped, which is what drew my attention to the link in the first place, without his escape I would never have had more than suspicions."

"Okay man, give me a second."

Exactly one second later, Wally hmmmed slightly from a monitor halfway across the Womb.

"What is it?" asked Batman.

"This is odd," replied The Flash, "I took you literally on the whole 'all spectrums' thing, but I didn't find anything."

"Yes, but...?"

"But, well, um, the grass is growing really, really fast over one strip of lawn, but one strip only."

"We need to get down there and test it," muttered Batman, "It's our only other link."

"Do you need me? I really want to find GL."

"Keep looking," Batman said, "But I don't hold out much hope, whoever we're up against is extremely adept at covering their tracks."

He turned to leave, but Wally stopped him.

"Transmission from Oracle," he said, "Aren't you in communication with her?"

"I should be," frowned Batman, touching the side of his cowl where the communicator was placed beside his ear.

"She says it's private," Flash said, "Want me to leave?"

"No, I'll use the link in The Hall."

He left the Womb, moving up into The Hall Of Justice and activating the link at the table, bringing up the large, holographic representation of The Oracle, who was in reality Barbara Gordon - formerly Batgirl.

"Oracle?" he asked.

"Batman... I have some.... news for you."

"What is it?" he asked, "Why are you up and about so early in the morning?"

"The Huntress got in contact with me yesterday afternoon," said Oracle, "Apparently she had just fought with a woman dressed in a costume and calling herself Huntress as well."


"During the fight, she managed to secure a blood and cell sample, which I was able to run a DNA scan on for her. Huntress hoped that I'd be able to find out if she was a known criminal or supervillian trying to go undercover as a heroine for a while."

"What did you find?" Batman asked, wary over what the answer could possibly be.

"I didn't find any matches in the criminal database, so I ran an additional scan of all known DNA samples," she paused, hesitating to say what she had discovered.

"What is it, Oracle?"

"She has your DNA, Bruce... she's related to you."

End Part 08 of 25.


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