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Justice League Of America: Dark Angel Part 10 (FF,MF)
by Dimitri Maximoff

June 6th - 3:30 AM.

Diana's body seemed to be one big nerve ending, pulsing happily with pleasure as she became increasingly more aroused, her pussy growing wetter and wetter as the fingers running along her cunt became lubricated by Amazonian pussy juices.

She cried out in unrestrained pleasure as she felt two fingers slide in between the folds of her pussy lips, parting them easily and pressing up inside of her vaginal passage, making her body jerk involuntarily.

"Oooh, yes Circe, that's so good," Wonder Woman moaned as The Sorceress' two finger slid in and out of her. The violet-haired villainess moved with a gentle, sensitive touch. Diana's hips began to move up and down, causing her lover's fingers to push deeper inside of her pussy, making her moan with more pleasure as she felt the erotic sensations build up within her body towards orgasm.

Circe leaned her now naked body forward as she continued to finger The Amazonian, and lightly brushed her lips over Wonder Woman's own, so lightly it was almost unfelt, but still sending her mind's last, fading protests out the window. She closed her eyes and her beautiful lips parted lightly, moaning in pleasure as Circe kissed her way down Wonder Woman's neck and chest, taking one nipple into her mouth and gently nibbling at it as she continued to press and slide her fingers in and out of Diana's cunt.

Circe's other hand slowly ran up Wonder Woman's side, running past the curve of one beautiful breast and gently sliding over her neck and chin. The hand made it's way in-between her lover's dark black hair and gripped her gently by the back of the head as she lifted her mouth from Diana's breast and kissed her again, this time with more passion, but no less erotic for the increased pressure on her lips.

Wonder Woman groaned in pleasure as she felt Circe's tongue slide in between her own lips, her own tongue sliding forward over her lover's as they tasted each other, both women exploring the other's mouth.

Circe kept back a smug grin of satisfaction as she kissed her greatest enemy, reveling in the sensations as her tongue pressed and ran over the inside of Diana's cheeks while the Amazon's own tongue explored the inside of the Sorceress' mouth.

The kiss finally broke and Circe pulled back, grinning happily at Diana, who smiled languorously back at her lover, all thoughts of dreams and danger gone.

The Amazon was now pressing and grinding her hips shamelessly against Circe's hand, sliding her clitoris against the palm of the other woman's hand as two long, slender fingers pushed their way deeper and deeper inside of her virgin cunt.

"You have such beautiful breasts," Circe whispered huskily, slowly kissing the upper curves of the Amazon's giant tits, tracing a circle around the left nipple, making the erect nub of pink flesh grow even stiffer and firmer, aching with a need to be felt, to be touched, licked and sucked.

Circe straddled The Amazon, her knees set firmly on either side of Wonder Woman's thighs, and lowered her body down so that her own breasts were pressing into the JLA'er's flat stomach, then lightly flicked one erect nipple with her tongue, causing a moan of pleasure to come from her willing lover.

Diana's eyes widened slightly as she felt Circe's teeth closed against her nipple and begin to nibble at her, sending waves of erotic sensation throughout her entire body, causing her head to buzz with sexual desire and her clitoris to throb in desperate need.

"Aaah," gasped Wonder Woman as she felt her body cresting the wave of an intense climax, something she instinctively understood now. Her naivete with the shaver came back to her and made her blush, which was hidden by the flush in her cheeks from the intense feelings of the approaching orgasm.

"Ahhh no!" gasped Diana, almost disappointed that her orgasm was upon her, no longer able to enjoy the building feelings of pleasure. Her entire body went rock hard; stretching out to the full limit as every hard, tough muscle in her Amazonian body locked up tight. She clenched her teeth and her cunt muscles locked down hard on Circe's fingers, she found herself drawing air in but not expelling it and a building ache within her body crying for release. And then it came, her mouth opening wide and letting out a loud, animalistic scream of release as she blasted to orgasm, her cunt juices flooding out of her pussy, rushing all over Circe's fingers and pooling down around her tightly drawn ass cheeks.

Finally the scream of pleasure ended and her entire body went limp, as if every muscle seemed to have turned to Jell-O.

Circe grinned widely down at her, sliding her flooded fingers out of Wonder Woman's sucking cunt and lifting them up to show them to the gasping, panting woman.

Then, before Wonder Woman's shocked eyes she lifted the fingers up to her beautiful lips and slid them inside her mouth, sucking the Amazon's pussy juices with a happy, satisfied look on her face.

She removed the fingers from her mouth, now glistening from her own saliva rather than Wonder Woman's cunt juices, and ran then down over her large, firm breasts, allowing her fingers to slide against her erect nipples and making them ache with need.

She shuddered with pleasure, her eyes closing slightly, then she pressed her middle fingers against her nipples and pushed firmly against them, rubbing small circles into her firm mounds of tit flesh, burying her nipples into her tits.

"Do I arouse you, Amazon?" Circe asked, her eyes half-closed, her lips parted as she let out small gasps of pleasure, "Do I turn you on?"

"Ye... yes," moaned Diana, admitting to herself that in some way she had always been attracted to the Sorceress.

Still feeling up her own breasts, Circe lowered her body down over Wonder Woman's once again, pressing her lips against The Amazon's and sliding her tongue inside Diana's mouth, who eagerly pursed her lips around it and sucked the other woman's tongue into her.

Circe released her breasts and moaned happily as she felt her nipples spring up and press against Wonder Woman's own. Her own breasts were a nice handful, but nothing compared to the fat monsters Wonder Woman carried around on her chest.

The Sorceress broke the kiss and pulled away, feeling her nipples run along the other woman's breasts, making them both shudder with pleasure.

"Uhhh, yes," moaned Circe, moving up a little further and pressing her cunt against Wonder Woman's flat stomach, gripping her breasts in her hands and presenting them to The Amazon, one hard nipple pointed right at Diana's ruby-red lips.

Wonder Woman eagerly began to suckle on the nipple given to her, sucking in some of the surrounding flesh as well. She was inexperienced at this, but her enthusiasm was obvious and she seemed to have a natural gift for it.

Circe closed her eyes and let her head fall back, her eyes closed and she grinned happily. For some time she just sat there, her breast held steadily in one hand as Diana sucked and licked at the presented breast.

Finally, when she realized that Diana needed no encouragement, she released her breasts and just leaned over her, as The Amazon moved from breast to breast, nibbling lightly first on one nipple, then the other. She sucked at The Sorceress' tits, rolling her tongue around the hard, erect nipple and chewing slightly on it, enjoying the thrills that she was giving to her lover.

Circe couldn't stand it any longer; the building pleasure was just getting to be too much. She grabbed the sides of Diana's head, pulled her breasts away and slid her cunt up over The Amazon's body until her firm little ass was resting slightly on the large pillows of Wonder Woman's tits and presenting her pussy to Diana.

Wonder Woman's tongue snaked out of her mouth and she pressed the tip against the center of her lover's pussy lips, parting the shaven pink lips and allowing her to worm her tongue up into Circe's fuck hole.

"Oooh yes!" cried Circe happily, and then quickly spun herself about so that she could look down over Wonder Woman's hot, sweat glistening sexy body. She closed her eyes and smiled in ecstasy as she felt her greatest enemy eating her out, and then her eyes narrowed in on the thin strip of pubic hair below Wonder Woman's stomach.

Diana ran her tongue up and down the length of Circe's cunt, she felt a tongue slide over her own dripping wet vagina. She paused, unsure of what was going on. She could plainly see Circe's curved ass and back towering up above her face, so she wasn't leaning down to eat her out... so who was?


As if sensing Wonder Woman's sudden change in attitude, Circe lowered her hands down to the Woman's breasts and lightly stroked them.

"Shhh," she whispered, "Relax, trust me."

Somehow that seemed to make everything all right in Diana's mind; after all, Circe was her friend now, wasn't she? And she wouldn't let any harm come to her, would she?

Besides, Cheetah's lapping, eager tongue stroking up and down between her cunt lips felt good, and this was hardly a battle situation, why not just enjoy it?

Circe smiled as she watched Cheetah, on all fours, her ass in the hair and her tail twitching to and from, bury her face into Wonder Woman's pussy, mashing her nose and mouth against the dripping cunt in front of her and suckling up the drying juices of her previous orgasm and the lubricating juices of her coming orgasm.

This sight, coupled with the feel of Wonder Woman's breasts in her hands and tongue up her cunt, was too much for Circe, and her body began to jerk and shake involuntarily as she prepared to cum, and cum hard all over The Amazon's face.

Her body tensed, and through gritted teeth she thought off the desire to just let go and cum her brains out. She wanted to extend the inevitable until she could hold off no longer, then blast her cunt juices all over her ancient enemies face.

At the same time, Wonder Woman was eagerly suckling at the steadily flowing juices coming from Circe's cunt, actually enjoying having the other woman ride her face, grinding her cunt against her mouth and nose. Coupled with the feeling of Cheetah's eager mouth at her own sex, and Wonder Woman was quickly approaching her own orgasm.

- It feels so good - her mind moaned, - Put it in! Put it in me! -

Now what did that mean? all she knew was that she felt a strange desire for Cheetah to stop fucking around with her mouth and put something inside of her, but what?

Instinctively she knew, she was hardly unaware of male anatomy, but she was still a virgin and had never felt any great desire to be penetrated before, it all struck her as somewhat painful and pointless, although perhaps her view was biased somewhat by her upbringing on an all female Island populated by women who had been abused in past lives.

Despite this desperate need that she could not name, Wonder Woman's orgasm hit her hand and her mouth opened wide, swallowing down a great deal of Circe's cunt-cream and hitting the Sorceress' clitoris, which drove the domineering woman over the top as well.

They both squealed and cried out in pleasure, Circe's cries loud and erotic, Wonder Woman's muffled by the cunt lip stuffed into her

Circe's juices were far too copious for the orgasming Wonder Woman to swallow, and much of her cream ran out over The Amazon's beautiful face, down her cheeks and chin, over her neck and shoulders. Circe humped desperately up and down on Diana's face, grinding her clit hard against Wonder Woman's chin and clutching tightly to The Amazon's breasts as she watched Cheetah finger herself in desperate need even as she buried her face into Wonder Woman's lap and gobbled up her creaming juices.

Finally Circe's humping gyrations settled somewhat, and with a groan she lifted herself up off of Wonder Woman's cum-smeared face, allowing The Amazon to breath deeply.

Cheetah remained at Wonder Woman's cunt, lapping up the last remnants of The Amazon's juices as she continued to finger herself towards her own orgasm. The woman's fur was matted with sweat and her ass was swinging back and forth as she fingered, probed and pushed her fingers against her clitoris and inside her cunt lips.

"Happy, darling?" Circe asked, her face inches from Wonder Woman's own, a smug grin on her face, which Diana seemed not to notice.

"I.... UH! I need.... oh I need something else!" she cried in angry desperation, humping her crotch up against Cheetah's face, "Something's missing!"

"I know sweetheart," Circe chuckled, stroking sweat-plastered hair from the beautiful Amazon's forehead, "I know."

And that's when Wonder Woman woke up.

* * *

"Where... where am I?" she asked dimly, her eyes squinting at the bright light in the room she suddenly found herself in.

"Relax," whispered a voice in her ear, and she found herself facing Circe, still naked, and behind her Barbara Minerva, who was sitting up in a strange, futuristic chair a few meters away and looking almost as confused as Diana felt.

"I'm naked," she moaned, "Was I dreaming?"

"You think you were dreaming?" chuckled Circe.

Diana realized with a flush that juices still dripped down her legs and sweat was all over her face, and she could swear she could feel Circe's cum drying on her face (this had been added by the VR chamber to make her transition back to the real world easier, and blur the lines between reality and virtual reality).

"What do you want, Diana?" asked a voice, a new one she hadn't heard before.

Turning her head, she looked through exhausted eyes at the dark silhouette of a figure, obviously a man, lean and somehow exuding a sense of danger that was both frightening and a strangely attractive.

"Who... who are you?" she asked, barely able to stand without Circe's assistance.

"Who am I?" said Dominic, smiling lightly, "I'm what's missing."

June 6th - 4:07 AM - Metropolis.

Lex Luthor opened his eyes, suddenly awake, totally aware of his surroundings.

"Who is there?" he asked, his voice calm despite waking up at 4 in the morning to find a stranger in his bedroom, "How did you get past Security?"

"Now now, Lexy-Poo," chuckled the voice of the man sitting in the darkest corners of the large room, "Is that any way to greet an old friend?"

"You're hardly a friend, Joker," muttered Lex, sitting up in his bed, actually having the appearance of a man more annoyed than frightened to wake up and find one of the world's most psychotic maniacs sitting in his bedroom. In truth he was cursing his Security; anybody else and he could have predicted how they would react, even what their reason for being there was. But Joker was totally unpredictable, even if he'd come with peaceful intentions he could change his mind at any second and attack.

Lex reached over and turned on a bedside lamp, at the same time switching a silent alarm that would call his private security force as well as the regular police.

"I wouldn't bother Lex," said Joker, still shrouded in shadows in the corner of the room, the barest hint of his maniacal grin apparent, "I won't be here very long."

"You were in Gotham a couple of hours ago," Lex replied, avoiding the issue expertly, "How did you get here so quickly?"

"I FedEx'ed myself," chuckled Joker, "I absolutely, positively had to be there overnight."

"Fine," said Lex, sitting up straight in the bed, "Considering I'm still alive, I assume you have something to tell me?"

"Just that you might want to get out of town for a while," chuckled Joker, "In fact, if you could get to Mars, that would be best."

"What are you jabbering about?" muttered Lex, irritated. He hated talking with The Joker, you never knew where the conversation was going and how seriously to take the Clown.

"When I get that feeling, I need a... sexual healing," sang Joker in a deliberately off-key voice, then leaned forward in his chair, his face coming slightly out of the shadows. His skin seemed gray, his lips peeled back over teeth too large for his mouth, "Maxi-Drive Enterprises, Lexy-Poo," he chuckled, then leaned back into the shadows.

The door to Lex's room burst open and several of his private bodyguards burst into the room, the lights switching on and chasing the shadows instantly away.

"Mr Luthor?" asked one guard, confused at the sight that greeted him, as was Lex himself.

Not counting the guards, Lex was completely alone in the room.

June 6th, 4:14 AM.

"Oooh, please," moaned Wonder Woman as Dominic played with her pussy, teasing her with his fingers, "Please, I need it!"

She still had only the barest idea of what 'it' was, but she knew she would burst if she didn't get it soon.

The now naked man was kneeling between her thighs, sliding his fingers over her clitoris and between her legs. Out of desperate desire, the usually restrained Amazon lifted her upper body slightly and reached down between his legs, grabbing his cock in her hand and tugging insistently on it, trying to pull it down to her eager, willing cunt.

Dominic would have been just as happy to have her inadvertently jerk him off a little bit longer, but time was pressing. Poison Ivy had failed in her assignment, somehow Catwoman had been separated from the training Amulet he'd given her and there was still The Angel and The Bat to deal with.

He lowered himself down, his cock pressing against the entrance to Wonder Woman's cunt, making The Amazon moan out in desperate need, wanting him so bad she could taste it.

"Do it," she hissed, feeling the head of his cock just sitting at the entrance to her pussy, "Put it in me, please!"

"Beg me," chuckled Dominic, "Beg for it."

"Please," she cried, not thinking anything of demeaning herself to a man like this, "I'm begging you, put your penis in me, have sex with me."

"Uh uh," he replied with a smug grin, "Not like that, beg and talk dirty."

"PLEASE!" she screamed at him, her eyes filled with worry, her hair sweaty and plastered to her forehead, "Fuck me! slam your cock into my cunt, fuck my brains out!"

The words were one's she'd never used before, although she was aware of them, and the use of these taboo words seemed to send a dirty thrill through her. It was almost like she was being naughty, but didn't have to feel guilty about it.

He groaned happily as he pushed forward into her virgin cunt, penetrating her for the first time. His hard rod pushed deeper and deeper into her, inch by inch into her tight, juicy snatch until finally he found himself pressing up against a spongy barrier.

"A hymen?" he muttered under his breath, not quite believing what he was feeling. He knew she'd never willingly consented to sex before, but he'd figured that given her revealing costume and the number of times she'd been knocked out, tied up or captured by a master villain that she must have been raped at least once.

- Or at least fucked herself with a dildo, for fucks sake! - Dominic thought to himself, then with a sadistic grin he pushed forward with his hips and broke her maidenhead.

"UHHHH!" Wonder Woman squealed out, her eyes squeezed shut in pain, but somehow enjoying it too, liking the feel of a strange pressure she'd always felt in her lap finally releasing.

A wide grin spread over Dominic's face, then he began to pull back out of her cunt until just the head of his cock remained inside of her vagina, then he slammed back in, throwing back his head and letting out a wild, gleeful laugh.

"UH!" cried Wonder Woman, feeling her body spiraling down deeper and deeper into a mad, insane rush of sexual ecstasy. The breaking of her hymen seemed to have released all of her pent up sexual desires, all her repressed needs and moral objections.

And she liked it.

"YES!" she cried as Dominic pulled back, then slammed back into her, "DO IT! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!!"

Dominic's grin just grew wider, and his cock seemed to swell inside of her, making her tight cunt squeeze down hard on his shaft, wrapping around his fuck meat.

Dominic threw his head back again and laughed with a wild glee that seemed almost inhuman. He thrust his hips back and forth faster and faster, sinking his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt with each thrust. His balls slapped against her ass cheeks as he plunged all the way into her tight, sucking slit. His cock pushed firmly into her snatch and then, as he pulled back, the inner-folds of her cunt would pull back with his meat before being slammed back in as he ground his hips back down against her own.

The Dark Mastermind thrust in and out faster and faster, reveling in each thrust into The Amazon's cunt, loving the sound of Wonder Woman's gasps of pleasure, every bit as into the sex as he was.

The Amazon thrust, bucked and jerked her hips around beneath him, slamming up against his grinding hips, screwing as much of his cock into her as she was able. All her thoughts were centered now on her pleasure, at the intense ecstasy that was all due to this man, this strange, dark man who had shown her just what she had been missing all this time.

Dominic's cock was rock hard, and every time he crammed fully into her tight, sucking cunt he rubbed across her clitoris and sent a steadily increasing wave of passion throughout her entire body.

She squirmed her hot, rounded ass down against the smooth floor, made of a strange substance that seemed a bizarre cross between linoleum and translucent marble. She arched her back, grinding her hips up against his as she gritted her teeth, squeezed her eyes shut and moaned and groaned happily.

Dominic's eyes were all over her bouncing breasts, which sloshed around on her chest, they were firm but looked soft, and he knew that if he felt them up they would yield to his touch. His grin was fierce and a little frightening as he changed the angle of his thrusts into her cunt and leaned forward, catching one jiggling, bouncing breast in his mouth. His teeth bit down gently on her erect nipple and he sucked lightly on the tit-flesh in his mouth, sending small electric pulses of pleasure through her chest.

Wonder Woman moaned in pleasure, gasping through slightly parted lips as she felt Dominic's tongue lightly flicking about her nipple as he sucked the tit flesh into his mouth. Diana lifted her legs up about his thighs as the man fucked her, then wrapped them around his back and began to pull herself forward onto his fucking cock as she gripped tightly to the sides of his head, her fingers curled through his short, dark hair.

As the dark stranger fucked her, a dreamy, sated look was beginning to cross Diana's face. She dragged her head back along the floor and rolled her eyes back in their sockets as her body was swept up and down the floor with each thrust of his cock into her cunt, which was now sucking eagerly on the meat penetrating her, trying to keep him crammed entirely inside of her. She'd never had a cock before, and now she was wondering how she'd ever lived without one.

The steeper angle of his cock since he'd leaned forward to nibble and suck on her tits meant his cock was rasping barely along her clitoris, and this gentle, light touch was driving her wild. She groaned and hissed, bucking her hips hard against him and crying out happily with each stroke of Dominic's cock. Now that she knew the joys of orgasm, she couldn't wait for her first cock-induced one, sensing somehow that it would be different than anything else she'd felt so far.

"AHHH HERA, YES!" squealed Wonder Woman, slamming her hips up against Dominic's. She finally crested the wave of her orgasm and came, moaning and screeching as her tight, non-virgin pussy ground hard against the base of Dominic's cock. Her juices exploded out around his cock, flooding against his hips and down his thighs, dripping to the strange floor.

If Dominic had thought The Amazon's cunt was tight before, now it was almost crushing his cock as he continued to fuck hard and fast into Wonder Woman's juicy, sucking cunt. He moaned happily as his cock pushed again and again past her shaven cunt lips, burying his penis deep into her tight, juicy snatch.

"This is it!" he growled, "YOU'RE MINE!"

His cum exploded from his cock, pounding deep up her pussy as he ground it against her cunt, his balls slapping against her tightly clenched ass cheeks. He threw his upper body back and cried out happily, eyes on her heaving breasts, glistening with his saliva. Then his head leaned forward and his entire body seemed to loosen up, as if he no longer had the strength to keep himself up. His eyes were half closed and a smug, satisfied smirk played over his lips as he pulled his cock slowly from her pussy, eliciting a brief cry from the steadily more drowsy Wonder Woman, who also had a sated look on his face.

He wearily lifted himself to his feet, and looked up through half lowered lids at Circe and Barbara, who had been watching him with differing expressions.

Circe seemed a little smug, but also approving of the man she was currently working under. Barbara was alternating between staring at Dominic's naked body and Wonder Woman's, staring with an unmistakable need and desire. She was clutching at Circe's shoulder, which was both irritating and amusing The Sorceress, unsure how to react to the conflicting emotions she was feeling.

"Barbara," muttered Dominic, and the woman snapped her head up fearfully, like a whipped dog fearing a beating.

"Ye... yes?" she asked.

"Barbara," chuckled Dominic, his eyes alight with a dark amusement, "We came to you because I could sense your secret desire to achieve the freedom and wildness you once knew as Cheetah."

"N.. no," she muttered, hiding behind Circe's shoulder, eyes focusing on the ground.

"Barbara, Barbara," muttered Dominic, still smiling. He put a finger on her chin and lifted her face up, "Don't lie to me, I know when people are lying to me."

He turned to face Circe, who met his gaze easily, regarding him as an equal despite his leadership.

"Ivy failed and The Joker has escaped, correct?"

"Yes," said Circe, both of them ignoring the naked, slumbering Wonder Woman only a few feet away, "Although I suspect that there may be something else at play here."

"Yes, yes," muttered Dominic, uninterested, "Probably Neron, making some pathetic play against me."

He turned from Circe and placed his hand back on Barbara's face.

"Inside that V.R Machine you got to be Cheetah again," he said, "And now you can be her again in the real world, too, would you like that?"

Barbara opened her mouth to protest, then lowered her head again and whispered weakly.


Dominic chuckled, and then locked eyes with the nervous woman.

And even Circe was impressed with what happened next.

End Part 10 Of 25.


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