Justice League Of America: Dark Angel Part 11 (no sex)
by Dimitri Maximoff ([email protected])

Arkham Asylum - June 6th - 4:45 AM.

"Batman," whispered Huntress.

"What is it?" he muttered, his eyes narrow slits barely visible in the darkness.

They were perched on top of the roof of the Asylum, besides a small machine that gave of no noise or light but which, according to Batman, fed information directly to The Watchtower on The Moon.

Huntress had felt a wild moment of lunacy when he'd explained that to her, at the wild concept that not only was there someone on The Moon, but that it was taken so matter of factly by the others.

"I think I deserve an explanation about what's happening," she said, " You seem to be aware of some greater conspiracy going on that, quite frankly, is beyond my ability to grasp."

"Very well," sighed Batman, " But please... keep an open mind."

At first he didn't speak, but she didn't question him, knowing that he was gathering his thoughts, thinking of the best way to explain what she expected would be a very complex explanation.

"I first began to suspect," said Batman, " Shortly after we encountered The Key again."

She nodded, although it had been before she'd joined the team, she was aware of the dangerous being who had come within a hairs-breadth of entering Negative Space and becoming a God.

"Ever since we replaced the previous JLA," said Batman, "We have been beset by constant, escalating calamities on a seemingly daily basis, leaving us barely enough time to pursue our dual identities, and certainly no time to think."

He paused and turned his gaze on Huntress, even wearing mirrored lenses in his eyes, she still felt like he was staring right through her, deep into her soul.

"The JLA has been around a long time," he said, " And before this new team was reformed, they had their share of problems, but never on a scale like this. Since we reformed, we've been hit again and again with more and more dangerous situations. First the sudden reappearance of pink Martians, who were supposed to be exiled forever, then IF (*) and Tomorrow Woman, The attack of the rogue Angels under Asmodel, The Key almost taking over the Universe, The Rock Of Ages affair with The Injustice League, Prometheus almost taking out the entire JLA, Julius September's Probability Field, being hijacked by Adam Strange and The
En'Taran Race, then the invasion by the giant Star Conquerer that put the whole world to sleep, the Hourman Virus and the creation of Solaris - a computer with the power of a Sun. Then the creation of The Ultra-Marine Corps, designed as an elaborate cover up for General Wade Eiling's psychic takeover of The Shaggy Man, an indestructible creature that is a planetary level threat, and last but not least, the ridiculously named by extremely dangerous Amazo Android."

"Well, yeah, it's creepy when you put it together like that," Huntress joked weakly, " But couldn't it all be put down to pre-millennium tension? A greater awareness of events leading to an almost paranoid belief in some greater conspiracy?"

"Is this a conspiracy?" Batman asked grimly, and suddenly his hand was in front of her face, holding of all things, a ball point pen.

"What's this suppos.... oh!" she gasped, noticing a sudden, almost imperceptible flash of blue light through the transparent plastic of the pen, " What is it?"

"Some would call it a genie," replied Batman, " Johnny Thunderbolt had one back in the days of The JSA. What it actually is, is a being from The 5th Dimension."

"Where did you get that?"

"I was researching my theory," he replied, " Looking for any kind of links between all the cases I outlined earlier, and stumbled across a plot to release at least four of those beings onto the world... the results would have been catastrophic. Captain Marvel, The Spectre and myself dealt with the problem before it could develop any further, I made it clear to them that I didn't want The JLA involved."

"Why not?"

"I think that, with the exception of Zauriel's arrival on Earth and the subsequent invasion of The Bull Host, someone has been manipulating events, pushing our old enemies at us so subtly they don't even realize it's happening, driving them to take greater risks in order to tie up the JLA in potentially lethal situations."

"But do you have any evidence to back this up?" asked Huntress, " I mean, don't get me wrong, I know you're smart and all, but right now you're just sounding a little paranoid, genie in a pen or not."

"I have too much," replied Batman, sliding the pen away so unobtrusively she didn't even notice, " So much it's scary. When The Key returned, I wondered how it was he came back from a coma, and discovered that he had placed himself in a 'fake coma' by use of his psycho-tropic chemicals. Unfortunately for him, he didn't account for his own body's immuno-response, which Doctor's reports indicate slowly removed all traces of the chemicals from his brain... until a day before his escape, when they suddenly returned stronger than ever, following a visit from his... brother."

"Was it his brother?" asked Huntress, not sure if The Key actually had a brother or not.

"No," replied Batman, " And strangely enough the Surveillance tapes of the visit had accidentally been magnetically wiped. That led me to investigate the Facility he was held in, and I found anomalous energy readings that I'd also found while helping track down IF (*), readings I'd disregarded after finding trace elements in the hideout of Professor Ivo and T.O Morrow, thinking it was something to do with the creation of Tomorrow Woman and their release of IF. When I learned otherwise, I made use of The JLA facilities to do a planetary wide search for any residual traces of these... anomalies I'd discovered, purely out of a mild curiosity."

"What did you find?" asked Huntress.

"There were traces in the LexCorp Headquarters, Lex Luthor's private home, Arkham Asylum, several U.S Military bases and the remains of Montevideo."

"Batman," she asked, " What were these anomalies you were talking about?"

He smiled slightly, but it was humorless and dark.

"Raised levels of sulfur in the atmosphere, greater than normal percentages of volcanic rock and curious shifts in temperature above normal recorded temperatures for the time of the year, as well as several reported instances of increased vermin problems in even the most sterile environments, including LexCorp Laboratories."

"What does that all mean?" she asked, confused at the seemingly unrelated anomalies.

The humorless grin returned to Batman's face, and despite the ridiculousness of what he said next, it sent a chill through The Huntress' spine.

"Hellfire and Brimstone."

* * *

Los Angeles - June 6th - 5:00 AM.

"He.. hello?" asked Supergirl, slightly confused.

She'd been unable to sleep, and had been flying around, stopping muggings, armed robberies and a few attempted rapes... and then she'd been standing in front of a pair of large, open gates, made of beautifully inlaid gold in front of a huge, cathedral like building.

The gates had opened slowly on their own, followed by the huge doors at the front of the Cathedral, and she'd entered hesitantly, not feeling threatened by her surroundings but still wary.

"Who brought me here?" she called out as she entered what she had come to think of as The Cathedral, even though the interior was unlike any Church she had ever seen, " I don't like being played around with, just come out and reveal yourself."

"Reveal myself?" whispered a quiet voice from somewhere deep in the shadowy recesses of the room she had found herself in, "You know, a guy could take that the wrong way."

"Whose there?" she snapped, peering down at the shadows, "Show yourself!"

"Dirty little bitch, aren't you," laughed the voice, " Horny, too."

"What is this?" cried Supergirl, unsure how to react to this unexpected turn of events, " You brought me here to talk dirty to me?"

"What's the matter, baby," chuckled the voice, " Am I turning you on?"

She started forward, moving towards the shadows, then stopped in shock when she realized she wasn't getting any closer, but seemed to be moving on the spot.

"What is this?" she cried out.

"BOO!" cried a voice right behind her, she twisted about and found herself facing nothing, and then hands were tugging at her small cape, tearing it from her costume. She spun about, ready to tackle her attacker, but again, there was no one there.

And hands grabbed the back of the neck of her costume and ripped it down her back, causing it to fall away from her chest as well, exposing her entire upper body.

"AHH!!" she cried, twisting about even as she covered her breasts with one arm, bringing up the other in a small fist packed with more power than her small frame seemed capable of.

Again, nobody there.

And again, she felt hands gripping the hem of the short skirt, pulling it away so that Supergirl was standing in the strange Cathedral dressed only in tiny blue panties and her knee high red boots.

In panic she bolted for the door, but again she seemed to get nowhere, running as fast as she could but not getting any closer to the exit. And as she ran, she felt with horror somebody's fingers sliding past the elastic waistband of her panties. She reached behind her, trying to knock the hand away, but felt nothing, even though she ran her fingers over her own ass.

She could feel the fingers pulling her panties away, and at the same time still feel her panties clinging tightly to her tight little ass, a paradox she was incapable of understanding.

Then she didn't care, because her panties were tearing and she was completely naked except for her boots.

"FILTHY WHORE!" screamed the voice, " You want this, don't you!"

Invisible hands circled her waist and neck, pulling her backwards towards the shadows.

And then a high, keening noise seemed to smash into her like a physical force, and the hands released her, spasming in pain.

She dropped to her knees, lifting her face up and seeing with shock a figure framed in the light coming through the open doorway, a tall, imposing figure with.... wings!

She herself had flaming wings which she used to fly, given to her when she became one of three Earthborn Angels. Who was this? Hawkman back, perhaps? And then she knew, remembering conversations with Superman Blue during lulls in the battle with The Millenium Giants.

"Zauriel?" she gasped.

"WHO ARE YOU!" screeched Zauriel, his voice a weapon that she somehow sensed was pummeling her invisible attacker like a thousand stinging needles, " HOW DARE YOU INVADE MY AERIE!"

He stalked forward and his entire body blazed with power, his eyes alight with a righteous fury that both scared and excited the naked Supergirl. From what she'd heard, Zauriel was a rather laid-back, sometimes naive newcomer to Earth, more interested in experiencing all the new sensations of having a flesh and blood body, but now he was revealed in as much of his righteous glory as it was possible for human eyes to see without going mad.

And then, amazingly, the invisible attacker was chuckling, almost contemptuously.

"Fool," the voice laughed, " All I wanted was to bring you two together, so I could get you out of my way. Did you think I would actually come into a holy place like this physically? Allow myself to be vulnerable to defeat at your hands?"

"YOU!" gasped Zauriel, his eyes widening, the fury disapating as he realized who he faced.

He leaped over Supergirl, his giant wings flapping once, twice, to bring him directly into the shadows, which disappeared at his arrival, flowing away with an almost mocking slither.

"Just a shadow of myself," laughed the voice, and then it was gone.

"NO!" cried Zauriel, twisting about and rushing towards the doors, which had boomed shut behind him. He ignored the naked and confused Supergirl as he pulled the doors open, and screeched in inhuman fury and disbelief at what he saw.

For as far as the eye could see, stretching out forever from the doors, was nothing but pure, unending whiteness.

"Wh... where are we?" asked Supergirl, staggering to her feet and walking up behind the stunned Angel.

"We're in Limbo," Zauriel finally answered, " And I think I may have just allowed humanity to be doomed."

* * *

Arkham Asylum - June 6th - 5:15 AM.

"There," said Batman with a growl of satisfaction as a green light began flashing on the device beside him, " Now."

He and Huntress bounced to their feet and silently made their way down from the roof.

* * *

Killer Croc groaned.

He was lying on his bunk, his body complaining to him over the aches and bruises left over from the escape attempt only a few hours earlier.

He'd led the rioters, pushing easily past the guards at first, taking advantage of the confusion. But then they'd discovered the guards had only been interested in a holding strategy, keeping the prisoners confined to The Asylum while the Police responded to the alarms.

Despite being stretched to breaking point, trying to keep order in the strained society of Post-Cataclysm Gotham, as the popular press had taken to calling the earthquake, they had certain codes for situations when it was absolutely imperative that a police presence be present.

Reinforcements had arrived almost immediately, and armed with tasers, neural disablers and tear gas they'd had no trouble overpowering the prisoners, armed only with chair legs, pipes and whatever meta-human abilities the more dangerous prisoners had.

Croc rolled over in his bed, trying to get more comfortable, and his eyes widened when he saw the dark silhouette of an obviously female figure crawling slowly down the corridor, eyes glowing softly in the darkness. He also saw the lightly twitching tail, indicating whoever it was was most likely a meta-human.

- Forget it, - he mumbled in his own head, rolled back over and concentrated on going to sleep.

He'd had enough for one night.

* * *

Cheetah moved with silent, feline grace across the floor, a wide grin on her face.

- Back! I'm back! I'm back! - her mind cried joyfully.

Somehow, in some way she didn't understand and didn't care to understand, Dominic had made her Cheetah again, not just physically but mentally as well. Her mind had been adjusted so she was more feral, more feline, more bestial than any human.

And she loved it!

For the change to be permanent, for the death of Barbara Minerva to be complete, she had to do one itty bitty little thing, just kill Poison Ivy and be Cheetah forever.

Barbara Minerva had always been her weakness. She lacked any killer instinct but longed for the unrepressed freedom she'd known as Cheetah, yet fearing that freedom at the same time that she longed for it.

Now that was all behind her, and in a few minutes, her situation would be permanent.

She opened her mouth as she passed the now empty cell that had held The Joker only a few hours ago, dropping the key she had carried with her the entire way.

The clothes Barbara Minerva wore were just too restrictive for her, she had torn them off the moment she'd been changed, and as a result she had to carry the key in her mouth.

Now she stood up and pressed it into the small keyhole set into the panel beside each cell. Twisting it, she unlocked the reinforced glass plating in front of the cell.

She slowly slid it open and silently moved into the cell, so quiet that even had the woman inside been awake, she probably wouldn't have heard the approaching villainess.

She stood over the bunk that the woman lay on, Cheetah's superior night vision allowed her to make out that Ivy was hunched up, her back to her would-be assassin, softly, slowly breathing.

Cheetah's face lit up with evil glee, and she raised her arm high above her head, ready to slash down with her razor sharp claws and tear open the back of Ivy's neck.

But instead, a black gloved hand caught her wrist in an iron grip.

"WHA!" she cried, and twisted about, pulling her arm away from the hand gripping it.

Her vision was better than any humans, but even she took a few moments to take in just who she faced, he was so well placed in the shadows that at first she thought a ghost had grabbed her.

"YOU!" she growled, taking in his shape at last, which was enough to identify him.


"Ms. Minerva," Batman said, " You are in serious need of help."

"You'll need help when I'm done with you," she growled, her claws ready to slash at the only part of his body not protected by his tough Batsuit, his jaw.

Something hard pressed against the small of her back.

"Not tonight, darling," whispered a voice behind her, and suddenly her back was alive with pain as something penetrated her skin.

"ARRGH!!!!" she screamed and instinctively plunged away, diving past Batman and rolling out of the cell.

'Poison Ivy' was sitting up in her bunk, pulling off a red wig and staring in disapproval at her skimpy outfit, which showed a bit too much of her breasts than she would have liked.

"Put your costume back on," Batman muttered, not even glancing at her ample cleavage, " The tranquilizer should take effect momentarily."

"NO!" screamed Cheetah, hearing him, knowing what would happen to her if she failed, " Dominic, HELP!"

She bolted down the corridor on all fours, loping with fast and easy grace despite the tranq-dart in her back, fired from Huntress' crossbow.

And somehow she merged with the shadows, disappearing into them not just visually, but physically as well.

"Well that was a waste of time," muttered Huntress, sliding her costume back on, noting that Batman had turned his back and blocked the cell somewhat, to preserve her modesty.

"Actually, we're now closer than ever," replied Batman, a small smirk crossing his face, " Now we know the name of this mysterious Mastermind behind everything - Dominic."

"Whoop-De-Doo," she muttered.

"And the tranquilizer was only a secondary diversion, I never expected to catch her," Batman explained, stepping back into the cell, somehow knowing that Huntress was dressed again, " This Dominic would have covered his tracks almost instantly upon teleporting Cheetah out of harms way, far too fast for any operator to get a fix on."

Huntress smiled, " Anyone that is, except for..."

"The Flash," finished Batman, returning the smile, " He's been monitoring us constantly, keeping a check on the entire energy spectrum."

They stepped out of the cell, ready to head back to the Guard Tower and let the Warden know that the situation was over and Ivy could be returned to her cell.

"Hey!" muttered a guttural voice from the cell across from Ivy's.

"Yes, Croc?" asked Batman, seeing the dark silhouette of the giant thug.

"Could you people keep it down?" Killer Croc growled, " Some of us are trying to get some fucking sleep here!"

(*) implicate field - Advanced Quantum Technology from The 32nd Century, one of several weapons confiscated from The Lord Of Time's Arsenal

* * *

Metropolis - June 6th - 6:00 AM.

Clark Kent awoke to an unusual - but pleasant - way to start the morning.

A hand was lightly stroking his penis, which was erect and straining up under the sheets, and he could feel soft lips pressing lightly against his balls.

He opened his eyes halfway up, peering sleepily down at the shape beneath the sheets.

"Heh," he chuckled, " I thought you had to go in early, Lois?"

While he didn't need sleep, he was capable of inducing it whenever necessary, and he liked sleeping most nights, enjoying lying next to his beautiful wife, Lois.

So, as a result, he was still half asleep and hadn't really taken in that the legs poking out from under the sheets were of a more pinkish hue than the almost olive complexion of Lois' skin, and that the general shape of the woman beneath the sheets was that of a person much taller than his wife.

He leaned one hand over to put on his glasses, while he didn't need them, it helped to put them on early in the morning so that he didn't forget them and walk out of their home looking more like Superman than Clark Kent.

- One pair of glasses and I'm a different person, - he thought, chuckling.

His hands hit a piece of paper above his glasses, and a slight look of confusion crossed his face before a particularly good stroke of Lois' hand over his cock made him grin.

He made to grab the sheet and pull it up over her, relishing the lovely appearance of his beautiful wife naked on all fours between his legs. His mind was already picturing it, her beautiful face, her small, gentle hand circling his cock, the graceful curve of her back and rounded globes of her tight little ass.

He usually didn't think about Lois like that, thinking of her more as a person, a kindred spirit whose soul was entwined with his own. But in The JLA Watchtower last night he'd been overcome by a sudden desire for her, so much that he'd left as soon as the decisions were made, thinking of nothing more than wanting to get at Lois' hot body.

He grabbed the sheet, but noticed the paper was still pressing to his hand.

It was there only a moment, but that was long enough for him to read what it said:

Hey Big Guy!

Had a great time last night! Almost didn't want to head in early this morning, but you know, big story and all that good crap!

Looking forward to seeing you at ten when my meeting finishes, can't wait to get home and ENCORE! Haha!!

Your loving (and a little sore!) Lois.

- But if Lois is at work... - Clark thought to himself, confused and a little nervous, - Who the....? -

He pulled the sheet away, and stared in shock at a beautiful face framed by long locks of red hair, a graceful but strong looking hand circling his cock, the curve of a back and rounded globes of a firm, toned ass.

And it was not his wife, Lois Lane.

"MAXIMA!" he cried out in shock, pulling away, his cock jerking out of her hand. Even now he felt a quick rush of pleasure rush through his crotch as the cockhead slid between her thumb and forefinger. He realized with something close to panic that his balls felt cold, due to the cooler air above the sheets pressing against the light coating of spit on his nutsack.

"Superman!" cried the red-haired former villainess and JLA'er, " Why did you pull away?"

"MAXIMA!" he cried again, still too confused to think of anything else to say, and then, " WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!"

She looked genuinely confused.

"What are you talking about?" she asked, " Get back over here and let's finish this!"

"Finish....? What are you doing in here? How did you find me!?"

Suddenly Maxima's confused frown became a smile, dawning on her face slowly, her eyes narrowing in amusement.

"Oh I see," she chuckled, " Want to play a little hard to get, eh? Like all those years you refused me?"

For years Maxima had wanted Superman as her mate, and for years he had rebuffed her time and again, driving the villain mad with thwarted passion. Finally she'd seemingly gotten over her obsession, traded in her vicious ways and become a member of a previous team of The JLA. But now here she was, giving him a handjob in the early hours of the morning and acting like they were an item.

She dived for him, a playful look on her face. But as fast as she was, Superman was faster, and dived out of her way.

"Come on, Supes!" she laughed, on all fours on the bed. And despite himself, Clark found himself admiring her nude form, her large breasts swinging beneath her, the light sheen of sweat on her body, the curve and shape of her legs and ass, " Gimme some of that sugar!"

"Maxima," Superman said, putting up his hands to ward her off, trying to ignore the strange sensations he was feeling. His cock was still firm and erect, which made him even more confused, surely it should have gone down by now.... unless he was turned on by another woman other than his wife, " Calm down, let's just talk things through."

Suddenly something slammed into the back of his legs. Unprepared as he was, he found his knees buckling, dropping onto his ass of a chair slammed into his legs... had he been ready he would have stayed firmly in place and the chair would have shattered into a thousand pieces.

The chair flew up towards the bed, propelled by Maxima's powers of telekinesis, one of many powers the sometimes villain, sometimes heroine had at her disposal.

Before he could stop himself, the chair tipped forward, and Superman dropped onto the naked woman, who had turned around on her back and spread her legs wide in anticipation.

In shock, Superman found himself lying on top of the sexy redhead, his cock pressing firmly against her thigh, her breasts squashed against his firm chest.

"Now that's more like it!" she laughed.

For a second, one brief second, Superman felt a strange, irrational desire to shift his hips slightly and plunge his cock deep inside of the hot woman's cunt, to grab tightly to her and fuck her brains out.

Only a second, but one that seemed like an eternity.

"THAT'S IT!" he roared and flew backwards, his ass hitting the ceiling, his eyes glowing red with anger.

"WHAT THE HELL!" yelled Maxima, seemingly furious herself, her eyes glowing yellow, " THAT'S IT, SUPES! I'VE HAD IT WITH YOU!"

Superman's eyes cleared, his face again awash with confusion, not sure how to respond to this bizarre reaction.

"Wha... I, what are you talking about?" cried Clark.

She stood up, on top of the bed her face came up to barely a few inches below his, " This act is getting real old, what's going on... huh?"

She twisted her head, catching the same red blur out of the corner of her eye that Clark had. A second later she was across the other side of the room, being caught by the same person who had punched her out.

"Nice look," said The Flash with a grin, staring up at the floating, naked Man Of Steel.

End of Part 11


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