Justice League Of America: Dark Angel Part 12 (MF)
by Dimitri Maximoff ([email protected])

Huntress stepped into the bedroom, glancing up at the floating Chairman Of The JLA, a small smile crossed her face as she noticed his still erect penis.

"I see why they call you The Man Of Steel," she said with a chuckle.

Actually blushing, Superman sped down in a blur to the bed and pulled the sheet up, winding it around his waist. It did nothing but draw more attention to his erection, which pressed against the sheet, but it was better than being naked.

Batman entered the bedroom last, moving silently as always, an enigmatic presence even in such a domestic setting.

"Batman!" cried Superman, " Why did you bring them here! My...."

"Your secret identity is safe," replied Batman, interrupting The Man Of Tomorrow, " I had us teleported directly into your living room, and Superman naked is still Superman."

Clark nodded slightly, realizing he wasn't wearing his glasses and that, with his hair slightly mussed from sleep, he did indeed look like a naked Superman and not a naked Clark Kent, whom Huntress and Flash probably wouldn't recognize anyway.

"Get dressed, then let's get out of here," Batman said, " The JLA is under seige, we need your help."

"No, no," muttered Superman absentmindedly as Flash carried Maxima out of the room, followed by Huntress, " I have to get to Lois, explain what happened."

"This is more important," replied Batman, " The safety of the world is at jeopardy."

"When isn't it," muttered Superman, pulling on his blue tights.

Batman's slap caught him completely by surprise, shocking him into complete silence. It didn't hurt at all, in fact Batman's hand stung quite badly, but it had the desired effect, cutting easily through the fog currently enmeshed in Superman's mind. It wasn't so much the slap as the fact that he hadn't seen it coming, which was impossible, as good as Batman was, he wasn't that good.

"Listen to you!" growled Batman through gritted teeth inches from Superman's face, " And look at yourself! You didn't even see that coming, so how is that possible do you think!?!"

"Wha... what are you talking about?" asked the confused Superman, taken aback by this unfamiliar situation. He was feeling an intense desire to throw Batman across the room, completely illogical but pre-eminent in his mind, and that scared him even more than the fact he hadn't seen Batman's blow coming.

"The JLA have come under attack," growled Batman, either unaware of how close he was to being pummeled to death or confident in Superman's ability to hold back these strange desires, " Try to think clearly for a moment. Green Lantern, bearer of the most powerful weapon in the Universe, has been abducted. WonderWoman, Aquaman and Zauriel have not responded to an Emergency Call, and Martian Manhunter... well, try to contact me or any other JLA Member on telepathic link."

Superman stared at Batman, confused, then closed his eyes, concentrating hard to form a clear thought and sent it towards Batman. This had become almost second nature since forming a telepathic link through J'Onn.

His eyes opened up and he stared at Batman in disbelief.

"I can't!"

"None of us can," replied Batman grimly, releasing Superman's neck and stepping back, " I think Wonder Woman, J'Onn and Zauriel have been taken out of the picture, I'm not so sure about Aquaman, he's ignored emergency calls before. Green Lantern was the latest to fall, and you're well on your way."


"I think that when you went through the cone of Kryptonite Energy in your effort to prevent Joker committing suicide, you left yourself open to a meticulously timed attack. Something is affecting both your powers and your mind, including your sense of ethics and responsibility."

"That's not true," Superman replied, shaking his head, " I...," he trailed off, " The sneeze!"

"Sneeze?" asked Batman, it was his turn to be confused now.

"Since my encounter with The Joker I was feeling a little under the weather," Superman mused, " I put it down to a psychosomatic response to my momentary exposure to Kryptonite, but the pressure built and built till suddenly I sneezed, and felt better," he shook his head in wonder as comprehension dawned, " I sneezed and felt great, and everything seemed to be going right, decisions had been made, things were flowing. I didn't want anything more than to go home and see Lois, and... uh, do, um, stuff with her."

Batman nodded, ignoring Superman's discomfort.

"Come," he said, " We have to get back to The Watchtower. We've been under attack, now it's time to go on the offensive, we know where to find our attacker thanks to The Flash."

Superman pulled his costume fully on, grabbing his boots and sitting down on his bed to pull them on, he paused suddenly, a thought occurring to him.

"Bru... Batman," he said.

"Hmmm?" asked The Dark Knight, pausing in the doorway, seeing Huntress and Flash standing in the corridor, pointedly pretending not to have heard the conversation and ignoring pictures on the wall of Clark, Lois and their respective families.

"You said Green Lantern was the latest to be taken in, but J'Onn came in to telepathically scan Carol Ferris' mind when Kyle found her in his bed?"

"Yes," replied Batman, " I'm afraid to say that we have to face the possibility that our captured team-mates have been turned."

* * *

Ferris Aircraft - Time Unknown.

Kyle cursed as the spanner slipped, banged his hand and bruised his hand.

"Dammit!" he growled, " I'm a pilot, not a mechanic!"

"Exactly," said a voice behind him, " But being a male, you thought you could be both."

He tried to look surly as he turned, still nursing his hand, but the moment he saw her his face couldn't help but break out into a smile.

"Carol," he said, " Can you forgive me for beind a pig headed jerk?"

"Ahh sweetie," she chuckled, smiling, " You can't help your nature, you are a man after all!"

"Why you little!" he cried and lunged at her, making her screech with laughter as she dived out of the way. He chased after her and she ran, both of them laughing at the silly game.

As they ran, Kyle's eyes naturally went down to Carol's ass, lovingly caressed by tight denim jeans, and grinned. With a burst of speed he leaped ahead and grabbed her around the waist, pulling her into the air.

"Stop! Stop!" she cried, laughing uncontrollably as he began to tickle her, " I'm going to pee myself!"

"Say you're sorry!" he laughed as the raven haired beauty struggled in vain to escape his clutches, although not very hard.

"Okay!" she cried through her laughter, " I'm sorry you're a pig headed jerk!"

"Little minx!" he cried and redoubled his efforts, which tripled Carol's laughter.

They dropped to the ground, hitting the dirt with a whoof followed quickly by more laughter. They stared into each other's eyes as they laughed, which caused them to slowly stop, becoming more serious, their laughter turning into slight chuckled.

Carol dropped her eyes slightly, suddenly shy, and Kyle lifted his hand to her chin, lifting it, tilting her face up as he leaned in and kissed her.

Their lips pressed lightly against each other, and Kyle's lips enveloped her upper lip, taking it in and suckling lightly on it, then breaking away and taking her lower lip, then pressing his lips against hers and lightly sliding the tip of his tongue between her lips.

She pressed closer to him and his hand ran down her side, running over her hips and cupping one of the firm, round asscheeks he'd been admiring a few minutes earlier.

His name was Kyle Raynor, an ace Test Pilot who was both a business and romantic partner of Carol Ferris, owner of Ferris Aircraft.

At first their partnership had been all business despite a mutual attraction which they'd played around like in a thousand t.v sitcoms. Then they'd become close friends and finally lovers, enjoying a relationship which was exclusive despite the M word never being brought up.

Recently one of the older planes had been playing up, and today, when the Chief Mechanic had a day off, Kyle had decided to play at being a mechanic.

He was a lousy mechanic, but the fringe benefits were great, as he was currently finding out.

Carol broke the kiss and rolled away, getting to her feet, her clothes dusty from rolling about on the ground.

"Come on," she beckoned, nodding with her head, " My Office."

Kyle got up quickly, rubbing his hands together gleefully as he followed her in, again watching her beautiful ass move as she walked.

She closed the office door and pulled the blind down. Despite the Airfield currently being empty of people except for themselves, anyone could come on at any time, and she didn't want to be caught in any potentially embarrassing situation.

"Get up on that desk," she ordered, pointing at her workdesk.

"Oooh, domineering, aren't we!" he laughed.

"You better get up on that desk if you want to continue enjoying yourself, flyboy!" she growled at him with a smile.

"Yes'm!" he replied, saluting, then hopped up on the desk, facing her with his legs apart, feet planted on a couple of seats in front of the desk.

Carol walked sexily towards Kyle, her hips moving, thighs sliding against each other. He became painfully aware of her breasts straining against the fabric of her checkered shirt, of her beautiful face and full red lips.

She pressed the palms of her hands against the desk, leaning forward so her face was inches from Kyles. She leaned forward to kiss him, but stopped just short of his mouth, then pulled to the side, coming close to kissing his entire face but always just pulling away at the last second. He could feel her breath against his skin and was beginning to breath a little heavier himself, as well as perspire lightly.

She leaned forward, stretching up high on the tips of her toes, wriggling her beautifully rounded ass slightly. Grabbing Kyle's hand, she slid it between her thighs, and despite the denim covering her crotch, he could swear he could feel her sex pulsating with heat.

"Oh shit," whispered Kyle, staring into her eyes, his mouth a little open, breathing in and out heavily, unable to take his eyes off of her.

Suddenly Carol stepped back, causing Kyle to gasp out slightly in dismay. But that soon changed when Carol unbuttoned her shirt and let it drop to the ground, standing in front of him wearing only jeans and a bra which lifted and separated her large breasts up even higher.

"Oh sweet merciful crap," he whispered as she reached between her tits and unsnapped the lacy bra, letting it fall away from her breasts, held to her body only by the shoulder straps.

But Kyle didn't care about that, because now he was staring in wonder at her perfectly shaped, large mammaries standing firmly on her chest, nipples pointing up, erect and looking oh so tasty.

She moved forward, standing in front of him, eye to eye with him due to his position on the desk. She took his hands and lifted them to her breasts, placing his nervous hands on her tits. She moaned as Kyle, fighting to suppress his excitement, lightly pulled and pinched at her nipples, his hands squeezing her large, firm breasts.

He gasped and his hands closed down tight on her beautiful tits momentarily when she slid her hand under his belt and gripped his already hard cock in her hand. She smiled at his reaction and ran her hand down over his meat, which was erect but unable to push out straight due to his jeans.

Her other hand left his, leaving him free to feel up her breasts as he pleased, and she unzipped his pants, pulling into view his hard cock, which was slightly longer than average at about 8 inches.

His shaft seemed to throb and swell in Carol's hand, and unable to resist any longer she lowered herself down to his lap.

Kyle, unaware of what was going on, leaned forward so that his hands could stay on her breasts, and again they tightened on her mammaries when he felt her tongue lightly flick over his cockhead.

Seconds later she was wrapping her tongue around & under the red helmet of his solider, lapping along his hard meat, planting wet kisses all over her lover's cockshaft. She kissed all the way down, and then surprised him by lightly licking his balls.

"Oh Carol!" he cried, " I...."

"Shhh," she whispered at him, looking up from his lap, then rubbed her face against his cock, letting it rub all over her face, across her lips and cheeks, her nose and forehead. He groaned as he felt her hot skin and smooth, clean hair all over his cock and balls.

Kyle's eyes widened as he felt the tip of her tongue press into his piss hole, then she was pulling away and licked his cockhead again with quick, broad strokes of her tongue.

"Oh man!" cried Kyle, his hands coming off of her breasts and sliding between her long, black hair, grabbing the sides of her head and hunching his cock forward.

She'd been expecting this and was ready, opening her mouth and allowing him to push forward past her lips. He stared at her in astonished, happy surprise as inch after inch of his cock buried itself into her mouth, until she had all eight inches of his penis inside her mouth, her throat spasming around his cockhead as she fought her body's natural gag reflex.

Seemingly aroused by the presence of Kyle's cock in her mouth, Carol began to pull back and then slam forward, fucking his cock with her mouth, using her lips like an oral pussy.

Kyle groaned, leaning back across the desk, his hands sliding out of her hair as he hunched his hips up slightly, jabbing his cock slightly up and down inside her sweet, sucking mouth. He stared into Carol's eyes, seeing the red hot lust in them, all coherent thought lost in sexual desire, her throat making unintelligible but happy sounding noises around the prick inside of her mouth.

She breathed easily through her nose, her respiration seemingly unaffected by the large male organ inside her mouth. She breathed out every time she lifted her mouth back off his cock, then sucked air back in at the same time she plunged her mouth back down onto his crotch until his pubic hair was pressing against her nose.

Her saliva was all over his cock, wetting his pubic hair as it ran down his hard shaft, her mouth getting fucked by her boyfriend's cock, jacking him off with her lips.

With a groan, Kyle sat up and slid his hands beneath her hair again, then he dropped his feet to the ground and stood up, gripping the back of her head and forcing his cock deeper than ever inside of her mouth.

He plunged his cockmeat deep into Carol's mouth, obscenely hunching his hips, fucking her mouth like it was a cunt, pulling his cockhead out of her mouth almost to the point of total withdrawal, then ramming it back down into her, throat fucking her.

"Oh shit, Carol!" cried Kyle, " I think I'm gonna blow my fucking load!!!!"

He slammed his cock deep into her mouth, pressing his meat deeper and deeper into her throat, loving the feel of her hot mouth around his entire cock as she fondled his balls with her fingers, tickling him towards the inevitable orgasm.

Carol's lust-driven eyes jerked open and stared up at Kyle joyfully as she felt his cock twitch inside of her mouth.

"AAHH!!!" he cried out in satisfaction as he ground his lap against her face, his cock crammed fully into her mouth, his balls drawing tight in her hand, her nose buried into his pubic hair.

And then he was cumming, shooting thick streams of stringy sperm into her mouth, slamming against the back of her throat, deep down into her stomach.

He groaned happily, his head leaning back, hands buried in her hair, cock pressing into her mouth, her breasts squashed against his legs.

"AH!" he cried, and pulled his now incredibly sensitive cock from her mouth, falling back onto the desk, a sated, dreamy smile on his face.

Carol wiped her mouth and smiled, staring at her happy lover in satisfaction, and then she began to unbuckle her jeans. "Now it's my turn."

* * *

JLA Watchtower - June 6th - 6:30 AM.

Catwoman scampered through The Hall Of Justice, still naked but not so confident now.

After leaving Plastic Man in The Medical Lab, she'd wondered about, enjoying the fact that she was walking around on the Moon, naked!

About an hour earlier Batman and Huntress had come up through the teleporters and she'd rushed away again. Although her main desire now was to finally seduce The Bat, she knew that wasn't likely to happen when he was with another JLA'er. She gone back to The Medical Lab, woken up Plastic Man and kicked him out of her bed, the man being so confused over the turn of events, as well as a little embarrassed to have fallen asleep on the job, that'd he'd just left the Lab and stood guard like he hadn't moved since Batman left Catwoman there.

But Batman and Huntress had merely gone to The Monitor Womb, talked with The Flash for awhile, then made a cursory check on Plastic Man to make sure Catwoman was still asleep. When he confirmed this, without any preamble or immature pranks, the three had left.

Plastic Man had gone in to check on Catwoman again and found her asleep, so he'd gone past the Armory, through The Hall Of Justice, past the Teleporters and Reception Area, up through the Dining Area, Kitchen and Lounge to the Living Quarters where he showered and decided to take a quick nap before going back on guard duty.

Of course, by the time he was in Reception, Catwoman had ceased feigning sleep and was prowling about The WatchTower, naked again and loving it.

Until Superman had returned with Batman, Huntress and The Flash.

She cursed as she rushed into The Medical Lab again, she would happily seduce any one of them - including Huntress - if she could just get them alone. But they were always hanging out together, it was just so fucking annoying!

* * *
"The sphere Catwoman stole was being designed for The Military," Batman explained as they entered The Hall Of Justice, " Being designed by MaxiDrive Enterprises, which is a hidden subsidiary of LexCorp."

"Luthor," muttered Superman.

"He's not behind this one," replied Batman, " Although I wish he was, it's always easier going against the devil you know then the devil you don't."

"Almost literal in this case," muttered Huntress.

"The sphere is designed to accept chips being designed by another company - Widget Werks - which is just a front for a wing of U.S Military Research," Batman continued, " The sphere then projects a signal in all directions, passing through dirt, rock, concrete, reinforced titanium, human flesh and bone, anything."

"What kind of signal?" asked The Flash.

"A signal that effects the chemical make-up of the human brain, affecting different portions of the brain's hemispheres. It can be used to make people mad, happy, manically depressed, sexually aroused or just forget their entire existence."

"For what purpose?" asked Superman, confused, " Why would our Military design a device like this?"

"For use in the field," replied Batman, " Wars are generally fought facelessly, flying in bomb attacks from countries away. Imagine if planes could fly in hundreds of these spheres, dropping them into enemy territory and sending enemy soldiers temporarily mad, happy, angry or send them on the equivalent of a thirty day drug trip... which is how long the sphere's signal lasts. Then our troops come in, with some kind of device which blocks the signal, of course, and capture them, winning a war without blood being spilled."

"But who knows if the effects are longer lasting in the human brain?" snapped The Flash angrily, " And what about the innocent bystanders? They'll be just as affected as the soldiers, who could be on this equivalent of a drug trip you were talking about and happily blow each other's brains out... or one of their bomb controllers could set of missiles," he paused, his face becoming shocked, " Man, what if they had nuclear weapons?"

"Calm yourself," Batman replied, " I didn't say I agreed with it, I'm just reporting the facts."

"What's the range of these spheres?" asked Huntress, remembering a recent encounter with another woman claiming to be The Huntress, during which she had suddenly been come over with strong sexual feelings towards the other woman.

"Just one can affect anybody up to a ten square mile radius, both up, down, left, right, diagonally and horizontally, although the range can be set lower than that if required and directions left out."

"Shit," muttered The Flash, " What if a plane was going overhead?"

They entered The Medical Lab, putting Maxima into the bed adjacent to Catwoman, setting restraints in that would hold even the powerful former JLA'er. Batman took a moment to check Catwoman, who was asleep (for real this time, she'd had a long night), and then the four of them were heading up the lift into the Research Lab, where Steel was waiting.

* * *

Limbo - Outside Of Time And Space.

"This is where dead people go," said Zauriel, staring out of one of the large windows set all around The Aerie, designed to let the sun flow in all day long. Now, in Limbo, all it did was show the white nothingness of their surroundings.

"Where are they?" asked Supergirl, who was still naked but no longer concerned over her nudity. Zauriel seemed totally unconcerned about her nakedness, which didn't really go along with some of the stories that WonderWoman had told her.

"Limbo's a big place," Zauriel replied, " And it's really different for everyone who comes here, although it still looks like this... uh," he frowned and waved his hand, " It's very metaphysical, I don't know how to explain it to you without causing your frontal lobes to bleed."

He sighed and sat down, bringing his knees up to his chest, " When I say dead people, I mean people who haven't passed on to heaven or hell or whatever their concept of the afterlife is... and one freaky guy called Prometheus who's got a Salvador Dali-ish house sitting in the rich district on Nothing Street, in the Suburb of Nowheresville."

Supergirl looked at him, confused.

"Was that a joke?" she asked.

"Kind of," he replied, " I really haven't got used to mortal humor yet, people get offended by stuff sometimes and love it other times, it's all so wei... hey, you're naked!"

She was somewhat taken aback by this sudden change in subject, and was once again made painfully aware of her nudity. She shifted her thigh to cover the small triangle of pubic hair between her legs and lifted her arm to cover her large, firm breasts.

"Oh relax!" laughed Zauriel, " I've more important things to worry about than ogling some beautiful, naked superheroine... besides, it wouldn't be a very Angelic thing to do, would it?"

"But you're... well,.... you know?"

"Fallen?" he asked, a smile on his face, " Actually my status was updated to Heaven's Champion On Earth, although having this high tech flesh suit has given me some interesting problems... I'll tell you, I wanted to eat and drink forever until it all caught up with me and I had to find out the hard way about restrooms."

Supergirl let out a shocked beal of laughter, completely taken aback by an Angel talking about bowel motions. Then she took on a serious slant, sitting down a few yards from Zauriel and leaning forward towards him.

"Who.. what, was that thing that sent us here?" she asked him.

"Whoa," muttered Zauriel, shaking his head, " That was heavy, I never thought I'd see that monster again in my life."

"You know him?"

"I know of him," replied The Angel, " He's... unique, to say the least. He's the first and only son of a Fallen Angel, the only thing to ever be born in Hell, not spawned like other demons and goblins."

"He's the Son of Satan?" asked Supergirl, her eyes widening.

"No, one of Satan's Lieutenants, a female Angel who fell with him, one of the Host who joined with Lucifer to try and overthrow The Presence. No one knows how she became pregnant, some say to a demonspawn, others say to a human male... still others say he IS Satan's son. Only The Presence knows for sure, and not many people care to
grill The Presence about things like that."

"Why haven't I heard of something like this before?" Supergirl asked, " I read up most of the religious stories I could after I got my wings, I've never heard of anything like this."

"Neron... that's just one of The Prince Of Darkness' many guises," explained Zauriel, " Obliterated his loyal servant, the Angel who bore the child, and took it under his wing, training him to be his most loyal and deadly servant. They were Mentor and Protege, never apart for even a moment, a dark bastardization of father and son that threatened to raise a shadow over the entire world."

"So what happened?" asked Supergirl, leaning on her elbows, completely oblivious to her nudity now.

"As always with people who walk the dark path, they had a falling out over just who would lead and who would follow. Unbeknown to Neron, his protege, Dominic, spread dissension among his ranks and raised an army against his mentor, who survived an attempt to overthrow him through pure luck. He was defeated, completely and utterly without hope of victory, and the army turned on their master, his lieutenants thinking to remove Dominic as well and take rulership themselves. In the confusion Neron was able to seize power once again and locked his protege away forever, killed the lieutenants who had joined the revolution
and threatened the worst tortures imaginable to anyone who ever mentioned him again, even indirectly."

"But he got out?" asked Supergirl, leaning closer than ever, somehow unconsciously drawn to him, perhaps sensing some kind of kinship between them.

"Apparently, yes," nodded Zauriel, who was also pulling closer and closer, again unconsciously, " I had a strange feeling for several days that something bad was going to happen in Los Angeles, and went so far as to ignore a JLA Energency Call in case I missed this calamity. Then I felt his presence, muted as it was it was enough for me to recognize immediately, even though I had only ever heard of him. I rushed back and found him prepared to do know who knows what to you, probably out of some desire to deconsecrate my Aerie and corrupt you, as an Earthborn Angel you'd be a great prize to him."

"Great prize," she whispered, her face inches from his.

"Yes," he replied, and one gloved finger smoothly stroked her cheek, " You're so beautiful, innocent, the closest thing I've seen to another Angel since coming to Earth."

"I...," she started, and he pressed a finger to her lips, quieting her.

"Shhh," he said and they kissed.

End Part 12


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