Justice League Of America: Dark Angel Part 13 (MFF,anal)
by Dimitri Maximoff ([email protected])

June 6th - Somewhere - 7:00 AM.

Dinah Laurel Lawrence - The Black Canary - shook her head slightly, her eyes opening and taking in the scene.

She was in a large room, some kind of giant ballroom or court, with a huge, dome ceiling and high, expensive looking chandeliers. Set at regular spaces across the wall were large, curved windows which let in long rays of sunlight. There was a large throne set at one end of the room, beside which were giant statues reaching up to the high ceiling, standing on large pedestals almost as large as the throne itself. The floor was a deep, white marble which felt smooth on her bare feet, cool and somehow comforting.

- It's the Throne Room from The Phantom Menace! - she thought in astonished delight, remembering the movie she'd seen with Dominic on their date. At the thought of Donovan, her entire body tingled with a buzz of pleasure, and a goofy smile crossed her face. She felt goosebumps raise up on her skin and her nipples grow erect, and looking down over herself she realized that she was naked... and yet somehow that didn't matter.

"Don't you love it," said a voice - Dominic's - and she looked up from her body to see that her lover was now sitting on the Throne, a happy smile on his face.

At the sight of him, a flush of joy ran through Dinah's body and she shivered, wriggling her shoulders, which made her breasts bounce a little.

"Dominic?" she asked,"What's going on?"

"I felt a royal setting would suit this little encounter best," he replied with a chuckle,"After all, we have one Princess, one would-be Prince and one woman so beautiful she must have noble blood in her veins."

Realizing that the latter woman he referred to was her, she again felt an irrational surge of goodwill and love towards him, as well as a steadily increasing arousal. She assumed he was the 'would-be Prince,' even if she didn't understand the reference, but...

".... who is The Princess?" she asked.

"I thought you'd never ask, darling," laughed Dominic, and waved his hand slightly. Suddenly, as if she had always been there, Wonder Woman was kneeling in front of him on the steps leading up to The Throne, naked as Black Canary, facing the other heroine. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly and her face had a deepset look of sexual need and desire upon it. Her eyes focused in on The Canary's naked body with a hunger that was almost predatory.

"Wo... Wonder Woman?" asked Black Canary, unsure of what was happening, why was The Amazon here? Why was she naked?

"The three of us are going to have a little fun," Dominic said, as if reading her mind. He stood up and walked down the steps, Wonder Woman's eyes following him with a deep need, and then stroked one hand through the beautiful Amazon's raven locks of hair, "Do you like that idea, Diana?"

Wonder Woman nodded, a greedy smile on her face.

"And you, my love?" Dominic asked Dinah.

"Dominic.... I'm not sure," replied Black Canary, "I've never done anything like that before, I don't think I want to."

"But you do, don't you?" Donovan asked, looking over at her with his deep, dark eyes. She seemed to be swallowed up within his gaze, drowning in his eyes, and it seemed like his will was merging, then swallowing her own.

"Yes... I think so," she replied.

And suddenly, she did. A great, desperate desire for Wonder Woman came over her, and the thought of a threesome with The Amazon Avenger and her dark lover drove her wild. Her knees buckled and somehow Dominic was there to catch her, letting her fall into his arms and then swinging her around with an easy grace. She laughed in delight, her eyes still on his, and then he was pulling her close, and they kissed.

And their eyes never parted.

* * *

Gotham City - June 6th - 7:05 AM.

Zatanna frowned.

"Is there a reason why you're here so early in the morning?" she asked her visitors.

"It's been a long night for all of us," Batman replied, "Can we come in?"

"Sure, sure," she muttered. She turned about and headed down the corridor of the apartment she was currently renting during her stay in Gotham. She was doing a series of shows as part of a charity show running through Gotham City, Post-Cataclysm (as the Earthquake had been dubbed), and considering how cheap the rent was considering structural damage to much of the outlying area she lived in, she had it good.

Of course, she'd fixed the structural damage to the building she lived in with a simple spell.

Flash couldn't help but notice that underneath the long shirt she wore she wore only a tight pair of cotton panties currently riding up her crack and showing an ample example of her smooth, toned ass-flesh.

"Did we wake you?" he asked her, trying to keep the grin off of his face.

"Actually, I was just getting ready to go to bed," she said, smiling over her shoulder at them,"It's been a long night for me as well."

Flash flashed a smile at the others, but none returned it, they were all being serious. He sighed and they followed Zatanna down the corridor.

* * *

Somewhere - June 6th - 7:07 AM.

Dinah watched as Dominic straddled Diana's face, presenting his cock to The Amazon's mouth. Wonder Woman eagerly opened up and groaned in contentment as he fed the first couple of inches into her oral orifice.

The normally noble, powerful Princess lay on her back, legs spread wide, her large breasts drifting to the sides, coming within a hairsbreadth of touching Dominic's legs. Her pubic hair was shaven completely away, leaving her pussy bald and glistening with a mixture of sweat and arousal. Just the sight of it was driving The Black Canary mad with desire, she longed to bury her face in it, to slide her tongue between the lips and suckle out all the sweet tasting juices she knew were inside.

The fact that she'd never had any overt sexual feelings before Dominic told her to never even entered her head.

"Don't hold back," groaned Dominic as he pushed inch after inch of his cock into Wonder Woman's mouth,"Go for it, Dinah, you know you want to."

As if his words had released her body, she bolted across the marble floor, dropping almost to all fours as she moved. The glorious, high vaulted ceiling, massive, ornate statues and the view through the large windows were forgotten entirely, all her attention was centered directly on the cunt between Diana's legs.

She skidded across the floor on her knees, judging accurately enough to stop exactly at the right point. The moment she stopped moving, she dropped her upper body down, her face plunging between Wonder Woman's legs and making contact at last with the steaming, glistening cunt that had so enthralled her.

Wonder Woman's entire body seemed to jump as soon as Dinah's lips touched her cunt, even as her own lips were parting eagerly around Dominic's cock and sucking his meat deep down into her throat. She half closed her eyes and moaned happily as she felt Canary's tongue slip out, part her cunt lips, and press deep up inside of her.

"That's right, you like that, don't you bitch?" chuckled Dominic, and despite the derogatory, possesive word he used, The Amazon felt a thrill of pleasure. She was desperate to please this man who had somehow filled the missing gap in her life. She was, of course, unaware that he had subtly reprogrammed her mind via a mixture of technology and dark magic.

Dinah nuzzled her face excitedly into Wonder Woman's cunt, pressing her nose against The Amazon's clit, rubbing up and down against it as her tongue lapped in and out between the other woman's cunt lips. She reached back between her large, heaving breasts, over her flat waist and slid her fingers over her own cunt. The small rectangle of pubic hair above her cunt lips felt good on her fingers, and Dinah smiled into Diana's cunt as she parted two fingers around her clit, then pressed them together, squeezing her love button between her digits as she ate out an Amazon.

Dominic had been fucking his cock in and out of Wonder Woman's mouth, now he gripped the sides of her beautiful face and gently extricated his member from her mouth. She looked up at him plaintively, wanting to please him, to make him feel good, and worried that he was rejecting her.

But he smiled at her, making her feel wanted, desired, sexual and she watched him with desire as he turned and walked past her body, then that of Black Canary's and finally dropped to his knees behind her upraised ass.

Dinah was suckling and chewing at Wonder Woman's clitoris, pressing her chin firmly against the juicy cunt lips and riding it up and down between them when she felt the hand grip her ass, and then the finger push against her asshole.

"Wha?" she mumbled into Diana's cunt mound, making The Amazon squeal out in pleasure.

"Relax," chuckled Dominic, rubbing the tip of his finger firmly against her butt hole, "You'll enjoy this.... hell, you do enjoy this, understand?"

And even though she'd only had anal sex twice before, both times with Oliver Queen, and hadn't really enjoyed it that much, she was suddenly filled with happy recollections of how great anal sex was, and how much she was looking forward to it.

And Dominic, of course, was only too eager to oblige.

* * *

Gotham City - June 6th - 7:15 AM.

"This is the location we want to go to," Flash said, showing a small computerpad to Zatanna.

"And we need to be invisible, both to human eyes and mechanical," Batman interjected.

"The way you've painted our adversary," Huntress murmured under her breath to The Dark Knight, "Is a spell from Zatanna going to make any difference?"

"Perhaps," replied Batman, equally quiet, "Our chances of being spotted will certainly be better without her spell, and our adversary has a history of delegating responsibility to others. I doubt he'll be monitoring his own security systems, and I only want to deal with him, not his underlings."

Their visit to see Steel had produced an unexpected advantage, the mechanical genius having decoded some part of the subliminal messages being sent to Catwoman or whoever else had tactile contact with the Amulet. He'd found an image of a man who was to be obeyed at all costs, a man who, if disobeyed or displeased, would bring about great pain.

"Now we have a face to go with the name," Batman had muttered, while Huntress had wondered at how... nice the man looked, not at all like one expected the evil Mastermind behind a global conspiracy of epic proportions to look like.

"....fill me in when it's done," Zatanna was saying.

"Of course," Batman replied, and Huntress realized he'd been able to follow her conversation with Superman and Flash even as he spoke with her. He'd stepped easily into the boots of Field Leader since Superman's thinking had become - of his own admission - somewhat muddled, and she had to admire how good he was at it, even if he didn't particularly enjoy doing it.

"Form a circle with me," Zatanna said, stretching out her hands. Huntress noted with some amusement that Flash was at Zatanna's side in an instant and reaching out towards herself. She wondered if it was due to a desire to hold hands with two woman or a desire not to hold hands with two men.

She took Batman's hand and he took Superman's, who completed the circle by taking Zatanna's.

"This isn't really necessary," the magician explained to them, "But you'll be surprised how much it helps concentration."

She closed her eyes, then spoke the words, which were more a form of expression for their benefit than of any practical use.

"Draug eseht rouf morf yna seye, namuh, lacinahcem ro esiwretho, dna ekat meht won ot eht ecalp detacidni, eybdoog!"

"Hey," Zatanna laughed, "That rhymed!"

But she spoke to an empty room, the four JLA'ers were gone.

* * *

Somewhere - June 6th - 7:21 AM.

Despite her newfound lust for anal sex, Black Canary's eyes bulged madly as her asshole at first resisted, then relented, allowing Dominic to bury inch after inch of his cock into her butt.

There was no denying that it hurt, she'd been far too long between ass fuckings, and the muscles of her rectum clenched tightly. But there was also no denying that it felt good too, that the delicious feeling of having her ass filled with a hard, throbbing cock was driving her wild.

She rolled her eyes in a fever-pitch of delirious lust, the fingers of one hand crammed into her own pussy, fingers of the other pressing up Wonder Woman's cunt as she mischievously licked and probed with her tongue at The Amazon's own asshole.

She rammed her tongue even deeper into Jenny, grinding her nose between Jenny's ass cheeks. With her free hand she reached up between her own legs and started jerking off her pussy.

"Ahhhhhh," growled Dominic happily, "I do so love a tight, hot ass!"

He sliced his cock in and out of The Black Canary's asshole with longer and longer strokes, "I just love to fuck hot, super heroine's butts!"

Diana lifted her head up, staring down past the blond-haired head between her thighs, up over her curved back and smooth curves of her butt cheeks, where Dominic's gleaming, slamming cock was pushing in and out faster and faster. He looked to be having a damn good time, and from the happy, moaning noises coming from the face buried into her lap, it seemed Dinah was enjoying herself as well.

Canary was getting more and more excited with each stroke of her lover's cock up into her butt hole. Any pain was gone totally from her body, replaced by total, ecstatic pleasure. Her body writhed and jerked as pulses of intense, happy sensation seemed to rock through her with each stroke of his cock up into her ass. Her hand jerked eagerly between her legs, her cunt-juices dripping from her as she finger-fucked herself. Her tongue was wriggling and darting in and out of Wonder Woman's asshole, her middle finger of her free hand slamming up and down in the Amazon's tight asshole as her tongue jabbed at the beautiful, raven-haired woman's cunt.

Wonder Woman moaned and groaned happily, wiggling her ass down onto Dinah's finger, feeling the other woman's mouth closed about her clitoris, sucking and nibbling away with greedy lust.

Canary groaned in ecstasy, jerking her ass back at Dominic's waist, slapping her beautiful curved ass cheeks back against his belly.

"Yeah," groaned Dominic happily, "That's right bitch, like that don't you? Don't you!?!"

Dinah nodded agreement into Diana's cunt, then continued tongue fucking The Amazon while she pushed and probed her finger in and out of the other woman's tight, gripping asshole.

The Canary's body shuddered violently, groaning happily as her ass was fucked again and again, Dominic's cock thrusting in and out of her butt. Dominic let out an animalistic growl as he rammed his cock in and out of her tight, sucking asshole, his eyes greedily crawling over Dinah's back to her head, bobbing up and down in Diana's lap, then running his eyes up over her large, heaving breasts to her beautiful, lust contorted face.

"Yeah," he growled, just loud enough for both women to hear him, "Feels good, doesn't it, bitch?"

He slapped one of The Black Canary's firm, toned ass cheek to emphasize his point. He plunged forward hard, cramming all of his cock deep inside of her butt hole, making her shriek with ecstasy into Wonder Woman's cunt.

Everytime her formerly tender, caring lover called her a bitch she felt a thrill of passion run through her entire body and a sense of well-bring flood her mind. She was beginning to anticipate his curses and derogatory comments, looking forward to them.

Dominic's cock was throbbing inside of Dinah, it had disappeared fully inside of her asshole and his toned, muscular belly was rubbing deliciously up against her butt.

Any second thoughts had long fled from her mind, all her misgivings were gone and the initial pain of penetration was just a pleasant memory. Now she truly did love being ass fucked, and to show her desire she straightened up, pressing herself back against her lover's chest, moaning as his cock throbbed inside of her white-hot tube of ass flesh, buried as it was up her asshole, filling her to the brim.

Black Canary - one of The Founding Members of the Justice League of America - whimpered into Wonder Woman's cunt, masturbating the other woman's and her own cunt frantically, squirming her tight little ass against Dominic, who was just holding his cock motionless inside of her asshole, enjoying the feel of her fucking back against him. Her asshole had sufficiently relaxed so that, while still incredibly tight around his member, wasn't going to cause her any undue pain when he fucked her.

He had worked too hard to get her mental state to the point where she would willingly succumb to any demand he made of her, and enjoy it so much that she couldn't wait to do it again, and again and again and again.

With a grin, he gripped onto her hips and began to slide his cock in and out, in and out of her once more.

Dinah was breathless, struggling for air from the physical exertion she was putting her body through as well as the fact that her face was plastered firmly into another woman's cunt. Not just any other woman, but Wonder Woman. If her body hadn't been trained to over and above Olympic Athlete levels she would probably have passed out by now.

"YES!" Dominic growled, slicing his cock in and out of The Black Canary's butt hole with smooth, quickening strokes, "What an ass! So firm and tight and hot and slick! Oh Man, what an ass!"

Her stomach was rising and falling rapidly, as her large breasts would have been had they not been squashed up against Wonder Woman's thighs, she felt a wave of dizziness wash over her body and for a moment she had to lift her face out of Wonder Woman's cunt, her mouth wide open, sucking in huge lungfuls of air, her face sticky from sweat and Wonder Woman's cunt juices.

She took the opportunity to cry out in excitement, "Fuck meeeee!" she whined, out of her mind with lust, every molecule of her sexy, firm body tensing with the agonizing but lusty need to release, to let her passion explode.

She thrust her face back into Wonder Woman's cunt and eagerly chewed and sucked at the erect love button, running her tongue relentlessly between the beautiful woman's cunt lips, driving her wild with desire.

"YES!" squealed Wonder Woman, herself close to orgasm. She reached down and grasped the sides of The Black Canary's head, holding the other heroine down between her legs as she thrust and ground her cunt up into her beautiful face, "Do it! Eat me out you little whore, EAT ME!!!!"

"You heard her, bitch!" roared Dominic, his cock plunging again and again into Dinah's hot, tight asshole. Then he threw his head back, forgetting her mental training for a second as he let out a happy groan of pleasure, "Oh shit, I'm so close!"

He grabbed her hips firmly and pulled forward, his cock slamming right to the hilt into her butt and shot his load. He threw his head back and roared as his hot spunk splashed deep into her bowels, "Ahhhhh, YES!!!!"

Through blurred vision, Dinah had only the fuzziest look at Diana's bald, juicy cunt as she ate and sucked at The Amazonian's cunt. The feel of her asshole squeezing down on her lover's spurting, shooting cock was sending a buzz of electric sensation right up her ass-channel and deep into her loins and then out to every extremity of her body.

It was as if the vibrations had really passed through her, because seconds later Wonder Woman's cunt was slammed up into her face and The Amazon's snatch was exploding juices all over her, into her mouth, over her cheeks and nose, into her nostrils and eyes.

Dinah screamed out in ecstasy herself, her cry of passion muffled by Amazonian pussy, and her body jerked and spasmed about, slamming her ass back against Dominic's belly as her mouth ran up and down over Wonder Woman's face.

"Ahhhh yes!" groaned Dominic, humping more slowly now against Dinah's ass, the last streams of cum flowing from his cock and into her ass. Her asshole was now clenched tighter than before around his cock, and as she came it seemed to suck back on his cock every time he tried to pull back before thrusting back in. His eyes were rolled back in his head, showing only the whites, and his hands - which had slid down off Dinah's hips and to his sides - were clenching and unclenching slowly.

When all three of their orgasms had finally subsided, Dominic slowly pulled his cock from Canary's asshole with a groan, collapsing onto his side behind her.

Dinah pulled her face from Wonder Woman's lap slowly, her neck and face muscles sore from over-exertion. She rolled onto her side, panting heavily, legs akimbo, arms at her sides. She was in danger of falling asleep, but her eyes jumped open when she felt a tongue press against her asshole. Looking up she was startled to see Wonder Woman curled up in a ball beneath her, her face pressed between Dinah's ass cheeks as she spread The Canary's ass cheeks and proceeded to lick out her asshole.

The blonde heroine sighed, loving the feel of Diana's tongue in her now stretched pucker, licking and sucking until she'd cleaned all of Dominic's cum out of Dinah's twitching asshole.

Dominic stood over them, enjoying the sight, and then his eyes grew wide and his head shot to the side. He growled lightly beneath his breath and sniffed the air slightly, then a small smile twitched at the corners of his lips.

"At last," he said, "The JLA are here."


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