Justice League Of America: Dark Angel Part 14 (MF,F-dom,mc)
by Dimitri Maximoff ([email protected])

Gotham Water Processing - June 6th - 7:43 AM.

Superman, Batman, Huntress and The Flash found themselves standing in a large but cluttered room, standing directly in front of two men wearing white lab coats.

Flash opened his mouth to say something and Batman placed his hand over the hero's mouth. He shook his head and belatedly The Flash remembered they were invisible for all intents and purposes, but could still be heard.

"So I said to her, Mavis, I...." started one of the two men, and then he and his companion were crumpling to the ground.

Superman shook his head, putting one hand up to his forehead.

"Something the matter?" Batman asked, putting the small gas canister he'd sprayed into the two scientist's faces away.

"I didn't see you take that out," The Man of Steel muttered quietly, "And my headache is back, I don't feel well."

Batman frowned, "You can't let anyone else see you like this, just keep back, look enigmatic and powerful and we'll take care of the rest."

No one brought up the fact they were invisible, they all realized that the Nemesis that Batman had described would most likely not be fooled by any simple spell.

"Check it out," Flash said, ignoring Superman's admission of weakness. He pointed up at several monitors along the room, set just above consoles filled with various buttons, gauges and levers that were marked with obscure labels.

"Water?" asked Huntress, seeing various monitors showing rushing water, water below metal frameworks, still water.

The room they were in was filled with several workstations and had a smooth, linoleum floor. One wall was a strong looking glass screen that reminded Huntress uneasily of Arkham Asylum, and it lead out to another metal framework. Muted but audible was the sound of rushing water.

"Gotham Water Processing," muttered Batman, "This is not a good sign."

"This is the place we built?" asked Flash incredulously, staring
around the room.

After The Cataclysm, The U.S Senate had decided to write Gotham City off once and for all. They declared it a 'No Man's Land' and gave the citizens 24 hours to make the decision, stay or leave. They offered no homes or jobs to those leaving, no aid to assist them, they either stayed or they left. The National Guard would then proceed to seal all exits to Gotham, mine the waters and put up blockades and guards on the roads. The final act would be the shut-down of utilities to the city, no more water or power, the people left behind had to fend for themselves without even the smallest modicum of help from the U.S.
successfully arguing the case for Gotham City to The Senate and having them vote down the controversial 'No Man's Land' Bill. The final factors that had swayed The Senate was Wayne's pledge to offset the majority of the costs of rebuilding himself and his assurances that The JLA would make themselves available.

The first act had been sweeping in and putting an end to crime, even if only temporarily. With their combined powers and broad, sweeping jurisdiction from The U.S Government they'd been able to take out almost every major super villian (accounting for Arkham Asylum's current swell in population) and break the power of the gangs that had quickly sprung up. Then they'd worked on fixing up potential health risks, the major one being water, which was currently polluted and unreliable. They had demolished the old Aqueduct and Reservoir and replaced it with a new, state of the art Processing system, plans presented to scale and in 3d by Green Lantern's ring and built by Superman, Martian Manhunter and Flash's incredible speed.

Now, 3 months after The Cataclysm, most of the minor damage to the city was repaired, and all that remained was the demolishment of those sections of the city far too badly damaged to be repaired. Bruce Wayne had been planning on demolishing the first sections in just under a week, now he was worried that Gotham might not last the week.

"Is it possible Zatanna made a mistake?" Huntress asked, "Maybe our readings were wrong?"

"No," replied Batman, looking at a small counter that he held in his hand, "This is where Cheetah was teleported to, and I'm picking up the signs I mentioned to her earlier. I probably didn't pick them up earlier because of the lead-lining running through this place to protect from radiation leaks."

"Which effectively shield it from my sight," mused Superman, "We didn't even think of that when we built it."

"I did," replied Batman, "But the need outweighed any problems I thought might arise later, or so I thought."

"So this Dominic guy is hanging out here?" asked Huntress, "Doesn't seem like the kind of place you'd expect a would-be Master Of The World to be hanging out, does it?" she absently moved to finger the crucifix on the neck of her costume and was surprised to note that it was no longer there. She looked about her feet, wondering if it had dropped off, but there was no sign of it.

"Readings get stronger towards that section of wall," was Batman's only reply, as he pointed one black gloved hand at the wall.

Even as Huntress looked, a rat raced from behind one console to the other.

"Ugh!" cried The Flash, "Hygenic, I don't think!"

"Just another sign," murmured Huntress, and approached the wall, pressing one gloved hand against it, "It feels firm."

"Flash, put that man's hand against the wall," Batman ordered Wally, pointing at one of the unconscious scientists.

Wally didn't question being ordered about, and did as he'd been told. Instantly a whirring click sounded from somewhere behind the wall and an outline appeared in the wall in the shape of a door. Even as they watched, the wall subsided and they were standing in front of a door.

"That wasn't there when we built this place," Superman said, "How could a place like that be built in only 3 months?"

"We built The Watchtower in a day," replied Batman, "And this place only took a few hours to build, even less to get working."

Without hesitation, the four JLA'ers stepped into the dark doorway and headed down the corridor they found themselves in.

The corridor seemed hewn from rock, the sides and roof were rough and looked unfinished, but the floor was smooth and seemed to glow with it's own inner light. It went for fifty feet or so, and then lead out into a new chamber, which was unlike any of them had imagined.

It was a large room, again seemingly roughly dug out of the hard bedrock they'd positioned the Processing Station against. It was far out on the outskirts of the city and practically disaster proof, so that in the event of another Earthquake water would still be available, depending upon the state of the connecting pipes. Again the floor was a smooth substance that seemed to be almost like marble and yet also like smooth linoleum. It was transcluscent and shone with a strange inner light that Huntress found disconcerting, her gaze was
constantly drawn to it.

Set against one wall of the room were 16 large, black tubes that were almost opaque, giving only the barest glimpse of something inside of them, some kind of liquid. Two of the tubes seemed to have occupants, although it was difficult to be sure.

All around the other walls were various consoles and machines, most of them seemed to be running on their own, to what purpose none of them were sure. Set in one corner across from the booths, and maybe attached to one of the various wires running across the floor, were too strange, laid-back chairs with small wires hanging off of the arm rests with visors and sensor pads sitting in the seat.

In the middle of the room, by one of the consoles, a man sat on a comfortable looking office-chair with wheels on the base. He was in the process of propelling himself from console to console with his feet, checking readings, making small notes on a rough pad of paper that he was constantly taking out of the pocket of his white lab-coat as he mumbled under his breath.

".... breathings speeding up again, perhaps in relation to increased brain activity?..... heh, maybe a shift in the flow of blood, haha..... coding is still active in device 5A, despite several attempts by manipulator to shut it down... hmmm, subject JJ is still exhibiting signs of resistance to conditioning, increase power of frequncy, alien physiology is probably responsible....."

Batman moved silently across the room and gassed the man, putting him out within seconds. He slumped back in the chair, legs and arms lying out to either side, a lazy smile on his unshaven face.

"How much of that gas do you carry around with you, Bats?" The Flash asked with a grin.

Batman ignored the comment, flipping through the notes on the pad the young scientist had been writing on. Then he turned abruptly, his cape swinging about behind him, and strode to the tubes on the side of the wall.

He slid one hand up onto the glass, running a finger down it and frowning.

"Flash, I need you to access the programs being run through these tubes, immediately."

Wally nodded, despite his unfamiliarity with the computer system and security pass-systems, it would take him less than a second to break through the programming code. Sometimes it helped to be the worlds fastest man.

He sat down by one console and his hands danced so quickly over the keyboard that only Superman would have been able to follow what he was doing, except The Man Of Tomorrow was too busy clutching his head, which throbbed painfully.

"Okay, I'm in," Flash said a second after sitting down, "There are two programs currently running, one for subject KR, one for subject JJ."

"Kyle Raynor and J'onn J'onnz?" asked Huntress.

"I believe so," replied Batman, "The glass is so dark I can barely make out features or skin color. Flash, can we get them out of there?"

A blur of red fingers.

"I wouldn't advise it," Wally replied, "These programs are linking directly with their minds, shutting them down might send them into a state of shock. I think they have to break the link themselves or move forward to the conclusion of the program."

"Which is?" asked Superman, gritting his teeth as a wave of pain washed over him.

"It's brainwashing," replied The Flash, "It's teaching them that it's good to obey and honor Dominic, painful and bad to go against him."

"We don't want the program to finish then, do we," Batman muttered.

"Um, J'Onn seems to have resisted all attempts to brainwash him," Wally said, "But Kyle is fairly well gone, the program is accessing his mind much more easily.... and there's a weird energy output here you should look at."

Batman moved silently to the computer monitor and looked at the energy reading Flash indicated. He frowned and clicked on an associated file, which showed the energy's output over the past few days.

"Bring up a record for me," he asked Flash, "I want to see what the energy output from his mind was yesterday, about 10:30 AM."

"That was when J'Onn came to his apartment to see about Star Sapphire," exclaimed The Flash. When Batman didn't respond, he blushed slightly and located the files.

"Wow," he said, "That's a massive brainspike."

"I think I see what's going on," Batman said, "Somehow Kyle's mind is being manipulated with to access his power ring."

"Are you sure?" grunted Superman, forcing himself to stand erect and force away any signs of pain, "That could cause serious problems for us."

"Indeed, the power ring is one of, if not the most, powerful weapons in The Universe, in the wrong hands, especially in the hands of this Dominic, the potential for disaster is unprecedented," Batman said grimly.

"Hang on," said The Flash, "Are you saying that Green Lantern created a duplicate of J'Onn?"

"Exactly, he has done so before."

"Yeah, but they've always been green."

"And somehow Dominic has managed to bypass this, perhaps it was always just a psychological block of Kyle's, bypassed by his unconscious use of the ring."

"Whatever the case," snapped Huntress, tired of being left out of the conversation/argument, "Can we break him out of here?"

Batman didn't speak for a moment, then he nodded slightly, almost imperceptibly.

"Flash, you said you thought Kyle would either have to break the link himself or move forward to the conclusion of the program?"


"Listen carefully, here is what I want you to do...."

* * *

Somewhere, Sometime.

Carol pulled off her last sock, leaving her only in her panties now.

"Like what you see, hotshot?" she asked.

"Oh yeah," chuckled Kyle, nodding, a huge grin on his face.

"Come here," she said, beckoning him with one finger to approach.

Kyle did so, finding in obedience to her a strange thrill running through his body. What was she going to do? What would she make him do? the anticipation was driving him wild with excitement and his cock, already spent from just ten minutes earlier, was rock hard and ready once again.

"Oh no," chuckled Carol, seeing his erection, or rather feeling it when he came to a stop only inches from her and the tip of his cock brushed against her belly, "Not yet, lover."

"Come on, baby," he murmured, sliding fingers gently along the sides of her breasts. She moaned lightly as he did it and he took his opportunity to lean down and take one erect nipple into his mouth, sucking at it, nibbling lightly with his teeth.

"Oooh, that's good, that's good," she whispered happily as Kyle ran his tongue over her tit flesh, biting lightly at the hard, pink nub.

His hand slid down between her legs, pressing fingers against the material of her panties, running a finger up the cleft the material was already pressing up into. She moaned louder and he continued to stroke, making her moan and whisper in pleasure, her body making tiny, almost imperceptible jerks.

"Like that?" she whispered to him.

"Oh yeah," he chuckled, pulling his mouth from her breast and looking up at her. She stared back at him with absolute love in her face, her smile pure joy and... and suddenly it had taken on a hard cast and her eyes were icy with contempt.

"Get OFF ME!" she roared and Kyle was flung across the office, his back slamming into the wall.

He sat, dazed and confused, his legs spread out before him and arms to his sides, trying to comprehend exactly what had just happened to him. He looked up and saw Carol approaching, her body seemingly taller and more muscular, her fists clenched and eyes radiating a purplish tinge.


"QUIET!!!!" she roared, and lashed out with a boot, catching him right in the gut and knocking all the wind out of him. He curled up into a ball, trying desperately to heave in air as she stood over him, still an erotic sight despite her anger, or maybe because of it.

"That's better," she growled at him, "That's where you belong, at

- I don't like this game, - his mind muttered crazily to him, - Tell her to stop. -

"Car..." he started.

WHUMP! Another boot to the midsection, and he grunted out in pain.


- Oh boy, - he thought.

"Get up here, meat!" she growled, and hauled him up by the hair onto his knees. His eyes watered in pain and he forget all else momentarily, until he heard a tearing noise and saw that she was ripping away her panties.

"Now, bitch!" growled Star Sapphire, "Put that useless tongue of yours to good use!"

* * *

"Well?" asked Batman.

"Readings indicate he's confused right now," said Flash, who was already completely familiar with the computer system.

"Crank it up a notch," replied Batman, "Make things so bad for him that he'll attempt to stop it with his mind, that should break the link to the computer system."

* * *

"Suck me you ugly son of a whore," Star Sapphire growled at Kyle, staring down at his wide eyes. She gripped onto his black hair and began to slide her cunt up and down over his gasping, shocked face. He made a vain attempt to struggle but the pressure of her foot coming down onto his still erect penis quickly put paid to that.

With a vicious grin on her face, she began to force Kyle's nose and mouth into her pussy, thrusting her hips back and forth, wiping her snatch all over his face and forcing her helpless lover's mouth into her wet, dripping slit. One hand released his hair and slid up her inner thigh, and she began to vigorously masturbate herself as she fucked her cunt into Kyle's mouth.

"Use your tongue, boy!" she growled at him, "Or say goodbye to Mr. Winky."

She emphasized her point by putting more pressure onto his cock, and Kyle quickly slid his tongue out and into her pussy, licking and stroking his tongue up between her tight cunt-lips, orally pleasuring the woman who had been his lover, but was now some kind of vicious captor.

What was the most humiliating to him was the fact that his cock not only remained rock-hard, but seemed to respond to the pressure of her warm foot against his member. And even as she forcefully wiped and ground her soaking, dripping snatch across his mouth and face, pressing his nose into her clit with each lean forward, he couldn't help but admit that he liked the taste.

"That's right, good whore," whispered Sapphire, "Nothing but a bitch, you're my bitch, aren't you whore?"

Even though his mind rebelled at the idea, he felt with sinking realization that he was powerless to stop her, and his mind seemed to have an ingrained desire to surrender, to obey.

* * *

The Flash frowned.

"Shit," he growled, "The conditioning had gone to far, these readings indicate he's going to capitulate with whatever's going on in there."

Huntress wasn't sure how he could tell that, to her the reading were nothing more than several different colored bell curves moving along at various paces.

"Dammit," muttered Batman, then snapped a finger, "Give him a way out."


"Offer him hope," replied The Dark Knight, "Hopefully he'll grab at it."

* * *

Star Sapphire rubbed her cunt firmly into Kyle's face, laughing malevolently. Kyle could taster her juices in his mouth, could feel them running down his chin and neck, and the worst thing was that he was beginning to like it.

Her pussy was pressed firmly against his face as his lips sucked firmly on her clitoris, which drove The Zamoran Queen wild with desire, making her athletic, sweaty body jerk about on top of him, her snatch slamming and grinding into his face.

"YES!" screamed Star Sapphire in ecstasy, throwing her head back, getting ready to orgasm.... and then she stopped, her cunt pressed firmly against Kyle's face.

"What is that?" she growled.

"Huh?" asked Kyle, his voice muffled by her pussy.

"IN DARKEST DAY," said a voice, everywhere and nowhere.

"NO!!!!" screamed Star Sapphire, pulling off of Kyle, her face becoming twisted and demonic.

"IN BLACKEST NIGHT," came the voice again.

"NONONONO!!!!" screamed the no longer beautiful woman, her fingers becoming long and clawed.


"KEEP BACK OR I KILL HIM!" screamed Star Sapphire, pointing a finger at Kyle, who was wondering where the voice was coming from, and why it was affecting Star Sapphire like this.




Star Sapphire, now looking more like a demon than a woman, leaped over Kyle's head and ripped the door open, and was immediately thrown back across the room by a burst of powerful green light.

"GREEN LANTERN'S LIGHT!" roared the voice of the shadowy figure backlit by green light who stood in the doorway.

Sapphire seemed to be pinned against the far wall of the office, held there by the green light, she twisted and turned, struggling to break free and shrieking like a banshee.

"Kyle," said the voice of the heroic man in the doorway, "Get out of here."

"Hal?" asked Kyle, memory flooding back as he remembered who he was, and who he wasn't, "Hal Jordan?"

"Just go," said Hal, and for the first time Kyle noticed the man was sweating and that his teeth were gritted, "It isn't easy to hold her, you have to go now!"

"What about you?" gasped Kyle, struggling to get to his feet as he wiped his mouth clear off Star Sapphire's cunt juices.

"I'll hold her," replied Hal, "You just get out of here, once you're through the door, don't look back, and you'll be free."

Kyle hesitated, wanting to say something to the man whom he'd never felt good enough to replace, them man who he was sure the others on the team would rather have with them.

- SHIT! - he thought, - The TEAM! -

"GO!!!!" screamed Hal, and Kyle saw that Star Sapphire was slowly pushing forward inch by inch towards them.

Feeling like an idiot, Kyle snapped a quick salute and then rushed past Hal and through the door.

He didn't look back.

* * *

He spluttered and coughed, his body felt weak and exhausted, as if he'd just swum a great distance.

Hands grabbed onto his shoulders, supporting him, keeping him on his feet.

"Wha... where?" he grunted, then coughed. The air was too thick, too strong for him, it didn't feel right.

"Relax," said a familiar voice, "You're not used to breathing air, you've been immersed in a fluid that transfers oxygen through the pores, I'm not quite sure how it works but you'll have to get used to breathing polluted, smelly air like the rest of us."

"F... Flash, that you?" he gasped.

"Yeah, that me," chuckled Wally, "Good to have you back man, we thought we might lose you there for a moment."

His eyes were no longer quite so blurred, and he took in his surroundings and companions. The black blur could only be Batman, the red blur in front of him The Flash, The blue and red blur was Superman and the purplish blur? Huntress?

With a start he realized that he was naked, and he instinctively covered his groin.

"Your ring, Kyle," said Batman evenly, "Your costume is just an extension of your will, use your ring to recreate it."

Kyle nodded, and then with shock realized that it took a real conscious effort to concentrate enough to recreate his costume.

"Your mind is still a little foggy," said The Flash, seeing the wavering attempts at a costume appearing, "Supes can commiserate."

"Very funny," muttered Superman, hand to his head, "I'm actually beginning to feel a little better."

Finally Kyle got it right, and his costume returned to him, covering his naked body.

"Hang on," he muttered, and squeezed his eyes shut.

Before the stunned eyes of the others, red liquid began to pour out through his costume and the visible skin on his face and hands. It continued steadily for several seconds, then slowed to a trickle and finally trailed away entirely, flowing in a puddle on the floor. It was the same color as the liquid they'd drained from the tube before letting him out.

"There," Kyle said with a grin, "I purged my system of that fluid you were talking about, and I'm already feeling better."

"Remarkable," said Batman, showing muted admiration, then his face became serious again, "Green Lantern, how long have you been held prisoner?"

"I can't remember being captured," replied Kyle, "But I do know that the last mission we were on was our trip to the 853rd Century."

"But we've been on others since then," murmured Huntress, "How can you have been there and here at the same time?"

"The Ring," replied Batman, "Dominic was somehow able to make him overcome the limitation to only create objects made of green light, so that Green Lantern was able to project his thoughts as well as images anywhere that his imagination could conceive, which meant that while J'Onn was still with us, Green Lantern remained on telepathic link and we were all none the wiser... and all the time his mind was being conditioned to work for Dominic."

"Who?" asked Kyle.

"We were asking the same question just a few hours ago," chuckled The Flash, "I don't think even Batman knows."

"We're all about to find out," The Dark Knight muttered, "Follow me, let's find this Dominic."

"What about J'Onn?" asked Superman, indicating the other occupied sleeper-tube.

"Any attempt to adjust the mind-conditioning as we did for Green Lantern would be resisted by his mind, which is already resisting Dominic's conditioning," replied Batman, "We can't break him off from out here, so we have no choice but to leave him."

"I don't like it, Batman," muttered Superman, irritable from his recent headache.

"You'll like it even less when he turns first Gotham, then Metropolis and then The World into his slaves," snapped The Dark Knight, "He's probably been putting chemicals into the water supply which will ease his takeover of Gotham when he activates the sphere, which I'm guessing will have a far increased range to what was originally intended."

Despite the logic of what The Dark Knight had just said, and his calm, emotionless face, Superman felt an intense desire to smash Batman over, to knock that smug expression from his face. It was only with incredible willpower that he forced himself to recognize that Batman wasn't being smug, he was being practical.

- I have to recognize that this Dominic has somehow gotten to me as well as Kyle and J'onn, - he thought.

"Very well," he said carefully, keeping his tone even, "Let's go."


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