Justice League Of America: Dark Angel Part 15 (FF)
by Dimitri Maximoff ([email protected])

Dominic's Lair - June 6th - 8:34 AM.

They entered the room and immediately fell silent, somewhat taken aback by the unexpected grandeur of their surroundings.

They were in a huge room, some kind of giant ballroom or court, with a huge, dome ceiling and high, expensive looking chandeliers. Set at regular spaces across the wall were large, curved windows which let in long rays of sunlight. There was a large throne set at one end of the room, beside which were giant statues reaching up to the high ceiling, standing on large pedestals almost as large as the throne itself. The floor was a deep, white marble.

Set between the wall and The Throne was a large, square gray box that thrummed lightly with a humming, buzzing noise.

But if they found that odd, it was easily overshadowed by the sight of the man sitting on The Throne and the two women standing naked on either side of him.

The man's face was familiar from the image Steel had shown to them earlier. Now he was smiling slightly, and despite the good natured sparkle in his eyes they were overcome by a feeling of malevolent wrongness about him, seeming to radiate off him in waves.

He was leaning forward in the Throne, which despite being so much larger than he was seemed made expressly for him. He was lean but well proportioned, with short dark hair slicked back naturally. His features were sharp, almost aquiline and his dark eyes gave him an enigmatic, dark look.

- Shit, - thought Huntress, - He reminds me a bit of Nightwing. -

A sudden grin broke over Dominic's features, as if he had read her mind, he leaned back suddenly and clapped his hands together twice.

Immediately the two women beside him turned their heads to face him, they seemed anxious, almost desperate to please. None of the JLA'ers bothered to comment that the spell Zatanna had cast was no longer having any effect, not only could Dominic see them, but so could Wonder Woman and Black Canary.

"Where are my manners," laughed Dominic, "Ladies, give these gentlemen and this lady anything they want, food, drink, blowjobs, anything," he waved his hand negligently, speaking casually.

"Yes, of course," said Wonder Woman and The Black Canary together, and turned to face the other JLA'ers.

"I don't fucking believe this," The Flash muttered to Green Lantern, "You know how many dreams I've had that started just like this?"

"Would you care for anything?" Black Canary asked, "Food? Wine?"

"Or perhaps a blowjob?" asked Wonder Woman, almost anxiously. She cast a quick glance back at Dominic, hoping to have pleased him.

"How dare you!" growled Superman, enraged at the way that Dominic was treating two of his teammates, one current, the other former. To have them standing naked before them like this, forcing them to offer themselves to them... especially Wonder Woman, forced to expose her large, beautiful breasts, to stand before him with nothing covering her vagina, including pubic hair.... he shook his head in an effort to clear it and felt his headache return full force, pounding through his body like a jackhammer.

"How dare I what?" asked Dominic casually, reaching out and sliding a hand over Black Canary's smooth ass, making the woman groan in content, "How dare I offer you hospitality? how dare I offer you refreshments? What is your problem?"

"Cut the bullshit," snapped Huntress, "This isn't a diplomatic meeting and we aren't...."

"Quiet yourself woman," muttered Dominic, waving an arm dismissively at her, obviously bored.

The others turned to stare at Huntress, who stood with her eyes wide open in shock. He hand raised to her mouth, which was tightly compressed together, try as she might she was unable to part them to speak.

"In case you're wondering," laughed Dominic, "Yesterday, while Huntress here was busy eating out another woman in the dusty ruins of a condemned building, I fired a tiny nano into her system which began to instantly transmit a signal similar to the one in the Amulet taken from Catwoman by you, Batman. About 3 AM this morning she passed the point of being able to say no to me."

"MMMMM!" roared Huntress through close lips and charged forward to attack him.

"Stop," he muttered, almost in boredom, "Go stand in the corner and don't come out till I say you can."

Huntress instantly stopped, then twisted about on one foot and began walking back towards one corner of the room. Her eyes looked up at Batman's in agonized pleading, but for now there was nothing that he could do to help her.

"Girls, behind me," Dominic said, standing up from The Throne and moving forward a step. Wonder Woman and Black Canary rushed to get behind him, jostling for position.

Still smiling, Dominic lifted his hand and showed them his palms, outright so as to show they were empty. Then he closed his fists and spun them about, opening them up to reveal a perfectly formed black rose. The stem was covered in thorns, but none seemed to break his skin, even when he closed his fist over the stem.

Dominic smelled the rose, then crumpled it up in his fist, when his hand re-opened, only black ash remained.

"Is that supposed to impress us?" asked Batman. Beside him, Green Lantern looked extremely impressed, but quickly hid it when he realized Batman was doing his Clint Eastwood impression.

"No," replied Dominic, sounding bored, "This is."

He snapped his fingers and suddenly Superman's body jerked up and stiffened, his eyes bulging from his head.

"Supes?" asked The Flash, looking a little unsure of himself.

"Kal-El," muttered Dominic, "Dispose of them for me."

He turned and left the room through a door in place behind the thrumming machinery, Wonder Woman and The Black Canary still following submissively behind him.

Superman glared at the three remaining JLA members, then his hand shot out faster than anyone (except The Flash) could follow, grabbed Wally by his throat and smashed him into the ground with a brutal ferocity never seen by any of them from the hero before.

"Dominic is the main problem here," muttered Batman, eyeing the still open door, he began to move towards it, Superman's head slowly turned to eye the Caped Crusader dangerously. Batman stopped, turning to look at The Man Of Tomorrow, "Green Lantern, deal with him."

He turned and left the room.

Kyle looked up at Superman, gulped.

"Deal with him, sure Bats, no problem."

* * *

A hand shook Circe's shoulder insistently, waking her up, irritating her to no end.

"What the fuck?" she muttered.

"Circe, Circe it's all coming apart!" cried Barbara Minerva, half in tears as she continued to shake with desperate need at The Sorceress' shoulder.

Circe closed her eyes and breathed in deeply, calming herself so that she wouldn't blast the whiny bitch across the room.

"What's coming apart?" she asked with a sigh.

"I was watching some of the monitors," whispered Barbara fearfully, and on one of them, in the big throne room where Dominic was with those two women, The JLA appeared!"

"Really?" asked Circe, suddenly interested, sitting up in the bed, "What happened then?"

"I ran!" cried Barbara, then buried her head in Circe's shoulder, crying and sobbing.

- Fuck, - muttered Circe to herself. She was hoping to know just how Dominic had dealt with The JLA, had he just blasted them, maybe teleported them away or was he even now torturing them?

She had no doubt that Dominic could handle them, despite the power of The JLA, he'd already taken apart over half of the team before any of them even realized they were under attack.

She prepared to push Barbara off the bed and make her way to the Throne room to see what was going on, until a thought occured to her.

- Dominic will call me when he wants us to have some fun with the survivors, - she thought with an evil grin, - Until then, I can either sleep, or have some fun of my own. -

She chuckled to herself, then embraced Barbara, hugging the other woman tightly, making sure that their breasts were pressed firmly against each other.

"Shhh," she whispered, "There, there, it's all right, Circe won't let them hurt you."

This was going to be fun.

* * *

Batman found himself in familiar surroundings.

He'd stepped through the door from a Courtyard flooded with sunlight despite the fact that the room was underground and it was only early morning, so he didn't find his new surroundings all that odd.

He was in a traditional Japanese practice room, the equivalent of a Gym, and through the thin screens he could make out the lush mountain landscapes of Japan. While he didn't recognize the area, it was unmistakably Japan, even the air had a different timbre to it, a lighter smell.

The room was bare floorboards, and he wasn't surprised to find that his boots were gone, and that he stood in bare feet. It would have been the height of ill-manners to wear footwear inside, and it just seemed natural that they would be gone.

He looked around, noting the aged, thin walls and balcony from which people might observe the trainers, it was up there that the only wrong element was to be found.

A sleeper-tube, like that which had held Green Lantern and still did hold Martian Manhunter, was set into the wall behind the observation balcony, with tubes running into the walls.

"Guess who's in there," said a voice, and Batman slowly turned to find himself facing Dominic.

The Dark Mastermind was dressed only in smooth black pants that came down to his knees. He wore no shoes, had no ornamentation, but his entire body exuded a power Batman could not deny.

"I won't play games," replied Batman, "I found you, that earns me the right to forego all that crap at least."

"Indeed it does," laughed Dominic, his smile easy-going and infectious. Had it been anyone else other than Batman, they probably would have smiled back.

"The trail I left wasn't easy to find," Dominic chuckled, "In fact I wouldn't have been able to find it. I deliberately covered all my tracks, burnt all my bridges, so how did you find me?"

"Sometimes there's no denying the nature of the beast," Batman replied enigmatically.

Dominic's grin fell slightly, as if he guessed the deeper meaning behind The Dark Knight's words, then it rose to full force again as he gestured at the tube.

"Inside that tube is a young man who plays at being you, who is desperately trying to live up to the impossible image he cultivated of you as he grew up. At best he's a second rate Batman, living in a second rate Gotham."

Batman's eyes narrowed.

"Yes," laughed Dominic, "It's Dick Grayson... strange that you guessed correctly to the rather unflattering description, I guess you feel the same way too, eh?"

"Let him go," growled Batman, "He's got nothing to do with The JLA."

"Oh but he does," laughed Dominic, "He's my link to you, he's your weak point. You see, I have young Dick Grayson's - or Nightwing if you prefer, although he's always just been Robin to me - mind hooked up to my computer system. Right now he isn't being mind-conditioned, but he is linked up and ready to recieve information."

"What are you getting at?" asked Batman, already guessing Dominic's goal.

"Walk away from this now, just turn and go, and I'll let you take Dick with you. Try to stop me, and I'll fry his brain so hard that they could use his corpse to light up Main Street on Christmas Night."

He smiled at Batman and waved a hand in the direction of Nightwing's sleeper-tube, "So what's it to be, Bats?"

Batman didn't hesitate at all. Dick Grayson was the closest he'd ever had to a son, he was dearer to him than anyone else in the entire world. He'd always hoped that one day they would patch up their differences and Dick would agree to take over from him as Batman. He couldn't live with the knowledge that he had allowed Dick to die when he could have possibly stopped it.

"No deal."

* * *

Barbara Minerva's clothes lay in a pile on the floor, half torn by her insistent, demanding lover.

Circe's hadn't been wearing clothes herself, she always slept in the nude, and after hugging and comforting the other scared woman she had quickly started stroking and kissing her. Barbara, desperate to be protected and cared for, had just let the other woman do it for her, just as she had let herself be forced into the V.R environment in the hopes of being changed back into Cheetah.

She felt a momentary thrill as she imagined just how Cheetah would have handled this turn of events. She'd be all over Circe, dominating and enjoying herself, rather than second guessing what was going on.

But that was the furtherest thing from what Barbara Minerva was now doing.

Up on the bed, she was on her knees in front of Circe, her hands clutching The Sorceress' beautifully rounded ass cheeks as she buried her face into the purple-haired woman's juice-filled cunt. The Sorceress had her legs tucked underneath her, leaning back on her arms so as to push her cunt out a little further.

A small moan of pleasure slipped out of Circe's red lips as Barbara's tongue delved deeply into the quivering, juicy pink cunt of the woman who had once caused several Pantheons of Gods to wage war amongst themselves.

The violet haired Sorceress let her head press against the smooth wall behind her and brought her hands down, grabbing the back of Barbara's head. As the beautiful woman's tongue writhed and twisted about between Circe's shaven pussy-lips, The Sorceress spread her legs as far as she could, thrusting her hips forward against Barbara's mouth, forcing her tongue deeper into her hot, juicy snatch.

Incredibly erotic feelings were running all throughout Circe's lower body as Barbara did incredible things to her juicy, gushing slit, stabbing forward into her tight fuck hole and blasting an incredible, unexpectedly quick orgasm through her.

"AHH YES!" she cried out, almost all coherent, rational thought lost in the huge wave of the orgasm blasting over her body.

The Sorceress moaned happily, spreading her legs wider and wider, grinding Barbara's face into her cunt with her hands. The Sorceress humped and thrust her cunt up into Barbara's face, wantonly slamming her juicy, gushing snatch into the other woman's face as she climaxed.

"Good bitch, good bitch!" chuckled Circe gleefully, fucking her pussy into Barbara's face with small, quick circles of her hips, "You're my little bitch, aren't you, aren't you!"

Barbara felt a quick flare of anger at the way she was being talked to and treated. All she had wanted was someone to protect her from The JLA, who would be sure to blame her as well as Dominic and Circe. She'd been happy to go along with the sex as well, linking it with the idea of being protected, but she didn't want to be treated like this.

But she was powerless to do anything about it, she was just plain old Barbara Minerva, what could she do against the mighty Circe?

So she continued to lap away at the beautiful Sorceress' tasty cunt, pathetically eager to please. She chewed and sucked at the hot cunt before her, allowing the hot, juicy crotch of Circe to jerk and thrust up into her face, the hot, shaven lips forced into her mouth, the clit pressing against her nose.

Barbara, wanting to please her lover, slipped her tongue up into the juicy pussy and wrapped her lips around her erect clit, sucking away at it as erotically as she was able to.

A secret pleasure of hers had always been fingering her ass, and now she just assumed Circe would enjoy it as well. As she continued to suckle on the other woman's love button, she slid one hand between Circe's ass cheeks and began to finger her pink, puckered butt hole.

Circe's eyes widened a little, and then a devilish grin crossed her face.

- My bitch showing some gumption, huh? - she chuckled.

"Oh that's good," she laughed, "Finger my ass, baby, but my cunt too, don't forget my cunt!"

Barbara was quite surprised at how good the feel of Circe's hot, tight asshole clamping down on her finger felt, and couldn't help but wonder if it was even slightly akin to how a guy felt when he was fucking a chicks ass.

She slid another finger up beneath her tongue, relishing the feel of Circe's juicy, velvety slickness around her fingers. Now, with two fingers inside Circe's gushing cunt and one inside her tight asshole, she began finger-fucking her lover's holes while sucking hungrily on her erect clit.

Circe screamed out happily as her hips spasmed as she climaxed again, the feeling of having her cunt and ass simultaneously finger fucked while Barbara sucked on her clit was too much for her, and she was hit by intense, overwhelming passion. She clutched onto the back of Barbara's head, not even realizing how hard her grip was as she ground her cunt up hard against her lover's, her desire for more pleasure, more sensation, far outweighing any consideration towards her lover's comforts.

Barbara, strangly enough, was beginning to feel a heady sense of power run through her body. SHE was making Circe cum, SHE was driving The Sorceress wild with passion. and SHE was beginning to realize just how good she was.

She slammed her tongue in and out of Circe's flooding pussy yet again, releasing the clitoris the moment she felt hot cum flood over her fingers so she could bury her face into the hot, juicy quim, trying to suck out as much of The Sorceress' cunt juices as she was able.

"OH SHIT!" squealed Circe, "I'M FUCKING CUMMING!!!!"

- Well, duh! - chuckled Barbara to herself, shocking herself at the denigrating image she had had of Circe for a moment.

The Sorceress was pushing Barbara's face into her cunt, which was unnecessary, because Barbara would have been willing to fight if anyone had tried to drag her away from the beautiful, violet haired woman's tasty cunt juices. This newfound aggression was a little frightening, but also stimulating as well, and she felt her own crotch began to burn with an unmistakable, irrefutable desire.

Barbara's tongue shot in and out, pushing deeper and deeper each time into Circe's gushing, juicy snatch. The sexy redhead gulped down Circe's juices again and again, reveling in the taste, feeling her belly fill up with another woman's cunt cream.

Circe's body was shaking and jerking about as she moaned and groaned in excitement. Her delicious, firm body was shuddering uncontrollably as her orgasm spasmed through her, sending unstoppable ripples throughout her body and limbs.

She cried out in orgasming glee, her long purple hair plastered by sweat to her forehead, sweat running freely down her chest, over her firm breasts.

Barbara felt a momentary burst of disappointment as the stream of cunt juices flowing from Circe's cunt slowed to a trickle. But that was washed away instantly as another flood of cream filled Barbara's mouth, filling it up and running all over her cheeks and chin.

With a cry of joy, Barbara rubbed her face vigorously into her lover's pussy, almost as if she was trying to dry the juices off of her mouth, which just left more and more of the copious flowing juices all over her face.

Barbara continued to stab her tongue as deep into Circe's hot, quivering cunt as she could, sliding her lips over the shaven pussy-lips at the same time as she sucked at them.

The final wave of Circe's orgasm shuddered it's way through her body, causing her to stiffen up as she gripped hard on the back of Barbara's head, her legs spread wide open and shaking from ecstatic exhaustion, pussy quivering and shaking as finished off her excellent orgasm.

Barbara kept her head buried in Circe's cunt, lapping away like a cat at the last, thin streams of cunt juice, enjoying the juicy, steaming heat of Circe's snatch. Finally, when she'd eaten up her full, she lifted her head up, staring up at Circe with a huge, happy grin on her face, which was dripping with her lover's cunt juices.

Circe opened her eyes, which had been squeezed shut as she wound down from her orgasm. They widened when she saw the change that had come over Barbara, not just emotionally, but physically as well.

"And now," growled Cheetah with a grin, "The fun really begins."

* * *

Dominic's grin didn't waver at all, but his eyes lost some of their good humor. He shook his head slightly, as if to clear it, then spoke again. "I'm sorry, did you just say no deal?"

"No deal," repeated Batman, expressionless.

"Don't you get it!" roared Dominic, his face suddenly red with fury, "I'm not kidding around! I will fucking kill him!"

"No deal," Batman said again.

"FUCK!" roared Dominic and slammed one fist into the other, "FUCK YOU!!"

If Batman was at all taken aback by this display of petulance, he didn't show it. His eyes never left Dominic's.

"DO you know who I am!" snapped Dominic, forcing himself to calm down, "I'm not like all the other fucking villians who come in with grand plans and fuck up on the last hurdle, you can't outsmart me, or outfight me or pluck a win from an impossible situation... this is life or death, and I play for keeps!"

"Who are you?" asked Batman, "Explain yourself, isn't that what your kind always do?"

"Eh?" asked Dominic, confusion masking his anger.

"I'm in your power," replied Batman, and a small smile tugged at his lips, as if the very idea was laughable, "The situation is hopeless, now is when you explain just why your plan is so brilliant and that, unlike all the others, you won't fail."

Dominic suddenly grinned, allowing a small chuckle to part his lips.

"I can't believe you had me worried," he chuckled, "You are just like all the rest, the only difference between you and the rest of The JLA is that you know you're not invincible. Fine, Batman, if you think you can stall me long enough to come up with a plan, I'll tell you my grand little scheme," he paused, his eyes drifting to the sleeper tube up on the Observation Platform, "But unless you can move faster than the speed of thought, I wouldn't make a move at that tube, it's psionically linked to me."

"I'm listening," was Batman's only reply.

"I am the only born son of Hell," said Dominic, then waved an arm at Batman, as if to ward off some kind of derogatory comment, "And no, I'm not a loon with delusions of grandeur, it's the truth.

Longer ago than you would be capable of comprehending, I lead a revolt against the Dark Angel who ruled Hell and won, taking the Throne for myself... and then I was betrayed, my lofty Throne ripped from under me by greedy Demons who took advantage of my vulnerability after the long battle with Neron/Satan/Lucifer whatever you want to call him. None of them were strong enough to hold The Throne themselves, and The Dark Angel took it back."

"And what happened to you?" asked Batman.

"I was locked away by incantations powerful enough to shackle suns or crush solar systems. That was his problem back then, Neron always went for brute force over subtlety, and I slipped through the cracks in the spell easily enough... nowadays he's the Prince Of Lies, or so they say, but back then he used unthinking, crude methods of power that looked impressive and did damage enough if they hit their intended target. That's how he got cast from Heaven, by the way, he tried to take on The Presence directly and didn't even see Michael coming for him, then.... BOOM, a very, very long fall.

I dedicated myself to the corruption and collection of souls then, realizing that my mistake had been collecting an army of untrustworthy, power hungry monsters underneath me. When I corrupt a soul, they become mine forever, and it's so easy to corrupt them, they seem almost eager to do it."

"Is that where the sphere comes into it?" asked Batman.

"You are smart, I'll give you that," chuckled Dominic, "The sphere plays an integral part in my plans. I plan to use it to wipe out the sexual inhibitions of every single person on this planet, to make them all wild enough to engage in wanton acts of sexual depravity."

"To what end, might I ask?" asked Batman, still expressionless, "Unless pre or extra-marital sex is considered a strong enough sin to go to hell?"

"Not at all," laughed Dominic, "No, because I want to end all the inhibitions of this pathetic planets occupants, I want them to murder, to rape, to kill and lust and let their civilization crumble. I want them to become animals. But they have to do it themselves, they can't be forced to do it, do you understand?"

"I believe so," said Batman, nodding his head slightly, "People are far more willing to have sex than to kill, you'll have the world in some kind of bizarre orgy and slowly remove the influence of the sphere."

"YES!" hissed Dominic, excited to be sharing his grand vision, "But by then the majority, if not all of the humans will be more than happy to continue and then, with only the slightest nudge from me comes the rapes, then the beatings, then the killings... it'll be like Lord Of The Flies except on a worldwide scale, the end of civilization and the corruption of billions upon billions of souls."

"And then?" asked Batman.

"Then I move on to another planet, then another and another, again and again until my army of souls is large enough. And then I will make my triumphant return to Hell, and pass through the various levels with an army of trillions upon trillions of corrupt, totally loyal souls at my back, including those of the greatest, most noble souls... do you have any idea how powerful the corrupted souls of The JLA will make me, what Superman's soul alone would do for me? This time Neron will stay defeated and I shall not be toppled from my Throne."

He finished, slightly breathless, his voice had been growing louder and louder as he spoke as he became more and more excited by the prospect.

"There is, of course, one error to your plan," Batman said smoothly.

"And what, pray tell, is that?" asked Dominic with a slight grin.

"I'm going to stop you."

"HA!" laughed Dominic, "YES! Of course you will, that's why you're here, to strike fear into the hearts of criminals, eh?"

"Something like that," replied Batman.

"No," hissed Dominic, "Exactly like that, except you haven't accounted for one thing yourself."

"And that is?"

"That to get to me, you're going to have to go through your own daughter to do it."

And Batman found himself facing the second Huntress that had faced off with the current Huntress just yesterday.

"It's a family reunion, Bats," chuckled Dominic, "But one of you isn't going to survive it."


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