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Justice League Of America: Dark Angel Part 16 (MF,reluc,mc,voy)
by Dimitri Maximoff

Kyle gritted his teeth, falling to one knee and struggling to keep his arm lifted above his face.

Superman pounded again and again on the green shield Kyle had raised moments after Batman had followed Dominic out of the room. The Man Of Steel had instantly attacked him, the force of his blows shaking the hastily thrown up shield. Kyle had instantly concentrated on making a shield that absorbed the energy of Superman's blows and strengthened the shield itself, which theoretically should have made it stronger with each and every punch Superman threw.

But the ring, as powerful as it was, was only as strong as the mind of it's bearer, and Kyle couldn't help but recognize that he was facing the premiere Superhero on the planet. Big Blue, The Man Of Steel, Superman, and how could any defense of his possible hope to overcome his strength.

"Supes, don't give in!" yelled Kyle, hoping to get through to Superman.

"I CAN'T!" roared Superman through gritted teeth, and for the first time, Kyle noticed the agonized look in The Man Of Steel's eyes.

As he continued to pound on Kyle's shield, which was developing small cracks, Superman explained what was happening to him.

"When Dominic commanded me," Superman explained as he smashed his fists into Green Lantern's shield,"My mind went blank, and when I regained consciousness I was smashing at your shield... but I can't stop myself, my body is acting under it's own volition."

"Well try!" yelled Kyle in desperation, desperately trying to strengthen his shield. While it was in it's current, fragile state, he was unable to concentrate on creating something better suited to handling Superman, and he knew he was fighting a losing battle.

Before his startled eyes, a golden, glowing rope landed around Superman's neck and pulled tight, making The Man Of Steel's eyes bulge out in surprise.

Incredibly, he was jerked off his feet and landed flat on his ass, letting out an involuntary grunt.

Kyle shakily got to his feet and created a powerful suit of green armor around his body, as well as shunting out the excess heat and moisture on his skin.

"Wonder Woman?" he asked, surprised to see The Amazon standing behind Superman, pulling her lariat tight around his neck. She was fully clothed again, and looked as powerful and domineering as she ever had, not the meek sex object Dominic had reduced her to since he had taken her captive who knows how long ago.

"Listen to me, Superman!" she snapped, ignoring Kyle, "Listen and understand, you're body is yours again, do you understand? DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

Instantly Superman's struggles stopped and he stopped clawing at the lariat. With a sigh of relief, Wonder Woman released some of the tension on the lariat, giving him more breathing room.

"Thank Hera," she said, looking up at Kyle,"Dominic's control came at a price, he had lost much of his strength, and I was able to physically dominate him."

Kyle realized that Superman had relaxed entirely, because his body was totally exhausted. He had been struggling against unfamiliar aches and pains that were commonplace to everyone else and had struggled futilely against his own body when Dominic had taken control. Now he was totally exhausted, laying in a heap at Wonder Woman's feet, reminding Kyle crazily of a dog on a leash.

"Come here," she said to Green Lantern, beckoning him over, "We have to work out a strategy, we can't rely on Batman to defeat Dominic by himself."

"They're fighting?" gasped Superman, pulling the lariat a little looser.

"They are," nodded Wonder Woman, "He was able to free me, although Black Canary remains in his power, he told me to go and get you two, he needs us."

"What about Flash and Huntress?" asked Kyle, pointing over at the unconscious Wally and the trapped in the corner Helena.

"We'll come back for them, but right now we don't have time to lose."

Kyle nodded, stepping up beside Wonder Woman and dropping his armor.

And even though Wonder Woman pulled her punch, she still sent him flying into the wall, leaving small cracks in it as he fell unconscious to the floor.

* * *

Dominic stared down at the body before him silently, not speaking for several moments. When he finally looked up, his face was masked completely, not betraying any emotion, except that several rats ran by the side wall suddenly, perhaps indicating some sort of increase in power.

"How did you know?" he asked, stepped over the shattered, broken android that had been the second Huntress.

Batman had not hesitated even slightly when his apparent daughter had appeared before him. Even as she had started slightly and said in a voice oddly reminiscent of Catwoman's, "Daddy?" he had been pulling out a batarang and moving forward, swinging quickly and smashing it into her neck, exposing first flesh and blood, then underneath wires and circuits.

"Oracle was fooled by the DNA test at first," Batman said, stepping forward as well so that he was only inches from Dominic, "Reported that the DNA was from my family, which I knew was your intended way of getting me off your track. But she continued to study it long after she reported it to me, getting help from The Atom as well as Steel to follow up on a lead she had."

"They found out the truth," muttered Dominic, not questioning but stating a fact.

"Yes, she doesn't have blood, she had genanites in a liquid format which invaded Oracle's computers and presented false information, making her think this new Huntress was in some way related to me... it was a good gambit, but it failed."

"It doesn't matter," replied Dominic, staring directly into the mirrored lenses covering The Dark Knight's eyes, "You have no way of stopping me, despite your incredible brain and unsurpassed fighting ability, this is one time that won't be enough. I'm a child of Hell, Batman, you can't begin to comprehend the powers I have at my command... and I can assure you, I won't be beaten by an unknown weakness found at the last moment like you found with the Pale Martians. Mine is the experience of countless eons, I have outfought and outsmarted The Dark Angel himself before."

"You're wrong," replied Batman, not backing away from Dominic's penetrating gaze, "In fact, I have the means to defeat you in my right hand at this very moment."

"HA!" laughed Dominic, not moving his gaze slightly, holding level with The Dark Knight, "Do you think you can intimidate me!?! I am not some common street thug! I am not just any supervillian! I am The First and Only Born Child OF HELL!"

Batman didn't reply, he just stood face to face with Dominic, not shifting his gaze, his face expressionless. At his sides both hands were clenched into tight fists, the left holding the batarang, the right holding perhaps something, perhaps nothing.

"Perhaps you mean Johnny Thunderbolt's pen?" laughed Dominic, "I can assure you, that won't help you at all, I am more than capable of dealing in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or more dimensions if I have to."

Batman didn't reply.

"I'm not scared of you," Dominic whispered, his face so close it was almost touching Batman's.

Batman did not reply.

Dominic's forehead was covered in a light sheen of sweat that betrayed his desperate efforts to keep calm. Impossibly he felt his eyes starting to stray down towards Batman's right side, towards the clenched fist that supposedly held the means of his destruction.

Hundreds had underestimated Batman before because he was just a man, and they had all failed because of that. Could he afford his arrogance? Or would it be his undoing.

Unbidden, his eyes drifted to Batman's right side... and Batman's left fist, holding tightly to the batarang, smashed into Dominic's face hard.

As the shocked mastermind staggered back, he hit the remains of The 2nd Huntress and fell back onto his ass. Even before he hit, Batman had thrown the batarang at the sleeper tube up on the Observation Platform and was pulling loose the grappling gun on his belt. He fired it, smashing it into the opaque glass in the tube before retracting the cord, which tore away the glass.

He'd taken a huge risk, knowing that breaking the tube open without removing Dick's mind from the computerlink inside could leave him braindead, but knowing the alternative was worst.

Dominic sat on his ass, clutching his bloody nose in disbelief as he stared up at the sleeper-tube.

Inside the tube, a faceless mannequin was now visible, small cords attached to it.

A small smile crossed Batman's face, Dominic had been bluffing, Dick was safe, at least for the moment.

"So," he said, stepping up beside Dominic, "Why not explain to me why a man who has outthought and, indeed, outfought Lucifer himself would be scared of me?"

Dominic moved so fast that even Batman was taken by surprise, and before he knew it he was slammed against the hard wall, which was becoming transparent and now looked to be more of a steel grid than an old, wooden wall.

Dominic's face, bloody and battered, came up hard against his own, his breath, hot and fetid and stinking of sulfur washed over Batman's skin.

"I AM NOT SCARED OF YOU!" roared Dominic, pressing Batman hard against the steel grill. The facade of a Japanese Training Gym was gone now, and they stood on a steel fence walkway over rushing water, which led to a large observation platform where Batman could groggily make out Wonder Woman bent over Superman, doing something to him. His mind raced, wondering how the illusions had worked, had they been solid enough to move around on or had their minds been fooled so that they only ever walked about on solid ground.

"Really?" asked Batman, and a smile crossed his face, "Then I guess this is a good impression."

"I'M NOT SCARED OF YOU, YOU BASTARD!!!!" screamed Dominic, thumping The Dark Knight hard against the handrail several times, "I AM NOT FUCKING SCARED OF YOU!"

He leaned so close that his forehead was up hard against Batman's cowl and growled the next words in a low whisper.

"I am The First Born Son Of Hell, I am going to corrupt each and every soul on this planet, Dark Knight, and I am going to let you watch me do it. I will destroy everything good about this miserable planet, I will take away their hopes and their dreams, hell! when I rule in hell I won't even let them dream... it'll be an eternity of misery for them, working under me! I am not scared of anyone, especially not you, dammit! I scare Neron himself! Do you really think I could be defeated by the likes of you!?!"

Incredibly, unbelievably, Batman smiled.

"What! WHAT!?!" screamed Dominic, shaking The Caped Crusader.

"You just let me know your weakness," chuckled Batman, and suddenly he was gripping the handrail, propelling himself backwards by pushing his feet hard against Dominic's legs.

In front of Dominic's unbelieving eyes, Batman backflipped over the rail and let himself drop into the rushing waters.

"NO!" he screamed, lunging forward and uselessly flinging his arm over the rail, reaching for the black caped figure, knowing it was too late.

He saw Batman hit the raging waters and disappear immediately as the charging, flowing water rushed away.

"NOOOOOO!!!!!!!" screamed Dominic in fury, and beneath his clenched fists, the guardrail melted away to nothing.

* * *

"Wh.. what's going on? Diana?" gasped Superman, struggling to raise his head.

Wonder Woman was crouching beside Green Lantern, making sure that he was truly unconscious. She stood up as she heard Superman speak and turned to face him, smiling.

"Clean up crew to Observation Platform 4," she said, seemingly to nobody,"Prep and place subjects in Sleeper Tubes, begin indoctrination process."

"No, Diana," gasped Superman, struggling to sit up. He was very unaccustomed to being so tired, and wasn't sure how long it was supposed to last, as he had no frame of reference. Before, no matter how grievous the injury, his body had quickly healed due to his absorption of the Sun's rays,"You can't let that happened, you have to listen to me, you're not yourself."

"No?" asked Wonder Woman, grinning, "Well, that's not exactly true, is it. I'm still me, just from a different point of view."

She sauntered forward, a grin on her face as she moved her hips suggestively, knowing that Superman would notice, because Dominic had told her he would.

Indeed, The Man Of Steel found his eyes lingering over her body, more aware than usual of just how much skin the costume actually showed.

With incredible effort he forced the thought from his head, and concentrated on trying to stand up, but he was still incapable of anything more than twitching his arms and legs and moving his head.

"Poor Superman," chuckled Wonder Woman, lowering herself to her knees at his side. She trailed a finger over his chest and sighed, "So hard, so strong, do you realize the affect you have on woman, Superman?"

"Wh.. what?" he gasped, struggling to pull away, not liking the feelings and images rushing through his brain just at her touch.

"Remember when we first met?" she said, "The next time we met you kissed me, it was the most intense, passionate kiss I've ever had, although I must admit I don't have THAT much experience. You told me you hadn't been able to stop thinking about me, and I admitted the same, but we decided to keep our relationship purely platonic, for the good of both our secret identities and our working relationship in The JLA."

She leaned forward, her face directly above hers. He stared in confused longing at her beautiful face, and fought back a strong desire to lift his head and kiss her, to touch his lips to her beautiful, soft ones.

- What's wrong with me!?! - his mind cried.

"What a fucking stupid idea that was," she said, and reached between his legs, squeezing his cock underneath his tights.

"Diana! What are you doing?" cried Superman.

"Shhh, you'll like this," chuckled Wonder Woman, lightly stroking his already half-erect member through the material of his costume, "Trust me, a woman knows."

"Diana, stop this madness," he gasped, struggling against his conflicting emotions. What was happening here was wrong, and he knew that Wonder Woman was being mindcontrolled, but the feel of her hands against his crotch, coupled with the strong attraction he'd felt for her so long ago that was now rekindled, was driving him to distraction.

"Madness?" she asked, smiling, rubbing his crotch which was becoming considerably stiffer, "What is madness, Superman, is repressing our natural desires. I want you, you want me, why should we fight it?"

"That's not true," he gasped, making a herculean effort to sit up and failing miserably. This weakness was unfamiliar to him, but he had to fight it.

"Not true?" she laughed, and reached up with her hand, sliding a finger between her cleavage, gripping her chestguard. Before his startled eyes, Wonder Woman pulled the golden eagle which doubled as a WW sign down, exposing her incredibly large, sexy breasts, "Are you telling me this doesn't turn you on?"

His eyes were focused directly in on her magnificent breasts, and he visibly gulped. He was unable to take his eyes of her magnificent orbs of tit-flesh and lewd thoughts flooded his mind, excitedly crying out for him to grasp them, fondle them, suck and chew on her nipples, maul her tits, fuck them, screw them.

"Just agree to fuck me, Superman," she said with a giggle, "And your strength will come back, your body will be yours again, and you and me can finally just throw all this nobility bullshit out the window and be animals."

"I... I can't do that, Wo...."

"Diana, it's always been Diana for you, Clark," she chuckled, and lifted one of his weak hands up to her breast, pressing it against the warm titflesh, "Do you like that?"

- YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES!!!! - his mind cried, but he managed to shake his head, if only just perceptibly.

"You do, I know you do," she laughed, and leaned over him, kissing his lightly on the lips. Despite himself, Superman returned the kiss, and felt a wild passion drive through his body, filling him with fire, his strength returning fully.

He sat up roughly, one hand still on her breast while the other encircled her waist. He fully intended to thrust her from him, then find Dominic and force him to reverse the insane conditioning he had placed on her mind, but something about the way she submissively allowed him to manhandle her, keeping her lips pressed to his, drove all that from his mind.

She broke away finally, her face aglow, flushed with incredible eroticism. His last fading resistance was torn away by that look, all thoughts of nobility, resistance, Dominic, Batman and even Lois, his wife, were gone.

He kissed her.

* * *

Huntress had been listening to the strange conversation between Superman and Wonder Woman, wishing she could turn about to see what was going on.

When Wonder Woman called Superman Clark she made note of it almost subconsciously, to be pondered on later. She already knew Wonder Woman's real name was Diana, The Amazon making no secret of it after all, but she had never heard Superman referred to by any other name than occasionally Kal El. She hadn't even considered what his secret identity might be until being taken to his home earlier that morning by Batman.

Now things had become quiet, the talk had finished, and she could hear moans adn rustles... had the impossible happened, had Superman been corrupted by Dominic, with the able assistance of Wonder Woman?

She attempted to turn her head, and was surprised when she did so easily. Taking a gamble, she turned about, facing the two JLA'ers. It seemed that while she might be trapped in this corner, she still had full freedom of movement.

Her eyes grew wide behind her eyemask as she took in the sight before her. Superman sat on the floor, legs crossed in front of him, his arms braced behind him to hold him up. Wonder Woman, meanwhile, had pulled down her chestplate, exposing her large breasts. She was on all fours, her head above Superman's lap, bobbing up and down.

- Oh my.... - Huntress' mind gasped, - Is Wonder Woman... going down on Superman? -

Indeed, Superman had ripped his blue tights from just under his waist and pulled them, along with the ridiculous red underwear he wore over them, down over his thighs. His cock, which she remembered from this morning when they'd 'saved' him from Maxima, was pointing directly at Diana's head, and before Huntress' shocked eyes, The Amazon was indeed going down on The Man Of Steel.

Wonder Woman's eyes were closed, submitting happily to Superman as she accepted his cock into her mouth, enjoying the feel of his hard, slippery meat throbbing between her lips. He moved his hips up and down slightly beneath her, sliding the full length of his cock between her lips, deep into her throat.

"Ahhh yes, Diana," he moaned, all his resistance gone now, reveling in having his cock sucked by an Amazon, "Do it, suck my cock, it feels so good."

Diana relaxed the muscles of her throat and allowed just the tip to penetrate, sucking first lightly, then heavily. She then began to lower her mouth down slowly, inch by inch, until she managed to get all of his large, thick cock into her oral orifice.

The Man Of Steel longed to start to deep-throat The Amazon's eager mouth, but retained enough presence of mind to recognize that despite her powerful body, if he just let go and fucked her hard, he could do her serious damage.

As he lowered his head back and let out a groan of happiness, Diana pulled her lips back up over his shaft, leaving just the engorged head of his cock inside. She sucked on his cocktip momentarily, then began to licked all over his head lustfully, darting her pink tongue out and over his cockhead. Wonder Woman's own crotch was on fire and she longed to reach between her legs and jack herself off madly, but resisted for now, knowing that there would be something that could stoke, then finally quench the fire in her lap soon enough.

As Diana's tight, hot lips moved up and down on his cock, Superman could feel the cum rising in his balls.

"Yes, oh yes!" he cried as Diana increased the suction of her lips around his cockshaft, a part of her willing to forego straight sex just fore the feel of Superman's hot sperm spurting up against the back of her throat.

Superman began to lose control, humping up into Wonder Woman's mouth with reckless, lusty abandon. Realizing that he was almost ready to cum, Wonder Woman pulled her mouth up off of his cock and moved back a couple of yards, getting to her feet.

"Wha!" he cried, fearing that she had changed her mind and no longer wanted sex with him.

"Relax, Clark," she chuckled, and before his startled eyes, began to strip off her costume. His eyes crawled greedily over her body as she pulled the one piece costume over her flat, toned waist, past her curved hips and down her sexy thighs so that it dropped to her ankles. His eyes zeroed in on her bald pussy and she smiled, loving the effect that she was having on him as she stood before him, naked as the day her mother had sculpted her.

Huntress was also unable to take her eyes off of Wonder Woman's body, naked except for her red and white boots, metal bracelets and golden tiara. Watching the noble and powerful Amazon on all fours, swaying her magnificent ass about while sucking on Superman's cock had had a strange effect on Huntress which had left her sweating uncomfortably beneath her form fitting costume.

Only a day earlier she had been overcome by similar feelings and fucked another woman who claimed to be the real Huntress, and now she couldn't help but wonder if this wasn't another part of the control that Dominic had unexpectedly been able to exert over her body.

She watched now, inwardly groaning to herself, her body crying out in unmistakable need, as Superman stood up and peeled off his boots and the torn blue tights, leaving him wearing just his familiar blue top with the yellow and red S insignia. His cape was pulled off moments later and dropped to the ground beside him, and then he moved over to Wonder Woman, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her close to him.

Diana moaned happily as she felt his hard cock press against her belly and her breasts squash against his strong, hard chest. They kissed again, passionately, tongues entwining against each other as they gave vent to their passions.

The Man Of Steel lowered The Amazon Avenger to the smooth marble floor, sitting on his knees between Wonder Woman's spread legs. She grinned at him as he took his cock in hand and moved forward, pushing it between her pink, parted pussylips. She sighed happily, finally feeling the penis of the man she had always secretly lusted after between her cuntlips, and she had to fight the need to thrust her hips forward and impale herself upon his member.

Superman, showing his own considerable willpower, chose to tease and arouse Wonder Woman a little first, and rather than just plunge into her, he began to rub his fat, bulbous cockhead up and down the lightly glistening crevice of her snatch.

She moaned and cried out, feeling the small penetration and wanting more, wanting all of him inside of her. Instead he just slid his cock up and down between her shaven, bald cuntlips.

And then he did as he had always longed, pushing forward and burying his cock to the hilt in her juicy cunthole, plunging his meat down into Wonder Woman's cunt, pressing his pelvis bone against her hot, throbbing clitoris.

Superman's hard, purple cockhead pulled back, then slammed back into her slick, juicy cunt. Wonder Woman could feel her pussy pulsing in lustful need, lubricating her insides as her hips moved around beneath The Man Of Steel's lustful, fucking prick.

The Amazon could stand it any longer, the feel of Clark's cock sliding in and out at differing angle between her pink, bald-lipped slit was too much for her. She threw back her head, eyes squeezed tightly shut and screamed out her need.

"Do it, Clark! Fuck me!" she squealed in excitement, "I need it, I want it, fuck me! FUCK ME!"

She squealed out again as his cock sunk balls deep into her snug, tight little fuckhole, and she thrust her own hips up against his, contracting her rounded, curved asscheeks on the cool surface of the marble floor.

Superman marveled at the tightness of her cunt, her strong muscles making her an even tighter fit than Lois'. At the thought of his wife he felt a momentary flush of guilt, but it was soon forgotten as Diana clenched her cuntlips around his cock and screamed out his name in passion, as he'd always longed to hear her.

The Amazon was writhing and twisting about beneath him, crying out with each stab of his cock into her oily slit, the intense heat of cunt so delicious around his large cock.

His gaze had alternated between her lust contorted face, her bouncing breasts and her cock-stuffed cunt, but now they centered in on her firm, round tits bouncing crazily about beneath him.

Even as he continued to slam his prick deeply into the Amazon's cunt, he leaned down and caught one bouncing, jumping tit into his mouth and began sucking and chewing lightly on Wonder Woman's hard, pink nipple.

Huntress had been unable to tear her gaze away from the two copulating Superheroes, and her own need and desires had risen with each and every thrust of The Man Of Tomorrow's cock into The Amazon Avenger's cunt.

The sweat pouring down her face and body was as much from her efforts to resist her desires as from the desires themselves. As her cunt clenched and demanded attention and her nipples swelled up painfully erect under her tight costume. Her clitoris throbbed in desperate need and she longed to tear her costume away and thrust her hand between her thighs, jerking herself off to blessed relief.

Her mind snapped at last under the pressure, despite all the calming exercises taught to her by Batman, nothing could stop the intense desire flooding up in her body. Not removing her eyes from the two incredibly powerful beings fucking like animals before her, she reached up and unclasped her cape, letting it fall to the ground. Then she grabbed her collar and pulled and tugged at it, stretching the fabric to it's furtherest extension so that she could pull it off. She stood now in bra and panties, and in impatient need, she tore them away, exposing her firm breasts and the thin rectangle of pubic hair above her shaven cuntlips.

"Oh fuck!" she groaned, thrusting her hands between her thighs and moaning in happy release at last. If felt so good to just let go, to give in to her desires and let her physical need overtake all other considerations.

She jerked and twisted her hands around in her lap, plunging two fingers in and out of her cunt as she ground another against her erect clitoris.

Meanwhile, as one of Gotham's dark protectors masturbated herself with a vengeance, Wonder Woman lay on her back, her head thrust back and crying out in intense satisfaction as Superman's cock slammed up harder and faster into her cunt. His cockshaft was intensely hot against the walls of her vagina, each thrust in and out of her sending tingles of erotic sensation to all parts of her body, in particular her breasts, which he sucked and kneaded under his hands.

The desperate need on her face was not lost on Superman, he knew she wanted to cum, and he was more than happy to oblige her. He pulled his hips back as far as he could before slamming forward, pressing them against her grinding cunt with but a fraction of his incredible strength, nonetheless enough to drive her wild.

End Part 16


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