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Justice League Of America: Dark Angel Part 17 (MF,F-mast,reluc,mc,voy)
by Dimitri Maximoff

The naked Amazon pulling her knees up and wide, opening her steaming cunt wider and letting him get in deeper. His piercing cock seemed to be in danger of splitting her in two, and she didn't care, Diana was just interested in getting the fuck of a lifetime, which she was certainly getting here.

Despite her inexperience - she had only just recently lost her virginity after all - having had sex just the once with Dominic, she knew that this was an extraordinary fuck, super in fact.

His pubic bone mashed wetly against her clitoris with each thrust of his cock into her, sending wave after wave of sexual ecstasy coursing through her writhing, twisting crotch.

Helena was taken aback at the ferocity and speed that Superman fucked Wonder Woman. She had a feeling that any other woman, besides possibly Big Barda, would be badly hurt or possibly even killed by the power of his thrusts, but to Wonder Woman it was just incredibly stimulating. Superman's cock was seemingly a blur as he thrust forward and back again and again, slamming his cock balls deep into Wonder Woman's eagerly-spread cunt. The tight, slippery sheath gripped onto his meat like a vice, and Helena's eyes were fixated upon the sight of The Amazon's pink inner cuntlips clasping and sucking back at her lover's long, thick organ.

Wonder Woman was practically sobbing from the ecstasy of getting a Superfuck, and she strained her hips high, shoving her wide-open pussy up at his impaling cock with each and every stroke.

Superman was totally enraptured by her, and he wanted nothing more than to cause her total and complete pleasure. Remembering his Honeymoon with Lois (the thought of his wife brought no guilt this time, so caught up was he in the sex) and how they had explored so many different ways of stimulating each other, he tried a trick that had worked particularly well on his wife.

As Wonder Woman twisted and shook beneath him, whimpering and crying out in pleasure, Superman reached down under one thigh over one curved asscheek. With a teasing grin, he pushed his little finger up against the sweaty, glistening rosebud of her pink, puckered butthole and easily slid the digit inside.

As Wonder Woman cried out in pleasure at the intrusion into her anal passage, Helena stared in wide eyed wonder at both the act and the reaction.

One of her hands had lifted up from between her thighs and had been kneading her breast as she pinched her nipples. Now she slid it back between her legs long enough to lubricate it in her own juices, then spread her legs as wide as she could while remaining standing and and slid the slick digit down the crack of her ass until the tip rested against her own slippery, rubbery anus. She gasped at how good it felt to have the tip of her finger pressing against the incredibly sensitive, puckered flesh of her asshole. She had never considered doing this before, although she was aware of the act, but now she chided herself for what she had been missing out on for so many years.

Her eyes were glued to the fucking pair of superheroes before her as she carefully and gently probed against her anal ring, until suddenly the muscles of her ass relaxed enough for her finger to slide up inside her anal passage.

"Oh!!" she cried in shocked pleasure, surprised at the ease with which she had gotten her finger into her ass, as well as how surprisingly good it felt. Her asshole gripped at the probing digit with an intense heat so much different from her vagina, with an astonished look of pleasure on her sweaty face she probed deeper and deeper. The sensations were like nothing the JLA'er had ever felt before, and she felt an intense urge to fuck her finger in and out of the tight, clinging sheath as fast as she was able.

She cried out happily as her finger pushed up to the hilt into her rectum, her virgin ass now seemed wide open, her finger seemed to have swelled up like a cock inside the hot, buttery grip of her ass.

She groaned and ground knuckles against her clitoris, pushing her thumb up into her juicy vagina while her finger pushed up deeply into her asshole.

"Ahh, yes!" The Huntress moaned, feeling both her holes filled simultaneously, each hole seemingly increasing the pleasure felt by the other.

Helena closed her eyes and moaned as she began to fuck herself with her hands, stabbing her asshole and pussy with harder and stronger thrusts, whimpering and moaning louder and louder, unnoticed by the other two superheroes.

Wonder Woman's legs were drawn up and wide, Superman's cock continuing to slam in and out of her grasping, sucking cunt. He fucked her again and again, driving his meat in all the way, balls deep into her cunt as his finger twisted about inside her asshole, his balls slapping against her asscheeks.

"Ugh! YES! So good, so fucking good!" Superman cried, as Diana used the muscles of her pussy to clasp and drag back his cockshaft of her superlover's cock as it entered her snatch again and again.

A happy, sated look was on Wonder Woman's face as Superman lifted her legs with one hand up over his shoulders, then grabbed onto one of her plump, rounded buttocks and continued to thrust and slam into her with unfettered lust.

Diana's head was pounding and ringing with each thrust, her blood pumping faster and faster, almost as if it was trying to match the speed of Superman's thrusts into her cunt. She clawed at Superman's back, twisting and writching about beneath him as his cock slammed fully into her pussy yet again.

"Yes! YES!" Wonder Woman squealed as Superman fucked her raw, "Do it, fuck me! Harder! HARDER!!"

Superman let out a wild laugh as he squeezed one buttcheek in his hand. Here was a woman with whom he could let loose, every time he feared he might have to hold back for fear of hurting her, she asked for more, and everything he gave her she gave back with a fury born on lust.

He felt her clench her cuntwalls tighter than ever before around his thick, thrusting cock as body slid up and down along the now slick marble floor. He'd removed his finger from her asshole and now he gripped tightly to both her buttocks, squeezing them together to make her cunt even tighter around her cock as he fucked her hard.

Helena's eyes were unable to stay off the two fucking heroes, each of them having done enough to make any other person cum several times over by now.

- How much longer can they hold out? - she felt, feeling her own orgasm fast approaching as she jerked and twisted her hands about in her lap and her ass, fucking her cunt and her butthole with her fingers.

As if the unvoiced question had been all she was waiting for, Wonder Woman suddenly siezed up beneath Superman. Her teeth gritted and her eyes rolled back in her head as her powerful, sexy legs drew tight on either side of Clark's impaling cock and her cock-crammed cunt quivered spasmodically with the powerful release of an incredible orgasm.

Superman grunted and paused momentarily, barely able to hold himself from cumming as well as The Amazon beauty convulsed beneath him. His balls ached with the need to empty their load into her tight, gripping cunthole but he managed, only through an incredible act of willpower, to hold himself back.

Feeling his cum settle down again, he once again began to roughly fuck her, pumping hard into her hot, quivering cunt. Wonder Woman squealed and writhed beneath him, lost to anything but the white hot fury of her orgasm, the feel of his powerful cock pounding into her all too willing cunt, driving her wild with ecstasy.

Helena, unable to control herself, was slamming her fingers in and out of her cunt and her asshole, trying desperately to match the tempo of the superpowered fuckers only 20 feet away.

The dual penetration of both her asshole and cunt was something new, but she was loving it so much that she knew she was only moments away from cumming. Coupled with the sight of Superman's powerful, thick cock pounding incessantly into Wonder Woman's lust-soaked, juicy snatch, it was all too much for her lust-addled mind to take.

The huge Courtyard was filled with the unmistakable sounds of sex, passion fulfilled as moans and whimpers of pleasure almost made the sound of flesh slapping wetly against flesh as Superman fucked Wonder Woman through her climax.

"UGH! YES! YES!!" Wonder Woman screamed, "SO FUCKING GOOD! FUCK ME, CLARK! FUCK ME!!!!"

She arched her back, pushing her cunt up at her lover, the wild friction driving her wild with lust. The sexy Amazon twisted her hips about beneath him, wrapping her legs tightly about The Man Of Steel's waist, the heels of her feet pushed hard against his back but made no impression at all upon the invulnerable flesh. Off to their side, in the corver of the room, Helena was thrashing about on her feet, her fingers wild between her legs and the crack of her ass as she made barely coherent gurgling noises of pleasure.

The Huntress let out an animalistic squeal as she climaxed hard, her firm young body seizing up as her cunt throbbed and gripped with a wet heat around the thumb and fingers inside of her, her asshole tightly sucking at the finger deeply embedded inside.

Superman finally released control, the feel of Wonder Woman's excellent cunt contracting down about his cockshaft tighter and tighter. The Amazon seemed to sense he was on the brink of release and immediately increased the speed of her writhing about beneath him, heaving her hips up off the slippery wet marble floor and meeting each and every one of his thrusts halfway.

She groaned with pleasure as she eagerly anticipated the hot stream of supercum which was about to fire into her eager cunt. As he stiffened on top of her and his cock swelled up even larger than before, Wonder Woman ground her cunt up hard against his hips, mashing her clitoris firmly against his pubic bone. Her eyes locked with his as his body tensed in anticipation, her cunt grabbing his cock so tightly that he felt that if he tried to pull away she would rip his cock right from his lap. Her flexing cuntlips gripped eagerly to his shaft and her felt his balls draw up tight even as he continued to make short, hard thrusts into her cunt. He tried to hold it off as long as he could, and then he let out a wild yell of abandon as he finally came, and he fired hot streams of thick, creamy sperm from the eye of his penis, squirting deep into Wonder Woman's convulsing, sucking cunt.

The Amazon squealed in pleasure as she felt the Chairman of The JLA cum deep into her pussy. The feel of him shooting into her as his hard, throbbing cock plunged deep into her pussy was enough to push her over the edge again, and she screamed in sated passion as another orgasm rocked her heaving, twisting body.

"YES!" she squealed, "Uhhh yes, thank you!"

"Oooh, yes," he groaned, "Thank you, Diana... oh thank you, yes."

The two Superheroes collapsed, laying firmly against each other, her breasts squashed against his chest, legs spread wide on either side of him. The two, sated heroes clung to each other, trembling in the aftereffects of their mutual climax.

Off to the side, Huntress was half-sobbing and moaning, her fingers buried inside both of her holes, her firm, toned ass bucking mindlessly up and down as her own orgasm subside. She looked over at Superman and Wonder Woman, locked in a passionate embrace, kissing each other eagerly. Clark's cock remained buried to the hilt inside Diana's pussy as she ground her hips against his in slow, sexy circles.

Huntress pulled her fingers out of her crotch, longing to be able to step out of the corner and join them, longing to have Superman fuck her mouth, her cunt, her ass, anything! And she wanted to fuck Wonder Woman too, to fuck their cunts together, to feel up each other's pussy's and assholes, feel and suck each others breasts and share passionate kisses like the two oblivious Superheroes were doing right now.

She'd completely forgotten the unconscious Flash and Green Lantern, about Batman and Dominic or the other Huntress. All that mattered to Helena Bertinelli right now was the desperate need to get fucked, and soon.

Metropolis - June 6th - 10:17 AM.

Lois stood outside The Daily Planet, staring at her watch and attempting not to be furious.

It helped that she and Clark had had great sex last night, it took some of the edge of her famous temper, but she hadn't had a good day.

She had sent her article via modem the previous night, just before Clark had surprised her with his spontaneous passion. She'd spent the whole morning in a meeting with Perry White - her editor - and several of The Daily Planet's lawyers.

Her article was about corruption in The Senate, a familiar story littered with some very illuminating tidbits about current Senators. It had been meant to run in tomorrows Edition, but somehow one of the Senators involved had gotten wind and got his lawyers onto the paper, threatening to sue if such 'fraudulent and irresponsible untruths' were published.

Perry, of course, was determined to run the story even more, as was Lois, but the lawyers wanted to cover all bases before running the story, and had even had the gall to suggest to Lois that she change her story so that it didn't mention this particular Senator.

This had quickly been removed as a valid option, but now it looked as if the article would be delayed at least a week, which just gave the Senator time to call in damage control.

And now, to top it all off, Clark was late, and apparently hadn't even been in to The Planet this morning.

She wasn't concerned for his safety, as some wives would be. She knew that anything powerful enough to do damage to her husband would have been all over the news by now. She figured that he'd been on his way to work and stopped to intervene in a bank robbery, a mugging or maybe get a cat out of a tree. He'd have gotten carried away, and even now would likely be crusing the city, having completely forgotten the time, looking for trouble to stop.

"Oh," said a voice behind her, "Lois?"

She turned about and suppressed a sigh as she saw who was addressing her.

"Hello, Lana," she said, smiling slightly.

Lana Lang was one of Clark's oldest friends and a former girlfriend, the two having grown up in Smallville together. Despite Lana convincing Lois that Clark loved her once when their relationship had been in danger of ending, and the fact that Lana had been a bridesmaid at Lois and Clark's wedding, Lois had never been entirely comfortable with Lana.

- I always feel like I have to measure up against her, Clark's first love, - she thought, then allowed herself to be embraced by the other woman.

"How are you, Lana?" Lois asked, "Finally get tired off all the political dinners and luncheons?"

Lana was married to Peter Ross, another friend of Clark's from his youth, and also a former Senator. After he had lost his position in the Senate, Peter and Lana had moved back to Smallville and had a child, who'd then been kidnapped by Doomsday, controlled by the mind of Brainiac. The end result of this had been a happy one, with Doomsday defeated and the weak baby healed to full health. Shortly after, Peter had begun to make noises about making a go at becoming Mayor of Smallville, and possibly looking at a Governer's position after that.

"Hardly," laughed Lana, "Peter hasn't been this happy in a long time, and running a campaign for Mayor of Smallville is so much more fun and less stressful than running for Senate."

They both laughed, although Lois was hoping that Lana would then say she had an important meeting to get to and would call them sometime soon, and then not.

"No, I'm here to visit another friend from Smallville, believe it or not. She's having a baby soon and I just had to come up and let her see you don't lose your figure forever, haha!"

Lois laughed, although having Lana point out just how well her figure had returned after her pregnancy was not just inappropriate but a little annoying. Lana always seemed to unconsciously create some kind of rivalry between them, and Lois had always admired her figure and looks, even though she herself had no reason to be worried.

"So where's that husband of yours?" Lana asked, still smiling.

"I wish I knew," smiled Lois, "He was supposed to be here twenty minutes ago."

"Well, you know our Clark," chuckled Lana.

- Our Clark? - thought Lois, bemused.

"Oh yeah, do I ever," she replied, then laughed, "I am married to the guy after all!"

She saw Lana's smile drop just slightly and felt an irrational, illogical sense of triumph that she immediately chided herself for. She was an intelligent woman of the nineties, and here she was being bitchy to another intelligent woman who was going out of her way to be nice to her.

As she opened her mouth to say something else, what she wasn't sure, she became aware of a limousine pulling up beside them, coming to a stop by the curb in front of The Daily Planet, which was actually illegal, it was a no parking zone.

As she considered rapping on the window and telling the guy to get moving, the passenger window came down and a familiar face looked out from within.

"Luthor," she muttered, then walked down the long length of the limousine, prepared to give him a peace of her mind for thinking he was entitled to be above the law.

"Ms. Lane," he said quietly, infuriating her by not acknowledging her married state, "We need to talk."

"No parking zone, Lex," she returned, then slapped the roof of the limo, "Get going."

"I have a story for you, Lois," he said, smiling slightly, "One you could only dream about."

"I'm not interested in...." she started, but he held up a hand.

"It's about The U.S Military investing in the research and production of mind control weapons."

She paused, taken aback by what he had just said.

"What's your game, Luthor?" she asked, not willing to trust him any further than she could spit him.

"No game, Lois," he returned, "Not this time, what's happening is far too dangerous for that. We're all at risk now."

Lois looked around, noticing that Lana was still standing a few feet away, looking a little out of her depth.

"This better not be a wild goose chase," she warned the Billionaire, "Or so help me, I will...."

"I believe you," Lex said, smiling, "I know better than to cross you, Ms. Lane," the door to the Limo opened and he moved to the opposite facing seat, "Please, get in."

Lois hesitated a second, then turned to face Lana, the redhead looking decidedly confused.

"Lana, I have to go, if you see Clark, tell him I'll be back by noon, and he better have a good reason for standing me up."

Lex frowned, then leaned forward in his seat.

"Your friend had better come along too," he said, "She's in as much danger as we are."

"What?" asked Lois, confused.

"This problem doesn't threaten just us, Lois, but the entire city, perhaps the world. I can get us to a place where we'll be safe, but if your friend remains, she could be put at risk."

Lois hid another sigh, considered only momentarily before deciding.

"Lana, you must miss Limo rides, wanna come along?"

Gotham Water Processing - June 6th - 10:30 AM.

Green Lantern and The Flash did not move or react as the tubes filled with fluid, which would soon settle through their pores and breath for them. Tubes would attach to their skin and feed them intravenously, keeping them alive while their minds were conditioned by Dominic's programs, Kyle would break faster than The Flash, due both to his conditioning earlier and The Flash's naturally faster mind, which would resist the conditioning at first.

"Any luck with The Manhunter?" Dominic asked as the tubes became so dark that only the barest indication of the figures inside could be seen.

"Negative," said the scientist, still suffering a slight headache from the gas used on him by Batman, "He continues to resist any attempts to introduce conditioning to him."

"He's a tough nut to crack," said Dominic with a smile, "But he'll break eventually, they all do."

As if to emphasize his point, he looked to his side, where Wonder Woman stood with her arm around Superman's waist, The Man Of Steel's hand on one of her asscheeks. They were both clothed again, Superman's costume restored somehow, although he had not questioned it himself.

Beside them, Huntress had a hungry look of desire on her face, and her gaze alternated between Wonder Woman, Superman and Dominic himself.

"Hmmm," mused Dominic out loud, "Kal El, Diana, you are to be my guards, I want you to keep an eye out for any troublemakers, you know how to deal with them if it comes to trouble."

They both nodded, and moved to either side of the row of sleeper tubes, standing with arms behind backs and legs apart, eyes straight ahead.

"Helena," he said, turning his gaze to The Huntress, "You can come with me."

The Bird Of Prey looked overjoyed, and moved instantly to his side, just a step behind him, indicating her respect.

"Go to my Throneroom," he said, "Black Canary is waiting there, the two of you may amuse each other until I arrive."

Huntress bowed from the waist, then excitedly moved off through the door, heading for the large room where she had recently masturbated herself while watching Superman fuck Wonder Woman.

"Now," Dominic muttered to himself, "The unpleasantness."

He closed his eyes and whispered several words beneath his breath, and seconds later, as several rats ran past his feet and caused a startled squawk from the scientist monitoring the Sleeper-Tube's monitors, a shape coalesced in the dark shadows of one corner of the room.

"Report," Dominic commanded.

"There is no sign of The Batman," the shadow whispered, it's voice barely perceptible, "But his body may have been carried out by the water and into one of the canals."

"That is unacceptable," growled Dominic, "I want his lifeless corpse found and brought before me, so I can piss on it, understand!"

The shadow inclined what passed for it's head, then faded away.

Dominic allowed a moment of doubt to claim him, had Batman gotten away? Surely it wasn't possible, the rushing water was so rough and fast, and the trip underground so long that not even genetically enhanced meta humans would be guaranteed to survive the trip, but this was Batman he was thinking about, someone to be underestimated at peril.

"No," he whispered, "I must not underestimate him, but neither should I overestimate him," he nodded sharply, coming to his decision, "He is dead, and if not, than not in any condition to be able to stop me in time. Soon my plan will have begun, and nothing on Hell or on Earth can stop it then."

He grinned, then clapped his hands together in anticipation of the pleasure that awaited in the Throneroom, in sight of the machine that would bring about his long awaited dream.

Gotham City - Wayne Manor - June 6th - 10:45 AM.

Alfred sighed as he ran a finger over one computer console and lifted it up between his eyes.

"Dust," he muttered.

Ever since the Cataclysm, which had done severe damage to The Batcave, he had had a running battle with dust, which fell from new, minute cracks in the roof and walls with a regularity that would have put Old Faithful to shame.

The eldery Butler made his way past the giant penny set in the middle of the room, his mind already upstairs and in the cupboard, picking out the cleaning gear he would need.

But the thought instantly disappeared as he passed the penny and took in the sight of a black cloaked figure staggering down the stairs from the upstairs mansion. Blood caked his lips and strong, powerful chin as he stumbled across the Batcave and collapsed into Alfred's shocked arms.

"Oh my!" cried Alfred, "Master Bruce? What has happened?"

"Seat!" croaked Batman as Alfred realized that his 'Master' was dripping wet, soaked through to the bone, "Get me to a seat."

The elderly man half-walked, half-dragged the heavy, powerfully built billionaire across to a seat in front of one of the various computer consoles. Dropping him into the seat, he crouched in front of The Dark Knight, pulled the wet cowl from his face, then gripped him by the sides of the head, startled to see that Bruce was having trouble focusing his eyes.

"What has happened, Master Bruce?" he asked, concern etched on his face. Even before the Cataclysm and The Senate Hearings, Bruce Wayne had been pushing himself past exhaustion, exploring something he would only grumblingly refer to as 'The Big One'.

"Doom for us all, Alfred," Bruce gasped, his body seemingly hanging limp, arms and legs hanging as if dead, "Unless I can do something."

"What? What, Master Bruce?" asked Alfred, Bruce's seriousness chilling his heart, "What do you have to do?"

Bruce Wayne actually allowed a small smile to pull at one end of his lips.

"I have to go to sleep."

End Part 17


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