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Justice League Of America: Dark Angel Part 18 (MF,anal,mc)
by Dimitri Maximoff

Limbo - Outside Of Time and Space.

"Well, isn't this a cosy little scene," chuckled a voice, startling Supergirl and Zauriel, who broke their kiss.

"What in The Name Of The Presence are you doing here!?" demanded Zauriel, lifting up to his full height and exuding the Holy Fury he had demonstrated when he'd caught Dominic attacking Supergirl.

"Oh calm down!" laughed the visitor, a tall, darkly attractive man who reminded Supergirl uneasily of Dominic, except that his hair was blonde and long and his eyes tinted a light, somehow malevolent green, "No need for the Sturm Und Drang just to impress the lady."

He stopped and cast an appreciative eye over Supergirl's naked body, making her somehow feel dirty, unclean. As she made to cover herself, she felt the warm, soft feel of one of Zauriel's wings surrounding her, covering her nakedness.

"What do you want, King Of Hate?" spat Zauriel, his distaste clearly evident.

"I've come to help you, Fallen One," returned Lord Neron with a chuckle.

"We don't want your help, monster," returned Zauriel, "And I am not Fallen, like you, I am Heaven's Champion On Earth."

"You're not on Earth," laughed Neron, "You're in Limbo, and in far too precarious a position to turn down assistance."

"We'll get along just fine without your kind of help," returned The Angel, unable or unwilling to hide his distaste.

"We don't have time for this," grumbled Neron, "Every second we delay is a second Dominic gains."

"And why should you care?"

"Because uncounted eons ago, Dominic almost overthrew me," growled Neron, his eyes narrowing dangerously as he recalled the humiliating memory, "And since then he's had time to come up with new strategies... if he succeeds this time, he will become Ruler Of Hell."

"So you do this for your own sake," chimed in Supergirl, pleased at catching The Lord Of Lies out.

"Of course I am," returned Neron, looking irritated at the interruption. Then he smiled, his eyes dangerous, "Still, as the old saying goes, Better the Devil you know..."

"What do you have in mind?" Zauriel asked, suspicious of just about anything Neron might do.

"This," replied the Dark Angel, and snapped his finger.

Supergirl had a momentary vision of an impossibly bright light, burning itself into her corneas and suffusing her with a feeling of absolute joy and peace.

Then she was back in The Aerie, somehow fully dressed again, with Zauriel at her side and before them, crouched into the foetal position, smoking pouring of his body and screaming in agony, was Neron.

"What happened?" she asked, getting over the shock enough to ask.

"Th... that was The Presence," gasped Zauriel, and Supergirl realized that The Angel was almost as shocked as she was, "We were taken right to The Presence and it almost killed Neron."


"As Angels, our presence is anethemea to a being of Hell like Dominic, but Neron was once an Angel himself, before falling. But only the purest of heart can bear the sight and touch of Heaven's light, and nothing of evil can go near it.... to go before The Presence would be the equivalent of a human being suddenly appearing in the middle of The Sun."

Neron lurched to his feet and staggered across the room, smoke still pouring from his body, his throat making gargling noises as he slammed into a wall.

"CURSE HIM!" The Dark Angel screamed, "I thought I'd grown to match his subtlties, his devious mind!"

He twisted about and Supergirl recoiled in shock, seeing that Neron's outer appearance now matched his inner appearance. His face was covered in boils and burns, blisters and sores, and it still smoked and bubbled viciously.

"Oh I learned my lesson!" Neron growled, "I ruled by power alone when first I was consigned to Hell, blasting resistance into oblivion, turning powerful demons that might challenge me into hordes of mindless, subservient creatures. I took Dominic under my wing because I wanted a Lieutenant I could trust, one I could send on missions as I tried to corrupt souls... but he saw the strength in subtlety! He saw the strength in long term strategy! IT WAS HE WHO RAISED AN ARMY AGAINST ME AND, BUT FOR THE SHORT SIGHT OF OTHERS, WOULD HAVE TRANSFORMED ME INTO THOUSANDS OF INSIGNIFICANT SUBSERVIENTS!!!!"

The two Angels, one Earth-Born, the other from Heaven, cringed back. For although he was pained and battered, Neron still exuded a tremendous power.

"So I learned my lesson!" he continued, his voice a harsh, quiet whisper now, "I spent eons training myself to think ahead, to think to the long term, AND. IT. WAS. ALL. FOR. NOTHING!!!!"

He slammed a fist against the wall, crumbling it to nothing, "Because all the time I was training myself in subtleties, he was improving himself as well, and he's eons ahead of me!"

"By The Presence!" gasped Zauriel, his eyes widening, "I see it!"

Supergirl looked up at him, confused, and saw that he was staring at the walls. Turning to look herself, she realized that, if she looked closely, small, minute runes were glowing on the wall, cleverly hidden amongst the natural impurities and discoloration's in the wall.

"It's a trap," she gasped, intuitively understanding the runes, "Any who try to escape from here will be sent to their greatest fear and their ultimate doom."

"You see nothing," growled Neron, "I saw that before I arrived, I found a hole in the runes that let me in.... but I missed the runes within the runes. The moment I arrived I was locked in like a bird in a cage, with freedom in sight but unattainable."

He sighed and dropped his head, "I can get out of here, but I can't get you out, it'll be the death of me... it was only instinct that pulled me out of there."

With a roar he smashed his fist into the wall again, creating a huge hole in the wall. He leaped through it, and then - floating in the white nothingness of limbo - turned to face the two startled Angels. "You were my best hope," he said, "But he's cut you off, my only hope now is nothing but a joke."

And then he was gone, and the wall of The Aerie was rebuilding itself.

Gotham Water Processing - June 6th - 11:00 AM.

Dominic rubbed his hands together in glee as he moved from one illusory corridor to the illusory Throneroom where Black Canary and Huntress would be preparing for his coming.

His grin faded, though, when he saw what was actually happening.

Huntress was naked, as he had expected, only her eyemask remaining, but Black Canary was still half in her clothes, and was currently pressing one boot down hard against Helena's throat, holding her down. The female protector of Gotham City was gripping desperately at the other woman's thigh, trying with all her might to reach Dinah's pussy.

"What the fuck?" Dominic muttered to himself, just loud enough for the two women to hear, they both stopped, looking up at him as he said, "What's going on here?"

"She's been all over me!" cried The Canary, "She came in here, pulled her clothes off and tried to get mine off to. She can move, I have to admit, I used every trick I knew to get away from her and she kept up with me, ripping my clothes off me... finally I had to get physical to stop her."

Dominic sighed, seeing the confused, hurt look in Huntress' eye, and the underlying hunger she felt.

"Dinah," he said finally, "You enjoy lesbian sex, remember? And you want to have it again, don't you?" what he said was more of a statement than a question, but Black Canary didn't seem to make the distinction.

"Dominic... I don't know, I went along with you with Wonder Woman, and I enjoyed it, but I don't want to make a habit of this. Let's just you and me have some fun, you don't need her, do you?"

Dominic sighed again, then looked up and caught Canary's eyes with his own, piercing deep into her mind and her soul.

"Dinah, you enjoyed having sex with Wonder Woman, and you want a repeat of that experience now with Huntress, right?"

She stared into his eyes, her face hesitant, unsure... she wavered and then answered.


Dominic stood stock still, eyes wide, completely shocked by this absolutely unexpected turn of events.

"Wha... what did you say?"

"I don't like being pressured, Dominic," she said, "I'm not a prude, I don't consider myself sexually repressed, but this doesn't interest me enough to want to do it again so soon.... so no."

Had Dominic been his normal, clear-headed self, he would have noted her hesitation to say no to him and would have repeated his instructions, confident in his ability to over-ride her inhibitions, as he'd been able to do ever since she'd willing given herself to him. But the confrontation with Batman, with it's unexpected and aggravating results, had left him feeling enraged at the concept that a mere human being would not only dare, but succeed, in thwarting his will.

Before Dinah's startled eyes, Dominic let loose a roar of anger and was moving across the room faster than the eye could follow. He grabbed her by the throat and bodily lifted her away from Huntress' clawing hands, moving her across the room and slamming her against the marble wall hard enough to drive the breath from her body, winding her.

"Now you listen to me, Bitch!" growled Dominic, his face only inches from hers, which was contorted in pain, "I am The Man! Understand!?! You don't have an opinion unless I say you have an opinion! If I tell you to suck my cock, you'll do it! If I tell you to bend over and lick your own twat, you'll do it! If I FUCKING TELL YOU TO FUCK ANOTHER WOMAN, YOU DO IT!!!!!!!!"

Canary sucked in a deep lungful of air, her eyes focusing in on his. They were no longer tender and deep, now they were fiery and angry, and his breath stunk of sulfur. Some small part of her mind registered the scurrying sound of vermin beneath her feet, which were held inches off the ground.

"So what do you say now, bitch!" Dominic growled, pleased at the fear he saw in her face, feeling his erection growing as her fear aroused him.

And she spat in his face.

His entire face seemed to fall, the anger and vicious, sadistic satisfaction gone, replaced by total confusion.

"I don't know who you are," gasped The Black Canary, still struggling for breath, "But you're anything but a man, you're just another egomaniac, a pathetic, immature loser who gets off on dominating women because he's scared of them!"

Dominic's face once more became outraged, and waves of heat seemed to build off him as he spun her about with one hand and let go of her now bruised and tender throat. She hit the ground and realized that she was in another room, a dank, damp dungeon filled with black, grime covered stone bricks with a small window that a child wouldn't have been able to fit through. Dominic stood in the doorway, holding the rough handle of the thick, oaken door, his face livid with anger, rats scurrying past his feet. Her pain addled, confused mind was still able to take in the fact that behind him was the Throne Room where she, he and Wonder Woman had had a threesome just a few hours ago.

"I am anything but a loser!" Dominic hissed at her, and she was shocked to see that his incisors had elongated so far that they had pierced his lips, drawing blood, "You are the loser! YOU ARE!"

He emphasized his point by slamming the door, and his face pressed again a small viewing hole in the upper half of the door, "I'm sure that, given time, you could get your way out of this cell, but be warned, on the other side of this door is a automatic sentry instructed to kill anyone who steps through the door. It's only weakness is to Sonics, which would scramble it's sensors and let you out of here.... but since you lost your sonic scream after another 'loser' raped you, that won't be happening anytime soon, will it!"

The viewing hole was slammed shut and she heard a slight buzzing noise start up, most likely the automated sentry he had spoken off.

Left alone in the cell, Dinah Laurel Lawrence - The Black Canary - allowed herself a brief moment of self-pity and grief. She had finally met a man whom she felt she could trust, that she could feel safe with, and he had proven to be a worst tyrant than the man who had tortured and raped her, costing her the power that might have saved her now.

It seemed that she was destined to live alone, that there was no man that she could trust... that was if she ever got out of this cell.

* * *

Dominic stormed back into The Throne, stopping by the side of the large, square machine that seemed to serve no other purpose than to hum lightly.

He placed a hand on it's side and seemed to take some comfort from the vibrations running through it. He breathed deeply in through his nose, calming visibly, then let a smile flick across his lips, which were still smeared with blood.

"Stupid bitch," he chuckled, "She's thrown it all away."

He stepped down from the raised level where The Throne and The Machine sat and smiled as he took in The Huntress' naked form.

She had not even registered the violent actions Dominic had taken against The Black Canary, her entire mind taken up by lust, all her thoughts of her propriety and dignity, right and wrong washed away by the overwhelming need for physical satisfaction.

She lay on her back, hunching her hips up against the fingers of one hand as the other pressed between her firm asscheeks and slid a finger in and out of her asshole. Her mouth was a large 'O' and her eyes had rolled back in her head as her sweaty, sexy body writhed about on the cool marble.

"Enjoying yourself?" Dominic asked, smiling.

She stopped, her fingers freezing in her cunt and ass as she slid her eyes back and took in Dominic, towering over her.

"Please," she whispered, her need undeniable, "Fuck me!"

Dominic chuckled, then began pulling his black clothes off. His clothing changed almost as often as the locations he moved the JLA'ers about in. Currently he was wearing what seemed to be a black version of the uniform worn by Yankee Officers in The Civil War, minus the hat and yellow tassels. Their was no purpose for the costume, it was just something he wore, and now it was more important to get it off.

He pulled away the woolen gloves, dropped the heavy trenchcoat of his shoulders and quickly unbuttoned the shirt, which was black instead of white. He pulled off his boots, exposing bare feet, then slid his pants down, taking his black boxers with him.

"Quickly, please!" moaned Huntress, who had gone back to fucking both her holes as she watched him shedding his clothing. He stepped out of the pants and moved forward, getting down to his knees in front of her. He grabbed his dick in hand and pointed it directly at her cunt, he smiled and decided to tease her by not fucking her just yet.

"So," he said, feigning indifference to the beautiful, naked heroine before him, "How do you want it, Helena?"

"Please!" Huntress cried, "Fuck me! Fuck me in my ass!"

Dominic paused, and for an instant felt suspicion at this unexpected request. As far as he'd been able to ascertain, she'd never had anal sex, had never shown any desire to have it, and yet here she was, begging for it.

Was this some trick of Batman's? She was in The JLA due to him after all, and he'd taken her under his wing - figurative speaking - much as he had Dick Grayson, Jason Todd and Tim Drake.

Then he shook his head, he was doing it again, reading too much into Batman's reputation, much of it created by Batman himself to make him a more daunting figure to the Criminal Underworld.

"Of course darling, if I have to sodomize any of Batman's protoges, I'd rather it was you!"

* * *

Although he'd never been referred to as anything but 'The Scientist' by Dominic, Circe or some of the other underlings that came and went, Bill Hardings still thought of himself as one of, if not The, most important person on the scientific team.

Although he wasn't the head Scientist, Bill considered himself the greatest intellect of them all, and took great pride in the trust Dominic showed in him by having him on Monitor Duty far more than any of the others.

Like all of the Scientific Team, Bill was here of his own choice, being one of that strange breed of scientist who was usually the most successful, because they valued scientific experiment far above morals or values. If was fascinating to work with 'The Sphere', and even more fascinating to work with 'The Machine', which Dominic had presented to them without any hint of explanation on it's origin.

Now, as he made copious notes on his notepad, which was crammed with various facts, mathematical equations, diagrams and theories, most of them his own, he made a brief glance at the monitor which kept track of The Martian Manhunter's extraordinary brain patterns. He looked back down to his notepad instantly, having made only the most cursory of glances, after all, The Manhunter had successfully fought of the Mind Control program being directed at him ever since his capture at Circe's hands.

"Wait a second..." Bill muttered, looking back up, a puzzled look on his face.

The monitor had finally changed.

* * *

Despite herself, Huntress felt a moment of fear when Dominic's cock pressed firmly against her ass. She'd enjoyed fingerfucking her ass and had been incredibly turned on at the thought of getting her ass fucked, but she'd never done this before and her lust was offset slightly by her fear of the unknown.

Dominic slid his hands under Huntress' firm, curved buttcheeks and lifted her up, grabbing her under the knees and lifting them up over his shoulders. Her tight ass rose up off the ground, angled perfectly to present a pink, puckered target for his rigid dick.

She'd already loosened up her ass slightly by fucking it with her fingers, and despite her fear she loosened her assring and allowed him to push his cockhead in.

"ARRH!" she gasped, taken aback by the brief lance of pain that came from the intrusion of cock into butthole. But that was instantly replaced by a heady wave of pleasure washing through her entire body, making her feel dizzy. Her asshole seemed to pulse around his cock, which was still only in an inch, and then he was pushing in a little deeper.

Dominic smiled at The Huntress as he slid another inch into Helena's butthole, his grin widening as he heard her moan of pleasure. The same conditioning introduced to her mind via a small nanite shot into her bloodstream during her sexual adventures with the other Huntress was designed to make all sex with Dominic incredibly pleasurable, so that even if he was violent with her she'd love it.

He slid more of his cock in, groaning slightly at the feel of her hot, tight assmuscles parting before his cock. Even as his cock entered her ass, it seemed to be clamping back down on the inches now inside of her.

Helena's mouth was gaping, her dark lips gleaming with saliva, her eyes glazed with lust, and she reached down to her crotch and began sliding her fingers over her erect clitoris as her butt was fucked hard by the Dark MasterMind she'd come to stop.

Any pain she'd felt was gone, washed away by the intense pleasure, and she was squirming and writhing about as she humped down and got another inch of his fuckmeat into her ass.

"So good!" she squealed, frigging her cunt, "Do it! FUCK ME! FUCK MY ASS!!!!"

And it just got better for the beautiful protege of The Dark Knight Detective as Dominic began to pull his cock out of Helena's ass, then pushed back in and got another inch of cockmeat into her, before pulling away and thrusting back in, starting up a sawing motion with his cock, fucking in and out of the Heroine's asshole.

The hot, burning sensation was driving her wild as Dominic began to eagerly fuck his cock in and out of The Huntress' ass, pulling his cock almost all the way out, pulling her tight asshole back with him before slamming back in fully, fucking in and out, in and out, shoving into her again and again.

His hands mauled her tits, feeling up the plump mounds of tit flesh as his balls slapped against her asscheeks and his cock slammed fully into her ass, fucking her butt to the hilt. She moaned and squealed in pleasure, her hard nipples rubbing against his palms as he shifted the angle of his thrusts into her ass, sodomizing her faster and faster, making her cry out in passion.

"Oh yes! YES!" she cried, "It's so good! I'm gonna cum! Fuck me! FUCK ME!!!!"

He grunted in reply, making short, harder thrusts into her ass, enjoying the feel of her asshole around his cock and her warm, pliant breasts beneath his hands. His eyes were running all over her athletic, sweating body, focusing mostly on the juicy fingers thrusting into her cunt and her beautiful, flushed and sweaty face, her purple hair plastered to her forehead and cheeks, eyes rolled back, mouth wide open.

He grunted happily as her ass clamped down tight around his fuckmeat, her juices flooding out over her fingers and down around his thrusting, fucking cock as she came.

"YESSSS! OH YES!!!!" she screamed, thrusting her ass down, her ass swallowing all of his cock as she ground down against his waist, screeching in a hoarse, animalistic cry of sated passion.

"AH FUCK!" grunted Dominic, and ground his hips against her ass as he blew his load, shooting his cum deep up into her bowels. His eyes half-closed and a smile darting across his lips as her ass clamped down tighter than ever around his spasming, shooting cock.

He relaxed slightly, his entire body loosening, tension totally gone, all his anger over The Black Canary's rebellion forgotten as he reveled in post-orgasmic bliss.

As his body tuned back in to it's pre-orgasmic state, no longer so highly sensitized, he became aware that something was going on. Pulling his cock from The Huntress' asshole, which illicited a slight moan of pleasure from The Heroine, he stood up and made his way towards the entrance to The ThroneRoom, clothes forming over his naked body as he walked, simple jeans and a black shirt now which showed off his athletic frame.

He was aware of everything that went on in his base, because much of it was a solid illusion created by his own will, requiring only the barest concentration to maintain. This sense didn't extend throughout the entire Water Processing Plant, unfortunately, which meant the moment Batman had hit the water he'd been gone from his mystic sight.

Now he stepped through the open frame leading into another corridor, which actually took him to another corridor, rough hewn and dark. He startled Bill Harding, one of his Scientist's, who had been wondering why this corridor ended in a blank wall suddenly when Dominic had appeared as if from nowhere.

"What is it?" Dominic asked, a carefree smile on his face as he stared directly into Bill's eyes, disconcerting the excited Scientist.

"The Manhunter!" Bill said, barely able to contain his excitement at the news, "He's accepted the conditioning!"

End Part 18


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