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Justice League Of America: Dark Angel Part 19 (no sex)
by Dimitri Maximoff

Gotham Theatre - June 6th - 12:00 PM.

Zatanna sighed as she looked in at her dressing room. "I thought this place wasn't affected by The Cataclysm?" she joked.

"I admit," said Howard 'Howie' Mandell, The Theatre's Manager,"That the facilities here aren't the greatest, but they are best in Gotham."

She sighed again at this irrefutable logic. Until recently, Howie had been struggling to keep the oldest Theatre in Gotham above water, and then The Cataclysm had struck. At first Howie's only concern had been to stay alive, but after The National Guard came in and The JLA helped wipe out The Gangs that had come to rule the damaged cities, he'd discovered that he had the only Theatre left standing in the entire city... and the money had started to roll in.

Zatanna had only had a few hours sleep before heading in to The Theatre, and was just a little cranky, but she let Howie's joke go by without an acerbic comment or some other biting, bitter witticism. She was a little worried about her former team-mates, whom she'd sent off a little under five hours ago to an unknown location to face an unknown enemy. Now she had to do this charity show, entertain some of the locals working on the rebuilding process, then go out and party the night away at one of the so-called 'Cataclysm Clubs' even though she knew she needed sleep more than she needed to party.

- Ah well, - she thought as she threw her top hat, blue jacket, white shirt, red tie, boots and fishnet stockings into a chair in the corner of the small dressing room, - I suppose there are worse ways to make a living. -

Dick Grayson's Home - Bludhaven - June 6th - 12:15 PM.

Dick Grayson pulled off his sweaty, torn costume and bundled it up, sliding it away in a small, hidden draw, just one of many places he kept his costume. He dropped to the bed, dressed only in his boxers, and fell instantly asleep, exhausted after a long night fighting dark, shadowy creatures who had attacked him without warning and only left off after he'd been smashed through a window into a Synagogue.

They'd hovered outside, obviously wanting to enter and finish him off, none of them showing any sign of exhaustion after nearly seven hours of fighting, then - as the sun brightened in the sky - they'd disappeared and he'd made his way painfully home.

Now he just wanted to sleep for about a week, he didn't even care if he dreamed.

An Undisclosed Location - Metropolis - June 6th - 12:25 PM.

"Isn't this cosy," muttered Lana,"I've seen bomb shelters in The Pentagon smaller than this."

"I had this place built in the late eighties," Lex replied, "At the time the first predictions of Millennium disasters were being made, and I decided why take the risk? I built this place so that myself and a select few could retain our civilization and comfort... although I have to admit it cost me a pretty penny to get it Y2K Compliant.... I should have seen that coming."

The room that the three Double L's stood in was just the last of many, the underground facility in Outer Metropolis, far from the main City Center, seemed to stretch out forever and had room for at least a hundred people to live in for years, perhaps even more.

"Enough of the tour, Luthor," Lois muttered, using his last name to show this was still a formal interview,"You said you had a big scoop for me, so spill."

"Of course, the story," said Lex, then said no more.

Lois sighed, even when he was trying to be normal, Lex couldn't help playing games, "To quote you, 'It's about The U.S Military investing in the research and production of mind control weapons,' remember?"

"Let me make it clear from the beginning," said Lex, moving down on a comfortable couch in the large room, which included a huge screen T.V, speakers, a bar and two plush chairs. Lois sat in one, while Lana sat in the other, and once Lex had remained standing long enough to make sure all eyes were on him, he sat down on the couch, "That I knew absolutely nothing about this until early this morning, when I was approached by... an old acquaintance."

"Get to it, Luthor," snapped Lois, playing her tape recorder.

"I recently discovered that a subsidiary company of Lexcorp, called MaxiDrive Enterprises, was working on a contract for another company that was just a front for The U.S Military."

"And you expect me to believe that you weren't aware of what one of your companies was up to... come on, Lex, I know you better than that."

"The company was one of a series of companies brought in by a takeover that Lexcorp brought about over Microsoft, which you yourself reported on recently, Ms. Lane," replied Lex, "The final contracts were only signed last week, due to legal difficulties after The C.E.O of Microsoft committed suicide, and I still have at least two weeks of paperwork to go through before I'm up to date on what all the companies were involved in."

Lois had raised an eyebrow at the idea that the late Mr. Gates had been involved in Military Contracts for anything more than computer systems, but she ignored that as Lex continued to speak.

"Maxi-Drive had designed something known as Unit K-24LL7, or more casually by the Scientists working on it as The Sphere. From what I've been able to dig up, this Sphere was designed to work in conjunction with chips being designed by another company - Widget Werks - which is just another front for a wing of U.S Military Research."

"What does this Sphere do?" Lana asked, and Lois felt a flash of annoyance, who was the Reporter here, anyway?

Lex seemed to share this irritation, because his eyes remained fixed on Lois as he continued, "The Sphere projects a signal based on whatever chip is being used with it, this signal moving out in all directions, passing through almost any material known to man, either artificial or organic."

"What kind of signal?" asked Lois, before Lana could speak up again.

"Somehow, and this is beyond my understanding, the signal affects the chemical balance in the brain, and depending on the chip, will affect different portions of the brain's two hemispheres. Theoretically it could be used to make it's victims insane, angry, manically depressed, even sexually aroused."

Lois furrowed her eyebrows, "To what purpose? Why would The U.S Military design something like this?"

"It has a multitude of uses in various situations," replied Lex, "I think that the main idea is to fly in automated planes and bombard a given area with hundreds of these spheres, which have a range of up to ten square mile radius in any direction, although the range can be set to anything between that and a one yard radius, and one or multiple directions left out."

"I think I see," nodded Lois, "If you dropped them into enemy territory you could send opposition soldiers insane with rage or even happiness, making them murder each other or lay down their weapons and start up a hippy commune," her sarcasm was bitter, likely due to her anger at the idea of such a disgusting, depraved weapon being used on anyone."

Lex nodded, "The sphere's signal lasts at least thirty days, which would give U.S Troops ample time to make their way into the territory and take over, they of course being equipped with a device that would somehow negate The Sphere's signal."

"But this is outrageous," gasped Lana, "What if the mind is affected permanently by exposure to this signal... and does The Sphere discriminate between soldiers and civilians?"

"I agree," said Lex, "If I had known such a weapon was being developed, I would have definitely suspended any mass production until all the side-affects and moral problems could be properly addressed."

"You're saying you'd allow this weapon to be made?" gasped Lana, shocked.

"Of course, The U.S Military pays well, and I don't use the weapons, I just make them," Lex seemed confused that this had to be explained, surely it was obvious.

"Then why are you telling us about it, Luthor?" asked Lois, wanting to get things back on track, after all, she was the Reporter here.

"Because 3 days ago," said Lex, his face deadly serious, "The Sphere was stolen."

Gotham Water Processing - June 6th - 12:35 PM.

Dominic could barely hide his excitement as he looked up into The Martian Manhunter's red, expressionless eyes.

From the moment he'd been captured, J'onn J'onz had resisted all the mind-probes, mental conditioning and links that had been thrown at him. The Scientists had come up with numerous reasons for this, the most prevalent being a complete lack of understanding over how The Martian's mind worked.

And now he'd been broken.

Behind him, all of his Scientists were gathered about the instrument panel that had been registering Manhunter's mental patterns, excitedly discussing what this elevated brain spike meant and what that lowered blood pressure level was indicating. Bill Hardings theories were getting more attention and respect since he'd been the one to spot the acceptance of the mental conditioning, which had instantly over-rode The Manhunter's mind, almost as if he'd used up all his strength resisting the training.

"Where is Circe?" Dominic asked, not taking his eyes away from The Manhunter, who stood before him, removed finally from the Sleeper Tube that had held him prisoner for so long,"She'd want to see this?"

"Uh... sir?" ventured Bill Hardings uncertainly, "When I couldn't find you at first, I went looking for Circe."

"And?" muttered Dominic, irritated at having to talk to one of the little people.

"She was gone from her room, and all her possessions were gone."

Dominic turned to face Hardings, his face blank. Despite this, Bill stepped back, suddenly terrified of his Master.

"She... was... what?"

"Uh.... she was gone from her room, sir, and all of her possessions were gone."

Suddenly Dominic's face split with a huge grin, and he laughed, startling and confusing all The Scientists, who had fallen silent when Bill had approached Dominic.

"The stupid bitch has run!" he laughed, "Well fine, her soul is corrupt enough already, and Goddess or no, she will die soon, and find herself in a Hell ruled by ME!"

Bill kept his own doubts to himself, he was a Scientist and had no religious beliefs, being a firm atheist. Having no fear of punishment in any kind of afterlife had made it much easier to put aside any moral qualms over his work. The so-called 'Magic' he'd seen Circe and Dominic work was just an unknown form of science in his opinion, and he looked forward to discovering just how it worked. Dominic was clearly mad, but he had access to technology far beyond any that Bill had seen, and as a Scientist, he'd been unable to resist the temptation to take up Dominic's offer.

"So," chuckled Dominic, turning back to The Manhunter, "J'onn, I'm going to release The Flash and The Green Lantern from the sleeper tubes they're held in, and I want you to access their minds via your telepathic link and imprint the mental conditioning in your own mind onto theirs."

The Manhunter nodded his head almost imperceptibly, and Dominic gave the order to clear the Sleeper Tubes and release the two JLA'ers.

The moment the tubes opened, Green Lantern dropped with a groan to his knees on the strange, glowing material of the floor. He curled up in a ball, naked and shivering.

The Flash reacted totally differently, bursting out of the tube and rushing towards Dominic, either unaware or uncaring about his nudity.

He moved faster than the speed of thought usually, but the powerful, somnambulistic effects of the liquid he'd been immersed in and the slight affect of the mental conditioning on his mind was enough to slow him down to just below the speed of sound.

He was jerked off his feet only three yards from Dominic, caught around the throat by The Martian Manhunter, who expressionlessly turned his gaze on Wally and invaded The JLA'er's mind, easily coming to terms with the heightened reactions of The Flash's physical brain and overriding it.

Seconds later, there were two JLA'ers on the floor, while a third stood motionlessly at Dominic's side and two others stood at either side of the sleeper-tubes, standing guard.

"Excellent!" laughed Dominic, and suddenly they were all in The Throneroom, where Huntress was still lying naked by the stairs leading up to The Throne.

Bill was a bit taken aback by being teleported, especially since he'd felt none of the corporeal unraveling he'd expected to feel.

"So," chuckled Dominic, "Let me just evaluate exactly where I am now."

He turned about, his arms spreading wide, as the assembled Scientists and Superheroes watched on.

"The JLA! The Earth's Greatest Superheroes! Superman - Mine! Wonder Woman - Mine! Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter - mine! Mine! MINE! Huntress? Mine! Steel? Big Barda? Orion? Plastic Man? All soon to be mine! As for Aquaman and Batman? the Dark Knight is either dead or so badly hurt that he might as well be, and even The King Of Atlantis wouldn't be able to defeat what I sent against him! And Oracle? Useless, a cripple who's only threat was in her links to heroes that are mine, including the beautiful, deadly Black Canary! They. Are. All. MINE!!!!"

Bill found all these histrionics rather embarrassing and completely unnecessary, but if it meant he would get to see Dominic's marvelous machine working, it was worth sitting through.

"And finally, the only two that might have been able to hurt me, Zauriel and Supergirl, trapped in Limbo, which led to my greatest and oldest nemesis, Neron, being badly hurt, almost killed!!"

He twisted around, his back to his audience, and his eyes drank in every inch of the large, plain, square box that hummed and thrummed behind The Throne.

"And now it's time for all my plans to finally come to fruition," Dominic hissed, his voice barely audible to his listeners, "After all the waiting, I now stand on the precipice of gaining back The Throne that should have been mine uncounted eons ago."

In a gesture that was almost symbolic, Dominic stepped up and placed a hand on The Throne in front of the machine, and it crumbled away into black dust that melted away into the marble floor beneath.

He lifted his other hand, and somehow The Sphere was in it, as if he'd been holding it all this time.

Dominic took a deep breath, then pushed The Sphere against the side of the machine. The humming coming from the featureless, seamless box increased momentarily, and then Dominic's hand was sinking through the metal. He was totally unconcerned by this, this was the way the machine worked, it only accepted Dominic's touch for more than a few moments, and somehow it registered his thoughts, accepting his commands. This was what had attracted The Scientists to it, they wanted to know how such a thing could be, how the machine operated, if it could be tricked into thinking someone else was Dominic and soforth. He'd given them a mystery to ponder and that had been enough to make them his, they'd gladly worked on his plans in exchange for opportunities to study the amazing technology that made up The Machine.

"We start with Gotham," Dominic whispered, "Then spread out and out, over New York, Metropolis, Keystone, Gateway, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco. The signal will cover all of America, then cross the oceans, taking in England, France, Germany, Europe in it's entirety! Africa, India, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, Greenland, Iceland, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, The Chatham Islands, Atlantis... in short, The World!"

And the signal was already being sent, moving all over the world, as well as towards a special receiver/transmitter designed to accept and boost the signal around wherever it was at the time.

All to Dominic's plan.

JLA WatchTower - The Moon - 1:00 PM. Gotham Time.

"What is this about, Steel?" muttered Big Barda, not bothering to hide her irritation at being called up to the lab. She was a warrior, a fighter, and despite respecting Steel as a leader for the so-called Second String of The JLA, disliked having to sit through some of his boring technological discussions.

Plastic Man was right behind her, watching for any indication that her cape might flick to the side, allowing him a view of the tight material of her costume over her firm asscheeks. He shook his head, he had always been a randy son of a bitch, and even sex with a hotty like Catwoman hadn't been enough to calm him down.

"How is Catwoman?" asked Steel, not looking up from the amulet that he was still working on. Plastic Man felt a sudden flash of guilt rush through his body, but he knew Steel was merely inquiring as to her well-being, and only asking Plastic Man because he'd been assigned to guard her by Batman.

"F.. fine," he returned, stretching his neck and arching his head past Barda's. She swiped in annoyance at him, which he easily avoided, and looked over Steel's shoulder at the dissected chain of the amulet.

"Wow, what's that?" he asked, seeing what was inside the chain.

"Is Maxima still unconscious?" Steel asked, ignoring Plastic Man's question, "I'm a little concerned about our ability to hold someone as powerful as she is, it may take more than the standard meta-human procedures."

"Yeah, she's out like a light," replied Plastic Man, "What IS that?"

"The chain of Catwoman's amulet," replied Steel, not looking up, "I managed to open it up, despite it's minuscule size there is an incredibly huge amount of circuitry in here, and it'll take me months to find out what it all does. Whoever made this is a genius... or possibly only one molecule high."

"Like The Atom?" asked Barda, who had made at least a cursory effort to go over The JLA Database, more out a desire to best The Huntress, who had been poring through the files in her spare time.

"Yeah, although this isn't his style... look at this."

He lifted an incredibly small circuit board up from the chain, holding it on the end of an small pick that tapered down to a single molecule. A wire attached the circuit to the chain, it was barely a hairsbreadth wide, almost invisible to the naked eye.

"What is it?" asked Plastic Man, it looked the same as all the other tiny circuits still in the chain.

"Some kind of receiver," replied Steel, "As well as a transmitter, the fact that the designer was able to incorporate both facets into such a tiny receptacle is absolutely fascinating."

"Yes," replied Barda, bored beyond belief, "Is that why you called us, Steel? To show us a small transmitter?"

"No," replied Steel, still not looking up, "I thought you should know that.... what's this?"

"What?" asked Plastic Man.

"The strangest energy signal I've ever se..." he started to say, and then first The Research Lab, then the entire Watchtower, was flooded with The Sphere's Signal.

Gotham Theatre - June 6th - 1:01 PM.

Zatanna came out to a huge round of applause, accompanied by the usual wolf whistles and catcalls. She was an exceptionally beautiful woman, and when she was wearing what she was wearing it just accentuated the affect even more.

As always she was dressed in a red bow tie, tight white shirt and glittering blue jacket. The shirt was joined onto a dark blue bikini panties, so that members of the audience got to get a good look at her long, shapely legs encased in fishnet stockings that somehow seemed almost naughty. As she turned about to look at the table, there were a few groans when the male members of the audience realized that the tails of her jacket kept them from getting a good look at her lovely ass.

She turned back around and pulled off her top hat, letting her long, black hair spill out over her shoulders. She threw her head back, letting her long hair twist about, seemingly shining in the bright lights of the stage.

Seeing the hungering looks on the mens faces, so similar to those she saw on many of the dancers at the clubs she'd been frequenting recently, and as usual it thrilled her slightly. She loved being desired, it was almost addictive, which was probably why she continued performing when she could use her powers to become a full time superhero.

"For my first trick," she cried, "I will...."

Her head shot back, blasted with an overwhelming force of something foreign, alien to her nature. She barely noticed the audience were all reacting similarly, eyes wide, mouths gaping as something intruded upon their unsuspecting minds.

Zatanna dropped to her knees, her entire body fatigued, her head facing the ground and her long hair draped over her head. Slowly she lifted her head up, her hair running over her face, obscuring much of it, but exposing enough to show the undisguised look of hunger on her face, the basic, overwhelming sexual need.

A look shared in the eyes of all the men and women now staring at her and each other, all of them sharing the same basic desire.... to have sex, and have it now!

Dick Grayson's Home - Bludhaven - June 6th - 1:02 PM.

Dick came awake, his body completely refreshed, his mind alert and aware.

"I'm in my room," he muttered, "Something's wrong."

He looked down and was surprised to see his boxers being pushed up into a tent by his erection. He sighed, here he was after one of the severest, most difficult fights of his life and he was horny?

"Ah well, human nature I guess," he muttered to himself, "Shame to waste a beauty like this though."

Lamenting having anybody around to use his manhood on, he resigned himself to jacking off and pulled his boxers down.

And another hand reached down and circled his penis.

"Huh?" he gasped, looking up the length of the oddly colored arm, which was a strange orange hue, "Kory? What are you doing here? What are you doing?"

"Shhh," replied his former lover - Koriand'r, aka Starfire - her green eyes dancing merrily, shockingly bright against her orange skin and long, long, long red hair.

"Yeah, shhh," said another female's voice, and another hand circled his cock. Looking to his right he found himself facing another redhead, the hair nowhere near as long as KoriAndr;s, the skin a pale, ivory white.

"Barbara?" he asked,"How did you get here?" He noted with surprise that she was kneeling over the bed, supporting herself on her own legs, "You're legs? How did...?"

"Shhh," Barbara Gordon, the former Batgirl repeated.

"Yeah, shhh," said another voice, and he felt small, firm breasts press against his naked back. Turning his head he was shocked to find himself facing yet another woman, this one a blonde.

"Bette?" Dick asked, shocked to find the onetime superheroine and now part-time Tennis Player - Mary Elizabeth "Bette" Kane, aka Flamebird - there, as naked as the other two women. The Southern Californian had developed a huge crush on Dick back when he was Robin and sent him fan letters, hoping to find he would share her obsession. Hoping to get his attention she'd made up a costume similar to his own and moved around California, stopping small crimes and getting as much publicity as possible, hoping to get Robin to come to California. When that plan failed, she'd gone back to school, graduated near the top of her class, returned to Tennis and been a sensation before forming a West Coast version of The Teen Titans so that she could come into contact with Dick. But upon their finally meeting, he'd treated her coolly and left her bitterly disappointed, although still deeply in love.

And now here she was, naked and pressed against him, her small breasts squashed firmly against his muscular back.

"Bette, what's going on?"

"Don't question it, lover," she replied and kissed him lightly on the lip.

"She's right, don't question it," said a brand new voice from his other side, and Dick turned to find himself facing Helena Bertinelli, aka The Huntress.

- But she doesn't even know my secret identity! - Dick thought in a moment of panic, but then he took in her naked form and remembered once again the very brief affair they'd had, something he still dreamt about sometimes.

"The hell with it," he muttered, "I'm just gonna go with it."

He fell back on the bed, and the four women leaped onto him.

An Undisclosed Location - Metropolis - June 6th - 1:03PM

Lois looked over the diagrams and files Lex had presented to her just over half an hour ago. They went into some detail over how The Sphere worked, including details over the way the signals emitting from it could affect the brain in various ways.

"You realize," Lex said, "That I could be sent to jail for giving over confidential files like this, I wish to remain an anonymous source?"

"Of course, of course," Lois muttered, chewing at the end of her pen, eager to get back to the files. This made her rinky dink story about Senatorial corruption look like an interesting but unabsorbing human interest story. She tugged briefly at the collar of the smart looking power suit she was wearing and blew air up into her short fringe, some loose hairs pressing against her forehead, "Is it getting hotter in here?"

"Strange," muttered Lex, pulling at his own collar and noticing that Lana was stretched out in her chair, fanning herself with a folder containing information about failed Sphere experiments on human subjects, "This entire facility is supposed to be climate controlled."

Lana half opened her eyes and looked Lex up and down appreciatively, she'd never noticed before how charming he was, how attractive. She felt an odd feeling in her gut and a longing between her legs, an itch that needed to be scratched. Looking over at Lois she found it remarkable that she'd never realized that the woman who had taken her first and greatest love was incredibly sexy.

- Man, - she thought, "If I was a guy I'd fuck Lois in a second."

Her eyes grew wide as Lex and Lois turned to look over at her, had she just said that out loud?

"Lana?" asked Lois, confused. Had her husband's first girlfriend just said that she'd like to have sex with her? And had hearing those words given her some kind of weird thrill?

"I'd pay to see that," Lex muttered, "I'd pay more to join in."

His own eyes widened, he'd meant to think that, not say it out loud!

Lois felt a moment of panic, even as her mind was flooded with images of her, Lex and Lana rolling about on the floor together, arms and legs intertwined, naked and sweaty, going at it like animals, "Lex, I think we're being affected by something... oh my.... what if it's The Sphere?"

"Impossible," Lex returned, sweat running freely down his face as he fought to stop his growing erection from becoming visible, "I took us to this facility because it's completely climate controlled, sealed off entirely from the outside world and well outside the extent of any Sphere's reach, I'd have been alerted if one was brought with ten square miles of here."

And as he finished saying it, the Signal strength was bolstered yet again by Dominic's Machine, a fresh wave ran over them and all three were tearing off their clothes and rushing towards the center of the room.

End Part 19


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