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Justice League Of America: Dark Angel Part 21 (F-gang,MFF,mc)
by Dimitri Maximoff

"Ugh!" Slap! "Ugh!" Slap! "Ugh!" Slap! "Ugh!" Slap!

Every thrust of Howie's cock into Zatanna's cunt was emphasized and punctuated by a grunt from the man and the wet slapping noise of flesh meeting flesh. The slaps and grunts were come faster and faster now, and Zatanna had given up on just making individual moans and groans of pleasure and was just letting out a gasping, happy moan as her cunt was crammed fill of cockmeat again and again.

"Uhhh fuck!" screamed Howie, burying his cock balls deep into her cunt, his nuts slapping hard against her asshole and finally coming to a rest as he ground against her thighs and pumped his hips forward, blowing his load and shooting his cum deep inside of Zatanna's pussy.

"Oooh," he moaned, lying limp on her thighs, all his weight on her sexy, fishnet stocking clad legs. Then with a grunt he was pulled up and off her, his cock pulling loose from her cunt with a wet, sucking noise.

She moaned in disappointment as she felt her cunt empty again, and then she was being dragged down the stage by her legs, until the long, sexy limbs were draped over the side of the stage, putting her at just the right height for the man kneeling on the stairs to get at her cunt.

Of the eight men who had been fighting over her, three were now unconscious and the remaining five had agreed in their desperation on playing paper/scissors/rock to see who went first.

Now the winner had Zatanna, the magician totally naked, lying on the stage, firm, toned legs hanging over the side with a tall, muscular and naked man between her legs.

Within moments her cunt was fill again, and soon the man, too eager to worry about technique, was jack-hammering between her legs, fucking her cunt with total sexual abandon. The other four stood back, obviously holding in place only by sheer force of will, holding their erect cocks in their fists but not stroking them, perhaps fearing cumming and losing their chance to get at Zatanna's cunt.

The man, whose name Zatanna didn't know and didn't want to know, threw his head back and screamed in triumph through gritted teeth as his bouncing, naked ass jammed back and forth as he fucked his cock in and out of Zatanna's cunt.

"Ohhh, yes!" Zatanna yelped in pleasure, "That's it! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

The Magician reached up and gripped the cheeks of the man's bouncing ass tightly, her fingers digging in and pulling his ass cheeks apart as she pounded her tight cunt up and down against his fucking hips, grinding in sexual ecstasy against his cock. His balls were slapping back and forth against her compact, contracted ass cheeks with each thrust, and with each contact of his flesh to hers - whether it was his cock parting her cunt and filling her up time and again, or his thick, curly pubic hair pressing against the shaven, trimmed hairs of her crotch, or his balls against her ass - it created a burning sensation in her pussy, as if the friction of his cock pounding into her cunt was going to start a fire.

As the burning friction increased, doubling and then tripling Zatanna's pleasure, she heard the stranger let out a grunt, felt his balls drawing up tight over her ass cheeks.

"OH YES!" she cried, and seconds later felt his cum pumping deep into her cunt, the second man in ten minutes to do so. Zatanna squealed out louder than ever before and jerked her hips about beneath him, her body completely abandoned to sexual pleasure.

Her thighs were trembling as the man pulled his prick from her cunt and dropped from the step to the ground, his eyelids half-closed, a sleepy look on his face warring with the rampant lust still being commanded of him by The Signal.

The next man didn't stand on ceremony, and an instant later he was between Zatanna's legs, his cock going straight into her pussy as The Magician kicked out her legs straight, gurgling in erotic bliss, her mind nothing but a loud roar of intense sexual desire.

"That's right! Give it to me!" Zatanna cried, half in glee, half demanding, "Give me your cock! I want you to fuck me, dammit! FUCK ME!!"

The 2nd man actually whispered out, "Yes, Ma'am," before continuing to fuck her, madly fondling and groping Zatanna's tits, running his hands all over trembling, quivering body. She felt fingers all over her clit and realized with no surprise that they were her own, none of that mattered, anyway, it was all a cacophony of different sensations running through her body leading up to one whole sensation, that of her orgasm, of which she was currently having her fourth.

"OH FUCK! I CAN'T FUCKING TAKE IT!" screamed one of the three remaining men waiting to fuck Zatanna. He charged forward, past the man fucking her - who didn't even notice him - and got down on his knees over Zatanna's face.

"Take it, suck it, please!" he hissed at her fearfully, and his entire face seemed to loosen up entirely as she happily swallowed the head of his cock. With a grunt he lifted his hips and then pushed his cock forward, sending several inches into her mouth, which closed about his shaft tightly and began to run up and down by about half an inch, putting a delicious pressure on the man's cock.

Suddenly she felt both her breasts being suckled on, and by rolling her eyes to the side she saw that both the men who'd been waiting to fuck her next had given up. They were now hunched over on either side of her, sucking on her tits and running their hands over her side, contributing to the delicious feeling that she WAS sex, that there was nothing else to be had but sex.

Zatanna happily began to slam her cunt up against the 2nd man's driving cock, almost as if she was trying to pull his cock off of him, her cunt was so tight around his shaft.

"Pussy!" grunted the man fucking her, "Pussy, fuck, good, fuck pussy!"

Zatanna came again, her pussy flexing tightly about on his cock, drawing his prick in, sucking his cock back into her cunt just as she was sucking on the cock in her mouth. Her juices flooded all about over her ass and his cock, the wooden floor of the stage sticky with her cum and her sweat now.

That was enough for man number two, and she felt more cum spurting deep into her cunt, which convulsed tighter as she moved her hips back and forth around under him.

And then man four was taking his chance, pulling away from Zatanna's tit and getting between her legs, sliding his cock into her gushing, flooded cunt. She moaned around man number three's cock, who was still blissfully unaware that he'd missed his opportunity to fuck her cunt, so enamored was he with the feel of her mouth around his cock.

Man 4 began to make powerful, stabbing thrusts against her cunt, sending pounding vibrations throughout her entire crotch which spread out over her entire body. She would not have been able to hold her hips still even if she'd wanted to, because another orgasm smashed through her body. There was nothing gentle about this fuck, just as there hadn't been with any of the other three. Man 4 banging hard against her pussy as Zatanna's ass whipped about on the floor, her cunt convulsing and contracting around his thick shaft of fuckmeat as she continued cumming, no longer sure when the last had ended and the next begun.

Never had Zatanna known such ecstasy, she couldn't stop cumming, and all the sound she could make were small whimpered around Man 3's cock. She wanted to scream out her pleasure, roar at them to fuck her raw, fuck her cunt, fuck her pussy, slam it to her until she exploded with raw sexual energy.

"Oh my FUCK!" screamed man 4 and pounded his cum into her pussy, making The Magician's eyes roll back in her head. She no longer remembered her name, her career, what city she was in, why she was here, her powers were forgotten, her worries about The JLA had disappeared. All that mattered was sex, and she would do anything to have it, ANYTHING!!!!

Man 5 pulled his mouth from her tits and rushed between her legs, eager to get into her frothy, gushing cunt. Man 3 remained over her face, fucking his cock in and out of her mouth with faster and faster strokes, blissfully unaware that he was missing another chance to get at Zatanna's cunt.

The last of the men settled quickly into her and began thrusting his cock hard into her cunt, slamming back and forth in eagerness that was more suited to a boy having sex with a woman for the first time. This was odd since he was a 38 year old businessman, but at this point he wouldn't have been capable of telling someone where he'd parked his car this afternoon, much less which Stock's looked good this year.

He panted and gasped for air, being a little unfit, but nothing continued to flex and twitch from multiple orgasms. Her body felt weak and should have been getting numb at this point, but somehow the feelings were just as good now as they'd been when Howie first sliced his cock into her cunt.

Zatanna writhed and twisted her naked, sweaty ass about on the stage beneath her. Her cunt gripped and sucked on the thrusting cock of man 5 and she knew she couldn't fight of this next orgasm even if she'd wanted to, which she certainly didn't.

"Oh shit yeah!" cried Man 5 as he fucked the sexy heroine, "I'm gonna fucking cum already!"

Zatanna felt his cock squirt it's load into her cunt, and Zatanna cried out a muffled squeal of sexual delight around Man 3's cock. Her sexy body shook and trembled in incredible pleasure as her naked, bouncing tits jiggled all over her chest. By the time Man 5 had finished cumming, Zatanna had become so weak and exhausted from cumming that she just lay on her back now, her ass twitching about from time to time as she slowly sucked away at Man 3's cock, her eyes half closed and her fingers slowly playing over her clitoris.

"Fuuuuck!" grunted Man 5 and fell backwards, landing on his ass and then tilting onto his back, where he lay on the ground, breathing deeply, raggedly as he tried to get over the incredible fuck.

"Oh shit," groaned Man 3," Feels so good, think I'm gonna cum!"

He turned his head slightly and his eyes widened in disbelief when he saw Zatanna's naked crotch, tipped up at an angle, invitingly open and inviting to be fucked.

"SHIT!" he grunted and pulled his cock from Zatanna's mouth, at the same time twisting around and staggering forward across the stage.

He gripped his cock in hand and stopped abruptly, he closed his eyes and squeezed his cock, crying out through gritted teeth, "Noooo!"

And then he was shooting his load out, his sperm firing out of his cock and firing through the air, hitting the stage almost two feet past Zatanna.

"NOOOO!!!!" he cried, then dropped onto his ass and just sat there, a dull, uncomprehending expression on his face.

"Come on," gasped Zatanna, playing with her pussy, "Come on, I need more, who else wants to fuck me? COME ON!"

But of the nine she'd had access to, three were unconscious and the other six were lying on their backs or barely able to sit up, trying to get their breath back, their cocks limp between their legs.

The lust in their eyes was undeniable, boosted by The Signal and strengthened by the large number of couples still going at it in the seats behind them, but their bodies were just incapable of following the minds instructions.

Zatanna felt a flare of anger at this limitation, and unbidden she called up a spell, even though she'd forgotten that she was capable of doing that.

"Er'uoy seidob era dezilataiver, rouy ygrene derotser!"

Instantly half hard and limp cocks twitched, then rose up to full height, hard and ready again. The looks of exhaustion coupled with lust were replaced with just plain lust, and all five of her lovers (Howie had made his way into a threesome in the seats behind them) stood up and looked at her with smiles.

"Round two," grinned Zatanna, and spread her legs wider, "Ding, ding!"

Dick Grayson's Home - Bludhaven - June 6th - 1:08 PM.

At first they'd been content to roll around on the bed together, reveling in the feel of five naked bodies being all over each other. Breasts, thighs, asses, vaginas and one very hard penis slid over and against each other, connecting with mouths, hands, feet and other body parts.

Dick was loving the attention he was getting, having Starfire and Huntress run their arms loving over his chest, cooing about how muscular and attractive he was, their breasts pressing against his side, their legs parted on either side of his hips, the wet heat of their vaginas against his hips. Meanwhile, Barbara and Bette were down by his legs, their breasts rubbing against his legs, kissing up and down his thighs gently as they rubbed their pussies over his feet, occasionally pressing down against his big toe, letting out low groans of pleasure at the feel of his digit pushing up between their tight cunt lips, their hands ran over the smooth assc heeks of Starfire and Huntress, also sliding their way between the two woman's legs, pressing up between Dick's hips
and the heroine's vaginas.

"Kory, Helena, Babs, Bette," Dick moaned, "This is like a dream come true."

He slid a hand through Koriand'r's hair, which was so incredibly long that once, when they'd still been going out, she had gone out on the town with him naked, artfully holding her hair together with hairpins and belts to make it look like she was wearing clothes. That had been one of just many erotic experiences with her, something that he still missed. Lifting it up he sniffed at it, the fragrance and feel exactly as he'd remembered.

Kory slid her way down Dick's side, moving over his body so that her pussy left a wet, warm trail of her arousal against his skin. She slowly, lazily lifted her curved ass up from his belly and scooted back so that she was over his hard, erect cock, then lowered herself down.

Her eyes sparkled with joy as she felt Dick Grayson's cock enter her yet again, filling her up completely, joining with her perfectly.

A moan of intense pleasure rose up from between Dick's lips as he felt himself entering Starfire once again after all this time, and his eyes ran all over her delicious, naked body. Bette made her way up between his legs and moved her head in to the small space between Kory's ass and the bed, then gently slipped out her tongue and ran the tip along Dick's balls, making them tighten involuntarily. Flamebird continued to stroke her pussy up and down over Dick's thigh as she gently teased Nightwing's nuts with her tongue, even as Starfire began to slowly raise up and down on top of him, his shaft sliding in and out, in and out of her tight, juicy cunt.

Barbara and Helena moved up beside Dick's face, and suddenly he was having two sets of heroine's tits presented to him. He eagerly sucked in first one, then the other, and then alternated back and forth, his lips closing about the hard, erect nipples of the sexy women and suckling on them. Both woman moaned happily, sliding their hands over and around his face, across his neck and chest as they hunched their vagina's back and forth across his flanks.

Barbara pulled one of her small, firm breasts from Dick's mouth and moved up onto her knees, then quickly straddled Nightwing's face, pressing the juicy heat of her vagina against his face and then applying pressure against his mouth as her hands gripped the sides of his head, allowing her to grind and twist her cunt about over his face as he eagerly probed and twisted his tongue about between her shaven cunt lips.

Hands grabbed Dick's arm and suddenly her felt a wet warmth engulf his fingers as The Huntress pressed his hand up against her cunt, holding him in place as she fucked her cunt against his digits, her tits bouncing up and down in place as she ground herself down onto his hand.

His balls were drawing up tight under his cock shaft as Bette continued to lick and slide over them. His eyes widened underneath Barbara's cunt as he felt a delicious, wet warmth surround one of his nuts, Bette was sucking one of his balls!

His cock swelled up inside of Koriand'r's cunt and she let out a moan of pleasure as she continued to ride his cock with maddening slowness, enough to drive his body wild with pleasure without dropping him over the edge.

So there he was, Dick Grayson - Nightwing - with four of the sexiest women in the world in bed with him. A beautiful alien who'd been the love of his life for years riding his cock while an old teammate pressed and slid her cunt about on his face, a more recent teammate fucked herself against his hand while another who'd been obsessed with him for years was sucking and tickling his balls with her mouth and fingers while her cunt rode up and down over his leg.

Barbara spun about on Dick's face so that she was facing Koriand'r, then leaned forward towards the sexy alien, who also leaned forward, and the two women instantly locked together in a passionate kiss. Barbara still held to one side of Dick's face as he munched away at her pussy, but the other slid between Kory's incredibly long hair to pull the alien closer, while the Tamaranean's own hands were all over Barbara's small breasts, cupping and fondling the former Batgirl's mammaries. Kory was much taller than Barbara, standing at six foot four, so her own large breasts were pushing against Babs' neck and the shorter red head had to lean her face right up so that Kory could lower herself down into the kiss. But if they felt any discomfort in these positions, they didn't show it, in fact all five of them seemed to feel only pleasure, nothing but sexual desire and pleasure, as if there was nothing else in the world.

Nightwing could feel his cum. boiling up in his balls, his cock swelling again and again inside of Kory's cunt, sensations quadrupled by the feel of Huntress' cunt on his hand, Barbara's pussy on his face, Bette's cunt sliding over his legs as she sucked at his nuts and Kory's pussy swallowing his cock.

He began to thrust up against her cunt, no longer able to continue along with the slow, languorous fucking that Starfire had been giving him. The Tamaranean responded, hunching her own hips down faster now as her body began to jerk and shake involuntarily as her own orgasm approached.

Barbara was jerking about all over his face, grinding her cunt against his mouth and nose as her tongue slid in and out between Kory's lips. Her eyes widened suddenly, taking in nothing but the green orbs or Kory's own eyes as she felt herself cum. She didn't break the kiss with Starfire, in fact she kept her mouth locked to Koriand'r's as her cunt flooded copious amounts of juices out over Dick's face. This seemed more than Kory could take and she slammed her cunt down hard onto Dick's cock, her cunt clenching tighter than ever before around his fuck meat as she too came, her cunt filling up with pussy juice that was unable to escape with Dick's cock planted firmly inside of her.

Bette broke her mouth away from Dick's nuts and let out a squeal of passion that showed off her relative youthfulness compared to the others. She was only nineteen, after all, while the others were approaching their mid-twenties. Her cunt pounded down against Nightwing's knee and suddenly the glistening trail of her arousal was blasted away by huge amounts of cunt juice, more than any of the others had so far created. Her sweating, heaving body jerked about insanely as she gave vent to her excited orgasm, her small breasts rubbing up and down over Dick's sheets, her blond hair sliding up between Kory's ass crack, adding to the already considerable pleasure that The Tamaranean was feeling from her own orgasm.

"AHHH!" cried Huntress, throwing back her head and getting nearly four of Dick's fingers into her pussy as she too came, her hot juices flooding out over his hand and down his arm onto the bed.

And that was just a bit much for Dick to take, and he felt his cum erupt upwards and....

An Undisclosed Location - Metropolis - June 6th - 1:10PM

Lex looked down at the two women, who rolled about on the floor together, kissing passionately. Lois had her arms entwined through Lana's red hair while Lana's hands slid all over Lois' ass, cupping her tight little ass cheeks as they slid their tongues over each other's, pushing through their lips and tasting the interior of their mouths.

Lex stood a few feet back, naked and clutching his cock in his hand. His entire body was free of hair, something he'd taken to doing after being brought back from the dead, so that no one could get hair samples to make clones of him, his main fear being Brainiac.

But he didn't give a shit about that anymore, all that interested him were the two sexy women rolling about on the ground before him, and just which one he was going to fuck first.

Hands slid up Lana's sides and with surprising strength, Lois was lifting her up onto the couch, grabbing the sides of her Husband's first girlfriend's thighs and parting them. Lois' natural competitiveness played through even here, and she'd taken the dominant role over Lana, who was happy to be the submissive partner.

Lois didn't stand on ceremony, she didn't tease or play about, and Lana probably wouldn't have appreciated it if she did. Instead, the reporter just buried her face into Lana's crotch and ran her lower lip up between Lana's cunt lips, sucking in a good amount of the redheads dripping juices.

Lex was using every single fiber of his incredible willpower to fight off the desire to just dive down there and fuck Lois' brains out, it was control that Lex desired more than anything else, and the knowledge that the sex would be better when timed right kept The Signal from completely over-riding his self control.

The sight of Lois' ass weaving about as she knelt on all fours before the couch, her head between Lana's outspread legs as she ate out the redhead's pussy was an incredibly erotic sight, and Lex knew it was now or never. Somehow he sensed that Lois' cunt would be screaming for cock, and the longer she went without it, the better it would feel when she finally got it. He moved forward, hand circling his penis, and slowly got down onto his knees, not making his presence known just yet, reveling in the moment of anticipation, knowing that any second now he would be sinking his cock into Lois Lane's cunt.

Lana moaned and groaned happily as Lois greedily chowed down on the wet, shaven snatch before her.

"Oooohhh, yes!" Lana cried out as Lois churned her face about into her rival's pussy, continuing to sucking and lick the other woman's tasty slit with lust-driven vigor.

Lex sat on his knees behind Lois' upturned ass, his fingers sliding between her snatch, teasing the reporter, who occasionally pulled her face from Lana's pussy to first command Lex to fuck her, and finally to beg him to put it in her.

That was what Lex had been waiting for, for Lois to beg for him to fuck her, and he was instantly moving, wedging the tip of his cock between Lois' pinkly parted pussy-lips and rubbing the bulbous cockhead up and down between the delicious, inviting cunt lips. He pushed forward, entering fully into her flooding cunt, groaning as he felt the muscles of her cunts parting before his cock, Lois' lips buzzing into Lana's pussy as she felt the delicious sensations of a cock entering her cunt. But she squawked in confusion when she felt his cock pull back out of her, his cock exiting her completely, then pressing up against her hot, throbbing clit.

"Come on, Lex!" she groaned, pulling her dripping face from Lana's cunt, "Please, fuck me!"


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