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Justice League Of America: Dark Angel Part 22 (MFF,MF,inter,mc)
by Dimitri Maximoff

Lex just smiled as he moved the head of his cock back and forth between her cuntlips, only penetrating her slightly, loving the feel of her pussy pulsating and crying out in need, desperately clasping down on the head of his cock, trying to suck him back inside of her. Lois' hips moved back against Lex's teasing prick in quick, humping circles as she frantically dived back between Lana's legs, tonguing the redhead's delicious little slit with a vengeance, as if trying to compensate for the desperate need between her legs.

Lana moaned and twisted her fingers between Lois' short brown hair, her mouth wide as Lois licked her tight cunt, eating up the juicy, glistening froth quickly from between the ex-Senator's wife's legs.

Lois couldn't stand it any longer, Lex's cock sliding up and down her pink, shaven little slit was too much for her and she tore her mouth from Lana's cunt, crying out her desperate need.

"Do it Lex! Please, do it now!!" she pleaded and begged with him,"I can't stand it any longer! I've got to get fucked! I've just got to get it, please! put the fucking thing in and FUCK ME!!!!"

These were words no one had heard from her lips since her Honeymoon with Clark, but they were the words Lex had been waiting to hear. Now he knew she was ready, that she would truly appreciate what he was going to give her. He took a second to reposition the head of his cock, then he grabbed her curved hips and lunged forward, cramming all of his cock into Lois' pussy to the hilt.

"Oooohhhhh!!" Lois squealed into Lana's squirming cunt as Lex's cock sank balls deep into her snug, tight little fuckhole.

Lex had always known Lois would be a tight fuck, but this was still so much better than any of his greater expectations. It felt like his cock was buried balls deep into a hot, velvet vice, and he could tell from Lois' moans the way she twisted about before him that she was loving it too.

The reporter stabbing her tongue into Lana's oily slit with the same rhythm and beat that Lex was now using to fuck her, plunging her tongue deep into the redhead's pussy as Lex shoved his cock deep into her, pulling back as Lex pulled away, then slamming deep back in as Lex shoved forward against her ass once more.

It seemed to Lois as if her cunt was crammed completely and totally full of hard, Billionaire prick, and each time the head of his cock slammed between her cuntlips and pushed deep inside of her, a sharp, hard wave of sexual pleasure traveled throughout her entire body.

Lois was finding it hard to keep her mouth attached to Lana's cunt as Lex's strong, virile, cock meat began to fuck her quivering, hungry pussy with long, deep and powerful strokes. She wanted to scream out her desire, to shout out a thousand obscenities, but somehow she wanted to make Lana cum, to make her orgasm, and she wanted her to do it before Lois herself came, still competing even now.

So she resumed her oral attack on Lana's snatch, licking away at the pink, glistening flesh of the other woman, slipping and sliding her tongue deep into the sexy redheaded woman's snatch. Lana squirmed her hips down against Lois' face, jerking and grinding her trimmed cunt mound against the Reporter's hot, probing tongue.

"Oh Lois, yes!" cried Lana,"Lick me! Lick my pussy! It's so good!"

Lex slid his hands down over Lois' sides and then under her, grabbing her firm, round tits in his hand and fondling and massaging them happily as he fucked in and out of her cunt.

As he continued to slam his prick deeply into Lois' cunt, Lana pulled her hands free from Lois' hair and ran them up over her own breasts, they were larger than Lois' which somehow pleased the redhead, and she happily fondled her own breasts, squeezing her nipples between thumb and forefinger as she humped her cunt up into Lois' face.

"Arrrhhhh!!" squealed Lana, releasing her breasts again as she felt a blast of intense passion wash over her and realized that this was it, she was cumming. Her hands left her tits and grabbed Lois' head again as she thrust her pussy up against Lois' face.

Lois felt Lana's thigh muscles tense and contract against her cheeks, she responded by grabbing the clit between her lips and began to suck the other woman's throbbing love button in and out of her mouth.

Lana let out a loud, animalistic moan and squirmed her cunt down hard onto the Reporter's sucking mouth, pressing Lois' swirling, twisting tongue deeper than ever inside of her pussy as she came.

Lana creamed, her cunt filling Lois' mouth with a virtual torrent of hot, juicy cunt-cream, which was immediately sucked up, Lois greedily swallowing every last drop that the redheads flooding pussy had to offer.

As her climax wound down, Lana slowly let her ass drop back down onto the couch, her sopping cunt pulling away from Lois' juice-smeared face. She was totally exhausted, her body weak and fatigued, but she still wanted more, she wanted more sex, more pleasure.

Meanwhile, Lois was squealing like a stuck pig as she felt Lex's cock plunging in and out of her cunt faster and faster, harder and harder, shifting the angle of each thrust so that it rasped along her clit at different vectors, sending hard, fast and concurrent thrills of pleasure from her clit and out over her entire body.

The wife of Superman jerked and bucked her hips back to meet her husband's greatest enemy's screwing cock, she gripped hard to Lana's thighs to hold herself in place as Lex fucked her in total abandon, only interested in his own pleasure now, just as she only cared about her own. His prick felt larger than anything she'd had before, although he was actually slightly smaller than Clark's member, and it was rubbing along her clit with every stroke as she squirmed her tight apple of an ass back against his thrusts, squealing and moaning as she approached her orgasm. She was free to let herself go now that she'd made Lana cum, and even now she made the occasional foray between the woman's legs, sucking up the last remaining dribbles of hot cunt juice from the redhead's hot, steaming pussy.

Lois arched her back and pounded her hips back as Lex's cock penetrated her deeper and deeper, filling her up totally as he strained to get every last inch of his dick inside her sex-greedy snatch. Lex's hands were all over her breasts, feeling her up and making her cry out happily as he twisted his fingers about over her nipples and slammed his cock into her cunt.

Lois thrust herself back, impaling herself onto the Billionaire's fucking cock as she gripped tightly to Lana's thighs.

As the arrogant villain fucked her, Lois wasn't even too aware that it was Lex Luthor fucking her, and yet she was intimately aware of this fact and somehow it made the pleasure greater, the taboo nature of this sex increasing her pleasure. This was a dichotomy that would usually intrigue her reporter's nature, but she didn't even think about it as she slammed back against her lover's fucking hips.

At the angle he was currently fucking her on, Lex's prick was rasped deliciously against the hard nub of her sensitive, erect clitoris, making Lois let out continuous and louder groans of pleasure, bucking her ass back against him, so close to orgasm she felt that each new stroke might put her over the edge.

"OH! Unghh!! YES!" squealed Lois, and came at last, letting out a series of grunts and squeals of passion as she ground her tight, gripping pussy onto the bald Billionaires drilling, jackhammering cock.

Lex continued fucking her as she came, slamming into her hot, flooding cunt and burying his prick ballsdeep in her tight little twat.

She slammed back and he slammed forward, both of them holding there, hips grinding against ass as he impaled her completely with his cock and ground against her quivering cunt.

"Gnnnngh!!" cried Lex through gritted teeth, throwing back his head and rolling his eyes back in his head. He slammed his hips hard against her tight little ass and came, shooting his sperm deep into Lois Lane's tight little pussy, which eagerly swallowed it up, clenching and sucking on his cock, wanting him in there indefinitely. She couldn't think past fucking, that was all that interested her, all that she wanted from him, Lana or anyone else. Anyone who wanted to could have her, she'd happily spread her legs for any man or woman, all that interested Lois Lane now was straight, hard sex of any sort, as long as she got off.

With a groan, Lex pulled his cock from her cunt and fell backwards onto the thickly carpeted floor, lying on his back and panting deeply, trying to catch his breath after that magnificent fuck.

Lois quickly moved up over Lana's body and kissed the redhead, who returned the kiss with unblunted passion. They locked lips and played their tongues over each other, exploring and tasting the other woman's mouth as their hands ran all over each other's body, exploring every crevice, nook or cranny.

"Come on, Lex," gasped Lois, pulling away from Lana for a second, looking over at the exhausted Billionaire, "Join us, Lana could use some of that magic cock of yours."

Lex groaned, struggling to sit up. He grabbed his cock in hand and stroked it a few times, desperately trying to get erect again so that he could fulfill that request.

- Because I'm not going to pass up this opportunity, - he thought, stopping to peer up at one corner of the room, where the wall seemed completely normal, but hid a camera which recorded everything that was happening. He hadn't planned this to happen, but Lex Luthor believed in being prepared, and he meant to have a good time, a fucking good time.

Or was that a good time fucking?

JLA WatchTower - The Moon - 1:10 PM. Gotham Time.

Barda lay on the research table, her yellow and blue chainmail armor lying forgotten on the floor, her legs spread wide as Steel fucked his cock into her cunt.

Big Barda was an incredibly beautiful woman, her fantastic figure usually hidden beneath her heavy, featureless armor which also covered up her long black hair. While her facial features would never see her mistaken for Wonder Woman, her physical resemblance to The Amazon was unmistakable.

Tall, with large breasts and raven locks of hair, her body muscular without losing her femininity, she was an erotic sight that belied her great strength and warlike nature.

Now none of that mattered, because all she cared about was getting fucked, and fucked hard, and it was something Steel was more than willing to help her out with.

He remained in his armor from the chest up, but his legs and lower body were bare, revealing his dark, ebony skin and a long, uncut slab of cock meat that had instantly shut up Plastic Man's ridiculous comments and jokes, which he had continued to make even after The Signal hit.

Now Plastic Man was taking care of Catwoman and Maxima, who had made their way up from the Med-Lab and instantly caught Plastic Man's attention. Since Barda wouldn't let him near her even with The Signal over-riding all her inhibitions, he'd been more than happy to deal with the two naked women.

Steel fucked away at Barda's pussy, which he'd been surprised to find was shaven around the cunt lips and trimmed along the swell of her cunt mound. He hadn't bothered to ask her about this, it was more a lingering remnant of his scientific curiosity, and it quickly faded as his cock pushed forward and entered her, parting her incredibly powerful cunt lips open and entered her, fighting to get each and every inch inside of her.

Barda moaned at the joyous, stretching feeling in her loins as she felt the swollen head of Steel's penis pressing up into her, his long thick cock making it's way inexorably up into the depths of her hungry, throbbing cunt passage. He lowered himself onto the sexy JLA'er, but she was easily able to take his weight, if she'd wanted to she could have thrown him across the room, but that was the furthest thing from her mind, in fact if anything she wanted to pull him closer.

She was skewered now to the hilt of Steel's big, thick cock, her cunt walls aching more from desire than any pain from the thick, round pole of lusty, hardened flesh plunging between them. She'd already cum once just from having his cock head slightly touch her engorged clitoris, and now she could feel another orgasm fast approaching. It was all the sudden unexpected sensations, the feel of his cock in her cunt, the stretching, burning heat in her nipples, the feel of his hips slapping against her open thighs as he thrust forward, added with the sounds of Catwoman squealing out in unbridled ecstasy and Maxima letting out low moans of need.

Barda let out a happy moan and moved about beneath him, not much, because a strange, heavy lethargy had come over her, a haze of erotic pleasure dulling her body's reactions and reflexes so that she was content to just lie still and be fucked.

Steel's facemask was capable of responding slightly to his own facial features, and so it was possible to pick up the barest idea of what his emotions were. All Barda could read from him was excitement, lust and need as he cupped her smooth, twisting buttocks, kneading her firm flesh as his impaling cock fucked in and out of her pussy.

Her pussy was growing wetter and juicier about Steel's cock, the loud sucking noise of his cock pulling from her cunt, then the slap of flesh against flesh as he plunged back in and their hips met, echoing back across The Research Lab as Steel slid out, then slammed hard back against her aroused cunt and clitoris.

A huge shudder rippled through Barda's entire body, shaking her large breasts, running down the base of her spine and causing a strange tingling in her asshole before spreading to her vagina and into her clitoris, which buzzed and seemed to swell so much that she felt that her love button might explode.

Tiny whimpering noises began to escape Barda's lips, sounds she'd never make normally, but she'd completely fallen into sexual ecstasy, all that existed for her now was pleasure, the satisfaction of sex was all that she wanted or needed.

The building pressure of another orgasm moved throughout her body, making her tits seem to vibrate with sexual tension, running across her tit flesh up to her nipples. Each time the fucking head of Steel's cock pounded into her cunt she felt more waves of pleasure run up through her crotch to join with the growing pressure in her upper chest, which she knew was a sign of a huge orgasm approaching.

Steel's cock seemed to swell bigger and bigger inside of her, and the whimper became a squeal as she flailed outwards with her arms and legs, her ass cheeks skidding along the lab table with each surging thrust of her teammate's cock into her convulsing, clutching cunt.

Wave after wave of disorientation, dizzying relief rushed through her body with each thrust inside of her, making dark lights seem to explode before her eyes as moans of erotic desire and wonder escaped Barda's lips, her orgasm continuing to build long past the point she'd expect it to crest and fall. She lost all concept of where she was, forgetting the lab table beneath her, forgetting even Steel, feeling only his cock inside of her, fucking her towards a higher and higher plateau of orgasming pleasure. Almost in desperation her slick, satiny cunt walls clasped tighter around her lover's enormous penis, warm liquid spreading out over his cock as it slammed into her widely stretched cunt, his meat being lubed up to make the fucking thrusts even faster, to allow her cunt to be stretched further.

"Ahhhhh!" cried Steel, his voice joining Barda's as she felt his cock slam fully inside of her and his cock begin to pump his sperm into her, pumping steady streams of his semen deep into the pink folds of her hungry, greedily sucking pussy.

He leaned over her, his broad chest pressing against her large breasts, squashing them against the unyielding metal of his chest plate as his cock jammed into her pussy, pressing against her clitoris, sending wilder waves of spiraling pleasure throughout her cunt.

She slammed her hips up against his exhausted, unresponsive ones as she desperately tried to bring herself off underneath him. But already she could feel the building orgasm disappearing and she let out a cry of anger that she wouldn't be able to get off.


Her head twisted about to the side and her eyes grew wide as she took in the scene before her.

Catwoman lay on top of Maxima, apparently the Cat Burglar had been kissing and embracing the powerful redhead while they slid their breasts over each other, while behind them Plastic Man had somehow split his cock in two and been fucking both women at the same time.

But they'd all stopped now, and all of them looked over at the person who had spoken, all of them shocked at his appearance.

Standing in the doorway to The Research Lab, dripping water, a strange looking, huge pink tentacle draped over one shoulder, his beard wet and bedraggled, cuts all over his body, was Aquaman.

He let the tentacle drop to the ground, it had clearly been cut off somehow and was only a small part of a greater whole, but even so it was roughly the same size of Aquaman himself, with puckered suckers the size of his upper body.

"I have been fighting off an invasion of giant Squid in Atlantis for over a week," Aquaman growled, his eyes intense, "This is all that remains of the biggest one, their leader... I brought it up to get it studied, find out where they came from.... because I'm damn sure they couldn't live in the sea for 4 and a half billion years without attracting at least a little attention."

He stepped over the tentacle and looked over the five different heroes, all of them naked except for Plastic Man, whose clothes were a part of his body.

"I called for help from The JLA on the second day, against my better judgement.... but no one came."

"We sent a distress call for y...." started Plastic Man, then shut up when Aquaman threw an angry glare his way.

"And I get up here to find what? A fucking orgy!?!"

Steel struggled his way up, pulling out of Barda's cunt and getting shakily to his feet. His mind was still overidden by sexual need, but with his orgasm he'd regained at least some control over himself, even though it struggled against the need to get back on top of Barda and fuck her brains out again.

"We couldn't help ourselves, man," Steel moaned, "Something's wrong I guess, but I just don't care."

Suddenly Steel fell to the ground, lying there completely still, taken completely unawares by Aquaman's telepathic attack.

"You're being mind controlled," Aquaman spat almost contemptiously, "How fucking pathetic, is this The JLA or The Titans?"

He walked past Plastic Man, Catwoman and Maxima and placed a hand on Barda's forehead.

"I'm unaffected by whatever is controlling you," he said, "Probably because I'm capable of closing of my mind when necessary. I'm going to attempt to initiate a telepathic link, it's not really my thing, J'onnz's much better at it than I am, and clear of you the control."

He closed his eyes and entered Barda's mind, then recoiled backwards and almost tripped over Plastic Man. His eyes came open, startled, and then a smile crossed his face.

"Aquaman?" Barda asked, wondering if the mindlink had worked, since she felt no different. She still wanted sex, and she wanted it now. Then she saw that the mindlink had worked, just not as Arthur had intended.

"Let's get busy, hmmm?" he asked with a grin, and began to pull away his green scaled pants.

Gotham Water Processing - June 6th - 1:15 PM.

Dominic allowed himself a short, happy laugh as he felt a million billion seemingly unrelated events come together into the fruition of a plan that had been eons in the creation. He had worked so subtly at it, had been so patient, that not even The Dark Angel had been capable of catching on.

All over the world he could feel souls slowly coming closer to entering his dominion, already their values and their morals were being swept aside to allow sexual freedom. Next would come fighting and looting, people taking what they wanted, when they wanted it, with no regards for the wants of needs of anyone but themselves, then would come the rapes and the murders, as the needs of some conflicted with the needs of others, then would the souls become his and he would be on his way to taking Hell for himself.

It was not from any sexual desire that he derived pleasure from watching The JLA'ers screwing each other, but from a gratification of the proving of his own superiority. As powerful as they were, they were his creatures now, and they would willingly do anything he commanded of them, in fact they would feel pain if they disobeyed him.

"Everyone is mine, now," Dominic whispered with a smile, then frowned slightly as he remembered that that wasn't exactly the case.

"The Canary," he whispered, "Ahhh, I wonder how she is reacting to The Signal? Jerking herself off? Perhaps thrusting her cunt against a stone.... I think I'll have her join us."

He stood up and instantly was standing in the cell where he'd left Dinah, able to be anywhere because it was all his creation, a solid illusion that he could move about in at will.

His eyes narrowed when he saw the cell was empty, had the stupid bitch actually tried to get out, she would have been fried by the sentry outside instantly.

"Waste of good pussy," Dominic growled and pulled the cell door open, knowing the sentry would never attack him.

His eyes widened at the sight that greeted him.

The automatic sentry, a small metallic globe set into the wall with a small red sensor directly in the middle, lay on the ground amid a small group of stone debris. Set into the red sensor was, of all things, an arrow.

A green arrow.


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