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Justice League OF America: Dark Angel Part 23 (MF,MFF,orgy,anal,mc)
by Dimitri Maximoff

JLA WatchTower - The Moon - 1:15 PM. Gotham Time.

Aquaman let out a low groan of pleasure as he felt Barda's cunt spread open, ready to suck his cock into her pussy.

Arthur had decided that he deserved a sit down, so now it was him on his back on the table, Barda lowering herself down onto his cock and getting ready to fuck herself onto him.

Barda laughed happily as she felt the King Of Atlantis' cock sliding up into her tight cunt. Her juices were already flowing steadily from her cunt from two previous orgasms, and so as she twisted and ground her hips about, his cock slid easily into her tight cunt, despite the tight fit.

She pressed her cunt squarely against his hips, his balls firm against her asscheeks, and then she pulled up, his cock leaving her juicy, gripping cunt before she slid back down and slapped against his hips, making his moan happily.

"You're a tight bitch, Barda," Arthur moaned, "I'm gonna enjoy fucking you."

"Yeah, me too," gasped Barda, either not noticing the bitch comment or not caring.

She soon had a steady motion as she humped slowly up and down on top of him, his cock pressing right up against her eager, shaven cuntlips as she pushed down and got every last inch of his large cock deep inside of her.

Aquaman moaned happily at the feel of Barda's delicious, hot cunt, marveling at the tightness of it about his cock. Whenever she pulled away he could feel the cool air around the cock shaft before it was replaced by a fantastic, wet heat as she plunged back down onto him, her large tits bouncing up and down before his hungry eyes.

She slid up and down his fuckpole, her ass slapping against his thighs, cunt walls spreading open and allowing all of his cock to fill her up again.

Already the sensations that had faded after Steel had cum inside of her were coming back with a vengeance, and as her mind was enveloped in sexual need again she began to slam up and down on top of him, plunging her cunt up and down again and again, grinding her hips back and forth on top of him, juicy pussy rubbing hard against his crotch as she moved about on his cock, changing the angle of his cock's entry into her pussy so that his meat was rasping along her clitoris as it crammed its way back into her eager, greedy snatch, sending once again dizzying waves of pleasure throughout her sexy, athletic body.

A hand reached up and gripped one large breast, it was Arthur's one hand (the other having been replaced by a telepathically controlled trident) and it began to knead her tit roughly, eliciting moans and groans of passion from Barda. He twisted her nipple about between his thumb and forefinger, increasing the buzzing, vibrating pleasure running through her nipples.

Barda's pink, juicy cunt lips clung onto Arthur's cock as she lifted and plunged her ass back down, sinking down onto his cock shaft and grinding her cunt hard against his lap. She threw her head back, her eyes squeezed shut, and let out an animalistic cry of complete and total pleasure. Her hips slammed forward and back as she fucked him, her magnificent, curved ass cheeks tensing and clenching with each downward stroke, causing her cunt lips to clamp and clutch onto his cock, the sides of his dick rasping along her cunt walls as she lifted herself up and down again and again.

The powerful superheroine fucked herself harder and harder down onto him, her cunt gripping onto his dick with greedy, hungry desire, loving the feel of hot, hard meat inside of her.

"OH YES!!" Barda screamed, grabbing her other breast in one hand so that now both her mammaries were being groped and fondles. Her other hand gripped down onto her cunt mound, fingers on either side of his fucking cock as her thumb pressed against her clitoris, grinding the hard nub of her love button, knowing the desperately desired orgasm was coming, and soon.

Barda's beautiful face was contorted in desire, one hand squeezing one tit as Arthur squeezed the other, while her other hand rubbed and pressed along her clitoris, her hips ramming up and down, pushing forward and back as her magnificent, sweating body shuddered and jerked about on top of The King Of Atlantis.

Her cunt squeezed down on Aquaman's cock harder than it had yet, creating a groan of intense pleasure from Arthur as the friction of her cunt around his fuck meat increased both the pleasure and the sensations running throughout his lap.

Barda squealed out a high pitched cry of pleasure that was completely out of character for her, "YESSS!!" she squealed, and her orgasm finally hit, her juices exploding out from around Aquaman's cock, tiny sprays of hot cunt juice around her cock crammed cunt firing out over both of their thighs and asses.

Barda ground her ass down against Arthur's hips, writhing about on top of him as she came happily, her body jerking about involuntarily, her hand gripping down hard on one big, fat breast while another finger was a blur against her clitoris.

"Ahhh shit!!" cried Aquaman and thrust his hips up hard, grinding against her spongy, juicy cunt as he blew his load, firing his spunk deep inside of Barda, his cum mixing with hers as she wound down from her orgasm.

Slowly the powerful heroine fell forward onto Aquaman's chest, one breast pressing against the warm flesh of his chest, the other pressing against the cool, unyielding metal of his chest piece, which was necessary to hold his prosthetic in place. Her long, black hair settled against the crook of his neck and his chin and he felt rather than planned to lift his own hand up and gently stroke her smooth, raven locks. He wanted to fuck her again all ready, and knew that once she recovered from her own orgasm she'd want it as well, he just hoped that he'd be capable of performing.

Gotham Water Processing - June 6th - 1:18 PM.

Dominic appeared in The Throneroom, his face carefully held blank as he looked around the giant room.

At every possible entrance, windows, doors, even small cracks in the room were guarded by the shades of the fourteen Scientists who'd helped him achieve his dreams. In the center of the room, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Huntress and Green Lantern were engaged in an erotic orgy, while Martian Manhunter sat a few feet away, gently stroking his still limp cock, red eyes intently watching the others, apparently not even aware of Dominic.

- Calm yourself, - Dominic thought, - It's probably some sad trick of Neron's, trying to knock you off balance in your moment of triumph. -

But he couldn't get it out of his head, not only was The Black Canary gone, but his senses - which were attuned powerfully to The Signal, which let him see what was happening to his victims all around the world - couldn't pick her up anywhere, and Dominic's reach extended even to The Moon.

Ridiculous, paranoid thoughts raced through his mind. What if this was all some trick of The JLA's to lull him into a false sense of security? Maybe it was some subtle maneuver on Neron's part? Had The Devil somehow surpassed him after all these years? or worst of all, were his suspicions of The Batman true?

- NO! - his mind screamed, - I cannot second guess myself now, at the moment of triumph, as so many others have before me. Batman is just a man, Neron is a fool and The JLA is mine! -

But for some reason, his thoughts continued to return to Batman.

Bruce Wayne was a man in serious need of medical help, someone who had never gotten over the pain of the loss of his parents, who had taken to dressing as a flying rodent and running around at night time fighting people who pretended to be Clowns and Penguins. He was nothing, just a latter day Wizard Of Oz who used reputation and special effects to frighten the foolish and strike fear in the hearts of the superstitious.

- So why are you scared of him, then? - Dominic asked himself, hating the fact that he was asking the question at all.

- Because Batman always wins, - Dominic thought, - Because despite everything I've engineered from behind the scenes to occupy The JLA, he's come through and helped them win. The Pale Martians, The Angel Invasion, The Key, The Rock Of Ages, Prometheus, Dr. Julius September, The Ultra Marines, The Shaggy Man, Solaris and Vandal Savage, in the end it had always been Batman, whether directly or indirectly, who had saved the day, when the more powerful Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern would have failed.

- But. I. Am. Different! - snapped Dominic to himself, - I am the oldest, wisest and most powerful of any they have ever faced, and I'll prove it now by doing something none have ever managed to accomplish. -

"Superman!" he yelled, his voice - which Superman was programmed to obey in disregard of anything else - cutting through the lust fueled haze permeating his brain, "Now that my plan is complete, I have no further need of Green Lantern's power ring, or indeed of Green Lantern... kill him."

Superman's face fell, total confusion stamped on The Man Of Steel's features.

"K.. kill him?" Superman asked, his hands on Wonder Woman's hips, his cock buried in her asshole, "Kill Kyle?"

"Yes," snapped Dominic, in no mood to have his orders questioned.

Suddenly Clark's face became hard, almost set in stone, and he pulled away from Wonder Woman's butt hole, making her moan in disappointment, and then she squealed happily as The Flash zoomed away from Huntress, who had been giving him a blow job while Green Lantern fucked her cunt, and instantly plugged The Amazon's ass again with his own cock.

"Kill Kyle," Superman grunted, and moved forward, his eyes dark and unreadable.

Dominic didn't expect Kyle to die, he expected Superman's mind to rebel and try to fight off the mental control Dominic had exerted over him via the incredibly advanced genanites that had invaded his bloodstream when he'd passed through The Joker's kryptonite force field. He would discover that this was beyond his capabilities, and his mind would fry and burn and leave him an indestructible corpse.... and a corrupted soul at Dominic's disposal more powerful than almost any other in the history of the Universe.

All Superman had to do was pull back with his fist, throw it forward and have it pause just half an inch behind Kyle's unsuspecting head, and then his mind would backlash against itself and The Man Of Steel would be dead.

Superman pulled back with his fist, threw it forward.... and it paused three quarters of an inch behind Kyle's unsuspected head.

Held there by a powerful, green skinned hand around his wrist, clutching down with a grip more powerful than Superman had ever felt.

"No," The Martian Manhunter, still naked, said, "This madness has been allowed to go on long enough."

"What is this?" roared Dominic in disbelief, "Manhunter, release him!"

J'onn turned about and fixed Dominic with a stare of such unbelievable contempt that the villain actually took a couple of steps back. His heel hit the back of the step and he fell backwards, hitting the ground hard, his head lancing with pain as it connected with cold, unyielding marble. His eyes closed in agony and he felt a strange heaviness wash over him, then his eyes sprung back open and he realized that The JLA'ers could be on him any second. Completely shocked by this unprecedented turn of events, he leaped to his feet, drawing himself up with as much dignity that he could.

He was a little taken aback by the sight that greeted him, Kyle was still slamming his cock into Helena's eager pussy, her tits bouncing up and down, hair plastered to her forehead. The Flash was speed fucking Wonder Woman's asshole, ignoring the two most powerful heroes in the room, who were locked together in a test of strength, fingers locked together, arms locked over their heads, straining against each other, neither one of them giving an inch.

He felt a moment of thanks that they hadn't seemed to have noticed his momentary vulnerability, then decided that rather than attempting to retrain J'on,, he would just get him out of the way.

"How dare you question MY AUTHORITY!" he snarled, pointing a finger at J'onn, his eyes dark pools of unending blackness. At his feet, called up as if from nowhere charged rats, snakes and spiders, blindly crawling and slithering over each other and his feet, "If you think you have known fear before, you were mistaken!"

Fire burst up around Superman and The Manhunter's naked bodies, harmless to The Last Son Of Krypton but deadly to the last Green Martian. J'onnz's eyes widened somewhat, but he didn't back away, in fact he seemed to increase the pressure he was applying to Superman. His teeth gritted and his skin caught on fire, but he didn't cry out and didn't attempt to escape the flames, instead he pushed back harder on Superman, whose eyes grew wide as he was pushed back several inches.

And then the flames went out.

"What is this?" gasped Dominic, then attempted to ignite the flames again... except nothing occurred.

"How can this be?" cried Dominic in total disbelief, never had his will been thwarted like this, not since he was overthrown from his seat on The Throne of Hell, before he'd even had a chance to warm it.

"Because I willed it to be so," said a new voice, a dangerous, dark voice that struck fear into Dominic's heart.

He looked up from Manhunter and Superman's struggle and took in the speaker, he felt his heart sink despite his mind's protests to the contrary.

Batman was back.

JLA WatchTower - The Moon - 1:18 PM. Gotham Time.

Maxima wasn't having a good time.

Well, that wasn't exactly true, she was having a good time, just not as good a time as she could be having.

She had been really getting off on licking, rubbing, sucking and fucking Catwoman, and she'd also enjoyed it when Plastic Man split his cock in two and began to fuck her and her lesbian lover, then loved it even more when he split his cock again, this time so it was in four separate tendrils and began to fuck Maxima and Catwoman's cunt and ass simultaneously.

But she knew there was more, that she was missing out on something from this fucking.

Plastic Man seemed to sense this, and responded by increasing the size of the penises inside of Maxima's cunt and ass. Catwoman, meanwhile, was cumming her brains out, screeching like a cat as she thrust and pounded her hips up against Maxima's, then down hard onto Plastic Man's. Maxima wished she could get into it like Catwoman was, but what she wanted wasn't size or girth, but power. She wanted the raw unadulterated power she'd sensed in Superman, which had attracted her to him in the first place, but it was something Plastic Man didn't have.

She looked up at the table where Aquaman was slamming it to Big Barda for the second time, while Steel dragged himself up to the table and presented his cock to her mouth, which she eagerly took in. She had a sense that Aquaman had that power, although not as powerful as Superman, and could make her screech like a bitch in heat, but knew that Barda wouldn't take kindly to having her man taken from her.

So she remained on top of Catwoman, whose tongue was currently inside of Maxima's mouth, exploring her oral orifice, their large breasts sliding all over each other as their cunts and asses were fucked harder and harder by Plastic Man. She would just have to be content with a good fuck, rather than a great one.

And then a large, powerful hand grabbed her shoulder and she was being pulled up off of Catwoman, Plastic Man's cocks pulling loose from her cunt and her butthole.

"Wha?" she cried, and found herself being held easily in the air by one hand, a hand belonging to a thickly muscled arm which in turn belonged to a naked, red headed man who radiated waves of power.

"You want a fuck?" asked Orion, Son Of Darkseid and The 'New God' of War, "Prepare to be fucked!"

Gotham Water Processing - June 6th - 1:19 PM.

"GET HIM!" roared Dominic, pointing at Batman, who stood across the other side of the room, a tall pillar of black, his cape wrapped over his chest, head lowered so very little of his chin showed, making him appear to be nothing but white eyes within a field on impenetrable blackness.

The Shades of fourteen dead Scientists leaped at Batman from all across the room, their very touch meant death and no physical object could block their path.

Batman threw wide his cape, far wider that it should have been capable of opening and immediately the fourteen Shades were lunging at his chest. He pulled his cape closed over his chest, pulling it tight against his skin, his grim experience unchanged.

"Wha... what!?!" cried Dominic in disbelief.

The Dark Knight Detective opened his cape up, eyes glowing white back at Dominic, and fourteen Scientists fell out, lab coats, spectacles, bad hair and all. They were moaning, groaning and twitching in pain on the floor, but they were all alive.

"No," gasped Dominic, shaking his head, "That isn't possible."

Batman turned his gaze onto the other members of The JLA, Flash fucking WonderWoman's asshole, Green Lantern fucking Huntress' cunt and Superman and Martian Manhunter both struggling to push back the other. The Caped Crusader frowned, then lifted one black gloved hand and snapped his fingers.


Suddenly, all of them stopped.

"Oh fuck, Diana, I'm sorry!" gasped Wally, realizing that he was buttfucking Wonder Woman.

"Oh," said Kyle, stopping mid-stroke into Helena's cunt,"Oops."

"J'onn?" asked Superman.

"I'm glad you've recovered your senses," The Martian Manhunter replied, releasing Superman's hands, "I would have been displeased to be forced to beat you senseless."

Superman just smiled, letting his hands relax, then he turned and glared at Dominic, his eyes glowing red.

"H.. how?" cried Dominic, completely taken aback at this huge reversal of fortune.

"Since when do I need a reason? an explanation?" asked Batman, "I am Batman, I always win in the end, I always find a way to defeat the odds, why do you find this so strange?"

"No...." cried Dominic in disbelief, "It can't just end like this! You can't just walk in and snap your fingers and eons of planning are ended! You CAN'T!!"

"I just did," replied Batman, and suddenly he seemed taller, more menacing, "I can do anything, I am The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader, Batman, The Bat. I strike fear into the hearts of criminals, I bring justice to the impoverished, foil the plans of the unjust."

"I'M NOT SOME IGNORANT SAVAGE!!" screamed Dominic in a fury, snakes, spiders and rats bursting out of nothingness at his feet, small flames erupting on his clothes, not burning the material but flickering and twisting about like things alive, "I AM THE FIRST BORN SON OF HELL, NOT SOME SOCIALLY MALADJUSTED THUG LOOTING THE CORNER MARKET!"

A black gloved hand gripped his throat, Batman somehow covering the distance between them unnoticed, the two of them standing in the only clear area of the floor, the rest of the room covered with the vermin that had burst out from Dominic's fury.

"You're a thug with powers," replied Batman calmly, "A pathetic lesser demon with delusions of grandeur. The reason you've not struck until now isn't because you've been building up a master plan, but because you're scared of Neron, and the reason he hasn't noticed you is because you're beneath his notice, you don't even have a soul for him to corrupt!"

"THAT. ISN'T. TRUE!" roared Dominic and slammed one arm down onto the hand gripping his throat, bringing all his powers to bear on the single limb, which would not just shatter the bone beneath but vaporize it... but nothing happened.

Batman flung him back onto the ground before The Machine, tossing him away with contemptuous ease, as if Dominic was just another of the hired thugs that so many super villains used.

Dominic slid along the marble, vermin parting before him, and rammed into the thrumming, vibrating Machine. At it's touch he felt his anger fade away, his rage disappear as The Machine reminded him of his plan, and how it was currently running towards fruition.

"You're wrong, Batman," Dominic laughed, staring up at the towering figure of The Dark Knight above him, "This Machine of mine can't be touched by anyone but me, and right now it's pumping a signal worldwide which is starting billions on the track to total corruption in MY name!"

And then, behind him, The Machine's humming vibrations coughed, spluttered and finally stopped.

JLA WatchTower - The Moon - 1:21 PM. Gotham Time.

Orion pressed Maxima's back against the cool material of The Lab Wall, easily holding her up with one hand. The powerful fingers of his other hand roved down between her legs and cupped the rounded mound of her cunt. The redhead whimpered happily, strangely submissive in his hands, when usually she was much more involved in fucking.

Maxima threw her arms around the powerful JLA'ers broad, powerful shoulders and raised her legs up, spreading them wide apart so that he could enter her.

"Yes!" growled Orion, his teeth gritted into a fierce smile, "I am going to fuck you hard!"

He'd come through on a Boom Tube, ignoring the JLA Teleporter set up for him, and instantly been struck by The Signal. He'd begun to tear his costume off, then his Mother Box had compensated for the chemical imbalance being created in his mind and he'd wondered what he was doing, until The Signal pushed past this and recreated the imbalance, which The Mother Box compensated for again. Being constant, The Signal continued to create an imbalance, while The Mother Box continued to compensate and readjust his mind. He'd gone from overwhelming lust to baffling anger, back to lust to angered confusion to outright calm to lust again, driving him wild as his mind was fucked around with. He'd taken to clawing at the air to try and stop The Signal, but it wasn't something physical that he couldn't get at, unlike his Mother Box. Finally, in his desperation to stop the pain in his head, he'd ripped away The Mother Box and crushed it with one powerful fist, knowing full well his mind would be overwhelmed but not caring, just wanting the hurting to stop.

Now he pulled his hand from her cunt and took hold of his stiff, throbbing prick while the other slid under her and cupped her rounded ass, holding her steady against the wall.

Eager to get at her, Orion pressed his cock into the former member of the Justice League's waiting vagina, his thick slab of cock meat feeding forward into her cunt lips. He forced his meat inch by inch into her juicy, tight cunt, his fierce smirk growing wider and wider as he pushed into the redhead's cunt.

"Tight!" he growled, spit flying from his mouth. His mind had become like an animals, without The Mother Box to curtail his violent tendencies, and with The Signal flooding his mind with the need for sex, he wasn't going to let anything stop him getting some pussy. He eased his big cock into her tight twat slow and steady, loving the feel of juicy cunt walls parting before his cock.

He felt his cock swell as a buzzing, vibrating wave seemed to swell through his body, recognizing it on a primal level as his nerve endings prickled and shuddered in happiness.

Maxima's cunt was excreting copious amounts of cunt juice as she responded to not just his cock, but the innate power she sensed in him, something that made him perfect to be her mate. It wasn't long before he was balls-deep into her tight, velvety cunt, groaning happily as his prick lodged fully inside of her snatch. Orion grabbed the cheeks of her firm, rounded ass and pulled back, then thrust forward deep into her again, making Maxima squeal like a stuck pig as she felt the fullness of his large, powerful prick shove it's way into her magnificent cunt.

- Plastic Man's dick was nothing compared to this! - she thought wildly, her mind gleeful, - He could make it this big if he wanted to, but he could never match Orion's power, his strength! -

Jerking and bucking her hips up to meet Orion's fucking, screwing cock, Maxima gripped onto his shoulders and let out intense, hard moans of ecstasy each time his big prick thrust forward, rubbing her clit with every stroke. She squirmed her ass about wildly onto Orion's large hand, which was almost able to cup both her ass cheeks by itself. She arched her back and gyrated her hips as his cock penetrated her deeply, filling her totally as he strained to get every inch of his cock deep inside of her cock-hungry snatch.

Orion leaned forward, still grinning madly as he thrust hard up into her cunt, and captured one of her hard, stiff nipples into his mouth and began to suck on it, eliciting even more moans of pleasure to spill from Maxima's parted lips. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling herself down hard onto his fucking cock as she tried to bounce up and down onto his cock, giving it everything she had.

As the powerfully built redhead fucked her, Maxima couldn't help but wonder what another powerful man's cock - say Superman's - would feel like. Orion was big, and his cock felt wonderful fucking it's way into her cunt, but she knew from just a few hours earlier that Superman's cock felt better, just holding it in her hands had driven her wild.

Her mind paused quizzically for a second, why had she been in Superman's apartment that morning? How had she known where it would be? Every time she tried to think of the reason, she got a flash of a woman with purple hair and mocking eyes, but that was all.

Then Orion ground his cock hard against her clit and she forgot all about that, crying out happily as she fucked back down onto his thrusting, slamming cock.

Unexpectedly, Orion pulled her mouth to his and kissed her roughly, his tongue pressing into her mouth as his cock slammed into her cunt. After a moment she responded eagerly, pressing her own tongue forward across his own, tasting him, exploring his mouth.

He held her hips with both hands and began to pull her down as he fucked up into her, moving away from the wall so that she could lean back slightly. This allowed him to shift the angle of his fucking thrusts into her cunt, and the upper ridge of his prick rasped gloriously against the hard nub of her sensitive clitoris. Maxima groaned loudly, bucking her hips against him, close to orgasm now, knowing one more stroke and she'd be there.

"Uhhh! YES!" she cried, "YES! FUCK ME, DO IT!!"

Maxima came, her mouth screaming out a quick succession of high-pitched moans and squeals, grinding her tight pussy hard onto the powerful man's cock.

Orion, of course, continued to fuck her as she came, slamming inside of her cunt lips, pushing into her cunt walls, burying his prick deep inside of her tight little twat. He left his cock buried inside of her as Maxima - exhausted beyond belief, her mind a white-hot haze of sated, sexual lust - let her legs drop from around his waist and fall away, allowing Orion to hold her up in the air by the hips, her cunt impaled onto his cock as he shot his sperm deep up inside of her, stream after stream of thick, ropey sperm.

He was still hard! Maxima felt her cunt quiver at the thought that maybe Orion could do this to her again, fuck her like he just had, raw, caveman sex that would blast her into the stratosphere of another fantastic orgasm.

"Orion," she whispered into his ear as he buried his face into the crook of her neck, "That was great, please.... do it again?"

Orion lifted his head and looked at her, his face stoic, eyes cold and unemotional. She was taken aback, feeling a fluttery panic rise up in her chest.

Then his mouth broke open into another fierce grin, his teeth gritted together as if he was going to snarl and bite at her, but his eyes eager and excited.

"Fuck!" he grunted at her, "Good!"

And it was good, the second time.

The third time was better.

The fourth time the best, or so she thought.

Until the fifth.


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