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Justice League Of America Dark Angel Part 25 (FF,oral)
by Dimitri Maximoff

JLA Watchtower - Teleporters.

"Diana, I am sorry," J'onn said to Wonder Woman, catching her at the teleporters.

"Hmm? Sorry?" asked Diana, turning about, "J'onn, you don't have to apologize for voting to lie, it was your judgement that that was the best course of action."

"Not for that, Diana," said J'onn, "For what happened between us at The Water Processing Plant."

"Forget it," Diana laughed, a little uneasily as she remembered how she'd so gleefully allowed J'onn, Clark, Wally and Kyle to fuck her in every hole she had short of her belly button while she'd humped all over Helena. There were still a lot of issues to deal with over that particular scene alone, let alone all the others that had been projected over her while in the Sleeper Tube, "We were all being mind controlled, we had little choice in the matter."

"That is why I'm apologizing," said J'onn, actually looking guilty, "I was never under mind control."


"I resisted Dominic's attempts to feed his mental conditioning to my mind, but eventually realized I would be better served by altering my own brain patterns to make it look like I had fallen under his spell. When The Signal hit, I reconfigured my brain to compensate for the chemical imbalance created by it, I was never under any control."

"You were never being controlled...." whispered Diana, her eyes half closed.

"Diana, I'm sorry," said J'onn, and reached out to take her shoulder, but The Amazon pulled away angrily.

"Don't touch me! You were never under mind control, and you put your dick in my mouth!"

"No!" cried J'onn, "I didn't!"

"Excuse me!" cried Diana, "I think I remember having an eleven inch long, green penis inside my mouth!"

Suddenly just what she'd described was pointing at her eye, and she recoiled back. J'onn had turned one of his fingers into a penis, pointing directly at Wonder Woman's face.

"I am a shape shifter, Diana," J'onn said, reforming his finger back into a finger, "I extended the lower part of my leg up into a reasonable facsimile of a penis and put it in your mouth in order to fool Dominic into thinking I was completely subjugated to his will. I awaited a moment to strike, but Batman showed up first and I did not have to."

"I had a leg in my mouth?" asked Diana, a confused smile appearing on her beautiful face.

"Yes, Diana."

"That's why you didn't cum."


"I noted it at the time, you said you'd have to wait to do me again, because once you'd cum you couldn't get it up again for a while."

"A necessary lie," J'onn replied.

Diana laughed, "Haha, oh geez J'onn, you don't have to apologize for doing the right thing! Believe me, I appreciate you doing it, it's much better to think that I was sucking on your leg than on your penis."

J'onn allowed a slight smile to cross his lips, the two of them began walking towards the teleporters.

"But J'onn, eleven inches, I thought you above that kind of thing!"


"Exaggarating your manhood."

"Oh, Diana," sighed J'onn.


"I shortened it just so Dominic wouldn't think I WAS exaggerating."

JLA Watchtower - The Monitor Womb.

"This isn't over," Superman said.

"Clark, you're not still worried about the vote, are you?" asked Batman.

"I'm sorry Bruce, but the world doesn't revolve about you."

Batman allowed a smile to cross his lips, then resumed his grim expression and turned about from the Monitor he'd been viewing, a news article on WGBS about how The Joker had taken over a series of military satellites and bombarded the Earth with a inhibition shattering broadcast signal derived from psychotropic drugs developed by The Key. The machine he'd been using had overloaded while The JLA was attempting to stop him and the ensuing explosion had wiped out all traces and records of The Signal and the drugs. Currently Green Lantern and The Flash were answering questions at a Press Conference, Superman had refused to front the Conference and Batman was still considered somewhat of a menace by
the public, so the two young faces of The JLA had been picked.

"What do you mean then?" asked Batman, turning down the sound as Kyle struggled to sound confident answering questions, "It's not over."

"There are some unanswered questions," Superman said, "The chief among them being what happened to The Black Canary."

"Agreed," said Batman," Conner said he wasn't involved in getting her out, so who does that leave?"


"Possibly, his body was never found."

Superman sighed, "I can't see why he would fake his own death, perhaps Dinah escaped herself and left the arrow to screw with Dominic's head?"

"I don't think so," replied Batman, "If she did have a green arrow, whether as a momento or not, I doubt she could have hidden it anywhere on her body... remember, the last time we saw her she was naked and willing to submit to Dominic's every command, and Huntress tells me that she was practically nude when he threw her into the dungeon."

"It's a problem for tomorrow, I think," Superman muttered, "I'll search the world, look for any sign of them, but I think that if Ollie does want to remain hidden, not even I could find him."

"There's nothing left for him here anymore," Batman said, "With Dinah he's got all that he would want, he's certainly not going to do Conner any favors by coming back."

"And what about Catwoman?" Superman asked.

Bruce sighed, the sometimes heroine, more often villain had slipped out through the Teleporters when they had returned from The Water Processing Plant. Maxima had gone home as well, agreeing to return to undergo a battery of physical and psychological tests to see if any of the mind control Circe and Dominic had exerted over her still remained at all.

"Don't worry, she'll seek me out soon enough when she remembers The Joker blew up her house. I have a feeling Dominic jarred loose something inside of her, I hope it doesn't turn out to be detrimental to us all."

The Dark Knight made to turn back to the Monitor, but Superman had one more question.

"Batman.... Bruce?"


"I.... I was unfaithful to my wife, Bruce, I've had trouble thinking of anything else and... and I still think about Diana, about how she felt, how she was."

Batman moved forward and placed a hand on Superman's shoulder, "Clark, you had no choice in the matter, and it's opened up some attraction issues between you and Diana you tried to bury a long time ago. I doubt it's any consolation, but your wife is part of the world, The Signal hit her, I doubt she'll be in any position to get angry over infidelities."

"You're right," Superman sighed, "Intellectually, I mean, although I still have trouble dealing with this emotionally.... but I suppose I'll get through it."

He turned around and made to leave, then turned back.

"Batman, you resisted The Signal, how?"

Batman grinned.

"A mixture of blocking signals in my cowl and later on some intervention from Morpheus.... but most of all, I guess it's a lack of sexual desire for an elderly Butler that did the trick."

Superman stared at him blankly for a few moments, then laughed out loud.

"A joke? Bruce, there's hope for you yet?"

He left, and Batman smiled as he turned back to The Monitor, where Wally was making funny faces behind Kyle as he tried to explain how they'd found The Joker's hideout.

"Hope for me, yes," The Dark Knight muttered, "But these two just might be lost causes."

Gateway City - June 14th - 7:00 PM.

"Look at her," chuckled Circe, staring at the globe, where she could see a woman leaving The Gateway City Museum of Cultural Antiquities, her lectures under her arm, "So noble, she's valiantly repressing all the sexual misadventures she's had."

Cheetah pulled her face out from between Circe's naked thighs, her face covered in sticky juices, "What a waste of fucking time," she growled, then buried her face back into Circe's cunt again.

Letting Cheetah convince her to ditch Dominic had been the best thing The Sorceress had ever done. She'd argued that The JLA always won in the end, so all she had to was leave and trust that Dominic would be beaten. After that, The JLA would be left, still standing but weaker than ever.

"Wonder Woman will be the first," Circe chuckled, then moaned as Cheetah's talented tongue slid up between her cunt lips, sucking out the purple haired villainess' cunt juices, "Shall we play with her a bit first?"

Cheetah pulled her face from Circe's pussy, "Heh, let's rub our pussy's on either side of her face, fuck her all over, eh?"

"Yeah," grinned Circe, "I like the sounds of that."

Cheetah already had her face back between Circe's thighs, the Sorceress gave up trying to keep an eye on Wonder Woman, turned around and buried her own face into Cheetah's own pussy, loving the feel of fur against her skin.

She'd leave the planning till tomorrow, right now she was just interested in a little good loving.

Of course, she'd been putting things of till tomorrow for over a week now.

Arkham Asylum - June 17th - 6:37 PM.

Since that night, nearly two weeks ago now, she'd been having strange thoughts, weird dreams.

The Signal had affected her just as much as everyone else, but she'd been alone when it hit, and she'd been up for close to 40 hours, studying up on case notes to prepare a report for Dr. Arkham. She'd been reading all about The Joker, the serial killer who most fascinated her, his murders, his obsession with The Batman, his twisted, insane outlook on life.

The Signal had hit, she'd been pitched into a feverish montage of dreams, sexual fantasies and desires revolving around The Joker, his chalky white skin, his green hair and huge, repelling grin.

When The Signal had been stopped, ironically enough by The Joker, though she was not to know that of course, she'd been left lying on her stomach, hands cupping her ass cheeks as she madly humped against the edge of the coffee table, all her notes and documents lying about on the ground.

Now she found herself dreaming about The Joker nightly, now she found herself oddly turned off by men she'd once found attractive. Their skin was too tanned, their hair too dark or blond, their mouths seemed small and pinched, humorless.

Yesterday she'd received a phone call from Doctor Arkham, informing her that she'd be allowed a very brief visit with The Joker, her research would be, after all, incomplete without meeting the man himself. He was currently in a Maximum Security cell, separate from all the other prisoners due to the worldwide affects of his last scheme, which he still jokingly referred to as 'The Best Plan I Never Came Up With,' before bursting into insane, nerve wracking laughter.

Except she found it soothing, almost... sexy?

She'd gotten dressed up today, still wearing a lab coat, underneath she wore tight, smart clothes that showed off her sexy figure, her hair was done up and she'd put on make-up. She just hoped that no one else noted this and didn't allow her to complete her visit, she just had to met The Joker, She HAD TO!

"Hope you're ready, Puddin'," she chuckled, looking at herself in the mirror and liking what she saw, "Because your life is never gonna be the same after me!"

And with that, Dr. Harley Quinzel skipped happily out of her apartment, onwards to a date with destiny.

_ _ _

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