Warning: This story contains content that should not be read by people underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality whatsoever. Real life rape is WRONG. So is Necrophilia, murder and sexism. The author does not condone illegal and immoral actions described. Please read the story codes and stop reading if you can't stomach that shit. Seriously, you'll just hate it if you keep reading and send me flames or do shitty unfunny MSTs or whatever. I don't own DC Comics, Killer Frost, Lex Luthor or any other characters and make no profit from this story. Please read the story codes above to ensure that you are not going to be offended by, or otherwise dislike, the content. This was written for bloodytentacle's character prompt of Killer Frost. I'm not really familiar with the new version's powers so I probably fucked it all up.

Description: A flashfic in which supervillain Killer Frost is raped and dragged to hell by a vile demonic assassin.

Content Codes: MF, pwp, rape, magic, mutil, snuff, viol

Justice League Of America: Killer Frost Killer
by JD ([email protected])

Half a billion dollars of damage to Lexcorp property during her search couldn't be ignored. If Caitlin Snow had agreed to use her skills in his employ until he'd gained back the money and a bonus, then Luthor wouldn't have needed to order her death. There was just one problem; even he couldn't design a weapon that would do it. Her powers as Killer Frost defied physics. Science wouldn't get the job done, so Luthor reluctantly turned to an alternative.

Killer Frost's entrance to the bank drew the attention of the security guards and customers in the few seconds before she froze them all perfectly into dead statues. She stopped briefly to admire a gorgeous, large breasted, redhead and then continued on towards the terrified tellers. She froze the exits, shattered the security glass.

"Every supervillain has to rob a bank, right? I'll have all your money now and maybe-"

Killer Frost stopped, frowning, and looked down to see her feet in what appeared to be a spreading pool of tar. She tried freezing it, but the dark pool absorbed her attack without a ripple until it spread out a good eight feet around, reaching the frozen feet of the redhead.

"Who is doing this? I'll freeze you a limb at a time and break them off!"

She jumped, hoping to get free, when poles burst from the fluid and lashed straps around her arms and legs. Killer Frost yelped with surprise shocked that she could be caught. Though they moved independently and twisted her into a humiliating spread-eagled position above the floor, she couldn't feel any energy in them.

"You'll die screaming for this!"

"I rather think not, Ms Snow," the horned head that emerged, rising from the dark pool, was malformed and bloated and followed by a similar body. Weeping sores burst across the dark green skin, and stained it yellow. The eyes were almost catlike, ringed with darkness. Killer Frost didn't look at the face; her attention was on the demon's crotch, where a phallus flexed and oozed like a diseased snake above a pulsing scrotum. She concentrated and launched freezing attacks, but the demon reacted as if they were a cool breeze. It magically transferred the assault to fly against the damned souls in Hell.

The dripping cock lashed upwards, then stiffened, twitching and thickening as the demon stepped between Killer Frost's spread legs. Moving inhumanly fast the organ penetrated her, lubricated with slimy pus as the nightmarishly ugly demon walked forward as if pulled inside by his cock. There was energy in the demon; heat, warmth. Killer Frost smiled despite the intense pain in her icy cunt; didn't this fiend know who he was dealing with? She began to drain the power within, even as the probing demon cock punched her cervix like a fist. He didn't seem to care.

"Take your medicine. There's a good girl," the demon said as Caitlin's smile turned to a twisted rictus.

The energy she drew from the demon was the pure, concentrated, agony of a million cursed souls tormented for a thousand years. Every cell of her body's strange physiology seemed to cry out in protest at the torture she had subjected herself too. Even the demon had never seen one soul subjected to the suffering that encompassed Killer Frost's entire being. She couldn't even stop the flow of energy, her energy vampire ability seemed jammed on.

The disgusting demon gripped her hips in his hands, enjoying the feel of her as he drew back out for the second thrust of the rape. He enjoyed inflicting carnal torments on evildoers, do-gooders, anyone really. Her cunt was cold, but he'd fucked in the ninth circle. He liked the slippery walls that gripped him, rubbing his bloated crown and bursting the acidic sores along his shaft's length. His humping buttocks and her spread feet were all the tellers could see. One of them was jerking off in his pants, aware how close he'd come to being murdered by her.

"Kill me... Kill me..."

She was fighting the pain enough to plead, forcing herself to be aware of more than just the agony. She could feel the cock within her, as it suddenly grew obscenely hot. Awash with concentrated pain, Killer Frost couldn't absorb the heat. Though she was no longer human flesh and blood since her transformation it seemed as if she smelled rotting meat. She looked towards her hand and saw the ice flesh rotting down to the bone. She was dying from the tips of her fingers and toes inwards, killed by the corruption of hell.

"You should be aware, Ms Snow. Death will not end your pain. We'll know each other for a long time."

Her forearms were gone; her calves rotted to dust about the bones. The corruption sped up along her thighs and soon the demon gripped bone. Her skeleton held magically together as if wired. Still he raped her, his cock the only specific agony she could differentiate as her torso began to putrefy from the outside in. Some parts rotted faster than others. Raising her head she could see clearly her bulging uterus as the rest rotted around it. Her vulva was still there, seemingly supported only by the cock between spreading her. The demon's pus-weeping crown punched through into her womb; Caitlin's scream was silent, her lungs rotted.

Though dead, Hell magic kept her aware until only her pale head remained on her spine, and her reproductive system wrapped around the demon's cock. She saw the moment that the demon came, that her womb expanded like a water balloon and then burst under the pressure. Globs of putrid spunk shot out lethally hard. The iced redhead exploded, her breasts rocking alone amid the shards.

She felt the demon tug her skeleton up and plant a kiss on her blue lips as they sank into the dark pool. She saw the red light of a security camera as the surface covered them.

The End

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