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Date: 09/17/2007

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Strong language, drug use, voyurism, female solo sex, male solo
sex, mind control, rape, male/female sex, female/female sex. graphic violence

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Superman/Lois/Hawkwoman/Poison Ivy/Tattooed Man

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Archive: Yes

Summary: Two of the members of the Injustice Gang -- Poison Ivy and the
Tattooed Man -- decide to attack the JLA satellite headquarters with only
Superman and Hawkwoman inside of it.

Other Notes: This AU story is based on the Playmate of the Month pictorial
of Kimberly McArthur -- who I had selected for the role of Hawkwoman -- in
the January 1982 issue of Playboy Magazine.

Dedications: None so far.

Justice League Of America: Poison Ivy's Hypno-Flowers
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It had all began on the 17th day of the month of September within the
satellite headquarters of a group of super-powered criminals known as the
Injustice Gang of the World that was orbiting 22, 300 miles above the entire
planet known as Earth and which happens to suddenly be occupied by two of
that sinister super-team's members known as Poison Ivy and the Tattooed Man.

Anyway, as soon as the two Injustice Gang members had walked into the
satellite's meeting room, looked around and noticed just how enpty it was,
the sinister female felon whose real name was Pamela Lillian Isley has turned
her eyes toward the super-powered criminal whose real name was Abel Tarrant,
let out a small smile and a sigh and said, "It really is good to see you
again, Abel. I'm so glad that you were able to get yourself out of Coast City
without getting yourself caught by the Green Lantern or the local police."

And after the small-smiling Tattooed Man has wrapped his gentle arms around
his fellow Injustice Gang member, looked at her beautiful eyes and said,
"It's good to see you too, Pam. I'm glad that you were able to bust yourself
out of the Arkham Asylum for the Criminal Insane and get your cute little ass
out of Gotham City before the Batman gets his claws on you and chucks you
back inside that shit-hole of a mental hospital again." both Abel and Pamela
had shared a small chuckle between them just before they were moving their
lips closer to each other.

But just as they were about to kiss each other ever so passionately on
the lips, Abel has moved his head away from Pamela's lips, let out a small
chuckle and said, "I'm sorry, Pam. It's just that I was wondering about our
latest plan of revenge against the Justice League," just before she had let
out a strong doze of laughter and answered, "Oooohhhh, you don't have to
worry about that, Abel. Just trust me. Everything's going according to plan."

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Earth, one of the members of the Justice
League of America known as Hawkwoman -- whose real name was Shayera Hol of
the planet Thanager and her Earth name was Shiera Hall -- was still
performing the last few minutes of her turn on monitor duty within the JLA's
satellite headquarters just in time for her to discover that a certain Last
Son of the planet Krypton known as Superman -- whose real name was Kal-El
and his Earth name was Clark Kent -- was beaming himself and his fellow Daily
Planet reporter known as Lois Lane aboard the satellite.

And after the female crime-fighting partner of another Justice Leaguer known
as Hawkman -- whose real name was Katar Hol of Thanager and his Earth name
was Carter Hall -- has walked herself over to the pair from the City of
Metropolis and said, "Look, Superman. I really am glad that you're here to
relieve me on monitor duty but may I ask why did you allow yourself to bring
your girlfriend up here?" both the mighty Man of Steel and his ladylove had
looked and smiled at each other before he had turned his eyes toward his
fellow JLA member and said, "It's okay, Shayera. I had told Lois everything
about me and invited her to come keep me company on monitor duty."

But just as the one Justice Leaguer who was really the co-director of the
Midway City Museum was about to say one more word, the teleporter tube has
suddenly reactivated itself and caused a pair of yellow flowers to appear
inside the tube, causing the curious Hawkwoman to take the mysterious flowers
out of the tube, show them to both Lois and Clark and asked, "I wonder who
had known about our teleporter tube technology to beam these flowers over to

But just as the super-powered adopted son of a Smallville, Kansas couple
known as Jonathan and Martha Kent was about to take a closer look at the
mysterious flowers with his microscophic vision and try to come up with
an answer, one of those flowers has aimed itself towards both Lois and
Clark and the other flower has aimed itself towards Shayera just in time
for those flowers to fire some white powdery substance right into their
faces and caused the Daily Planet reporter and the two Justice League
members to hack and cough and drop themselves down to the floor.

And then, after the teleporter tube has once again reactivated itself and
allowed both Poison Ivy and the Tattooed Man to appear before their three
helpless victims and stripped off all of their clothes, the bare-ass naked
Pamela had started pumping two of her fingers in and out of her hot, wet
pussy and carressing her own tits with the other hand and said, "Okay now,
my dear friends! I do believe that now is the time for the three of you to
strip and start fucking each other!Don't you agree?"

And after the devilishly-gleefull Tattooed Man had began stroking his stiff
cock, their three mind-controlled victims had slowly gotten themselves back
up to their feet, taken all of their clothes off and turned towards their
bare-ass naked bodies just before the possessed Man of Steel has moved
himself closer to his helpless fellow JLA member and started licking all
over her nude body -- all the way down to her hot, moist snatch and
carressing her firm breasts.

And then, after a mind-controlled Lois has moved herself closer to the two
possessed Justice Leaguers, placed one of her hands on Clark's bare back and
the other hand on Shayera's bare shoulder and began sucking on her stiff
mounds, the mesmerized Hawkwoman has placed her hands on the mind-controlled
Superman's bare shoulders, which -- in turn -- has caused the Tattooed Man
to place his stone hard dick inside Poison Ivy's asshole and his hands on
her bare chest and Pamela to place her hands on Abel's and say, "Aaaahhhh,
yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Abel! Touch me! Touch me there! Fuck me in the
ass! Aaaahhhh!"

That was before both Abel and Pamela had kneeled themselves down to the
floor, Clark has placed his stiff cock inside Lois' pussy and began licking
on Shayera's snatch and Shayera has placed her hands on Lois' tits and
started blowing her hot breath on the nape of the possessed Daily Planet
reporter's bare neck, the devilishly-gleefull Poison Ivy has placed her
hands on the back of Lois' head and allowed the woman who was known as
'Superman's Girlfriend' to place her hands on Pamela's bare back and start
sucking on her tits just in time for the sexually-energized Poison Ivy to
yell at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO IT, ABEL! TOUCH

And then, after the two sinister lovers and their three mind-controlled
sex-slaves had came and collapsed due to exhaustion, the two evil members
of the Injustice Gang had looked at their three helpless humanoid sex-toys
with such devilish glee before the small-smiling Tattooed Man has placed
his gentle hand on Poison Ivy's bare shoulder and asked, "What do you think,
Pam?Had we done better than Libra or what?"

But just as she was about to answer her fellow Injustice Gang member, a beam
of emerald energy has caused Pamela's head to be placed inside an airtight
bubble and made it impossible for her to breathe, causing her to have no
choice but to drop herself down to the floor and become unconscious.

And after he had spotted what has happened to the unconscious Poison Ivy,
the shocked Tattooed Man has turned his head quickly around and discovered
that it was his old enemy known as the Green Lantern(Hal Jordan)who had
fired that green beam from his power ring and who had also asked, "What do
you feel like doing next, Asshole?!"

But just as he was about to place the tips of his two fingers on one of
his tattoos and allow that tattoo to come to life and destroy the Emerald
Gladiator, an enraged Hawkman has leaped himself out from behind the
ring-slinging JLA member and growled, "AFTER WHAT YOU HAD DONE TO MY WIFE?!
I DON'T THINK SO, YOU PIECE-OF-SHIT!" just before he had smashed the Tattooed
Man's in with his mace.

And after the severly-injured Tattooed Man has dropped himself down to the
floor and became unconscious, a relieved Hawkman has rushed himself over to
his beloved wife who was finally released from the mental control of Poison
Ivy's hypno-flowers and gave her a big loving hug before Lois and Clark had
done the same thing and Hal has used his ring to encase the two
super-villains inside a large energy bubble.

Just then, after the Emerald Gladiator has returned to the League's satellite
headquarters after he had placed both Poison Ivy and the Tattooed Man in
police custody back on Earth, he had looked around the entire satellite and
noticed that Lois, Clark, Katar and Shayera were nowhere to be found.

However, the only thing that he had found on the table in the meeting room
was a note from a certain Last Son of Krypton which had said, "Hal -- Katar,
Shayera and I are really sorry to do this to you but after what both Poison
Ivy and the Tattooed Man had done to us and Lois, the three of us had decided
to just quit the League -- at least -- until we are all able get back up to
our full fighting strength. Until then, don't forget that the three of us
will always be with you and the rest of the League in spirt. -- Until we meet
again, Clark."



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