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Date: 08/03/2007

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Voyurism, BDSM, graphic violence, strong language, female solo sex,
female/female sex, male solo sex, male/female sex

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Black Canary/Green Arrow/Wonder Woman

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Archive: Yes

Other Notes: This AU story is based on the Playmate of the Month pictorial in
the October 2003 issue of Playboy Magazine.

Summary: The daughter of a wealthy family decides to leave her sheltered life
and become the Black Canary just in time for her to join the Justice League
in their battle against the Royal Flush Gang.

Dedications: None so far.

Justice League Of America: Take The Bull By The Horns
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

My name is Dinah Laurel Lance, one of those lucky kids who were born into
the world of fine art and living the good life, for you see, my parents just
happen to be known as Jonathan Lance -- who happens to be the President and
CEO of Lance Industries -- and his wife, Carolyn Lance.

And of course, since I just happen to be their daughter, I was also known as
the belle of every charity ball that my mother has organized and both she and
my father had allowed themselves to throw at our very own mansion, but even
though I was comfortable with living the life of plush and leisure at first,
I had suddenly found myself feeling the urge to take a step out of my old
life and see what the rest of the world is really like.

Only I was unable to do so and it was because that I was unable to make my
beloved parents worry about me, but that was before the late evening hours of
the Third day of the month of August, which was when I had stopped brushing
my long blonde hair, stripped off all of my clothes, looked at the reflection
of my entire bare-ass naked body in the full-length mirror and discovered
that I actually was the spitting image of another blonde beauty whose name is
Audra Lynn, the beautiful Albert Lea, Minnesorta-born maiden who was able to
become Playboy Magazine's October 2003 Playmate of the Month.

Anyway, after I had realized that I might be able to become the next Playmate
of the Month, I had taken a deep breath and decided that it was finally time
for me to take the bull by the horns and go see what life really has in store
for me, but I had make a disguise for myself in order to make sure that my
parents would be unable to worry about me.

And then, after I was able to go through my entire closet, I had finally
found the proper ingredients for the perfect costume -- which happened to be
a dark-blue one-piece swimsuit, dark-blue dress jacket, light-blue belt with
white buckle, blue nylon stockings and a pair of dark-blue boots -- and chose
to let myself be known as the Black Canary.

Then, after my father has left the mansion to go to a meeting of the Lance
Industries board of directors and my mother has left to go join some of her
friends for some midday tea, I had gathered all of my personal things inside
a backpack, stepped out of the mansion, turned around and took one last look
at the one place that I had once called home just before I had started
walking towards the nearest bus stop.

Just then, after I had finally arrived at Star City and started looking in
the phone book for any talent agent who would be able to represent me, I had
suddenly heard a loud booming sound coming from behind me and it has caused
me to turn around and discover that several of the city's own residents were
running themselves away from that sound with the look of fright on each of
their faces.

That has caused me to put my search for a personal talent agent on hold and
go over to the source of that loud booming sound, only to have the look of
shock appear in my eyes as well and it was due to the sight of a team of
super-powered heroes known as the Justice League of America doing battle
against a team of strangely-costumed criminals known as the Royal Flush Gang.

But then, as soon as I had discovered that a certain Amazing Amazon known as
Wonder Woman has suddenly found herself trapped inside a giant wraparound
card and the one Royal Flush Gang member known as the Ten of Spades has
pounced herself right on the helpless Justice Leaguer, grabbed a firm hold
of her black hair and started kicking her really hard in the face, I had
suddenly realized that enough was enough and started charging myself towards
that fucking bitch.

And then, just as she was about to give the helpless Wonder Woman one more
kick in the face, I had grabbed that fucking bitch by the hair, pulled real
hard to get her off of her helpless captive and gave her several hard kicks
to the stomach and the face just before her fellow gang member known as the
Queen of Spades was zooming herself towards me with her energy scepter aimed
at me.

But as soon as she has said, "Look's like someone new wants to play!Okay,
you blonde piece-of-shit!Let's see you play with this!", and fired a beam
from the energy scepter, I had lifted up the Ten of Spades and placed her
in-between me and that energy beam, causing her to get hit by that beam
instead of me.

And after she had let out a scream of pain, dropped herself down to the
ground and became unconscious, the shocked Queen of Spades had yelled out
these words, "WHOLLY SHIT! WANDA!", just before she had landed herself next
to the Ten of Spades, lifted her fallen teammate into her arms, allowed some
tears to run down her cheeks and said, "I'm sorry, Wanda!I really didn't mean
to zap you like that!"

And then, after the other members of the gang had suddenly realized that
they had suddenly became outnumbered and outgunned, the King, Jack and Ace
of Spades had decided to lift both the Queen and the unconscious Ten up into
the air with a spar giant flying card and get themselves as far away from
that scene as possible.

And as soon as the entire Royal Flush Gang were finally out of sight, I had
rushed myself over to Wonder Woman and helped one of her fellow JLA members
known as the Green Arrow get her released from her bizzare bondage just in
time for her to wrap her arms around me and thanked me for my help against
the gang.

That was before the Battling Bowman and I had helped the Amazing Amazon get
over to his place of residence, where he had looked at the both of us, took
a deep breath and said, "Look, Dinah. Why don't you and Diana go ahead and
take a nice warm shower, while I check some of the messages on my answering
machine. Okay?"

And then, after I had given the idea some thought and nodded my head in
response to his question, I had helped the poor woman known as Princess Diana
of Themyscira step into Oliver Queen's bathroom, where I had turned on the
water and helped Diana get her Wonder Woman uniform off just before I had
stripepd off all of my clothes and placed myself and Diana inside the shower.

But then, after I had started rubbing soap all over her bare-ass naked body,
Diana has placed her hand on top of mine and caused me to place the bar of
soap back on the soapdish just before she had taken a good look at my nude
body, allowed a small smile to appear on her lips and started pumping two of
her fingers in and out of her hot, wet pussy and carressing her own tits with
the other hand.

And believe it or not, I had suddenly found myself placing my gentle hand on
Diana's cheek and kissed her ever so passionately on the lips just before I
had started licking all over her nude body -- all the way down to her hot,
moist snatch and carressing her firm breasts.

That was before a concerned Ollie has stepped into the bathroom to see if we
were in need of some clean towels or anything, only to have him take a little
peek into the shower and notice what Diana and I were doing with each other
and it was that particular scene that has caused Ollie to take all of his
clothes off and began stroking his stiff cock right in front of us.

And then, after I had placed my hands on Diana's bare shoulders and said,
"Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Diana! Touch me! Touch me there!
Suck my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!" Ollie has stepped into the same shower
and placed his stone hard dick inside Diana's asshole and his hands on my
bare arms, causing me to suddenly realize that I was able to experience
the one thing that I had never experienced with any size group before,
for I was experiencing pure and untamed erotica... and enjoying every
minute of it.

Just then, after we had finished taking our shower together and moved
ourselves out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, the three of us had
laid our nude bodies on the bed just before Ollie has placed his stiff cock
inside Diana's pussy and started licking on my snatch.

And then, after I had placed my hands on Diana's silky-smooth naked thighs
and began sucking on her stiff mounds, the sexually-energized Wonder Woman
has placed her hands on my bare back and yelled at the top of her lungs,

Then, after we had started moving ourselves harder and faster and our
lovemaking has finally made its way to Star City, Diana, Ollie and I had
came and collapsed due to exhaustion and fell asleep with our naked arms
in a lover's embrace, while everyone else in Star City has continued doing
their normal routine.

Just then, on the very next day, two members of the Justice League of
America known as Wonder Woman and the Green Arrow had beamed themselves
aboard the team's satellite headquarters that is orbitting 22, 300 miles
above the Earth... and they had not beamed aboard the satellite alone,
for I had beamed myself aboard with them... and it was a good thing that
I had done so, because the JLA has allowed the Black Canary to become the
team's newest member.



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