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Fox. This story is not-for-profit, but I own it.

Date: 07/24/2007

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Strong language, graphic violence, male solo sex, rape, male/female

Category: Het

Pairing: Wonder Woman/Black Adam

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Other Notes: This AU story is a birthday gift for Lynda Carter, who has once
played Wonder Woman on TV and was born on July 24th, 1951.

Summary: Felix Faust is about to allow himself and his fellow Secret Society
members to use a special mirror created by Mirror Master to invade the
Justice League's headquarters, only to become invaded by Black Adam.

Dedication: Happy 56th Birthday to Lynda Carter!--ATK 2007

Justice League Of America: Through The Mirror-Like Doorway
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

At first, a team of super-powered heroic champions known as the Justice
League of America had all agreed to place their headquarters -- which was
known as the Secret Sanctuary at the time -- inside a mountain within the
outskirts of the town of Happy Harbor on the United States' upper East
Coast, but despite the JLA's precautions, a number of foes had succeeded
in discovering the location of Sanctuary's location.

As a result, the team that is known as 'The World's Greatest Superheroes'
had decided to build a headquarters that could be made more secure from
attack, which has caused three of the League's members -- Hawkman, Superman
and the Green Lantern -- to utilize technological knowledge from Hawkman's
home planet known as Thanagar and construct a space satellite headquarters
for the entire membership of the JLA, which happens to have extensive
facilities for monitoring events on Earth.

Which also means that those members of the League are required to take turns
serving twenty-four-hour shifts of monitor surveillance no matter how dull
and boring it gets... and of course, that brings us to the 24th day of the
month of July on which a certain Amazing Amazon known as Wonder Woman has no
choice but to take her turn on monitor duty.

And of course, while she was sitting in front of the Earth monitors within
the satellite's A Deck and keeping her own blue eyes on those monitors, the
League's resident dark-haired beauty has placed her hand on her cheek, let
out a yawn and thought to herself, *I don't believe this!I really do hate
performing monitor duty!I just wish that something exciting should happen
to get rid of the boredom!*

Meanwhile, inside the hidden lair of a sinister group of super-powered
criminals known as the Secret Society of Super-Villains, a persistant
arch-enemy of the Justice League known as Felix Faust has gazed his evil
eyes at the image of an unsuspected Wonder Woman on a mirror that one of
his fellow Society members known as the Mirror Master has constructed for
him with such devilish glee.

"Alas, my fellow rogue!You have pleased me with this mirror!Now we shall step
inside the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America and take
whatever we want from them!" that was what a devilishly-smiling Felix has
said to the one Society member whose real name was Samuel Joseph Scudder, but
just as the Mirror Master was about to thank Felix for his praise, someone
has smashed his way through the door of the sinister mage's personal

And as soon as they had turned their confused eyes toward the smashed-up
door, both Sam and Felix had discovered that one of the members of Mister
Mind's Monster Society of Evil known as Black Adam who has stood right where
he was with such a devilishly-gleeful look on his face and two of the Secret
Society's powerful members -- Blockbuster and Bizarro -- unconscious behind
him and said, "It is marvelous that you should say so, Felix! That is exactly
what I am planning to do... right now!"

Mirror Master has yelled to Black Adam at the top of his lungs before he has
pulled out his lazer-mirror and aimed it at the heroic-champion-turned-evil,
but just as he was about to pull the triger and fire the beam, the
dark-haired would-be conqueror has zoomed himself toward that one Secret
Society member, smacked the lazer-mirror out of Sam's hand and smashed the
disarmed Mirror Master's face straight into a wall.

And after the sinister Black Adam has released his grip on the unconscious
Mirror Master and a shocked Felix has noticed that Sam's body has dropped
itself down to the floor with blood oozing out of his nose, the enraged
Secret Society member has turned his sinister eyes toward the man who was
former known as Teth-Adam, raised up his hand and fired a deadly bolt of
mystical energy at him.

But as soon as he has discovered that Felix's mystic-bolt was coming towards
him, the sinister Black Adam has ducked himself out of the way of the bolt
and shoved the sinister mage really hard away from the mirror just in time
for him to gaze his devilish eyes at the beautiful image of the unsuspecting
Wonder Woman.

And then, after he has turned his devilishly-gleeful eyes toward the four
unconscious Secret Society members and said, "And now, if you gentlemen would
be able to excuse me, I have seen a beautiful maiden that I do believe is
ripe for conquest!", just before he has stepped through the mirror-like
doorway and out of the Secret Society's hidden lair.

Meanwhile, back inside the satellite headquarters of the Justice League, a
sudden booming sound has caused the confused Amazing Amazon to quickly turn
herself around and discover that the sinister Black Adam has somehow appeared
right in front of him with a devilish smile on his face and said, "Greetings,
fair maiden! You shall now prepare yourself to be conquered by your new

"Actually, Black Adam! All I'm going to do right now is just kick your stupid
ass right back into hyperspace where it belongs!" that was what Wonder Woman
has said before she had stood up and charged herself toward the sinister
Black Adam, only to have him grab the raven-haired Justice Leaguer by the arm
and gave her a hard smack across the face.

And then, after he has given her a couple more hard smacks across the face
and shoved her down to the floor, the devilishly-gleeful Black Adam has taken
all of his clothes off and began stroking his stiff cock right in front of
the Amazing Amazon, while she was trying to get herself back up to her feet.

That was before the sinister Black Adam has moved himself closer to the
helpless Wonder Woman, pulled her up by her hair and shoved her against a
wall just before he has shredded off her entire uniform, began ramming his
stone hard dick in and out of her asshole and said, "Tell me the truth,
Bitch! This is what you want me to do, isn't it? Tell me now!"

And then, after she has realized that the humping that was recieving from
Black Adam has caused a wave of pure sexual pleasure to wash itself all over
her entire body and it was too powerful for her to ignore any longer, the one
Justice Leaguer who is actually Princess Diana of Themyscira has allowed a
single tear to run down her cheek and said, "Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! I do want
it! I do want you to fuck me! Fuck me right in the ass! Aaaahhhh!"

Then, after the sinister Black Adam has turned his helpless sex-slave around,
shoved her bare back against a wall and started thrusting his stiff cock in
and out of her exposed pussy and began sucking on her equally-exposed tits,
Wonder Woman has turned her tear-filled eyes toward the main teleporter booth
and thought to herself, *Please, Hera! Send one of my teammates up to help
me! I'm no longer able to resist Black Adam's brutal attack on me!*

And sure enough, it has seemed that Hera has answered Diana's plea for help,
for after the sinister Black Adam has started moving himself harder and
faster and caused himself and his helpless sex-slave to come and collapse
due to exhaustion, the main teleporter booth has been activated and allowed
Superman, Green Lantern and the Black Canary to be transported inside the
satellite just in time for them to witness what has happened to their fellow
Justice Leaguer with shock and terror.

And then, after they had noticed that the sinister Black Adam has stood
himself back up, turned his devilishly-gleeful eyes toward the three othe
members of the League and said, "Well, now that I had finally conquered
the fair dark-haired maiden, I am willing to conquer another one! Perhaps,
a maiden of golden hair!"

"THAT'S WHAT YOU THINK, YOU SON-OF-A-BITCH!" that was what the enraged Last
Son of Krypton has yelled just before both he and the Emerald Gladiator had
charged themselves toward the evil Black Adam, who has suddenly placed his
hands over his ears and started screaming in pain after the Canary has let
out a full-blast Canary Cry at him.

And then, after the Green Lantern has used his power ring to create a giant
hand and shove the sinister Black Adam right into a wall and the enraged Man
of Steel has smashed his fist right into Black Adam's face until he was
finally unconscious, the three Justice Leaguers had walked toward their
fallen member and noticed that she was in need of some medical help.

As for the mirror-like doorway that has brought Black Adam to the satellite
headquarters of the JLA, one of the Secret Society members known as the
Wizard has gazed upon the latest image in the mirror one more time just
before he has used his own mystical powers to blast it into a million pieces,
turned his devilishly-red glowing eyes toward a frightened Felix Faust and
growled, "You are so lucky that I do not wish to destroy you... yet!"



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