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Justice League Of America:
Wonder Woman Vs The Justice League Part 1 (MF,ncon)
by Anonymous

Diana cooed softly as she felt Superman's warm body surrounding her, with
only her legs outside his muscular frame. She kissed his warm lips, her
fingers running down his invulnerable back, as his powerful hands caressed
her rigid nipples. The bed beneath her creaked slightly as he placed his
full weight on her body. Her blue eyes widened as she felt his enlarged
manhood pressing against her muscular yet silky thigh.

"Oh Gods Kal...I have waited so long for this," she sighed in his ear as
she kissed his neck with her full red lips.

"Diana," he answered between short breaths, "I have wanted you for so long.
You are everything I have ever wanted. You are gentle, kind, and loving.
You have eyes bluer than the sky, a smile brighter than the sun. Every time
I would see you, I suffered a longing that..."

"Shhh.." Diana said, putting her finger to his lips. Her eyes were
half-closed, dreaming of what was to come. Kal smiled, knowing they were
about to share a moment they both had dreamt of, but never dared mention.

She felt his hand glide down her body, sending a tingle throughout her
sensitive form. Kal passed his hand over her moist vagina, sending a jolt
of pleasure through her mind as he pressed a finger along the length of her
womanhood. His hand ran down her thigh, as he took his penis in hand.

Diana trembled with excitement as he guided his penis upwards, skimming it
along her thigh. Her hand reached down, softly touching the knobby head of
him, smiling as he let out a short gasp of pleasure. He was larger than she
had imagined. A brief moment of concern passed through her, but disappeared
instantly as she felt the tip of his penis press against the lips of her
vagina. She held his penis also as they together guided it toward her moist

"Oh Kal...I lo..." she moaned, as her words were drowned out by a loud,
intermittent buzzing sound. Superman stopped, and looking around to find
the source of the blaring noise.

"No Kal, don't stop!!" Diana screamed at him, trying to be heard over the
buzz. "Kal!!"

Suddenly Diana lurched up in the bed. The room was dark, with only the
clock to be seen. Her arms were wrapped around her thick pillow. Her head
whipped around, searching the empty dark room. She was alone. She sighed,
and fell back onto the bed, hugging the pillow close to her sweaty,
trembling body.

She reached over, and opened the top drawer of the nightstand. With a quick
motion, she turned off the buzzer to the Justice League Signal Device. The
room instantly became quiet again.

"Oh Aphrodite..." she sighed, "why do you haunt me with these dreams?"
Diana slowly slid her powerful legs together, realizing she was sleeping
with them far apart, the end of the pillow buried within them. "My know I can never have him, nor any other man," she said
softly, with an edge of disappointment.

Diana closed her eyes again, gathering herself to get out of the bed.
Another emergency somewhere needed the Justice League, and she had to help.
"Oh Kal..." she murmured softly one last time.

Tossing the pillow aside, she forced herself to her feet. She stretched,
her fingers reaching up to the ceiling, her powerful, athletic body taut as
she lifted up on her toes, her head dropping back allowing her long, curly
raven hair to cascade over her tight bottom.

Finally finished stretching, Diana walked into the bathroom to prepare.

* * *

Wonder Woman landed on top of the tall building with the grace of an Olympic
athlete. The wind whipped her dark tresses around, as the moonlight glinted
off her tiara and the golden double-W on the bustier which cupped her high,
firm, bulging breasts. Arching high over her hips, her satin star-spangled
tights dove down between her thighs, passing between her legs, and returning
back over her high, muscular buttocks. Dangling over her right hip, the coils
of her golden lasso glowed with an inner magic. Her long, sinewy, tanned legs
reached down, entering her red boots just below the knees, her calves
enhanced within the sheer boots by the three inch heels that sent her height
over six foot.

She instinctively knew where the Justice League teleporter was, despite its
invisibility. She had used it so many times, it was almost commonplace for
the heroic amazon.

Without hesitation, Wonder Woman walked over to the teleporter, her lithe
body showing the inherent power of her amazon upbringing. As she stepped onto
what appeared to be a non-descript spot on the roof, the amazing amazon
slowly disappeared.

As the interior of the satellite slowly came into her view, Wonder Woman saw
Green Lantern walking toward her. She easily stepped out of the teleporter,
her heels clicking on the hard steel floor.

"Good evening Hal," she said, smiling at the green clad hero.

"Good evening Diana," he answered, a serious expression on his face. From the
middle finger of his right hand, his Lantern Ring glowed slightly, announcing
it's inherent power. His light brown, wavy hair passed down over the left
side of his mask, his skin-tight, green and gray costume showing every aspect
of his wiry body, including the vague protuberance showing between his legs.

Wonder Woman smiled inwardly, knowing the effect she had on most males,
although most of her colleagues had been able to restrain any signs of
physical reaction to her. Outwardly taking no notice, she walked over to
the huge monitoring board and looked over the enormous variety of security
and communications equipment. "What's the problem Hal?" she asked.

Green Lantern walked up beside her, pointing to a screen. "About ten minutes
ago, we had an unauthorized person teleport up to the satellite," he said,
pointing to the alert still printed up on the screen. "We have no idea who it
is. Batman and Aquaman are looking around the satellite right now, while I
stay here watching the teleporter and the board."

"Maybe I should go see if I can help them," Wonder Woman said, starting to
turn and head toward the hallway.

"No!" Green Lantern said quickly. "No, they shouldn't have any problems.
Batman can find anything, I am sure nothing could escape him in

Wonder Woman looked at him for a long moment, her sky blue eyes staring
into his brown eyes. "No, I really should go see if I can help them," she
answered, turning and walking to the hall.

As she walked away, Green Lantern held up his right hand, a look of
concentration on his serious face. Suddenly a huge green fist fired out,
shooting across the room, still attached to his ring by a tether of green

"UNNGH!!" Wonder Woman grunted in surprise and pain as the fist slammed
into the small of her back, smashing her against the steel wall. As the
fist dissipated, she fell to the floor, her breasts and hips leaving an
indentation in the steel. She pushed herself onto one arm, her other hand
pulling her long hair back from her face, as her blue eyes looked up at
Green Lantern questioningly.

"Hal? What are yo-- NO!" she yelled as she swiftly rolled to the side to
avoid another hammer-like fist which crashed down, forming a huge crater
where she had just been. Wonder Woman jumped to her feet as Green Lantern
formed another hand, this one reaching out to entrap the amazon. A look of
determination crossed her beautiful face as she suddenly leaped upward. Her
hands braced against the largest finger of the energy hand, pivoting her
graceful body, as she flipped over like a gymnast, her boots now hurtling
down on the hero.

As her voluptuous body arched downward, Green Lantern suddenly formed a
large shield in front of him. Wonder Woman's boots hit it, deflecting her to
the side, sending her sprawling and sliding across the smooth steel floor.
Quickly she spinning around, she saw an odd, green energy field forming
between her and Green Lantern. As Wonder Woman looked on incredulously, a
green duplicate of the amazon princess formed. It's hair cascaded down like
her own, it's muscular body similar in every respect.

Gaping in stunned disbelief, Wonder Woman hesitated just a moment. Before
she could regain her equilibrium, the Green Lantern version of herself reared
back, and sent a fist crashing into the left cheek of the amazon. Wonder
Woman's head snapped around violently, her dark hair splaying outward,
landing across her face and her full breasts. Remaining rooted to the spot,
Wonder Woman teetered, stunned. Her head slowly returned to center, as she
tried to regain her senses.

Green Lantern sent a pulse along the green energy trail leading to the
simulacrum. Blindingly, the duplicate sent her other fist forward, smashing
into Wonder Woman's temple just below her tiara.

The heroine's head wrenched in the opposite direction as the powerful blow
hit her. Saliva spewed from her mouth as she fell to her knees, her
incredible body tilting to the side, her head hanging low over her breasts,
her eyes half-open. Her hands dangled at her sides as she reeled, looking
as if she were about to fall to the floor. The green simulacrum reached
out, filling one fist with Wonder Woman's silky dark hair. Without any sign
of strain, she lifted the dazed amazon completely off the ground like a
trophy, the heroine's red boots hanging inched off the floor.

As Wonder Woman slowly regained her senses, her green clone wrapped her arms
around the amazon princess, locking her fists in the small of the heroine's

"Auggh!!" the trapped amazon cried out in pain as her green twin squeezed.
Wonder Woman arched backwards, tossing her head in pain, as her legs
straddled the waist of her captor. Wonder Woman slowly raised her hands,
pushing at the emerald amazon's face. Slowly, Wonder Woman's superior
strength began to push her nemesis' face back, weakening the grip on the

Small beads of sweat began to form on Green Lantern's forehead as his
will strained to hold on to the powerful amazon. His brow furrowed, as a
refreshing pulse passed from his ring to the emerald amazon. Under the arms
crushing Wonder Woman, another set of arms suddenly appeared.

The extra set of hands swiftly darted up, and wrapped themselves around
Wonder Woman's full breasts, and crushed. Immediately, the amazon princess
cried out in pain, and grabbed at the hands molesting her. Her hands wrapped
around the emerald hands groping her as she was again crushed against her
simulacrum by the hands in the small of her back.

As Wonder Woman strained to pull the hands crushing her breasts, her
antagonist began to change. Its hands became bigger, encompassing her aching
breasts completely. The long green hair became short, as the emerald tiara
became a mask. Its chest flattened, and widened, its waist pressing her legs
farther apart as it expanded. The legs also gained more thickness as it
slowly turned into a duplicate of...

"Lantern!" Wonder Woman groaned as she struggled with the duplicate of the
hero. "Why are you..." she started to say. Suddenly her blue eyes bulged as
she heard a tear. She tried to look down, but was unable to see past her
enormous cleavage, and the mass of hands and arms.

The Lantern duplicate formed a third set of hands. They reached down and
around the amazon's hips, and cupped her tight buttocks. Green Lantern, with
an evil smile on his face and sweat covering his body, formed a large penis
on his duplicate, directly below the struggling heroine. It quickly expanded
upwards, poking through the vertical tear in the amazon's star-spangled

Wonder Woman jerked as she felt the unnatural presense slowly parting the
lips of her vagina. "Lantern! What are you doing!! YOU

The amazon princess screamed as the hands on her ass and breasts jerked her
down over the green penis. It drove inside her relentlessly, parting the
helpless heroine until she was filled completely. Her red boots shot straight
out, her powerful body arching in erotic agony. The emerald penis inside her
slowly expanded, filling every crevice of her womanhood.

Wonder Woman's hands dropped to her side, and her body gave a jerk as the
penis retracted just to the edge of her vagina.

"AANGGH!!" she screamed again as the it again drove deep within her body. The
hands on her breasts began to knead her mammaries within her tight bustier,
causing it to tear slightly down the middle. The huge thing inside her again
pulled almost out, then immediately rammed into her, then out again, and
started a rhythmic pumping of the helpless amazon.

Her toes within her red boots twitched uncontrollably, as did her fingers,
her arms hanging down weakly. Her head thrashed around, her hair splashing
all about as her eyes clenched shut tightly, her mouth open and gasping for
air. She began to emit high pitched moans as the penis within her mercilessly
hammered away. Her nipples stood erect within her bustier as her breasts were
savagely groped and kneaded.

"" Wonder Woman panted erotically, her tanned body
glistening with sweat. Her swollen, sensitive vagina rebelled against her
as it sent pulses of pleasure shooting the length of her body with each
thrust of the huge emerald appendage. "Lantern...don't...not to me..." she
gasped. Green Lantern's smile only widened as he began to force his
duplicate to drive into the dangling heroine even faster. The hands on her
tight bottom pulled her down viciously, the hands on her breasts pulled
them wide, then pressing them together, widening the tear down the middle
of her bustier.

Wonder Woman began to tighten up, her mouth open wide, her eyes clamped shut;
the only sound in the room being her wet vagina sliding stickily on and off
the huge emerald penis impaling her from below. The all-American heroine
started to thrash wildly, her legs and arms flailing as her head rocked back
and forth, throwing her silky hair all over her face and chest.

The hands on her ass and breasts lifted the helpless amazon upwards until
the knobby head of the penis retracted to Wonder Woman's swollen lips, then
savagely the hands pulled her back down over the enormous rod, eliciting an
erotic scream from the dangling, raped amazon princess.

Suddenly, Wonder Woman's blue eyes shot open wide, her hands grabbing her
head. "Ohno...OhNo...OHNooo....NNOOO!!!!" she wailed, her voice reaching a
higher pitch with each cry of ecstasy.


The amazon's orgasm crashed through her like a wrecking ball. Green Lantern
grunted as he strained to keep the energy penis within the amazon as her
vagina squeezed it in the depths of her orgasm.

The simulacrum, with a violent jerk, impaled the raped heroine completely
over its penis. Ignoring her screams of agony and pleasure, it pulled her
buttocks apart, tearing her satin tights down the middle. Without hesitation,
it prodded a finger deep within the amazon's anus.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHGGG!!!" Wonder Woman screamed as another mind-ripping orgasm
exploded inside her powerful, raped body. Every muscle in her voluptuous
body tensed, her eyes shut tightly, her teeth clenched. Her breasts heaved,
as the hands surrounding them held them tightly, holding Wonder Woman up,
keeping her mounted on the huge penis beneath her.

Wonder Woman's muscles slowly relaxed, as she collapsed, hanging weakly a
foot off the floor, held up by the hands on her breasts and buttocks, and
the huge penis buried deeply under her belly. Her emerald rapist began to
slowly thrust in her again. Her eyes half-closed, her mouth slack, Wonder
Woman cooed and moaned as she slowly rode the green man. The hands on her
rear lifted her almost completely off the penis, then relaxed, allowing
gravity to pull her back down over it, her warm sheath utterly engulfing
the large emerald appendage.

Wonder Woman weakly reached up, pushing at her attacker as he continued to
thrust gently.

"Still not finished?" Green Lantern asked sarcastically. "You will surrender
to me amazon!" he yelled with an unnatural malice.

Suddenly, the penis within the heroine began to vibrate. "OOHHH!!" Wonder
Woman burst out as pulses of pleasure shot through her. The hands in her back
released her, and filled themselves with her long raven hair.

Green Lantern closed his eyes, one hand on his bulging penis, the other hand
controlling the ring raping the powerful, helpless heroine.

Abruptly, Wonder Woman's head was jerked back. Floating directly above her
was a huge, disembodied penis.

"Oh dear Gods," Wonder Woman murmured as it remained over her, making its
aim clear. Quickly it dove, aiming for the heroine's gasping mouth.
Instinctively, Wonder Woman jerked her head down and to the side. The huge
penis rammed into the side of her tiara, and crumpled like an accordion as
it struck the golden surface.

"Of course," the amazon princess mumbled. Her trembling hands reached for
her lasso attached to her belt. Wonder Woman felt her toes and fingers
beginning to quiver as the vibrating penis deep within her body tried to
pull another orgasm from her weakened body.

Wonder Woman uncoiled her lasso. She began to gasp for air, as the vibrating
penis pushed her toward a last, defeating climax. With a flick of her wrist,
her golden lasso floated across the room, piercing the protective force
field, and landing around Green Lantern's shoulders.

Lantern's eyes immediately opened. Instantly, the penis within the heroine
enlarged tremendously as she was driven down over the enormous penis.

"Lantern! Stop using your rrraAAGNNH!!!" Wonder Woman screamed as her vagina
exploded in pain and pleasure. The hands on her breasts squeezed crushingly
as the finger in her anus burrowed deeper. Wonder Woman's and Green Lantern's
wills fought; her trying to speak to command him, him trying to finish off
the heroine with a last orgasm.

"Lantern! STTAAAAHH!!" the amazon cried out as her breasts were twisted
violently ripping her bustier in half. Her fingers trembled as she barely
held onto the lasso. She arched backwards, her body tensing again.

"Lantern!" she yelled, fighting down the orgasm with the last remaining
vestiges of her will. "STOP USING YOUR RING!!" she squealed as her body
bent upwards, her breasts higher than her head.

Suddenly, Wonder Woman fell to the floor, passing through a green energy
field that quickly dissipated as her rapist disappeared. She grabbed the end
of her lasso with one hand, her other hand propping her up.

"Don't move!" Wonder Woman quickly commanded Green Lantern. Still trembling
from the effects of the multiple orgasms, the amazon princess slowly got to
her feet. Wobbily she walked over to the lassoed man, keeping her golden
lasso pulled tight. She paused, looking herself over.

Her bustier was torn down the middle halfway to her belt, but it still
covered the nipples of her breasts. Her satin tights were torn vertically,
starting just above her pubic bone, down between her legs, the tear ending
just above her anus. Her muscular body was glazed with sweat, the satin
tights around her mound drenched from her orgasms.

"Now Lantern," she said to the masked man, "I don't know why you did that,
but you're going to tell me."

"Yes, I will tell you," he meekly repeated, controlled by the magic of the

"Why," Wonder Woman started to say, then paused, as a shudder passed through
her, "why did you try to rape me?"

Green Lantern grinned as she said the word 'try'. "My mistress commanded me."

"Your mistress?" Wonder Woman repeated. "Who is that?"

"My mistress is..UNGGH!!" Green Lantern reeled as a black object suddenly
slammed into his forehead, sending him toppling to the ground.

Wonder Woman spinned around, holding up the now unconscious emerald clad
hero with her lasso. In the doorway leading into the hallway stood a man in
a long black cape and cowl, with two points above each ear.

"Batman!" Wonder Woman exclaimed.

The Batman held out a hand as the batarang flipped back into his hand after
bouncing off Lantern's temple. He slid it back into his utility belt, as
his hand disappeared under his cape.

"Batman, what is wrong with him," the amazon asked with a nod at the
unconscious hero slumped within her lasso.

"You will find out as soon as I overcome you, woman," Batman answered


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