Justice League Of America:
Wonder Woman Vs The Justice League Part 2 (MF,oral,bond,ncon)
by Anonymous

Wonder Woman spinned around, holding up the now unconscious emerald clad hero
with her lasso. In the doorway leading into the hallway stood a man in a long
black cape and cowl, with two points above each ear.

"Batman!" Wonder Woman exclaimed.

The Batman held out a hand as the batarang flipped back into his hand after
bouncing off Lantern's temple. He slid it back into his utility belt, as his
hand disappeared under his cape.

"Batman, what is wrong with him?" the amazon asked with a nod at the
unconscious hero slumped within her lasso.

"You will find out as soon as I overcome you, woman," Batman answered

"What?" Wonder Woman said in surprise.

Suddenly, Batman's right hand flashed out from under his cape, and pointed
an odd looking gun at the amazon. Batman levelled it at Wonder Woman, and
fired two shots.

Instantly, Wonder Woman's bracelets flashed, easily deflecting the two
bullets. As the bullets struck her indestructible bracelets, small grayish
gas exploded from them. The momentum of the bullets carried the gas forward,
surrounding the heroine's face.

Wonder Woman jerked backwards as the grayish gas wafted past her, invading
her nose and mouth. The room seemed to spin, as the Batman became a large,
dark blob that grew larger every second. She wobbled, placing a hand to the
side of her face, her eyes glazing over.

Batman leaped at the dazed heroine, his black cape billowing around him, as
his muscles flexed, driving him forward. As he took the dozen steps between
him and the amazon, with one hand he deftly pulled out a black pair of

Wonder Woman, dazed, swung a fist at the caped crusader, but Batman easily
ducked under the crushing blow delivered by the befogged amazon. As her arm
fell to her side heavily, Batman slapped one of the cuffs around her
amazonian bracelet.

Batman pulled the entrapped arm back as he darted behind the wobbily heroine.
His boot lashed out, striking the back of her knees, dropping her to the

The amazon princess reeled as the fog in her mind deepened. She fell to her
knees as her left arm was pulled back by the cowled figure. She could feel
herself slowly slipping into unconsciousness. As Batman swiftly moved behind
the heroine, Wonder Woman reached out with a quickness that surprised the
caped crusader, and grabbed a fistful of his dark cape. With a flick of her
powerful wrist, the amazing amazon hurled Batman across the room.

Batman crashed loudly against the wall, collapsing to the floor. His hand
grabbed his side, as pain filled his face. As he prodded gently on his side,
he could feel the two broken ribs. He remained on the floor for a few
moments, trying to regain his equilibrium, as he glanced back over at the

Wonder Woman's head drooped downwards, as she fell, only staying up on her
hands and knees. She shook her head, trying desperately to stay awake. Her
breasts dangled down, almost falling out of her torn bustier. Her right arm
buckled, causing her other arm to collapse. Wonder Woman fell to the floor,
her voluptuous body sprawled awkwardly. She tried one last time to get up,
rising up just far enough to raise her head and breasts from the floor,
before collapsing back onto the cold surface. She remained on the floor,
the only movement in the amazon's athletic body being the slow breathing of
her sleeping form.

Batman walked up slowly on the fallen amazon, limping slightly. He kneeled
down, pulling the cuff back, bringing her arm with it. He then grabbed her
other arm, and cuffed her bracelets together behind her back. Batman inwardly
sighed with relief, knowing that the amazon lost her strength when her wrists
were bound by a man.

His eyes flowed over her body, noticing the tear down the center of her rear.
Between her legs, and outside her right hip, was her Golden Lasso, its coils
spread out. He tipped Wonder Woman to her side just enough to unbuckle the
lasso from her belt, and pulled it out from under the sleeping beauty. As he
picked it up, he could feel the power coursing within it.

Batman stood back up, and stepped over the heroine, straddling her incredible
body. Kneeling down, his cape covering her rear and legs, he pulled her wild,
curly dark hair into his hands, and tossed it over Wonder Woman's head,
exposing her neck. He slid the lasso under her neck, and wrapped it around.
He continued to coil it around Wonder Woman's neck, finally stopping when he
had went around ten times. He tugged on it, making sure the lasso was snug,
but not tight. Tying it off to keep it on her, Batman stood up, holding the
other end in his fist.

Walking around to the front of Wonder Woman, Batman reaching into his utility
belt, pulling out a small canister. He kneeled down again, getting a thick
fistful of the princess's dark hair, and pulled her head up. He glanced down
at her peaceful face; her eyes closed, her tiara gleaming, her mouth slack
and hanging open.

Batman glanced over the amazon's body again, his eyes going over her tight
buttocks, then glanced down again at her gaping, slack mouth. A smirk crossed
his face as he lowered the canister to her face. With a brief hissing sound,
he sprayed a pale white gas into the sleeping heroine's face.

Wonder Woman's head jerked immediately as the antidote invaded her lungs, but
Batman's hand held her head still. He put the canister back in his belt, and
gripped the lasso tightly.

"Wake up Wonder Woman," Batman growled.

Still very groggy, Wonder Woman tried to grab the hand in her hair holding
her up, but the handcuffs on her wrists held her arms behind her, stealing
her great strength. As her vision cleared, she saw the lasso in Batman's
hand, and followed it down. It pressed against her chin as it went down to
her neck. Her throat tingled from the lasso's magic.

"Stand up, woman," he ordered.

The command blasted through Wonder Woman's mind as she quickly got to her
wobbling feet. He pulled the heroine toward the huge meeting table that
dominated the opposite side of the room. Wonder Woman followed stumblingly,
her heeled boots noisily clicking on the floor.

"Batman," Wonder Woman gasped out, "what is happening? What are you...."

"Quiet," he growled, causing the heroine to immediately grow silent. He
pulled her next to the table. "Now, kneel down."

Wonder Woman dropped to her knees instantly. "My mistress has commanded that
you be humiliated, and I must follow her commands." Batman, with his free
hand, unbuckled his utility belt, and tossed it on the table. "And you shall
be," he said, as he pulled down the codpiece of his dark outfit.

Immediately, his flaccid penis slid out in front of Wonder Woman's face, its
tip pressing against her tiara. Her blue eyes widened as she tried to rise
up, move away, just do anything.

Batman could see the struggle in the amazon's face. "You'll do what I tell
you to do Wonder Woman. The lasso around your neck won't give you any

Batman sat down on the edge of the table, and placed his free hand on the
back of her head. "Now, Wonder Woman, open your mouth," he growled. Batman
slowly pulled her forward, toward his penis.

Wonder Woman leaned forward, opening her luscious red lips, and let the
semi-rigid penis slide inside her warm, wet mouth. A voice in the back of
her mind screamed at her, telling her to stop, but her will was utterly
shattered by the lasso, compelling her to follow Batman's command.

"Now, suck on it. Hunger for it." Wonder Woman felt a surge within her as
her every sense centered on the member within her mouth. The heroine slid
the penis far within her mouth, her nose buried in his pubic hair as his
testicles curled around her chin. She could feel his manhood hardening,
stiffening within her mouth. Slowly she drew off it, stopping just at the
knobby head before she again pushed herself deeply over it. She could feel
every vein in the member as her lips caressed its surface.

Batman let a low groan pass his lips as Wonder Woman completely engulfed his
enlarged member, her tiara pressing against the black material covering his
rigid abs as her hair curled around her face. Looking down, all he could see
was a glint of her golden tiara amidst a mass of shiny raven black hair that
completely surrounded his crotch as her face pressed against him. He leaned
forward, trying to push himself farther within her, feeling the head of his
manhood grind against the back of her throat.

Wonder Woman gagged, her nostrils flaring as she tried to breathe through
the pubic hair in her eyes and nose. His hand held her in place, his penis
slowly working its way down into her throat. Batman slowly pulled on her
hair, and her head, back, as her lips tantalizingly slid the length of his

"Now, Wonder Woman," Batman said, releasing her hair from his fingers, "suck
me. Use your tongue, your lips, everything. Because," he commanded in a dark
undertone, "you can't wait to swallow every bit of my cum."

As her lasso stamped his command on her enslaved mind, Wonder Woman
groaned. Instantly, she sucked his rigid penis within her mouth, her cheeks
compressing, her tongue teasing its surface. Immediately, she backed off,
letting the length of him slide out between her lips, as it glistened with
her saliva.

Batman quickly grabbed her head, jerking her over him again, and pulling her
a few feet across the floor with him as he sat on the edge of the table.
"Now, faster Wonder Woman."

The amazon princess scooted with him as she gagged again, his penis grinding
into her throat. As his command, she began to bob her head on and off his
penis. Her cheeks compressed each time she sucked him in, her bright red lips
extending outward as she retracted. Her breasts bounded within her torn
bustier as she moved faster and faster, on and off, in and out.

Batman leaned back on his elbows, a grim smile on his face as the unwilling
amazon buried her head in his crotch. His penis began to throb, as his
pre-cum oozed into her warm, inviting mouth.

Strings of her dark, luxurious hair stuck to his glistening manhood as Wonder
Woman jerked herself onto him over and over. Repeatedly, she devoured him,
the lasso driving her faster and faster.

Suddenly, Batman visciously grabbed another fistful of Wonder Woman's hair,
and rammed himself deep within her. Wonder Woman gagged violently as the
heroine's throat bulged underneath her chin as he drove down.

"RRGHH!!" Batman growled, his entire body spasming as he came. His seed fired
into Wonder Woman's mouth, robbing her of her oral virginity. A moan passed
from her, as the voice in the back of her mind cried out helplessly. Wonder
Woman gagged and gargled as his discharge seeped down her throat, filling her
mouth. Soon, the cum began oozing from her lips around his penis. "Swallow!"
he groaned at her, jerking on the lasso still in his grip.

Wonder Woman made strange gurgling sounds, then swallowed heavily, gulping
down his discharge. He continued to come, his grip on her hair slowly
weakening. The amazon slurped it down, but the cum still oozed out slowly
around her lips. Batman jerked her head back and forth violently, her hair
whipping around like a doll's. She could feel his cum sliding down her
throat into her stomach, but she could only gulp down more as it shot into
her mouth and throat.

Batman collapsed on the table. "Lick it Wonder Woman," he said in an
exhausted voice, "lick it all. Clean me."

His word hammered into her mind, as she leaned in, rolling her tongue along
the length of his shrinking manhood. Her lips slid off his penis, as her
tongue licked. She looked like a black cat with a shiny tiara as her tongue
went over every part of his penis, cleaning it until nothing remained but
her saliva and strands of her hair.

Batman lay on the table, an odd mixture of smile and grimace on his face. His
free hand went to his side, his other still holding the lasso. Wonder Woman,
kneeling between his legs, looked up at him as she completed his last

Wonder Woman blinked. Her mind began to clear, finally free of any command.
He lay on the table, breathing heavily. The heroine blinked again, shaking
her head, trying to clear his sweat from her eyes. Her entire face shined
from the sweat of his crotch, her chin a pale white from his cum.

Suddenly, Wonder Woman jumped back, rolling across the floor. Her lasso
jerked from Batman's hand, and he quickly, and painfully, sat up. The amazon
rolled to her knees, seeing the lasso free on the floor. Ungracefully, with
her wrists still cuffed behind her back, she got to her feet. She knew she
didn't have her amazonian strength, but she still had the grace and
athleticism of an Olympic athlete.

Taking five quick steps, looking awkward with her arms behind her and her
breasts protruding, Wonder Woman approached the weary, exhausted Batman. He
grabbed for the lasso around her neck, but she had expected that. Her red
boot lashed out, striking him in his side.

Batman groaned in pain, falling to his knees and grabbing his already
injured side. Wonder Woman aimed carefully, and slammed her boot into his
temple, sending him collapsing to the floor.

Wonder Woman stood over him for a moment, as the silence in the room was
deafening. Assured he was out, she kneeled down next to him. He seemed
relatively unhurt, just unconscious. Jumping up, she walked over to the
table, next to his utility belt.

Suddenly she heard a humming sound. Looking up, her blue eyes full of
alarm, she saw the teleporter glowing...


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