Justice League Of America:
Wonder Woman Vs The Justice League Part 3 (MF,oral,bond,ncon)
by Anonymous

Suddenly Wonder Woman heard a humming sound. Looking up, her blue eyes full
of alarm, she saw the teleporter glowing. She spinned around, her damp hair
flaring out.

Wonder Woman stood paused for a moment, unsure of what to do. Her face
shined, glazed with sweat and with Batman's seed on her chin and lips. Her
red bustier was torn down the middle to her belt, her breasts bulging out,
her nipples barely hidden inside the cups. Her arms were cuffed behind her
back, forcing her breasts out even farther. Her manacled wrists, bound by
Batman's handcuffs, had stolen her amazonian strength, leaving her with the
strength of a normal, athletic woman. The starry tights she wore were split
in the middle; the tear beginning just above her pubic bone, going down over
her bare vagina, passing between her legs, and ending at the top of the crack
of her rear. Her legs trembled slightly from the treatment she had suffered
at the hands of Batman and Green Lantern, her legs glazed with sweat, her red
boots damp around the white fringe. Around her neck her lasso had been looped
ten times, the end trailing down around her feet like a leash.

She knew she was helpless against whomever was about to materialize. Glancing
down at Batman's unconscious form, an idea leaped into her mind. Quickly, she
fell to her knees. Looking at the hero's bare crotch, a shudder passed
through her incredible body. As vague forms began to become visible in the
teleporter, she swallowed her revulsion, and tossed herself onto his body,
tossing her hair over her face. Inches away from her lips, she saw Batman's
flaccid penis, still oozing his seed. Wonder Woman closed her eyes, and
opened her red lips.

The hum of the teleporter slowly increased, then suddenly ended. She could
hear the sounds of feet walking into the room, but didn't open her eyes.

Flash and Elongated Man followed Green Arrow out of the teleporter. "I told
the mistress that Wonder Woman would be difficult," Arrow said over his
shoulder. "Look what that damned amazon did."

The three heroes looked over the scene. Green Lantern lay on the floor by
the monitor board. Wonder Woman, stained in her torn uniform, her lasso
trailing under and around her body from her neck, lay on the Batman's bare

A long, rubbery hand reached out, as Elongated Man grabbed a handful of
Wonder Woman's silky dark hair, and lifted the amazon's head up. She hung
from his hand, her mouth agape, her chin and lips glistening with Batman's
white cum.

Elongated Man's nose began to vibrate eerily. "I sense a mystery."

"It's no mystery Dibny," Green Arrow said gruffly. "She hammered Lantern
before Batman and Aquaman got her. Don't you see the cum on her face? Looks
like she did Batman in though."

"Aquaman must be getting the stuff to dress up Wonder Woman like the mistress
wants," Flash said. "Maybe I should take her down with us."

Green Arrow shrugged. "Well, let him. Let Aquaman finish his own work."

Elongated Man dropped his grip on Wonder Woman's hair. She fell limply onto
Batman, his wet, flaccid penis in her left eye. Revulsion passed through the
amazon, but she didn't move. She knew she was finished if the three men knew
she was conscious but helpless.

She heard footsteps approaching her. "I'd better take her with us," Flash
said, stepping over the amazon princess. His hands reached under her waist,
lifted her up, and threw Wonder Woman over his shoulder. Her feet hung down
to his waist, her rear and torn tights high in the air. Her heavy breasts
lolled down toward her face, pressing into his back. Her hair dangled down
to the floor, covering her face.

As Flash followed the other two men, Wonder Woman peeked out through the
dark tresses surrounding her head. She could see between Flash's legs as he

The three heroes carried their female prisoner to the stairs, and headed
down into the satellite's lower areas. They went to the next level down and
stepped out of the stairwell into the hall. Walking just a few feet, they
stepped into a normally empty storage room.

Wonder Woman peered through her hair and Flash's legs again. The normally
empty room now had a two tables; one long and padded, the other short with
various containers on it. Flash carried the heroine over to the table. She
quickly closed her eyes, again pretending to be unconscious.

Flash tossed the amazon over his shoulder, and onto the table. Her hair
covered her face, her hips pushed upward by her bracelets bound under her.
Her breasts rolled to their natural positions in her torn bustier, her legs
sprawling awkwardly with one boot hanging over the edge of the table.

Green Arrow looked around the room. "Where in the hell is Aquaman?" he
cursed. "This is his bitch to dress up."

Flash pushed the hair from Wonder Woman's face, some strands still sticking
to her face. "I'll take care of her."

"There's still something.." Elongated Man muttered.

Green Arrow stabbed his elbow into Elongated Man's ribs. "C'mon. Flash will
handle her just fine," he said with a chuckle.

"Yeah Ralph," Flash echoed, running a finger down between Wonder Woman's
full, firm breasts, "I'll be just fine."

Elongated Man nodded. "Okay Flash. Just be careful with her."

Flash nodded at the two men as they walked out the door, and down the hall.
Wonder Woman could hear them enter the stairwell again, leaving her alone
with Flash.

The voluptuous heroine knew, with her wrists bound, she was still no match
for Flash. So, she kept her eyes closed, but her ears strained to follow
Flash around the room.

Flash opened a container, and pulled out a white, rubber ball, with two black
straps coming from each side of it. He turned back to the sprawled amazon
princess, holding the ball in his hand, his face twisted in a lascivious
grin. He placed a hand under Wonder Woman's neck, and lifted. Her head lolled
back, her mouth opening.

Flash wedged the gag between her teeth, using the ball to push her mouth open
even farther. "When I make you cum in two seconds Wonder Woman, I really
don't want to hear you scream." Flash pushed the gag deep into the heroine's

Grabbing her arm and leg, Flash rolled the heroine over onto her breasts and
stomach. Gathering her raven, curly hair, he pushed it to the side. Flash
grabbed the straps to the gag, and buckled it behind her head tightly,
forcing the gag even deeper into Wonder Woman's mouth.

Flash stood up straight, looking over the amazon's incredible body. Placing
his hand on her rear, he rubbed her firm, muscular cheek, almost moaning as
he did. "God, as soon as I get your arms boxed," he said aloud to himself,
"you're going to cum about fifty times in ten seconds."

Wonder Woman felt the handcuffs getting hot as Flash rubbed his fingers
against them, slowly melting the metal. She could feel the metallic cuffs
heating up, the chain joining them melting away under the incredible
friction of Flash's fingers.

Suddenly Wonder Woman pulled her arms apart violently. With a deft, quick
move, she turned her body, smashing her fist into Flash's temple.

He hurtled across the room, crashing heavily against the wall, slumping
down to the floor, unconscious. The amazon jumped to her feet and pulled the
cuff from each wrist, easily snapping the titanium. She quickly unwrapped her
lasso from her neck, looking over the small table.

One container held ballgags, another ropes of various lengths, another
strange, black, scorpion shaped plastic devices, with a long, thick
protrusion attached to the underside of each one. Wonder Woman coiled her
lasso up quickly, snapping it onto her belt. Still looking over the various
contraptions on the table, the heroine reached up behind her, fumbling at
the straps of the ball gag under her hair.

Suddenly, her hands and wrists were pulled together behind her neck as
something thick lashed around them. Instantly, her great amazonian strength
disappeared again.

"MMNH!?" Wonder Woman shouted into the ball gag in surprise. Her arms were
jerked over her head. Looking up, she could see a blue and red tentacle
wrapped around her wrists.

"I knew something was wrong!" Elongated Man said with an evil grin. He
wrapped one rubbery leg around her strong leg, looping around her thigh,
around her knee, and surrounding her red boot. Bracing that foot, he lashed
his other leg around Wonder Woman's other incredible thigh, coiling around
it like a snake. Pulling her leg out wide, he braced his foot on the floor.
With a grunt, he lifted the captured amazon up into the air, the heels of
her boots dangling two feet off the floor as Elongated Man extended his
rubbery legs.

Wonder Woman tried to pull her arms down, but without her amazonian strength,
even Elongated Man was stronger than her. Twisting her head around, she
looked over her shoulder at her captor. She loudly mumbled some words, but
they were incoherent with the white ballgag in her mouth.

Elongated Man wrapped his other arm around her waist, using it to help hold
the superheroine high in the air. His neck stretched around in front of
Wonder Woman, her head turning to follow him. His face, normally with a goofy
smile on it, was twisted in a lustful, hateful smile.

"My mistress wants you devastated before the enchantment, Wonder Woman, and
I will do as she commands," he said, inches from her face.

"MMHNGH!" Wonder Woman yelled at him through the ball gag. She strained
against him, her muscular outstretched body flexing. Elongated Man struggled
with her, but his flexible bonds twisted with her, keeping the heroine
trapped. As her struggles faded, he also relaxed, beads of sweat on his

"Enough of that stuff!" he muttered loudly. He pulled his head back, looking
over the beautiful amazon's outstretched body, starting at her glistening,
gagged face, looking down over her barely hidden breasts, across her trapped
waist, and past her torn tights to her widely spread legs. His eyes stopped
on her vagina, visible in the tear in her blue panties. His tongue slipped
out of his mouth, and stretched and circled across the length of his face,
with a loud slurping motion.

His rubbery neck reached downwards, until his head reached her opening.
Wonder Woman let out a sudden, muffled squeal as his tongue touched her
womanhood. With a sturdy stroke, his tongue went the length of her vagina,
sending an incredible pulse of pleasure throughout her body.

"MHHHhh..." Wonder Woman gasped into the gag, as she felt her body react to
his tongue. A tingle shot the length of her spine, exploding in the erotic
centers of the entrapped amazon's mind as his tongue lashed over her clit.
It slowly enlarged as the rough tip of his tongue began to slap at it.

The superheroine's head lolled back, her hair cascading down over her torn,
starry panties. Wonder Woman's china blue eyes widened as Elongated Man
pulled her legs farther apart. His own legs, already spiraled around hers,
stretched out farther, as he slid his feet apart, forcing the amazon's red
boots away from each other, until they pointed out at forty-five degree

As her vagina slowly became wetter and wetter, Elongated Man twitched the
tip of his tongue directly against her clit. Wonder Woman closed her eyes
in concentration, trying not to let him affect her; at the same time, her
clit slowly enlarged, her vagina opening like a pink rose. Slowly, Wonder
Woman began to perspire, her nostrils flaring as she breathed. Elongated
Man's tongue began to move faster, bouncing back and forth over her clit.
The arm wrapped around her waist tightened, as his hand reached out,
stretching upwards. He grabbed the edge of the bustier covering her left
breast, and, with a quick motion, pulled it down with a loud shredding
sound. His hand stretched around the amazon's breast, his fingers
surrounding the firmness of it completely.

Wonder Woman heaved as his hand began to knead her tender breast, her nipple
hard and visible through the thinly stretched skin of his hand. With steady
strokes, he pulled, compressed, twisted, and generally rolled the hard, full
breast around in his grip. The superheroine's fingers tingled far over her
head as she weakly pulled at the fleshy bonds around her wrists. Her
breathing became faster, and harsher, as a thin line of drool escaped out
the corners of her mouth around the large white ball in her mouth.

Elongated Man looked up at the amazon, her head dropped back, hair rolling
off her rear as her hips angled upwards, her legs pulled out, boots pointing
outwards, her nipples rigid. A lustful smile filled his face. He looked back
at Wonder Woman's puffy vagina, as her legs on either side trembled with
passion. Slowly, purposefully, he stopped working on the helpless amazon's
clit, and pushed his very long tongue between her swollen lips.

The trapped heroine's eyes bulged as she felt his tongue snake inside her
dripping vagina. "NHHHHhh.." she cried into the gag, her teeth digging into
the hard plastic material. Her body arched as she shuddered violently, his
tongue sliding and stretching deeper inside the amazon's hot body. Her
fingers became claws, her toes again twitching inside her red boots.
Elongated Man's tongue, almost infinitely long, finally hit the bottom of
her vaginal tract, and pressed against her cervix.

Wonder Woman began to fight for air, her nostrils flaring, as she sucked
air in around the ballgag, drool and spit shooting out as she forcefully
exhaled. Her blue eyes were becoming glazed and unfocused as she fought to
breathe in enough air to support her helpless, erotically tortured body.
She quaked uncontrollably, as he forced his tongue into her womb. The
amazon clamped her eyes shut, an expression of utterly pain and pleasure on
her twisted face, as she felt his tongue deeply embedded under her belly.

Reaching her womb, Elongated Man pulled his tongue out an inch, then drove
it inside her, smiling evilly as she cried out in response. He undulated his
tongue, letting it roll through Wonder Woman's vagina and inside her womb.

Abruptly, the amazon became completely still, her eyes still tightly shut.
She quivered, still struggling to breath. Elongated Man drove and twisted
his tongue far inside the heroine, bending it up and stroking her G-spot,
trying to force the helpless woman to cum. Wonder Woman began to thrash,
chest and hips bucking and flailing, slowly at first, then faster, and more
violently. He groped her breast, twisting and kneading her as Wonder Woman's
passion built up like a steam valve ready to blow. Her mind reeled, the room
non-existent in her passion-filled, oxygen-deprived head. Suddenly,
everything around her seemed to explode in a burst of light that filled every
pore of her body.

"MMNNNNNHHHHH!!!!!!!" she wailed into the gag as she came, her vagina sending
destructive ecstasy the length of her body, overwhelming her pleading,
helpless mind.

"AANNNNNHHGGGGG!!!" Elongated Man screamed as her vagina crushed down on his
tongue with all the strength of an amazon's orgasm. His face contorted,
looking exactly like the female he was torturing. He tried with all his
strength to pull his tongue out, but Wonder Woman's orgasm gripped it in a
vise of steel.

His grip on Wonder Woman's arms weakened, as she pulled them loose. Her body
flailed wildly, completely out of control as her hands went down to Elongated
Man's head. She beat on him without thinking, nothing existing in her mind
but the explosion of light and unearthly pleasure than inundated her, body
and soul. She screamed and screamed into the gag, her thrashings slowly

Elongated Man strained and pulled, his tongue flailing and twisting inside
Wonder Woman, which sent more crashing pulses of driving pleasure through
her body. His tongue jerked outward in short, inch-long tugs as her vagina
crushed down on it relentlessly, each tug eliciting a new cry of ecstasy
from the superheroine. Elongated Man's cries of pain became less, as his
head was being beaten by the wailing amazon.

Suddenly the two crashed to the floor. The room was utterly quiet and
motionless. Wonder Woman laid on top of Elongated Man, her nostrils flaring
as she gasped for air, her eyes closed, deeply unconscious. Her body was
glazed with sweat, her legs sprawled awkwardly out around the hero's head.
Elongated Man sprawled under the amazon, tongue still inside her vagina,
head bloodied and bruised from her flailings, arms and legs stretched and
twisted around the voluptuous heroine's body.

The room was completely silent, except for the harsh breaths Wonder Woman
fought to take in around the ballgag still between her red lips. Slowly,
her eyes blinked as she took in enough oxygen to revive herself. Her hands
came up to her head, gripping the straps on the gag, and easily snapped it,
letting the gag fall out of her mouth to the floor.

Wonder Woman started to roll to her side, and suddenly let out a squeal of
surprised pleasure as Elongated Man's tongue slid out of her very tender

"Dear...Gods..." she murmured to herself as she rolled to her side, moving
very slowly. Her eyes were half-open, her body quivering, as she carefully
pulled her arms and legs from Elongated Man's stretched appendages. Her
hand went down to her abdomen as she fought to get to her feet. As she took
in deep breaths, her amazonian strength began to flood back into her
powerful body.

Slowly Wonder Woman got to her feet, her legs still trembling slightly. She
glanced down at Elongated Man, his face bloody and bruised from her wild
pounding. Her powerful, voluptuous body glistened with her sweat, her uniform
even more tattered that before, her left breast completely exposed.

"Oh Hera..." she moaned, every step sending tingles throughout her body. She
glanced back at him on the floor. "What did you mean 'enchanted'?" she asked
him in a breathy whisper, not expecting an answer. Shaking her head, she
peered out into the empty hallway.


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