Justice League Of America:
Wonder Woman Vs The Justice League Part 4 (MMF,ncon)
by Anonymous

Wonder Woman walked carefully down the hallway, her heels clicking quietly on
the hard steel floor. Her amazonian strength and power was slowly overcoming
the trembling in her legs, her body recovering from the violent treatment she
had endured.

She paused, and glanced down at her tattered uniform. Her left breast was
exposed, as the cup of the bustier dangled down over her ribcage. The other
cup was intact, but only covered the nipple area of her breast. Her
star-spangled panties were torn down the middle, from above her pubic bone,
through her legs, and up above the crack of her anus. The material around
her vagina was a very dampened dark blue.

"Got to get out of here," she murmured to herself. "Get some help against
all the guys."

The amazon stepped lightly past various doors, glancing in to insure the
emptiness of the rooms within. Finally, she reached her goal, the emergency

Suddenly something struck Wonder Woman in the back of the head, knocking it
forward, her dark, raven hair splaying across her face as she stumbled
forward to her knees.

"UNNGH!" she cried, as the blunt-headed green arrow ricocheted off the buxom
heroine's head, bouncing into the elevator. She quickly gathered her senses,
as she heard a distinctive twang sound.

Spinning around, Wonder Woman deflected the second arrow with an amazonian
bracelet, sending it bouncing into the elevator with its twin. Shaking off
the first blow, she got to her feet.

Green Arrow, at the end of the hall by the door to the stairwell, quickly
reached into his quiver, pulling out a different arrow. As the amazon charged
at him, he bent the bow back, and sent the arrow zipping toward her.

Her blue eyes zeroed in on the arrow. The head was different; a small,
metallic head, of an odd design. "Not again!" Wonder Woman thought, as she
nimbly dodged the arrow, as it whizzed next to her right ear. Behind her,
she could hear the gas arrow explode as it struck the back wall of the open
elevator. Before he could get another arrow out of his quiver, the
superheroine sent the heel of her hand into his forehead, sending the
archer flying head over heels. As he blearily tried to get to his knees,
another blow struck him in the base of the neck. With a grunt, Green Arrow
slumped to the floor.

The amazon princess stood over him, then glanced back at the elevator. She
rolled her eyes as she saw the cloud of gas within. "What next?" she
muttered. Quickly grabbing the unconscious hero, Wonder Woman dragged him
into the weight room next to her. She set him gently in the corner, and
headed back out, closing the door behind her.

Gingerly, Wonder Woman headed back down the hall, toward the stairwell,
trying to remain as quiet as possible. Carefully, she opened up the door to
the stairwell, pausing to listen. Hearing only silence, the beautiful amazon
stepped inside, and began to move slowly up the stairs toward the monitor
room three floors up.

The trip seemed to take forever. She reached the first landing, still
enveloped in the utter silence of the satellite. Cautiously she continued
up the stairs, the short distance seeming like miles.

Suddenly, she heard the door at the very top open, and footsteps announced
the presence of others in the stairwell. Between the rails of the banister,
she could make out three people. One person had thick legs, and was wearing
blue boots. As they moved, she could make out green skin! Beside it was a
thin, female leg, wearing black, high heeled leather boots. Behind them
both was another pair of masculine legs, wearing greenish-blue boots.

Wonder Woman paused for a moment, slightly stunned at the sudden appearance.
Quickly collecting herself, she leaped up the ten remaining steps in one
powerful jump, opening the door to the hallway of the floor below the monitor

"Get that bitch!" she heard a female shriek as the door slowly closed behind
the amazon.

Wonder Woman glanced up and down the hall, not sure she could take on both
the men coming after her. With only a moment's hesitation, she ran into the
kitchen area. A large, heavy oak table was in the center of the room, with
matching chair around it. To one side were various appliances and cabinets,
to the other side was a large wall with various pictures of quaint,
countryside scenes. Instantly, she turned on the oven, and each one of the
four electric burners. She turned around quickly, her dark hair splaying
out, as she looked around the kitchen for something. Opening a cabinet,
Wonder Woman dug through the various items; flour, sugar, spices, and other
stuff hitting the floor.

Suddenly, the door to the kitchen just exploded open, the shattered remnants
hitting the far wall in a dozen pieces. The superheroine spinned around, her
hair cascading down over her exposed breast, as she looked toward the door.

Blocking most of the door was a massive, green skinned man, his muscles
bulging incredibly. His bald, enormous eyebrow ridges frowned down over his
black eyes. The Martian Manhunter put his arms on his hips, an arrogant,
sneering expression on his face as his eyes took in the tattered amazon.
"Will you surrender now woman, or force me to crush you? My mistress does
not demand that I break your body, only your spirit."

Anger filled Wonder Woman's visage. Instantly, she gripped both sides of
the refrigerator, ripping it from its cul-de-sac. Lifting it over her head
with blinding speed, she hurled it at the Martian Manhunter.

The appliance crashed into the alien's massive chest, sending him flying
backwards out of the hall. He smashed into the opposite wall, the
refrigerator collapsing atop him like an accordion.

As he tossed the refrigerator aside, Wonder Woman stood just inside the door
to the kitchen, watching. Suddenly, a man in a gold-leaf shirt, green pants
with matching gauntlets, and blonde hair and beard. He wasn't nearly as
massive as the Manhunter, but his body was taut and wiry. Before she could
react to the sudden apparition, his boot lashed out, striking her midsection
just below her breasts.

The voluptuous heroine doubled up, as she tumbled back, crashing into the
back wall of the kitchen. As Aquaman rushed at her, her foot came up, kicking
him in the midsection in return. The blonde man was lifted off the ground,
hurtling across the kitchen, landing against the wall, falling down on top of
the sink.

Wonder Woman quickly clambered to her feet, looking up just in time to see
a huge white object. The refrigerator collided with the amazon's upper body,
driving her back. The appliance drove her deep within the steel wall, her
lower body protruding under it, her arms and dark hair appearing around the

Dazed, she pushed the destroyed refrigerator off her, pulling herself from
the amazon-shaped cavity. As her vision cleared, the Martian Manhunter came
up to the beautiful superheroine. As his huge fist struck her cheek with a
violent left cross, her head twisted as if about to be ripped from her
shoulders. Her long, raven hair exploded about her face as her incredibly
body twisted violently, sending her hurtling across the huge oak table,
crashing into the chair at the end.

Aquaman shook his head, getting off the sink. He and the Martian Manhunter
reached the stunned superheroine at the same time. She dizzily got to her
knees, supporting her upper body with one hand, the other on her forehead.
Her hair hung down around her head, hiding her face, and keeping her from
looking around as she strived to regain her senses.

The Sea Lord reached down, grabbing Wonder Woman's lustrous hair close to
her head. As her hand shot up to grab his wrist, he pulled her up, arching
her backwards.

"ARGHH!!!" he roared as she squeezed his wrist with all her amazonian
strength, his face contorting in agony.

Rearing back, the Martian Manhunter hammered his huge fist into Wonder
Woman's temple, spinning her head around, jerking her head from Aquaman's
grip. Her tiara twisted on her head, the near invulnerable metal denting
under his knuckles. She slammed headfirst into the steel wall, making a
cavity from the force of her head hitting it.

Wonder Woman hung from the cavity limply, her arms dangling at her side,
her tiara on askew on her head, the right side of her face enveloped by the
wall. As Aquaman rubbed his sore wrist, the emerald skinned alien grabbed
the barely conscious amazon, and pulled her from the depression in the wall,
and lifted her up. The amazon princess vaguely felt her athletic body hoisted
into the air, her boots dangling down, her struggles feeble as she strove to
gather her senses.

As she blinked, her struggles in the Martian's grip getting stronger,
Aquaman came up behind the beauteous heroine. Doubling up his fist, her face
contorted in anger, he drove his fist into Wonder Woman's vulnerable back.

"ANnnghhh!" the dazed amazon cried out, arching her back in pain. Seeing
her helpless and at his mercy, the blonde hero smiled grimly. Rearing back
once more, he drove it into the back of Wonder Woman's head. Her hair
exploded outward in like a black cloud. Her entire body lurched in a massive
spasm at the blow, then became inert, as she dangled unconscious in the
Martian Manhunter's powerful grip, her head hanging down low over her chest,
her dark hair covering her face.

The two men stood for a long moment, gaping at the incredible heroine at
their mercy. Her long, tanned, muscular legs dangled limply, her red boots
still swaying slowly. Her entire body glistened with sweat from the struggle,
her long, curly hair cascading down over her breasts.

The Manhunter walked to the long side of the table, and tossed the
unconscious beauty atop the hard oaken surface, her body bouncing atop it.
Aquaman went to the opposite side of the table, looking down at the amazon,
her dark hair cascading down over the edge of the table.

The Martian Manhunter stepped up the opposite side, his strong hands gripping
her creamy, tanned legs, pulling them apart, and stepping between them,
glancing down at her red boots, swinging and dangling over the edge. Reaching
down, he took her belt in his hand, and, with a quick jerk, pulled it loose
from her waist, causing Wonder Woman to jerk upward, then flop back down atop
the table. Tossing the golden girdle and attached lasso aside, he then put
his thick fingers under the top of her starry tights. Slowly, he pulled down,
the sound of satin tearing filling the room as the two heroes watched in
eager, hungry silence. As her shredded panties tore away, her incredible
abdomen and crotch became completely exposed.

Aquaman leaned over the amazon, his bulging crotch touching the top of Wonder
Woman's head. He gripped both cups of her bustier, and violently ripped it in
half down the middle. He released it, letting it lie under the helpless

The two heroes paused for a long moment, gaping down at the incredible body
of Wonder Woman, utterly naked except for her boots, bracelets, and dented

The Manhunter, nodding at Aquaman, put his hand to his belt buckle, and
easily released his belt. Patiently, he pulled down his tights, his enormous
green penis bounding out. Stroking it in his powerful grip, his other hand
searched Wonder Woman's vagina, feeling the wetness still within from her
previous treatment.

Aquaman caressed the amazon's beautiful face with the back of his hand, and
he too released his belt, pushing down his pants, allowing his penis to pop
out. He glanced up, and gaped at the Manhunter's huge member. He glanced
back down at his own appendage, normally slightly larger than others, then
back at the Manhunter's hugeness. Aquaman estimated it at easily over a
foot long, and three inches thick.

An angered, agitated expression appeared on Aquaman's face. He released his
manhood, and put the hand under Wonder Woman's neck and jerked upward,
tilting her head up and back. He pulled her toward him by her neck, until
her head leaned down past the edge of the table. His other hand wrapped
around her jaw, forcing her mouth open, her red lips parting invitingly.

Aquaman puts his rigid penis as the tip of her lips. Then, his face contorted
by anger, he drove it into her mouth, up to the hilt, his balls curling
around her nose. Wonder Woman's throat bulged as his cock drove deep within
her. The back of her head clunked against the side of the table, as her mouth
helplessly engulfed him. Her face disappeared in his groin as her hair curled
down around his legs.

The Martian Manhunter, with two thick fingers, opened the lips of the
amazon's moist vagina, scuffling his feet forward, holding his huge green
penis in his other hand. "Aquaman, we must wait until Wonder Woman awakens.
Then we can do as our Mistress commands, and continue her sensitization."

Aquaman retracted his penis until the knob of it was just visible, then
drove it back down the helpless amazon's throat, her amazing body jerking
again. "So, wake her up."

The Martian Manhunter looked down at his thick penis at the gate of Wonder
Woman's vagina. He looked back at Aquaman and shrugged. Gripping his massive
member, he leaned forward, slowly parting the unconscious woman's nether
lips. As he nudged the head inside her, he put his hands on her hips, and
began to push inside her with more strength.

The Manhunter could feel the luscious heroine's hips groan and widen as he
relentlessly forced his huge member inside her sheath. He could feel the
heat rising within him as his manhood was slowly engulfed by a woman. It had
been a very long time, he knew.

He continued to push himself within Wonder Woman. Her vagina stretched wider
than it had ever been before as he forced himself ever deeper. The heroine
beneath him began to move slightly in response to his slow penetration. He
reached up, grabbing Wonder Woman's wrists around her bracelets, and held
her arms motionless in his powerful, huge hands.

The Martian Manhunter glanced up at Aquaman, nodding. The Sea Lord wrapped
his fingers deeply within the superheroine's long, dark tresses, pulling her
tightly over his penis, holding her there. Her red lips were wrapped around
it, her throat still bulging. In position, Aquaman nodded back at the huge

Gritting his teeth, the emerald skinned hero suddenly drove his hips forward,
thrusting his massive organ deep within the amazon at his mercy.

"MMMMNHH!!" Wonder Woman screamed into the penis inside her mouth as the
erotic pain shrieked from her groaning hips. Her deep azure eyes shot open
wide, as she tried to pull her arms loose from the Martian Manhunter's
powerful grip. Her legs wrapped around his wide midsection, her red boots
sticking straight out as his knobby head slammed into her cervix.

She reeled dizzily under the twin intrusions. Her fingernails dug into the
oak table, huge splinters peeling up under her powerful gouges into the shiny
surface. All the amazon princess could see was a set of testicles resting
against the bridge of her nose, sweat dripping from the dangling sack into
her eyes. She trembled under the two men, as wave after wave of pain-laced
pleasure shot up her body from her vagina and hips.

The heroes looked down at the helpless thrashings of the amazon beneath them.
Slowly, the Manhunter retracted his huge member embedded deeply within the
squirming amazon. Wonder Woman wailed again into Aquaman's shaft as the
agonizing friction from the huge green rod ground against the walls of her
sensitive vagina.

Wonder Woman's nostril's flared as she tried to breathe during the slight
pause as the Martian hesitated, the head of his penis just inside her. As
he began to push back within her, the heroine's mind reeled again, as a
sense of complete fullness screamed from her overstretched sex. She cried
out, the vibrations of her voice echoing along the length of the penis
trapped in her mouth.

Aquaman raised a hand to his forehead, wiping the sweat from his brow, as a
groan slipped from him as the vibrations of Wonder Woman's voice teased his
penis. Wrapping his hand in her long, silky, damp hair, he slowly pulled
halfway out of the beautiful amazon's mouth, and slammed his manhood back

His sweat splashed across her face. Wonder Woman could also feel the
perspiration flooding down the Manhunter's body onto her thighs and crotch.
The room seemed to be spinning around her dizzily, the only concrete things
piercing her awareness were the hugeness filling her vagina, sending
incredible waves of erotic pleasure and agony through her, and the faint
presence of something hot in her mouth.

"MMNHHHHHH!!!" she suddenly screamed wildly into Aquaman's blazing rod as the
Martian Manhunter abruptly drove himself deeply past her cervix and into her
womb. She writhed under the massive green skinned man, as two holes were
gouged out of the table under her held, twisting hands.

Wonder Woman's entire world seemed to turn red. Her mind seemed to ooze out
her ears as she lost all sense of being. Nothing seemed to exist in her
universe but the incredible feelings of pain and pleasure that exploded every
second between her legs and under her belly.

Aquaman's eyes suddenly shot wide as he released a very loud moan. His
throbbing shaft was suddenly being caressed by Wonder Woman's tongue!

The amazon's cheeks compressed as every molecule of the surface of the rod
in her mouth was touched by the warm, wet surface of her mouth. Mindlessly
she sucked and caressed his penis as the amazon princess had never done

A muffled cry slipped from Wonder Woman again as the Martian Manhunter began
to slowly grind in and out of her amazing body. The huge alien gritted his
teeth as his massive organ pushed around inside her incredibly tight sex.
Tentatively, the superheroine began to gyrate her hips in time to his
thrusts, accompanied by her muffled screams of ecstasy.

A fog covered the beautiful amazon's mind utterly. Desire and ecstasy
smothered her spirit. The only thing Wonder Woman could even think of doing
was to drive herself deeper onto the green penis and suck on the other penis
between her lips.

Aquaman's face twisted with erotic pleasure as he started moving into the
amazon princess' face with hard, driving thrusts. His testicles slapped
against the heroine's chin as her throat bulged with each forward movement
of his hips.

Wonder Woman could feel every vein in Aquaman's member as she fought off her
gag reflex and concentrated on sucking and caressing it. As his knobby head
reached her lips, she ran her tongue over the tip. Then he would ram it back
into her mouth, slamming her head against the table, sending small chips of
wood flying into Wonder Woman's long, raven hair.

Her long, tanned, muscular legs were spread almost straight out, forced wide
by the Martian's wide body. With slow thrusts, the alien hero slid his
glistening manhood in and out of Wonder Woman's excrutiatingly stretched
vagina. His enormous member ground into her, sending blasts of painfully
erotic pleasure shooting throughout the body and mind of the amazon princess.

Wonder Woman's body compressed as the two men thrust into her simultaneously
from both ends. She moved her hips in time to the powerful thrusts between
her legs, eliciting groans from the Martian Manhunter. She closed her eyes as
Aquaman's sweat flooded down over her face. She could feel his legs quaking
as he pounded into her face.

As her arms were released by the Manhunter, Wonder Woman reached up, wrapping
her hands around Aquaman's buttocks. Her long, muscular thighs were gripped
tightly by the Martian between her legs, as her hips were lifted up, allowing
him to ram into her even deeper.

"MMMNHH!!!" she wailed into Aquaman's penis. He groaned in reaction, jerking
her head forward by her long dark hair. He suddenly stiffened. His face
became still, as he felt the liquid passion rising up within him. One last
time, he drove himself deep within the amazon's mouth and held himself there.

Wonder Woman's flushed, bright red lips wrapped around the hilt of Aquaman's
sex as she felt the first burst of semen soil her throat. Her fingers twisted
and clenched on the Sea Lord's rear as gurgling sounds came from the amazon's

A malicious smile crossed Aquaman's face as he heard the amazon princess gag
on his first shot of cum. A loud groan of release sounded from him as he
began to pump into her mouth again, letting her drain him completely. He
released a hand from her hair to wipe the sweat from his eyes. His face paled
as his hips stopped thrusting and began weaving.

Wonder Woman gulped harshly as Aquaman's orgasmic juices flooded her mouth,
swallowing the saliva and semen mixture. She could feel his remaining hand
in her hair weakening as she held him up with her hands on his ass. She
worked her tongue over his penis as she twisted her head enough to sense
the pleasures running up his sex. Weakly, the Sea Lord began to push at her
head, trying to get her off his shaft.

Slowly, Aquaman's penis slipped from her lips, as the hero collapsed to the
floor. He weakly tried to stand up, but failed, falling again. He remained
still, his skin sweaty and red.

Wonder Woman pulled her head up from the cavity in the table and looked at
the man between her legs.

The Manhunter watched Aquaman collapse. With a violent jerk, he began ramming
his massive organ deeply within the amazon.

"AANNGHH!!!" she wailed in intense erotic pain, her body arching up, her
hands twisting into claws. Up until now the great green alien had been taking
the heroine gently, but now he began to drive into her, twisting his hips in
wide circles. His huge sex thrust far within the amazon princess, each drive
forcing his manhood just a little deeper.

"Great Hera! Stooooppp!!!" Wonder Woman screamed. Her upper body flailed on
the table like a wrestler in a leg hold, her screams echoing around the
kitchen. "Plleaassse Joonnnn....stttoooop!!!!"

The Martian Manhunter's eyes narrowed. He impassively watched the helpless,
penetrated heroine flop on the table, her breasts bounding with her, her dark
hair splash around her face. He held her still by her long, tanned, muscular
thighs pressed to his chest. His penis continued to drive inside her, reaming
her tight vagina mercilessly.

Wonder Woman tried to reach up for him, but every thrust inside her body sent
her flailing backwards, her amazing body arching upwards in erotic agony.
"DEAR GODS JONN STOPPP!!!" she wailed helplessly.

A grunt finally slipped from the hero. He could feel his semen rising within
him. It had been so long, he knew. He watched the heroine under him with an
odd satisfaction, as his glistening sex drilled her.

"NOOOO!!!" Wonder Woman screamed as she felt a quick stabbing pain as his
pre-cum slipped from his sex. "NO! NOT TO MEEE!!" she cried out as her hips
continued to gyrate in time to his thrusts.

"Nnnhhh..." the hero breathed as his orgasm passed through his body and into
the captive amazon. He held himself within her taut sex as his body quivered
under the strain of his passion.

her entire body turned a bright red, every pore of her body oozing sweat and
sexual tension. Her incredible body suddenly jerked, her blue eyes widening,
as his first shot of semen barreled into her body. She fell back weakly, her
body jerking with regular bounds as the Martian Manhunter's sperm pulsed
within her. Between her orgasm and the sex firing within her drove her
consciousness from her, as everything around became dark...

* * *

Wonder Woman slowly woke up. The first thing she sensed was an incredible
pain under her belly. She puts her hands toward it, but something was on
top of her. Slowly, her vision came back to her. A large, bald, green head
was lying between her breasts.

Slowly she pushed the Martian Manhunter's sweat-covered body off her. She
gasped as his flaccid penis slipped from her vagina. The heat in the room
was stifling. Gingerly, the amazon got to her feet.

"Dear weak..." she murmured to herself as she managed to turn off
the oven. Wonder Woman straightened her tiara on her head.

"So...still conscious?" she suddenly heard a man's deep voice say.

Slowly she turned toward the door. Looking at her bare, glistening body
stood Superman. "Great Hera..." she murmured as he slowly advanced on her....


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