Justice League Of America:
Wonder Woman Vs The Justice League Part 5 (M+F,FF,MF,anal,magic,viol,mc)
by Anonymous

Wonder Woman leaned against the countertop heavily. She couldn't stop the
trembling in her long, tanned legs. In fact, her entire body was quaking from
the repeated violations of her amazing body at the hands of her friends and
comrades. Martian Manhunter and Aquaman still lay on the floor where they had
passed out, victims of their weaknesses to the heat that filled the room.

Wiping the sweat from her eyes, she turned off the stove and oven next to
her. But her sky blue eyes never left the figure standing in the doorway,
whose own blue eyes watched the naked superheroine. The eyes broke from her
gaze, and slid down her body. Her tall, beautiful body stood nude before him,
her only clothing being her high heeled red boots, her tiara, her bracelets,
and the thick coating of sweat that made her voluptuous body glisten in the
faint light of the lounge.

"Superman...?" she said hesitantly. Wonder Woman knew she was still very weak
from the ravishing to which she had been subjected. Every muscle in her body
seemed to quiver at her every movement.

Superman smiled pleasantly at the heroine. "Yes, Diana, it's me." He took a
couple of steps toward her, whipping off his cape with a quick motion. "Here,
put this on."

Wonder Woman paused, looking utterly perplexed. Without resistance, she let
Superman wrap the cape around her bare shoulders. "You're not..?"

"Controlled?" Superman finished. "No, I was freed from the control by
Zatanna. She's upstairs freeing Batman right now."

Wrapping the cape tightly around her, Wonder Woman let herself be led toward
the door by Superman. "Who did this to"

Placing his powerful arm around the Amazon's shoulders, Superman answered,
"I don't know, Diana. Zatanna is upstairs trying to figure that out. But, I
promise you, we'll find out in the end."

Wonder Woman only nodded, at last letting a feeling of relief flood through
her exhausted, ravished body. She let Superman half-carry her to the steps.
With every step down the stairwell, a tingle shot through the Amazon from
her vagina; a reminder of her treatment under the Martian Manhunter. Despite
her great pride, she leaned heavily on Superman's body, letting his powerful
frame support her, almost sinking inside his presence. She couldn't remember
a time when she wasn't so relieved to be with a man.

As she walked down the stairs, her oversexed thoughts drifted back to her
dream. How she would lie with Superman, her sex damp with desire for this
ideal man. How he would love her with a gentleness and power no earthly man
could surpass. How she would drift away on an ethereal ship of purest

Wonder Woman glanced up at Superman. Her head was leaning on his shoulder,
her long, dark tresses curling down over his massive chest. She could smell
him in a way she never had been able to before. Nothing had ever made her
feel this way. She felt so...strange. The tingling in her body seemed to be
doubled, but it was no longer uncomfortable. Then she realized; it was
animal desire. If Superman should try to take her now, she would not resist.
Wonder Woman knew she would not.

She glances up at Superman. Being inexperienced in such matters, Wonder Woman
had no idea how obvious her desire was. But she knew how she felt. Her sex
seemed to scream at her, as she began to regain the wetness that had been
forced from her earlier.

Casually, Superman glanced down. His usual, pleasant smile beamed down on the
aroused heroine. Then, oblivious to her needs or desires, he looked back up
at the stairwell.

Wonder Woman gave herself a mental shake. What was she doing?! She knew she
shouldn't be thinking such thoughts. Taking a deep breath, Wonder Woman
leaned even more against Superman, thankful for his kindness...and lack of

* * *

As the hero and heroine stepped back into the monitor room, Wonder Woman
shook herself from her reverie. Batman sat in a chair at the meeting table,
with a small, attractive woman hovering around him. She wore an outfit much
like that of a magician, her short dark hair curling around her smallish
face. On the other side of the table stood Flash and Green Lantern, looking
the worse for wear, but conscious and alert.

"Are you okay now, Batman?" Zatanna asked him.

Batman grunted an answer of affirmation.

Zatanna nodded, and turned to Wonder Woman and Superman. "Oh, Diana! How are

"Zatanna, I've never been so happy to see you in my life," Wonder Woman
answered with utter relief. She was so happy to see another woman after
everything that had happened.

Zatanna gave Wonder Woman a reassuring hug. "I'm so sorry this has happened
to you. I'd do anything to make it go away..."

The Amazon Princess smiled wearily. "I just wish it had never happened."

The young sorceress stood up on her tiptoes. "Are you worried about the
possibility that the you?" Zatanna asked

The tall superheroine's sky-blue eyes widened. "I hadn't considered that..."

Zatanna nodded. "I can kill you wish, and it will be
by a simple spell."

Wonder Woman whispered back. "That would be a good idea. I don't want to
take a chance. I would be ruined if I were pregnant."

Zatanna patted the amazon on the back. "That's okay. Let's step away from
the guys, and we can take care of it in a minute."

A tired smile crosses the face of the beautiful amazon. "Thank you, Zatanna."

Zatanna smiled. "No problem, Diana." Putting her hand around the taller
woman, the younger woman led Amazon Princess to the far side of the room by
the monitor board.

"Just sit down here, Diana, and I'll take care of things. Just close your
eyes, and let the magic flow over you."

Wonder Woman sat down in the chair, covering herself carefully with
Superman's cape. "Anytime you're ready, Zatanna."

Nodding, Zatanna raised her arms up over the exhausted amazon. Closing her
eyes, she began to recite some odd, mystic words.

As the roots of her hair stood on end, Wonder Woman looked up in surprise.
Zatanna's magic came from reciting words in reverse, not in true mystic

Suddenly a blinding blue light filled Wonder Woman's eyes. Her amazing body
was encapsulated in a crackling aura of blue magic. The chair beneath Wonder
Woman shattered, its splinters scattering across the room as her voluptuous
body tensed and thrashed uncontrollably in the power of the magic.

Wonder Woman could feel the magic entering her body through every pore and
opening. She tried to resist with all her being, but her body seemed to be
unable to fight off the magic inundating her. She had just been too weak,
too distracted by the events of the day to pick up the tell-tale hints.
Zatanna never called her Diana, and she missed the clue.

Through her azure-covered eyes, she could see her male colleagues watching
her struggles coldly. She twisted and thrashed in the magic shell around
her, struggling horizontally to the floor. Slowly she could feel her body
resisting the magic that seemed bent on invading her Amazon body.

Zatanna held her hands out, as blue currents of magic electricity shot out
and swarmed around the helpless heroine. The young heroine's face was
contorted into an expression of hatred and concentration as she floated
Wonder Woman high in the air. "I informed you that you would pay dearly for
crossing me, Princess."

Zatanna began to morph, even as Wonder Woman twisted helplessly in her
magic. Zatanna began to get taller, her body filling out more, her clothes
changing. She ended up a tall, elegantly evil women, with long, curly, dark
violet hair, wearing a dress that was low cut, and high cut up each side.
Around her neck and wrists were many bands of gold. She wore golden sandals.

"Circe!" Wonder Woman gurgled between clenched teeth.

The sorceress laughed, a deep throated, evil laugh, as she kept up the flow
of magic tendrils holding Wonder Woman helplessly. "Yes, little Princess,
it is I. My revenge this day will be complete."

Wonder Woman remained silent, her gaze contemptuous of the sorceress. She
steeled herself, as her body began to resist the magic like it normally would
have. She knew that Circe never would have had this advantage on her if she
hadn't been so weak...and raped...

"It's too late to resist me, Princess," the sorceress chuckled malevolently.
"I may not be able to force my magic into your body now that you know who I
am, but you were weak, and I have a foothold. Now, to finish the spell, and
have you."

With a gesture from the sorceress, Wonder Woman began to float toward Circe.
The cape slipped from her body, revealing the bare nudity of the amazing
Amazon. Only her tiara, boots, and bracelets still touched her skin.

The Amazon Princess kept her voice silent as she floated next to Circe. Her
teeth were gritted tightly together as she strove to resist the magic Circe
was forcing into her body. Wonder Woman could sense that she had stopped the
flow of magic, but she had already been affected by a large amount during her
weakness. She had no idea what Circe was doing, but she knew that she must

The sorceress guided the imprisoned amazon next to her and brought her into
an upright position. The heroine's incredible body twitched in the magical
blue nimbus. Her hair-tossed head turned back and forth as she fought against
the magical field holding her helpless.

"Whatever you are doing, Circe, is bound to fail! When the men are freed from
your slavery, you'll meet justice."

Circe laughed heartily, a deep, sinister laugh. "Indeed, Princess? Perhaps
I shall, but you shall be used as no amazon has ever been used before I am
finished!" As she spoke, Circe ran a glowing finger down the center of Wonder
Woman's body, letting it slide down between the superheroine's breasts, over
her firm midriff, and past her hips.

Wonder Woman's sky blue eyes glared at Circe as the sorceress touched the
Amazon's body. Suddenly those eyes widened as the blue nimbus around began
to force her long, tanned legs to spread apart. "Circe!! What are you

"Surely you didn't think I would merely surrender because you started
resisting my enchantment." The sorceress slid her finger over Wonder Woman's
still wet sex. "Now that you are properly sensitized, this will be a simple
enchantment. An aroused Amazon is an easy target." With a sly glimpse up at
the Amazon Princess, Circe pushed her finger inside Wonder Woman's vagina.

Wonder Woman stiffened as she felt the intrusion. She tried to force her
vaginal muscles to keep Circe out, but she was too weak from the vicious rape
that Martian Manhunter had inflicted on her. Deeper and deeper she could feel
the finger slipping inside her still-wet sex.

Circe's eyes stared at Wonder Woman with obvious humor while the heroine's
own blue eyes widened. "You may be able to resist my magicks from outside
your body, but can you resist from within?" Circe's smile faded as her face
twisted in concentration.

The helpless, spread-legged amazon rolled her head back slightly while her
vagina slowly spread open around the finger inching its way inside her. She
could feel Circe's knuckle slip inside her slippery, sensitive sex. With a
final jerk that elicited a gasp from the captive heroine, the rest of the
finger slammed inside Wonder Woman, the remainder of Circe's fist hammering
against the amazon's tender labia.

The evil sorceress looked up into the Amazon's wide, amazed eyes. "You'll
not be able to keep my magicks out...when I am inside of you!" Circe cackled.
A blue crackle of magic starts at Circe's elbow and slowly began to descend
down toward her hand.

Wonder Woman started struggling with renewed vigor, her eyes watching the
magic moving toward the finger deep within her sex. "Circe, stop! How can
you do this to me? A woman shouldn't do this to another woman!"

Circe laughed coldly. "But you aren't a woman, you're just a accursed
lesbian. You and your sisters, licking each other until you scream. You
don't know what it's like being with a man. So, I'm going to force you away
from your lesbian ways, and make you always desire men." The sorceress
looked over at the group of heroes, and grinned. "You will always desire
these men. Anytime you see them, you will desire them with a will that is

The Amazon Princess' eyes widened. Her vagina tingled as the magic began to
enter her. Her naked, tanned body trembled, her blue eyes rolling up in her

"Didn't I tell you, my little Princess, that you will have to come so the
magic can control you?" She grinned maniacally. "I think you'll enjoy it."

The blue magic slowly disappeared inside the superheroine's drenched sex.
After two seconds, her eyes widened as a blue nimbus glowed from them. Two
seconds later Wonder Woman screamed as the magic-induced orgasm hammered
the length of her body. An explosion of azure magic burst from her sex, the
glow filling the room. The heroic Amazon's body stiffened, her head fell
back, her amazing body arches upwards, and her loud wail echoed around the
cold monitor room.

Circe let out a long, frigid laugh as she rammed her finger ever deeper
within Wonder Woman's vagina. The helpless heroine released a cry of utter
ecstasy as her body lurched in sexual slavery to the magic within her.

Suddenly, without warning, Circe jerked her hand away from Wonder Woman and
let her drop to the floor. The amazing Amazon collapsed in a heap. Pushing
her long hair back, she looked up at Circe. She was free. Nothing holding
her, no magic bonds, no lasso. Slowly standing up on wobbly knees, Wonder
Woman glared at Circe. The sorceress stood still, her evil smile twisting
her face.

Wonder Woman balled up her fists in rage. She reared back a powerful fist.
Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a flicker of movement. Glancing
over, she saw Superman. Her hands slowly went limp as a wave of desire
washed through her. Her blue eyes slid over his massive chest, the big S
covering his muscular upper body. Licking her red lips, her eyes moved down
across his rippled abdomen, past his belt, and finally rested on the huge
bulge in his tights. Her rage ebbed as the passion filled her. With a cry
of lascivious despair, the beauteous heroine launched herself at the Man of
Steel. Her hands went to his belt and quickly tore it from him in a burst
of strength. In a second, his red tights were around his knees.

"Great Hera..." the Amazon Princess murmured as Superman's huge sex bounded
out from his red tights. Her knees gave way as she fell before his penis.
Reverently she took the huge shaft in both hands and guided it toward her
full lips.

"Stop her, Superman!" Circe suddenly shouted. "Slap her away!"

Instantly, Superman reached down and filled his hand with her dark, curly
tresses and jerked her off his sex. Lifting her high in the air, he calmly
watch Wonder Woman dangle, her hands holding onto his arm to relieve the
pain. The heroine twisted in his grip like a black cat. With a loud THWACK,
the back of Superman's hand struck her left cheek, sending Wonder Woman
hurtling back and plowing into the group of heroes.

The Amazon finally came to a stop, her legs, arms, and hair sticking out
from the pile of heroes. Her face was buried in Green Arrow's crotch, with
her other body parts in various places on the assorted heroes.

With a cry of lust, Wonder Woman grabbed Green Arrow's costume and slammed
him to the floor. With a loud shredding sound, the material around his groin
ripped from him under the hands of the lust-filled amazon. With blinding
speed, the heroine pulled his sex out and began to run her hands over it,
helping it grow even larger beneath her. "Oh Hera...dear Gods...oh yes..."
she murmured hungrily to herself while her hands worked magic on the thick
sex beneath her.

Lifting her lithe hips upwards, Wonder Woman positioned Green Arrow's rod
under her. With a groan of desire, her hips slammed down as she impaled
herself. The archer's cock punched deep inside her dripping sheath like one
of his arrows into soft wood. Her athletic body arched backwards, her hands
going to her breasts as she tweaked her own nipples. Her eyes closed, her
mouth dangling open, a thin line of drool rolled out the side of her lips
as she was overwhelmed by the sensation of the man within her.

"All of you! Take that Amazon slut!" Circe commanded.

Within seconds, Martian Manhunter filled his gigantic fist full of the
superheroine's dark hair and jerked her head back. Using his other hand,
the heroic alien pulled down her tights and stepped in front of the
flailing, lust-filled woman.

With a groan awash with passion, Wonder Woman attacked the huge green penis
before her. Her drooling lips quickly propelled her head deeply over his
thick organ. Her lips stretched as far as they could around the enormous
sex. Her hips slammed up and down Green Arrow's shaft while she fought to
take the Manhunter as deeply as possible. Her throat bulged with the thick
penis down her. She could feel every vein in his shaft.

Flexing his mighty muscles, the Manhunter jerked Wonder Woman's head forward.
The trapped amazon let out a muffled squeal as her face slammed into his bald
crotch. His rigid organ drilled down her throat, the knob visible by her
larynx. Wonder Woman gyrated wildly, unable to breath. Panic began to fill
her, even as her passion grew. The sensation of the two shafts inside her
sent a thrill through her luscious body that increased even though she
couldn't breathe.

The Martian pulled her head back, but more gently this time., allowing the
lustful Amazon to inhale quickly before his sex slipped back down her warm,
wet throat. This time Wonder Woman sucked deeply on his manhood, while her
amazing body slid on and off Green Arrow's shaft.

"Harder, damn you!" Circe screamed at the men. "Fuck her until she's dead!!"

With that, the Manhunter jerked the Amazon Princess's head forward, again
drilling his rod deep down her throat. She released a stifled squeal into
his manhood. A hand pushed down on her back, and, in response, the Manhunter
fell to his knees, pulling the helpless, horny amazon down with him.

Her long, dark hair fell over Green Arrow's face. He pushed it aside, then,
revealed beneath her silky tresses, he saw her full, firm breasts. Without
hesitation, the emerald archer arched his body up and took in her right
nipple in her mouth, his teeth immediately going to work on the morsel.

"Mmmnhhh..." Wonder Woman groaned into the Manhunter's penis as her arousal
grew that much more. Her nipple became instantly rigid in Arrow's mouth.
Her hips continued to slide over his cock, her juices flowing down into his
lap continuously. Green Arrow's hips arched up to meet her, ramming himself
faster and faster inside the heroine.

Behind and above Wonder Woman, Batman pressed his boot into her back. Slowly
she lowered, her head following the Martian Manhunter's sex, her hips arching
upwards as she continued to impale her aching sex on the hero beneath her.
The Caped Crusader kept her pinned with his boot while he dropped the
codpiece of his costume, releasing his trapped erection. Kneeling down
between her long legs, Batman took his sex in hand, and guided it toward
Wonder Woman's pert anus.

"MMMNNHH!!" the heroine shrieked into the alien's sex as Batman slowly pushed
inside her rear. Her cries echoed along the Martian Manhunter's sex, which
sent thrills of pleasure slithering into his body. He held his rigid organ
still and pulled and pushed Wonder Woman over him repeatedly, her dark hair
splashing back and forth.

With a low growl, Batman punched his penis past the heroine's powerful
buttocks. With his sex fully inserted, Batman begin grinding himself in and
out of Wonder Woman, joining with the rhythm of the other two men. The three
men thrust and pulled on the trapped, impassioned superheroine with abandon,
their sexes impaling her, driving Wonder Woman insane with lust and desire.

Wonder Woman's body turned a bright red, and she began to shudder
uncontrollably. Every muscle, every sinew tightened. Her eyes clamped shut
as her body got very still. The three men paused to watch the great heroine
struggle against the impending orgasm that would demolish her.

"MMMMMNHHHHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman wailed helplessly as the pleasure exploded
within her as if a grenade made of pure sensation had just detonated in her
brain. In reaction to the incredible vision of Wonder Woman's gyrations,
the Manhunter slammed her face into his crotch with a loud groan.

Suddenly Wonder Woman felt sharp, stinging pains deep in her throat as the
alien hero's sperm fired into her. Green Arrow kneaded her full breasts
violently, adding to the pain as his own cum launched inside the Amazon
heroine. Her face twisted in a mixture of pain and pleasure, Wonder Woman
thrust and flopped wildly between the three heroes. Manhunter held her head
in place with his powerful hands, holding his penis absolutely still as the
Amazon Princess gyrated around it, sending more sensations of pleasure
rippling through his massive body.

Eyes ablaze at the sight of the luscious heroine beneath him in the throes
of agonizing pleasure, Batman rammed his own sex as deep as he possibly could
up Wonder Woman tight anus, and let out a low groan of release as his cum
fired inside her also. His gauntleted hands gripped her shapely hips roughly
and pulled her up onto him, as Green Arrow pulled her down by her breasts,
while the Manhunter held her head high to his own hips.

As small part of Wonder Woman's mind shrieked at her to fight, to even kill
these men that were molesting her, but mostly her mind reveled in the
sensation of the three organs penetrating her inner being. As the three
heroes came and fired there semen into her, she exploded again with
mind-shattering pleasure, letting out muffled cries of passion into the
Martian's sex. With the Circe's magic having twisted her mental processes,
Wonder Woman felt like nothing more than a common slave to these costume
gods-on-earth, and wanted nothing more than to please them.

As the three heroes finished dropping their respective loads inside the
lovely, sweat-stained Amazon, the Martian Manhunter jerked her off his sex,
and pulled her high in the air, held aloft by the two hands on her head.
Wonder Woman squirmed and twisted her legs around, her thighs coated with
her sexual juices, cum, and sweat. Her hands reached out toward the Manhunter
with supplication as she dangled in midair, impassioned moans slipping from
her wet lips.

With a toss, the Martian hero tosses the lascivious Amazon toward the feet
of Green Lantern. Coming to a stop after rolling across the slick floor,
Wonder Woman looked up just in time to see a huge emerald hand grip her hair
and jerk her off her feet. Her boots dangled inches off the floor, as her
body hung in the air by her sweaty locks. Still full of desire, the wanton
heroine reached out blindly toward the emerald clad hero lustfully.

"Now we'll finish what I started earlier," Lantern growled. Putting his hand
to the insides of her thighs, he pulls her long, tanned, muscular legs apart.
Wonder Woman's boots reached out to him, pulling Lantern closer to her by
hooking her heels around his waist. Lantern, without any resistance, allowed
her to pull him, and, taking his organ in hand, slipped it just inside Wonder
Woman's drenched sheath. Wrapping his hands around her taut hips, he jerked
her down over him.

"Ohhhhyyeessss!!" the Amazon Princess yelled she was filled again. The energy
hand in her hair dissipated, as Lantern held her in the air, impaled on his
rigid sex. As he pulled her onto him, her head rested on his shoulder. Before
her was a huge red 'S'. Looking up, she saw Superman. Just beside him, with a
hand on his massive shoulders and one on his bicep, stood Circe.

"Oh Gods Circe! Give me Superman!!!" she begged the sorceress, her hands
reaching toward the Man of Steel.

Circe laughed mockingly. "Oh yes, I am quite sure you would like this male
the most. The perfect specimen, isn't he?" Her hands ran over Superman's
massive, powerful chest and across his rippled abdomen.

"Please Circe!!" cried the Amazon Princess.

Circe only laughed evilly. "Oh no, my little amazon slut, I have someone much
better for him," she answered as her hand ran over Superman's belt and past
his bulging crotch. "Lie down, Superman," she commanded him.

"NOOOO!! Please!!" Wonder Woman cried out as Superman laid down on his back.

Circe laughed once more at the passion-filled heroine, then looked past her.
"You, Aquaman, fill up her ass while I fuck her dream man here."

Almost immediately Wonder Woman felt the knobby head of Aquaman's penis
touching her damp anus. "Circe! Please, give him to MMMEEEEIIIIEEE!!" she
screamed as Aquaman's hand gripped her lithe waist and rammed his cock
straight up into her ass.

"Pull down your pants, Superman," Circe commanded the Kryptonian, oblivious
to Wonder Woman's cry of pain. Obediently, Superman pulled down his red and
blue pants to reveal his enormously rigid manhood, which bound out, held
down only by his indestructible pants.

A smile spread across Circe's face at the sight of the Penis of Steel. Her
hands began to untie the straps to her gown. "This will be a pleasure I have
not had in eons."

Wonder Woman tried to say something, but only let out a wailing moan as the
two heroes pounded inside her flailing body mercilessly. She could feel
another orgasm building inside her thrashing, sweat covered body. "Ahh...!!!" she screamed as the two rods in her sent
her over the edge. Her head flew back, sending her long, dark, wet tresses
into Aquaman's face, her breasts pointing skyward. She flopped and gyrated
wildly as her cum gushed from her taken body. As if she were only a inflated
doll, the two men continued to hammer her ass and vagina.

When Wonder Woman's passion slowed down enough for her to open her eyes,
she saw Circe atop Superman, her hips slowly gliding up and down his amazing
penis. "Noo..." she murmured exhaustedly, her head drooping to Lantern's
shoulder weakly, bounding with each thrust under her hips from the two men.

Circe had a evil smile on her face as she saw the dazed and raped Wonder
Woman watch her make love to Superman. "Yes, Princess, enjoy the sight, for
this will be the last thing you see," she laughed. "Now, all these men are
going to rape you until you die. Either your heart will stop, your mind will
collapse, or they will tear your body apart. Either way, you will be fucked
to death!!"

Circe rode Superman slowly, letting his cock sink deep within her sloppy sex,
but only getting half of it within her. "All of you!" she shouted at the
other heroes. "Rape Wonder Woman! Do not stop until she is DEAD!!"

With that, the other heroes went toward the double penetrated heroine. A
small part of her mind tried to fight the impulse to pleasure them, but it
was quickly suffocated by the lust that inundated her spirit. Her hands
reached out for them, her left hand surrounding Flash's sex, and other hand
caressing Elongated Man's. The four heroes and one heroine surged upwards
as another orgasm nearly drove the superheroine unconscious. Her breaths came
raggedly into her gasping breast as yet another orgasm hammered her down.

" dream come true. Wonder Woman dead, and an incredible orgasm,"
Circe rejoiced as she felt her own passion rising. She could feel Superman
close to ejaculating his otherworldly seed within her.

Suddenly Circe's eyes widen in pain as Superman's precum shot inside her.
"Oh no.." she muttered as Superman lifted her up into the air as his orgasm
overcame him.

cum fired into her vagina and out her back, and on up through the ceiling of
the room. Over and over the same thing happened, riddling Circe with holes as
Superman's sperm drove through her body, the ceiling, the bulkhead, and into

As Circe collapsed bloodily to Superman's chest, the lifelight in her eyes
dimmed. The heroes began to shake their heads, almost instantly pulling out
of and away from Wonder Woman. Her feet fell out from under her and she
collapsed weakly to the floor. Around her stood the heroes, mentally freed
from the control of the now-dead sorceress.

* * *

"Are you sure about this Diana?" Superman asked.

Wonder Woman nodded. "Yes, Kal. Look," she said, holding up her hand. Her
fingers trembled. "Circe may be dead, but her spell is still trying to
control me. Part of me wants to attack you and make you love me, but you
know I cannot do that. Giving in would destroy me."

Superman started to put his hand on her shoulder, but stopped himself. "Yes
Diana. I know. And, you know how horrible everyone feels about..."

Wonder Woman raised a finger and put it to Superman's lips. "Yes Kal, I

A silence fell over the two as they both looked down. Superman kicked at the
rocks at his feet absently. "So...when will you return?"

Wonder Woman looked up at him. "When I no longer feel this...compulsion."

Superman started to say something, but only nodded. "Goodbye Diana."

Wonder Woman looked longingly at the Man of Steel. "Goodbye Kal." With a
last glance at Superman, Wonder Woman headed out to sea, back to her island



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