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underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality
whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not
condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real
world is a good thing, bend over in a prison and whistle dixie. While I'm
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Description: Stargirl, teenaged heroine and J.S.A. member, is captured by
Vandal Savage for his Xenomorph (aliens from Aliens) breeding program, and
also used for his own perverted pleasure.

Content Codes: Mf, rape, snuff, impreg, xeno, bond, piss, first, asyphyx

Justice Society Of America: Stargirl - Alien Mother
by JD ([email protected])

Courtney Whitmore, the sixteen-year-old heroine newly known as Stargirl and
formerly the Star Spangled Kid, woke in humid darkness. The last thing she
remembered was going to sleep in her bed in Blue Valley, Nebraska.
Immediately afraid, the toned young blonde tried to sit up. Her arms were
splayed out to the sides; cold, sharp-edged metal dug into her wrists as she
tried to move her arms. Similar metal restraints were around her ankles,
which were spread painfully wide. Stargirl felt almost like she was doing the
splits. An inch thick band was over her throat, so she couldn't even lift her

She tried to picture how she looked; her arms spread out, her legs wide, and
her naked ass overhanging the edge of the metal surface on which she lay.
There was some sort of v-shape in the table.

"Naked ass? OHMIGOD!" she cried, as she realised that her thigh-length shorts
and panties had been stripped from her along with the chunky red cosmic
converter belt. A small hot breeze in the pitch-black room was blowing across
her bare young snatch, recently shaved of even its soft blonde hair.

She felt like she was still dressed in her blue and white star-spangled top,
her blue facemask, even her red-laced black boots. Courtney was no fool, for
a blonde - which meant she could walk and breath at the same time, and say
words like cosmic converter.

A door slid open to her right, and Courtney turned her head to see a figure
silhouetted in the doorway, just before she was totally dazzled by the bright
light around it. She squeezed her pretty, fearful eyes tightly shut and

"Ah, awake. Excellent."

Stargirl knew the voice. Vandal Savage. She was in the hands of one of the
worlds most ancient, most cruel, most savage Supervillain. But how?

"You're thinking, 'How have I been captured aren't you?'"

"I didn't know you could read minds." The tremble in Courtney's voice showed
her fear as she slowly opened her eyes again. Savage had turned on a low-beam
red light above her and she could see a Mirror installed in the ceiling. She
was indeed on a metal table of some kind. She couldn't see how the bands that
held her were unlocked - they seemed to sink directly into the metal table.
The door was shut and the ceiling light wasn't powerful enough to illuminate
more than the small circle around the captured Courtney.

"Your kind are so tiresomely predictable, my dear, that a talent for reading
minds would be superfluous to me. I could hold an entire conversation with
you, and predict your every answer, every bravado outburst." The big man held
his hand over his goatee'd mouth, and yawned with intense boredom.

He was wearing a very well tailored white suit, with jewellery that Courtney
thought looked very expensive. He looked for all the world like a Hamptons
aristocrat out for a meal, not one of the deadliest and most feared villains
of them all.

Stargirl bit back a bravado outburst about how the J.S.A were already on
their way to rescue her, about how she was going to teach Savage a lesson
with her new Cosmic Staff. Instead she asked a question.

"W-what do you want with me?"

"The time has come for Vandal Savage to again rule the world. I'm building
the perfect army, soldiers with Superheroines for mothers. You, of course,
are worthless, beyond useless, without your toys."

Courtney struggled against her metal bonds. Savage eyed her toned young body
hungrily as she strained against the metal. In the humid room she was already
damp, her exertions covered her with sweat as she strained, and strained,
fear building. She was going to be raped by Vandal Savage! The blonde heroine
failed to realise Vandal had a far worse fate in mind for her.

After minutes of struggling in the hot dark room she was spent, and lay
panting on the table.

"You see? Worthless without Ted Knight's technology, his son's staff. You're
just a teenage girl so very far out of her depth."

He reached forward and stroked one of his large, meaty hands down up
Stargirl's snatch, gently probing a questing finger between her teenage
labia. Courtney blushed and tried to pull away from the villains touch, to
end his molestation of her untried sixteen year old body. Vandal pulled his
finger away and sniffed it.

"Well, perhaps not totally useless."

"Y'you're a sick, sick man. I'm going to. going to."

"Give birth! Yes! Isn't the cycle of life wonderful?"

A stream of urine spattered out from between Stargirl's stretched thighs as
fear overruled her bladder control. Vandal didn't flinch as the yellow stream
spattered down between his legs. He watched the process with the boredom of a
man who'd seen it a thousand times before, while Courtney's blush deepened
with the shame of wetting herself before a supervillain. A last spurt and
then the stream stopped between her shivering, juddering, sweat-sheened

"This is the standard of the J.S.A these days? I doubt Hippolyta would have
ever been seen urinating before an enemy, though if the rumours are true,
friends were a different matter. Still, this room cleans very easily as
you'll see later."

"P-please don't rape me."

"Rape you? Well, I wasn't going to but I've found your fear rather arousing
young lady. I rather think I shall. You see? Vandal Savage strips you of your
powers and yet can find more uses for you with each passing minute!"

What did he mean 'Wasn't going to,'? Courtney's throat was dry with fear as
the supervillain unbuttoned his fly, unzipped his trousers, and pushed them
to his ankles. Courtney had little experience with even pictures of the
penis, and Vandal's eight inches of thick cock looked huge to the terrified
young girl. His balls looked larger than her small fists! He stepped forward
between the metal 'legs' to which the young heroinel's own spread legs were

"Please don't.. please I'll give you anything!"

Vandal paused, one hand on her thigh, the other wrapped around his cock.

Stargirl looked up into eyes that knew no compassion, no mercy. She knew then
there was no hope of either. Had she really been broken so easily? Never!
"Never! Do your worst!" she cried, finding defiance and strength in her
legacy. She was determined to face her rape with dignity. She wouldn't give
the old bastard the satisfaction! She was Stargirl of the J.S.A.!

"I'm rather afraid I don't have time for my worst. I understand old Jay
Garrick had to run all over the world to find all of the remains of the last
young heroine who challenged me to that and through dark magics. she was
still alive!"

Stargirl whimpered as Vandal threw back his head and laughed, stopping as
suddenly her started to rub the head of his swollen prick up and down
Stargirl's pussy. Courtney tried to look her jaw and glared defiance at the
villain, determined not cry out when he stole her maidenhood.

Savage thrust forward with a brutal slam of his hips, forcing his full length
inside the virgin heroine in one sick try.


A squeal broke from Stargirl's lips as she was fully impaled on Savage's
raping cock. Her snatch was lubricated with fear, but her first brutal
impalement was still amongst the greatest pains she'd ever felt. Her nipples
were now clearly outlined through her sweat and humidity soaked top. Her
flesh was visible through the now nearly-transparent white large star on her
chest. She blinked sweat and tears as best she could from her eyes, running
down into her damp blue mask. She felt so full between her stretched thighs,
so helpless.

"Congratulations. you're amongst the tightest virgins I've ever deflowered!
In truth, I was always going to take your virginity."

Courtney had no smart answer, no sassy comeback as Vandal gripped her hips
painfully tight and withdrew his prick from her snatch. The blood of her lost
virginity stained his prick and trickled out of her hole; her little vagina
closed slowly until Vandal savagely thrust back inside!


Vandal enjoyed the sensations of the tight young heroine writhing on his
cock. Truthfully, the ancient could have stayed hard for hours - but there
were places to go, heroines to capture.

"Funny. that's exactly what your friend Kendra said. and she was much more
experienced than you!"

Stargirl wailed. Kendra! Hawkgirl! Her friend! Had the evil maniac impaling
her moistening young snatch also raped her? Vandal's reputation preceded
him. Stargirl cried hysterically as she realised he was telling the truth.
Vandal felt his prick grow harder as the girl's body wracked with sobs and he
recalled her friend.

He began to fuck Stargirl harder, speeding up as her vagina naturally
lubricated on the vicious sexual assault. His hairy sack slapped against her
toned ass as he balled the crying teen hard, pulling a fresh squeal from her
with each inward thrust. Courtney's blonde hair flailed about as she felt a
new and deeper shame - she was starting the enjoy the vicious pounding!
"No. no, oh god, no pleassse EEEEEK please stop I'll EEEEK.."

Vandal leaned forward slightly over the panting, squealing blonde Starslut
and pushed one of his hands up under her blue star-spangled top. Courtney's
eyes flicked open as she felt Vandal groping her breasts roughly, one then
the other. As he tweaked a nipple she moaned like a whore! Vandal enjoyed the
exquisite formerly virgin tightness along his shaft and spoke two words,
"Neck. Three."

The metal strap around Stagirl's neck tightened by three notches! Her breath
was totally cut off. Savage pushed her top up and watched her chest heave as
her face immediately started to go red. Strangled choking noises emerged from
Courtney's throat as the evil Savage fucked her snatch even harder, and
faster. Stargirl was suddenly incredibly aroused as he was deprived of
oxygen. She bucked in her bonds as she found herself rapidly approaching her
first orgasm.

"Little blonde meat." Savage gasped as her tight snatch squeezed his prick in
asphyxiation contractions. Suddenly Courtney Whitmore, Stargirl, was cumming
on the raping cock of Vandal Savage. Wonderful feelings wracked her body from
her snatch to her bared breasts as she came. The greatest feeling in the
world even as the darkness started to claim her!

Savage began to cum. He pulled out jerked his prick furiously, shooting his
seed over her bald snatch, her tight tummy, her thighs. Thick creamy seed
splashed over her shaking snatch, pooled in her belly button. one blast even
reached her teenage tits!

"Neck! Secure Release!" Vandal barked, instantly back in control of his body.
He pulled his trousers up around his thighs and walked, holding with one
hand, around Stargirl. The young heroine's body was still shaking from her
powerful orgasm as Vandal stopped to the left of her head and dropped his
trousers. Ignoring her powerful gasps for breath, he reached out and yanked
her messy blonde hair sideways. Courtney was barely even aware as he used it
to clean his spunk and her hymen blood/juice mixture from his wilting prick.
As she slowly became aware again and blinked enough tears and sweat from her
eyes she could see Savage standing still by her head. He'd pulled his
trousers back up and looked for all the world as if he hadn't just deflowered
one of the world's newest heroines. Her pussy felt different - she didn't
have enough experience to know what 'freshly fucked' felt like. Savage's seed
was cooling all over her belly and crotch. She could actually smell it!
Vandal waited until he had her full attention again and then gave another
terse command.

"Hawkgirl File. Play."

Screens on the ceiling, around the mirror, lit up suddenly. The screens
showed Kendra, stripped of her flight harness, her weapons, strapped in the
same way as Stargirl now was! She was far more liberally coated in seed than
Stargirl, she seemed to be almost entirely covered in semen. Her body was
shaking and speakers played the sound of her tears.

"I used a small gang of mercenaries to apprehend your colleague. They
demanded an interesting payment - I'm sure the video will sell well and help
my finance my future plans. It was taped twenty-four hours ago, though I've
little intention of making the next part public."

"Oh. Kendra. Poor Kendra. you never wanted to be a heroine." Stargirl
murmured, biting her lip. Her rape seemed to pale against whatever her friend
had experienced.

"I know what you're thinking, and you're right! For the wrong reasons! You
see, what happens next to her? Far worse."

The dark room lit up around Kendra, though Hawkgirl was far to shocked, too
subdued, by a prolonged gangrape to even notice. At the back -behind her own
head, Courtney realised - a panel lifted in the wall and a metal shelf
extended out to meet the head-end of the metal restraining table. Sat upon it

" egg?"

"That's right my dear, a Xenomorph egg. I have discovered the exact means of
controlling these beasts and they will form my army! That the testing process
has removed a number of those who would've opposed me is simply a happy co-

Stargirl watched with horror as the top of the egg slowly parted and a spider
like creature pulled up onto the lip of the obscenely organic shell.

"No, Oh Kendra no."

"She can't hear you."

Stargirl flinched and screamed as the creature on the screen leaped down at
Kendra's spunk coated face. After she'd cried hysterically for almost ten
minutes she opened her eyes to see it latched around her friend's face.
Spindly legs wrapped around Kendra's head, and a long tail about her neck.

"Watching again?" Vandal enquired, "Fast Forward. Stop Segment Beta Indigo."
The image on the screen blurred and Stargirl saw that the creature lay off to
the side of the metal bench. She harsh sound of Kendra's voice, cracking with
her raw throat, filled the speakers.

"Please! Someone help me! Hear me Superman! Anyone! This is Hawkgirl of the
J.S.A! Help me!"

"Quite the fighter," Savage commented, "I thought the rapists had torn her
mind free from sanity, but right until the end."

Stargirl watched with dry mouthed horror as Kendra's voice turned into a
strangled scream. She bucked in her bonds as something small and black tore
through her stomach. A camera moved in on her face, while another moved in on
the worm-creature in her stomach wound. Half the screens showed Kendra's
agonised, lifeless eyes, the others - her killer.

Courtney Whitmore began to scream.

"Goodbye Stargirl."

Savage left the room without a backwards glance. A fresh stream of urine
burst from Stargirl's bare, spunk-splattered crotch as she heard the
mechanical whirring of the hatch opening, the egg platform extending. She
pushed her head back to see the base of the Xenomorph egg as it stopped by
her feverishly hot brow. A blur of motion, a soft tube pushing down her
throat, chitinous legs digging into her skull as the tail lashed around her
helpless neck.

Hours later Stargirl gave birth.

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Alternative ending:
(Written after a couple of gurochan readers suggested the original was rushed
/ a disappointment)

Savage left the room without a backwards glance. Stargirl's face lay to one
side as she watched him go through tear blurred eyes. Nobody had come for
Kendra, so she held little hope that anybody would come for her. Courtney
felt the panel opening, dragging a couple of strands of her dirty blonde hair
down into the works. After the pain of her rape, and the humiliation of her
forced orgasm the snapping strands of hair went almost unnoticed. Stargirl
registered the mechanical whirring noise of the egg platform extending,
though, and let free a yelp of terror.

She trembled from the top of her head to her widely parted feet, and pulled
once again against metal restraints she had no hope of moving. At the top
periphery of the sixteen-year-old's vision she caught movement for a
milisecond, and then the facehugger sprang from the opened egg. There was a
blur of motion, and Courtney tried to turn her face and avoid the xenomorph.
She screamed again, high enough to shatter glass, as chitinous legs dug into
her skull. Courtney's scream became a wet gag as a thick but soft tube
pressed across a tongue and penetrated her throat. The heroine managed to
arch her back from the table for a moment as the tail lashed around her thin

A moment later, and the tension left Courtney's muscles. The teenager lay
limply in her restraints as the facehugger breathed for her. Her chest rose
and fell slowly beneath her star spangled top, which had been left rucked up
by Savage's groping hands. The room was being monitored remotely, of course.
Vandal Savage's minions observed multiple angles of pink stained semen drying
between Courtney's legs, and sweat and cum drying across her body while the
alien implanted a foetal xenomorph just below Courtney's rib cage.

Stargirl came around after the Facehugger completed its task and died,
sliding from her face to the floor. She couldn't remember at first how she
came to be bound to the table, but her goose pimpled lower body and the ache
in her crotch suggested she'd been violated, Courtney was about to call out,
when she recalled the footage of Kendra, and then the face hugger. She began
to cry, and then scream. Savage's minions recorded language they would not
have expected from the innocent looking teenage heroine. Her face grew with
exertion as she described what Wildcat would do to Savage for his abuse of

Then she coughed. Her throat had been sore since she awoke, but she ignored
the pain. Now, deep in her abdomen, a new pain was growing.

"No! Oh god! I don't want to die! Take it out!"

Stargirl banged her head back against the unyielding metal table as the pain
increased tenfold, but while she saw stars she couldn't bring
unconsciousness. She couldn't avoid what was happening inside her. Courtney
screamed for her Mom, and her sister. Her flat stomach bulged out suddenly,
accompanied with a new level of pain she would not have thought possible.
Stargirl's voice died, and suddenly the throat restraint loosened. She lifted
her face enough to see the bulge between the twin mounds of her breasts.
Stargirl screamed again, giving voice to inhuman agony.

The skin of her stomach was a furious rad for a moment, before tearing
obscenely open. Stargirl's belly opened like firework going off, with a wide
circle of bloody gore splattered around. In the middle of the wound a phallic
shiny black head poked out, seeming to look at Courtney without eyes.
Stargirl faced it for a moment, and then her head dropped back to the table.
Blood dribbled between her lips as her eyes rolled up, and a second stream of
urine marked Courtney's death on the metal table.


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