Warning: This story contains content that should not be read by people underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality whatsoever. Real life rape is WRONG. The author does not condone illegal and immoral actions described. Please read the story codes and stop reading if you can't stomach that shit. Go read old JSA comics instead. I do not own DC Comics or any of the characters from their comics like the JSA or Stargirl. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. The original version of this story was written by me in 2006, and is now re-written and improved by me. Hopefully. It is based around the Stargirl from the pre-2010 run. I haven't seen any JSA comics for about five years!

Description: The 18 year old superheroine Stargirl is captured for sale to a misogynistic millionaire with a medical fetish, but her hung black abductor has some rapey fun with her first.

Content Codes (Part 1): MF, pwp, rape, bond, inter, preg

Justice Society Of America: Stargirl - Black Bred White Bread Part 1 - Courtney Captured
by JD ([email protected])

Stargirl... 18 years old... braces... blonde hair down past her shoulders... blue eyes... firm body.

Tyrone looked down at Stargirl in the trunk of the stolen car and smiled as he thought about all of these things. As her legs were tied tightly back to her wrists, her body was bowed pushing forward her succulent young breasts. Her hair was tied to another rope, bound tightly and preventing any movement at all from the teen superheroine.

Courtney moaned around the bright red ball gag strapped into her mouth, working her tongue against it hard. She was completely unable to budge, completely at the mercy of the masked maniac who'd shot her with a tranq dart before she even knew he was there. By the time she'd started to come round, he'd taken both her cosmic belt and staff and tossed them in a garbage can. He didn't want the technology; he wanted her. She was fully secured before the tranq wore off. She remembered being kept in a straitjacket, back in the past, and realized she had even less control over her destiny in the trunk of the car. At least those men had been doctors who believed they were helping her. The hand pawing at her breasts through her top suggested Tyone's intentions were less honorable.

Tyrone slammed the trunk shut, trapping Courtney in darkness. Her muscles were already cramping painfully from being tied so stiffly; she realized he must have had a lot of practice to tie her so well, so fast. To lure her so ably too; she wasn't his first abductee. She heard the man climbing into the car, a quiet sound of him removing his mask, and then the engine started and he began to drive.

An hour and a half later and Courtney's muscles were either numb or in a state of total spasming agony. Tears ran down her face in the darkness as she increasingly lost any hope of rescue. At first, she'd had the hope that her comrades from the JSA would intervene before the car got too far. They liked to keep an eye on the younger members, though Stargirl found it embarrassing. As her hope faded the strength of will that helped define Stargirl the superheroine disappeared into the fears of an 18 year old girl. Outside the car, she became aware as the city and highway noise died away, and the sounds of nature took over.

When Tyrone pulled up at his cabin he had a boner he thought he could use to knock the door in. Nine steel-hard inches of chocolate meat as thick as Courtney's wrist and topped with a purple crown poked out of the waist of his pants and stood up against his t-shirt. They said size wasn't everything, and that it was what you did with it - Tyrone knew exactly what to do with it, both to get himself off, and force humiliating pleasure on his victims.

He'd fought the urge to pull over in a rest area and jerk off for a couple of hours, but he was smart. He didn't make mistakes like that. He had a system that had yet to let him down. People saw him as dumb black guy, a stereotypical 'nigger', which he hated but could use. Let them think he was dumb; long as they paid him, and, hell, he'd taken their money and then had their wives or daughters behind their backs later; some of their sons, too, just to make a point.

He had become a very rich man as he had a well earned reputation in certain circles for finding the right girls for the right money. He didn't work with children or animals and he usually declined to get involved with the capes. He wasn't the kind of criminal who put on a costume and got punched. For the very right amount of money though he would the risk and get richer. As he stepped out of the car and adjusted his cock so that the t-shirt covered it, he thought back to his first rape - a novice nun from the catholic orphanage where he'd been raised.

They'd thought he was a "dumb little nigger" too, but he'd never been caught. Novice Sister Bernadette had thought so; he wondered if she still did - last time he'd checked she was still working for the same slave owner, though they no longer sold her as a nun. Reminiscing happily, he opened the trunk and lifted out Stargirl, being careful not to strain the ropes around her any further- he didn't want permanent muscular damage. He carried his catch into the cabin, and after fiddling with the keys, locked it shut behind them.

Courtney could see the outline of Tyone's cock through the t-shirt; precum had soaked through to leave a small wet mess. The shape was... SO BIG! There was now no doubt in her mind that she'd been taken for rape; despite the groping she'd hoped that she had been kidnapped as part of some supervillain scheme, to try and get a ransom or get at the JSA. He'd worn a mask, after all, though he'd also taken it off since.

He took the bound superheroine through into the cabin's back room and dropped her onto the bed. He untied her boots, tugged them away with her socks; admired the paleness of her feet. After a moment, he took a knife from a large multi-storage unit and deftly cut all of the ropes from his teenage captive. Sure, she'd been trained to fight without her cosmic toys, but she wouldn't be able to. He knew, correctly, that she was far too stiff to move much, but she tried with numb fingers to unclasp the ball-gag straps from around her face. She fumbled uselessly for a few seconds while Tyrone stripped off his clothes until he stood naked at the end of the bed.

He held his arms out to the sides, one holding again the knife, while his huge cock stood straight up against his chest. Stargirl's feeble sounds and gagged cries excited him greatly. He was six feet and four inches tall, 264 pounds of solid muscle against the petite yet curvy form of Stargirl. Tyrone ran a hand over his smoothly shaven head. The helplessness in her eyes as she beheld his hard body and harder cock was almost better than sex. There were few women more powerful than superheroines, and he had one at his mercy. Perhaps he'd have to review his cape avoidance policy. Stargirl didn't even wear one!

He took the knife and began to cut the tight shorts off Courtney, telling her quietly that if she struggled he would not be able to avoid cutting her. The client didn't want her costume; they were having customized 'slutty' versions made. Tyrone hadn't needed details, but the guy had insisted on jawing on about his plans for the blonde. He cut away the large star across her breasts, revealed her bra. When Tyrone cut her panties off she screwed her eyes up tight, unable to face him seeing her in only a silky pink bra. He took that too, leaving her totally naked. Courtney's bush was short, small, and slightly darker than her blonde hair. Her beasts were firm enough to sit up roundly on her chest, nipples pointing to the ceiling. He left her mask on. It emphasized the fear in her baby blues when she opened them. Tyrone reached one big finger down, and pushed Courtney's lip up; her braces shone with the drool leaking around the ball gag.

She laid totally still, save for her chest rising and falling rapidly, terrified of the inevitable assault. She could see directly into Tyrone's big brown eyes. They didn't seem angry, or crazy or cruel. Just normal. She found that more frightening than any of the rest of it. She heard him move away, the clink of metal. Courtney started crying again, soft sounds that caught in her chest. Tyrone had put the knife back and picked up handcuffs. Courtney was still too stiff to resist as he cuffed her hands behind her back, and moved her body into the middle of the bed. The forced arching of her back made her breasts stick out more, and raised her pussy for penetration. Her toned thighs, the source of powerful kicks, seemed like string against his big knuckled dark skinned hands.

Tyrone moved onto the bed to spread Courtney's legs. Her skin so pale under his fingers. He knelt there for a second, and let it slap against her flat stomach. He hadn't said anything to her since he'd warned her about the knife. He hadn't needed to. He only spoke to the girls he abducted when absolutely necessary. He gagged them so they wouldn't speak to him. Silence was golden for Tyrone, though he liked a scream or a groan, and the blonde's sobbing, he could enjoy that around the gag. He squeezed her breasts in his strong brown hands and began licking and sucking on one of her nipples.

Courtney could feel the heat of his body against hers, smell his sweat and arousal. She couldn't believe how big his cock looked. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined being penetrated by something so big... so hard. She was disgusted to find a tiny part of her mind... wanting it. Had there been some kind of aphrodisiac in the tranq? Something to make her a slut? As bad as part of her mind wanting his cock, the big man's mouth felt good on her teenage breasts. Her nipples were soon erect and hard as he sucked and licked on then the other, playing with her teen rack with all the experience at his command. Courtney blushed deeply, ashamed at the pleasure she was taking from her rape. She couldn't understand why her body would betray her, and make him think she wanted his hot tongue on her nipples, his hands on her breasts.

Tyrone's balls were heavy with his potent seed. He hadn't so much as jacked off since his last abductee had been shipped to her new owner in Boston. She'd been pregnant, too, though the archbishop had easily arranged an abortion. He was convinced that if he'd taken up masturbation he would never have amounted to anything. It took a lot of willpower sometimes, but he had been able to hold off, to get Courtney's body tuned up and ready to receive his big cock. The client probably wouldn't have taken her split open like overripe fruit.

Still working on the increasingly-squirming superheroine's breasts he moved one hand down between her legs. Courtney's eyes opened wide as she felt him rubbing her blood-swelling labia through her bush. He slowly pushed a thick finger into her snatch, moving it inside her as he rubbed his thumb around her clit. The new sensations jolted Stargirl, sobs turned to moans. She found herself humping her hips against his hand for a second or two before she stopped herself. She had never even fingered herself. Getting into superheroics early, she'd always made a self conscious effort to be a 'good girl None of her pimply teenage boyfriends had touched her like that either; Billy Batson probably didn't know what a pussy was. It was only the highly athletic and gymnastic life she had led which meant she didn't have a hymen left to bust. To feel so good while at the mercy of a rapist deepened the superheroine's shame and horror further.

He smiled as her felt her clutching teen pussy around his finger, and slipped another one inside her. It wouldn't be long until she was wet enough to take him. Tyrone finger fucked Courtney's teenage hole for a few minutes. Her eyes spoke of misery, while her flushed body, erect nipples and dripping pussy told him her body was ready to fulfill its biological role as the mother of a child. He bit down on a nipple, listened to her muffled cry, and then pulled his sticky wet hand away and rubbed it under Stargirl's nose, staining her mask.

She smelled her own juices then, her own arousal. This wasn't love, or consent. The man who had lured her into a parking garage, who had abducted her and tied her up painfully, was sexually assaulting her. She knew it was wrong, one of the most evil acts any man could commit against a woman, and yet her body was incredibly turned on. Her leg muscles had loosened up enough that she could kick, and she realized she'd been unconsciously trying to wrap them around the man's ass.

Tyrone shifted his position, placing the large head of his cock against Courtney's wet snatch; black cock in blonde bush. He gripped her hips with his hands, overpowering any kick attempts, and without any further waiting pushed his straining purple crown and thick shaft into Stargirl's tight white pussy. He'd taken the time to expertly finger her, and so the 18 year old's inexperienced snatch stretched tightly around the first few inches of conquering black meat. The rape had been consummated.

Courtney screamed around the gag, arched her back even further above her cuffed hands, unintentionally forced even more of Tyrone into her. There was a little pain, due to the sheer size of her rapist's weapon, but even as her femininity was totally violated she felt pleasure from being full. She shook her head, blonde hair flicked around her mask, and kicked her legs around his muscular body. It made no difference. Nothing in that cabin could stop the rape of Stargirl.

Tyrone grunted as he worked more and more thick inches into the white girl. He stretched her out slowly but surely, knowing how humiliated she would be to physically enjoy an almost tender rape. He had six thick inches inside the girl, stretching her deeper and wider than anything ever had. Maybe even more than anything else ever would. Every sexual contact for the rest of her life would be colored by his cock. He gritted his teeth; the pleasure of Stargirl's dripping fuck hole, her squeals and the fear in the girl's eyes were all combining to bring him to climax - but he wanted to get all of his shaft inside her before he did.

Changing position, he rolled over on the bed, brought Courtney with him. It was no test of strength to sit her up so her weight bore down on his cock, with her lags to either side of his thighs. As athletic and post pubescent wide hipped eighteen years old as she was, both of her thighs together were around the size of one of the huge bodied rapist's. She kicked uselessly, the leg-stiffness completely gone, as Tyrone felt gravity help slide her down his shaft. He wrapped his thickly muscled arms around Courtney and pushed down on her shoulders with his hands, filling her utterly with nine inches of black cock. Both rapist and victim looked down to see where their crotches met, and then Tyrone pulled the gagged girl tightly into his arms and bounced her on his cock.

The fast deep dicking Courtney Whitmore received in the black man's arms brought about a powerful orgasm. She tried to cry "NO!" to stop him, anything but the shameful pleasure of climax... from rape. An electric storm of sexual satisfaction raged from her pussy and breasts into her head and down to the tips of her toes. She was no longer Courtney Whitmore, Stargirl, but a sperm receptacle gag-mouthed groaning with joy.

As arousing as it had been earlier, Tyrone didn't give a damn about her shame by that point. Her spasming teen snatch gripped him so tightly he could barely lift her, and with an animalistic roar he came. Tyrone's neglected balls gave up their stored seed in a series of heavy blasts that Courtney, through her orgasm, swore she could feel firing against her cervix. He'd never shot so much in one orgasm, he felt like a stud horse breeding a mare. He thrust as hard as he could, getting his seed as deep into Stargirl's body as possible; it usually only took one mating to breed a white girl, and even with the superheroine's juices running down his balls and taking semen with it, he assumed the squealing, shaking girl was probably already pregnant.

He wasn't the kind of man who rolled over and passed out after a fuck. He didn't even need to catch his breath. As soon as he had finished cumming, he lifted Stargirl from his shaft and twisted the superheroine round. He adjusted his grip, and carried the handcuffed girl upside down across the room. His overflowed sperm had made a mess of her mashed bush, and left trains down her stomach to her breasts as he carried the girl. She struggled like a snake, more fight than he'd seen from her all evening, but even if she hadn't been cuffed there would have been little she could do against his strength. Her fighting abilities without the cosmic staff could only do so much. Tyrone shackled her ankles to short chains hanging from the ceiling. He attached the support chains that would spread the weight along Courtney's calves, and idly ran his finger down (formerly up) her thighs, pushed juice and leaked cum back into her twitching fuckhole.

Courtney's hair hung down to the floor from the back of her mask. She could still feel the jolts of her orgasm inside her pussy. Her breasts pulled unfamiliarly under the effects of suspension on her upturned body, but still tingled from the man's touch. Blood flowed down into her head, and increased the feeling of lightheadedness her climax had brought. The air felt cold around her pussy as the thick sperm oozed inside her. She wondered what kind of filthy girl would get off on being raped. She also started to worry about what else he had in store for her, only she didn't wonder long as Tyrone knelt down and removed the ball gag, dropping it to the floor. Courtney immediately started to talk,


Tyrone said nothing in reply. He simply pulled Stargirl's mouth forward and pushed his cock into it. It was always a risk, making a victim take his cock orally, but he doubted she was stupid enough to try to hurt him when he had her so much at his mercy. He didn't expect to get a good blow job from the young superheroine, but this happened to be the perfect angle to fit his cock into a girl's throat. The sheer tightness of Stargirl's gullet would be enough to get him off again.

Courtney Whitmore got her first taste of a black man's, of any man's sperm, mixed in with the taste of her own teen pussy. She gagged from the taste and the almost overpowering odor of sweat and rank masculinity. The last time anything of size and hardness had been put in her mouth, she'd been in a dentist's chair having braces attached. She wanted to bite down, sever his shaft, but if she did then either he would kill her or... he'd bleed out and she'd be left upside down in a cabin to die slowly. She gagged, convinced she was going to choke to death, as he pushed more in. His heavy balls looked like they could beat her unconscious if they smashed into her face.

Tyrone rapidly grew back to full hardness, but he'd managed to get the head and a couple inches of the shaft of his cock up into Stargirl's tight throat while still relatively spongy. He decided it wasn't quite as hot as seeing that blonde pussy stretched tightly around his shaft, but near as damn it. He loved how it never even seemed to occur to the girl to try to bite as he thrust with short strokes into the red face of the brutally gagged teen superheroine. Her pussy still gaped in front of his face, slowly closing as his seed worked inside her.

Courtney felt the handcuffs biting into her wrists as she pulled on her arms. The blood pounding in her head was a distant second to the pain of the cock pounding 'up' her throat. When Tyrone again took her firm breasts in his hands she gained a little pleasure from his fingers against her nipples, but it was nothing like the shameful orgasm of her vaginal rape. His balls did slap into her face as he made her take him all, heavy and black and smelling of her pussy.

Tyrone felt his sperm rising again and tugged his cock from Courtney's throat. He grabbed her head in one hand, held it firmly to prevent her looking away. She coughed heavily, shaking in her shackles, as he came a second time, firing long string blasts of thick white seed across Courtney's mask obscured face, painting the near convulsing girl with cumshot after cumshot. He managed to get it in her eyes and her mouth, and even in her upturned nose, where frantic air bubbles forced through.

Courtney wanted to speak again, but she was coughing too hard. A blast of sperm right into her open mouth felt like it choked her, and she coughed the slimy seed out as Tyrone took to wiping off his cock and balls with the suspended superheroine's sweaty blonde hair. She was nothing to him, but meat to wrap around his shaft, and a package for delivery. It almost felt as if she'd proved him right, when her body had so obviously taken pleasure from something as sickening as rape.

She was just about recovered and able to speak again when he pushed the red ball back into her mouth, and strapped it around her upside down head. It kept his taste in her mouth. She groaned around the gag as he stood to release the ankle shackles. Her captor let her down gently onto the cabin floor, and they both watched as his seed started to flow back out between her thighs again, thick and gooey.

Courtney Whitmore looked fearfully up into the emotionless eyes of her captor; he seemed very tall, very large, with her lying on the floor. His cock hung half-soft between his massive thighs, but seemed no smaller than the giant pole that had split her body and filled her to the core of her body. It was a shocking reminder to her that while she thought of the outrageous costumed villains as the great threats, an ordinary human could be just as evil.

Tyrone looked at the clock. With a target like Stargirl he knew it was necessary to act faster than usual; normally he could have a few days with a girl, but for someone in the cape community... there could be a genuine A-lister taking an interest, but even they would have trouble if the trail was cold. Then again, when he'd taken Flamebird it'd never even made the news. Bette Kane had been gone six months, shackled down in a Detroit drug lord's basement and he hadn't heard that anybody even noticed. Most people who mentioned the name at all online seemed to do so in the context of "retired nobodies".

Plus, the client's helicopter was due in almost forty-five minutes, to take Courtney to a mansion upstate. Tyrone had never worked for the family before, but understood that the client was the dot com millionaire son of old money. His family put up with him because he had saved them from bankruptcy, even allowed them to regain old glory and political influence. It was unusual for someone's first request to be for a superheroine to be procured, but when Tyrone had done a little digging he found out that the man was a customer of a very exclusive escort agency that supplied girls for his medical roleplay. He came to the conclusion that the client had moved on from willing fuck toys and wanted the sense of power that rape naturally gave enhanced with the victim being some cape pussy.

Tyrone wondered if the dork would make her carry his baby to full term, or just have it aborted to keep her 'in character' as a superheroine. Maybe carrying out abortions fell under his fetish. He didn't wonder for long; it was time to start cleaning the package up. There was time for one last piece of fun. Something Tyrone liked to do to let the girls know exactly how little they were worth to him once he'd emptied his nuts. Some of the clients would probably complain; others would find it hot.

Courtney saw the big man take hold of his cock again, and wondered what he intended next. She had some idea that there was one part of her he hadn't violated, and shivered at the thought of her asshole speared by his cock. There would be no pleasure there, only torment and degradation. Instead, he sighed and began to piss. She closed her eyes and began her gagged protests anew, though her throat hurt from being stretched and fucked. The acrid urine splashed against her masked face, hot and foul, and then across her firm breasts until Tyrone's bladder was empty and Courtney's face, hair and breasts were soaked in piss. She blushed as she felt her pussy twitch, almost as if her body enjoyed the further debasement. She just wanted it to end. Nobody had saved her.

Forty minutes later she had been thoroughly washed (save for the cum leaking from her pussy), dried and dressed in cheap discount store clothes. She looked like a trailer trash hooker as they cuffed her into the chopper. The client had sent two of his guards, hulking body builders who still looked small compared to Tyrone. One of them was just as dark skinned with a decidedly eighties mohawk, while the other had a lighter, caramel skin and shaved head. They sat on either side of her; she wouldn't fling herself out to avoid a fate worse than death. One of them had already put a hand up under her skirt and discovered Tyrone hadn't put any panties on her. Further shame. She sobbed softly around the gag as thick black fingers toyed with her blonde bush.

Tyrone watched the helicopter take off, caught one last look of horror from Stargirl, and then set about destroying all evidence he could that connected him with the site. He intended to be away within an hour, preparing to launder the huge payment from the client. Flames licked around her cut-off costume, the filthy mask sizzling as it burned.

End of part 1

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