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Avengers/Justice League Of America: The Forgotten Part 4 (MF,oral)
by Dimiri Maximoff

Green Arrow Versus Hawkeye.

Clint and Conner suddenly found themselves in a room filled with straw
dummies, targets and moving obstacles.

"What the?" asked Hawkeye, knocking aside a punching bag that swung towards

"Okay, this is too weird," said Conner, "What is this, the workout room from

"Gentlemen," came The Unforgotten's voice, as if from all around them, "You
will each find that you have an equal number of arrows in your quivers. The
winner of this battle will be determined not just by your archery skills, but
by dexterity, agility and foresight. The first of you to draw blood will be
declared the winner."

"Okay, maybe I missed the briefing," Conner began, "But is... hey!"

He lept nimbly aside, an arrow missing him by a hairsbreadth.

"Excellent!" laughed The Forgotten's voice, "It seems Mr Barton has that
killer instinct!"

Hawkeye didn't say a thing, he was already sliding behind a straw dummy, a
light sheen of sweat over his body. He was worried, the kid was fast! Moving
with a natural dexterity and grace tempered by obvious training.

He bounced up from behind the dummy, firing another of his plain arrows at
Green Arrow, hoping to scratch him and claim first blood.

Conner still stood where he had leaped to safety earlier, but he easily
swivelled out of the arrows path.

- Lucky for me the kid doesn't have that killer instinct! - Hawkeye thought
to himself, diving aside as Conner fired an arrow with an almost reluctant
look on his face.

"Hah! Missed!" laughed Hawkeye, easily leaping aside.

"Wasn't aiming at you," replied Conner, glumly, "Look."

Ordinarily Clint would never look, but the boy's obvious innocence kept him
from suspicion, and he turned to look at the straw dummy, with an arrow
embedded smack in the middle of the target.

"If I wanted to, I could take you down," he said to Hawkeye, "But I'm not
gonna jump through hoops for anybody, I'm certainly not going to go for first
blood... what about you?"

Hawkeye nodded, "You've got heart, kid," he said, "And I want to be just as
noble as you, but there's a whole Universe at stake."

He fired a concussion arrow, which smashed into the wall behind where Conner
had been only moments ago. The kid was firing as he somersaulted away, and
even as Hawkeye was ducking down and rolling away he saw how the young hero
grabbed arrows he had already fired as they came into reach.

"I can re-use my arrows again and again," he yelled, ducking behind a straw
dummy and sliding out of range of the sonic blaster arrow Clint had just
fired, "Do those fancy arrows of yours work more than once?"

As the young son of the original Green Arrow finished talking, he realised
he'd been concentrating so much on picking up his spent arrows that he hadn't
taken note of if Hawkeye was moving or not.

- DARN! - he yelled at himself, - Stupid rookie mistake! -

He looked about carefully, and saw with shock that an arrow with a large,
ominous looking gray shell at it's head was pointing roughly in his direction
from behind a large target.

Carefully, he grabbed an arrow from his quiver, at the same time pretending
he hadn't noticed the arrow and was still looking for Clint. He set the arrow
in the bow, pulled it back slightly and then came up fast, shooting right at
the arrowhead... bulleye! The room exploded with light, blinding the
inexperienced young hero who staggered back.

Slowly his eyes started to clear, and looking up he saw Hawkeye perched on a
pile of straw bales not five feet away, an arrow cocked in it's bow and
pointing right at him. With numb shock and disbelief he realised what sort of
arrow it was.

He made a clumsy attempt to duck, but he was still disorientated from the
light burst (which he now realised had been set up by the more experienced
Avenger to trick him), and the arrow smashed into his face, dropping him onto
his ass.

Clint picked up the arrow and smiled.

"Haven't used this baby for years, I wondered why I still even kept it in my

And Conner, sitting on the ground with blood welling from his nose, said, "A
punching bag arrow? Man, Dad would just love this!"

Winner - Hawkeye -

* * *

Despite Clark's initial enthusiastic entrance, once he was on the bed he
became shy, almost timid.

She smiled warmly at him as he reached up with a hand that was lightly
trembling and caressed one of her full, plump breasts. She slid her own hands
over his hard chest, her fingers lightly rubbing at his nipples even as he
did the same to hers. A look of loving concern was set on his face, he wanted
to badly for her to enjoy this, to make their first time together something

Wanda knew just what was needed to put him at ease, leaning forward so her
firm, proud breasts pressed their warmth into his surprisingly gentle hands,
she lightly kissed his chest, and then began to work her way down his stomach
towards his crotch.

His cock, of course, was hard as a rock and almost pointing right at her
face, almost as if to point out that it knew what she was going to do even if
Clark didn't.

She lowered her hand down his chest, past her own mouth and Clark's rigid
manhood, and lightly tickled his scrotum, sending a shiver of anticipation
throughout his entire body.

"Ahhhh, Wanda!" he gasped, then his eyes practically bugged out of his head
as he felt her warm, welcoming lips kiss up the side of his close to ten
inches of fuckmeat.

"Wanda," he moaned, "You don't have to do this if you don't want to..."

Even as he spoke his mind was screaming at him for being a fool.

"Shhh," she whispered, coming to the head of his cock, which if anything was
growing harder, "I do want this, more than you can know."

And then before he could say anything else stupid he felt the wet warmth of
her mouth engulfing his cockhead, and all thoughts of anything else fled.

Wanda swirled her tongue up and over, around and under the cock head, not
taking anymore of his cock in just yet. He had a (if you'll pardon the pun)
super-cock, and she knew she'd have to take it slow if she didn't want her
mouth to hurt for a week. As she heard Clark groan in pleasure, she slid her
tongue up to the tip of his cock and pressed lightly at his pisshole for a
few seconds, then continued on with her tongue-bath of his cock.

She felt Clark shudder as the sensations of her wonderful tongue ran through
his crotch and throughout his nervous system, sending confused messages of
pleasure to his brain. Wanda grinned around his cock, then spread her lips a
little wider and began to take even more of her newly-wed husbands cock into
her mouth. She let her tongue slide down the underside of his dick as she
took another couple of inches in, stopping finally when she had five inches
of cock down her throat.

"Yeeesss! Wanda that's so good!" he moaned, his hands kneading her wonderful

His pleasure pleased her, there was nothing like the feeling you got when you
knew you had brought someone pleasure, she thought, and promptly gave him
another two inches of pleasure.

Her mouth was feeling fairly stretched to the limits now, and so she began to
pull her mouth up of his cock, coming almost to the point where Clark thought
the blowjob was over, and then she was lowering her head down again, her
mouth travelling further down his shaft this time, taking his cock deeper
into her oral orifice.

She sucked gently on his meat with her full lips as her fingers lightly
massaged his balls, which were now only a couple of inches from her chin.

As Clark revelled in the sensations, Wanda's head bobbed up and down, moving
from the head of his cock and back down, getting closer and closer to the
base of his dick with every stroke of her beautiful mouth. Then finally, with
an almighty effort the beautiful red head fully deepthroated the alien son of
Krypton, her lips coming to rest at the base of his cock, his pubic hair
pushing against her nose, his balls resting flush against her chin. Wanda
knew the sensation must be driving Clark crazy, and she slid her tongue
firmly along the underside of his fuckmeat to send him even further down the

"Aaahhh, yeah, that's so good Wanda," he moaned, "Your mouth around my cock
feels so good... having my dick in your mouth is... uh!"

Before Wanda could stop it, or even pull away, Clark hunched up and his hands
instinctively grabbed her head, his fingers pushing through her long,
luxurious red hair. He head her steady and pumped his hips once, twice, three
times, shooting cum down her throat with the appropriate grunts of pleasure.

After shooting his last load, he continued to press every inch of cock into
her mouth that he could for a few seconds, then he slowly relaxed and lowered
his butt back to the bed, releasing his grip on Wanda's head.

The beautiful young reporter pulled her mouth of his saliva coated penis and
looked up at him with a smile.


He nodded, too breathless to speak.

She wiped her mouth and lay down on the bed next to him.

"Too bad, I wanted that big dick of yours in my pussy as soon as possible,
now we'll have to wait."

She closed her eyes for a second, then felt Clark's hand on her shoulder.


"Wanda," he said, she opened her eyes and saw that he was grinning. Looking
down she saw his cock was rock-hard and apparently ready and willing to go
for round 2.

"Wanda," he repeated, "They don't call me Superman for nothing!"

Martian Manhunter Vs Binary.

Despite his incredible speed, he almost wasn't fast enough.

As soon as J'onn and Carol had appeared in the strange, glowing blue dome of
energy, he combat training had taken over and she'd fired a blast of energy
at him. Twisting to the side, her blast singed the ends of his blue cape, and
then he was floating up and away from her.

"Down you go, tall green and ugly!" yelled Carol and blasted at him again,
the energy burning from her clenched fist, raised above her in a dramatic

The Martian Manhunter dodged this one a little easier, having had time to see
the blast coming, and not being at such close proximity to her.

His eyes burned red and Martian Vision smashed into her, knocking her to the
ground. He instantly cut off the eyebeams, hoping this had been enough to
knock her out. But Carol did not go down so easily, she lept to her feet and
growling her defiance she flew up after him. He drew backwards and his cape
touched the glowing blue dome, through which he could see seemingly endless
expanses of desert, touched it and caught on fire.

"Hahhhh!" he cried, stripping the cape from his body and throwing it with his
considerable strength. It happened to hit Binary, who burnt it away with
little more than a thought.

J'onn dropped to the ground, his eyes squeezed tightly shut and his teeth
gritted, his race's instinctual fear of fire threatening to overtake
everything else of importance.

Carol dropped to the ground beside him, eyeing him warily, as if expecting
some sort of trap. Then her manner relaxed and she stepped forward, a sneer
crossing her face.

"You're scared of fire, aren't you? How pathetic?"

He took a swipe at her, but she lept nimbly back.

"What's the matter, you burn down the house back when you were a kid?" her
tone was derogatory, sarcastic, "Shit, and here I thought you were going to
be tough!"

He was standing again, and attempting to regain his composure, now that the
flame was gone, disintegrated by the destruction of his cape, his fear had
disappeared with it.

"Fear of fire is but an instinctual reflex of my people, and it is severe in
my case because I lost my wife and daughter to flame... but I will not allow
it to stand in the way of my duty. I have overcome it before and if necessary
could overcome it again."

"Nice words," she said, dropping into a confident, ready battle stance. Any
worries she had had about her ability to take him down now that her powers
had become diminished had disappeared when she had seen him drop and cower on
the floor, "But I get the feeling that if I flicked a zippo you'd be pissing
your pants and crying for mommy!"

"As I said," replied J'Onn, calm now, knowing this battle could be won
without further physical violence, "I am able to overcome my weakness, can
you overcome yours?"

"What?" she replied, impatient, wanting to get in close where he wouldn't be
able to move so fast and blast him into next week.

"I mean to say," replied J'Onn, unperturbed, "That how can you overcome your
alcoholism when you won't even acknowledge it?"

Her eyes grew wide, this was the second time that a member of this team had
brought up her drinking problem, what were they, mind readers or something?

In fact J'Onn WAS telepathic, and had been able to get into her mind and see
that she was in fact an alcoholic, her subconscious knowing it even if her
conscious mind would not accept it.

"I don't have a drinking problem," she replied, "That's Ton...uhh, I mean
Iron Man's department."

"How many drinks have you had today?" he asked her, "One? Two? maybe more?
Was it even evening when you left your world?"

"Shut up!" she yelled, forgetting her battle stance and standing up straight,
making an excellent target if he chose to attack her, which he didn't... yet.

"Is that a new cocktail? this Shut up?" asked J'Onn, his expression not
changing, only a curious look on his face, "How many of those do you have,
just to help you unwind? Or perhaps to relax you after a hard day?"

"Shut up! shut up! Shut up!" she screamed at him, "I don't have a drinking
problem! You don't even know me, and if I take to odd drink to get me through
the day so what!"

"Shut up, shut up, shut up?" asked J'Onn, the same curious look on his face,
"Does that mean you had three of these wonderful cocktails of yours to... how
did you justify.. uh, I mean explain it... to get you through the day?"

"FUCK UP!" she screamed and lunged at him, her hands extended like claws, the
pure power of a white hole at her fingertips. But J'Onn had been ready, and
easily sidestepped. Her impetous carried her forward and into the glowing
blue dome, which J'Onn was sure had been set up by The Forgotten to limit
their mobility and lead them into a arms down, all out brawl till ione

Carol screamed as she hit the dome. At her full power, when she took on her
Binary form, she could have withstood the pain quite easily, and maybe even
destroyed the dome. But her powers had become diminished, and it was her
skin, a hybrid of human and Kree, that came into contact with the energy.

Blue light crackled off her, and she kicked and jerked, in her pain and fear
she desperately tried to push through the dome instead of pulling away.

J'Onn was shocked to see her clothes catch alight and her hair begin to
smoke, he made to take a step forward, but the heat from the flames made him

"Pull backwards!" he yelled, "Pull out!"

But she continued to scream and try to push through the forcefield, and when
he tried to take control of her mind it was too jumbled and insane with red
images of pain to get ahold off.

He hesitated a moment more, then plunged forward and grabbed her about the
waist, the fire on her costume and the blue light from the dome sending
shockwaves through his nervous system. He pulled back with a great heave, and
the two of them fell back. She fell onto him, and he immediately pushed her
off and rolled her over to put the flames out.

His own skin was charred and burned, and his blood was racing at what felt
like a thousand miles an hour, but he felt a strange feeling, almost like
pride, that he had not only overcome his fear of fire again, but that he had
taken at least a step to save his Universe. Then the feeling fell away as he
recalled that to save his Universe, the other must die... and not just die
but be erased from all history. An unmistakable feeling of guilt washed over
him... but what choice did he have?

"Bravo," said a quiet voice, The Forgotten no doubt, probably speaking
through some sort of speaker system in the floor. The Manhunter was
interested to note the voice sounded unsure of itself... perhaps it had not
predicted this outcome?

"To tell the truth," said The Forgotten quietly, "I expected you to lose...
well done."

"Save your commendations," replied Manhunter, looking down on Binary's burnt
body, "And do something to help this woman."

- Winner - The Martian Manhunter.

* * *

Remarkably, Clark was one of the perhaps five percent of men who wasn't lying
when he said he had never masturbated. During his puberty he had had wet
dreams of course, and one memorable evening back in Smallville he had shot
his load in his pants while dryhumping Lana Lang, but over the last ten years
of so he had actually never cum until a few minutes ago when he blew his load
in Wanda's mouth.

At that point he had wondered how anything could feel any better than that, a
nice warm, wet and willing mouth.

Now he knew better.

Kneeling in front of Wanda, he had taken his cock in hand and positioned it
at her pussy. He could swear he could feel the heat radiating from the pink
treasure, and just looking at her parted cuntlips and neatly trimmed, red
pussy hair had nearly made him blow his load again. Her vagina gleamed with a
light sheen of natural lubrication, she had gotten off on sucking his dick,
and now her entire body was on fire with anticipation at the thought of
having that big dick of his crammed as deeply into her cunt as was possible.

Now in position, Clark pushed forward slightly, parting her cuntlips and
allowing the head of his cock to press inside. He gasped at the tight,
velvety feel of it, and this was just the head! Slowly, he leaned forward
over her body as he pushed slowly into her, her cunt spreading apart before
his cock, taking in inch after inch. She moaned in pleasure as she felt him
fill her up, and he matched her moans as he felt a cunt for the first time...
and liked it.

With five inches inside of her, Clark had her cuntlips spread as far as
necessary, with a push he slammed another four inches (all that would fit) up
into her cunt, making his beautiful, red headed wife scream in pleasure.

"YES!" she cried, "OH YES IT'S SO BIG!"

Clark grinned, his cock swelling even more if that was possible as he heard
her words.

He had a hold on her waist, and as he pulled out and then pushed back in
again, he dragged her with him, sliding her up and down along the sheets of
the bed as he began to fuck her faster and faster. What he lacked in
experience he more than made up for in enthusiasm, and he was soon fucking
her with a vengeance. Her head snapped back and forward and she was make a
loud,'ahhhhhhhhh' sound as she pushed and pulled with him, throwing her
entire body into the fuck. They slammed their hips together and ground their
pelvises against each other with a frenzy, fucking each other like there was
no tomorrow.

He had started to lean forward over her body at first, but now he was on her
knees again, holding her waist with one of his arms while other supported his
back. Suddenly, unexpectedly he lifted her up so they were face to face, her
large, firm breasts pressed against his chest. They kissed, tasting each
others mouths, their tongues writhing against the other as Clark pumped his
hips up and she ground her pussy down against his cock. Sweat dripped
freely of their bodies, and Wanda's juices ran down both their thighs as she
came, breaking the kiss and screaming in ecstasy, her body shuddering with
desire, arching her back and throwing those big tits of her forwards, the
nipples erect and openly inviting Clark, who took the opportunity and leaned
forward, taking one in his mouth and sucking on it.

Wanda's hips were almost frantic now, bouncing up and down frenetically,
trying to get every last inch of that glorious fuckpole of Clark's inside of
her. Her clitoris was on fire, buzzing with pleasure as her cunt gripped down
tightly on the cock fucking her, desperately trying to milk his cum from him
so he could shoot it deep up her pussy. Her head was still thrown back, her
read hair now a tangled, sweaty mess, was hanging down and brushing against
the firm globes of her milky white ass, and even that was driving her crazy.

For his part, Clark couldn't believe the sensations overcoming him, he was
powerless to control his body, and what's more he had no desire to. For one
of the first times in his life he was actually letting go and allowing
sensation to control him. The hot slickness of Wanda's pussy was a hot
commodity, the only weakness he had that could stop him from being Superman.
He envisioned long nights at home, fucking his beautiful wife everywhere and
anywhere that he was able. On the table, the floor, by the fire... heck, with
his powers he could fuck her on the ceiling!

He loved having her tits in his mouth, sucking on the rock hard nipples and
the firm, fat flesh around it. He alternated between them as he slammed his
cock harder and harder, faster and faster into her pussy, leaving one saliva
and sweat coated breast for the other, then slipping back.

He could hear Wanda moaning an,'ah, ah, ah, ah, ah' in time to his thrusts,
and knowing that she was loving this just as much as he was just made it all
the more pleasurable.

That was it, he could take no more, he quickly lowered Wanda back onto the
bed, not missing a thrust, and then pulled back so he was on his knees facing
her again, gripping her by the hips and fucking her hot, tight pussy for all
he was worth. Wanda's cunt held on just a tightly, squeezing and milking his
dick, begging for him cum... and he complied.

Grabbing her hips even more firmly and pulling her forward as he thrust, so
every last possible inch was pushed inside of her, he released what little
control he had left and shot his sperm, firing it deep up her pussy.

"Huunnnh, yes!" he groaned as he fired a couple more streams, and then the
strength went out of his body and he fell back, falling off the bed. His cock
made a sucking noise as it was pulled out of Wanda's gushing cunt.

After a few minutes, Clark slid one elbow onto the bed and smiled at her. She
lay with arms and legs splayed to the side, a huge smile on her face and her
breasts rising and falling rapidly as she caught her breath.

"Wow," he said, "Not bad, eh Lois?"

"Not at all," she replied, "I... huh? Who's Lois?"

Clark look confused, "You... I mean, aren't... what's happening?"

"Vision?" she whispered, looking shocked, "I don't know you, who are you..."

And then her hex broke...

End Part Four Of Fifteen.

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