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Avengers/Justice League Of America: The Forgotten Part 6 (MF)
by Dimitri Maximoff

The Pleasure Center was a huge room with large, arched windows allowing the hot sun in. All around the room were extremely large men stroking giant ostrich feathers. Plush, silken cushions lay about the room on the extremely expensive, luxuriously cool imported marble, resting on some were women in various states of undress, wearing small silken slips if they were wearing anything at all. They were a multitude of races, but unmistakably human, and each was incredibly

In the center of the room was the pool where the Avenger and the JLA member now floated, it was also huge, with a very deep end and a very shallow end, which suited the Sultan just fine. On one side of the pool the Sultan had been resting in a large wicker chair covered in silken cushions, a couple of women feeding him grapes and fanning him in a manner all to reminiscent of The Unforgotten.

Thor erupted out of the water, his hammer Mjolnir held high above his head. It was the hammer that enabled him to fly, to tell the truth it was actually what flew, and he was just dragged along behind it. He landed gracefully on the side of the pool and turned to offer a helping hand to Wonder Woman, who had swum to the side herself. She took it without hesitation and he pulled her easily out
of the water with one hand, she marveled at his strength.... and he marveled at her cleavage.

"Methinks these be strange surroundings for a battle, no?" The Thunder God asked.

Wonder Woman nodded, noticing the Sultan was striding forward, his dignity had been wounded by the resulting splash from the two falling unexpectedly into his pool. His fine robes of silk were dripping wet and his ridiculously curled mustache was like a limp worm over his upper lip.

"How dare you invade my sanctum, who are you?" cried The Sultan, he had had everything his own way his entire life, never meeting anyone who had even dared consider questioning him... his was the tone of a man used to being obeyed without question.

Thor turned and glared down at the short, fat man, who gulped and took a step back. There was something in Thor's glance, a dismissive, almost contemptuous manner that rattled the Sultan, and then infuriated him.

"Guards! Seize them!" he roared.

Several of the eunuchs - yes, that's what they were, poor bastards - came forward, swords at the ready. Thor turned and a fierce grin crossed his face. They were all big men, well over six feet and covered in muscles, but they looked small compared to The Thunder God.

"Come then, mortals," he said,"Which of thee wouldst be first to taste Mjolnir's fury?"

The eunuchs hesitated, they had already lost their balls to their Sultan, they were wary of losing anything else... still, it was instilled in them to obey the Sultan without question. They rushed at him, huge scimitars swinging.

Wonder Woman watched in shock as Thor swept his huge hammer easily, like it was made from cardboard, the huge scimitars of the guards (which were really more for show than any practical use) smashed into hundreds of fragments which went scattering about. The eunuchs hesitated a few seconds, then turned and ran.

"Come back!" screamed the Sultan,"Are you men or..." he cut himself off, realizing what a stupid question it was.

"Now," said Thor, ignoring the fleeing eunuchs and the furious Sultan,"We must find a way to defeat our enemy, dost thou have any ideas?"

"So you're not going to fight?" asked Wonder Woman.

"The God Of Thunder fights when he wills it, and there is none on Midgard that can force him otherwise.... even one as powerful as this Unforgotten claims to be."

"I too, see little point in fighting when what we should be doing is co-operating together towards a common goal, the defeat of our enemy."

"Agreed," boomed Thor, grinning,"Thine counsel is as wise as your beauty is great."

- Oh man, is he coming on to me? - Wonder Woman asked herself, - Not that he isn't handsome, but I've always been more for the Greek type than the Scandinavian. -

"Friend Wonder Woman, perhaps we should.... ugh!" he snapped in irritation, slapping the back of his neck, he inspected the crushed smear in his hands, "Passing strange, I do not believe an insect had ever bitten me before, the bugs of Midgard find my skin far too tough."

Wonder Woman slapped her wrist,"One got me too, weird, I somehow didn't expect to get mosquitoes in this climate."

"Would someone please tell me what's going on?" screamed the Sultan,"What are you doing here?"

"Quiet, oaf," said Thor, not taking his eyes of Wonder Woman, his eyes had grown wide, and the Amazon wasn't sure what to make of it,"Truly thou art a Wonder Woman, never have I seen such beauty since last I gazed upon the fair visage of my beloved Lady Sif."

Diana wasn't sure what was going on, suddenly she felt even hotter than the stifling temperature could account for (especially considering her costume!) and a buzzing sensation was filling her head, what was going on?

Thor's eyes traveled down Wonder Woman's body, taking a long time on her ample cleavage. He was openly grinning, his face betraying his lust nearly as much as the obviously growing bulge in his groin.

- By Hera! Look at the size of that thing, - Wonder Woman thought, taking her own appraising look at Thor, - That would fill me right up, I wonder what kind of lover he is...? -

She shook her head, what was she thinking? She should be working on a plan to stop The Unforgotten, not thinking about straddling this huge man and grinding her hips against his, letting him fill her to the brim with his throbbing member....

- WHOA! Where did that come from? - she thought.

Thor, who as a God did not see any harm in giving in to sensation, was not thinking such thoughts. He had completely forgotten The Forgotten, he'd completely forgotten that the Universe was at stake, as well as the lives of his friends. All he could think of was slamming this incredible beauty against the wall and fucking her brains out.

Wonder Woman had, of course, suppressed her natural wants and needs after coming to the world of Man, and so found it a little easier to fight the sensations coursing through her body. But she also had to deal with years of repressed sexual desire, and the chemicals which had been injected into her body was doing the trick.

The Forgotten had sent the 'mosquitoes', they were actually cunningly designed bio-mechanical organisms that carried a chemical which raised endorphin levels and temporarily broke down the chemical links in the brain which caused people to repress natural desires for whatever reason (society, emotional growth, all that crap...). Now the chemicals had run amok throughout The Thunder God's and The Amazonian's bodies, and the result was going to be spectacular.

"Huh, what are you doing?" cried out Wonder Woman as Thor reached forward, grabbed the 'W' covering her tits and pulled down with but a fraction of his incredible strength. Her costume was ripped away down to the waist, exposing her huge tits.

Thor instantly pulled her forward and kissed her, forcing his tongue down her throat. His right hand came up and grabbed one of her massive mammaries, it was remarkably firm for something so fat and rounded, but still had a 'plump' quality that made it imminently squeezable.

Diana did not respond to the kiss at first, but then the chemicals finally broke through the last of her defenses and she surrendered to the inevitable.

The Thunder God's left arm slid past her hips and cupped one of her ass cheeks, which like her tits were plump but still retained a spongy firmness.

Diana squawked into Thor's mouth as they overbalanced and fell backwards, landing on one of the silken cushions. Still Thor did not break the kiss, but continued to feel her up as he thrust his still clothed hips against her, eager to penetrate her, to fuck her as hard as he could.

Wonder Woman spread her legs beneath him, grinding her own hips forward. She was pulling breath in through her nostrils, her mouth fully occupied by Thor's tongue, which was sliding against her own and exploring the confines of her oral orifice.

Finally The Odinson broke the kiss, let go of her tits and ass and grinned fiercely.

"Odon's Blood! Thou art a true maiden, mine desire doth grow as my blood doth boil...."

"Enough talk," groaned Wonder Woman, desperately sliding her still (although just barely) covered crotch against one of his massive thighs, "Fuck me! Fuck ME! FUCK ME!!!"

Thor grabbed both of her huge, milky white tits he had just been sucking and sucking on them, playing with her hard, erect nipples with both his teeth and his tongue.

"Somebody.... somebody get this on film!" cried The Sultan, his pants rising visibly, he turned and grabbed one of his harem girls, a lithe, oiled Asian, and slid his fingers between her legs, pulling her hot body close to his own.

Thor's huge hands had been roughly kneading and massaging Wonder Woman's tits as he sucked on them, now one of his hands slid down between her thighs, grabbed the small remnants of her costume, and ripped the small blue, star covered panties away, growling into her ample cleavage.

Then he grabbed his own trousers and ripped them away, tearing them away from his hips and thighs, then forgetting them. His cock, a huge, throbbing monster, was pressed against her thigh, and she gasped in delight as she felt his size.

He pulled his lips away from her tits, sat up and slid his hands underneath her buttocks, lifting her hips slightly. Then he guided his hips forward and pressed his massive cock against her waiting pussy, ready to fuck her raw.

"Yes! How fucking big are you?" cried Wonder Woman, "Do it, shove it in me, fuck me! fuck me!"

Thor did, shoving forward and spreading her well lubricated cuntlips apart. His cock pushed in about four inches, and then he had to take it slower, her cunt couldn't stretch that wide in one go.

- Hera! He's going to stretch me for life, and I don't care! -

She began to pump her hips forward, trying to force his cock in deeper, trying to cram every last inch of his huge manhood into her eager snatch.

Thor moaned in pleasure, her cunt was so hot and tight around his cock that he knew he was in for the fuck of a lifetime. As he worked inch after inch of his cock into her tight little pussy, he gritted his teeth and threw back his head, his eyes closed as he gave in to sensation, fucking a woman like he hadn't since he was last in Asgard, the women in Midgard were too soft, too weak to take a true fucking from an Asgardian God. But Wonder Woman, she was different! An
Amazonian with powerful strength that belied her feminine look.

"OOOOH, YES!" she squealed in ectasy,"FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!!"

"Forsooth," groaned Thor.

He only had six inches in so far, but he began to fuck her anyway, sliding his manhood in and out of her juicy, tight, clinging pussy. Her hot little cunt was gripping on as she slammed her hips forward to meet his thrusts. Her head was thrown back on the cushion, her now sweaty hair lay about her. Her eyes were wide open as if in shock, and her mouth hung open as she let out moans of pleasure, gasping in time with his thrusts as she gave in to the fucking she was getting.

Her long, smooth white legs were spread out to either side of Thor's thrusting hips, and everytime he drove his cock forward, they lifted up. They lifted higher and higher with each additional thrust, as The Thunder God made longer and deeper fucking motions, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her dripping slit.

Thor began lifting his ass up each time he pulled back, so his cock would almost fully pull out (although he had to pull fast, or else her hips would be pulled up with him) before he would slam back in as deep as he could. He now had close to eight inches of his cock, he grunted in appreciation as his eyes greedily crawled over her massive, jiggling tits. Her massive, milky white orbs were bouncing up and down, and he was unable to resist. Thrusting his head forward
he grabbed one in his mouth and swallowed the nipple and the surrounding
mam-meat, loving the taste.

The Thunder God's manhood was fully lubed up now, and his cock was pushing in deeper far easier. Her cunt was incredibly tight around his dick, like a hot vise, and the pressure of her pussy's grip made the sensations all the more incredible.

"Thou art magnificent!" he cried, although since his mouth was full of the Amazonian's tit, it came out sounding like,'thom are mannifen!'

He was pumping his cock up and down, lifting his hips up until his cock threatened to pull free, then dropping back down and cramming every last inch possible into her tight little box.

One of his hands was kneading at her free tit, her hot flesh warm and malleable in his hands. As he did that he was ending his fucking thrusts by pushing as hard forward as he could, he had over nine inches now, and was slamming against her cervix, the sensation driving Wonder Woman wild. One of his hands was still gripping one of her magnificent buttocks, which was now coated in sweat and some of the running juices from her gushing pussy.

Her hot, tight little cunt felt so fucking good that Thor could think of nothing he wanted more than to cram every last inch of his member inside of her as he could. He could feel her hips raising up to meet each and every one of his thrusts. Her clit was rubbing hard up against the base of his cock. He slammed his swollen prick harder and faster into her juiced up cunt, fucking her with deep, hard strokes. He could feel her ass rise everytime she met his thrusts,
and he marveled that she had stamina to match his own, although she was panting hard and breathing faster and faster.

Wonder Woman was fucking back with everything she had, grinding her hips up against his. She was matching his speed perfectly, but she could feel fatigue growing in her bones and muscle, and somehow continuing on in spite of that fatigue made it feel even better, the fatigue felt almost good.

She pulled her legs up and wrapped them around Thor's waist, pushing her hips up and rubbing hard against his, taking as much of his cock as deep into her as she could.

He could feel that hot ass of hers squirming about beneath his hand, and he kneaded it in his huge, thick hands. He just grinned eagerly and kept slamming his cock in and out of her gushing snatch.

Thor could feel her body trembling in ecstasy, moaning in excitement as her body seized up in pre-orgasmic tension. He released her tit from his mouth and looked up, her face was flushed in excitement, her tits were rising and falling rapidly, sweat and saliva running down her curved frame. Her legs had locked even tighter around his cock than before, and had he been anyone else he may well have had serious bruises. Her cunt was clamping down tighter around his cock than ever before, pulling down around his dick as if it was milking him.

"HARRR!!" she squealed out, "I CAN FEEL IT COMING, I'M GONNA CUUUMMMMM!!!!

"Huh! Yes!" he moaned, "Cum! Take it! Take it!"

Her body suddenly seized up completely, her legs locking about his waist even tighter than before, her cunt seized up likewise about his cock, he was just able to continue his fucking thrusts, and this new tightness was riving him crazy.

Wonder Woman began to moan out loudly in excitement, her breaths and moans coming faster and faster as she crested the wave of her orgasm and prepared for it to smash down on her.

Finally she could take no more, and she released, her juices exploding from her cunt all over his cock and hips, running down onto his arm and down to his hand and her ass. Her body went completely limp and she collapsed, panting for breath as juices continued to flow from her hot pussy.

Thor continued to fuck her, and she was making low noises in time with his thrusts, little 'huh! huh! huh!' noises. The Thunder God saw that she was out of it, she had taken all she could take and she could take no more. She was practically unconscious, lying naked beneath him, her eyes rolled back in her head, her skin flushed with pleasure.

"I say thee nay!" gasped Thor, "This is not over until The Thunder God says so."

He grabbed her by the hips, pulled his knees back slightly, pulled his cock out with an audible 'pop' and showing his strength, flipped her around onto her stomach. Now her incredible ass was pointed up at him, and spreading her legs with his knees and lifting her up with one arm, he shoved his cock back into her tight pussy as he could, grabbed her by the hips and began fucking her hard.

Her tits bounced and jiggled freely, the flesh of her ass shaking each time his hips smacked against her milky white butt cheeks, her cunt tight around his hard cock. He fucked her hard and fast, short quick thrusts designed for his pleasure and not hers.

"Yes, yes! YES!" he cried, feeling his cum boiling up within his balls, "The time has come! I'm going to......."

And then he disappeared.

Wonder Woman remained as she was for a second, then her ass dropped down, her hips hitting the cushion, her tits squashing up against the silken material in a very pleasant way.

"Wha?" she moaned breathlessly, "Thor....?"

Then she too disappeared.

The Sultan didn't notice, he was eagerly humping against the Asian woman beneath him, loving the feel of her cunt around his cock. Then he noticed other noises, and looked up in confusion, what he saw shocked him.

The majority of his harem women were pressed up against walls, on their backs, on all fours or even turned upside down. They were getting their brains fucked out by his so-called eunuchs, as well as by his Chief Bodyguard, who was supposed to be responsible for the Eunuch's becoming eunuchs.

"Hasan!" he cried, standing up, his cock pulling lose from his lovers cunt, "What is this? What is going on here?"

Hasan pulled his mouth free from the snatch of a hot redhead, glanced in irritation at the Sultan, then with a lazy sideswipe he knocked the overweight man into the pool, where he lay spluttering, totally in shock, incapable of doing anything to stop the violation of every woman in his harem.

End Part Six Of Fifteen.

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