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Avengers/Justice League Of America: The Forgotten Part 10 (no sex)
by Dimitri Maximoff

Martian Manhunter Vs. Hawkeye.

Hawkeye desperately fired a concussion arrow at his green skinned adversary as soon as they appeared in the small, deserted town in the hot, dry desert.

Martian Manhunter caught the arrow, snapped it and then sped over to Hawkeye's side faster than the marksman could follow, he punched him, and Hawkeye fell over.

Martian Manhunter reappeared in the Throne Room.

- Winner - Martian Manhunter.

"Well done!" cried The Forgotten, "Now we may proceed to Round Three and..."

"Wait a minute!" cried Green Lantern, "Just wait a minute! The guy in the armor hasn't fought yet, has he?"

Iron Man stood in his armor, it had been returned to him fully repaired after defeating The Flash, and he had been standing around wondering who he was going to fight.

The Forgotten's face flashed with what might have been irritation, and then he smiled.

"Not at all, The Avengers won the first round, and so one of their members was awarded a bye... The JLA won round two, and now we proceed to round three..."

"Doesn't one of us get a bye?" asked Green Lantern.

This time it was obvious irritation. The death of Batman and Captain America had been an unexpected development, and he'd been adlibbing, would this young fool not be quiet?

"Enough!" he cried, "Round three begins!"

And promptly Iron Man and Green Lantern disappeared.

Round Three.

Batman stared curiously at the portal into The Negative Zone, this was something he had never seen before, and he found it fascinating.

"I still don't like this," Captain America was saying to Reed Richard, Mr Fantastic of The Fantastic Four, "Do we really have to bring HIM into it? Isn't that fighting fire with fire?"

Mr Fantastic shook his head, "Don't worry, I'm positive this will work, everything that you've told me about this 'Forgotten' indicates he belongs to the same Universe as our soon to be ally."

"Another thing," said Batman, tearing his gaze away from The Negative Zone, "I noted that the technology it used was not suited for it... I think it may be a parasite."

Reed nodded, "It's possible that it's grown so old it's forgotten it's own technology, it's own culture... this whole contest between Universe's seems like a diversion to it, in order to keep life interesting, it has no real identity of it's own."

Reed Richards hadn't even meet The Forgotten, but he'd already reached the same conclusions that The Batman had.

- Captain America chose well, - he thought to himself, - But this being he's taking us to may be more dangerous then even The Forgotten. -

The three of them hopped into the refitted Fantasti-car, which Reed had designed for travel within The Negative Zone. The rest of The Fantastic Four were unavailable, Ben had traveled to Paris with an old acquaintance of Reed's, Johnny was out clubbing and Sue had taken Franklin with her to see the latest Disney movie... they had only caught Reed by accident, as he was supposed to be giving a speech at a Symposium tonight.

"Here we go," said Reed, "Cross your fingers."

Batman, of course, did no such thing, but he did cross his toes... just in case.

And then they were plummeting into The Negative Zone, heading for a far distant planet in a distant solar system.

Green Lantern Vs. Iron Man.

Green Lantern armored up instantly, missing out his usual manga style armor and recreating down to the last bolt a green replica of Iron Man's armor.

"Okay tin man, let's see if you've got a heart!"

He blasted at Iron Man with green energy fired from his chest plate, Iron Man dodged easily and fired a repulsor blast. Green Lantern was expecting it to be a cutting laser of some kind, and did not adequately brace himself for the blunt, energy equivalent of a battering ram.

He smashed down on his ass and cried out in pain, and then he was rolling out of the way as two little circular discs bounced down next to him. A second later they exploded in a flash of bright light. Again Kyle had misinterpreted the weapons use, they had been meant to blind him and he had been bracing his force field for an explosion.

"Shit!" he cried, bringing his hands to his eyes and staggering away. He had lost the Iron Man armor and replaced it with a standard green force field, which he could now feel being pummeled by Iron Man in a futile attempt to hurt him.

Two huge, green blocks appeared to either side of Iron Man and slammed into him, trying to squeeze him, but Iron Man pushed them aside with his armor's incredible strength and stepped back before Kyle could add anymore pressure.

His eyes were clearing now, and he formed a demonic green creature with more teeth than it's mouth could handle. It lunged at Iron Man who turned to fight it off, giving Green Lantern a chance to catch his breath.

"Okay... huff, huff,... he's good... but he can't beat the ring... just gotta.. huff... just gotta overwhelm him with stuff."

Instantly a giant green robot appeared and began laying into Iron Man again as the armored Avenger desperately fought off the green demon.

"Give it up man!" cried Green Lantern, "Ain't nobody that can beat my ring, it can make anything I can think off... you're screwed!"

As Iron Man desperately blasted back the robot and the demon, Kyle's voice ran though his head.

-... Anything I can think off...-

-... I can think off... -

- ... think off ... -

- ... Anything he thinks! -

Iron Man instantly launched himself into the air and ordered his armor to shut down his audio receptors, essentially making him deaf. Then he piped a huge burst of sonic energy through his mouthpiece, turning it up to the highest volume he possibly could.

Green Lantern clutched at his ears and screamed in pain, at the same time the robot and demon disappeared.

- UUUUHHHH! - thought Kyle, - Conce...UHHHH so loud... concentrate!... Earmuf.... can't.... think.... so loud! -

His force field disappeared as his concentration dropped, and then a second later an armored fist smashed into his face, knocking his faceplate off and dropping him to the ground.

"Little punk," said Iron Man, shutting off the sonic burst, "That felt damn good!"

And then he was returned to The Throne Room.

- Winner - Iron Man.

Small metal devices sat around the barren landscape of the planet, as if waiting for their creator to return... and he had.

Reed Richards made the final adjustments to the last device, then nodded at Captain America and Batman, "It's ready."

"What about Hyperstorm?" asked Captain America, "Aren't you afraid he'll get out?"

"No," replied Captain America, "I studied his powers some more after we trapped him here, and I've found a way to shut down links to hyperspace since then... and if I'm wrong then I'm more than positive our ally will have him under control."

"Do it then," said Batman, "We have everything to lose if we don't."

Reed flicked the switch, and instantly a field of shimmering white energy appeared before them.

"WHO DISTURBS MY SELF-IMPOSED EXILE!" roared a huge voice, knocking back the three humans with it's strength and intensity, and Batman, who had faced Aliens, The New Gods and other seemingly indestructible foes found himself wondering for the first time ever in his life if he wasn't out of his league.

Martian Manhunter Vs. Thor.

Thor's face, at first confident with the careless arrogance of one accustomed to always winning, fell into dismay and then changed again to anger.


The Martian Manhunter looked about, trying to figure out what it was that had gotten The Thunder God so angry.

They stood in the ruins of what had once obviously been an incredibly beautiful city. But now it's mighty towers and tall spires had fallen, the cobbled stone roads fallen into decay and disrepair, plants growing wildly about pillars and statues.

"Do you not see," The Thunder God suddenly said, ceasing his rantings at The Forgotten and dropping his voice to a low, dangerous tone. He was talking to The Manhunter now, "Tis fabled Asgard, once the home of My Father and my fellow gods... tis my home."

- He's redirecting his anger at me, - thought J'onn, - Because he can't get at The Forgotten or whoever did this to him, and he needs to take his anger out on something. This is good, I can use this to my advantage. -

"I can't say I'm surprised," he said out loud, Thor's eyes widened in surprise,"If you're any indication of the others, I'm surprised this place didn't fall down around your ears eons ago."

"VILLAIN!" roared Thor and leaped at The Manhunter, who slipped away to the side with a speed that Superman would envy.

"Typical, you don't look before you leap, I'm surprised they let you in The Avengers, you're obviously a liability to them."

Thor got to his feet, his eyes cold with anger, with mouth a thin line, he looked ready to kill.

"And I don't think you're really that great anyway," J'onn continued, his face impassive, "Not much of a god...why I bet that I've got more endurance than you."

Thor laughed, a short hard bark of contempt.

"Thou art mad, green man, if thou believes thou can match a god."

"Let's see then, shall we?" asked The Manhunter, allowing himself a small smile,"I'll blast you with my Martian vision, you hit me with... I don't know, lightning or something... and we'll see who gives first."

"If thou wishes to make a fool of thineself, I am more than willing," replied Thor, "We beging now!"

Instantly he lifted Mjolnir and cried out in a thundering voice that shook the debris around them.

"Now Mjolnir, bring down thine lightning with the full fury and vengeance of all the gods of Asgard!"

From the sky pure white lightning smashed into Mjolnir, then ripped away and slammed in The Manhunter's body, who did not fall back even an inch.

"Nay, tis not possible!" cried Thor, "How can this be?"

Instantly red light burnt from The Manhunter's eyes and ripped into Thor, who continued to pound him with lightning.

At first Thor felt nothing, then a dull ache began in his chest, and he felt it spread throughout his body, a low ache than began to build into a sharp pain.

- This cannnot be! - he thought, - This thing cannot be more powerful than I, it cannot be! -

And to prove it he poured the lightning on, and at the same time felt his pain increase.

"Do you feel it, weakling?" asked J'onn, "You are nothing compared to me... and I am not even a warrior... I am a scientist... a weakling on my world!"

Thor gritted his teeth and squinted his eyes, fighting through the pain to call upon even more power than before, slamming it into The Manhunter, who still would not fall back.

With shock, Thor realized he had dropped to his knees. Never before had he faced an opponent who seemed so invincible, how could this be? How could it be?

And then finally, even as he tried to pour more power on, he lost consciousness and collapsed.

The Martian Manhunter sighed in relief and released The Thunder God's mind.

Thor had never brought lightning down on his opponent, instead he had been blasting himself with his own Thunder, increasing the power being smashed into him while he thought he was attacked Manhunter. It had been difficult, The Thunder God's mind had been difficult to get into, he had not even attempted to force his way in, knowing that in his anger Thor could have created a psionic backlash capable of knocking out Manhunter. Instead he had wheedled his way in while he been diverting The Thunder God's attention with his insults. He HAD
been attacking Thor with Martian Vision, but only because he had been scared that even Thor's own lightning would not be enough to take him down.

"Congratulations," said The Forgotten, "You made the final and you may have just saved your Universe."

- Winner - Martian Manhunter.

Ivo and T.O Morrow smiled warmly at each other, touching glasses before drinking.

"I must say that this time... working together might I add... we have done it!" Morrow laughed as he finished his wine.

Ivo nodded and grinned, he had a grotesque, monsterish appearance. but was an incredibly intelligent (and almost immortal!) bring.

"Our combined genius has created the most perfect android this world has ever seen! One capable of fooling any security system, any super-being on earth into thinking it is human!"

"It has respiration, breathing, a heartbeat!" continued Morrow enthusiastically, "It's so advanced even it doesn't know it's an android!"

The two toasted each other again.

"When should we release it?" asked Morrow later that night, his speech slurred and his vision blurred.

Ivo - who could hold his liquor better - just grinned at him and said, "We wait, we wait for the right moment! They're having a membership drive soon so.... Morrow? Morrow? Where are you?"

Morrow had left the room while Ivo prepared to make his speech.

Ivo found him right where he thought he would, standing in front of the small vault where 'it' was stored, trying to punch in the security code... forgetting the code only worked when both their handprints were scanned.

"What are you doing Morrow?" cried Ivo, "What must your poor parents have gone through at Christmas?"

"Oh come," laughed Morrow, "Just one last look, one last gloat before we let the JLA get their stinking hands all over her."

"Oh all right," replied Ivo, he placed his hand on the scanner, then assisted Morrow when he couldn't quite get his in place by himself.

They entered the security code, and the vault doors opened, revealing.... nothing.

The room was empty.

Ivo turned to glare at Morrow, who was trying to glare at him.

"Morrow? What have you done?" growled Ivo.

"I could ask you the same question!" snapped Morrow, he seemed to have sobered up.

"You don't know where she is?" asked Ivo.

"You don't know?" replied Morrow.

They both turned and looked into the vault, still empty, they turned to face each other, and both spoke at the same time.

"Oh shit."

* * *

Carol's eyes fluttered, she groaned lightly.

Opening her eyes a crack she immediately shut them tight, wincing at the bright sunlight streaming through the window.

With another groan she slowly opened her eyes, the light was maddeningly bright at first, but they quickly adjusted.

She would usually have tried to take in her surrounding, but at the present time she was more concerned with the sorry state of her body.

Although the last thing she remembered was being zapped with enough electricity to light up Manhattan for a night, it was not her skin which burnt or even tingled. Instead her head was pounding, her tongue felt thick and furry, her guts were rolling about uncomfortably and her lips felt cracked and dry.

In short, she had a hangover.

- No way, - she thought dully, - I had what, a couple of drinks to celebrate getting picked in the team? I can't have a hangover. -

With a groan she lifted her head up, her neck creaking alarmingly as she did so and looked down the length of her body. She was snugly tucked away in crisp, clean white sheets in a firm, adequately comfortable bed. The walls were half windows, and the sunlight streaming in was so strong she couldn't see outside. Someone coughed lightly.

She turned her head about and saw a nurse looking at her with curiosity. She was dressed in a extremely tight little white uniform, the skirt stopped just below her ass and conformed tightly to her ass cheeks. Her breasts strained against the white top, the buttons seemed in danger of bursting. She was perhaps one of the most beautiful women Carol had ever seen, but she certainly looked vacuous, certainly not intelligent enough to be a nurse... she reminded Carol of that
girl Pepper from Veronica's Closet, a impression only strengthened when she spoke.

"Wow, gee... your like some sort or, you know... ummmm, super hero lady type thing, right?"

Her high pitched, bubbly voice seemed to drive a spike right through Carol's head.

"Shhh...." she whispered, it came out sounding more like shek, her tongue had no moisture at all.

"Ummm, I guess you'll um.... need something right?"

Carol paid no attention, she had just noticed she was naked, although everything was covered up by the white, crisp sheets.

"Where's my costume?" she asked.

"Well... they had to, like, clean it, coz you liked puked on it when they brought you in... the doc said your blood/alcohol level was like, off the chart."


"Don't you remember? you were in a car crash."

Carol shook her head, trying to ignore the pounding in her head, wishing she could hold her thoughts together.

"I wasn't," she mumbled, "Fighting... fighting some alien freak... got zapped..."

The Nurse, - Pepper, as Carol had begun to think of her, - wasn't listening, she had noted something on the floor, and turning round she bent over to pick it up. Her skirt pulled up over the first couple of inches of her ass cheeks... she wasn't wearing any panties.

Carol found herself staring at the young nurse's pink pussy lips and firm, tanned ass cheeks, and her mouth finally managed to form some saliva. Shaking her head she dragged her gaze away, again trying to look out the window.

- What's wrong with me? I never thought about a woman like that before! -

Well, come to think of it that wasn't true, she had harbored a couple of brief fantasies about other women before, but all her life she'd been mainly interested in males. During her stint in the army, she acted quite butch in order to be accepted by the hard ass, hotshot male fighter pilots, which had lead to some rumors that she might be gay. However, getting drunk at a party one night she had spent the night getting her brains fucked out by Tom 'Biggy' Malone.... he had certainly lived up to that name!... which had dispelled the rumors.

"What's this?" said a voice, it was deep, a strong baritone. She glanced up and saw that a man in a white coat, he was young, in his early twenties and incredibly handsome. His face was so perfectly symmetrical that it had to be the result of plastic surgery. His teeth were bright, square and straight, is hair blonde and swept back carelessly, skin lightly tanned a golden bronze, "Up already?"

"I... uh... I could use a drink."

"I think that's what got you into this problem in the first place, isn't it?" his face was slightly disapproving, and despite being older than him she felt almost like a little girl being reprimanded by her favorite teacher.

"What are you talking about?" she asked, "I was fighting some Martian guy to save the Universe and I got zapped by a force field, I wasn't in any car crash."

"Ms Danvers," he said, "You may have been an Avenger, but your tenure with them was a long time ago, please don't insult my intelligence by trying to pretend you don't remember the crash."

"I WASN'T IN A CRASH!" she yelled, instantly regretting it, her head had been throbbing lightly, now it was pounding, and her tongue felt like it had ripped the insides of her mouth out every time it hit the interior.

"Yelling at me won't get you anywhere, The Avengers may not have wanted to deal with you when your drinking got out of hand, but as your Doctor I must insist that you check into a rehabilitation clinic, your alcoholism has..."

"I'm not an alcoholic," she moaned, "I have the odd drink now and then, but...."

"Classic denial syndrome," he murmured to Pepper, then he turned back to Carol, "Now Ms. Danvers, how does your skin feel, the sub-dermal regenerator we used to repair the damage done to your skin is highly experimental..."

Carol decided to ignore the obvious lie that the Doctor was telling her about the Avengers kicking her out, she instead concentrated on what she thought was a mistake made by the Doctor, "So I was zapped...."

"No, the car you were in exploded and you were badly burnt, you would have died if your powers hadn't kicked in and protected you from the flames.... which is why you're naked I'm afraid, the sheets have been treated in a artificial polymer to keep your skin from being irritated, but you can't wear any actual clothes for awhile, the tightness and shifting will make a rash."

That seemed to explain that, but it didn't explain something else she had just realized, her hands and legs were bound to the bed by some kind of straps.

"Why am I tied down?" she asked, "What kind of hospital is this?"

"One of the best in the country," replied The Doctor, "The Government would prefer that people didn't find out about one of their former 'heroes' crashing a car while in a drunken blitz...."

"I WASN'T...." she started, but the Doctor over-rode her with his calm, deep baritone.

"... as for being tied down, it's to keep you from damaging your sensitive skin accidentally in your sleep, also, you probably feel almost normal now, so if you were untied you'd most likely insist on getting up and about... and your body - despite how you may feel - isn't ready for any kind of exertion just yet."

"Doc?" asked Pepper.

"Of course," said The Doctor, "Go ahead."

Carol turned to look at Pepper, from somewhere the hot young nurse had gotten a small tub of soapy water and a bath-sponge.

"It's uh, you know, time for your sponge bath."

End Part Ten Of Fifteen.

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