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Avengers/Justice League Of America: The Forgotten Part 14 (FF,ncon)
by Dimitri Maximoff

The Forgotten activated his device... well, to be honest it wasn't 'his' device, it had been invented by a Galvunian Upper Caste Lab Scientist and had been 'appropriated' after the lower caste revolution wiped out the ruling elite and destroyed nearly every scientific institution on the planet of Galvunia.

The device sent out a harmonic beam which froze the minds of a being in time while keeping their body within regular time. This allowed bodies to be healed whilst keeping the minds of the fighters in their battle frenzies. It had been invented for the gladiatorial combats put on by the lower caste for the entertainment of the upper caste, but had been put in storage when the upper caste had proven too impatient to wait for bodies to be healed by the advanced healing machines used in conjunction.

He activated the device, which lowered his force field for a second, and Martian Manhunter and Iron Man's mind were frozen. Their bodies also remained still, held up by field of temporal energy, but their muscles were able to relax. The healing device started up, healing their injuries and fixing the damage done.

He checked the download, because of the great distance of the transfer and the size of the files, he had only got through 20% of the download so far... still, he enjoyed the fact that The Vision would be watching in impotent agony, unable to stop the file transfer.

"What to do, what to do?" he said with a grin, although he already knew what it was and was just enjoying himself.

With a grin at the spheres which, side by side, held Wonder Woman and The Scarlet Witch, he flicked a switch, transporting the two currently unconscious women into his prepared set.

"Now this," he said aloud, "This is going to be fun!"

* * *

When The Scarlet Witch came to, her face was pressed into something, something warm and slightly fuzzy, something wet that smelled familiar to her... certainly not unpleasant.

She lifted her head up, blowing her long red hair, which had fallen down over her face, out of the way. She found herself staring down at a pair of long, graceful legs, they were muscular, but had not lost their feminine look. Whoever the legs belonged too, she wore thigh length red boots with a white trim... and that's all she was wearing.

She seemed to be pressed up to another woman, she could feel her breasts being squashed up against the woman's waist, and her own waist was being pressed against by another, large firm set of tits... and a mouth was pressed against her pussy.

- I had my face in another woman's vagina? - she thought in shock, - What the hell is going on? -

The other woman stirred, and then murmured something unintelligible which sent a thrill of pleasure throughout her cunt lips as the other woman's voice vibrated into her pussy.

Wanda began to speak, and her chin thumped into the other woman's pussy, eliciting a cry of shock which again sent thrills through Wanda's cunt.

"We're tied up together," Wanda said, "Give me a second and I'll get us loose."

Or at least she tried to say that, but in her difficult position and enclosed mouth space, it came out sounding like, 'We're tie ah toghr, ge mah ah secuhn an al ge ah luce.'

Still, the other woman seemed to get it.

Wanda felt something akin to disappointment as the other woman raised her face away from the Avenger's pussy. She pushed the unexpected thought away and prepared to cast a hex, which was when the voice spoke.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," said The Forgotten's voice, Wanda couldn't see him but she could tell by the voice that he was smiling and was immensely pleased with himself, "Not unless you want to destroy your Universe!"

"What the hell are you talking about!" yelled Wonder Woman, sending unintentional thrills through Wanda's cunt.

"If you lift your heads up as high as possible you will see that you are being suspended in midair in a small room with two tables at either end," laughed The Forgotten, "On each table, set exactly in the middle of each is a small red button with a robotic hand above it. These hands are lightly pressing against each button. If you use your strength Wonder Woman, or you use your hex powers Ms. Maximoff, those hands will despress the buttons... and one of them is wired to wipe out your planet Earth. The button you can see Wonder Woman, may be wired to your Earth, your button Ms Maximoff, may be wired to yours."

"What do you mean, may be?" asked Wanda, her chin pushing between Diana's pussy lips.

"Well," laughed The Forgotten, "One of them is rigged up to one of your planet Earths, the other is the button which will release you... and this is the clincher," he laughed gleefully, "The button you can see will depress if you bring the other woman to orgasm," there were cries of protest and disbelief from the two women, but The Forgotten overrode them, "And there is a fifty percent chance that doing so will either release you or wipe out either your planet or the other womans, you have no way of knowing until it happens!"

"Forget it!" screamed Wanda, her chin was getting wet from pushing into Diana's cunt, "There's no way we're going to play into your sick little games!"

The Forgotten laughed again, a low, smug chuckle.

"Did I neglect to tell you? If at least one of you don't orgasm within the next few minutes, both your planets will be destroyed... KABOOM! Hahahaha! And if you use your powers, either of you, there is no chance of being released, I'll wipe out both your Earths!"

Wanda's eyes widened, she had seen what The Forgotten was capable of, she had watched in shock as Kalag'Xo was wiped out... she couldn't allow that to happen to Earth... but to perform oral sex on Wonder Woman based on a 33% chance that it would release her hardly seemed a viable option.

Wonder Woman was feeling the same thing, the void left behind when Terjobolfriglakopit was destroyed had terrified her down to her very core... there had been nothing left behind, and her thoughts went to her friends back on Earth... not only her friends but the billions of people who would be wiped out without knowledge... their souls blown away into the void.

"Do it," laughed The Forgotten, "You can't break free because doing so will destroy both your planets... and if one of you doesn't cum soon.. BOOM!"

His laughter faded away.

Wanda was still desperately trying to think of a way out, when she felt Wonder Woman's face suddenly plunge into her cunt.

Wanda gasped in shock as she felt the Amazon frantically lick and probe her pussy with her tongue, trying to bring her to climax. Wanda's hips bucked as she tried to pull her hips back away from the female face buried in her crotch, but she was unable to. In desperate fear that she might cum - she could already feel thrills racing through her system - she pushed her own face into the warm, wet snatch of the beautiful Wonder Woman and started tongue fucking her.

Wanda's tongue snaked out of her mouth and she pressed the hard tip between her fellow captive's pussy lips. Her tongue parted them slightly, and she quickly moved her tongue up into Wonder Woman's vagina, She slid her tongue (which she had made hard and straight like a small penis) in and out of Wonder Woman's sensitive pussy.

Wonder Woman was concerned, her body was still sensitive from the hard fucking that Thor had given her and when it came down to it, apart from that it was so long since she orgasmed from anything other than her own hand that she wasn't sure how long she could hold out.

So she went at The Scarlet Witch's pussy with a vengeance, suckling on Wanda's erect clit with her mouth tightened as hard as possible. After a few seconds she pulled her mouth off the now wet little love button and ran her nose up through the parted cunt lips, then snaked her tongue as far up the tight little pussy as she could. She was nowhere near as skilled as Wanda, which was surprising because she had done it before on Paradise Island... but then she was rusty. However her fear for her planet's safety more than made up for being out of practice.

The taste of Wanda's pussy brought back a surprising sense of homesickness, and for a second she forgot what she was doing and almost gave in to the sensations of Wanda's tongue in her pussy. But as she gasped out in pleasure her mind flashed back to Earth and she forced herself to concentrate on holding back her pleasure and forcing Wanda to cum first.

At first Wanda hadn't bothered with the pussy juices rubbing into her face, but as she continued sucking and licking on Wonder Woman's cunt and felt Diana's tongue plunging into her own cunt she began to slurp it up, swallowing her slippery juices.

She tried desperately to ignore the sensations running throughout her body as she suckled on her unexpected lovers pussy, feeling a strange sense of pride and pleasure when Wonder Woman's tight cunt clamped down tight around her tongue.

Wonder Woman moaned in pleasure, she desperately redoubled her efforts, and was rewarded when she felt the flow of juices coming from Scarlet Witch's cunt, but she could feel an orgasm approaching, and she felt powerless to stop it.

Involuntarily, her hips pushed forward and her cunt ground into Wanda's face, her gushing snatch grinding hard against the Avenger's face as her traitorous body tried to get more of that talented tongue into her cunt.

The Amazon's eyes were screwed shut as she tried to hold back the approaching orgasm. The tongue sliding in and out of her pussy was driving her nuts. Her mouth was still pressed against Wanda's pussy but was no longer suckling on it, now she just had her mouth laying open against Scarlet Witch's cunt, breathing heavily as she futilely fought the now irreversible orgasm. Her hips were - completely of their own will - were bucking forward against Wanda's mouth as the mutant heroine's mouth sucked and pressed against the horny Amazon's cunt.

- No.... - Wonder Woman's mind cried in desperation, - Can't take this.... feels too.... Oh I.... please no.... The Earth...... I'm sorry, I can't! -

It was too much, her body had been pushed past it's limits and now it was tensing up in the familiar lock-up that seemed to precede each orgasm she attempted to hold off.

Her hips plunged forward after pushing back, and her cunt was now grinding against Wanda's mouth.

And then she came.

Juices flooded out of her pussy and ran all over Wanda's face, her cunt was holding Wanda's tongue down so tight that she could no longer pull it free... thus her mouth was held open and a great deal of female cum went down her throat.

"NO!" cried Diana, her head pulled away as her body shuddered through it's orgasm. Already the robotic hand had pressed the button down, and she heard The Forgotten laugh. Despite not being able to see it, she knew her Earth was doomed.

* * *

The Spectre jerked it's head around, it's eye's narrowed and it muttered a curse.

Disappearing from it's location it reappeared directly inbetween Earth and The Moon.

It could feel the wave of destruction coming, ready to wipe Earth out right down to the atomic level, the blast would force it's way into the tachyon particles in the atoms and travel back through time with them, wiping out Earth throughout all history... it would never have existed.

This could not be allowed to happen.

Shutting it's eyes it concentrated, and dispersed the wave, wiping it out through it's mysterious powers.

"Who has done this?" the Spectre asked, it sped forward to the origin of the wave of destruction... but found only empty space.

"The origin was in another Universe altogether," said The Spectre in frustration, "I.... powerless to do anything about that at least."

"YES!" cried The Forgotten, watching The Spectre on the monitor, "I did it! I thumbed my nose in The Spectre's face and he was powerless to do anything about it!"

"What?" gasped Wonder Woman, whom had been transported, still bound but now hand and foot, next to The Forgotten's throne.

"You should be happy," laughed The Forgotten, "You're precious Earth is safe... as I knew he would The Spectre was able to stop the wave of destruction... but also as I knew he was unable to track me... I beat THE SPECTRE!" he laughed out loud, then he turned and grinned at the naked Wonder Woman, "But don't get the wrong idea, when I trigger the wave to wipe out the loser's Universe no one will be able to stop it!"

Wonder Woman wasn't listening... she hadn't wiped out Earth... oh thank Hera she wasn't responsible for the death of billions.

The Forgotten seemed to sense she wasn't paying attention to him, and with an irritated flick of a switch he transported her back to the small force-sphere in it's niche above the throne, her costume returned, where she would bear witness to the final battle. Then he checked the progress of the Avengers' file download, 39% now. He was satisfied, and so he deactivated the harmonic beam that was holding the consciousness of Iron Man and Martian Manhunter in place.

It was time for the final battle.

* * *

- The Final Battle -

Iron Man Vs Martian Manhunter.

Everyone had been returned to The Throne Room, but with a slight difference.

Now the domed room was set with small arches that held each of the defeated heroes in a small force field... with the exception of two of them, which had no force fields and held only a bloody black cape in one, and a battered, triangular shield in the other. The Throne had been pulled back to the far end of the room and all other furniture and devices removed. It was bare and clean, the white marble shining brightly with the strong lights baring down on them.

"This is it!" cried The Forgotten, "The Final Battle, the one that will decide which Universe lives... and which dies!"

Iron Man and The Martian Manhunter stood in the middle of the Throne Room, facing each other, eyeing the other up, looking for any kind of weakness they could exploit. Both wondered at the freshness of their bodies, neither realized that their bodies had been healed by The Forgotten's stolen device... although when it was activated Iron Man's sensors had picked up the momentary lowering of his force field, and he had a plan to exploit that.

"I must say that this contest has been more exciting than I could have possibly hoped for, and I owe it all to you... you truly are your worlds greatest heroes!" The Forgotten cried. He suddenly lowered his head and folded his arms across his chest, taking on a serious demeanour, "Now is the final battle, fight well I beseech you, hold nothing back... because I will not hesitate to destroy both your Universe's if I suspect treachery."

He sat down, and a large gong materialized next to him at the flick of a switch. Picking up a baton he swung it and caused a loud, gonging noise to reverberate throughout the Throne Room.

"FIGHT!" he roared, and the last two heroes leaped towards each other.

* * *

The Vision hesitated. It's program ordered it to rape Janet Van Dyne - The Wasp, but this woman, whom it was certain was not Janet Van Dyne, seemed more than willing... and it wanted anal sex rather than vaginal rape.

"What are you waiting for!" cried Ultron, who seemed to be seeing a rather different scene to reality, "Take her! Take her!"

With these orders verified, The Vision's body turned around and got down onto it's knees. It's cock had come free from the small trapdoor it was usually kept in, it was fully erect, nine inches long but not overly thick.

"That's it Morrow, you know I love it when you fuck my tight little asshole!" cried Tomorrow Woman. A secret file implanted by T.O Morrow had been activated in her brain. It was a file that made her incredibly horny and desperate for sex, particularly in the ass, which was Morrow's favorite orifice.

Being an android, Tomorrow Woman had some certain advantages that humans didn't. One of them, added by the thoughtful T.O Morrow, was the ability to lubricate her anal passage and slightly loosen her anus.

So it was that when The Vision's cock pressed against her ass, it received little resistance before her ass parted and he pressed his cock forward into her sphincter.

He pushed his cock forward against her butt hole and then slowly slid forward until the head of his cock was sitting snugly inside of her anus.

[AHHHHH!] cried Vision, incapable of articulation since his mind was separated from his body. The feeling of her tight little asshole around his cock was incredible, she was so incredibly tight that if felt as if her asshole had joined to the two inches of android cock he'd been able to get up her incredible, viselike rectum so far.

He grabbed her hips firmly and began to pull her ass back against his cock as he pushed forward, forcing inch after inch down past the slowly parting walls of her asshole.

He managed to force just over seven inches down deep into her anus, she moaned and thrust back with him, but he could get no more in.

"Come on!" she moaned, "Get it all in me, fuck my ass, I want it!"

He tried, and for his efforts was rewarded by the incredible feeling of another half-inch of his cock being engulfed in her hot, tight little ass.

Now that he'd gotten in, he had to pull out. Grabbing her hips a little more firmly, he slowly pulled inch after inch out of her gripping sphincter. His cock almost didn't seem to want to go, and her ass was clamping down tight. She loved the feeling of his cock up her ass and she didn't want it leaving.

But it did, and soon only an inch of his cock was left inside that hot little asshole of hers. Sweat was running down her body, making her ass seem to glisten, the sight of her pink, puckered anus stretched around his dark green penis was an incredible sight, and had he been a regular human he probably would have cum by now, but he was an android, and his usual mind was no longer in control so he was able to hold on.

Ultron was watching with baited breath, but what he saw was not what was going on.

"Yes," he cried, "That's it, rape her, rape the bitch! Fuck her cunt raw, that'll teach her husband."

Now that The Vision had pushed into her ass and then pulled nearly all out, her ass was open a little more and it was much easier for him to push back in.

This time he was able to cram eight inches of his cock deep into her asshole.

Repeating this, and building up a steadily faster pace, his cock able to penetrate her butt a little easier now, although her ass was still amazingly tight. He pushed his cock as deep into her as he could, getting eight and half inches in, then pulled out, then pushed back, fucking her butt harder and faster, driving her wild as she slammed her ass back, getting as much of his cock as deep into her butt hole as she was able.

He was really fucking that tight little rectum, getting nearly the entire length of his cock into her asshole. He was really getting into it, the sensations of her rectum gripping down on his cock was incredible.

Without warning, Tomorrow Woman's entire body began to seize up as she approached orgasm. Her head began bouncing up and down in almost the same time as her jiggling tits, her eyes rolled back and she began to shudder as her asshole clenched down on his cock. Her anal passage was now even tighter than before, and the Vision began to approach an orgasm.

[AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!] he cried, still unable to articulate, and then he shot his artificial cum, shooting stream after stream deep up into the female androids butt.

He pushed forward as far forward as he could, then collapsed, his stomach against her back, his arms now on either side of her waist.

"AGAIN!" cried Ultron excitedly, "Rape the bitch again!"

The Vision's cock remained stiff, and he had decided he did want to fuck her again, so he prepared to go, but he never got the chance.

Appearing at the head of the stairs, Jarvis stood in his vest, bow time and sensible dress pants, holding a large, futuristic looking fun. His eyes widened as he saw Tomorrow Woman's naked body and The Vision's cock pressed deep up into her asshole.

[Do not hesitate!] cried The Vision's hologrammatic form from beside him,[Fire the gun!]

Jarvis pointed straight at the Vision's recently reformed body and fired. The recoil from the shot pushed him back several feet and he fell down on his ass. There was an explosion and the nervous butler looked up from the ground. What he saw shocked him.

The Vision's body had a large hole in the chest, and he had fallen backwards, his green cock pulling free from Tomorrow Woman's asshole. But he wasn't down for the count, the hole in his chest was already being reformed, something Jarvis had not known he was capable of.

"Should I... Should I fire again?" he asked The Vision.

[There would be no point,] replied Vision,[My body would react now by phasing it's chest... but you have achieved the goal I wanted, you have separated them.]

His hologrammatic form disappeared and then reappeared, this time next to Tomorrow Woman's body. His holo-body suddenly shuddered, small circuits appearing throughout it... and then he disappeared. "Oh my," cried Jarvis, as The Vision's body approached Tomorrow.

Woman again, who was on all fours and eagerly crying for him to fuck her ass harder.

And then the world went white.

* * *

Sitting in his Throneroom, watching the fight, The Forgotten had a large smile on his face, everything was going according to plan... nothing could go wrong... and then something did.

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