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The teams are as follows:

JLA - Superman, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Green Arrow.

Avengers - Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Warbird, Justice and Firestar.

With appearances by Oracle, Nightwing, Tomorrow Woman, Tigra, Moondragon and Eros.

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Avengers/Justice League Of America: The Forgotten Part 15 (no sex)
by Dimitri Maximoff

The Vision had entered Tomorrow Woman's cybernetic mind. He took a moment to marvel at the complexity of the bio-organic brain, and then he went to business, taking control of her mind and accessing the file he had sensed when he had discovered she was an android. Even she did not know of it's existence.

[Please,] he said, hating the fact he had to do this... but he had no recourse,[Forgive me for this.]

And then he activated her self-destruct system, setting off a massive EM pulse that wiped out the Mansion's technology, shutting down the nano-tech in his real body and shutting it down again, knocking Ultron out as well and destroying Tomorrow Woman's mind, making her body burn as the pulse set off the bio-tech that formed her body. Jarvis' mind would have been wiped entirely by the EM pulse, but Vision had made him wear an electro-magnetic mesh that had protected him.

Before the Vision's own mind was wiped, he had time to sense that the download had been cut off and the Mansion's systems were down. He felt an intense moment of pride and satisfaction.

"Wanda...." gasped his body, together with his mind again for a split second before death, and then it collapsed, leaving Jarvis alone in the lab with two dead androids, and one dead soul.

* * *

Manhunter's first thought had been to make another telepathic attack, but Iron Man's mind was impossible to get into. Obviously he had taken precautions, fitting his armor with some sort of psionic armor to protect him from attacks like that.

As much as he disliked doing so, he was now relying on what he hoped was physical superiority to win the battle.

He pounded at Iron Man's armor, but the Armored Avenger constantly twisted aside, blasting at the alien with his repulsor blasts, which The Manhunter also avoided.

They broke off after neither of them had been able to score a blow against the other. Once more they eyed each other up, looking for any signs of fatigue or wariness... they saw none.

The suddenly The Manhunter was gone.

Iron Man fell back a couple of steps in shock, and turned to face The Forgotten.

"What's this?"

The Forgotten did not reply, he was watching his monitors with looked like an ecstatic grin.

Tony Stark's eyes widened behind his mask and he dived aside, a second later the marble where he had been standing was smashed into little fragments.

- He's turned invisible! - he thought in shock, and quickly began scanning through different spectrums with his onboard computer, trying to find the invisible Martian.

If he had still been watching The Forgotten he would have seen his face suddenly fall as an alarm sounded on his console. He twisted to look in disbelief at one monitor... the download of The Avenger's files had been cut off, and the link could not be re-established, the files he had downloaded so far were incomplete, and hence could not be opened, since he had been foolish enough to download the files in one large chunk... all the data was unsaved and therefore lost.

"NO!" he cried, forgetting about the fight. This, the scene of his ultimate triumph, the distraction he had been looking for to alleviate his endless boredom was forgotten in his rage over his will being thwarted by a primitive android on a backwater planet.

Iron Man found The Manhunter on infrared, almost directly in front of him and ready to attack. Iron Man instantly lifted his arms and blasted full force with his repulsor blasts, smashing the now visible Manhunter back onto the floor. He leaped after the alien and began to pummel him with blow after blow, desperately trying to knock him unconscious.

Instantly Manhunter began fighting back, smashing at Iron Man's armor. They rolled along on the floor, all tactics and strategy forgotten in their desperate need to defeat the other and save their Universe from destruction.

They slammed into the wall and Iron Man smashed the Manhunter in the face, then threw the stunned alien back and turned to face the wall.

J'onn had already recovered and was getting back up, but he found that Iron Man wasn't facing him, but looking at the wall instead.

"Wha...?" he started, and then Iron Man slammed his hands against the wall and fired his repulsors, shattering the wall and bringing the six feet thick marble down on both of them, burying them both alive.

* * *

The Forgotten was on his feet, staring in wide eyed shock at the shattered hole in his wall and the huge chunks of marble lying on top of the two heroes. He had been shaken from his rage at losing the Avenger's files at the sight and sound of the wall coming down on Iron Man and The Martian Manhunter.

"What is this?" he cried, and turned to look at the heroes trapped in helpless frustration in the force fields on the walls, as if they could answer, "What is this?!"

Suddenly, behind him he heard a sound of stone grinding against stone and twisted to see what must have been the lone survivor stagger from the wreckage.

"Well," said Iron Man, struggling to move in his dented, smashed armor, "Do I win?"

"Yes! Yes yes yes!" laughed The Forgotten, "Yes you win! Brilliantly done Iron Man, brilliantly done!"

"Wait a second," gasped a voice, and The Forgotten's eyes widened in shock again as the second survivor stepped from the rubble... but he was also Iron Man!

"What?" he gasped.

"I don't know who you think you're fooling," said Iron Man, pointing at Iron Man, "But you're The Martian Manhunter, we all know it!"

"No!" cried the first Iron Man, "You're The Martian Manhunter!"

The Forgotten's face was darting from one Iron Man to the other, his expression one of dismay.

"Why are you doing this?" asked Iron Man, "Even if you do fool him into thinking you're me, your Universe will still die!"

"I could ask you the same question," replied Iron Man,"Give this charade up, you lost and you know it!"


"I can sort this out," said the first Iron Man, and he activated a device on one of his gauntlets. It instantly opened and several small balls slid out into the air... and changed into several identical Iron Men.

The Forgotten twisted around to his command chair and typed commands into it, his monitors scanning the Iron Men. He was able to eliminate the holograms being produced by the balls from his reckoning, but couldn't tell the difference between the two left over... one was Martian Manhunter and the other was Iron Man... but which was which?

"Very well," he said, calming himself down, "Obviously you are both still conscious, so the battle has not ended... continue your fight or I will wipe out both Universes."

The first Iron Man instantly turned and swung an arm out at the Iron Man next to him, but the arm simply went through the thing, suddenly all the Iron Men were swinging wildly at each other, trying to punch the others but finding only holograms.

The Forgotten watched all this with steadily rising anger, what did they hope to achieve by this futile holding action? He was getting irritated from watching the Iron Men fight, he had to look at his monitors to know who was real and who wasn't, and it was all getting distracting.

"Enough," he whispered harshly, he turned to his banks, not bothering to look at his monitors, "An electro-static pulse should wipe out the false Iron Men, and hopefully override the true Iron Man's armor, leaving the Martian Manhunter exposed... then I'll wait till Iron Man has recovered and make them fight again," he felt a glowing sense of self-satisfaction that he would use the same weapon that The Vision had used to thwart his plans to thwart the two heroe's... he was nothing if not adaptable.... you had to be to survive for billions of years.

He typed in the buttons and the pulse fired... which lowered his force field for the briefest instant.

Which was all the time the Martian Manhunter, disguised as part of the wall and standing as close to The Forgotten as he could, needed.

The startled Forgotten was knocked down to the ground hard, his breath knocked out of him as the Martian Manhunter got a hold of him. He lifted one green fist high to smash it into the manipulators face, and then his eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. He struggled to make a sound, but every particle of his body was unresponsive to his commands.

The small hologram projecting balls lay still on the floor, frozen by the electro-static pulse. Iron Man's armor had protected him from the worst of it, but his body too, was unable to move.

Reaching up, The Forgotten grabbed the hand that was clenched around his throat and with some difficulty removed it, then he slid away from the Manhunter, whose eyes at least could still operate, and rolled to follow his movement.

"Stupid ape," laughed The Forgotten, "Did you think I wouldn't have a contingency plan? When you first arrived here I injected you each with a molecular virus which can only be triggered by a specific command issued from my computers. If any of you crossed the threshold of my dais, the computer would issue the command and freeze everyone with a hundred foot radius."

He walked around the motionless, frustrated Manhunter, "I should have realized one of you would try something like this... but I never thought two of you from different teams would be the ones," he laughed softly, "Tell me, J'onn... what good is your strength now? What good your powers? Your telepathy? I wonder if you tried probing my mind? I must admit that I am not psi-active and have no way of eavesdropping on telepathic communication, but I saw from elevated brain spikes on my monitors that you remained in telepathic communication with your
teammates... but you couldn't get into my head could you?" he laughed and leaned forward to look straight into J'onn's eyes, "Pathetic! There is no one in this or any Universe capable of challenging m....."

And then the roof caved in.

* * *

A huge purple hand smashed through the roof, it came up against the force field (which had popped back up an instant after J'onn leaped through it) and was stopped for only a microsecond. The field buzzed a violent, angry blue and then shattered.

The hand crashed down to the ground in front of The Forgotten, which caused the alien to tumble forward into The Manhunter, who was still on his knees, one arm raised up to strike.

"YOU!" roared a huge voice, a voice that belonged to a being responsible for the death of countless lives beyond the ability of men to count, "I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU!"

"No...!" cried The Forgotten, twisting about, his eyes rolling in a mad panic... with a hint of recognition?

Huge eyes, the pupils square blocks that leaked purple fire in their rage could be seen through the hole in the once beautiful, domed roof.

"Galen?" cried The Forgotten in terror, and then purple fire smashed forth from the eyes of Galactus, The Devourer Of Worlds, and disintegrated any trace of The Forgotten from every Universe.

* * *

The two teams stood inside the ship of mighty Galactus, the JLA members staring about at the magnificent grandeur which the Avengers seemed to take as a matter of course.

"You see," Batman was explaining,"I had deduced that The Forgotten was making himself out to be a bit more than he really was. He had no technology of his own, he didn't seem to have any psi-potential which was strange for a being claiming to have evolved over a billion billion years. I surmised that his technology was at best borrowed, at worst stolen, and that the entire purpose of this competition was to divert himself from the boredom he lived with every day for eternity and to feed his own massive ego."

Captain America nodded, "This is... was, a being who really had survived the destruction of the old Universe, but only by pure luck... because he really was forgotten by everyone. He survived billions of years and used his unimportance to others to learn those secrets of the Universe meant for more enlightened souls... and he refused to believe that it was all pure luck. He didn't want to be 'forgotten' he wanted to be important, part of some grand scheme, he wanted to be a master manipulator, one of the unseen beings who run everything.

"I could almost feel sorry for him," said The Scarlet Witch.

"Almost," agreed Superman, "But he was more than willing to wipe out a Universe to feed his own ego."

Batman continued, taking up where Captain America had left off.

"Despite not being all he claimed, he was immensely powerful... or at least his stolen tools were. I knew we had to get hold of someone capable of taking away that advantage, so when me and the Captain returned to earth, I faked our deaths in the hope that we could get in touch with The Spectre."

"But we ended up on our Earth," said Captain America to the Avengers, "And I knew our best bet was Reed Richards."

Mr Fantastic was at this time exploring the ship, noting the ships technologies and remembering everything, he had a few ideas about some improvements he could make on his own tech when he returned home, although he was surprised that he had so far come up with no new inventions based on what he had seen. (*)

"He remembered the story of Galactus as told to him by Thor," the Thunder God nodded, remembering the time he had learnt Galactus' origin from the World Devourer himself, "And guessed that they had come from the same Universe, he guessed that Galactus would be capable of stopping The Forgotten... and it seems he was right."

Indeed, after Batman had described The Forgotten to him, The Mighty Galactus had gone into a fury and immediately summoned his Ship to him. Reed had assumed it destroyed by The Ultimate Nullifier in the same explosion which Galactus had used to fool the Universe into thinking he was dead, but now it seemed it had either survived or been rebuilt during the interim.

"It seems that The Forgotten's race, what there was of them anyway," Batman said, continuing the story on, "Were a group of parasitic beings that could only propagate their species by taking over a host body on a molecular level and changing the DNA structure to suit their own needs. The mind of the host was not destroyed, but taken over by the parasite which formed a hybrid mind using the hosts knowledge and experience. When they had finished taking over the host's mind and body, they always looked the same... just like The Forgotten. This Galactus' race were plagued by the parasites for a long time, and dedicated themselves to ridding the Universe of their presence. They thought they had succeeded, but fifty years after the last outbreak there was a fresh one, and many of his race died, they wiped them out eventually, or so they thought, and not long after came the first signs that their Universe was dying."

"So who is Galen?" asked Green Lantern, "Was that Galactus' name?"

"Maybe," said Captain America, "Or maybe it was the name of whoever once owned the body The Forgotten Parasite took over, or maybe the parasite recognized Galactus' race, and thought he was someone with that name? We'll never know, Galactus had made it quite clear he won't talk about the matter."

"Attention Mortals!" cried Galactus' voice over some kind of intercom system,"We have arrived at our destination, if you are lucky you will soon be returned to your home!"

"And just where is here?" asked The Flash.

"Apparently," said Batman, "This is the place things always end up when there's a screw-up of a cosmic level, we're here to meet The Living Tribunal."

* * *

"I HAVE HEARD YOUR WORDS!" cried one of the heads of The Living Tribunal, the representative of the greatest power in every Universe (**) "AND I HAVE MADE MY DECISION!


As it said this, it's heads swiveled until they faced the one shrouded in cloth, it's judgement had been made and it would not be overturned.

* * *

At Avengers Mansion, The Vision's motionless, dead body suddenly disappeared, then reappeared. But now only the head remained, and was hooked up to many wires... it was back the way it had been before Ultron injected the nano-tech into it. His eyes glowed with life again and his holo-grammatic form reappeared. The Vision retained no memories of the encounter with Tomorrow Woman and Ultron, and Jarvis' mind was also wiped.

All the damage to the Mansion was repaired and Tomorrow Woman's body disappeared back to her world, once more active and whole, waiting for T.O Morrow and Ivo to send it into the ranks of The JLA.

* * *

Nightwing returned to Bludhaven, Zatanna to the Gotham theatre and Barbara reappeared in front of her computer, looking guiltily at the adult fiction newsgroup and wondering if she should check it out.

* * *

The deposed Sultan reappeared in his harem and his 'eunuchs' watched the harem women with secret smiles.

* * *

Ozymandias chipped away in his pyramid, alone.

* * *

"I guess this is goodbye, then," said Superman, turning to face Captain America, "I wish I could say it's been fun... but... you know."

Cap grinned, and shook The Man Of Steel's hand.

"Pity," said Wally, kissing Wanda's hand and bowing with a mocking grin, "My personality and good looks, your obvious appreciation of my good looks and personality... our red hair... we could have made beautiful music together!"

Wanda gave a slight smile, and thought to herself.

- If this guy isn't a virgin then the women in his Universe must be incredibly desperate. -

Green Lantern had thrown his arms around Justice and Firestar's shoulders.

"Relax you two! Once you learn to unclench and get used to playing with the big boys, things will be sweet... look at me, I'm in a team with these guys," he swept one hand to indicate the JLA, "And they love me!"

Justice rolled his eyes, and then they flashed with surprise and a little anger as he noticed that Firestar didn't seem too troubled by Kyle's familiarity. Vance was planning on pretending the events in the pool had never happened, and he was actually looking forward to having the memories removed.

"Well that's it," Hawkeye was saying to Martian Manhunter, "You're heading home... still, you're damn lucky Galactus showed up when he did... or you guys would have been kaput!"

"Indeed?" asked The Manhunter.

"No way you could have taken out Iron Man," laughed Clint, "Man, he could have put you down in a second if it wasn't for his plan to take out The Forgotten!"

"Ahhh," said The Manhunter, and Clint had the vague feeling he was being made fun off, "I see."

As J'onn moved away to join the others, Iron Man joined Clint, who recounted what had just occurred.

"What plan?" Iron Man asked, when Hawkeye had finished.

"You know, you set that thing up with meany-greeny over there where you pulled down the wall and told him you thought you could trick him into lowering his force field.... right?"

"No," replied Iron Man, "My plan was to knock out Manhunter and

then create multiple holograms of him and me to fool The Forgotten, I'd noticed that if he wanted to intervene in our battles he'd have to lower his force field for a second, I hoped to take advantage of that moment by confusing and irritating him, pushing him as far as possible... but I never got that far, I was knocked out by the marble, which was heavier than I thought it would be."

"But... but... but you were wandering around," cried Hawkeye, "You can't have been knocked out!"

"I was," replied Tony, "I thought that just after I was knocked out Galactus showed up?"

"No!" yelled Clint, making the other Avengers turn to look at him. He quickly explained to Iron Man what had happened.

"Just a sec," said Iron Man, he ran a quick check of his armor.

"Oh wow," he said.


"My psi-shields were knocked out of commission when the marble collapsed on me, leaving me free to be mind controlled."

Hawkeye looked at Cap with wide eyes.

"Are you saying....." saying....?" Superman left the question unasked as he and the rest of The JLA approached the glowing doorway back to the JLA Watchtower, but the Manhunter answered, the same answer that Iron Man was currently giving to Hawkeye.

"Yes, The JLA won."


Okay folks, that's it, the story is finished!

If you would like to send a comment, criticism or comment to me, I can be contacted at: [email protected]

And BTW, I felt tempted to do the typical draw ending, but I didn't want to gyp everyone. Also, in case you feel my decision on the winner was biased, you should know I'm a big Avengers fan, but I felt that given the context of the story and the nature of the competition, the JLA had to win. If it had come down to a massive brawl to the finish, The Avengers would have won, but that didn't happen.

I hope you enjoyed the story, see you next time!

Dimitri M.

(*) - Most likely because of damage to his mind caused by Crucible, see current issues of Fantastic Four for the story - Gee-I-feel-just-like-a-real-Marvel-Editor Dimitri.

(**) - In my opinion The Spectre is little more than a jumped up Ghost Rider, The Living Tribunal's bitch if he was so inclined. The Living Tribunal is the representative of GOD, and hence the judge of every eternity, infinity, possibility and/or probability, in EVERY Universe. The Spectre is powerful, but not even close to being anything near something even remotely resembling an infinitieth of The Living Tribunal's power.


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